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10 reasons why Slumber Party Massacre 2 rocks!!!

 10 reasons why Slumber Party Massacre rocks!!!

This past weekend I celebrated like it was 1987 and dug into Shout Factory's awesome double feature release of Slumber Party Massacre II and III. A few years back Shout released the original slasher on stunning blu-ray, and we all knew it was just a matter of time before the cheesy sequels would follow. I myself love the original, and own part II on VHS having seen it just once, being pretty puzzled at the new direction the series had gone in. It wasn't until I re-watched it now in stunning HD that I have now discovered that I actually really like this odd ball sequel as well as the much darker part III was. So here are ten reasons why I believe part II rocks!!!

1) Continuing with the character of Courtney.
- I LOVE the original Slumber Party Massacre, so I really loved how they continued the story of sisters Courtney and Valerie who took down the original driller killer. Valerie sadly never recovered from that tragic night and is now in a mental hospital. Courtney on the other hand is no longer the sassy 12 year old she once was. Now she's a shy, but beautiful teenager who's trying to move on from what happened and start a normal life. I loved the actress who played Courtney in this one with her adorable little accent, and big brown eyes. For a mostly all female cast, this movie had some great actresses in this one.

2) The late 80's LA vibe.
- This movie perfectly captures the late 1980's valley girl/beach vibe that was happening towards the end of the decade. Certain movies I just watch and think they are great examples of showing LA at during that time, or at least the nicer parts. Thrashin', Valley Girl, Summer School, and yes Slumber Party Massacre II. This movie was full of bright colors, cute guys, flashy beautiful girls, and great locations. This movie is like the pop version of slashers and I loved every strange and unusual second of it.

3) The black comedy 
- This movie did what Tobe Hooper did with Texas Chainsaw Massacre II. They went in the complete opposite direction vibe wise, yet still stayed to the same overall plot. A bunch of half naked girls get stalked by a killer with a drill. Bang. Still, instead of being a straight up slasher, this movie decided to go for laughs with it's very surreal and silly dream scenes, and over the top moments. I mean really, there's a scene where a frozen headless chicken attacks a girl and leaks puss everywhere. Or a girl is about to bite into a burger only to see a bloody hand there instead. As crazy as the storytelling is in this movie, this film knows exactly what it is and just has fun with it. I mean even the murder scenes are zany and over the top. They sorta pull away from this with part III and oddly this works for this movie.

4) Tokyo Convertible 
- I would say the #1 thing I love about this movie is the amazing soundtrack. There seriously isn't one song featured that I didn't like. I know it's only a matter of time before it's released on vinyl. One of the best songs/scenes is when Courtney is picked up by her friend and the song Tokyo Convertible plays on the radio. I absolutely love this scene and how adorable the girls look snapping their fingers and singing along to this very catchy song. Ah the 80's, they didn't make music like they used to!

5) The all girl rock band.
- The actresses in this move sing really catchy awesome rock/pop songs by the band Wednesday Week. I loved these songs and really dug the idea of all these teens being in a band. We are so used to see dudes in bands, this time the tables are turned and we see some beautiful ladies rocking out and completely kicking ass!

6) The awesome dream scenes.
- One of my favorite scenes has to be Courtney's dream shortly after she goes to bed after hanging up on Matt for the night. Between the music, the slow motion shot of her seeing her friends in the car, then the quick flashes of Matt, and then the killer, and finally her sister warning her not to go all the way. As crazy as it is, I loved these moments showing how on the edge of losing it Courtney is. Are these just dreams? Suppressed feelings? Memories? Or maybe a warning...

7) The SEXY killer.
- Excuse me, I might need a moment alone. I loved the sexy rockabilly maniac from this film. Is he part of Courtney's mind, or an actual driller killer coming to slaughter everyone? Played by the handsome Atanas Litch, this man I'm sure was the sexual awakening for many girls that watched this movie. Man, oh man. I loved the way he would wiggle his tongue, talk in song lyrics, thrust around in those leather pants, and sing and dance before completely killing everyone in the room.What can I say? I have a type...

8) The drill guitar.
- Why not have fun with the killer's weapon of choice. Since he's a killer singer, why not have the drill built into his guitar. I absolutely love the poster of the beautiful girls all in their bars and panties, and the killer looming over them holding his drill guitar. My oh my...

9) The giant exploding zit.
- One of the most memorable moments from this movie is the scene where Sally is in the bathroom with Courtney who has been having strange visions all day. Sally is talking about how horrible her skin has been and how she has this huge zit coming in. That's when Courtney looks, and hands down one of the best effects are shown where Sally's face has completely half transformed into a disgusting oozing, pushing exploding zit that sprays all over Courtney. 

10) The ending. 
- After a very over the top ending, and here's a spoiler kids, after the killer has been burnt to death, and it's the following morning and the police have arrived, poor Courtney stands watching her best friend's body get taken away. When she looks, lifting the sheet, her friend's eyes open and she comes alive beginning to laugh like the killer. The scene fades in on Courtney, the morning after sleeping with Matt. It seems as if it's all been a dream. Then suddenly she turns over only to discover that the killer is in bed with her instead of Matt. Completely snapping, she wakes up and finds herself instead of her sister in the mental hospital. There a giant drill comes through the ground and credits. Even though this is a silly over the top slasher, the ending is really decent. Did it really all happen? Was it all in Courtney's head? Did she snap? In my eyes I think the entire movie was in Courtney's mind who like her sister, went insane after the first movie and thought the whole thing up. Still, really solid ending, and love the miniature scene with the huge drill coming in through the floor!

So in closing so get the epic double feature of Slumber Party Massacre II & III on blu-ray thanks to Shout Factory today!!!

And remember...don't...go...all...the...way...

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Retrospect on The Slumber Party Massacre films.

 Retrospect on The Slumber Party Massacre films.


I can't exactly say when I first watched the original Slumber Party Massacre, but I remember somehow getting it on DVD and instantly loving the old school California atmosphere in the suburban neighborhoods. This was a product from B movie legend Rodger Corman who for years was the man behind so many amazing movies. I personally loved whenever he produced B movies in the late 70's and 80's such as Piranha, and Chopping Mall. Something about these movies always had high re-watch value in my eyes and always a treat to watch. For Slumber Party Massacre, originally a spoof on the MANY slashers that had been being cranked out since the late 70's and were being cranked out one after another during the 80's. These all had the basic formula. There's a killer, a group of half naked girls, a booming soundtrack, and lots and lots of gore. Last second the movie was decided to be played more serious even though it still had some questionable as well as laudable moments still in the final film. Written and directed by women, this makes it even more of a laugh since the film was supposed to prove to be a woman's film, but actually just features them basically undressing, in little nightgowns, and soaping up in a shower scene. Hey, it is what it is. A fun, cheesy, gory, 80's movie! This film tells the tale of an escaped mental patient Russ Thorn who begins stalking several young beautiful high school students in the area. Here he targets a slumber party being thrown by one of the girls who's parents are away from the weekend. The night seems promising as the girls smoke some dope, order a pizza, make drinks, and let some of the local boys in, only to begin to get picked off one by one by Thorn and his huge cordless power drill he's been using on his victims. Here the girls are trapped, as well as two sisters that live next door. With the phone lines cut, the girls are finally faced to team up and fight back before it's too late.

One thing I love about this movie is the soundtrack. In fact Death Waltz records released a stunning vinyl of this movie that I still need to get. 

The movie has a huge cult following for just how over the top it is and how it's basically a big metaphor for being afraid of getting laid for the first time. I mean here are these half naked girls, and a killer with a big "drill" ready to drill into them. Yeah...

Still, the movie doesn't try to take itself too seriously. How about the repair woman who puts the peep hole in only to drill and crack the door? Or the killer laying down pretending to be a corpse?! How about that Kool-Aid and all that sugar?! It features a early role of Ms. Brinke Stevens in a pretty terrifying chase scene. It shows a killer who is completely insane, and doesn't even care if he kills in the middle of the day. I love how crazy he looks and how he confesses his love for all the girls saying that he's doing all these horrible things because he loves them so much. C-r-a-z-y. One of the best moments has to be the pizza delivery guy getting murdered and how afterwards one of the girls admits she feels better when she eats only to crawl over to his fallen corpse and start chewing on one of the pizzas. Classic. Or how about the killer creeping up behind the girls in the bedroom, or the handsome neighbor getting a drill in the neck while killing slugs! The movie is a B movie at it bests, and as a woman makes me laugh since this seems to be what a man's fantasy would be if he tried to think of what a slumber party would look like. Still, the final battle with the girls at the pool is brutal and gives us one HELL of an ending. Was completely sparked when Shout Factory released this baby on blu-ray a few years back. A great slasher for any horror fan!

In 1987, towards the end of the decade Slumber Party Massacre II was released. I remember finding this on tape years ago and watching it, completely stunned at the complete polar opposite direction they went in with this movie. Giving zero fucks, they decided to turn this into a black comedy ten times more over the top than the original. This time the film picks up several years later where Courtney, the younger sister from the original is now a teenager and her sister Valerie (played by a new actress. Tragically years later the original actress who played Valerie took her own life. Such a shame, her last name was very close to mine and she was completely stunning. Major bummer.) is in a mental hospital. Plagued by nightmares of the original attack, Courtney is trying everything she can to be a normal teenager. She's in a band with her friends (featuring Juliette Cummings from Friday the 13th part 5, and Psycho III, and Heidi Kozak from Society and Friday the 13th part 7), and is lusting over a local cutie, trying to forget what happened to her when she was twelve years old. Well on the weekend of her birthday, she's invited to spend the weekend at one of the girls' parents's new condo which is across the state in a new development where hardly anyone lives. The girls invite some guys over, and plan on practicing their music and party. First off one thing I loved about this movie was the soundtrack. I really honestly want to see if it's been released yet. There are too many songs to name, but every single one is beyond catchy, even the ones that the girls sing!

The biggest thing about this movie is the killer. Basically you are led to believe he only exists in Courtney's mind. He's a sexy leather wearing 1950's rockabilly maniac who has a huge gutair with a drill attached to it. Yes, you heard right. He legit seems to jump right from Courtney's nightmares into reality and begins picking off the teens while thrusting about, and dancing. I gotta admit, the car scene where he has the flower tucked behind his ear, and he wiggles his tongue. Mmmmm! This movie is made to be weird, and laughable. We get fantasy scenes of hands being in burgers, a girl's zit taking over her entire facing and spraying everywhere, and flashes of Courtney's sister in the mental hospital begging her sister not to go all the way. Gotta love the montage of the girls dancing, having a pillow fight, drinking, and eating corn dogs. The kills are over the top, are are the scenes of this very strange killer dancing about stealing the show. I think it's great how Courtney snaps and uses a flame thrower to try and kill him looking completely like a crazy bitch, only to make you believe it was a dream. Or was it? Is Courtney the crazy one? Did it all happen in her snapped mind or her sister's? Yet again this movie isn't about to win any awards for screenplay writing. It's a sequel to a very cheesy over the top slasher, and doesn't take itself seriously at all. So many horror fans know these movies for the posters of the half naked girls laying frightened with the killer sticking his drill down towards them. I would say this film wins for best poster in the entire series. It's crazy. and is a huge guilty pleasure of mine.

The third film is a movie I watched for the first time today when I got the awesome double feature yet again by Shout Factory of both part II and III. It's awesome to see these lost gems now crystal clear in HD. From what I heard, part III was a very mean spirited film, that went back to being told in a more solid format as a straight horror/slasher film. Made in early 1990, it was the beginning of a new decade where these type of movies weren't as popular, and usually went straight to video. This movie was a blast to watch just like the other films. Here we follow a group of girlfriends who decide to have a slumber party at one of the girls' houses while her parents are away looking to sell their current home. Here in typical fashion, the girls drink, dance, get half naked, eat junk food, and have a bunch of the local boys crash the party to try and scare them. There are several memorable moments from this movie. LOVE the exchange between the nerdy guy wanting to crash the party and the pizza woman, or that creepy shot of the killer following her and then starting to run. Pretty creepy. We got the girls stripping, and the lead that looks like the girl from Orange Is The New Black. The movie was filled with very cheesy lines, such as the guy shouting how the girlfriend was found in a garment bag at the top of his lungs. I completely lost it there. Even though it seems like this is just another slumber party massacre movie, it gets thrown for a loop when the killer is unveiled. At first he's masked, with a huge drill (a classic never goes out of style) there's some great kills, such as the guy getting stabbed with the For Sale sign, then we meet Ken, a guy from the opening scene who some of the girls all seem to know from school. He's handsome and charming, and comes to the party and goes upstairs to hook up with one of the girls only to um, well...not "rise" to the occasion. Here he tries to make the best out of what happened, only to afterwards head back down to the party. Here the masked killer drops a plug in sex toy into the bathtub killing her. Ah, the early 90's. What a time to be alive! It isn't long before her body is discovered, and the teens all panic thinking it's either this creepy guy who's been lurking around, or the creepy next door neighbor (loved his girlish scream from an earlier scene while he's visiting the house.) After trying to call the police for help, only to be dismissed as a prank call, Ken, and another boyfriend say they are going to run down to Ken's uncle's house who's a retired police officer. As they run, Ken claims his leg is bothering him, where they wander into a construction site to find weapons. Here the big reveal happens where Ken shows he's in fact the killer only to return back to the house to massacre everyone.

Yes this movie is stupid since they are legit in a neighborhood, there was help everywhere you could look, and working phones yet they all stayed like scared little puppies in the house. Even several times when they had to chance to run or when the killer was knocked out they STILL STAYED IN THE HOUSE. Argh! Hey, it's a dumb little B movie slasher, but man oh man. Still, clearly something isn't right with Ken. The film hints towards it, but his uncle who recently killed himself as a retired police officer, and meant the world to Ken. We only get these details from a few small things shown in the movie, but it's hinted that the uncle molested Ken when he was younger, causing him to snap after he died. Here he goes nuts. I still a stronger script could have actually made this backstory a pretty decent plot point for this movie, but again a slasher is a slasher. The movie picks up pretty quickly once the killing starts, and we get girls that actually fight back which is refreshing. One disturbing scene that seemed a little over the top was one Ken traps one of the girls who keeps begging that she'll listen to him, that she's sorry if she hurt him, and tries to befriend him and gain his trust only to have a very uncomfortable scene where he rips off her nightgown and starts kissing her. A little out of left field, and more than likely just an excuse to show some tits. Still, yikes. The kills are gory and bloody, and the showdown is pretty awesome. In fact after the original this one has the best ending. It's a fun little slasher that I'm surprised not so many people have heard about. Love the credits with the photos. Beyond unsettling. Love the shot of the lead's best friend finally dying, and her kneeling covered in blood, staring at the creepy photo of Ken as a child with his uncle as sirens are heard in the background just like in the original.

I've yet to see the Sorority House massacre movies but those are next. I enjoyed these three little slashers for exactly what they were. They are fun little movies with pretty much the same over the top plot points. Shout Factory did an amazing job, and I'm beyond happy to have them in my collection now. I think it would be a complete riot to see a new Slumber Party Massacre be made paying tribute to the first 3 films!

So which one is your favorite? 

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Twisted Nightmare (1987)

 Twisted Nightmare (1987)

PLOT - A group of former classmates are all mysteriously invited up to a camp site in the middle of the woods that used to be a summer hangout for all of them. This is the first time they have all been together and back there since the tragic accidental death of one of the girl's brother who was mentally handicapped. Once they arrive the reunion seems like the ultimate weekend of partying, drinking, and lots of sex. It isn't long before a massive powerful killer begins slaughtering these young couples off one by one. Who's responsible? Is it a madman, or something supernatural? 


LOWDOWN - Just a few days ago I was looking up one of my favorite sequels out of the Friday the 13th films which is of course part 3. I have a top four of so out of the series but in my eyes part 3 will always win the #1 spot due to it's high rematch value, awesome 3D gimmick, memorable kills, and the fact that this is the first entry in the long lasting series that shows teens just vacationing instead of camp councilors. I was bummed out since this month actually had a Friday the 13th, and I was too sick to truly celebrate due to the head cold from HELL! Still, I made it a point while I laid in bed with a fever to still watch this one. While looking up the trivia for it on IMDB and noticed that another horror movie was shot on the same location. I have always loved this ranch. In fact it killed me to learn that it burned down a few years ago. I got a huge kick out of seeing some of the cast re-visit it for Camp Crystal Lake Memories. I swear if I ever won the lottery and had money to burn I would legit rebuild the cabin from there. I think the reason why I love the location so much is because in part 4 The Final Chapter, it features one of the best openings picking up directly after part 3 where they returned to the same location. One of the scariest shots in the entire movie is after all of the police and ambulances leave and Higgns Haven is left in darkness with only the sound of the crickets chirping. Creepy. I love that directors Joe Lynch and Adam Green for their fan commentary noticed the same thing. 

Going back to Twisted Nightmare, I saw that this was the other movie that was filmed on the same exact location featuring the same cabin AND barn. Instantly I knew I had to find this movie. Looking it up I saw it was out of print besides a new old VHS copies on eBay BUT the entire movie was on Youtube. I watched this movie over the course of two nights, and really was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. Originally this movie was shot in 1982 but got it's video release in 87. I feel that's a huge reason why this movie honestly is one of those lost gems that got mixed up with the countless low budget Friday the 13th knockoffs that were cranked out on video during the 1980's. As we got closer to the end of the decade more and more kept getting released with lower and lower budgets. Had this movie found a proper release back in 82 (most likely shot right after Friday 3) maybe and this is a big maybe it would have gotten more of a cult following. In fact, I'm honestly stunned this hasn't gotten a DVD or blu-ray release. The biggest bummer was A). Having to watch it on YouTube since it was most likely ripped straight from a VHS tape, and B). How grainy and dark the whole movie was. I'll admit that's a huge part of the charm for me, and I constantly still watch my VHS tapes, but this movie looked to have featured some pretty decent effects and due to the low quality I missed a lot of it. But hey, in today's day of age so many movies you would never dream of getting the blu-ray treatment are being released. I wouldn't mind this being part of a movie pack, but it def deserves a second life, and to be shown to horror and slasher fans. I think today due to the 80's nostalgic that is in full swing it would find it's audience. 

The movie is cheesy, and even seems to have bad dubbing. The dialog is AWFUL, but hey, this movie clearly knows what it is and gives zero fucks. The acting is pretty iffy, and at first the large cast makes it a little overwhelming to keep track of everyone, but it's the perfect 80's slasher. This was a fun watch. It has a great location that we all know and love, and a pretty decent story. I love how this is a reunion for this huge group of friends (who are all basically 7 or so couples.) how two years before one of the girl's Laura who was a stunning lead with those big bright eyes, brother Mathew played by Cleve Hall who was mentally retarded died in a mysterious accident and how his body was never found. Yes, him wandering into the barn, and then bursting out completely on fire seemed a little far fetched, as well as the fact they never found his body. I mean really? They could have at least shown him stumbling into the lake to put himself out to make the missing body a little more believable but like I said, this script isn't about to win any awards anytime soon. I love how almost like House On Haunted Hill, all of the friends are invited, as if they won the weekend, having no idea who was behind this entire thing to bring them all together. There's some laughable moments, 80's T&A, but a pretty cool backstory that makes the entire thing creepy. I loved how it took place over the course of the weekend, and like I said it's a shame the film was so dark since some of these deaths looked pretty decent (arms being torn off, face going down on hot sauna rocks, ax/knife going through head.) Would love to see the footage cleaned up as well as the uncut version. This seemed to be shot on video and some scenes cut away before the actual money shot. The black kid (am I'm just saying this because honestly I have no idea who any of the characters' names are besides the two leads) but he had me DYING. Love how he's singing "I feel good" and falls into the lake. That dialog was a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Or how him and his girlfriend go to the sauna with the other couple only to be macking it all together half naked. Ah, the 80's. 

What makes this movie stand apart from so many other slashers is the reveal mid way through that this has strong supernatural elements. That there is actually two killers in this movie. That Laura, the sister of the boy who died has snapped and is actually the person responsible for gathering everyone together that weekend for revenge. Unlike so many other tales of revenge like the first Friday the 13th, this isn't someone crazed seeking bloodshed for their lost loved one. We learn the camp is actually on a cursed Indian Burial Ground, in which the grounds keeper tries to warn everyone about. That Laura is using black magic to summon the horribly burned spirit of her dead brother, who now is a powerful unstoppable monster to kill all of her friends who were supposed to be watching him the day he died. Here she summons him over and over again to brutally killed them one by one. I loved the scene of Laura alone in the bathroom, lighting on the candles, before going into the shower, and cutting her thigh to summon Mathew only to have one of the girl's become trapped in the ice house. Right away you know she's the villain and does such a great job hiding it. My favorite scene hands down has to be the sauna massacre where one girl gets her face cut off (looked like a decent effect for the two seconds we see it) and the boyfriend struggling and fighting with the killer as the awesome 80's score is blasting only to get raised up and about to be lowered onto the hot sauna rocks. (Would have loved to see the final kill there.) Here it fades into the fireplace and Laura's huge beautiful eyes. 

The sheriff's death/woman scream is amazing, as is the other kills. The pacing for some would say is drawn out but I really liked it. I even loved the little "Silent Night Deadly Night" death where a girl gets thrown up and impaled sideways on antlers. Beyond awesome. It's such a shame we never truly get a good look of Mathew. The makeup looked really great, and he was like this massive Universal Monster X 1000. The final barn scene with him and Laura is beyond unsettling but knows how far this sister would go to seek revenge for her poor brother. It has a great ending, and left me pretty stunned by how much I liked it.

Is it amazing? Eh, not really? Is it a fun slasher to watch with friends? Hell yes. I'm for sure looking to buy this baby on VHS to add to my collection. So if you like slashers, the location from Friday 3, 80's cheese, and horror, you will LOVE Twisted Nightmare!!!

3 stars!!!

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80's horror week.

 80's horror week.

To make up for not fully covering 80's horror week last week due to the head cold from HELL. I decided to play a little catchup this week. Here I'm picking 30 films from that decade that I would recommend to anyone who wants to see films that truly capture the 1980's horror spirit and feel. 

1) Fade To Black
- A deeply disturbed young man who's obsessed with movies is pushed too far and begins killing everyone who's wronged him while dressing up as famous film icons.

2) Funeral Home
- A young girl goes to visit her grandmother over the summer to help her run her bed and breakfast that was once a funeral home that her grandfather ran before going missing years ago. Right off the bat all isn't what it seems as locals begin to go missing in the area.

3) The Burning
- After a prank goes wrong, a man is left horribly burned. After years of recovering in the hospital, he is released to the public where he heads straight to a local summer camp for revenge. Here he begins to stalk the teens who have traveled down river for a weekend trip.

4) Dark Night Of The Scarecrow 
- A mental retarded gentle giant is falsely accused for committing a crime and murdered in cold blood by some of the locals. After the truth is exposed, the men responsible for his death are killed in mysterious accidents. 

5) Creepshow
- Five chilling tales are told via an old 1950's colorful comic book. A man returns from he grave seeking the cake he was promised on Father's Day. A man is slowly transformed into a living breathing plant after being exposed by a meteor that fell from the sky. A crazed husband thinks of the best way possible for punishing his cheating wife and lover on his private beach, a mysterious crate found hidden underneath a stairwell holds an ancient hungry beast, and a terrible millionaire is attacked by millions of roaches inside his germ proof penthouse.

6) Don't Go To Sleep
- A family tries to move on from a terrible tragedy that claimed the life of their eldest daughter the year before by moving into a new house. It isn't long strange happenings begin to occur around the house as well as their youngest daughter having visions of her dead sister. Is it real? Or is it something much worse?

7) Pieces
- A series of brutal murders are happening around a college campus in Boston. The unseen killer has been taking pieces of his murdered co-eds and is attempting to piece together his murdered mother who he violently killed years ago as a child. It's now up to a young student, the police force, and an undercover detective to try and figure out who's responsible for these terrible crimes. 

8) Slumber Party Massacre
- An escaped mental patient is on the loose, stalking young beautiful teens who are throwing a slumber party at one of the girl's houses while her parents are away from the weekend.

9) Christine
- An awkward geeky teen buys a Plymouth Fury as his first car despite everyone around him believing it's a horrible idea. Becoming obsessed with fixing it up, it's clear that this car holds power over him. Once the car is running, it isn't long before he begins to change, and everyone who's ever picked on him begins to die in mysterious accidents. Finally the day comes when the boy's new beautiful girlfriend senses that this car is actually alive, and is jealous of the other woman in his life. 

10) Sleepaway Camp
- A young girl is left traumatized after witnessing her father and twin brother killed in a horrible boating accident. Years later, now being raised by her aunt, she's sent to summer camp for the first time with her cousin. Right from the start it's clear that she's having a hard time fitting in. She's painful shy, and rarely speaks. It isn't long before an unseen killer begins picking off the cruel children who won't let up with teasing her. All of the deaths are made to look like accidents, and the camp owner is determined to keep all of this under wraps from ruining his summer. Who is the killer? Why are the murders starting now? This film is left with one of the most shocking endings ever seen in a horror film and will leave you speechless.

11) Friday the 13th The Final Chapter
- In what was believed to be the final chapter in the film series, Jason wakes up in the morgue after the events in part 3 and heads straight to two cottages on Crystal Lake. One being rented by a group of teens ready to party, and the other owned by a single mother, her teenage daughter, and her young son Tommy, a boy obsessed with horror movies and mask making. Here Jason begins to stalk and murder everyone by one by before meeting his match once and for all.

12) A Nightmare On Elm Street
- A group of teens are plagued by horrible vivid nightmares of a horribly burned man with knifes for fingers. It isn't long before it's discovered they are all having the same nightmare, and that if you are killed in your dream, you die for real. 

13) Night Of The Comet
- One night a comet passes by Earth for the first time since the dinosaurs were alive. Two teenage sisters awake the following morning only to discover that 99% of the world's population turned into orange dust while outside watching the comet pass. Now with the world and all of the shopping malls at the tips of their fingers, they find out that there are other people still alive. People who weren't completely affected by the comet, only to be turned into violent rotting zombies. Teaming up with a truck driver, the three battle back trying to save the world as well as rocking some great 1980's fashion!

14) Fright Night
- A young teen begins to suspect that his handsome charming next door neighbor isn't exactly what he says he is. One night he catches him and his roommate carrying a coffin into the basement. The other evening he sees a hooker arriving at the house, only to hear a bone chilling scream a few hours later. Becoming obsessed, he begins watching the house closely only to believe that his neighbor is actually a vampire. After turning to his girlfriend, best friend, and the police he only looks as if he's crazy. Knowing time is running out, he contacts his favorite local horror host to stop this monster once and for all.

15) Return Of The Living Dead.
- After a toxic government made chemical is leaked at a medical warehouse over the 4th of July weekend, corpses at the local cemetery raise from the dead seeking human brains. Trapped in the area is a funeral home owner, a few of the warehouse workers, and a group of punk rock teens looking to party in the cemetery. Trying to fight back against these flesh eating corpses, they discover that these zombies don't die in the movies, and it's going to be a whole lot harder to get rid of them.

16) The Mutilator 
- A long college student and his friends head up to to his father's beach house to close it for the winter for a long weekend. Here it's discovered that he accidentally killed his mother is a tragic household accident when he was a child and his father has never forgave him. Here his dad, completely crazed hides in the house, picking off his son's friends in brutal ways as a way of getting revenge for losing his wife all of those years ago.

17) The Midnight Hour 
- In Pitchford MA, a small New England town a group of teens break into a local wax museum to steal costumes for a huge Halloween party taking place in one of the historic houses in town. Here they find a passage that they read out loud which awakens every zombie, ghoul, vampire, werewolf, witch, and monster in the area. It's up to a young girl who passed away in the 1950's, and a young high school student to break the spell before the night ends.

18) Witchboard
- A Ouji Board is brought to a party, only to be forgotten. A young beautiful woman decides to start using it alone to contact the spirit of a young boy named David. It isn't young before she begins to act differently, and her boyfriend, and his old childhood friend figure out that it's not the spirit of the young boy who's contacting her, it's actually a violent spirit who's Hell bent of possessing her in order to cross over.

19) Night Of The Creeps
- An alien spaceship accidentally loses a deadly experiment of brain sucking slugs that travel to Earth in the 1950's. Here the slugs cocoon inside a young college student, turning him into a reanimated zombie. Years later, the corpse which has been kept on ice is accidentally opened up by a pair of new college students in the 1980's. Here the slugs are released, slithering around looking to jump into a new body. Between reanimating a bus load of college co-eds, a crazed murdered psychopath, and some pets, it's up to a few of the teens on campus to figure out how to stop this army of zombies attacking on the night of the dance.

20) Killer Party
- A group of college teens throw an April Fools party the night they are being sworn into their new sorority. Here they have two big problems. A masked killer is stalking the co-eds one by one, and there's an evil spirit jumping from body to body possessing whoever it wants. 

21) Critters
- A group of little fury alien creatures highjack a spaceship and crash land on Earth. Here they begin going on a feeding frenzy, eating everything in sight before heading straight towards a small farm where the Brown family lives. It's up to their young son Bradley, the local drunk Charlie, and two bounty hunters from space to stop these creatures before they eat the entire town!

22) Chopping Mall
- A local shopping mall has built the latest in security which is a group of robots that are set to patrol the mall after closing. After a lighting storm, the robots short circuit and become killing machines. Here a group of teens decide to stay after closing to party in one of the furniture stores. Here they are locked in for the night, and have to fight back against these killer robots who magically have lasers!

23) Hello Mary Lou Prom Night II
- In 1957 the prom queen Mary Lou was tragically killed in a horrible fire right before she was given the crown. Years later her spirit is released and possess a young girl, determined to get her crown once and for all, killing anyone who gets in the way.

24) The Stepfather 
- One year ago a family was found brutally murdered with the husband/step-father now missing. Police searched all over, but was unable to locate the man responsible for the murders. Unknown to them, this wasn't the first time this man killed. In fact for years this man locates a single mother with children, marries into the family, and tries to make them the perfect family. Whenever the family disappoints him, he snaps, and murders them all only to change his name, looks, and even personality before moving onto the next town and finding a new family. Currently the man is now going by the name of Jerry. He sells houses, or as he likes to believe the American Dream, and has a beautiful wife, and step-daughter. Unknown to him, one of the family members from one of his past families he's murdered begins to suspect what he's up to and is trying to track him down, while his current step-daughter begins to notice that Jerry isn't exactly the perfect father. In fact, he's much, much worse.

25) Rejuvenatrix 
- A brilliant scientist and made what he believes is the fountain of youth, reversing aging. The main ingredient is brain fluid from corpses. Here he's hired by an aging movie star to allow her to be the first live human to test this chemical. The results are truly amazing. Over night she goes from a woman in her 70's, to a stunning woman in her late 20's. It's worked! Wanting her to stay in the lab as he works out some of the kinks before publishing, she insists she can go home and enjoy this new lease on life. It isn't long before there's terrible side affects. It seems whenever the chemical wares off she turns into a horrible monster, who craves brains. Hell bent on fixing the chemical before it's too late, he notices that it takes larger and larger doses each time she changes. Figuring out all she needs is brain fluid, the actress begins to kill anyone who gets in her way to order to keep her new found youth.

26) The Kindred
- A young doctor races to his mother's bedside after she suffers a heart attack. His mother, once a brilliant scientist begs him shortly before she passes away to go to her beach house and destroy her lab as well as his brother Anthony. Confused, the doctor knows he doesn't have any siblings, and travels with his fiends to the house to try and figure out what exactly she was experimenting on for all these years.

27) The Nest
- A local sheriff of a small West Coast island discovers that the mayor has been allowing secret experiments to take place in the area, resulting in a breed of roaches that are nearly impossible to kill, and crave human flesh! Trapped on the island, people begin to go missing. It isn't long before it's told that whenever these roaches kill something, they have the DNA capable to have them transform into half roach, half whatever they just ate!

28) Waxwork 
A local wax museum invites six college students to come tour the exhibits before it officially opens. Little to these teens know that if you walk into the displays, you actually get transported into whatever world the statues are displaying. Here werewolves, vampires, zombies, and killer mummies come to live as the teens become trapped inside. It's up to two of them to figure out the secret before the evil owner releases his monsters into the world.

29) Society 
- A wealthy teen begins to suspect that he isn't like the rest of his family. In fact, everyone from his neighborhood isn't exactly what they seem to be. After noticing a few strange things, he learns that the "society" of the rich are actually hiding a horrible secret that is worse than he could ever believe.

30) Intruder 
- A local market has announced that it's closing it's doors once and for all in less than a month. Here it's night crew stays after hours to mark down all prices, only to have a killer lurking around, brutally murdering everyone in the worst ways possible.

So which ones have you seen? 
Happy 80's Horror Week!!!