Saturday, June 29, 2019

Interview with BJ Colangelo!

Interview with BJ Colangelo!
In keeping with our summer theme, as well as highlighting kick ass people in the horror community, I had the pleasure of asking Ms. BJ Colangelo (Sickening Pictures) a few questions about some of her favorites and summer essentials to go-to. BJ is truly a kick-ass lady, and one of my favorite writers! Thank you BJ for taking the time to visit Camp Staystillreviews!

1) What movies are summer essentials? 
Sleepaway Camp, The Burning, Piranha, Jaws, and Friday the 13th. 

2) Favorite camp slasher kill and why?
Few things can top Judy's iconic "death by curling iron" in Sleepaway Camp, but it's the other iconic Judy's death in Friday the 13th Part VII by "sleeping bag to a tree" that reigns supreme for me. 

3) Favorite guest you met at a convention?
Mink Stole of John Waters' fame was an absolute dream come true. We talked about pancreatic cancer, owning being a fat babe, and being unashamed of being filthy and proud.

4) Top ten favorite movies of all time?
This is like asking me to pick children. In no particular order, my favorites are: Fright Night, Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Phantom of the Paradise, Grease 2, Nightmare on Elm Street 2, Female Trouble, I Spit on Your Grave, Let the Right One In, and Suspiria

5) Favorite actress?
I would die at the feet of Toni Collette. I am ride or die for everything she does.

6) Favorite actor?
Chris Sarandon. At any and every age.

7) 5 books that are a must to read?
Rather than give my personal favorites, I'm giving you all homework. Look up the author Alexandra Heller-Nicholas and read literally everything she's ever published about horror. You'll thank me later.

8) Summer plans this year? Anything exciting coming up?
I'm going to Comic-Con! I'll be speaking on the Queer Fear panel with folx like Michael Varrati and Sam Wineman thanks to Prism Comics. 

9) What film ending made an impact on you?
The ending of Let the Right One In saved my life in 2008. I have "Sweet Dreams" in morse code tattooed on my arm because of it. 

10) Favorite summer cocktail? 
Anything my tgf makes me. She's the lead bartender at the tabletop board gaming bar in Cleveland we both work at (The Side Quest) and she's a mixologist at the absolute top of her craft. I just give her a word and she makes me a drink like magic.


Monday, June 24, 2019

Top 5 ultimate summer camp horror movies!!!

Top 5 ultimate summer camp horror movies!!!

It's a crisp clear summer night. The moon is full, crickets are chirping in the distance, and a wolf far in the darkness of the forest howls out. At Camp Staystillreviews Chip, some of the other councilors, and a few of the older campers are spending this evening all gathered around the campfire. Here ghost stories are told, before it becomes Chip's turn. Instead of telling the usual morning ghost story, or local legend of a killer from the area, Chip decides to spice things up by telling everyone around the fire his picks for the top 5 ultimate summer camp horror movies! Let's see which ones Chip picked!

5).  Twisted Nightmare
- Years ago at a local hangout called "Camp Paradise" a mental challenged young man mysteriously died in front of his older sister and all of her friends. Years later, the same gang of friends receive invitations, asking them to return to Camp Paradise for a weekend of fun. Deciding to enjoy this little reunion, all seems fun until a massive, unstoppable creature begins to kill the friends off. Is it a crazed psycho? Some unstoppable supernatural force? Or...someone seeking revenge?

4). The Burning 
- Years ago a group of campers decided to play a prank on the mean old drunk of a groundskeeper at a camp in upstate New York. Things quickly get out of control, when a fire starts and the groundskeeper accidentally gets caught on fire and he ends up being horribly burned over most of his body. After spending five long years in the burn unit, he's released and secretly now insane seeking revenge on the teenagers who are responsible for his disfigurement. Heading to a new summer camp roughly in the same area as the one he was injured at, he lurks in the forest, spying on the teens and brutally murdering them one by one.

3). The Final Girls 
- Max, a high school senior is invited to a screening of the 1980's slasher Camp Blood Bath, which starred her late mother who died in a tragic car accidents a few years ago. Durning the screening, a fire breaks out and magically Max and her friends get sucked into the movie. Here they are trapped inside the storyline as it plays out, trying to deal with dumb 80's stereotypes, a masked killer, flashbacks, slow motion scenes, horny teens, and trying to figure out how to survive until the end credits.

2). Friday the 13th part 3
- Taking place directly after Ginny left him for dead in his shack, Jason gets away and grabs a new set of clothes, and hides out in the barn of a summer cabin while a group of friends plan on spending the weekend there. Here Jason picks off the teens, as well as a pesky gang of bikers. He also gets himself his famous hockey mask AND runs into a girl who he tried to kidnap many years ago. Here he faces off with her and gets a few battle wounds that last for the remainder of the film series.

1) Sleepaway Camp 
- A tragic accidents leave a young girl traumatized after her father and brother are killed. Years later, she's sent to summer camp for the first time with her cousin and is constantly bullied by the other campers and councilors. Here mysterious accidents and deaths start to occur and the suspect list begins to grow. Who's committing these murders, and why? This film hands down has one of the most shocking endings e-v-e-r.

So, agree with Chip's top five choices? Let's see what other camp themed fun happens over at Camp Staystillreviews this week!

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Chip's summer camp mixed tape!

Chip's summer camp mixed tape!

Today after swim practice, sloppy joes at the res-hall, and a water balloon fight in the softball field, Chip along with several other councilors are planning a secret party later on tonight once those darling little campers are snug and fast asleep in their bunks. 

The teens are planning on sneaking off to the other side of the lake where a massive bonfire will be lit, cheap cases of beer will be dragged from a secret hiding place in the woods, and as always Chip is in charge of dragging out his old beaten up boombox and supply the music. This year he whipped up a very special mixed tape titled...

Chip's summer camp mixed tape!

Here we're gonna party like it's 1986, shotgunning beers, and dancing around the fire till dawn!

Partying all night, the tunes can be heard all throughout the woods. Hell, even Jason joined in for the fun!

By dawn, the last can of beer had been drained, and the very hungover councilors all crawled back to the camp, surprised to find a very chipper Chip, having all ready started his day. Chip never gets hangovers, and was dressed, and ready to take some of the campers for a nature hike after breakfast. When asked how he didn't feel like death run over he had the perfect response...
"It's summer! I don't have time to be hungover!"
Aka he made himself a Bloody Mary after showering.

So enjoy Chip's summer camp mixed tape! Stay tuned for another killer playlist later this summer, and perhaps a list of some of the scariest summer camp horror films to watch after a "killer" campfire!

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Sleepaway Camp drinking game!

 Sleepaway Camp drinking game!

At Camp Staystillreviews there's no better way to celebrate all things summer than watching camp slashers, and knocking back a few ice cold beers behind the cabins. Today we're taking in the ultimate summer camp slasher Sleepaway Camp. This film was released in 1983, and in my eyes one of the strangest, bizarre, off the wall, and shocking horror films from this decade. It was decades ahead of it's time, featured some truly crazy characters, and had an ending I'm beyond thankful that I had gone into completely blind. This was one of the last tapes I rented from our mom & pop video store with my mother, and I still remember how stunned I was when the credits rolled. I was obsessed with this slasher when I entered the 7th grade, and enjoyed the tongue in cheek sequels. Still, nothing comes close to the original, and I feel this was one of the strongest slashers ever made. In fact, I was lucky enough to have met Angela herself Felissa Rose a few weeks ago, and hands down she was the sweetest, nicest, most down to earth guests I've ever met. I told her how special this movie was to me since it was one of the last movies I rented with my mother, and you could tell it 100% meant the world to her to hear. Seriously if you haven't met her yet, do yourself a favor. She's a doll.

To celebrate one of my favorite summer camp slashers, here's a fun little drinking game you can play while taking a swim on the waterfront after the social! Remember, this game is packed full of spoilers!!! Turn back if you haven't seen the movie yet!

Drink when...
Somebody is seen wearing shorts
Someone picks on Angela
Someone hits a baseball with a bat
Someone kisses someone

Take a shot when...
Somebody dies
Nudity is shown
P.O.V shot is shown

Waterfall when...
Angela is staring at someone
The girl water-skiing is screaming for somebody to help
Ricki swears at somebody

Drink up and enjoy!!!

Saturday, June 15, 2019

The top 5 ultimate summer movie themed cocktails!!!

The top 5 ultimate summer movie themed cocktails!!!

Hey everyone! Another hot summer day over at Camp Staystillreviews. The sun is blazing, the skies are blue, and temps are slowly rising. Now there are plenty of ways to stay cool durning these hot summer days working as a councilor! There's jumping in the lake, hiding in the storage shed near the outhouse, and last but not least...whip up some tasty cocktails to celebrate staying cool and hydrated!!!

Here are 5 tasty cocktails all based off summer movies!!!

1) The great white of Amity!
2 strawberries sliced up
Crushed ice
1 oz Lychee liqueur
1 oz coconut rum
1 splash lychee juice
1 splash blue curaƧao

2) The Mr. Shoop
2 oz white wine (I used Pinot Grigio) 
1 oz vodka
1 sliced blood orange 
1 splash of simple syrup
Crushed ice

3)The "I carried a watermelon." 
1/2 oz of vodka
2 oz of fresh pureed watermelon
1 oz of simple syrup
2 oz of club soda
Crushed ice 

4) The "Killing me s'mores"
Crushed ice
1 oz chocolate liqueur (dark or milk chocolate)
1/2 oz vodka
Chocolate syrup
Graham cracker crumbs
1/4 cup of heavy cream
1 tbsp s'mores flavored vodka
2 marshmallows for garnish 

5) The I know what you drank last summer
1 1/2 oz vodka
1/2 oz blue curacao
1 tsp lemon juice
2 oz champagne
Sweet cherries to top off

Drink up and enjoy! Remember don't drink and camp!!!