Wednesday, November 25, 2020

November watchlist!

 November watchlist!

Ah November, one of my favorite months of the year. Sitting right in the middle of two major holidays (Halloween, and Christmas), it's that rare time of year where you're not quite sick of the cold weather yet, snow really hasn't fallen, and still going to the stores (wearing a mask of course) isn't a complete nightmare. I've always been a fan of November simply because I really like Thanksgiving. It's that one holiday where you don't need to worry about gifts, and basically you eat, and start getting slowly into the holiday spirit. For me what makes this special time of year are several things. The crisp cool weather, Thanksgiving, Galligangiving, and yes my annual November watchlist which seems to be growing every year. Here is my yearly November watch list of movies and shows that strangely remind me of this time of year!

Blood Rage (1987)

Flowers In The Attic (1987)

Friday The 13th the series (seasons 1-2 1987-1989)

Surviving (1984)

Stranger Things (seasons 1-2 2016-2017)

Kristy (2014)

You're Next (2014)

Christine (1983)

The Stepfather (1987)

Did I leave any out? (Sorry Home Sweet Home just isn't my cup of tea!) So what do you guys watch this month?

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Waxwork themed cocktails!!!

 Waxwork themed cocktails!!!

In honor of Galligangiving I decided to whip up three tasty cocktails you can try that are based off the 1988 cult classic Waxwork! Perfect for Thanksgiving as you stumble into different dimensions!

The Waxwork

- 1/2 shot of grenadine

- 1/2 shot of peach schnapps

- 1/2 shot of white rum

3 parts lemonade

- 3 parts sweet and sour mix

- 1/2 shot blue curaƧao

- Sliced lime

The Need The Caffeine!

- 1 Oz. Strega liqueur
- 5 Oz. coffee (freshly brewed)
- Whipped cream
- A sprinkle of ground nutmeg.

The Blood Tartare

- 1 bottle of red wine
- 2 cups of pomegranate juice
- 1/4 cup cointreau
- 2 cups of sparkling water
- 2 cups of crushed ice
- Red food coloring
- Sprinkle of sugar on rim after rolled in a plate of food coloring.

Enjoy and happy Galligangiving!!!

Meeting Galligan for the very first time! A look back 7 years ago!!!

 Meeting Galligan for the very first time! A look back 7 years ago!!!

In honor of today's holiday, I figured I would write up a quick little post looking back on meeting my very first convention unicorn. Mr. Zach Galligan.

Basically like everyone else, I grew up watching the two Gremlins movies. Strangely enough, I remember watching part two more than the original. Still, what I knew Zach best from was two things. The Waxwork movies, and his episode in season 4 of Tales From The Crypt. In fact, in 2008 I believe I actually had the chance to meet him at Rock & Shock (my state's local convention that was held every October for the past 15+ years.) This convention was near and dear to my heart since it was the very first show I ever attended, and became a yearly tradition up until the convention closing it's doors for the final time last year. I had heard rumors that a new show was going to take it's place, but ever since COVID-19 conventions have sorta been put on hold. Still, Rock & Shock held tons of great memories. I met so many of my friends at this show, as well as even vending a few times, and even going to a few with my late mother. The show in 2008 was the one I actually went with my mom. This was the last convention I ever got to go with her before she passed away suddenly the following year. I clearly remember having so much fun with her that day (she was after all the reason why I became such a huge fan of horror movies to begin with.) I remember walking by Zach's table, and thinking to myself "Oh, it's the guy from the puppet episode from Tales From The Crypt!" and I do remember even thinking maybe I would swing by and meet him, but the line for meeting Corey Haim was super long and my mother and I wanted to get a good spot. I don't regret not meeting Zach then, well a little since it would have been cool for my mom to have met him, but instead several years would pass until I got my chance again.

It was 2013, and Waxwork happened to be playing on the old station Fear Net (anyone remember that one?!) I was staying at a friend's house after most likely the worst day ever. So while my friend was at work, I sat back and watched this childhood favorite of mine, and for some strange reason it was exactly what I needed. After rediscovering my love for this movie, I instantly ordered the double feature bare bones DVD, and soon it became a tradition of mine, watching it over and over. After attending the September's HorrorHound, it got me into thinking how much I would LOVE to meet the cast from the first movie. Especially Zach. A few months later it was announced he would be appearing at a convention down in Florida called Spooky Empire. My buddy Kurtis offered for me to crash with me while I visited, so instantly I knew this HAD to happen. Now mind you, I hate to travel. I'm not scared of flying or anything, but I get sick super easy. So the fact I was willing to get my ass on a plane to fly down to a convention to really meet one person say something. Still, that Memorial Day Weekend, I got onto the plane (meeting a Miami Dolphin's player BTW) and arrived. That Saturday my buddy Kurtis took me to the show (this was also the first time I had been to Florida in over eighteen years, so as a New England girl, I was pretty blown away by the weather.) It was there, the convention was being held in a hotel in Orlando, where I walked in with my backpack jammed packed with items for Zach to sign and legit was completely star struck. I still remember being speechless seeing him sitting there. To me this wasn't Billy from Gremlins...this was Mark Loftmore from the Waxwork films. Now the details exactly are a little fuzzy, but I remember being so nervous I said "Hi Zach, my name is Stacy. I flew all the way from Florida to meet you in Boston!" UGH could you die? Nevertheless Zach was super cool. I even got emotional saying something along the lines of how he was 24 filming Waxwork, and at the time I was 24. Like Stacy? Really? WTF?! Zach was cool the whole time, even saying I held the record for the most things he's ever signed at once. I even asked him to do the "Trapped in the Waxwork" post with me when our photo was snapped. I was geeking out to the extreme, being a total fan-girl and Zach was super chill and cool. 

What really made it for me was an hour or so later he had his Q&A and when I asked a question about if there was ever going to be a Waxwork III (of course) Zach remembered my name! Now I know that doesn't seem like a big idea, but when your ass gets on a plane to meet an actor from one of your favorite movies, you get pretty blown away when they remember you after meeting hundreds of fans throughout the weekend. 

A week later Zach was actually in Boston for Adam Green's "One fund" for the Boston marathon bombings to raise money for the victims where he held a special screening of Hatchet III after an all night marathon of the first two movies, and the night before doing a silent auction based off items donated items from Green's actor/director friends. The item I had my eye on was Zach's very own Waxwork II crew shirt. I sat like a psycho right across from the table closely watching it so nobody would outbid me, and by the end of the night I won! Again such a cool moment. Since then I've met Zach at several other conventions and have stayed in touch. The guy is hands down one of the nicest people around, and I would always recommend to meet at a show. In fact, a few years back after gaining support in getting the two Waxwork movies released on blu-ray, Zach gifted me his very own copy before it was released to the public. Hands down one of the coolest moments ever at a convention for me. Beyond humbling to be recognized for all the hard work that went into making sure these two cult classics got the release they deserved. 

Since then Zach remains one of my favorite actors. I've gotten him tattooed on me from Tales from The Crypt, followed his projects, and of course held my annual Galligangiving every Wednesday before Thanksgiving to honor this cult icon.

So tonight to celebrate Galligangiving in style, I raise a glass to Zach. A class act all the way who certainly treats his fans wonderful. Actors just beginning to hit the convention scene. Take notes from Galligan! This is how you do it!

Happy Galligangiving everyone!!!