Tuesday, December 17, 2019

5 dream boxsets we wished would get released!!!

5 dream boxsets we wished would get released!!!
Photo by IG friend Adamsundead96

Well today my work was canceled due to the snow. I decided to make the best out of today by kicking back, sipping some cranberry ginger ale, and watching some holiday classics in order to get into the holiday spirit. I'm currently watching Silent Night Deadly Night Part 2 via Joe Bob Briggs when I got into a conversation with a fellow Instagram friend over dream boxsets we wished would get released, but sadly due to rights and other legal issues, will probably never see. I mean this year all ready we got the "cursed objects" sequel blu-ray boxset for the Amityville films. The fact Amityville 1992 It's About time got a blu-ray release goes to show you...never say never! Here are 2 "dream" boxsets I would just die to see get released. Just think, all of these films in crystal clear HD, transferred with crisp colors, sound, and packed full of extras! Man oh man! Now that would be amazing! I certainly hope some of these aren't too far fetched. Shout Factory? Arrow? I certainly hope you are listening! Who knows, maybe some of the truly killer underrated independent companies! You never know! Which movies/boxsets do you hope to get released? Here are five of mine...

The Romero Dead Trilogy
What would be included?
- Night Of The Living Dead (1968)
- Dawn Of The Dead (1978)
- Day Of The Dead (1985)

The Silent Night Deadly Night Gift Boxset
What would be included?
- Silent Night Deadly Night (1984)
- Silent Night Deadly Night Part 2 (1987)
Silent Night Deadly Night 3 Better Watch Out! (1989)
Silent Night Deadly Night 4: Initiation (1990)
Silent Night Deadly Night 5 The Toymaker (1991)

The Howling collection
What would be included?
- The Howling (1981)
- The Howling II: Your Sister Is A Werewolf (1985)
The Howling III (1987)
The Howling IV Original Nightmare (1988)
The Howling V The Rebirth (1989)
The Howling VI The Freaks (1991)
Howling: New Moon Rising (1995)
The Howling Reborn (2011)

The Ted Raimi collection 
What would be included?
- Shocker (1989)
- Intruder (1989)
- Lunatics: A Love Story (1991)
- Candyman (1992)
- Skinner (1993)

Summer Camp Slasher
What would be included?
- The Burning (1981)
- Sleepaway Camp (1983)
- Twisted Nightmare (1987)
- Cheerleader Camp (1988)

Hey, a girl can dream! What are your dream boxsets and which films would be included?!

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

10 holiday horror films that are a MUST to watch this month!

10 holiday horror films that are a MUST to watch this month!

Christmas is coming on horseback. Legit it just felt like Halloween. As someone who's SUPER behind on Christmas shopping, It actually just hit me that I'm also behind on something else...

Watching my usual holiday movie lineup for the month of December.

It really doesn't truly start feeling like the holidays once I plow through at least 10-15 movies set either around Christmas or wintertime. Now of course there's the non-horror classics such as Die Hard (yes it's a Christmas movie, fight me haters!), Home Alone 1 and 2, A Christmas Story, ect. Those go without saying, but I'm sure I'm not alone as a horror fan knowing there's certain horror holiday movies that are a MUST to watch to truly get into the spirit of things! For me December truly hasn't kicked off until I have my tree up (this year I made it Stranger Things themed, and I really gotta toot my own horn by saying it looks amazing.), drink egg nog, and yes watch Christmas themed horror films. This year I have two weeks off at my work for the holidays, and I plan on drinking some spiked egg nog, get cozy, and watch these 10 films.

10) Silent Night Deadly Night 5 - The Toymaker
- This is actually my favorite sequel out of all of the Silent Night Deadly Night films. It's just such a B movie. Made in the early 90's, and so MUCH of it is so strange. We have robots, Mickey Rooney, killer toys, over the top kills, a kid on rocket skates, just so much going on. It's a weird movie, but it's super charming. Don't take it seriously, and you'll have fun watching it. In fact I was lucky enough to have interviewed Brian Bremer from this a few years back, and he was a complete riot talking about making this "Christmas classic!"

9) Red Christmas
- This is a more modern day choice, but a movie I went into absolutely blind after finding it on Netflix one night. Starring the lovely Dee Wallace Stone, this movie actually has a pretty great storyline as over the top as it is. It deals with real issues, and has some pretty jaw dropping gore. This movie is actually one of the films I've all ready made sure to watch at the beginning of December. I'm sure it won't be the last time I view this modern holiday horror classic!

8) Tales From The Crypt - And All Through The House
- Out of the two TV episodes I put on this list, this one I'm sure is the one most people remember. I mean who doesn't remember watching Tales From The Crypt as a kid? This Christmas themed episode aired in season one. From the opening with Chestnuts roaring on an open fire, over what looks like the ideal holiday evening with a beautiful Christmas tree, a snowstorm outside, decorations, and a roaring fire...it really captures the spirt of things...even down to a murdering wife, and a crazed psychopath dressed as Santa! This is actually a story remade from the original Tales From The Crypt movie from the 70's. I love watching this film from start to finish since it really is a fun watch!

7) Silent Night Deadly Night 3 - Better Watch Out!
- I actually really dig all of the Silent Night sequels (I mean part 2 is a huge piece of shit, but it's become sorta a bad B movie cult classic.) I even love Brian Yuzna's super weird part 4. Part 3 in my eyes is really despite being kinda strange (the killer having a glass dome over his exposed brain) a really great follow up to the original. It's a B movie, but is kinda creepy, and ever since I watched it on VHS years ago is a must after I watch the original.

6) Tales From The Darkside - Seasons Of Belief 
- Forget Krampus...we got The Grither! I always claim this episode (which I believe aired in the third season.) is one of the strongest. So underrated, and so awesome. That ending to that episode is everything! In fact I loved it SO much that back when my buddy Tom would hold "Shitmas" for his blog Shit Movie Fest, I wrote an article based on this episode, and another Christmas themed episode from Monsters. I believe the whole episode is on Youtube, if you haven't checked it out yet please do so! Trust me, you'll thank me later!

5) Night Of The Comet
- This movie is one of my favorites, and the fact that it takes place around Christmas time makes it even more charming. This same director actually make a pretty creepy horror film a year or so before Comet was released called Sole Survivor which takes place around Christmas as well. I've been a fan of this 1980's classic for years. It seriously has everything. A pretty cool storyline, action, horror, sci-fi, great characters, a killer soundtrack, so many iconic quotes, and lots of orange comet dust. I actually find myself watching this movie all year round, but it's always viewed at least once every December!

4) Black X-Mas
- This campy 2006 remake is basically what Black Christmas would have been like if it had been released in the 1980's as a slasher. This by no means holds a candle to the terrifying original, but has become actual staple in my watch list for December. What I love best about this movie is how it's seriously oozing with Christmas. The entire sorority house is decorated top to bottom. Classic Christmas music is constantly playing, even the characters have holiday tunes set to their 2006 flip phones! Sure the sketchy/over the top backstory on the killer really doesn't make this movie scary, but what it lacks it makes up in great gore effects, a pretty likable cast, and like I said Christmas decorations everywhere! 

3) Silent Night Deadly Night
- This is obvious, and I'm sure many horror fans like myself have it on their watchlists. I still remember my mother renting me this movie when I was in the third grade. Who can't forget that classic VHS artwork?! This is actually a pretty great slasher, and I would say holds the title as the ultimate "Christmas slasher" as well. I love that this movie was actually released in theaters back in 1984. I can tell you one thing! That wouldn't happen now! I watch Silent Night Deadly Night several times throughout December. I mean does it even feel like Christmas until you watch "On The Warm Side Of The Door" montage? 

2) Better Watch Out
- This movie has quickly become one of my all time favorite Christmas horror movies. But is it a horror movie? Kinda? More like a black comedy/thriller. I was just talking about this film yesterday with a friend, and I told them how happy I was that I went into it completely blind when I bought it a few years ago knowing absolutely nothing about it. The film of course is very well written, has great characters, some jaw dropping moments, great quotes, hilarious laughs, and a huge plot twist midway through the movie that if you don't know about, really makes this movie stand out. The ending is so satisfying! Plus we get the guy who played Billy from Stranger Things playing yet another asshole. Hello!

1) Black Christmas (1974)
- Whenever somebody asks me what's one of the creepiest horror films I own, I always tell them Black Christmas. Everything about this movie is iconic. The fact that it inspired Halloween, the great cast, the creepy plot twist, Mrs. Mac ("Goddamn Claud you little PRICK!") The great settle comedy timing thanks to the late director Bob Clark (Love that he directed this film, as well as A Christmas Story), the strange 1970's fashion, and of course how fucking creepy the movie actually is. Legit when it comes down to it, there are so many moments in this movie that makes me rarely watch it after dark. I'm not joking. The first day of my winter break I'm planning on settling down and taking in my first viewing of the year watching this classic!

So, what holiday classics do you watch? 

"I could give a FUCK! About the fucking neighbors..."