Thursday, July 30, 2020

Interview with Elijah Marcano!

Interview with Elijah Marcano!

I had the absolute pleasure of being able to interview actor Elijah Marcano recently and talk favorites of his, past projects, film, and of course how he's keeping busy in quarantine. Elijah has appeared in hit television projects such as The Walking Dead, Chicago P.D, and the 2018 TV movie A Tale Of Two Coreys, where Elijah completely stole the show in playing a young Corey Feldman at the height of his fame and troubling downfall. From playing a young Jon Hamm in the slapstick comedy Tag, to just recently starring in Etowah Ridge a horror movie, Elijah has all ready stacked up a pretty impressive list of IMDB credits all the while keeping busy with school. A huge thanks to Elijah for taking the time to chat with me and talk movies!

1) Top 5 favorite movies of all time?
- Lord Of The Rings trilogy, Finding Nemo, and Jurassic Park.

2) Top 3 favorite actors?
- Jack Nicholson, Leonardo DiCaprio, this changes a lot. I'll probably say Jake Gyllenhaal but I also love Adam Driver and Lakeith Stanfield right now.

3) Top 3 favorite actresses?
- This is tough! Florence Pugh, Natalie Portman, Laura Dern, and Scarlett Johansson.

4) Favorite soundtrack to a movie?
Probably Lord Of The Rings Fellowship Of The Ring hahaha. Probably gonna be a lot of LOTR on here!

5) Best ending to a movie?
The Thing comes to mind. This question was really tough...yeah I'll say The Thing. Such an incredible ending to a masterfully made movie.

6) Favorite villain in a movie?
Villain, first choice is a spoiler so I won't say that one! Some others are Darth Vader, an absolute classic, as well as Jack Torrence from The Shinning. Roy Batty from Blade Runner is a wonderfully complex villain. I was a huge Kylo Ren fan after episode 7 came out. Crap! I really wanna say it! Screw it, the...main antagonist in Event Horizon >:)

7) You played Corey Feldman, which movie of his is your favorite?
Stand By Me without a doubt. That's one of my all time favorite movies.

8) Favorite TV show?
Breaking Bad for sure. King of The Hill being a close second.

9) Favorite project you have worked on?
Tale Of Two Coreys for sure. I could go on and on as to why.

10) What have you been watching during quarantine/2020?
I finally started It's Always Sunny and Community. For real, I cannot recommend Community enough. It's the Breaking Bad of Comedies.

Thank you Elijah Maracno!

Movies I hope Joe Bob shows for season 3 of The Last Drive-In!!!

Movies I hope Joe Bob shows for season 3 of The Last Drive-In!!!

I think we can all agree that season 2 of The Last Drive-In was exactly what a bunch of us needed during these very scary times. Being stuck inside with nothing but our anxiety to keep us company, the pressure really started to build up. Still, there was a small distraction that I looked forward to every Friday night.

The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs and Darcy the mail-girl.

I've been a massive Joe Bob Briggs fan ever since I can remember. Back in the late 80's/90's I remember staying up to watch him on TNT with Monstervision, and Last Call. Here this really cute cowboy would sit on his soundstage that resembled a trailer park, and would have a witty little banter with his mail-girls (Honey, Reno, Kat, and Rusty) while giving his famous drive-in totals, as well as having special guest stars, and rambling on and on during the commercial breaks. I'm sure I'm. not alone in saying this, but I loved the character of Joe Bob Briggs. This is something I feel people might forget. He was playing a CHARACTER. You couldn't get offended by his Southern charm, and awesome ability of telling stories that honestly always circled back to whatever movie he was showing. Joe Bob was a staple growing up in my household. I was the weird little girl that loved movies...especially horror movies. Being able to watch the same movies that were in the section of my local video store as a kid, seemed so much cooler that these movies were allowed to be watched on regular TV. 

I always say a huge inspiration behind this blog was from watching Joe Bob review movies growing up. I was really too young to watch Elvira, so Joe Bob was my late night horror movie host. I remember loving his cameo in The Stand, as well as his famous deleted scene from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. Or how can we forget his small role in Casino "People come here to win!"

Having had a massive crush on this man ever since I can remember, when I was lucky enough to meet him back in 2016 I remember seriously being so starstruck. He was a complete sweetheart, and this was right before The Last Drive In returned. Since then he had such an epic comeback he actually broke the internet the evening his movie marathon premiered. Since then, he's made the ultimate comeback in the horror community. He's held several different movie marathons for several different holidays. His newest mail girl Darcy is by far one of the best. She's gorgeous, and actually a huge horror fan. I was completely sold when they did the Dinners Of Death, and while showing Blood Rage she dressed up as Ted Raimi from it. This lady works her ass off for her fans, and whenever things go back to normal I'm really hoping I'll get the chance to meet the two of them together. I love their little banter back and forth, but instead of just being a pretty face that rolls her eyes, Darcy actually loves these movies, and is very passionate about the horror community. During their second Christmas marathon, both shared pretty personal and serious stories of when both were down on their luck and broke. It honestly make you remember that at the end of the day, these two are still very human human and have the same problems we have. 

Now that season 2 is behind us, news broke that Joe Bob has been renewed for a third season! Throughout it all, between the drama of being getting offended, people being assholes and body shaming Darcy, and just recently the news of Joe Bob having Covid-19 and hiding the fact he had been sick so fans could enjoy this latest season without worrying. Goes to show you that it's awesome to have heroes like this and put the fans first no matter what. I'm glad even at this age, Joe Bob is still #1 in the horror community and is a nice little distraction during these troubled times.

Remember guys, if there wasn't any Joe Bob and his mail girl there wouldn't be any Stacy from Staystillreviews and Chip the movie loving kid!

It's said that Joe Bob and Darcy is returning in a little less than two weeks for a mini summer marathon! I'm sure I'm not the only one in saying that I adore Joe Bob and Darcy. I hope the two make a few episodes of them on the road hitting up horror conventions, movie locations, and ALL of the cracker barrels! They need to do a podcast ASAP. I could hear these two going back and forth ALL day. I say keep cranking out these killer Joe Bob and Darcy shirts and merch. Let's celebrate two horror fans that know film, and have been nothing but a comfort during these very uncertain times.

So since season 3 has been announced, and I'm intending to get my Joe Bob/Darcy fix with the mini summer marathon, but I'm all ready drooling over what movies could they be planning on showing for season 3. So here are my choices on what I hope will be the picks for season 3 Of The Last Drive-In!

Episode 1 - Day Of The Dead and Return Of The Living Dead.

Episode 2 - Arachnophobia and The Nest.

Episode 3 - Intruder and Skinner.

Episode 4 - The Stepfather and The Guest.

Episode 5 - Night Of The Demons and Witchboard.

Episode 6 - The Lost Boys and Near Dark.

Episode 7 - Jason Goes To Hell The Final Friday and Freddy's Dead The Final Nightmare.

Episode 8 - Piranha and Killer Crocodile

And last but not least...

Episode 9 - Night Of The Creeps and Halloween III Season Of The Witch. 
With hopefully special guest Tom Atkins!!!

So there you have it. My picks for what I would love to see for season 3 of The Last Drive-In! What are yours and why? 

Until then...long live the drive-in!!!


Monday, July 27, 2020

Top 10 moments from Game Of Thrones.

Top 10 moments from Game Of Thrones.

Just recently I FINALLY got around to binge watching Game Of Thrones. For years my sister as well as my friends have all been on me about checking this HBO epic saga out. I knew I would probably love it, but for some strange reason kept putting it off. Besides only a few vague things that I happened to hear from co-workers, I really knew nothing major about the show. So roughly three weeks ago I decided to say screw it. It was summer, during all of this pandemic madness so I clearly had time on my hands to not feel guilty about watching a ton of TV. So I poured myself a glass of wine, cranked the A.C and traveled to the Seven Kingdoms. By the end of the first episode I was beyond intrigued, and within just a few days finished the first season. Shocking thing after shocking thing happened leaving me speechless. I knew right away this wasn't your typical television show. There was a reason why this became such a huge phenomenon. Every night, I made it a habit after I finished everything that needed to be done, I would pour myself a drink, crank that A.C, and try and watch 4-5 episodes a night. For those who follow me on social media got to witness me live as I reacted from one huge plot twist after the other. Finally last week came as I was coming to a close. My friends were all dying to see what I thought since I was informed about George R.R. Martin not finishing the last of the novels so HBO went ahead and wrote the last two seasons themselves. I had heard people had mixed emotions over the last two shorter seasons, and a good number of them didn't like how the ending was written. Curious, I sat back and finished those seasons up and notice and overall I told everyone the same thing.

The show as a whole was completely brilliant. Hands down now in my top 3 favorite shows of all time. It was brilliantly written, and wonderfuly filmed. It seriously hadn't been since Lost that I became so attached to characters before, let alone feel completely floored whenever something major happened. I did definitely see the shift in writing in the last two seasons. Some things worked...some things didn't. Still, I would say season 5 was the weakest out of all of the seasons. Besides a few moments it really felt like a chore to finish. Season six brought things amped up to 11, and in total the very first season was my favorite. So today I'm listing off my top 10 personal favorite moments from all eight seasons. 


10) Cersei blows House Tyrell/High Sparrow.
- Ah the ending of the Lannister/Tyrell alliance. I'll be the first to admit, I totally didn't see this one coming. It was here that Queen Cersei wasn't playing anymore. After all of that bullshit with the Brothers of the faith, we kissed goodbye to a whole bunch of characters in one giant explosion. I honestly thought Queen Margaery was going to have something up her sleeve. Not only did we see the great Sept of Baelor explode, it also resulted in the very sudden death of King Tommen by suicide. This was definitely a "Holy shit!" moment, making me truly hate Cersei even more.

9) The Mountain and The Viper
- I became a huge fan of the option of trial by combat. Loved the first time this happened at the Vale involving Tyrion. While watching, I actually cheered when Oberyn got the upper hand while fighting Sir Gregor. When suddenly Gregor leaps up and crushes Oberyn's skill with his hands. It was some of the best gore I've seen on this show, and the second it happened my heart dropped to my stomach. Ugh!

8) Dany eats a horse heart.
- Ah, another reason why season 1 kicked so much ass. I absolutely loved everything about Daenerys' storyline. As part of a Dothraki pregnancy ceremony, all of the Dothraki gather inside a tent to watch the pregnant Khaleesi as she has to consume the entire bloody heart of a stallion. Chomp, after bloody chomp she eats the heart with her husband proudly watching. Her brother Viserys meanwhile watches digustsed as the Dothraki chant. Daenerys is able to finish the entire heart and keep it down, showing that her unborn child will be strong. Here she proclaims that her child will be a boy and become the "Stallion who will mount the world." She proudly announces that her son's name will be Rhaego (combining the names of her dead older brother and her husband.) Drogo proudly carries his bride around as their people cheer and chant. Here Viserys sees that the people love her, and that she is a true queen. As gross as this scene is, man the visuals!

7) Arya's attack
- I said earlier that the whole "No one" storyline grew a little boring but it truly reached a pretty intense climax when Arya got herself stabbed by The Waif. The entire attack in broad daylight was terrifying as well as edge of your seat tension as a stunned bleeding Arya throws herself over the bridge and barley is able to crawl out of the river alive. After being able to heal and recover, she's attacked again resulting in one of the scariest chase scenes I've ever watched on television. The ending of this episode is pure gold, and in my eyes was a huge turning point for Arya.

6) The purple wedding
- I spoke about this with my sister, and I agree after the heartbreaking devastating episode of the Red Wedding, the purple wedding was exactly what fans needed. I know I'm not alone but I HATED Joffrey. Anytime Tyrion slapped that little brat I cheered. Watching his wedding it seriously was as if the writers knew they needed to amp up how much of an asshole he really was. The second he started choking and grabbing at his throat I couldn't believe it. Never has a character's death been so satisfying!

5) The death of Ned Stark
- This was the moment that made me one was safe. I honestly thought Ned was going to be the lead character and our hero from this show. He was the first to know something was up after the sudden death of King Robert involving Joffery. He risked it all, knowing Robert's need for revenge was insane, and honestly seemed like such a good father who truly loved his children. When he was dragged out and Joffery suddenly changed his mind and had Ned executed made me seriously scream. I couldn't believe it. The entire time I kept waiting for something to stop it, instead...nothing. Once I knew for sure he was dead, I couldn't believe it. Man...

4) The dragons are born.
- I told you season 1 was my favorite. This ending hands down is one of the most beautiful and breathtaking scenes in the entire series. My favorite character is Daenerys who in just ten episodes had been put through so much. After the death of her husband, as well as her son it seems as if she's lost everything. Instead in a total badass moment, she has the remaining Dothraki people prepare for her husband's body to be burned, as well as Mirri Max Duur, the witch responsible for his death as well as her son's. Placing the three dragon eggs around the straw and grass that's fixed around her husband's body, she enters the flames as everyone watches including a helpless Jorah as she disappears as the flames grow higher and the only sounds heard through the night is the witch screaming in agony. Early the next morning at dawn, everything has burned down into ash. Jorah and the Dothraki people awake, before Jorah stands back in awe. Rising from the ashes is Daenerys, naked with soot covering her, and now her dragons, hatched and very much alive crawling all over her. Everyone, including myself watch in awe. These are the first living dragons alive in centuries. Daenerys stands with her children crawling all over her, truly reborn herself. She is now...the mother of the dragons.

3) The Red Wedding
- Ah...the Rains of motherfucking Castamere. I had always heard about there being an episode called "The Red Wedding" and that something really bad happened in it. Besides that, I knew nothing else about it. This was one of the few times I really made sure to stay offline and avoid any spoilers. By the time this episode finished I was downright devastated. In one clean sweep several major characters are brutally murdered. Yet again...this was a show that didn't care who got killed, truly making you think that nobody was ever safe.

2) A crown for a king. Viserys' death.
- I'll be the first to admit Dany and her creepy brother were two of my favorite characters in the first season of the show. The Golden Crown moment is what truly sold me for this show. Viserys Targaryen makes the massive mistake of getting drunk, and threathing Dany and her unborn child after becoming frustrated that he still hadn't gotten the "crown" he had been promised after marrying off his younger sister. Viserys was a complicated character, and much like his sister had a twisted background that may have something to do with the person he became. In fact after finishing the series the whole "Mad King" storyline makes sense with his living children at the beginning of the series. This moment when Drogo has his men hold down Viserys, before melting down coins from his belt. Viserys screams for help by his sister who blankly stares before Drogo pours the molten gold all over Visery's head stating "A crown for a king." Hands down best death in the whole series!

1) The Battle Of The Bastards
- This got my number one pick for best moment because not only did it feature one of the best battles featured on the show (and trust me there were tons of them!) but it also featured the death of one of the best villains on the show. Compared to Ramsay, Joffery was just a little bratty kid. Between the heartbreaking murder of the youngest Stark son (why didn't you run zig-zag kid!) to the brutal battle on the field (once the men started closing in I started seriously feeling a huge panic attack coming on down the line.) It was a huge rollercoaster of action and emotions. Winterfell was taken back, and Sansa had the most epic drop the mic moment watching her asshole of a husband get fed to his hounds. "You said it yourself, they haven't ate in seven says..." If I ever had to show someone one episode of this entire series to try and get them interested...Battle of the Bastards by far would be my number one choice!

So there you have it! My top 10 moments from Game Of Thrones. Trust me, it was tough trying to narrow it down since there seriously is so many great moments. All I have to say is that this show was one HELL of a ride and summer of 2020 will forever be known as the summer I was mentally riding a dragon during all of this craziness. Feel free to message me with your favorite moments!

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Top 25 favorite movies as of July 2020!

Top 25 favorite movies as of July 2020!

I challenge everyone to think long and hard on their top favorite twenty-five movies of all time as of right now in July of 2020! This doesn't need to be in any particular order, just your top 25 favorite movies of ALL time. 

Here are mine...

  1. Summer School
  2. Jaws
  3. Jurassic Park
  4. The Shawshank Redemption 
  5. Road To Perdition
  6. Everybody Wants Some
  7. Winchester
  8. Fright Night (1985)
  9. Inception
  10. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood
  11. Assault On Precinct 13 (1976)
  12. Waxwork
  13. Nightbreed
  14. The Monster Squad
  15. Chained 
  16. Amityville 1992 It's About Time 
  17. Blade Runner
  18. The Hateful 8
  19. Tombstone 
  20. Aliens 
  21. The Fog (1980)
  22. Day Of The Dead (1985)
  23. Intruder
  24. Skinner 
  25. Manhunter 
Of course there were dozens of other films I wanted to include, but these were the films that really stood out to me. Please message me with your own lists. Would love to see them!!!

Friday, July 10, 2020

Cocktail of the week! - The Elijah Wood!

Cocktail of the week! - The Elijah Wood!

This week's cocktail brought to you by guest bartender Anthony Stewart is named after Lord Of The Rings star Elijah Wood!

Anthony is a massive Lord Of The Rings fan. In fact when we both went to school together, I still remember the day after Thanksgiving he sat me down and we had a marathon of the original trilogy since I had never seen the movies before. Even though those films are most likely his most iconic, he will forever be the poor cousin to crazy Macaulay Culkin in The Good Son. Appearing in such classics such as The Faculty, Sin City, Cooties, and remake of Maniac.

Did anyone else love the show Wilfred?
Basically me and my dog Winchester.

So this is how you make a tiny little Elijah Wood...
  • 1 1/2 oz Irish whiskey (Fun fact - Elijah used to be the spokesperson for Bushmills whiskey!)
  • 8 Dashes of bitters
  • 1/2 oz of simple syrup shaken over ice hen strained into a tiny cup.
  • The cup is garnished with a candied orange slice and sprig of rosemary both singed with a butane torch.
  • When finished add 3 dashes of liquid smoke.

I don't know about you, but this drink looks pretty damn good! Might have to whip one up and drink like I'm at the Shire!

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Top 5 things to watch on the 4th!

Top 5 things to watch on the 4th!

Over here at Staystillreviews we're planning on having a low-key 4th of July celebration due to all of the craziness happening currently in the world. To be safe, I've decided to stock up on food and beverages, and have myself an all day Stranger Things season 3 marathon. Last year I did plow through the entire season in one day, but I also went out to a party, and it prevented me from watching most of the episodes on the actual 4th. This year, due to the pandemic, I'm staying home, cranking the A.C, eatings Eggos, and venturing too Hawkins. As Saturday approaches, I've been prepping by trying to watch as many 4th of July classics since I'm determined to strictly only watch the third season of Stranger Things that day. Here are my top 5 things to watch on the 4th of July to celebrate in style!
Mmmmm that summer body tho!

5) Final Destination 3
- A young girl has a premonition that a group of her friends get killed in a gruesome accident on a rollercoaster. After several of the teenagers get kicked off the ride after the girl causes a scene, they all witness that her hysterical ravings were actually true as the rollercoaster goes off the rails, killing everyone else who stayed on the ride. Weeks following the devestating accident, the same girl begins to get a strange feeling that it really isn't over. That's when she discovers while going through her camera that each snapshot gives clues on how each teenager is supposed to die. Trying everything to save herself and her friends, time begins to run out as a deadly chain reaction begins.
- In my eyes this is the strongest installment in the entire franchise. This was a huge movie that was released my senior year of high school. I'm a really big fan of James Wong (director)  as well as Glen Morgan. This was the perfect duo to make a fun over the top supernatural slasher. The cinematography is absolutely gorgeous (lots of reds and blues used) The cast is hands down one of the best, and the deaths are some of the most stomach turning and gruesome I've ever seen. (Tanning beds anyone?) I love this movie SO much I even got  the characters of Wendy and Ian from the ending scene tattooed on me. Beyond random, but seriously two of my favorite tattoos I have. The ending scene is during a 4th of July celebration. In fact, we get some pretty awesome firework effects, as well as one of the most iconic lines said "Fuck you Ben Franklin."

4) Blow Out
- A movie sound recordist accidentally records the evidence that proves that a car accident was actually murder and consequently finds himself in danger along side a woman who was involved in the accident and maybe very well be the only real witness from what happened. 
- I'm a huge Brian De Palma fan (Carrie, Dressed To Kill, Body Double, etc) this was during the time he was cranking out one brilliant thriller after the next. This is loosely based off the 1960's classic Blow Up (where a photographer captures evidence of a murder with his camera instead of it being sound in this film) This movie is known to becoming quite the classic over the time, as well as being one of director Quentin Tarantino's favorite movies. This is a great modern day thriller, and what makes it a great 4th of July watch is the huge finale, which screams classic Hitchcock. Without spoiling much, the ending heartbreaking scene truly comes full circle with the movie, as well as showing the perfect shot of both John Travolta and Nancy Allen as the entire sky lights up with fireworks. I just watched this movie last night and hands down the opening, and ending are perfect bookends to such a brilliant underrated thriller. 

3) I Know What You Did Last Summer
- Four young friends on the 4th of July accidentally hit a man who's crossing a dark beach side road late that night. Terrified, and filled with panic they decide to dump the body in the ocean and swear never to speak a word of this to anyone. A year later, the four young adults are still riddled with guilt over what happened. When Julie, of the girls from that night return home from college she receives a blank envelope with a note inside. Written on it in big block letters it reads... "I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER!" Frightened, she teams up with the three other teens from the faithful night who find themselves being stalked by a man dressed in a black rain slicker, who has a giant fishing hook, slaughtering anyone who gets in his way.
- This was a big movie that scared the absolute shit out of me as a kid. I was growing up in the Scream era where those movies were huge and suddenly horror was "cool" again, but these movies were all slick, with all star casts from TV, and posters that all basically looked the same. I myself was a massive Scream fan (I still remember dressing up a ghost face with my sister for Halloween, and how excited we were that the Scream 2 teaser was released that we taped it and would watch it over and over again.) I Know What You Did Last Summer fit perfectly with these slick cool looking horror movies (Scream, Urban Legends, the Faculty, H20, ect.) This movie is actually pretty decent, with a great cast, and the use of the events of the film taking place of the 4th. I think the best use of this is with the best chase scene ever shown in a slasher film with Sarah Michelle Gellar's character  and how she limps away from the killer, only to see fireworks going off in the sky. I'm sure lots of people are wondering why Uncle Sam (1997) didn't make the list, but I stuck with films I always try to watch on the actual holiday (sorry Return Of The Living Dead I always watch on the 3rd not the 4th!) And as for Uncle Sam...well that movie is fucking terrible!

2) Stranger Things season 3 
- It's the summer of 1985. The kids of Hawkins are all growing up, and reaching a crossroads with friends and relationships. Unknown to them there is a secret beneath the brand new shopping mall. A secret that will change everything forever. A secret that's slowly taking over Hawkins, possessing a new host, and building an army. 
- Yes this isn't a movie, but an actual whole season of a show. Still in my eyes, this is really one big giant movie, all taking place during the days leading up till the 4th with one of the biggest most legendary endings in The Battle Of Starcourt. Like I said before, I'm planning on re-watching in my eyes the strongest season yet on the 4th since any massive plans have been canceled. Wanting to play it safe, I stocked up on beer and Eggos, and plan on mental venturing to Hawkins. Everything about this season screams summer as well as the 4th of July. I'm sure I'm not alone in saying, I get chills whenever the teens and kids team up in the mall with fireworks ready to defeat the Mind Flayer and it's army. Billy is my favorite character, playing a complicated villain, who unfortunately is taken over by the Mind Flayer as it builds it's army throughout the town. We have the group of kids, who are all becoming teenagers and dealing with stupid long drama such as boys trying to understand girls, and Eleven becoming her own person as a pre-teen. There's poor Will, who's still stuck enjoying childish things, and watching his friends move on as they grow up dating girls and no longer wanting to play games. Steve, who wears a sailor uniform at his new job at the mall scooping ice cream with his co-worker Robin. Dustin, who stumbles upon a secret message being broadcast in Russian, and of course Joyce and Hopper who stumble upon the massive secret that could put everyone back in danger all over again. This season was 5 stars all across the board with me with it's storytelling, as well as I mentioned capturing summer perfectly. Let it be sampling ice cream at Scoops Ahoy, watching the hottest lifeguard that's ever existed, or sneaking in to see Day Of The Dead at the movies. Everything about this season perfectly captures summer fun, and I honestly can't wait to sit down and watch it all in one sitting all over again Saturday! *Cracks open beer* And away we go!

1) Jaws  
- A sheriff, scientist, and crazed fisherman all team up to venture out and try and capture and kill a massive man eating great white shark who's been terrorizing a small island off the East coast one summer. Here this massive creature kills several swimmers in the area, before a young child is killed and his mother sets up a huge bounty for whoever kills it first. Madness follows, and in the end the three men take a ship out to try and destroy this beast once and for all.
- Jaws really is the ultimate 4th of July movie. For me, it's always been a top favorite of mine. This action adventure is filled with great writing, likable characters, and some of the scariest moments ever featured on the ocean. In fact, as I'm writing this, I have Jaws cranking in the background. I'm sure I'm not alone in saying this is a staple to watch every 4th. With my Stranger Things marathon planned, I have this movie on as tradition. It's truly not July until you see that damn shark blow up!

- Honorable mentions to watch at the beginning of this month are...
  • Return Of The Living Dead
  • Uncle Sam
  • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
  • Jaws 2, 3, and The Revenge.
  • Everybody Wants Some
  • and of course Piranha!

Happy 4th everyone! Stay safe!!!