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You're not real. You're made of moonlight. - Gerald's Game (2017)

 You're not real. You're made of moonlight. - Gerald's Game (2017)

PLOT - Jesse a middle aged married woman decides to make one last ditch effort in saving her crumpling marriage by agreeing to head up to her lake house with her husband Gerald for a weekend of pushing boundaries in the bedroom to spice things up. Unfortunately things go a little too far when Gerald handcuffs Jesse to the wooden bedposts, and begins to make her uncomfortable with his sexual advances. Begging him to unlock the cuffs, Gerald suddenly grabs his chest and suffers a fatal heart attack. Trapped, unable to move, or get the cuffs off...Jesse suddenly sees how much trouble she's in. She can't reach the phone, she can barley move, and nobody is around for miles. With the front door blowing open and a wild dog coming in, Jesse is forced to face her inner demons, by reaching deep into her mind and trying to figure out how to survive. 

LOWDOWN - This truly has been the autumn of King. Earlier this month audiences were treated to the film version of one of Stephen King's most terrifying novels IT. For the first time ever it was made into a feature length film, 27 years after the original miniseries aired. For the most part fans loved it, and this film has broken box office records. I myself enjoyed it being a huge fan of the novel and original miniseries. These past few weeks I've been re-watching as many King films as possible. In fact earlier this month I even posted things I would love to see if Pet Sematary ever got remade. So as soon as I heard that Gerald's Game was FINALLY getting a film version made I was sparked. As I've mentioned many times before, King was a huge part of my childhood. My mother was a massive fan and belonged to his fan club where she would receive hard cover copies of all his work, and immediately tell me and my sister all about them as soon as she finished. In fact, I had vivid memories of her finishing this movie remarking that it was dirty, a book she would rather me read when I was a little bit older (Mind you my mother rarely set limits to me when it came to what I could read or watch) Still with the adult themes, she said it was a little mature for my age, but told me basically what the story was about. I still remember even at that age wondering "Holy shit, what would you do?" I LOVE stories/movies like this. Saw, Frozen, where you could actually see something like this happening. It truly makes you think outside the box, on what would you do? Die...or survive? This movie was one of King's many amazing novels he released in the 90's shortly after he got sober and wrote very strong female characters (Misery, Rose Madder, Dolores Claiborne, ect) This was one of the few novels I have yet to read by him, but constantly referenced telling people about. When I saw that director Mike Flanagan was going to be the man behind this, I instantly got excited. I LOVED both Oculus (or as I like to call it, the lost Amityville sequel) and of course Hush. His style for some simple stories really captures the mood, becoming a character of it's own. After I saw the stunning Carla Gugino was playing the lead, I counted down the days until it was released. Now I'm still on the fence for original Netflix movies, but I found this was honestly the best way to release such a film. (I keep saying if they ever remake Needful Things, Netflix is perfect for this.) 

Last night after not feeling so hot, I went to a friend's house where we drank coffee, and dove straight into this visually stunning world. I really have to hand it to King, the man knows how to write women. Now I do plan on reading the novel after highly enjoying this film so much. I loved how it took a middle aged couple, and began to show what exactly was going on in her mind after she's pushed to the edge. I loved seeing all these skeletons in the closet get revealed, as well as the painful history the Jesse character hid and coped with dealing with her father. Which Henry Thomas, holy shit! The acting is top notch, and I love how they showed both sides of Jesse's mind working. Herself, the positive survivor side, and then her husband Gerald who is her weaknesses, as well as everything that's been pent up over the years. This film made me sit on the edge of my seat, it made me emotional, uncomfortable, and watch in awe over how beautiful everything was.

 At first the ending I felt seemed a little tacked on until I went straight home and re-watched it again (I've watched it 3 times all ready in the space of a few hours, so that goes to show you how much this movie moved it.) I know I'll get a better understanding once I read/finish the book, but I think the whole "bag of bones" storyline is very terrifying. In fact the ending scene left me floored. As a massive Twin Peaks fan I loved seeing that actor. This is a moving, emotional, beautiful story that shows the dirty dark side of a marriage as well as the inside of a woman's soul and brain. This is King's work at it's finest and I think this director should be brought on to direct more. I can't rave about this enough, and am very much looking forward to starting this book.

So if you have Netflix, check out this wonderful film!

4 1/2 stars!!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

What I would need to see if Pet Sematary ever got a reboot?

 What I would need to see if Pet Sematary ever got a reboot? 
I know, I know...don't fix what isn't broken. Trust me, I am a HUGE Pet Sematary fan. I have a Church tattoo, have met the cast and crew, supported the killer documentary based off the production of this movie, have watched it countless times, as well as re-read the novel over and over again. Still, after the latest IT reboot/film version I decided for fun to see what exactly I would need to see if there was ever an update to this King classic...

Louis Creed played by Matt Bomer
- Trust me, I'm the first to admit the casting in the original movie was 100% some of the best for any Stephen King adaption. Still, for just the sake of this post I thought a little outside the box. For Luis we're looking for a handsome guy in his mid to late 30's. I feel Mr. Bomer would be perfect to fill the shoes of the father who allows his grief to make a series of fatal choices. Not only is he a solid actor, he also I think could bring some really great emotion as the grieving Dr. Creed, mostly at the end of the film.

Rachel Creed played by Michelle Williams 
- I've always really liked her. She's about the right age, beautiful, and I think would play the perfect Rachel. Here we have a wife/mother who has some serious baggage behind her. I love the backstory behind her sister Zelda, her PTSD following her death, as well as the strain between her husband and wealthy parents. I could see her really bringing some great talent to the table, most of all in the last half when we find her now as a mother who has lost her young son. There are tons of great actresses, but I feel Williams could honestly show how heartbreaking and lost a parent would feel after such an awful loss. 

Victor Pascow played by Eamon Farren 
- Victor Pascow is basically the poster boy for this film. I think Eamon who is an up and coming actor who's shown some serious talent in the past few years would be the perfect choice as the ghost who returns to warn Luis. First off he's thin, and I think with the right makeup artist, they could truly transform him into the perfect rotting spirit. In fact Eamon was one of the first people who came to mind when I was asked who I could see playing roles in the remake. 

Jud Crandall played by Jeff Bridges
- Nobody will ever replace the late Fred Gwynne. He captured the towering old man who originally started this terrible chain of events with good intentions. I think Bridges could pull off the thick Maine accent, as well as being the towering friendly old man that Luis sees not just as a friend but a father figure as well. I truly think this film needs great actors like the original and that's the only way it could be pulled off.

Jennifer Lynch directs.
- I ADORE Jennifer. Between Boxing Helena, and Chained she's one serious kick ass female director. I think what made the original so special in my eyes was the fact that a female director too the wheel. I feel in keeping with tradition, having another female director take over would be perfect. Jennifer can capture beauty in the strangest of places as well as keeping the audience in a constant sense of unease. With her visual eye she would be perfect to take on this film. 

Practical effects!
- The biggest complaint I heard about the IT reboot/film version was the fact that there was a little too much CGI. I understand sometimes in today's age it's cheaper and can pull off things that can't be possible with regular practical effects. Still, this movie honestly besides maybe two shots could still remain practical. I think the biggest challenge would be Gage, and maybe some stuff in the woods. Besides that gore it the fuck up!

Stephen King cameo!
- What's a King movie without a cameo. Maybe instead of the priest have him play a fellow doctor who works beside Creed, maybe a character in flashbacks, or even the truck driver who runs poor Gage down!

Keep it graphic like the book.
- The original 1989 film was perfect with sticking as close to the book as they could. I understand there is some stuff they couldn't do, but why to pull any stops with this time. I honestly would go nuts. Most of all as disturbing as this sounds with Gage's aftermath with the accident as well as the deaths that follow.

Good child actors.
- They truly found lighting in a fucking bottle with the young actor who played Gage in 1989. I mean honestly a two year old did like 80% of that shit and was terrifying. It would be hard but if once searched long enough I think they could find the perfect child to pull this very disturbing role off.

The Ramones playing at the end.
- I think it would be a perfect nod to the original as well as the novel if they had the classic theme song by The Ramones play. I mean I know I would be smiling like a complete idiot if I was sitting in the audience and heard it blasting.

Film it in Maine
- What made this movie truly work was the fact that King insisted that it was filmed up in Maine. Hollywood can't capture the beauty of this state and I truly believe going back there would showcase the overall feel this story holds.

- Aka everyone's worst nightmare. Zelda was one of the scariest things in the entire movie. No CGI here baby. Just get another thin guy to play the part and really show how terrifying she is on the big screen. After seeing IT some of the best parts of the book were shown, why not really play it up. Javier Botet anyone? Hum...


Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Love Is Now (2014)

 Love Is Now (2014)

"I've come to see our central nervous system as a vintage switchboard, thick foam wires and old fashion plugs.  When the circuitry isn't properly equipped with a surge of emotional information the system  overloads. The circuit breaks...the board runs dark. That's what shock is."

PLOT - Dean, a young photographer from Australia eager to start his career meets Audrey, a young beautiful fellow photographer one night and instantly it's love at first sight. The two fall head over heels for each other and Audrey finally urges Dean to join her to bicycle across the countryside over the summer. This is a trip she only did halfway about a year ago and feels this is exactly what Dean needs to inspire him to start taking truly amazing photos. The two set off, and instantly Dean becomes confused. Audrey seems distant, interested in other guys they meet, and is acting strangely. Unable to stop falling deeper and deeper in love with her, he begins to question the overall relationship while facing ghosts from his past, experiencing new things, and becoming the artist he's always wanted to be. After becoming weak, and suffering from horrible headaches, he begins to wonder what exactly is happening, and how he can stay with Audrey the love of his life.

"Did you feel it? When we met the world shifted."

LOWDOWN - This past summer I'm sure I'm not speaking for myself but I loved falling back into a world both wonderful and strange with Twin Peaks The Return. A event that's been 25+ years in the making. One character that quickly caught my attention was Richard Horne. This crazed young man who clearly had anger issues, and didn't give two shits about anyone but himself. Between him and Evil Cooper, I enjoyed the villains slightly more this season, and found they had the best storylines. Instantly I wondered who this skinny actor was, who I'll be the first to admit was pretty easy on the eyes. Looking him up, I found his name was Eamon Farren, a young Australian actor who worked both on stage and on the scene in dozens of really cool projects. I was blown away that Eamon as Australian since he perfectly hid his accent in Twin Peaks. As I was scrolling through his IMDB I saw that in 2012 he had worked with David Lynch's daughter Jennifer in the film Chained. This was a movie I checked out instantly since I'm a huge fan of Jennifer's. Eamon's performance was amazing as well as haunting, and I thought it was a shame he truly hadn't burst out on the film scene as of yet since clearly the guy had strong acting chops. I can only help now after The Return more directors will notice the guy and see what true talent he has. That's when I stumbled upon a movie he made in 2014. It was an Australian indepent made film called Love Is Now. After hearing hype about this film I watched the trailers and knew instantly I needed to see it.

I'll be the first to admit, I'm really not a big romance fan. Well written movies on the other hand I am. After looking the movie up I decided to order it overseas (kills me it isn't available in the US) and sat down a few weeks ago to finally watch it.

I was blown away.

This isn't just a love story. It's without spoiling anything, a true in depth view of how a person processes things, holds onto memories, witnesses life's experiences, and deals with the many curve balls life gives us. This movie had a twist some may say they saw coming, I on the other hand sensed what the twist was, but when they revealed it I was completely floored. It's been years since a movie's ending has truly done this to me as well as move me as much as this one did. 

It's a tragic tale that's beautifully shot on location in so many breathtaking places. Some of the scenes seriously look like living breathing art coming to life. The soundtrack is catchy and haunting (I downloaded several songs via I-Tunes and the best track has to be Father's Words. It's like a score from the mid 1980's and is absolutely beautiful.) I search high and low for well written scripts. This movie is one of the best I've witnessed in years. This shows a young man durning a very important journey in life, and how his deals with what's happening along side the girl he loves. This is the closest I'll come to loving a romance but I can't stress enough, this is a beautiful, tragic coming of age film that seems so natural, and a pleasure to see the main characters act out. 

Claire van der Boom as Audrey is beautiful, and the guide of this story. Her chemistry with Eamon is electrifying and intense. The ending will floor you and break you to pieces, but it's worth the watch. This is a movie that's stayed with me, and one I can't recommend enough to anyone. 

5 stars!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Swear to me that if it isn't dead...we'll all come back. IT (2017)

Swear to me that if it isn't dead...we'll all come back. IT (2017)

PLOT - 27 years ago in the small down of Derry Maine, 7 outcast children all bond and band together over a summer when a mysterious entity is brutally murdering children. When one of the 7 children's younger brothers go missing, they slowly one by one begin to see this monster take shape in whatever is their biggest fear, mostly as a terrifying dancing clown. Here the children realize that they are the only ones that can see...and stop it. Together, they all fight trying to stop this creature before it's too late. 

LOWDOWN - Back in 1990 I'm sure I'm speaking for many people my age when I confess that the made for TV miniseries IT completely destroyed them. Stephen King was a huge part of my childhood growing up since my mother was such an avid reader of his. I constantly heard about his latest novels as well as watching his movies on tape. Still, despite the classics such as Carrie, The Shinning, The Stand, Pet Sematary, Christine, and Graveyard Shift...IT scared me the worst. I still remember always covering my eyes and blocking my ears whenever Tim Curry's terrifying performance of Pennywise would appear on screen. I legit couldn't handle it. In fact, if I remember right one of the first vivid nightmares I remember was with Pennywise grabbing him. This guy and Freddy were my worst nightmares as a young child. Still, that didn't stop me from watching this 3+ hour movie over and over again.

Finally in high school I was slowly working my way through reading all of King's books when I decided to tackle the 1000+ page epic that my mother claimed was one of the most terrifying books she had ever read. I honestly couldn't believe how quickly I worked my way through this book, completely captivated as King made honestly in my eyes the scariest book he had ever written. In fact, shortly after finishing the book I had my sister (another avid King fan) read it and she even confessed reading it in the middle of the day would bother her. If you haven't read the book yet, don't let the size of it scare you. Truly RUN to not walk to your nearest bookstore and get a copy. I truly hope with the release of this version it will make more fans come around to reading King's masterpiece. 

So years passed and I've in total re-read IT I would say 3/4 times, always enjoying it more and more with each time I pick it up. The miniseries was a staple as always. To me the young actors in that made for TV movie will forever be the Bill, Ben, Mike, Richie, Bev, Eddie, and Stan in my eyes. Nothing against the HIGHLY talented young actors they got this time around, but this miniseries was such a big part of my childhood, I had watched this first before finally reading the book. These actors are forever burned into my memory playing these richly developed characters. I do agree though, IT needed an update. NOT A REMAKE, but an update. I always wondered what could they have done if they made it into a film version. Instead of doing the miniseries and showing flashbacks, what if they were able to devote a whole 2+ hours just to focus on when they were children, and then do it again as adults. A few years ago for HorrorHound magazine I read a great article that gave this idea, as well as saying it should be split it into parts. This seems to be the new fashion lately, taking a movie that's too long, or too epic and splitting it in two. If the story is good enough, this does very well at the box office (The Hunger Games, Kill Bill, ect.) They had limits to what they could do on television in the early 90's, and clearly had to cut TONS out that made the book so scary. There were sensors and limits as well the time it was released in. I think some of the effects (mostly Pennywise himself) were great, but we have to remember this was nearly 30 years ago, some stuff looks cheesy and dated. Still, you have to admit Pennywise is one of King's most iconic monsters, and hardcore fans of the book were wondering when a film version would be made.

I will forever think of IT 1990 as the first stepping stone. This was the TV version (and trust me, the TV version isn't bad. In fact one of my all time favorite King movies is a made for TV movie...Rose Red.) But it makes a fan wonder, such as my above example. Rose Red is awesome, but what IF it had the chance to get a film version with no limits? Think of how wild! I hate that people see this as a remake because it wasn't. This wasn't a film before, this was the first film version of it ever. Salem's Lot both had made for TV movies, never an actual film version. If there had been a pre-existing film version I have to admit, I would be on the fence. I think we all remember the awful Carrie 2013 remake. Argh. Why fix something that isn't broken? For IT I wouldn't say stuff was broken for the miniseries, but highly needed to be updated to capture how terrifying the movie was.

As soon as I heard about production starting I tried to stay away to avoid spoilers. I did see a few images that instantly made my eyes widen. Right away things seemed interesting. What did throw me for a loop was first the change in actors playing Pennywise, change of the director, and then finally the shift in time from the 1950's when they were younger to the 1980's. At first I'll admit I was a little brat and hated that they changed this even though I understood they wanted it to match up to 27+ years. Still, I couldn't help but feel sorry that they weren't starting this in the 50's. Something about the innocence in that time seemed more realistic, still when I actually saw the finished film the time jump really didn't bother me at all. 

Another thing I started to really jump on board about was the casting of young Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise. I adored Tim Curry in his performance, but as soon as leaked images came out I really dug this version of Pennywise, looking more like an older clown from the 1700's Vs the Circus clown Curry did. The fact Bill is younger than me blows me away (man I feel old) but I feel filling these massive clown shoes Curry left behind (I mean the man was responsible for millions of kids hating clowns for the rest of their life's.) and Bill stepped up, and did the job justice. He's a much darker version of Pennywise, but he brought something new to the table and I could respect it. I do think he was a little scarier than he didn't talk though. No offense to the guy, but him alone was enough for me. 

As for the young actors they all brought something new and really did a stellar job playing this truly loved characters. Like I said whenever I read it I think I'll always think of the actors from the miniseries, but I'm really looking forward to re-reading it yet again to see if I can imagine these new guys. I really loved Bev, as well as Bill, Eddie (the gazebo line had me DYING) and Richie who is the same kid from Stranger Things. He actually made me laugh more than once. One thing I was a little standoffish was the change of making Ben the kid who has all the information on Derry Vs Mike. I found Mike's backstory a little weak and think if they had kept what he saw coming out of the butcher's door as a reference to The Black Spot, rather than his backstory with his parents (which don't blink or you'l miss it.) maybe stronger for the character. Should be interesting to see what they do with the adult version. 

The Bowers' gang threw me a little since I'm used to the 1950's greasers, still they did a good job (like that they kept what happens between Henry and his father.) but little changes sorta threw me. As well as the fate for the other members of his gang. Still pretty awesome for the addition of Patrick Hockstetter who has a pretty disturbing part in the book. Should be interesting to see what's going to happen with the bullies or Henry in the second part. Lots of unanswered questions but I have fate I won't be disappointed. 

There were tons of references for people who love the book (really liked the nods to the turtle twice in this.) I went to see this with my sister who like I said is a huge fan and every once in a while we glanced at each other and nodded knowing whenever they were referencing something. Call us nerds, but we love it. Loved the Georgie scene, it's basically what we always wanted to see that we couldn't in the mini series.

One scene that did get me was the projector scene, I actually sat back speechless since it bothered me so much as well as the leper. A little too much CGI but this giant bandaged foot was legit terrifying. I was a little let down that we never saw Eddie Corcoran's death which is seriously one of my favorite parts of the novel as well as Stan in the sandpipe even though it's shown and referenced several times. I did love that Neiblot street served a bigger role, and had some of the most intense moments. Of course in 2+ hours you can only cram so much in and as much as I wanted to see the famous werewolf scene, I liked what the director did blending in certain things. Also that fridge scene opening...holy fuck. You have to have a sharp eye to see some of the nods, mostly at the end but I can tell the director had loved the book and really wanted to pay tribute to it with this movie. 

The ending was pretty intense and good, loved seeing the losers all freak out and actually fight together as a team. Really loved this take on the whole "You'll float too." I sat watching it and went "Oh wow..." pretty cool. Things were changed, but in the very end none of it truly bothered me. If they honestly stuck to the book they either wouldn't get a ratting or the movie would be split into 8 parts. They worked with that they had, updated tons of stuff, and really truly did a wonderful job. Still Pennywise's bow out without posting any spoilers sorta made me go "That's it?" It's EPIC in the book and pretty amazing in the mini-series. This seemed to fall a little flat. They could have at least done the webbing falling and feeling like acid that causes them like in the book to leave. I love how in the book it's Bill, Bev, Mike, and Stan that are all uncertain they didn't truly kill it. That would have been amazing to see in this. Still, my heart broke when a certain object is found and all the losers hug each other. Touching truly. 

The ending scene gave me chills as they swear, making the promise. I noticed a few things I won't spoil but if you know what happens in the second half it will break your heart.

So in closing I found this a great updated film version. It was scary, well written, and had strong performances. The new Pennywise did his own thing and it really worked out well. This was honestly a huge treat for a King fan like me, and I truly knowing what's going to happen can't WAIT for the second part. I've all ready taken my stab at who should play the adults. Anyone else agree?

For flaws just the fact they couldn't fit it all in, and the small changes they made that threw me a bit. Still nothing that terrible. In the end the time change worked, and besides a little too much CGI (I get it, we're supposed to see how much he transforms and shifts.) it just made me raise an eyebrow from time to time. This movie was pretty amazing. I honestly can't wait to see it again and countdown until part 2!

4 stars!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Top moments from Twin Peaks The Return part 2!!!

Top moments from Twin Peaks The Return part 2!!!
I'm still trying to process the final episodes that aired this Sunday of Twin Peaks. I'm still in complete awe and hope to somehow get a few of my thoughts down later this week. Until then here is the second half of my favorite moments from this season.

41). Richard visits his grandmother.
- I know this is a disturbing scene that many people hated but I think it set up what a horrible person Richard was assaulting and stealing from his grandmother and uncle. The delivery of his line "Cunt." killed me, but yeah I can see why people were bothered..."giggles"

42). Another epic Roadhouse performance. 
- Beautiful. Just beautiful. 

43). Shelly's hood ride.
- Here we get to see Becky's temper, and the fact she's hiding her very disturbed marriage from her parents. Here poor Shelly who turns a blind eye to her daughter's problems is so desperate to help her that she legit flings herself on a moving car from stopping her from making a horrible mistake. 

44). "Yep, he's dead."
- So gross, but what makes it even better is Lynch's delivery of 'Yep, he's dead." I can't even...

45). A typical Twin Peaks Traffic jam.
- Over the top, frighting, and annoying. I loved Bobby's expression the whole time.

46). "Damn good pie."
- Such a tease, but fans loved it.

47). "Thank you Mr. Jackpots..."
- A touching cute scene, showing how pure Dougie was and what a good luck charm he truly was to everyone he came in contact with.

48). "Let's rock."
- Tammy is brought into Project Blue Rose, and Diane is brought onboard as well. What makes it even cooler is saying the famous words written in Fire Walk With Me.

49). Sarah's trip to the market.
- Unsettling, scary, and strange. I never thought I would find this woman frighting, but here we go.

50) Gordon's date.
- I for one loved these scene. How Albert just watches as she takes her sweet ass time, and Gordon is loving every second of it. I screamed laughing when Gordon tells Albert the time. These two were the true stars of the entire Return.

51). "Next stop Wendy's."
- The fact these two eat all the time. I died every time.

52). Audrey 25 years later.
- We all waited for this moment. Seeing Audrey all these years later brought smiles to our faces as odd and strange as her new life was. 

53). Celebrating with Dougie.
- Love the music and how over the top it is. Pure happiness.

54). The Jones' 7th heaven...
- So beautiful. Love the music, and the spotlight. This was such a gentle, cute scene that's placed in the middle of all this madness.

55). Arm wrestling from Hell.
- The fact Kyle arm wrestles Derek Mears just makes me fall in love with this scene even more. I love how deadpan Cooper is before legit smashing in Derek's face. Bad ass.

56). Richard sees his father.
- I think all Twin Peaks fans called it. I mean Richard is 25, and 25 years ago Doc Hayward saw Evil Cooper leave the ICU were Audrey was in a coma. Hum. Still a really creepy scene with no words spoken.

57). "What story is that Charlie?"
- It was here that audiences began to suspect all wasn't "right" with Audrey. Tiny little unsettling clues were laid out as Charlie and her talk in circles.

58).  "Just you..."
- James bringing it back old school. Full circle.

59). Gordon's dream.
- Hands down one of the most beautiful scenes in the entire series.

60) Andy is the one.
- Love how random this was, but how it showed Andy wasn't some throw away character. I believe only a man with a heart as pure as Andy would have been allowed to go. I loved it.

61) Sarah's reveal.
- Holy fuck.

62). "Wild Wild West."
- Hands down the best Roadhouse performance. I adored this entire scene. Chills the whole time.

63). Nadine sets Ed free.
- I will forever love these two. This scene was heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time. Amazing.

64). True love at last.
- Who says Lynch didn't tie up any of his stories? Who says everyone didn't get a happy ending. This my friends is true love...and it's beautiful. 

65). Mr. C talks with Philip.
- Lynch did an amazing job making up for the lack of David Bowie no longer being with us. In fact that entire scene was visually amazing. This ladies and gents is tattoo material. 

66). Audrey's offspring.
- The whole Mr. C/Audrey/Richard storyline had me on the edge of my seat. This moment was something that made me sit up straight, and drop my jaw. Amazing.

67). Freddie's magic gloves.
- This scene killed me. I loved the use of ZZ-Top and the sound effect of Freddie punching, which sounded like a gunshot going off. Amazing. 

68). Cooper wakes up.
- I think we were all screaming it's about time! Thank God!

69). The log lady's goodbye.
- I was a complete mess. This episode killed me. A fan favorite who has been our guide finally getting a proper sendoff. 

70). Screaming alone at the Roadhouse.
- I'll admit I originally thought this was Linda. Still between the great song playing at the roadhouse, and this creepy, strange, unsettling moment it's just Lynch fucking with us even more.

71). "Goodbye my son."
- Mr. C and Richard were a killer pair. Seeing Richard's very electrifying end was truly a shocking and beautiful moment out in the middle of the darkness. What made it even better was Jerry watching. Still, this scene confirmed a huge fan theory and the moment Mr. C deadpan said "Goodbye my son." I was screaming.

72). Blocking the driveway.
- Just another example of how quirky, funny, and odd Lynch can be. A fitting ending for two very memorable and comical characters. I love how random it was and how over the top and violent the bloodbath was.

73). "I am the FBI."
- I think Twin Peaks fans cheered at this moment. Between the original theme playing and Cooper being...well Cooper it was a dream come true after being asleep for so long.

74). Diane's confession.
- Laura Dern was an acting power house in this scene. What made it even better was the big reveal as well as the beautiful scene of her going back to the Black Lodge.

75). Audrey's dance.
- One of my top favorite moments. Here we got to see Audrey finally be herself, bringing us back to the 90's as she danced almost under a spell. What truly made this scene was the reality of it all shattering and finding poor Audrey trapped somewhere confused and terrified. After hearing her tragic backstory with Mr. C and her son, you can't help but feel horrible.

76). Mr. C's end.
- I feel after a season of build up we could of had more of a epic ending with my favorite character/villain Mr. C, still I called what would happen and did like the tension being built up. Props to Kyle was playing so many different but wonderful characters.

77). Trying to change the pass.
- A beautiful scene watching Cooper return to save Laura that fateful night. I for one could have seen this being the true ending. Between the classic TP song playing, Laura's screams, and of course seeing the timeline shift watching Pete going to his fishing trip now not disturbed. Brilliant.

78) A new time.
- This part was strange, mysterious, but interesting. It raised a ton of questions, and opened up a whole new world for us.

79) What year is it.
- I'll admit, this ending frustrated me at first and I hated it. After constant re-watches, I now understand what Lynch was going for, and that final shot of Cooper and "Laura" in the street will now go down as one of the most chilling moments in the whole series.

80) The fact we got a season 3.
- I forever be grateful that I was alive when a brilliant, visually stunning, frustrating, magical, and very mysterious season was given to us by Frost and Lynch. I will forever wish for another season, but for the time being, I'm very happy with what we got. What a wonderful and strange ride it has been.