Saturday, March 28, 2020

The Stand remake dream cast!

 The Stand remake dream cast!
Well what better way to take one's mind off current events than whipping up a "dream" remake cast for Stephen King's sweeping epic The Stand. Setting aside the actual real remade cast for the upcoming TV series based off King's 1970's end of times novel, I decided just for laughs to think of my very own remake cast based off the original miniseries. So guys take a look and tell me what you think! 

Stu Redman - Henry Cavill
Even though Henry is much bigger than what the character of Stu is described to look like, I feel this would have been great casting. Henry can do a great American accent, and has the look of a soft spoken leader. 

Larry Underwood - Samuel Larsen 
I just recently discovered Mr. Larsen's music, and I honestly feel he would play a perfect Larry Underwood for the 2020's. A man who truly believes he isn't a good person due to his past selfish behavior, only to end up truly being one of the bravest members of the survivors.

Frannie Goldsmith - Florence Pugh
I still can't get over the awful casting with Molly from the original miniseries (what were they thinking?!) Still, after watching Midsommer, I feel Florence would be just the right age to play the perfect Frannie who clearly has to go through a true emotional rollercoaster to survive as well as protect her unborn child.

Nick Andros - Darren Criss
I'm sure people are scratching their heads at this one. I think it would showcase Mr. Criss' amazing acting abilities with him playing the deaf and mute character of Nick. Darren is known for his amazing singing voice, so why not give him a role that is focused 100% on his facial expressions. This guy honestly would play a perfect Nick. The heart and soul of the group.

Mother Abgail - Viola Davis 
Not the best photo showing an aged Ms. Davis, but I think with the right makeup she would absolutely rule playing this role.

Tom Cullen - Jason Segel 
A bit of a stretch, but I feel his chemistry with Darren Criss would be 100% on point. Jason can play innocent very well with that same pure child like wonder that Tom possesses. 

Nadine Cross - Rumer Willis 
- Perfect casting. She's gorgeous, mysterious, and a character you could root for before she finally makes her fatal choice in crossing over completely.

Harold Lauder - Tye Sheridan 
Have him gain a little weight, dirty up his skin, and boom you got yourself a "Wild Card" with the perfect Harold Lauder. I think this kid could really play up this character showing the creepy sketchy side of a young man driven insane by jealously. 

Lloyd Henreid - Walton Goggins 
I'm still kinda blown away with the TV remake that they didn't think of this? Such a great character actor that can act he villain, yet clearly is torn between right and wrong.

Glen Bateman - Bryan Cranston
Age him up a little bit and you have the perfect Glen. I could see him telling Stu to take care of him dog before smiling and saying a proper goodbye = Sobbing.

Randall Flagg -Michael Fassbender 
One of the few casting choices with the TV remade that actually seems decent is this role (what were they thinking with the original miniseries?!) Still, maybe it's my inner Xmen fan girl speaking but I think Fassbender could really steal the show playing Flagg.

So what do you think? M-O-O-N yay? Or M-O-O-N nay?