Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Green Inferno (2013)

 The Green Inferno (2013)

PLOT -  A group of student activists head into the rain forest to protest the destruction of an accent village. After a horrible accident on the way back, the students are kidnapped by the people of the very village they were trying to save, and taken as prisoners. Completely helpless, the group are unable to communicate to the natives that they aren't the enemy. Forced to think together to survive, the students make the terrifying discovery that the natives are cannibals. 

LOWDOWN - Way back in 2002 I remember going to see Cabin Fever when it had a limited run in theaters. Instantly I fell in love with it's odd ball humor, zany characters, and mindless gore that brought me back to the classics from the 70's and 80's. There I discovered young filmmaker Eli Roth.

Cabin Fever became a huge favorite of mine and hands down the guy's commentary on Cabin Fever is one of the funniest I heard. As a gore hound, I always found Eli's story inspiring. This was a guy from Boston who took his love of gore and did everything he could to make his own type of movies no matter how many haters he had. In 2005, he shocked audiences with Hostel. Pretty much a gritty torture  twist on urban legends that came from over seas for years. I myself saw this movie opening weekend with friends back in high school and still remember how much I loved it. Yeah, yeah, it was a bunch of stoner guys looking to get laid who stumble into the wrong place at the wrong time, but truth me told that's pretty much how guys that age would act and get tricked into such a trap. I wouldn't say the movie was a brutal as so many people hyped it up to be (I find films like Pieces much more brutal.) but nevertheless it was a favorite of mine and Eli Roth along with the likes of James Wann, Leigh Whanell, and Rob Zombie was becoming one of the youngest and most up and coming members of the splatter pack. A group of young filmmakers making brutal horror films for my generation. 

Shortly afterwards audiences were given the treat so many of them didn't fully understand that they had in the balls to the walls action/splatter packed double feature Grindhouse. One of the best things about this movie were the trailers, the most popular of which was Eli's fake trailer to his 1980's slasher holiday horror Thanksgiving. 

The fact this movie has still yet to be made outrages me.

Then Hostel II happened and this is where I feel Eli had his fall from grace. By then Eli was Hollywood's "It' boy for horror. He was working along side the likes of Quentin Tarantino, and as much as I hate to admit it…seemed a little too full of himself.  Wanting to expand on his huge box office hit, Eli made Hostel II and sadly even with some newly added elements, the female studded film fell pretty flat and was a bomb at the box office. Now trust me, the dude has his flaws. His films aren't about to win any awards anytime soon. But as much as people rag on the dialog he writes for his characters, as sad as it sounds that's how a lot of young idiot people speak. Trust me, you could get up on a soap box and bitch and moan for hours about him. But I feel the guy honestly aside from all the bullshit is just a fan boy who loves horror and wants to make his own films. I've heard mixed things about him, but I'll give him credit where credit is due. He's made some fun movies, and didn't take himself too seriously. I really don't think we'll ever be able to call him a Carpenter or Craven, but fans of horror need to understand mostly now after Craven's passing that we need younger filmmakers to come forward and keep making movies, no matter how many bomb, or how many tries it takes. But truth me told, I think Eli might have understood he needed to go back to his roots. He stuck with mostly producing and writing films, taking a step back from it all. In 2009 he truly shinned when he starred in Tarantino's epic Inglorious Bastards as The Bear Jew. Not only did he look instantly gorgeous in the film, he practically stole the show. After a few years out of the spot light the hype of his newest feature film began to slowly build up by world of mouth. Deciding to pay tribute to the famous cannibal films from the 1970's and 80's. Eli spun this idea on his head and made it his own.

With this he made the Green Inferno.

I have honestly never seen hype before for a movie like this. I still remember in 2013 the first few images being released of the movie where very little was known. The image of the blond girl, her stunning blue eyes terrified, as she screams in the crowd of natives all staining her face and shirt red with their body paint is forever haunting. Months upon months went by with really nothing else, only that the movie kept getting pushed back further and further. Last year a brief clip on the airplane was shown which was less than forty seconds. I watched in amazement by how realistic and gross it was for  just one simple scene. All ready my excitement was building. FINALLY just last week the film was finally released and horror and gore fans' prayers were answered. My good friend Andy who I met at school is a fellow Bastard/Roth fan, and we have been awaiting the release for months now. Last weekend I went with a friend of mine to a pretty empty theater (bums me out when films like this that are actually different instead of being a remake don't get the attention they deserve.) For nearly two hours I was blown away.

I know not a lot of people loved this movie, and trust me I get it. This film isn't for everyone, but strangely I absolutely loved it. Maybe it's because as of lately horror films have been eh. Besides this year's It Follows, I really haven't been completely blown away with horror. With news of more remakes and retellings, I began growing bored with what Hollywood had to offer. There's a new batch of filmmakers pumping out classics that pay tribute to so many beloved classics such as You're Next, It Follows, The Guest, Trick R Treat, ect. I'm glad Roth had his comeback, or at least he did in my eyes. I feel the break he took between Hostel II and this film gave him time to reflect and be able to truly make a serious bad ass movie. Sure it has it's moments, but this movie takes itself for the most part pretty serious. It's brutal, and even mean spirited at times which you honestly don't see often. Roth made a realistic storyline with likable characters that you actually felt bad whenever something happened to them. He built great tension, and captured some truly breathtaking moments on screen. The natives were down right terrifying, the gore stomach turning, and the characters actually seemed like real people you would root for.

The moment the students touched down on South America, my palms were sweating. This is a film that once the action starts it doesn't let up. The final act in the village is visually haunting and stunning. At times like I said beautiful, and an interesting way to show these helpless characters trapped.

You have the gorgeous Lorenza Lzzo, who is now Roth's wife. She was perfect as Justine, the rich innocent college student that wanted to make a difference and put her trust in the wrong people. Her stunning green eyes were beautiful to look at (mostly in the ending scenes when she's in the body paint.) She showed strength, and real emotion as the lead, right down to her nervous terrified smile when the witch doctor (or whatever you would call that woman.) stares at her, to her smile at the little village children, even the look of disgust she gives to a character at the end who betrayed her and her friends. Beautiful work Lorenza, would love to get your character tattooed on me soon!

There's Ariel Levy as Alejandro, the untrusting guide who leads these students into the jungle. First off, crazy handsome, second I could listen to that man read the back of a cereal box and be interested. Such a dream boat "swoon." Loved his character and what a down right asshole he was. Spoilers aside, even tho I don't think we'll get a sequel…you never know.

And lastly you have Daryl Sabara aka the ginger from Spy Kids. I've always had a thing for gingers so I loved this guy. Seeing 89% of his dick in this movie, wow just wow. Certainly a long way from his Spy Kid days. Still, he was a complete riot and one of the most likable characters. He provided most of the laughs in the movies and was utter bullshit with what happened to him. 

With the rest of the cast all being great actors, likable, and visually stunning on the eyes, Eli knew where his two main draws were with this film. The characters, and location. With beautiful settings, and a great ending I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. This was the kind of horror movie I've been waiting for and in my eyes, was Roth's comeback. For once we didn't get a remake, we got a film that was original, and a update on the classic jungle cannibal movies we all know and love. This is a film that has stuck with me for not going being a good time, but being gory and brutal as fuck. Barvo Mr. Roth, can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve. Can't wait to see it again!

5 stars!  

Monday, September 21, 2015

Night Life (1989)

 Night Life (1989)

PLOT - Archie is a young teenager in a small town with hopes of someday leaving it far behind. Working part time at his uncle's mortuary, he's constantly harassed by a group of popular kids from his school. One stormy night he learns that the same group that used to bully him have all died in a terrible car accident. Left alone for the night to prep the bodies, a freak lighting storm hits causing the dead to rise!

LOWDOWN - Critters has been one of my all time favorite little gems of the 80's ever since I was little. I still remember when I was super into the TV show ER and being stunned that Bradley Brown was playing one of the new doctors! Bradley Brown is of course played by the ever likable redhead Scott Grimes who has been in the business for over thirty years as a character actor. We were treated to his character returning in the odd ball Critters II, his role on the short lived Dee Wallace Stone TV show Together We Stand, and more recently The Ridley Scott version of Robin Hood. Well, right around Scott's Critters' 2 era, he appeared in another horror movie. This one of course being Night Life. Not to be confused with the vampire film of this same name. Night Life was released at the tail end of the 1980's, and I FINALLY ended up watching the whole entire thing yesterday when I popped in my tape into the VCR while I was working on my office prepping for Rock & Shock. I honesty can't remember when I got this tape, it was a while ago and I do remember being completely sparked when I found it since the film is currently out of print and impossible to find. I have read up on this film before when I picked up a back issue from the 1980's when it made the front cover. Curious about it, I finally decided that nothing would quite put me in the October state of mind more than a nice cheesy 80's zombie movie.

The 80's was splattered with zombie movie (Return Of The Living Dead, Day Of The Dead, ect.) Some wonderful, some not so wonderful. Long before all of this Walking Dead bullshit, the 1980's truly were the heyday of the living dead thanks to 1984's Thriller. This film sadly got swept up under the rug since zombies and horror were slowly dying out as the decade ended (pun intended.) For some strange reason, this movie reminded me of a film that was released the very same year called Deadly Weapon (maybe it was the setting, or the fact there were asshole teenagers in it picking on the lead.) Whatever the reason was that made me think of this, I could see Night Life and Deadly Weapon making a great double feature! 

Now I really do want to give this movie a second watch since I was working at the desk the entire time it was on. Still, I got the basic idea and really did enjoy this movie. It captured the fun old fashion feel of the late 80's, and brings me back to a more simple time when I used to be brought to the video store to rent movies like this. With a great setting of the mortuary, and some truly awesome gross effects (the axe to the head was great!) The transfer on my tape was pretty fuzzy (which means I would love to see this movie get the DVD or blu-ray treatment someday (wishful thinking, I know.) Still, as hard as some scenes were to see, this film was fast paced, and had some real intense moments. The sort of film you might show some preteens at a sleep over to warm them up getting into horror. All and all, it's a few favorite of mine and a must to watch around this time of year!

3 1/2 stars!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Spontaneous Combustion (1990)

 Spontaneous Combustion (1990)

PLOT - A young man learns that his parents were part of a secret atomic weapons experiment shortly before he was born. Just hours after his birth both mysteriously died in the hospital when they suddenly burst into flames, leaving nothing but bones and ash. After the government covered up the incident, the man grew up never knowing the exact detail of their death and went on to live a pretty normal life. Until now. 

LOWDOWN - I'm quite a Tobe Hooper fan. (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Poltergeist, The Funhouse, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2.) I've admired this man's work for some time since he was able to play off such opposite ends of filmmaking. Fine case example are the first two Texas Chainsaw movies. The first was down right terrifying, gritty, and realistic. The sequel was colorful, and a black comedy, yet still completely worked. Hooper's work as bounced around for a bit, but one of his most underrated films to date has to be Spontaneous Combustion.

I had always heard about this movie and honestly never really took any further interest with it. Finally this past summer while tape hunting I stumbled upon a copy and decided to say fuck it and pick it up for two bucks. Long story short, the following day I seriously spent one of my most perfect days this summer. I sat in the A.C with an iced coffee, blogged, and had a whole line of VHS tapes I hadn't watched yet to view. Spontaneous Combustion was my first choice. Yet again, another blind buy ended up paying off ten fold.

The story starts off with rich backstory and a very smartly written plot. In fact I found the beginning taking place in the 1950's one of the best parts of the movie! The characters Peggy and Brian were likable, sweet, and great as David's parents. In fact Hooper was able to capture these two so well it makes their deaths so much more heart breaking.

Now I hate to say it but I feel the casting of Brad Dourif  as David was a little off. I love the guy, but I think finding a younger actor at the time would have seemed right. Mind you Brad was around the real character's age, but his intense line delivery and acting seemed out of place in this part and some lines came off cringe worthy. Sorry Brad!

I can see why this movie wasn't successful at the time of it's release. The plot is a little muddy in the present, and we're shown a good handful of characters with backstory that links them that isn't fully developed. Still, the overall idea of the movie is wonderful. I still think that with a name like Spontaneous Combustion, we could have been treated to a little more of this. Would have been interesting to find out that there was a handful of children that were a result of their parents being part of that experiment via Firestarter. Again I think it would have worked better with a younger actor playing along side the Lisa character for better chemistry. (Also anyone notice Lisa's name has a connection to A Nightmare On Elm Street 4?) Maybe it's just me but I think Michael Biehn would have played a great David. Seeing him and Lisa now out of control/in pain with their bodies would have been awesome to see.

Speaking of, that's what I really love, the fact that the pills set off these reactions from happening. Love the one that happens in the car, or the big show down at the end with Lisa on the balcony with the lighting storm before she starts bursting into flames. In fact the final ten or so minutes are down right bad ass and I actually really loved the ending shot. A great movie, with some flaws, but over all a good time and a must to watch!

3 stars!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Horror movie questions with Chad E. Young!

 Horror movie questions with Chad. E. Young!

I'll be the first to admit. There are really just a handful of blogs I truly follow. A few years back I discovered my brother from another mother Chad when I saw his awesome blog

Doing a killer winter contest. It wasn't long before I saw that me and Chad were a lot alike with our outlooks on the horror community, humor, and yes film. Chad is one of the most laid back bloggers I know and writes for all the right reasons.

For fun.

Chad and I are currently working on trying to jump start a podcast series once all of our ducks are in a line. Until then, Chad decided to take me up on my Halloween/Horror Challenge and gave some truly kick ass answers!

1) Favorite item in your collection? It's a threeway tie! My autographed Elm Street poster, my photo signed by the four vampires in Lost Boys(yes, including Kiefer! I met him in NYC!) and my MIB Matchbox Talking Freddy that still works! If there was a fire, those are the first 2) Favorite Scream Factory release? Sadly, I don't own a lot of Scream releases, but just because it's in my top ten movies of all time, They Live #RIPRoddy 3) Favorite DVD/blu-ray release from another company so far this year? Just because I love how ridiculous it is, Stone Colde starring Brian "The Boz" Bosworth. That said, when I get my act together and finally order the Sleepaway Camp 2 and 3 blurays, it'll be a different story. 4) DVD/Blu-ray set or collection you are hoping to buy? Ooops. I guess I answered this question above... 5) Favorite vinyl release? Not a huge vinyl fan/collector, but I have to say I love my Freddy's Greatest Hits album!

6) Favorite person you've met at a convention? Gah! Just ONE?!?!?! You're killing me, Stacy! If I had to pick, Roddy Piper. 7) Somebody you've yet to meet but know you would be beyond overwhelming seeing at a show? Michael Keaton. Doubtful he'd do a show I could attend, so I'd say the cast of the Karate Kid. 8) Horror movie you love but everyone hates? Well, until that Scream relased it, it used to be Halloween 3, but now everyone is on board for that one(which makes me very happy!) so I'd say Exorcist 3. 9) Favorite horror themed T-shirt? Phantom Prowler by Fright Rags. 10) Top 5 favorite slashers? .Elm Street(as a series, including Freddy vs Jason) Sleepaway Camp(entire series) House On Sorority Row Silent Night Deadly Night Child's Play 2 11) 5 fairly unknown movies you highly recommend? The Sender, Slaughter High(which took me a long time to turn around on but I love it now!), Prom Night 3, Don't Go In The House, Death Spa 12) Favorite thing to do around the fall? Apple cider, leaving the window open and enjoying the feel of the wind blowing in, and of course horror movies on the big screen! 13) Favorite kill ever in a horror movie? The crushing lockers in Hello Mary Lou Prom Night 2

14) Favorite movies that get you into the Halloween mood? Hello Mary Lou Prom Night 2, NOES 5, Lost Boys, Creepshow 2, the entire Saw series, Halloween 3, Silent Night Deadly Night, 15) Favorite Halloween candy? Reeses. But I eat Reeses all year round so it's a given!!!!!!

Monday, September 14, 2015

The Confession of Fred Krueger

The Confession of Fred Krueger

PLOT - Based off the events of Wes Craven's 1984 classic A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Confession of Fred Krueger serves as a prequel before the original film's events. In the mid 1970's, a filthy factory worker is arrested in question for being the Springwood Slasher. A psychopath who's been on the loose, brutally killing twenty young children. Here over the course of a half an hour, the young man confesses his crimes, and what shaped him into the monster he is today, and will become in the future.

LOWDOWN - I first heard about this film around last year or so when artist Nathan Thomas Milliner first posted the teaser poster for this movie. I remember being absolutely blown away by it, needing to know more about this idea that honestly seemed like the best idea for a prequel to such a class series. I've been a fan of Nathan for several years now, including a killer custom sketch he made for me based off Amityville 1992. I've had the chance to stop by his booth at a few shows, and after being Facebook friends with him, I learned one thing.

He is seriously one of the biggest Elm Street fans out there. Nathan to Elm Street is me to Galligan to put it simply.

Now I'm not about to post spoilers since I urge any Freddy/Elm Street fan to check this movie out ASAP. All I have to say is this is seriously what short films are all about. It's a gift to fans, with the little nods to the series, as well as the original film. The acting is top notch, and the ending packs a punch. This movie couldn't have come at a better time with this past weekend's HorrorHound as well as Wes Craven's sudden passing.

One thing I know for sure, Wes would have been proud. 

Great work Nathan. Can't wait to see more.

4 stars!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Horror Movie questions with Thomas Bryce!

Horror Movie questions with Thomas Bryce!

Last week I posted several Halloween/horror themed questions and asked some fellow bloggers as well as friends to post their own answers. My first batch came from one of my all time favorite blogs Shit Movie Fest, run by the ever so awesome Thomas Bryce. I have been blogger friends with Mr. Bryce for several years. In fact he's one of the main reasons why I got into blogging for our shared love of movies good and bad. I've been lucky enough to write three times for his annual Shitmass, and even was able to chill with him for a while at Chiller in 2013. (I still wanna scream since I left and he later on got to chill with Zach Galligan at the bar all night. "shakes fist up at the sky.") Anywho, Thomas is a beyond interesting fella, and here are his answers to my Halloween/Horror challenge. Please message me yours so I can post them up!

1) Favorite item in your collection?
I can go back and forth on this one but my favorite thing in my collection is my “”! 

I been collecting Gill-man stuff my whole life and try to add to it by bringing something new home from each Horror Con I attend!

2) Favorite Scream Factory release?
“Class of 1984”
It’s my all time favorite movie and this release was everything that I could possibly ask for!!

3) Favorite DVD/blu-ray release from another company so far this year?
That “Society” release from Arrow Video was pretty insane! Up to the point of buying that release I alway wanted to see that movie but could never find a copy . . . well thanks to Arrow I got an amazing release of a movie that I have since watched a few times now since buying it! Besides all the cool special features one comes to expect from Arrow the box art it’s self is beyond awesome due to the fact it has a weird bumpy texture to it!

4) DVD/Blu-ray set or collection you are hoping to buy?
Looking forward to “I Spit On Your Grave 3” next month!

5) Favorite vinyl release?
The “Halloween 2” release from “Death Waltz” with the Cool Myers Nurse art!

6) Favorite person you've met at a convention?
Not a guest but Jason Price and Steve Johnson from! I meet these two guy at the hotel bar at my very first Monster Mania and over the years they became two of my closet friends!

7) Somebody you've yet to meet but know you would be beyond overwhelming seeing at a show?
Kevin Bacon if he ever did a Con I was at!

8) Horror movie you love but everyone hates?
“Child’s Play 3”, it’s my favorite of the series but I always see a lot people say it’s the worst of the Chucky movies!

9) Favorite horror themed T-shirt?'s Pumpkinhead shirt!

10) Top 5 favorite slashers?
1. A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors
2. Halloween 4
3. Terror Train
4. Pieces
5. Happy Birthday to Me

11) 5 fairly unknown movies you highly recommend?
1. Pulse (1988)
2. Miracle Mile
3. Thief
4. The Incubus
5. 10 To Midnight

12) Favorite thing to do around the fall?
Horror Cons, Haunted Hay Rides, and Halloween Parties

13) Favorite kill ever in a horror movie?
The Highway Pileup in Final Destination 2

14) Favorite movies that get you into the Halloween mood?
Halloween 1 - 4, Ernest Scared Stupid, and Idle Hands

15) Favorite Halloween candy?
Not really a candy person pre-say but I these . . .

Thursday, September 10, 2015

My favorite Stephen King short stories

 My favorite Stephen King short stories.

I adore Stephen King. In fact, I own pretty much every single one of his novels. There are favorites of mine, sweeping epics that are thousands of pages and takes weeks, even months to finish. While I read these i'm completely caught up and surrounded by the little world he makes. Well, he still capture the same exact magic with the smaller/shorter stories and here are some of my all time favorites that I highly recommend!

Riding The Bullet

Children Of The Corn


The Raft

The Boogeyman

The Man In The Black Suite

Graveyard Shift

The Mangler

The Monkey

The Ledge

The Jaunt

Strawberry Spring

Gray Matter

The Last Rung On The Ladder

Monday, September 7, 2015

Horror/Halloween challenge!

 Horror/Halloween challenge! 

1) Favorite item in your collection? 
- That's a tough one. i would have to say most likely it's Zach Galligan's very own crew shirt from Waxwork II. I think it's safe to say I'm the world's biggest Waxwork fan, so owning Zach's very own shirt he received back in 1992 for working on this film is beyond an honor! I also LOVE my The Hills Have Eyes mondo print! It's stunning!!!

2) Favorite Scream Factory release? 
- I down right adored the SE of Nightbreed with the original cut, as well as the Lord Of Illusions release last October and November. I also really liked their Body Bags, The Nest, The Burning, Night Of The demons, Prince Of Darkness, and the Witchboard release. I really love the new artwork most of the discs get, as well as the killer looking menus. My favorite menu so far has to be the Prince Of Darkness one!

3) Favorite DVD/blu-ray release from another company so far this year?
- Arrow Video is seriously becoming one of my favorites. Their Society release was beyond mind blowing! I also pre-ordered their Blood Rage blu-ray release which I'm completely sparked on. I just hope they re-release their UK editions such as Pieces and Dawn Of The Dead.

4) DVD/Blu-ray set or collection you are hoping to buy?
- Scream Factory's Halloween set. I all ready own these movies on DVD and as much as I love them (well, some of them) I really can't justify re-buying them all over again for 130/150$. I'm sorta playing the waiting game until these babies drop down. Call me a cheap skate but out of all the slasher series, Halloween I feel can wait. Still I'm itching to buy part III alone. Which reminds me, I all ready own part II on blu-ray. So do I really wanna re-buy the same movie again? Hummm, choices, choices…I think whatever does end up happening that Halloween II blu-ray will end up in a killer gift bag I'll be giving away sometime in the future. We'll see. Another one is the Friday the 13th tin box set. Another series I own endless copies of. I really want to buy the original on blu-ray since I have seen it in HD before. Still, I just can't seem to bring myself to shell out the 80 or 100 bucks for it. Another set I'm just going to wait and see if the price drops. Besides I heard part 7 in the set wasn't uncut, and the tin box scratched up all the discs! What a rip off!

5) Favorite vinyl release? 
- Just recently I got into collecting vinyl after owning several records for years without a player (The Friday the 13th the series soundtrack, and well as the Dangerously Close soundtrack.) I finally broke down and got a great record player and began slowly grabbing soundtracks to some of my all time favorite films. I have a pretty decent collection so far and of course my two favorite companies I've been collecting from has to be Waxwork Records (love the name!) and Death Waltz. I would say so far my favorites have been the Chopping Mall soundtrack (I might honestly be the only person who down right loved the artwork to this release.) and the Creepshow and Nightbreed soundtracks. I was uber bummed when I found out the public weren't getting the Peloquin release (um, I have this character tattooed on me, so I was a wee bit upset.) Still, I was able to snag the Decker release which is beyond awesome. I think that's why I like these companies, they have different selections for what sort of record you're buying. I still mourn the fact I didn't get the blood splattered cake edition for Creepshow!

6) Favorite person you've met at a convention?
- I have been very lucky with meeting people at shows. Some of the nicest so far have been Tom Atkins, Julian Sands (he he he…), the entire cast of The Monster Squad, and my favorite of course being Zach Galligan. Zach is my favorite actor of all time and I've met him several times. The first of which I flew all the way to Florida and was a little overwhelmed when I finally walked up to him. Zach is a total sweetheart in person and knows how crazy I am about the Waxwork movies. He's always a huge treat to talk to, and humors me by doing the famous trapped in the barrier pose from Waxwork. Love him!

7) Somebody you've yet to meet but know you would be beyond overwhelming seeing at a show?
- Toss up between Sam Raimi (I would seriously just die) or John D LeMay from Jason Goes To Hell and Friday the 13th the series. Words really can't explain how much I love D LeMay, but as a massive fan of Friday the 13th the series, this guy was a huge part of my life growing up. I mean I named my damn dog after him! I'm planning "fingers crossed" on finally getting my Friday the 13th the series tattoo which I hope he'll be able to see in person someday!

8) Horror movie you love but everyone hates?
- Wes Craven's Deadly Friend and Jason Goes To Hell. Both are actually really good movies. Sorta guilty pleasures of mine, but always a first choice of mine whenever I have to pick a movie.

9) Favorite horror themed T-shirt?
- If I can't pick my Waxwork shirts I own, I gotta go with the Raimi brothers T-shirt from Fright Rags. I was lucky enough to be one of the few to be able to snag a hoodie of this. I love it so much it's legit falling apart on me! I own just a few hoodies but the Fright Rags ones are so comfy. I've been meaning to break down and just buy another one soon before the fall weather comes in. Nothing says fall more than wearing a hoodie!

10) Top 5 favorite slashers?
- Intruder, The Mutilator, Pieces, Prom Night, Sleepaway Camp.

11) 5 fairly unknown movies you highly recommend?
- Rejuvenator, Amityville 1992 It's About Time, The Kindred, Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II, Pumpkinhead Ashes To Ashes.

12) Favorite thing to do around the fall? 
- Fall is a pretty big deal on the East Coast (I live just a half an hour away from Salem MA.) I guess I like doing what everyone else likes to do. I love seeing the weather change (which I can't wait for, it feels like a swamp here.) seeing the leafs change, doing makeup work, decorating, going to conventions, and being able to watch killer horror movies non-stop on TV. I'm truly looking forward to this time of year! In fact, I adore Adam Green's movies (the Hatchet films.) I can't wait to start watching the second season of Scary Sleepover! A must for any horror fan!

13) Favorite kill ever in a horror movie? 
- Hands down Glen's death in the original Nightmare On Elm Street. I don't think anyone will be able to capture how brutal that death was!

14) Favorite movies that get you into the Halloween mood?
- Of course the Halloween movies, The Midnight Hour, Pumpkinhead and Pumpkinhead Ashes To Ashes, Digging Up The Marrow, Popcorn, and Night Of The Demons!

15) Favorite Halloween candy?
- I'm a simple gal. Candy corn. Boom! Drops the mic!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sequels that should have happened. Part 1

 Sequels that should have happened. Part 1
There are so many sequels that sadly became stuck in development Hell. They either were rumors that floated around for years, or just never got off the ground. Here is a brief list of some horror sequels that I personally truly wish would have happened…

Night Of The Creeps 2
- It's such a shame that Fred Dekker's films didn't get the love they deserve in their time. Now both Night Of The Creeps and The Monster Squad are beloved cult classics. With the film's original ending, it seriously was left open for a sequel. Originally Tom Atkins' character somehow survives the explosion and his walking corpse collapses on the street causing little creeps to burst out and travel to the local graveyard. That's when a spotlight shines down showing the spaceship from the beginning. I would have LOVED a sequel be made via 1989 or so bringing back the surviving characters and who knows maybe somehow Tom Atkins. I would have loved to see the entire town becoming alien zombies while Chris and Cynthia are forced to battle them out all over again. "Sigh…" if only…

The real Hills Have Eyes 2
- We all know the production of The Hills Have Eyes 2 was a complete mess. The studio was rushing the late Wes Craven, and after the money ran out, and the filming of A Nightmare On Elm Street began, it was officially over. With thrown together flashbacks, a plot that makes zero sense, and yes…a dog having a flashback, the original Hills Have Eyes 2 was a hot, hot, hot mess. I feel had Wes been given the time he needed he really could have made the movie just as down right brutal as the original. First off I would have been the stars Bobby and Brenda. I would have kept that Ruby aka Rachel is now married to Bobby and yes they do run a motorbike garage. I would have that Bobby is plauged with horrible nightmares and PTSD. After years of therapy, he's forced to go back to the same desert with his sister and now wife to face his fears. I would keep him taking some of his bike crew with him since they are headed to a race later that week. Camping out for the night these teens are picked off one by one while Bobby thinks all of this is happening in his head. I would have a better reason behind why the villains are back and maybe even bring back some brand new ones. I just would have loved to see a brand new sequel with Bobby and Brenda older, together again, and blowing shit up again. Is it too much to ask?!

Waxwork 3 - Through The Gates Of Time
- Man oh man, oh man. This is out of all the sequels to be, the one I would seriously give up years of my life to see made. Another film where rumors of it happening floated around. In fact recently I even read in an interview with Zach Galligan there was even an idea rolling around of maybe there being a Waxwork TV series! All I know about this sequel was that it was supposed to bring Mark and Sarah back and this time them helping Merlin (…) in being able to save the world by stumbling into new worlds. Sign me the HELL up! In fact somebody even made this killer poster that's been floating around the internet for years now. Guys, we all know Stacy…if she could have seen a Waxwork 3 get made her life would have been complete. PS. Fuck the remake. Oooo did I say that?

The Friday the 13th prequel. 
- Words honestly can't capture the disappointment I felt after seeing the Friday the 13th remake. Sure we all know the story, but why not go back to the film's roots? I would have made the movie back in 1979 or 1980 following a group of teens getting Camp Crystal Lake ready for it's new opening in almost twenty years. I would of had these murders down right brutal, all practical and insane while still paying tribute to the greatest hits of the first four films. The killer wears a hockey mask, maybe even a sack via part II (switching back and forth.) I would of had one of the councilors named Pam who's a little older. Of course we all know who she is, but in the end we learn she was the single teen mother of the poor disabled boy who drowned. Truth is I would shake things up and have it that she was crazy and used to abuse Jason so he ran away from her and for years living in the woods while she thought he drowned and went crazy. For once we could have a crazy strong female villain. Arghhhh why don't they do ideas like this? That remake was shit!

The Lost Girls.
- Oh The Lost Girls…I still remember doing a blind buy and getting The Lost Boys 2 on DVD and being sooooo excited for this release. Well guess what? It took a GIANT shit on my face. I didn't even bother to see part III. I remember this was the summer of the two Corey's since that hot mess of a show was on as well as me meeting them at Monster Mania. It was HORRIBLE. I would have gotten Joel back and let him go nuts (even tho those Batman movies…yikes) Still I would have trusted him to take complete control. This would should have been made 20 years later in 2007 and brought brand new fresh faces. Maybe have Michael and Star's orphaned daughter after the two died in a car wreck move in with her uncle Sam. (who is a surf instructor and still good friends with the frog brothers who run their comic store.) I would of had her falling into the wrong gang of girls who just so happen to be vampires seeking revenge. Sounds stupid but guess what…would have been ten times better than the hot mess of a movie we got. God…it truly was horrible.