Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday the 13th The Final Chapter rare action figure!

 Friday the 13th The final Chapter rare action figure!

Friday the 13th The Final Chapter goes down as one of the most epic sequel installments ever in slasher history. At the time in 1984, Paramount wanted to kill the studio's bastard form of a cash cow. After three very successful films, they decided to kill Jason once and for all. Pulling out all the stops, The Final Chapter was a brutal, gore packed film with plenty of hacked up teenagers, an awesome final girl, and finally somebody that could actual outsmart the killer. Tommy Jarvis, a young horror crazed kid played by the then, not so annoying Corey Feldman. 

A personal favorite sequel in my eyes, this movie as everything. Savini returns for some truly amazing effects. A killer opening, amazing deaths, and yes…Crispin Glover's outstanding dance moves. One would wonder, why wasn't there an action figure based off that character?

Well guess what. Instead for a brief period of time in 2006 MISB made a killer sideshow exclusive 12" figure of Mr. Jason Voorhees from part IV. This figure was only limited to 666, and goes for a pretty penny on ebay. Now as more Jason figures are released (more and more from certain sequels) this makes this one even rarer. A must have for any collector!

Tourist Trap (1979)

 Tourist Trap (1979) 

PLOT - A group of friends head down South for a road trip when one of the cars gets a flat tire. Stopping at a nearby gas station/wax museum, they meet the friendly owner who invites them inside to see his lifelike wax figures and displays. It isn't long before they begin to wander about, separating where a masked killer starts a rampage, turning it's victims into the museum's newest attractions. 

LOWDOWN - Tourist Trap was a movie my mother bought for me years ago. I still remember the main reason why she got me this was because I had heard once that Stephen King claimed it was one of his all time favorite movies. This movie I got on DVD and attempted to watch it several times, always shutting it off twenty minutes or so simply always losing interest. Finally, adding this movie to my list I decided enough was enough and sat through it. Believe it or not I was pleasantly surprised.  This is my kind of movie. An odd little place in the middle of nowhere, with tons of creepy figures and puppets. In fact this movie in some strange way seemed like a toss up between House Of Wax (the remake) and the 1970's thriller Magic. Sure it's a little slow, and the ending seemed a little thrown together and crazy…but still, for as simple as the movie was, you can see how many other films that followed borrowed the overall original idea. With a great score by Pino Donaggio (which cracks me up since it seems so upbeat for a horror movie), young and stunning Tanya Roberts as one of the leads, and of course some really creepy scenes involving the puppets and wax statues. It's a little lackluster, but a really cool movie. The type maybe you would show a younger person that wants to get into horror movies. Not a ton of gore, but some really great suspense. Tourist Trap is a perfect movie to watch on a hot summer night to remind you never to stop for gas at a creepy rest stop!

3 stars!

Top ten pieces of artwork based off They Live.

 Top ten pieces of artwork based off They Live.

I'm still in shock over hearing about the passing of They Live and WWE's star Roddy Pipper. Now I'm not a wrestling fan at all, but I am a huge fan of one of Carpenter's most brilliant films ever made. A cult classic that I've adored over the years, I never thought of meeting Mr. Pipper who was a convention guest regular at several shows I've attended. Like always I would say to myself "Ah, next time." Sadly I missed my chance. From what I heard Mr. Pipper was a down to Earth, friendly, kind man who will forever stay a cult icon for beating David Keith to a pulp trying to make him put on a pair of sunglasses. In honor of Roddy, I decided to post my top ten favorite pieces of art work based off his most popular film.

RIP Roddy. I hope there is plenty of bubble gum in heaven! Tonight I'll be watching this Carpenter classic in your honor!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Scream Factory's The Funhouse. Own it on blu-ray today!

Scream Factory's The Funhouse. Own it on blu-ray today!

I own nearly thirty-plus titles released by Shout Factory. In the last few years Shout Factory otherwise known as Scream Factory has been knocking it out of the park with re-releasing classic title after classic title. Most of which have been remastered in crystal clear HD, has brand new artwork, and new special features. I have a ton so far, some of which have been titles that have been out of print for years, or with SE editions. Some of my favorites has been Nightbreed, Body Bags, the Burning, Price Of Darkness, and Lord Of Illusions.

My latest buy from Scream Factory is a little hidden gem directed by Mr. Hooper in 1981. This of course being The Funhouse (which has a book that's actually really awesome) This movie is visual eye candy, and has some great new artwork. It's a must to watch around the summer and enjoy! Nothing really says the summer more than a carnival, cotton candy, popcorn, strippers (…) and teenagers getting killed.

Check out this title right away and spend a night at the funhouse…if you dare!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

All Tied Up (1993) - 8 reasons why this movie rocks!

 All Tied Up (1993) - Ten reasons why this movie rocks!

PLOT - Brian is a handsome, charming, and foolish ladies man who has finally decided to burn his little black book, and hang up his bad habits once and for all so he can propose to his long-time girlfriend Linda. After a huge mix-up, Linda is convinced that Brian will never change. Taking charge with her roommates, they take Brian hostage, tie him up, and for one wild weekend put him through as much humiliation as humanly possible! 

- I think everyone knows what a huge fan I am of Mr. Zach Galligan. It would only be fitting that I choose at least one of his films to celebrate StayStill's Summer Sensation! All Tied Up is a zany romantic comedy that goes down as one of my all time favorite guilty pleasure movies of all time. Not only do you have Mr. Galligan being complete a total eye candy, you also have Teri Hatcher, long before she was a housewife camping it up as Zach's girlfriend who has finally had it up to here with his nonsense. With some pretty funny moments, and a twisted spin on what really sounds like a horror movie, All Tied Up is the perfect feel good movie. Here are some reasons why it rocks!

8) It's a feel good movie.
- This movie is one of the few I can watch whenever I feel a little down. I love comedies, in fact this is one of my favorites. One of the few "girly" movies I really like. It's a hoot to watch with plenty of laughs, and a pretty awesome idea. Aka kidnapping Zach Galligan. What? Only me?...

7) Likable characters.
- I love all the characters in this movie. Even all the girl roommates. My favorite of course is Sharon, who seems to be the only one who's truly having a fun time while the Brian is tied up at the house. I love how she sneaks in blindfolding him, making him guess vegetables, and reading lines for a B movie. "Revenge of the giant licking thing." 

6) It's funny.
- Like I said, I love a good comedy. This one is a cute little romance movie with a spin. You could call the women in this movie completely out of their mind, but I found it amusing. (I would) Sure it isn't the greatest movie, and it's very cheesy and the ending is a tad bit unbelievable, but Hell, I laughed. I love the scene where Kim decides to shave Zach with an old rusty razor. Are we talking about a Saw movie here? You be the judge...

5) What should be a twisted thriller is actually a comedy.
- When I first watched this with my best friend, we kept looking at each other and thought the same exact thing. "Holy shit, these women are crazy…" If this was reality they all would have ended up serving some serious jail time for what they did. My friend also laughed saying if you ever tried to explain this movie to anyone, it really does sound like some twisted thriller. A cheating boyfriend gets kidnapped by his girlfriend and her two roommates. They hold him hostage, strapping him to the bed where they starve and humiliate him. Hummm. (Spoiler) In one of the ending scenes where Linda brings a butcher knife into the bedroom to cut Brian loose, my friend said how crazy this movie would have been if out of nowhere, seventy minutes in she loses it and stabs him to death. I have a feeling had they gone that route, people would still be talking about this movie today.

4) Guess ten different squashes.
- I honestly can't remember if it's eight or ten squashes but this scene where the Sharon character creeps into the bedroom always cracks me up. "Brian, are you a sleep?" "No…I was resting my eyes." Teasing him, Sharon promises to untie him if she can cover his eyes and have him guess what kind of squashes she's giving him. I die every time. "Acorn?"

3) Zach Galligan tied to a bed the whole movie.
- Seriously, who wouldn't love this movie.

2) Teri Hatcher
-  I've never been a huge fan of Ms. Hatcher, but she looked absolutely stunning in this movie. Even if her character Linda was a little desperate, I still thought she was adorable in it. Her and Galligan made the perfect pair!

1) Um, did I mention Zach Galligan.
- As a huge fan of Mr. Galligan, this movie is an absolute riot. Zach rarely played the romantic lead in movies, so seeing him in this movie was a true treat. Not only is he adorable in it, he also plays a sorta two sided character that you can't help but like, but can't help but hate. He's hilarious in the movie (him trying to change the channel on the remote, being carried on the beach, and yes wearing a skirt for the entire second half of the movie.) This was around the time he had just finished up Waxwork II, so in my eyes this is Mark Loftmore in all his glory! Wooo hoooo!


Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Video Dead 1987

 The Video Dead 1987

Today's choice comes from the killer 1987 underrated terror TV classic The Video Dead. I believe it or not had never heard about this movie until a few years ago when I met with one of the guys who was responsible for gaining support in getting this long lost film released on blu-ray from Shout Factory. Once it was released as a double feature with Terrorvision I was thrilled and loved both movies. The Video Dead is a low budget cheesy little horror fest, that believe it or not has a really cool idea behind it. One of my favorite things behind this movie is one of the twists of pretending that absolutely nothing is wrong when the zombies and undead come through the TV. If you act like everything is perfectly normal they don't attack. Nothing says a welcoming home more than fixing a group of flesh eating zombies canned beans!

This movie is a fun little film to watch during the summer time, mostly as great background noise whenever you have friends over. So, turn your fans up, get the TVs on and watch The Video Dead and enjoy another StayStill Summer Sensation! 

The Guest (2014) - This generation's The Stepfather

 The Guest (2014) - This generation's The Stepfather

PLOT - A young solider on leave shows up on the doorstep of a small Arizona family claiming to be a friend of their son who died a few months earlier in action. Being welcomed into the home, instantly he seems to be exactly what each family me member has needed. He's handsome, helpful, and mysterious. It isn't long before a series of accidental deaths begin happening around town, stirling up the interest of the family's teenage daughter who seems to be the only one who isn't fooled by this stranger's charm.

LOWDOWN - I'm spending my morning with a dog by my feet, a coffee in my hand, and watching one of my favorite releases from last year on Netflix.

The Guest.
(amazing artwork by Travis Falligant)

From the same people who brought us You're Next, one of the best releases in my eyes in 2013, let alone in years, decided not to do the typical next step in making another horror movie. Instead they made a psychological thriller that had such an amazing concept, it instantly reminded me of one of my all time favorite thrillers The Stepfather made in 1987. In fact that got my interest going about this movie was the fact that months before it's release the writer started in an interview that he got the idea of this movie after actually watching the original Stepfather, and always loved how in that movie the teenage daughter was smarter than the actual adults, knowing right off the bat something wasn't right and doesn't completely trust the new stranger that has entered their life. After months and months of waiting, the film had a very brief release before it came out on blu-ray and DVD. This was the first blind buy I did in years, and decided to say screw it and bought it one very cold afternoon this winter.

Best blind buy I could have done. 

The two biggest things I loved about this movie were the soundtrack. As of lately I think lots of people are seriously coming to the simple fact that synth Carpenter like music from the late 70's and 1980's were the best kind of music to have in a movie. A portion of this kind of music was heard in You're Next, and really seemed to take on it's own. Even the songs they picked (mostly in the high school's haunted house scene) were great. The second of course is Mr. Dan Stevens. I haven't ever seen anything this guy did before but really gotta hand it to him. He captured the character of David perfectly. He was handsome, mysterious, and reminded me of the T-1000 with his hawk like glare, and simple mannerisms. A psychopath, yet Southern gentlemen. Loved it. In fact, going into this movie knowing nothing about it I was completely on the edge of my seat wondering what this guy was going to do next. What would set him off, and how the entire time he kept his cool. I never laughed so hard whenever he entered the restaurant with (SPOILER) the grenades. This was a character I would have loved watching more and I even think they could have taken this character a few steps further. Still settle was the way to go, and David has quickly become one of my all time favorite villains. Why? Because he doesn't even act like one. The entire time I watched him, I could see a cooler, younger, more handsome Terry O'Quinn. In fact this was the way they should have taken that God awful Stepfather remake.

My only complaint was the final act. The big twist and reveal was so-so after so much build up, and the entire final scene as beautifully as it was filmed, it just seemed rushed and a little sloppy. I did like the little nods (SPOILERS) of David going to get plastic surgery, as well as changing his dental records. Um, sequels anyone? If they do go ahead with anymore movies, which the ending was pretty much left open for one, I hope if Stevens doesn't return they will cast an actor with enough presence as he had. I mean the entire scene with him and Joel David Moore, and Ethan Embry was amazing. Even tho, I think more movies would ruin it, who knows maybe a sequel could pull a Stepfather II. Enjoyable, still really good, but in it's own way. I just feel a stronger ending would have made this movie complete and utter perfection.

So I highly recommend this movie to anybody. If this is a sign of what's to come. I think it's safe to say we're in good hands. 

Saturday, July 25, 2015

A Nightmare On Elm Street 2 Freddy's Revenge - Worst pool party e-v-e-r

 A Nightmare On Elm Street 2 Freddy's Revenge - Worst pool party e-v-e-r
 I love myself the Nightmare On Elm Street movies. In my eyes there's part 1, 3, 4, and New Nightmare. That's it. I do enjoy the other sequels for what they are, and Freddy's Revenge is a crazy little film that now has a huge cult following. I for one have always loved the way Freddy looks in this movie, and of course the massive pool party where somehow Freddy enters the real world and pretty much crashes it. Because of this one scene, the exact count of his victims has never been known. Still, it's a hoot to watch.

First off the character of Lisa has the best backyard ever. That pool and poorhouse was insane! Still, the overall party even before Freddy crashes it is pretty lame. Counting even after Lisa's parents go to bed.

Hotdogs on the grill? Sounds wonderful…UNTIL THEY EXPLODE!

Then how about the one wagon full of can beer. Really for like 30 people you have like 12 beers?

How about the music? Legit Lisa's parents are only ten feet away in the house. I love how they just wait until the bedroom lights are off to start blasting music.

Also I don't think I would wanna go into that water afterwards…

Gotta watch out for those fences...

Your host will say "Fuck the party" and leave...

The pool temp doesn't look comfortable...

Unexpected visitors that will crash the party...

Also LOOK at the frosting job on that cake. Eh...

Nothing says summer more than a fun pool party!

Friday, July 24, 2015

The Last Slumber Party 1988 cocktail recipes!

 The Last Slumber Party 1988 cocktail recipes!

The Last Slumber Party is yet another knock off of Slumber Party Massacre. Made in 1988 (a very wonderful year in horror if you ask me) which was also the tail end of the slasher decade. This very low budget film, tells the story of an escaped mental patient, dressed up as a doctor who goes on a bloody rampage on night, hacking his way towards a local neighborhood where he sets his sights on a house where a few teenagers are having a sleepover on the first night of summer vacation. This movie I first bought on VHS, then later owned when it came as a double feature with Terror At Ten Killer. It's so low budget it's pretty laughable, but somewhat enjoyable as confusing and cheesy as it is. 

So to honor this little gem, here are two Last Slumber Party themed recipes for cocktails!

Last Slumber Party Martini

  1. 1 fluid ounce coconut rum
  2. 3/4 fluid ounce vodka
  3. 1 fluid ounce pineapple juice
  4. 1 dash grenadine syrup

The Teenage Blood Cocktail 

  1. 6 cups of ice
  2. 1/2 cup of white sugar
  3. 4 ounces frozen strawberries
  4. 1/8 cup lime juice
  5. 1/2 cup lemon juice
  6. 3/4 cup rum1/4 cup lemon-lime flavored carbonated beverage.

Slumber Party Massacre soundtrack

 Slumber Party Massacre soundtrack

What says summer more than a slumber party! To celebrate this summer, I decided to pick today's film in being Slumber Party Massacre. A early slasher, that pretty much captured the whole half dressed girls in danger, running away from a crazed psychopath. In fact endless films ripped this movie off, which got a lot of heat since it was directed by a woman but had endless amounts of female nudity. Slumber Party Massacre is believe it or not a really fun slasher movie, with some cool locations, and a great killer with an even better ending. It spawned a few sequels, and has a pretty massive cult following. Being re-released on blu-ray by Scream Factory. In fact, Death Waltz released the awesome soundtrack on vinyl with some gorgeous artwork for the cover. I am yet to add this one to the collections, but from what I heard it's a must to own!

So order yourself a pizza, put some steaks on your eye, grab a cordless drill, and sit back and relax listening to the Slumber Party Massacre soundtrack!