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Brian Yuzna films and why they rule.

Brian Yuzna films and why they rule.

Just a few days ago I picked up the new Return Of The Living Dead blu-ray that's been part of this amazing retro series of films made by Vestron video. So far they have released such titles such as Chopping Mall, Chud II, the AMAZING Waxwork/Waxwork II Lost In Time, and Blood Diner. All of the releases have been packed full of amazing special features, and transferred into crystal clear HD. Having always loved the Return Of The Living Dead series I picked up part III wanting to finally see it uncut and in all it's glory once and for all. Return Of The Living Dead 3 was a movie I owned on VHS and watched as a child, always being blown away by how much darker this installment was compared to the silly and pretty awful part II. In my eyes this was the true sequel to the classic punk rock original and scored even more points in my eyes for featuring some truly epic work by my favorite effects artist Steve Johnson. This was one of the many truly underrated horror films from the 90's. I often disagree when people say the 90's were the death of horror until Scream. Sure there were some pretty terrible movies made during that time, but that does for every decade. I feel so many people were still riding high on the slasher and splatter boom of the 80's that the transition into the 90's was dark. But honestly think about how many great movies came out during the earlier side of the 90's...

Popcorn, When A Stranger Calls Back, Amityville 1992 It's About Time, Amityville The New Generation, Phantasm III, Psychic, Hellraiser III, Nightbreed, Spontaneous Combustion, Child's Play II,Waxwork II Lost In Time, Warlock II, Jason Goes To Hell, To Die For II, Army Of Darkness, and many, many more. Sure they weren't masterpieces but still fun movies that often get over looked. One director at this time was cranking out movie after movie and truly had an eye for the strange and unusual. This man's name is Brian Yuzna.

Thanks to him Return Of The Living Dead III got some new life breathed into it, as well as showing a bizarre world that truly only an artist could create. 

Beginning with producing, he worked on the cult classic Re-Animator and From Beyond. Working on other productions like Warlock and Dolls, he finally got his chance to direct but made a two film deal when offered Bride of Re-Animator. Worried he wouldn't get hired again, he agreed to make the sequel to the 1984 classic as long as he could make his own film Society first.

Filmed in 88/89 Society was a film I must admit I used to get mixed up with because of it's poster. I always mixed up Waxwork and Society together (...) Still, besides buying a bootleg of it I never really remembered this movie besides seeing the cover a few times as a kid at the video store. It wasn't until Arrow Video (one of the best blu-ray companies around) released an EPIC US release PACKED full of special features, and transferred into by far the clearest HD I've ever seen. In fact the reason I even ended up buying it was because my tattoo artist Shane Murphy told me about how clear it looked and how perfect the sound was. About two years ago I jumped at the chance to  get it and instantly fell in love with the packaging as well as the killer comic sequel that came with it. Once I re-watched it tons of memories came flooding back. I had rented this movie as a kid and I did love it. Society was the perfect movie for the late 1980's. It really is a study on social class at the time as well as the inner battle of becoming something you don't want to be. This is a movie I wish I had remembered back in college because I could honestly spend days writing about it picking it about. It's rare you get a solid script with decent writing as well as having a strong director. This movie being a freshmen effort doesn't show at all. Yuzna made the smart movie with insisting this was his first movie.  Due to his work with Gordon it shows how strong of a filmmaker he is, and what a strange sick fairytale he's stilling. Yet again, we have a male lead (which I love) Billy Warlock did a great job even though a girl can dream it could have been Zach Galligan or Damon Martin.) Here we watch him living as a rich teen in Beverly Hills yet always feeling he doesn't quite fit in with his family. I will agree the movie starts as a slow burn but has some great moments such as the backwards image of the sister in the shower, or the images of the slugs and skin pulsing. This is total body horror which I've always loved. I love seeing the late 80's where teens were in the Less Than Zero era. They were on the debate team, had grand scale parties, and did enough coke to fill the North Pole. Here we show a very unsettling tension beginning to build as Bill starts to suspect something is going on with his family and the higher class people in his neighborhood. This movie the best way to explain is a sleek, sexy gothic take on Beverly Hills at the end of this decade. When the last act takes place this is when we go completely balls out. Society is in my top ten favorite horror movies of all time, and the last fifteen minuets is why. After all this build up, the payoff is AMAZING. Thanks to a team of very talented effects artists all led by Screaming Mad George (besides Johnson and the fellas of KNB I feel he was one of the best makeup guys of the 80's/) we get some of the best and grossest effects shown on screen. With little to no blood, we get to see some of the best creatures and effects shown in this decade. It's an orgy of flesh, melting, and monsters and it's truly beautiful. Society's payoff is by far one of the greatest and a movie I show people whenever they want to see great old school effects that still hold up today.

Next we had Bride of Re-Animator. This is one of the Yuzna movies I do need to re-visit since it's been years since I've seen it. I always enjoyed the Re-Animator movies but I've never been a super fan like so many other horror fans. From what I do remember this sequel is just as good as the original continuing the storyline from the first bringing back the two main characters and featuring some truly gross and amazing creatures and effects. That's what I love about Brian's movie, they are effects movies. Taking a page from the classic Universal movies, we get Bride where they are attempting on making the lead's dead girlfriend by taking pieces of different dead women and putting her heart in last. I remember this is a very gory movie, and yet again in classic fashion has a great payoff. It's wonderful to see women monsters and I hate to admit this but I love the third movie as terrible as it is so as a trilogy this is one of the stronger points in the sequels. I'm surprised Yuzna never directed a Puppet Master movie, or Warlock movie. Those seem right up his alley...

We then got the very oddball sequel Silent Night Deadly Night 4 Initiation. I've been a sucker for this movies (even part II) and I sorta like how they pulled a Halloween III and went away from the Killer Santa storyline and Brian made this strange twisted movie about a crazy cult trying to bring back a dead goddess. The movie is beyond whacky, featuring spontaneous combustion, more Screaming Mad George effects (loved all the bug effects as well as the lead's fingers twisting!) This movie makes little to no sense, and really doesn't feel like a Christmas movie. Sure it takes place during that time and we see decorations, but maybe the LA setting did that. Still, I had owned this movie for YEARS and it finally took me until last year to buy on this cool 3 disc set to watch. I ended up LOVING it. Exhausted and more than a little hungover from yesterday I put up my decorations and are making this a tradition on watching the oddball sequels every black Friday now. Between the cool opening credits, the beautiful lead, Clint Howard sex, and great effects this is a fun twisted movie that feels like a Yuzna holiday movie. Yuzna also produced part 5 The Toy Maker that I discovered years ago and actually really love. I'll be posting more about this gem as as the holiday season continues. This movie again is a strange and very unusual take on a holiday tale, this time with killer toys attacking people. We get a great scene of a kid on roller-skates who completely eats shit, and a robot that dry humps the lead. (I'm not kidding) Goes to show you what kind of person I am that I enjoy these types of movies...

Brian then directed the third installment of Return Of The Living Dead which breathed life into the series after the terrible part II. Return's main shinning moment was having such amazing practical effects as well as showing a very twisted and tragic love story. If you ever wanted to see a romance by Yuzna this is it. The movie shows that the government still are trying to figure out what to do with the toxin gas as well as the zombies that you can't destroy after they are brought back to life. Tragically a teenage boy who's father works on this top secret project witnesses some of the terrible experiments with his girlfriend. After an accident claims the life of his girlfriend, completely driven by grief he uses the gas to bring his girlfriend back to life. Here we see how the girl discovers that the only way to drive the horrible hunger away that she now craves is to hurt herself. Here we see Steve Johnson's wonderful creation of Julie, who's the movie's star and is front row and center on the cover. I feel making the lead character a movie, unable to stop this horrible hunger is a perfect reflection of a junkie or someone who self harms. Here she slowly becomes worse and worse as her boyfriend becomes over his head trying to protect her. 

Brian continued working in movies such as The Dentist and The Dentist 2, Progeny, and Beyond The Re-Animator. (My mind was blown that he worked on the Honey I shrunk the kids/blew up the kid films) and is still cranking out his movies and is always a friendly face whenever he's at a convention. With more and more of his classic movies from the 80's and 90's being released on blu-ray it goes to show this man has lasting power even if the movies at the time didn't get the respect they deserved. I plan on watching Yuzna movies all through the holiday season and urge more and more people to check out his work!!!

Thank you Brain!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

5 reasons why Psychic is a great movie!!!

 5 reasons why Psychic is a great movie!!!

With Galligangiving in full swing, we'll slowly be closing things up with two more posts, which include the killer Galligan themed giveaway. We are currently onto Gremlins 2 for our Galligan movie marathon, which showcases some great 1990's work from Zach. One often overlooked movie of his from that decade is Psychic. A film that tells the tale of Zach playing Patrick, a young college student from New England who is what people call a touch-known. Patrick has the gift of second sight, which is both a blessing and a curse. Patrick begins having vivid nightmares about young women who are getting brutally raped and murdered. Here Patrick's focus on attempting to have a normal life as well as winning the heart of a teacher of his when he notices that these dreams are becoming a reality, These women are really being found murdered around town. Blacking out, and beginning to sleepwalk, Patrick is determined to solve these murders before he becomes framed himself. 

Here are five reasons why this movie is amazing, and worth checking out!!!

1) VHSPS carries it and the menu is so catchy!!!

- My all time favorite company VHSPS carries movies taken straight from VHS tapes onto DVD. Sadly Psychic hasn't gotten the blu-ray treatment yet, so head over to VHSPS to grab a copy of this wonderful thriller. Also the menu features the most catchy theme song ever. "Psychicccccccc magicccccccc!"

2) Features a male psychic.
- Besides really The Dead Zone, more than often in film we see females as the psychics. I feel a reason why I love both The Dead Zone and Stephen King's Rose Red is because they actually feature male psychics. In this one, we have our lead of Patrick brilliantly played by Zach.

3) Great chemistry between the two leads.
- Thanks to stellar performances by Zach and Catherine we get a not so typical couple/love story we're not used to seeing. Here we see a slightly older woman working as a professor at a New England college, who catches the eye of the handsome mysterious student. This was a very interesting love triangle and I loved seeing these two act opposite of each other. Love that they do the convention circuit now. I've had Zach so far sign by VHS tape, now all I need is her!

4) Interesting ending.
Yes the snowplow scene is laughable, as is the ending line. Still, this movie is a pretty tense murder mystery with some great moments. I sorta wish they went with the typical twist that everyone seems to do now, but still I did enjoy watching this character use his talent to try and figure out who's committing these murders, and how to stop them before his girlfriend is the next victim. 

5) Perfect movie to watch around this time of year.
Certain movies for no reason at all just seem perfect for certain months. For me, just a few examples are Amityville 4 I watch during the spring, Jaws, I watch around the 4th of July, for November it's Psychic. Maybe because I first watched this movie around this time of year, but it's now become a tradition (mostly because of Galligangiving) that I find myself popping this baby in. Hey, what says nice cold water and Thanksgiving more than a much of murdered co-eds?!

Happy Galligangiving!!!

Interview with Glenn Martin by John Campoplano

Interview with Glenn Martin by John Campoplano
Friend and talented filmmaker John Campopiano (aka the Boston Yeti himself) was kind enough to speak with director Glenn Martin over the film Kampout briefly. 

Synopsis: Enraged by the murder of it's offspring, a Bigfoot rampages through the countryside of Southeast Ohio. Detective Benson (Zach Galligan), Ranger Thomas and Bigfoot researcher Hank scramble to locate the legendary creature before it attacks a group of teenagers on a camping trip in an isolated place called Kampout.

How did Kampout end up being shot in Ohio?
Glenn Martin: 
We filmed Kampout last year (2015) and the way it started was that I grew up in a small town called Buchtel which is right next to the town we filmed in, Nelsonville. As a kid we would go camping and play a game called capture the flag and we were playing one night up on this hill (actually where we shot a lot of our footage) and it's there that I had the idea for the movie. 

So it's really a local film through and through---but with a solid cast of names!
Do you know the movie The Wraith? Well, one of my good friends is Chris Nash and, so, a lot of the guys from that movie at in Kampout (Clint Howard, etc.) were also in The Wraith. I called Chris and said I have this treatment finished for a Bigfoot movie and he said, "Send it over to me!" He read it and said, "Alright, hey this is pretty cool!" We gave it to Nick [Cassavetes] but he was booked working on Alpha Dog and booked up for at least two years so, we temporarily shelved it. What I really want to do is make a Bigfoot TV series. There's no Bigfoot TV series out there right now, aside from reality shows. They had the Harry and the Hendersons series, but it was kind of corny. So, I've talked with some people and I'm hoping this could be the Walking Dead of Bigfoot shows. So, we'll see...

How did Zach Galligan get involved with this film?
About two years ago I talked to Chris and he said yes let's do it. Dave put us in touch with Jamie [Bozian] who told me to call Clint [Howard] so I called Clint and he jumped on board because it was a one day shoot for him, so that's how he came onto the project. After that I got a hold of Zach Galligan and he said, "Yeah, send me the script!" so I sent him the script and he said, "Dude, I'm in!" Man, he's a character. I'll say this: he's professional but he loves to goof around, too. He's a different type of guy. I guess you could say he's like his character in Gremlins: He's laid back, but, he's got a comedic side to him, too. He likes joking around. But he was always giving advice, which was great. We'll see what happens with it.

Thank you John and Thank you Glenn! This might actually be one of the few Galligan movies I've never seen. Can't wait to check it out!!!

Waxwork drinking game!!!

 Waxwork drinking game!!!
I'm sure we're in full swing of celebrating Galligangiving. I myself are a few drinks in. So what better way to ring in this holiday than play the ultimate Waxwork drinking game! So pop in your brand new Waxwork blu-ray, pour a drink, and enjoy!!!

Take a drink when...

Someone says Waxwork.
The line "That's gotta hurt!" is said.
The name Tony or China is mentioned.
Whenever Hans speaks.
Sarah gets whipped. 
Someone uses a sword.
The line "Would you like a closer look?" is said.
A monster is shown.
Someone is shown smoking.

Take a shot when...

Someone dies.
Someone goes through the Waxwork barrier.

Waterfall when...

Sarah and Mark are running down the hallway.
Blood is shown.

Happy Galligangiving!!!


Galligan coloring pages!!!

 Galligan coloring pages!!!

Thanks to my buddy Chris Tanski from Fright Rags, he scanned these killer ORIGINAL Gremlins coloring pages from 1984. Chris said he had to touch them up a bit since they were so faded due to age but now while sipping on a 4loko or glass of wine you can feel your inner peace by coloring in these adorable pages featuring Zach! Enjoy!!!

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Ranking of Zach Galligan characters.

 Ranking of Zach Galligan characters.

Happy Galligangiving!!!!

Yes, today marks the 5th annual Galligangiving. Non-stop Galligan movies!!! I have lots planned for tonight with tons of great posts, articles, a killer giveaway, and some amazing guest writers. To kick things off, I decided to post the ranking of ten of Zach Galligan's best characters!

10) Rick Corbit
The seedy two-timing brother of Ms. Traci Lords. After in deep due to gambling debts, he joins forces with his sister only to double cross and let his own greed get the best of him. Yes...he blows up in a helicopter. 

9) Todd
- Poor Todd. Always the weaker between him and his older brother, his life becomes a complete a total mess after his father suddenly dies, and the family business becomes too much for him. After a failed suicide attempt, he finds himself trying his hardest to fix up not only his childhood home, but his cramping marriage to a very beautiful woman. It isn't long before Todd begins to suspect his wife is cheating on him, and things get even worse when his brother becomes the third man in the marriage, as well as a secret murder with a large amount of money involved. Todd seems like a pushover the entire movie but ends up legit being the last man standing.

8) Steve
- Steve is Corey Feldman's lovable sidekick with a dope haircut, and classic one-liners all for the sake of getting laid. Steve is the best friend who pukes on a girl's breasts after eating too much pizza, tries to smoothly buy condoms, and hooks up with a Russian girl only to remark the greatest line in film history about marked bills. In true honestly Zach is the only good thing about this mess of a movie. I can't help but love the expression on his face after the child calls him a turkey. 

7) Brain Hartley
- Brian was a dick. Basically a male whore who had a special black book and had more notches on his bedpost than a two dollar hooker. Still, maybe because it was Galligan playing him you couldn't help but love him. So damn charming! Brian gets what's coming to him after a bit of a misunderstanding with his girlfriend and soon to be finance'. Held hostage for three days, he's forced to wear a skirt, watch the home shopping network, eat squash, and get "shaved" Brian ends up proving he isn't the same jerk he once was, and does it looking adorable. What a guy!

6) Sheriff Fowler 
- What a tragic character. In my eyes Adam Green saved some of his best characters to the epic final chapter in the hatchet series. Sheriff Fowler had brief backstory but enough to spark the audience's interest. A divorced man, he still has a very tension filled relationship with his wife Amanda who's a reporter. Both met in Dallas, married, and somewhere after broke up. The details aren't clear, but Adam Green himself went on record saying that perhaps they had a child who was special needs and died. One of the most heart breaking moments in the movie is when the sheriff is hiding on the boat in the swamp and hears Amanda yelling and sticks his head out before saying "It's my wife!" A sad ending, to a sad character. "Sigh..."

5) Eric Rhodes 
I LOVE Zach's character in this. One of the few times he plays the villain and he does it perfectly! Just something about Zach's big blue eyes make this delivery of Eric even more scary. He's handsome, but deeply disturbed. With the backstory of him being responsible for his parent's death, and some "family" relations with his sister, it's clear he's more than a crazed. After meeting who he believes is the love of his life, he becomes obsessed with making her his one true love (she's not the first) Eric will take out anyone who gets in his way, and was keeping a cross-bow handy long before The Walking Dead.

4) Patrick Costello 
- One of my favorite Galligangiving movies hands down has to be Psychic. Zach plays Patrick, a college student who lives in New England and is what psychics call a "Touch-Know" Patrick has the gift of second sight as well as touching objects and knowing it's history as well as information. Falling head over heels with one of his teachers, Patrick is trying so hard to live a normal life before disturbing images and nightmares of women getting brutally raped and murdered start appearing to him. It isn't long before he starts to black out and start sleepwalking. Scared, he wonders who exactly is responsible for these crimes and how does he stop them?

3) David 
 - David is one of my favorite characters Galligan has ever played. I loved it so much I even got his tattooed on me a few years back. David plays a young and very eager puppeteer. Hired by a man who's fame came forty years before hand, he seems like the friend he's always needed and is slowly taught the old ways of the craft as well as putting us own spin in taking the material from the 50's to the 90's. Still, all isn't what it seems with David. With a huge reveal and twist ending, David's final scene goes down as one of the most memorable in the history of Tales From The Crypt.

2) Billy Peltzer
- A fan favorite, Billy Peltzer is the adorable curly haired wide eyed kid who clearly is stuck in a small town, trying his best by doing good by his two loving parents. Working at a bank, Billy is trapped in his small poor town, dreaming of becoming something more. With an eye for art, he watches as his father follows a pipe dream of making inventions. Here we watch as Billy has complete and adorable puppy dog love for his co-worker Kate, and brushes off the many assholes that live around him. Low and behold a special Christmas gift causes things to turn upside down. Wanting to take responsibility for what he let happen, he and new furry friend Gizmo and Kate team up to stop these little monsters before they take over the entire world. This happens again years later when Billy and Kate are living together in New York, working in the same business building, struggling to make ends meet so they can finally get engaged. This adorable couple yet again is thrown into another whacky adventure trying to defeat these little creatures before they can escape from the city. Billy is the boy next door, cute, talented, adorable, and clearly has amazing chemistry with not just Ms. Cates, but those adorable puppets as well! When you think Galligan, instantly you think Gremlins. I honestly couldn't ever see anyone else playing this role.  

1) Mark Loftmore
This takes the first place spot in my eyes simply because I have never seen such a brilliantly written male lead before in a horror movie. Mark Loftmore is an upper middle class college aged guy who is grounded in the ways that his wealth hasn't clouded his vision and treats everyone like an equal. Still, despite the fact he chases after a girl who treats him like garbage, he's stunned when he's turned down by his best friend who clearly as feeling for him. Remaining a gentlemen, Mark shows a dry sense of humor, handsome good looks, and the fact he takes responsibility when he notices his friends are both missing. Mark isn't a typical male lead, but quickly takes shape as a strong willed character who risks his life to battle a man who has history with his family. We watch Mark be pushed into a black and white Night Of The Living Dead world where ehe quickly figure out how to defeat the deadly illusion that's been killing his friends. Again, he jumps into another world to save his best friend/love interest and stands up, not even fearing death. Mark not only does one hell of an epic sword battle, but he returns in the sequel (just moments after the first film left off) determined to clear his friend's name, so much as slipping in between worlds, battling monsters, warlocks, demons, and much, much worse. In the end Mark sacrifices himself by staying back in time in order for Sarah to clear her name. This still kills me there was never another installment in this series to show the other adventures of Mark Loftmore. This hands down has been Zach's greatest character ever.

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Top 10 movies to watch the week of Thanksgiving.

 Top 10 movies to watch the week of Thanksgiving.
The week of Thanksgiving is upon us. That means a total excuse to eat and drink as much as we want and watch some truly awesome movies. Right before the Christmas season is in full swing, which has it's own stack of movies to get through, it's nice to find some movies that either takes place around the Thanksgiving holiday, and gets you into the state of mind during this wonderful month of November. So here are ten movies I highly recommend to get you ready for turkey, gravy, and lots and lots of booze! Let's give thanks for ten killer Thanksgiving themed films!!!

1). Blood rage 
- One of my all time favorite slasher movies. Filled with over the top gore scenes by Ed French, a great score, and a pretty decent script, this is the best movie to watch around this time of year.! Remember it isn't cranberry sauce!!!

2 Home Sweet Home
- Cheesy grade B slasher movie with a very over the top killer. A must to watch around this time of year!

3) Kristy
- SUPER decent horror/thriller that takes place over the Thanksgiving holiday. Super creepy, and very unsettling!

4) Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
- Just watched this movie for the first time last year. Man, hit me right in the feels.

5) Son In Law
- I've always been annoyed with this movie but somehow it was a stable growing up. I must admit since it hit Netflix I re-watched it and found myself laughing a few times. Love the turkey having a heart attack scene.

6) Motel Hell
- Thanksgiving screams food...and maybe lots of meat. You'll be craving a meal after watching this black comedy which is one of my personal favorites. Meats Meat! Man's Gotta Eat!

7) Intruder
- Gotta love a slasher that takes place in a supermarket around this time of year. Plus you get Sam Raimi on a meathook! Adorable!

8) Dutch
- Every time I play cards I think of this movie and crack up. This movie is a decent comedy, with some great moments (fireworks anyone) Love a good holiday themed movie with Al from Married With Children, and Rusty from Vegas Vacation.

9) The Ice Storm
- This movie is a pretty interesting look on the wealthy upper middle class back in the 1970's. We got some truly strange moments in this movie, but you'll never look at keys or fishbowls the same way again. 

10) Psychic
- Nothing says November like my own personal favorite holiday. Galligangiving!!! This movie strangly screams November. Maybe it's the college campus, the chilly weather, and Galligan in a peacoat. 

Here's to hoping for Eli Roth's Thanksgiving to someday get released! Guess we'll just have to settle for The Green Inferno!!!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Why I'm watching The Walking Dead again.

Why I'm watching The Walking Dead again.

Let's go back a bit. 2010 to be exact. I was living at school in PA and it was Halloween night. More than twenty of my friends all squeezed into the apartment I was living in with my roommates to watch this show that was getting hyped. People were sitting, standing, finding any floor space possible to watch this brief first episode of what was supposed to be this huge epic TV show featuring zombies. A TV show that was based off a series of very popular graphic novels that had a huge fan following. A TV show that was being produced by some huge talent, and was supposed to have the feel of a mix between a Stephen King and George A. Romero story.

This was The Walking Dead.

I watched the entire first season at school and highly enjoyed the brief episode run. The following year I began falling behind but still enjoyed the episodes I did catch and was floored over the mid-season finale. I was lucky enough to have staffed several HorrorHound shows and even got to meet some of the actors. Yep, met Mr. Reedus long before he was popular and his lines were out the door. I liked the show, but I'll admit I didn't love it. By the time season three rolled around I tried to follow the show as much as possible every week. Sadly it being on at 9 on Sundays and the fact I'm a total old lady made it hard to watch. (Sorry guys, I'm not fancy and don't have on demand.) Still, I would say season 3 is what season I followed the closest and it wasn't long before I was rolling my eyes at the governor storyline, how unlikeable and annoying these characters had become, and how down right drawn out these plots were becoming. Maybe it was because I worked these conventions and got super annoyed by the fans, or maybe it's because I honestly felt nothing for these characters. The villains were annoying and seemed like cry babies, the characters were on my last nerve, and I felt as if any luster these stories once had were truly starting to fade fast. In one season you were lucky to get maybe 1-3 really awesome episodes while the rest were morning, drawn out with people I just couldn't connect with. Season 5 as well as 5 I felt suffered the same fate and I just truly stopped watching. The few times I did was because of the epic KNB makeup and that was it. Like I said, and I can't stress enough...if you don't feel sorry for these characters and don't feel a connection you won't care what happens to them. The seasons had highlights, but nothing special in my eyes.

Time passed and last winter happened.

Rumors were flying about this new villain named Negan coming onboard. We felt with the governor (who's final episode I must admit was pretty decent) the people of Terminus (I did enjoy the tagline "All those who arrive will survive." but nothing really seemed to hit home. I've always loved a great bad guy since they are ten times more interesting. This suddenly felt like a soap opera with a zombie thrown in once and a while. With characters I didn't like I would maybe, and I stress maybe watch one to two episodes were season. I prayed it would pick up since what could have been an epic amazing show turned into a total snooze fest.

Well my prayers were answered when I heard about this villain who I guess had been expected for some time now from the graphic novels. 


The rumors were that actor Jeffery Dean Morgan (Supernatural, Watchmen) would be playing him. Fan made art floated around, and right away these rumors were addressed as facts. I decided to jump back on the wagon for the show and play catch up so I started watching season 6. One of the first episodes I re-watched was the season finale and couldn't believe how good it was. It seemed as if a fire had been lit underneath this show's ass and it was amazing. The show yes did slow down somewhat, but the build up for the reveal of Negan was huge. I couldn't wait. Beyond hyped, I couldn't wait. I started looking back on the graphic novels, and began watching it with my sister. When the reveal happened it was everything I wanted and then some. 

Mr. Morgan was born to play this role. 

You could tell in the one scene he appeared in at the end of season 6 that he was having fun with it, and completely stole the show. I loved the few episodes before when Rick and his team killed his men at the base and how one tries to escape on a bike dressed exactly like Negan from the comic books. When the reveal finally happened everyone was on the edge of their seats since in the graphic novels Negan beats someone to death with his barb wired wrapped baseball bat Lucille. In the comics it was Glen (who I honestly, and I may be a complete asshole for saying, didn't care about at all.) and his death was teased about several times during this season. Here, for the first time in years I couldn't stop watching an episode of a TV show. Tons, and I mean tons of my friends all couldn't wait to see what was going to happen. The suspense was killing all of us and...

Biggest cop out e-v-e-r. As angry as I was over this summer I did have to admit the suspense was half the fun. It had been years since audiences had such a great cliffhanger. We were in today's age of the internet and spoilers far away from the guessing game like Who Shot JR? Or Who Murdered Laura Palmer? When the season premiered it was everything we could of asked more and then some. Not only did we lose a strong likable character, they also killed a fan favorite (not mine personally) but still the shock value and gross stomach turning effects used was worth it all. Between that, and Negan's taunting and legit taking Rick's group over was everything I wanted and then some. Maybe I'm sick and twisted, and maybe it's because I adore Jeffery Dean Morgan (has been a favorite of mine for years) I'm on Negan's side. I feel he's the one to whip these characters into shape, and you can't help but like him dispute the terrible things he does. The episodes without him seem boring beyond belief and I have a feeling this season it will be off and on. I can only hope this very colorful villain will continue raising Hell and keeping this going for a very long time. I can only hope that he'll be around for a few seasons. The villain/bad guy is always more interesting. Honestly think about it. That's 99% why I love James Bond movies. It's always the villain that I side with. With plenty of rich material for this character, and the fact he's not some super hero. We have a skinny older middle aged man, dressed in a leather jacket, red scarf, and baseball bat. I haven't been so excited for a head bashing since Inglorious Bastards! I hate to say it, but with a show I was once annoyed with, I'm now a total poser loving it for one reason and one reason only. Here's to hoping that this season kicks into overdrive and continues to deliver. Just last week my sister and her husband joined me to meet Jeffery Dean Morgan for a photo op. The wait was well worth it and now I can say I've met the man who restored my faith in what I believed was a show that was running out of steam. A hard task to do for it being in it's 6th season!

What can I say? As someone who HATED this show, I'm now 100% on board.

Team Negan all the way!