Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Horror Challenge

 Horror Challenge


I'm legit half awake watching the end to Titanic, and I stumbled upon this pretty cool list of horror themed questions on IG, so here I am taking a stab at them. Would love to hear everyone's answers!

1) Favorite piece of memorabilia? - Hands down Zach Galligan's Waxwork II Lost In Time crew shirt. I won it in 2013 and still blown away it's a piece of my Waxwork collection.

2) Character you wish survived? - God, either Zach Galligan in Hatchet III or Sam Raimi in Intruder. Even tho the deaths were stunning as they splattered across the silver screen, I would have much rather seen them survive. 

3) Character you wish died? - This sounds awful, but the fact Dewey and Gail lived in Scream 4, I was speechless. Sure I've grown up watching these movies, and it's a hoot every time they come back for another one every few years…but really, have all 3 original cast members win? I adored Scream 4 but it sorta fell apart in the last ten minuets. I think a better ending would have had the film fade out as Jill is being carried out as the reporters are flashing the cameras asking what it's like to be a hero. Would have been SUCH a great ending seeing her get away with it.

4) Best plot twist? - Have to go with the ending to Sleepaway Camp. I was lucky enough to watch this on tape just before the internet and major spoilers ruined really much every movie. I knew nothing about the movie going in and my jaw dropped at the ending. Crazy and could never be done again.

5) Worst artwork? - I'm never one to bash an artist. NEVER but let's just say a certain Scream Factory release of a certain camp slasher…with some unhappy campers. Yeah…

6) Redo a film with drag queens - Se7en ha!

7) Movie everyone loves but you don't. - The Resident Evil

8) Movie you love but everyone hates? - Amityville 1992 it's about time (A classic!)

9) Stomach turning scene - Recently? God, in the remake of The Town That Dreaded Sundown a girl jumped outside a motel window and broke her leg with the bone coming out of her leg when she landed. I screamed like a little girl at that scene. Gross!

10) Fave thriller? - Manhunter. 

11) Favorite horror hottie? - Galligan dur…have you seen Waxwork?!

12) Scariest flick? - As dumb as this sounds The Blair Witch Project still bothers me after all these years. Just recently I watched It Follows and couldn't sleep without a light on afterwards. Movie was insane. 

13) Favorite final girl? - Stephanie from the original Stepfather. 

14) Best Tagline - "An all American family didn't want to kill…but they didn't want to die either." - The Hills Have Eyes and "From the director of Animal House brings you a different kind of animal." - An American Werewolf In London.

15) Favorite evil died? - Isaac from Children Of The Corn.

16) Favorite AHS character? - Sister Jude from season 2. Her speech of being finally able to see as a mad woman gives me chills every time I watch it.

17) Lamest film series? - God, hands down the Resident Evil series. Maybe if I played the video game there would be more love but shit, complete and utter shit.

18) Favorite cameo? - Zach Galligan in Hellraiser III Hell On Earth.

19) Film that needs to be remade? - Would love to see a movie like Spellbinder, The Nest, or even Pieces being remade by the right people.

20) Scariest non-horror - Not the whole movie, but we all remember the Large Marge scene from Pee Wee's Big Adventure. Mmm hummm. Also Return to Oz. Nightmares for days!

21) Best musical score? - Anything from Carpenter (Christine, The Fog, Halloween, ect.), Firestarter, and of course now It Follows.

22) Most unbelievable killer? - Debbie Salt aka Mrs. Loomis from Scream 2. Really people, that's who we picked to play that role?!

23) Favorite zombie character? - Flyboy Dawn Of The Dead.

24) Favorite possession flick? - After The Exorcist? Amityville II?

25) A "classic" you haven't seen? - I'm currently in the middle of watching Assault On Precinct 13. I'm blown away by how good it is and can't believe how long it's taken me to watch this since I'm such a huge Carpenter fan.

26) Favorite horror-comedy? - House, and The Monster Squad if that counts.

27) Favorite food/eating scene? - Those stunning supermarket kills from Intruder, all of which pretty much take place around food. #Raimihangingonmeathooks

28) First horror movie you saw in theaters? - I'm sure this isn't the first one but the one I clearly first remembering was watching Scream 2 back in 1997.

29) Favorite film from your grad year? - Grindhouse…beyond epic.

30) Favorite IG horror account? - Can't pick one, al many awesome artists, companies, friends, and collectors I follow!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

"I still believe!" Mad Monster Party and Monsterpalooza

"I still believe!" Mad Monster Party and Monsterpalooza 

Ah, it's convention season. That magical time of year that truly only really happens twice during the fall and spring time. In the last month such shows as Monster Mania, and HorrorHound have been held. This weekend both Mad Monster Party and Monsterpaloza took place. Thanks to fellow friends attending both events, I got to see some of the awesome doings that went on.

First off, last post I made a mistake. I posted a killer Creepshow piece claiming it was seen at Mad Monster Party. Nope, this original piece was made for Monsterpaloza. Now I've never had the pleasure of attending one of these shows, but from what I heard it's a make up artist and mask collector's dream. Here artists from all over do demos, and show off their own original designs and makeup over the weekend. Along for the fun are Q&A's, as well as guests from different movies. I always love looking at photos posted on IG seeing all the killer things made. What really stood out to me this weekend was the fact some members of the Monster Squad attended this how. I've had the pleasure of meeting all of the kids as well as the monsters from this movie. Back in 2007 for my first Monster Mania I met all the kids and was completely star struck. The Monster Squad was a huge movie for me growing up and I even have Rudy tattooed on my leg. I hope some day I'll get the chance to meet these guys again! Well…everyone but the kid who played Patrick. Watching him do a drunken keg stand sorta ruined my life…

Another convention I've been dying to attend is Mad Monster Party. A few of my friends vend and attend this show and it seems as if they always have a blast. I mean the first hint of what a great time this show can be is the name of the convention. Mad Monster Party. With great guests, vendors, and original ideas for photo ops, it seems as if Mad Monster Party is always a great time whatever they have planned. I mean this weekend alone they had a Fright Night reunion, a Fright Night drinking game, and a KILLER photo op with the actor who played Evil Ed in his original makeup by Steve Johnson. (I would have died). They had breakfast and photo ops with Leatherface, AND the sax player himself from the Lost boys Tim Capello. The Lost Boys has been another huge movie I grew up watching and fucking die whenever that scene takes place (Corey Haim's face says it all.) Well fans from all over got to meet him and watch him perform I still believe. Long live 1987!

I can't wait to keep watching for more posts from each show. Until then, on a side note for those who watch The Walking Dead, I guess the final episode is playing tonight. I think I legit watched only a half an hour of one episode this season so I'm not caught up nor am I really a fan. Looks like I'll be waiting until it comes on Netflix!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

This week in horror...

 This week in horror…

As I sit here, legit wrapped with three different blankets, still under the weather, freezing, watching Lost, and clearly turning up on a Saturday night, I reflect on a few highlights this week in the world of horror. Or at least in my eyes.

1) Saw It Follows.

- I just first heard about this movie about a month or so ago. There was a retro, stunning poster that was curling the web, along with the message from as many horror fans as possible to go see it and support the film since it was an original film, and paid tribute to early 1980's thriller and horror films. Highly interested, I began to see ads for the film, and saw how many people supported the film, and loved it. Listening to the soundtrack, and watching the trailer, I decided to spend this shitty snowy/rainy afternoon with my friend Mike to go see it. I'm sure I'll write a full review for this movie A.S.A.P, but in short, all I have to say is I LOVED IT. I've seen a handful of decent horror films in the last couple of years, but it hasn't been since You're Next since I've really fully loved seeing a horror movie in theaters. At first I thought this was going to be a complete shit show since a row behind me a whole family including their little kids were sitting (Really? You bring little kids to this sort of movie?) they were loud as fuck during the trailers, and somehow by the grace of God somebody sushed them and they didn't say a single peep the whole time. I'll save my whole speech on what I think about little kids going to the movies, most of all seeing movies like this…but right before it started my friend Mike who was just as annoyed as I was leaned in and said "I hope this is super dirty, I hope you there's tons of nudity and sex, just to serve these parents right." Well low and behold, the movie delivered and I couldn't help but smile. Maybe that's a reason why they didn't say shit the rest of the movie. #sorryaboutit. Besides that, the movie was amazing. This gives me a small glimmer of hope for the future of horror. With a great killer opening, a smartly and unsettling written story, a stunning score, and visually beautiful, It Follows besides a sort mucky ending, had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. I can't wait to download the entire soundtrack. Seriously, had such a ball seeing this. Can't wait to see what else this director has in store for us.

2) Rented Digging Up The Marrow.

- After watching It Follows, me and Mike decided to rent Digging Up The Marrow since it was yet another title we hadn't seen it. I'm a pretty big fan of director Adam Green (haven't seen his TV show, but LOVED the Hatchet series and Frozen.) I've met Adam before, and he seriously puts Eli Roth to shame (love you Bear Jew, but you need a slice of humble pie.) Adam is a kid at heart, and has made some really awesome stuff over the last few years. He just finished up his tour for this movie, and due to the shitty New England weather, I missed when it screened it in Boston. I did on the other hand two years back attend the Hatchet III screening and got to see what a nice and down to earth guy Green was. Well, my interest peeked as people began talking about Digging Up The Marrow. Some people loved it, other people hated it. I on the other hand, eh, I'm in-between. The movie was clever, had it's moments, and made me jump. I just feel maybe a little more monsters, and get rid of that ending, who knows. I know this was a work in progress for Green, but with maybe a slightly higher budget, and "dig" further into the whole storyline. Nevertheless, I enjoyed myself, and thought it was a pretty cool movie worth the price of renting it. Still sorta torn, might need to watch it again.

3) Got my Intruder shirt.

- It's a little well known fact I'm a bit of a fan of the 1989 slasher Intruder. I have Sam Raimi's character from this movie tattooed on me, and have a pretty impressive collection of stuff from the movie (magazines, laserdiscs, ext.) What can I say? I love me some Raimi. For YEARS, I have been bugging my friends at Fright Rags that they outta do a Intruder or Waxwork shirt. Well, this amazing kick ass company delivered the goods for the first part. The second I saw this killer design I knew I had to have one. Safe to say this is one of my new favorite shirts e-v-e-r. I'm just crazy about this T-shirt!

4) Amazing horror figures.

- Some "killer" artwork from ChopTillYouDrop hit Etsy. I'm a huge fan of making custom figures, and these based off some popular slashers from the 1980's really hit them way out of the park. Love the Sleepaway Camp one!

5) Mad Monster Party.

- Mad Monster Party is a convention I know someday I just need to attend. The entire time I follow events from the show it looks like a complete riot. With great guests, and awesome photo ops it somehow seems to get better and better each year. Well, this time around I've been following and somewhat dying over the fact there's going to be an Evil Ed photo op with Steve Johnson doing his original makeup (red string wig and all) on Stephen. My inner Fright Night fan girl is screaming.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The day the horror died. - How far is too far?

 The Day the horror died. - How far is too far?

I decided to be yet another asshole who puts my two cents in about the whole 10$ meet & greet scandal that happened this past weekend at HorrorHound.

Quickly for those of you who have been living underneath a rock, it appears that actress Alanna Masterson from The Walking Dead was a guest at this month's HorrorHound weekend in Ohio and pissed off pretty much 99% of the horror community when this photo was snapped of how much she was charging along with the mind blowing request of asking 10$ just to come up and say hi. 

Whoa now lady, better get off that high horse there.

It appears Ms. Masterson wasn't the only Walking Dead cast member that was doing this, but her table was the one where the famous photo above was snapped, along with this one which pretty much showed how people felt about it.


Fans in the horror community were outraged by this and said it was the final nail in the coffin for horror conventions. As of lately the topic of the good old days with conventions has been brought up numerous times. Lots of people have been saying they miss the smaller scale shows back when guests charged lower prices or didn't charge at all. As of lately conventions have blown up like there's no tomorrow. Now these things have been going on since the mid 1980's. Over the years shows have come and gone but in the last fifteen years or so they have really taken off. Between the internet and independent film making, magazines, as well as sequels, and fans of all ages flocking to these shows, more and more have popped up. My first convention was back in 2006 at Rock & Shock and I legit had zero idea what I was doing. I still remember everything as if it was yesterday. My mind was blown over the idea of all these actors who appeared in films I grew up watching there in the flesh. For between 10 to 20$ you could meet them, get an autograph, and chat with them. In fact I remember walking by actress Leslie Easterbrook who called me and my friend over and insisted on snapping photo for free since she over heard us talking to Sid Haig. From that moment onward I was hooked and began attending as many conventions as I could every year. To me this was Disney world. For one weekend you could meet and talk to actors from some of your favorite films, snap photos with them, get their autograph, go to the vendor room which had rare merchandise, lobby cards, bootlegs, tapes, prints, posters, toys, and original artwork. On top of that you got to meet fellow fans who shared the same passion as you. Where else could you have a few beers, show off horror tattoos, and argue over running zombies Vs. slow zombies? I have attended shows such as Rock & Shock, Monster Mania, Chiller, Spooky Empire, Terror Con, and of course HorrorHound.

HorrorHound has been my favorite since I've been helping staff the show on and off since 2010. The people behind that show are amazing and good friends of mine and I've always had a blast every weekend I go. Sadly this past show I wasn't able to make it (I was screaming on the inside the entire time over Zach Galligan being there) yet my friends kept me updated over the craziness as well as following the HorrorHound Facebook page. I was floored when the Walking Dead meet and greet photo popped up. 

And I'll admit, I was more than a little pissed off.

I've staffed the March shows before and I gotta tell you, it's craziness. In fact, I've even said I rather work the September shows rather than the March ones since the spring season means Walking Dead season. Due to the large masses of fans, they had to move across the street to the convention center, and lines have been out the door. I always gotta hand it to the staff and crew behind the show for doing the best they can, but it's mind blowing to see how much the show has changed. Is this a good or a bad thing? I'm neutral. I remember the last spring/March show I worked in 2011 before The Walking Dead really truly blew up. It was still held at the hotel (something about it being held at the hotel I've always been a fan of. Maybe because it's so cozy, but I understand why they changed it to a bigger venue. I even met Norman at this show to get a Boondock Saints poster signed for my sister and husband. The lines weren't bad at all, and honestly I don't have one mean thing to say about Norman. Nice enough guy, and from what I heard he's great with his fans. 

Maybe it's because I'm not a fan of the show. I stopped watching it around last year. I find it highly overrated, and the characters unlikeable. I went into thinking the show was going to be some kind of sweeping Stephen King epic, and instead it just seemed to go rather stale quickly. Nothing against the show at all. I watched for the effects, and enjoyed myself, but let's say for this post I'll set aside the fact I'm not a fan. Trust me, I have spent STUPID amounts of money at conventions. I get it. If you are a true blood fan, money no matter how tight really isn't an option. Hell, if they said Waxwork photo op with the full cast I would toss them my debit card without even a second to think.

In fact a few years back I spent 200$ to get a photo with the two Supernatural brothers. (More for Jensen since I'm a massive My Bloody Valentine fan.) I remember working a Supernatural fan and truly hating it. I love the first five seasons, but watching all these girls go nuts was truly unsettling. Trust me, I'm a huge fan girl (Galligan/Raimi) but I sorta found the whole thing kinda sad. Nevertheless, I saw tickets were selling out, I had flown out to Chicago to visit a friend where the show was being held, and really wasn't enjoying staffing it. I at the time didn't have student loans, or any big bills and had brought a pretty good chunk of change with me on this trip. I decided to say fuck it, and slapped down my cash and got a pretty epic photo. Was it worth 200$ Fuck no! But still, I enjoyed myself and could afford it. My same friend who lives in Chicago asked if I would ever go to the convention again and meet them and I said no. Hell, they have even done shows in Boston and I have no interest. I met them once, spent my money, and that's that. So mind you, I have spent my money like a total asshole before so I really can't judge these fans for slapping their money down.

In fact I once even defended to a friend who felt a convention guest I'm a huge fan of overcharged me and I simply said I didn't need to explain myself. I traveled knowing I was going to spend the money, and it made me feel great getting the autographs. It's my money, I can do what I want with it. I have been known in the past to be called Stacy Wallbucks since I always bring a fair amount of money with me to shows. I've always been a good saver, take care of my bills first, but when I can afford to attend these, I want to have a good time. I always save up extra money, and as of the last few years the list of people I've wanted to meet has gotten smaller and smaller. In fact there are only a small handful of people I would still dish out the cash to meet. In the beginning I was that person that just needed an 8X10 autograph of an actor. Now I only do that if I'm a big fan. In fact I've gotten more creative over the years with getting items signed by the entire cast, or having them sign VHS tapes or laserdiscs. It's pretty much either if your on that very small list of epic people I've still yet to meet (John D LeMay or Sam Raimi.), a cast member I'm having sign an item that's been signed by other cast members (my Freddy sneakers), or a person I've met person but I'm a huge fan of and just have to either have them sign something new or say hi (Galligan). I really only go to these things now just to have fun. I mostly walk around, hunt for tapes, artwork, or bootlegs at the vendor rooms, and get drunk catching up with friends I mostly just see at these shows.

In fact I thank conventions since I've met so many amazing people over the years due to shows.

I understand it wasn't this actress who made up the high prices (even tho I do believe they might of had something to say in it.) but it's mind blowing honestly for the 10$ meet and greet. I disagree with the 50-100$ price for just a photo and autograph. I think it's over priced. I mean maybe if you were Norman or even the lead (the sheriff) from the show maybe due to the long times and demand for this person's name. But for an actress who's just been on less than two seasons? Sad…

I understand their agents control this, and they can't just "work" for free since they are having an appearance and many say they need to make back the money on the travel and hotel stay. Still, how can you explain this weekend's guests AJ Bowen and Pat Healy not charging at all? In fact from what I heard if you brought your own item it was fee as well as a photo taken with them. If you bought a photo or poster at their table it was just 10$. Really? I guess these guys were beyond easy going and a blast to have around, starting they were here to meet their fans. That they wouldn't be anywhere without their fans. Director Adam Green does the same thing. I attended the Hatchet III screening a few years back in Boston and the whole cast signed autographs outside for free (including actor Joel David Moore from Avatar). I met Adam at last year's Rock & Shock and he signed my Hatchet blu-ray for free and even chatted with me for a bit and seemed touched I was such a fan from his home state. Years back at Monster Mania I met the Monster Squad cast (the kids) and all were so humbled to have met me they signed a mass photo for free.) People like this are legit.

Sid Haig has even stated that even tho he's been doing the horror convention circuit for years, he will NEVER raise his prices no matter what. I'm not saying everything should be free, but just fucking keep the prices between 10 and 20$. A few HorrorHound shows ago I overheard two actors from a Friday the 13th film. These two guys are out of work actors who have a regular 9-5 job like the rest of us, and I heard them asking each other if they made decent money. One of them shrugged and said not really but they had fun, and loved meeting the fans. People like this I don't mind giving 10-20$ for at all.

The whole extra for a selfie thing makes me want to screen as well as extra for a photo being taken at the table because of photo ops. I agree, charge extras for photo ops. Is it overrated? Eh, sorta. I've gotten a few done in the past and really liked how they turned out. + Having a glossy nice professional photo of you and that actor always looks great in a frame. But to over charge because they are doing that? Bullshit. Somebody wants to pay extra that's fine but to charge a regular Joe that just wants to snap a quick photo at the table. Horrible. 

In fact I really like how they are trying to jazz up photo ops with people appearing in original makeup or have props. (The Mad Monster Evil Ed one I'm drooling over.) I think this sorta makes it worth it in the end.

But 10 fucking dollars just to walk over, say you are a fan and not even snap a photo. Hell I could even defend saying well you did take a photo…10$ seems worth it. But just to walk over and say hi? I feel this actress needs a slice of humble pie. You wouldn't be anywhere without your fans, ANYWHERE. I'm sure hard core Walking Dead fans did in fact meet her and the others who were doing this, but from what I saw in photo, her line stayed empty most of the weekend. In fact, I heard several posters on Facebook say mixed things about even meeting her. One person that dropped serious cash getting an autograph and photo with her said it was like pulling teeth to meet her. I understand people have off days and moments, but if you are charging that much money…

See, he gets it.

It's a double edge sword, and really sad to see this dishearten so many horror fans that now don't want to attend shows anymore. Like anything else it's a business. I know HorrorHound had nothing to do with this, and it was the agent and actress. Sean Clark (agent of Norman) even went on record saying they have kept their set prices and would never charge for him just to talk to a fan. From what I saw the guy is legit and goes above and beyond for his fans. Another person I heard was Elijah Wood who is this huge actor. I guess he goes the extra mile for photo ops and always makes it a fun meeting. Do I think his prices are crazy? Eh, I can't judge. I just feel that if you charge 50$ for Robert Englund it's worth it. First of all he's an icon, second he talks, and talks, and talks with you. That's why his line is so long. I mean I met him twice and he was amazing both times. In fact the last time I met him we talked about 976 Evil 2 for a good solid ten minutes. He also signs skin (tattoos for free which I think is beyond decent, in fact it makes sense.) People should be honored or at least humbled. I meet Zach Galligan several times with piles of stuff and he always gives me a big break, talks my ear off, and snaps as many photos as I want. Still, people always have mixed stories depending on the person. If you are a huge fan, some prices are worth it. I draw the line at 50$ truly depending on the person. I don't think it's taking advantage but somebody like Englund or Bruce Campbell…they earned the right. If you are an asshole, then your an asshole.

To quote Rob Zombie "I remember everyone I ever met at a convention. I remember who was nice, and who was an asshole. For that guest, the encounter lasts a few minutes, and more than likely that person forgets as soon as the fan walks away. For that fan on the other hand, that meeting will stay in their mind forever. They want to meet this person or spend the money for a reason. They are a huge fan of whatever this person was in and more than likely look up to them. If the person is an asshole or cold, or takes advantage the fan will remember it forever and it will always put a sour taste in their mouths over it. Whenever they watch whatever this person was in or on…they will remember what an asshole they were."

Sounds good enough to meet.

Sadly these things are a business and thanks to The Walking Dead the whole convention business is getting a little out of control. Prices for almost everyone is going up, and assholes like this girl get away with it since fans keep coming back for more. It's sad since the people who run the convention get a bad name when they don't really have anything to do with it. It's the greeting actors and the people who represent them. If it was up to me, prices would stay at 10-20$. I mean I was charged 35 when I met Robert back in 08. 

But as long as The Walking Dead guests keep coming, the shit will continue to hit the fan and more and more fans will get pissed off. This summer I'm attempting to attend a Walker Stalker convention (I heard these conventions are shit shows, they brought fucking babies as a guest once who appeared on the show. Babies…fucking babies. And a horse that was seen as an extra.) Crazy you say? Yep. I'm going for several different reasons but NONE are for the Walking Dead. In fact, I'll be busy watching and laughing as the shit hits the fan. 

So my final thoughts?

This lady is a huge bitch as is her agent for being such assholes. It isn't the show's fault, but sadly people are getting fed up. If you wanna spend major cash if you are a big enough fan, go for it. But sadly I feel this is just going to keep getting worse and worse and us fans will continue talking about the good old days. Props to the actors to keep set prices or sign for free. Those are the real down the earth guys who deserve respect. As for these stars on this show that think they are rock stars. They need a slice of humble pie.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Top 13 men from Friday the 13th.

 Top 13 men from Friday the 13th.
Ah, whenever you think of the Friday the 13th films, you think of half naked girls running around with Jason chasing them. Well guess what? There are tons and I mean TONS of female fans who adore these films, and might have to disagree. In fact, here are the top 13 best looking men from the Friday the 13th films.

13) Linderman - Freddy Vs. Jason
- A nerd and screams like a girl. What else could you ask for?

12) Dr. Wimmer - Jason X
- Dr. Decker, enough said.

11) Steven - Jason Goes To Hell The Final Friday 
- Steven, you may have been a dead beat dad but in all fairness you had no idea you had a child. Faithful till the end, he would risk being pulled into Hell for you. Also John D LeMay "Swoon…"

10) Wayne - Part 8
- He'll video tape your rock shows as well as your teachers making out with you. Always handy to have around. 

9) Dr. Crews - Part 7
- #Silverfox

8) Tommy - Part 6
- Pretty boy with issues. Sorta a bad boy, drives a truck.

7) Tommy - Part 5
- Well fit, glasses, anger issues, is afraid of rubber spiders on strings.

6) Jimmy - Part 4
- Not a dead fuck, great dancer.

5) Doug - Part 4
- Total pretty boy, enjoys long showers, sleeping in the bottom bunk, and a lovely singing voice.

4) Rick - Part 3
- Those baby blue eyes just pop out at you.

3) Andy - Part 3
- Clearly flexible. 

2) Todd - Part 2
- Great with animals and one hell of a shot.

1) The whole damn male cast - Part 1
- Excuse me, I need a moment alone...

Top 13 moments from the Friday the 13th films.

 Top 13 moments from the Friday the 13th films.

Happy Friday the 13th everyone! My all ready just three months into 2015 and this is our second Friday the 13th. Just last month I celebrated in style by watching Friday the 13th part 7 The New Blood, along with several of my favorite episodes from Friday the 13th the series season 1. Tonight, I'm having a rather low key night due to feeling under the weather. I'm drinking tons of tea, and attempting and I stress attempting to watch the first four Friday the 13th films in random order. I started off with part III, and quickly moving onto the final chapter. Tonight I decided to try to pin point as hard as this may be to chose my top 13 favorite moments from the Friday the 13th films. Oh yeah, I'm not counting the Friday the 13th remake. #sorryaboutit. So here we are, my top 13 favorite moments from one of my all time favorite slasher series!

13) "Freddy Vs. Jason…place your bets."
- I hate to admit it, but back in 2003 when I first saw Freddy Vs. Jason when it came out I was beyond disappointed. The only really good part of the entire mess was the actual fight. In fact the only moment that really did seem half way badass was when Freddy appeared in the real world, and saw Jason in the burning cabin where the fight began.

12) Ice Ice Baby…
-"Sigh" another entry that I really truly hate. No offense to this sequel, but I don't even own it and that says a lot. (I'm the queen of owning shitty movies) Nevertheless, there was one scene in all of Jason X that I acutely thought was pretty brutal. This being the liquid nitrogen death.

11) The most epic ending of all time.
-I'm sure I'm gonna get a TON of hate on this, but I down right adore Jason Goes To Hell. In fact I would watch this a million times over some of the later sequels. They tried to do something different, and I honestly think they did a great job. Now after Jason gets his ass handed to him by Mr. John D LeMay and his niece, he's dragged down to Hell. In the film's final moments, we see the old hockey mask laying in the dirt when…low and behold a famous gloved hand with claws pops up and drags the mask down below. I'm sure I'm speaking for pretty much any fan back in 1993 when they either saw this movie or rented it that they were completely floored. Sadly the Freddy Vs. Jason film we ended up getting was nothing compared to the hype this movie left with us.

10) Jason at Time Square.
- I don't hate this movie. In fact, it's sorta a guilty pleasure of mine because it's so stupid. Still, as much as fans poke fun that this really should have been called Jason takes The Love Boat, you gotta admit there is nothing cooler than seeing our famous hockey masked killer standing in Time Square in 1988. i love the bit where he knocks over the boom box and slowly lifts his mask at the thugs. "It's cool man! It's cool!"

9) Tina rises Jason from his watery grave.
- "I wish I could bring you back…" Oh Tina, I bet you wish you never said that. The New Blood is sadly highly underrated due to it's pretty far fetch plot line, and the fact most of it's gory mind blowing effects were cut out of the film. (The boyfriend's death near the lake where he gets his face split unedited legit is one of the best slasher effects I've ever seen.) As zany as this movie is, one of the best moments is from the beginning when a distraught Tina goes to the lake and wishes she could bring her father who accidentally drowned several years before back from the dead. WELL…big mistake lady because she gets somebody to rise from the water, but not the right person. I just love the score in this movie as well as watching Kane for the first time ever rocking that mask as he bursts out of the water. Utter perfection.

8) Tommy Jarvis Vs. Jason
- As much as I really have a special place in my heart for the first five films, I have to give credit where credit is due. Friday the 13th part 6 Jason Lives is truly a great film. As much as I love the epic lake battle at the end between Tommy and Jason, I love the opening to this film the most. It starts off with a bang with Tommy (now played by Thom Mathews) driving to the cemetery to prove to himself that he really did indeed kill Jason all those years ago. Yet again…BIG MISTAKE! The second he digs up the grave and opens the coffin we get to see Jason looking a little worse for the wear. (I always remembered this scene as a kid with all the maggots crawling over him.) Tommy has what I like to call "a moment" and takes a metal fence pole and starts stabbing the corpse when he starts to remember the attack his sister and himself went through years ago. Well as luck would have it, lighting strikes, causing Jason to wake up nice and well..less than fresh after a long dirt nap. Killing Tommy's friend, he grabs his hockey mask Tommy brought and like a true boss puts it on as a 007 like title flashes across the screen. Beyond epic doesn't even begin to explain how great this scene is.

7) Violet's robot dance.
- Love or hate it, I really like A New Beginning. I mean The Final Chapter was a tough act to follow, but something about this bastard sequel I can't help but really like. One of the most memorable scenes has to be when the Violet character is alone in her room dancing to "His Eyes" and doing some killer robot dance moves. 

6) Jason's death.
- Pretty much everything about The Final Chapter was awesome. In fact it's one of my favorite sequels and had these films really ended, this would have been one hell of a way to really take Jason out. The final twenty minutes of this movie is beyond action packed. You get blood splashing everywhere, people getting thrown through windows, people jumping out windows, shaved heads, slicing, chopping, stabbing, cutting, and oh so much more. I really do like Trish the best as my favorite final girl from these movies. Not only did she think quick on her feet, she also was pretty bad ass. I love when she stabs Jason in the hand and tells him she's going to give him something to remember her by. The best of course is when young Tommy (played by Corey Feldman) shaves his head to make himself look like a younger Jason. Here he distracts Jason long enough for Trish to knock off his mask where, props to Savini, we get to see truly what the adult Jason would look like. Scared shitless after seeing this monster unmasked, she is too horrified to even move. Tommy thinks fast, jumps down and rams Jason's weapon right through his face. There we watch Jason slowly slide down the blade. Tommy has his first of many "moments" and sees Jason's finger move. Losing it, he hacks Jason again, and again, and again. For once, somebody for a horror movie that legit won't stop stabbing the killer until they know for sure that they are dead. Call Tommy crazy, but guess what, he's the only person that killed Jason long enough to stay dead for a whole sequel. Take that!

5) Crispin Glover's dance moves.
- The second entry for dance moves. I love Crispin Glover. He's weird, attractive, and was in some pretty awesome movies. Sure we'll all remember him as either Willard or George McFly, but I will always think of him as Jimmy the dead fuck. In a scene where Crispin gets to show his unknown talent of dancing, you honestly can't even watch the scene with a straight face. I can't count how many times I watched it shitfaced with friends dying. Thanks for the memories Crispin!

4) Eye popping effects.
- I love part III, shitty dated 3D effects and all. In fact, it's one of my favorites, and the most watched out of all the sequels. This film was filled with brutal moments (Andy's handstand death most of all) but my favorite as most memorable has to go to Rick the leading man. (Man was he attractive!) Poor Rick just wanted a little lovin, and what does he get? Jason crushing his skull until one of those pretty blue eyes go flying towards the camera. Awesome.

3) Ginny plays mind games with Jason.
- Another final girl that knows how to think on her feet. Friday the 13th part II is really a great sequel. The deaths are ten times more brutal, and we get to meet sweet little Jason…who isn't that little, not dead, and wears a sack on his head. Go figure! Part II is filled with great moments but the best as to be when Jason has chased poor Ginny all around the woods for most of the night when she just so happens to stumble to his hermit shack in the middle of nowhere. (I always wonder, how long did he live there?) Running inside, she finds the shrine to Jason's late mother, filled with candles, her old sweater, and the corpses of Alice from part 1 who killed her, and now Terry. Hearing Jason hack down the door, in a complete panic Ginny thinks fast and pulls on the dirty sweater, and tucks her hair in. When Jason gets in, she starts speaking to him as if she's his mother. And guess what?! It actually works for a little bit! Always great to see Pamela again!

2) Kevin Bacon bites the dust.
- Slasher films are best known for featuring unknown stars at the time. In 1980, nobody really knew who Kevin Bacon was. there wasn't even six degree of him yet. Still, this wide eyed sandy haired pretty boy played Jack, the poor soul who right after getting laid gets an arrow from under his bunk straight through his throat. Still one of my all time favorite deaths and moments from all the movies!

1) Annie's death.
- The first Friday the 13th is very underrated and over looked by Jason with his high body count, and the never ending sequels. I never felt so much disappointment when I saw the 2009 remake and saw that they just threw the original storyline out the window. First of all, this was a pretty elegant shot film, in fact the locations were breathtaking. Also so many people say it's such a slow movie, but I think it's the scariest with the best build up. The best is when we flash forward to June 13th in 1980 and meet Annie. The happy go lucky girl who's slowly making her way to the summer camp she'll be working as a cook. Looking forward to her new job, she hitches rides and ignores the warnings from the locals. Hitching a ride with an unseen driver, she gushes about how excited she is and the audience is fooled to believe that she might be our lead. WRONG! As soon as the jeep she's in starts to speed up, she notices they pass the road to the camp and that something is wrong. Begging the unknown driver to stop, she panics and leaps out of the car twisting her ankle. Scared, she scrambles into the woods frightened and confused. That's when the killer appears out of nowhere and uses a large hunting knife and swipes by her. For a second we think she's okay when she lets go of her throat and we see it's been slit. Slowly blood gushes from the wound as she falls against the tree dead. Brutal, mostly after you find out who the killer was. By far one of the best deaths to launch an awesome series.

Happy Friday the 13th everyone! 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Best shows to watch when you're sick part 1

Best shows to watch when you're sick part 1
= Head colds got me like…

This year I've actually haven't gotten that sick lately.  I feel a big thing to do with this is the fact I've gotten a job now and away from less germs. Still…gems are everywhere, and by everywhere I mean all over the place. Today I'm home sick with the chest cold from H-E-L-L. I'm pumped full of meds, fluids, cough drops, and Bruce the heater buzzing beside me. I pretty much fell like death run over. But guess what, it's all good. Between my shifts of sleeping, I've been watching my good friend Netflix who somehow always know exactly what I'm in the mood to watch. So here's a list of some of the best things to watch while stuck and stick in bed.

- This is what I'm currently watching. I'm all ready on season 2 and plan on writing a full overview review of the entire series once I'm finished. Getting into lost is a commitment. It's this GIANT epic with hours of backstory for every single character who are all stranded on this strange and magical island. Sure at times you get a boring episode, or get beyond annoyed with a character, but as the secrets of the island are slowly revealed, as well as what's in store for the characters, you can't help but get hooked. Also it's really nice to see the breathtaking island beaches they filmed on.

Twin Peaks
What better show to watch when you feel like you're running a high fever? Dive into David Lynch's wonderful yet strange world of the town of Twin Peaks. Now mind you, this show isn't exactly for everybody due to how quirky and unusual it is. But if you ask me, this show wasn't just years ahead of it's time but decades. Following the murder of homecoming queen Laura Palmer, an F.B.I agent is called to the small town of Twin Peaks to find out what exactly happened, and who would have wanted to kill this girl who quickly he discovers wasn't so innocent. With a huge cult following, and a third season in the works, catching up before 2016 would be a great idea for any Lynch fan!

Friday The 13th the Series
I might get some eye rolls for this one, but as one of my all time favorite shows Friday the 13th the series is a must for any horror fan. For years there has been a war between fans of the films, and fans of the show since the show uses the title Friday the 13th, yet there's no Jason in sight. I for one, as a fan of both the films and a massive fan of the show think this isn't a bad thing at all. The show is in it's own universe and doesn't need Jason slicking and dicing to make a good storyline. For three wonderful seasons, we followed cousins Micki and Ryan who inherited an old antique store from their estrange uncle who made a deal with the devil on putting curses on every single object he sold. Trying to track down every item before more blood is shed, Micki, Ryan, and their friend Jack try to re-collect the objects as fast as they can. Sure it's dated with effects and fashion, but with three very likable characters, some awesome guest stars and directors, Friday the 13th the series has always been a comfort show of mine. Mostly whenever I'm puking my guts out.

Ah my boys…or should I just say Jensen Ackles. Now I'm only a fan of the first five seasons (I believe they have gotten carried away in the last few years) but in it's heyday Supernatural was a throwback to all the classic 60's and 70's horror shows like Kolchak, Night Gallery, and even Dark Shadows. With a killer backstory, and two handsome leads, the first five seasons followed brothers Sam and Dean as they tried tracking down their father who trained them to kill monsters, demons, and ghouls. Between finding the demon that murdered their mother when they were children, saving their souls from Hell, and yes saving the world from the devil himself. Binge watching these episodes are always a must whenever stuck in bed, and pretty easy on the eyes ifyouknowwhatimean. 

Early Edition 
Yes, I'm 70 years old. I'm not ashamed, I love Early Edition. Back in high school I used to watch this show all the time. Telling the story of Gary, a stockbroker down on his luck one day he receives a mysterious newspaper that happens to be tomorrow's newspaper. Weighing his options, he decides instead of using the paper from his own profit, he reads the headlines and starts running around Chicago trying to save people before it's too late. With a handsome lead like Kyle Chandler, and sidekick Fisher Stevens this low key show is fun to watch while surrounded by cough meds and tissues!