Friday, January 31, 2014

American Horror Story Coven - Eh...

 American Horror Story Coven - Eh...

PLOT - A school/coven of a drying breed of witches down in New Orleans is begnning to face a new batch of problems. The head witch of the coven, who's called the suspreme is the most powerful witch of all. Sadly after a good run she's slowly dying and finally aging meaning a new and up coming suspreme is on the rise. Slowly she begins trying to seek out and stop who will take her place before it's too late. 

LOWDOWN - This was the first American Horror Story season I watched live. I don't know, certian shows I rather just buy the entire season and plow through it within a few days so everything is fresh in my memory. This is what I did with season 1 and 2, both of which I enjoyed and very well thought was a new spin for horror on the small screen. Time of course passed and I heard the next season would be about witches. Believing this was a fresh new storyline since it would be Salem witches Vs. New Orlean witches I got excited. I mean call me a nerd but I love magic and seeing that I live just a half an hour away from Salem MA I know the history behind the trials. Of course last year I began to guess who would get cast and where it would take place. At first I thought it was going to be shot down in Salem MA before the location changed to New Oreleans. 

With some interesting casting choices were rumored, I decided to just say screw it and watch the show live. In fact the first episode aired the night of my brother in-law's birthday where I was pretty much three sheets to the wind and watched the first episode trying to sober myself up as fast as I could. = Safe to say that didn't work. In fact all I remember is being annoyed the best man at my sister's wedding was in the next room loudly cheering while watching the Red Sox so I decided to cheer just as loud while watching Coven. Oh booze, you always make every night classy. 

Very quickly I began to notice that Coven wasn't exactly my cup of tea. First off pretty much the entire cast was beyond unlikeable. Sure I liked the Fiona character, but I feel Lange topped herself with last season with playing Sister Jude. Sure the music score was good, and the setting and backstory rich, but it seemed as though I only truly enjoyed maybe three episodes as a total in the whole season. The whole Salem vs. New Orlean witches showdown was lack luster, and a bunch of build up for nothing. For the first time in three seasons I found Sarah Paulson very unlikeable and the storylines begin feeling beyond over done and tired. Soon I wasn't even shocked whenever a character died because I knew right away that character would be brought right back. A cool idea, but done to death in all manners of speaking with this season. In fact I rolled my eyes whenever somebody was brought back. It was no longer cool but annoying.

The Kyle character had a good idea behind it, sorta like a Frankenstein idea that seemed new for this show. Instead he ended up pretty much getting fixed up and just used for sex and became just a pointless character. Sorry but I might be the only woman out there that doesn't find him attractive. The whole love story between him and Zoe was beyond forced. You know they did it for the fan girls and every moment they were together was cringe worthy. I HATED when Zoe was doing the seven wonders and her "hell" was Kyle breaking up with her over and over again. Really...

Oh and while we're on the subject of things I hated. Never before have I honestly wanted to kill Emma Roberts. I liked her in Scream 4 and a few other movies she did in the past, but something about her now makes me wanna slap her straight across the face. Hated her character, hated that she came back, and hated even more her ending. I feel she deserved worse. Just saying...

The Misty Day character was annoying with bringing everyone back but I did like her love of Fleetwood Mac. I felt the Stevie Nicks storyline was worthy of the biggest eye roll in the history of eye rolls but I did love her opening of singing The Seven Wonders in the final episode.

Hated Percious in this and hated that she lived. (Yes I know her real name isn't Percious but that shows how much I care about that actress.)

The build up was stupid, and the only moments I did like was the fact that the Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett ended up in hell together and of course the Axe man storyline. I somehow find that man very attractive and loved the episode flashback of how he wrote to the newspapers saying if they didn't play jazz in every house he would kill a family. His ending with Lange was great and I'll forever love the line "What is this? Knoty pine?!"

A lack luster ending that makes me wish they had done more. I truly hope they change things up a bit for season 4 because this witch is burned.

- 3 stars

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Amazing Twin Peaks tarot cards!

Amazing Twin Peaks tarot cards!
Shortly after the holidays I found myself with a little extra cash than usual. I have always been very responsible with my own money because I do own my own house, but also because my days of being an idiot blowing money are safey far behind me. Well...until now. I really only ever spurge on movie related items/bootlegs/artwork/posters/ect whenever I'm at a convention, and even lately my hauls aren't what they used to be. It isn't because I'm on a tight budget, it's really because I'm a snot now for taste. Unless it really is rare or has to do with one of my all time favorite movies I'm rarely interested. Well with slowly re-doing my downstairs such as my den, bathroom, and office...I began to noise I was really lacking in the original artwork and print department. One thing I'm a huge fan of is original artwork. Lately some of the custuom made prints and posters have truly blown me away. We get to see alternet designs and artwork for some of our favorite shows and movies. This past summer in fact I got my very first piece of custom artwork from my talented friend Tara who made a print based off my all time favorite Tales From The Crypt episode which I'll be getting tattooed on me at HorrorHound this spring!!! "nerd snort".

One day right before Christmas I was crusing around on Etsy (a great sight for anything you want custom) and I began looking at original artwork based off one of my all time favorite shows Twin Peaks. Lately with it's 25th anniversary coming up along with a new blu-ray release set for this spring, Twin Peaks has been getting some much loved hype. I mean that awesome missing poster for Cooper that seems to be floating around everywhere is amazing. So that's where I noticed the coolest thing ever on one of the Etsy pages. This woman makes her very own custom tarot cards all based off her own artwork and design of the Twin Peaks characters. In fact there were over sixty in the pack. Right away I was stunned by the artwork and knew if I ever needed to blow money on something stupid, this would be it.

Now the set wasn't exactly cheap, and if it hadn't been for the extra money I had and the fact I decided to spoil myself with this Christmas gift never in a million years would I buy it. But I decided to say what the hell. I don't know how to read tarot cards, but thought the idea of framing a few of this babies up to hang in my den would be amazing. So I up and ordered them and they arrived this Saturday with the coolest bag ever that had a single letter R in it (Twin Peaks fans know exactly what I'm talking about.) I sorta did a half ass job framing half of the deck in an old frame I had but decided for a later time to frame the whole set and spend the money on getting these done right. For the time being my frame of my favorites sits in front of my TV down in my den and I'm thrilled. The rest sit in my office.

So I strongly urge if you have some extra money to spend, and your a massive Twin Peaks fans, go order this tarot card set ASAP!

Etsy shop with tarot cards

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Flowers In The Attic - What a shit show

 Flowers In The Attic - What a shit show

PLOT - After the sudden death of their father, four children face cruel treatment from their ruthless grandmother. 

LOWDOWN - Oh how do I even begin? How can I even put down in words what a complete and utter shit show this is. I'm a HUGE fan of V.C Andrew's Dollanganger series. Years ago I first saw the 1987 version of the movie that I loved to pieces. Just the overall story of these poor children locked away by their insane family. I loved the haunting score, the cheesiness of the 80's, and of course the actors. It wasn't long before I learned that the epic wedding that takes place at the end of the movie "EAT THE COOKIE!" didn't happen in the book. In fact the director fought tooth and nail against this typical Hollywood over the top ending since it closed off any way for them to continue the series. Well the over the top ending was kept, and any chance for a Petals Of The Wind went straight down the drain. Rumors circled around that actress Kristy Swanson was given a script in the early 90's for Petals but stated that it was very sexist, and that was that. 

Flowers In The Attic was a book I discovered after years of re-watching the movie over and over again. I knew about how the book was a young adult's wet dream with the over the top romance, and incest (yep) so I decided a few years back to say fuck it and bought both Flowers In The Attic and Petals In The Wind on a blind buy. I was very interested while reading Flowers and loved the details that were left out from the film. I then saw that yes indeed, the book was left very open ended with the children escaping, and the grandmother and mother left at Foxworth Hall. Right away I began Petals In The Wind and never before did I honestly enjoy such a guilty pleasure in reading. First off I feel Petals was a much stronger book than Flowers In The Attic. It was a great sequel that takes place right after Flowers and follows Cathy and her brother and sister as they travel down South and try to re-start their lifes. Sure it was full of sexist moments, but the showdown at the end was nothing less than amazing. I always found what a pity it was this sequel was never made into a film since the original even though it didn't closely follow the book was still a very beauitfuil film. Well once I graduated from school I got home and that summer I bought the next two books, If There Be Thorns, which follows Cathy's sons, and Garden Of Shadows. Both were cheesy, over the top, and had great endings. Just this past spring I read the final book in the series that makes everything full circle with the prequel Seeds Of Yesterday. 

All in all, a pretty great series with some truly sick haunted family history.

With the book series a favorite of mine, along with the original film I was sorta excited when I found out Lifetime was remaking the film, sticking closer to the novel, and casting some pretty impressive actors such as Ellen Burstyn and Heather Graham. The trailers looked pretty legit, and once I heard Petals In The Wind was being given a green lit, I couldn't wait to watch all these great over dramatic books made onto the small screen which allowed them to cover more ground than a movie could.

Boy was I wrong.

Last Saturday I opened up a bottle of wine and like a little nerd I got super excited to tweet along with some friends while watching the remake as it aired on Lifetime. Well, right away we all began ripping it apart simply because it was horrible.

First off the actors were such a miscast. The only ones who did a somewhat decent job were Ellen Burstyn and the new Cathy Kieman Shipka (even though she mumbled through most of the movie) I feel the original cast captured the characters better than this one and almost everyone performance was forgetable. Heather Graham was cringe worthy and was a total shame to watch. Such a long way from Twin Peaks my love...

With no score that could live up to the original, and even the house not being as massive and amazing as the original I felt so much was missing.

Sure we all joked, but the movie got worse and worse, and worse. Sure they stayed closer to the novel, but the director couldn't seem to stay on track. They forgot massive details fans of the books would spot out, and a lot of the story telling was sloppy. I felt ZERO emotion when the brother died in this book. In the original film it kills me everytime that happens. In this one, I couldn't care less.

Was there more incest? Yeah sure. Did I care? Honestly no. In fact even though they left huge parts of this massive storyline in the original film out, the 87 version did a MUCH better job than this movie in showing the sexual tension between the brother and sister. Also didn't I remember reading that Chris rapes Cathy? And afterwards feels horrible Bullshit. 

I couldn't care which one was more evil between the mother and grandmother (this is also coming from somebody who has read all the books and knows the excuses and story lines behind why they did the things they did.) I really couldn't care. Even the ending was lack luster, and I'm afraid if this is a sign of how Petals In The Wind will be...I believe we're going to be in trouble.

My only hope is they cast Jeffery Dean Morgan as the handsome older doctor Cathy lives with. But then again, that might be wishful thinking...

So over all, even though the 1987 version didn't closely follow the book and made sure there could be no way any other sequels were made, it was ten times the film this one was. Sorry Flowers, you stink!

2 stars!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Happy birthday John Carpenter! - The true master of horror

 Happy birthday John Carpenter! - The true master of horror

Today is John Carpenter's 66th birthday. I plan on celebrating tonight after running errands by watching one of his classics. Now I'm not exactly sure which one it will be since I just watched Christine, Prince Of Darkness, Body Bags, and Village of the damned just this week. (What can I say? I'm a fan.) I'm sure I'm going to end up settling on They Live, but I still need to remember to buy In The Mouth Of Madness which was just released on blu-ray I believe last year. 

Today I decided to post my top 5 most underrated favorite Carpenter movies. Now in the past, I believe when I first started up this blog I've made lists about Carpenter's best movies and I ended up listing nearly every single one! (sorry Ghost On Mars, you didn't make the cut) so today in honor of his birthday, I decided to make a top five favorite list of his most underated and best work in my eyes. I'm honored to have met him last year, and yes...I kept it very classy.

5). Body Bags - The Gas Station
 Why it's awesome? - I remember watching Body Bags on TNT late at night growing up, and how The Gas Station, the movie's first segment always appealed to me as being the strongest entry. I feel Body Bags suffered the same fate as Creepshow 2. It should have been 5 stories. 3 is fine and good, and even worked for Tales From The Darkside, but it just seemed as though this film was lacking something. In fact this movie was a TV series pitch by Carpenter and his wife Sandy King for Showtime. Body Bags had great pacing, and classic Carpenter suspense. The amount of cameos you see in this movie is mind blowing. In fact I urge anyone to play the drinking game to this segment. Take a shot after every horror cameo. = You'll be wasted. 
Just last year, around 3 in the morning, me and my friends were driving back from HorrorHound and we stopped at this lone gas station in the middle of nowhere. There I decided to start telling the story of The Gas Station by them and scared the ever living shit out of everyone in the car. I love of course dead Sam Raimi falling out of the locker, that long shot of the killer slowly walking over and trying to smash the window, and of course the awesome ending line "I forgot my credit card."

4). Village Of The Damned
Why is it awesome? - This remake I honestly enjoyed. I know a lot of people aren't huge fans of it, but I enjoyed it. With an all star cast, and beyond creepy white haired children with glowing eyes, Carpenter puts a new twist on this classic tale. With a stunning setting, haunting score, and one killer ending, I could only begin to think of what else Carpenter could remake and do the right way. My favorite parts of course is the black out at the begnning, and when the reverend is forced to kill himself via shotgun. Should have used the force on that one pal!

3) In The Mouth Of Madness
Why is it awesome? - This was one of Carpenter's truly last amazing movies to grace the silver screen. In The Mouth Of Madness is based off Carpenter's friend Stephen King, who both teamed up and made complete gold back in the 80's with Christine. In The Mouth Of Madness is a creepy, well done thriller, that has one hell of an opening. Also drink everytime you hear Sutter Cane.

2) They Live
Why is it awesome? - How this movie isn't picked apart more is honestly beyond me. This movie has so much subtext it's crazy. Now I'm sure a lot of people just think it's a dumb little sci-fi action movie, but to us horror fans it's so much more. I feel at the end of the 80's Carpenter really couldn't give two shits. He tried twice to be main stream with both The Thing and Big Trouble In Little China and failed. After the ever so awesome Prince Of Darkness, he decided to take one last stab at the decade and made this classic. With over the top...and very long fight scenes. Classic one liners, and one of the best ending shots in film history. They Live is by far one of my all time favorite movies of all time!

1) Prince Of Darkness
Why is it awesome? - After Christine, this is by far my favorite Carpenter movie. The second in his trilogy (the first being The Thing) Prince Of Darkness is the religious movie, while They Live was the political one. With an amazing cast, a great score, and one of the best stories ever put on screen. Prince Of Darkness honestly is a smartly written movie that nevr lets up, not even to the end. In fact I would say Prince Of Darkness has the best ending out of all five movies on this list. Simply stunning.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Creepshow 2 (1987)

 Creepshow 2 (1987)
"From us to's Creepshow 2."

PLOT - Three more bone-chilling tales that include a vengeful wooden Native American, a monstrous blob in a lake, and a hitchhiker who wants revenge and will not die. 

STORY 1 -  Old Chief Wood'nhead

Lowdown - I feel Creepshow 2 started off very strong. In fact my only three main problems with this movie is A). It should have been released closer to the original, say in 1984 or so. B). It should have had 5 stories like the original. And C). That God awful wrap around story...ehh. Since when did the Creep look like a ghoul? I liked the original wrap around story in the first movie, as did I like the original creep. This shitty cartoon wrap around story just wasn't my thing. I really honestly wish they had a bigger budget so they could have made a worthy wrap around like the first film. "Sigh...wishful thinking..." Anywho, it took me years to see the charm of Old Chief Wood'nhead, but just last night while knitting, (yes, I knit, don't judge) I decided to re-watch this little guilty pleasure and believe it or not was really enjoying myself. First off I really liked how they shot the first two segments in AZ. I've always thought that state was stunning (maybe because they never get snow) but I loved the little town of Dead River. With two screen vets playing the likeable sweet eldery couple who run the small general store, you can't help but feel a pang straight in your heart when those asshole teenagers hold up their store. I found this tale of revenge very well done, and believe it or not just last night I noticed the wooden Indian moving a whole lot more than I remember as a kid. I found the ending perfection, and really loved the ending shot. Props.

STORY 2 - The Raft

Lowdown - This is usualy everyone's favorite, and rightfully so. The Raft was based off Stephen King's short story in Skelton Crew. This screen adaption did the story to justice, and even though we always view that massive blob as a bunch of trash bags, it still makes us think twice before jumping into a lake. First off the setting for The Raft was beyond stunning, my life's mission is to someday visit that lake and hopefuly not get swallowed up by whatever black mess that was floating in the water. With a bunch of asshole teens stranded on the raft, it honestly makes you begin to think "What would I do?" With plenty of cringe worthy moments, great effects (all besides the single shot of what appears to be a box floating underneath the black mess, The Raft is horror perfection. I'm sure we all remember the scene where the kid lifts up the sleeping girl's blouse to grab a feel, only to have it end with stomach turning results. With an awesome twist ending, I would say The Raft is by far the strongest story in this entire movie.

STORY 3 - The Hitchhiker.

Lowdown - This is by far the scariest out of all three stories. A solid effort, even though I still feel they could have done two more for good measure. With a very unlikeable lead, played by a very well known actress we get to see something we're not exactly used to seeing on screen. A woman visiting a male whore. Ah, gotta love the 80's. Being a stuck up snob of a woman, she's been sleeping with this guy in order to get off for the past few months behind her wealthy husband's back. Like an idiot she over sleeps and races to get home before her husband is due to arrive. Instead of being logic and thinking of a good excuse, she races home like a horrible liar and accidently hits a hitchhiker. Speeding away, leaving it a hit and run, the woman begins being haunted by the dead man she ran over for the reminder of the ride. I gotta say nothing was scarier than the first shot when she sees the hitchiker wandeirng down the highway holding his sign and waving to her. With some pretty funny moments, and lot's of action we watch this ghost turn to bloody mush as he keeps repeating the best line of all time "Thanks for the ride lady!"

With a shitty wrap around story I won't even begin to start bitching about, Creepshow 2 was a good effort. It was released at the downward time of the 80's for horror, but still has gained a cult following. I feel they tried to repeat the same magic that happened years ago with the massive crew they had and just didn't make the cut. Like I said, had it been released eariler in the 80's, had five stories, and changed the look of the creep we would have been in business.

Still as for sequels it's a fun little horror movie that has some great effects, and some classic moments.

3 stars!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Chiller TV rant, what could have been the most promising channel for horror ever.

 Chiller TV rant, what could have been the most promising channel for horror ever.

"Sigh..." I've been saving this post for some time now. In fact if it wasn't for me grasping at ideas to post for the rest of this month I wouldn't have even done it, but I feel venting my anger towards this network might help me with the winter time blues. Sure many may say, "It's just a channel, who cares?" Well guess what.

I do.

Chiller was a channel that came to direct TV in spring of 2007. I was a senior in high school that year and will never forget coming home from my after school job and finding Friday the 13th on the guide. Right away I was shocked. They NEVER show the original Friday the 13th in the middle of the afternoon on cable television! In fact the only times I've seen any of those movies play is either very late at night or around Halloween. Excited to sit back and watch this camp classic, I was instantly confused when I noticed that Camp Crystal lake was no where in sight. In was an antique shop. Right away everything clicked and I knew it was the TV series that ran for a brief time in the late 1980's that had NOTHING to do with Jason or his summer camp. I had only read a few minor things about the show on the internet before, and knew it was about two cousins that search for cursed antiques, besides that I was coming into this blind. 

Well it was a happy accident indeed. Because after viewing the very first episode, I was hooked on Friday the 13th the series. This new station Chiller was playing re-runs, which allowed me to catch up on the 3 season run of this show and fall completely in love with it. In fact, I would like to call myself one of the biggest fans around for Friday the 13th the series, and I have to thank Chiller for being the station to open my eyes to this highly underated show!

Right away I was wondering what this new magical station was. Now I've never really been a huge TV nut. In fact I mostly watch movies, or old reruns of shows I've seen before. Just lately I've started getting into new shows as a way to unwind at the end of the day. Back in high school I couldn't care less. Chiller TV seemed to be a hand delivered gift just for me. Since it was brand new, and didn't have many backers, the station only had the rights to three movies...

Far From Home

The Legacy
and Creepshow 2

Over and over these movies would play for the first month. Early in the morning and late afternoon they would air re-runs of classic horror shows such as...

Tales From The Crypt

Tales From The Darkside

Freddy's Nightmares


and Friday the 13th the series

In-between these shows and movies they would play awesome infomercials, and pretty cool TV spots for the channel that keep repeating "Dare to watch."

Some spring, they gained more rights with other movies like...

Daddy's Girl

The Trigger Effect


The Terminal Man

It was pretty awesome, with these shows playing over and over again, plus all the amazing shows, I was in heaven. As summer came, they began doing a summer camp horror theme, and more movies began to play. Around that time they did a contest called America's Next Top Monster, where 31 people would be picked for their best get up as a monster or a zombie and the winner's photo would air on Halloween right. I can't explain the utter susprise when I saw my photo on TV.

Time went on and I began to notice tiny little annoying things, such as the two girls who were supposed to talk horror, and how I watched their web series and few times and gave up since it was beyond stupid. 99% of the time they never spoke horror, instead they just fussed back and forth looking like idiots. 

They also did the short film contest the following fall. I entered based off a short story my mother used to tell me about my house when I was younger. This was border line Ed Wood trash. I had never directed before, and I hired this kid I used to work with to edit it. My sister was in it, and played a gay carnival was a mess. Safe to say I didn't win...

I still did get a backpack from Chiller along with a stack of notecards for entering. Hey at least that's something!

Around the holidays I noticed they changed their ads to a killer snowman, cute. They also aired the two Jack Frost movies, but I started to notice less and less effort was being put forth. It really killed me since I made a lot of good memories watching shows with my family on this station, and entered two of their contests.

Chiller got more rights to more shows, and that's when I slowly began to notice the slow fall of the station. They were showing the re-runs of the shows less and less. Since they had more backers the station was packed with comercials, and then the shitty made for TV movies began to happen...

I'm not even talking Sci-Fi movies that are so bad it's good...I'm talking complete and utter pieces of shit. 

Instead of getting rights to older classics, they simply began packing the line ups with shitty low budget new movies that were pretty much unwatchable. Then they started doing count downs such as the creepiest kids in horror, ect. As did their shitty own shows such as "Would you survive a horror movie?". Less classic movies were shown, and more and more shitty shows and movies began to air.

It wasn't long before those ghost hunting shows began to air and I called to quits. I cancled having the station and moved on. Every once in a while I cruise by on my guide to see if anything interesting to playing on that station and 99% of the time...there isn't.

Such a shame, the show held promise for sure but I have to say Fear Net knocks it out of the park for sure.


Anyways, if horror fans are seeking stations that air horror films I would try Showtime Beyond, where I watched The Innkeepers for the first time last night, or Fear Net, which was a station I was watching while staying over a friend's house and saw Waxwork back in 2011 for the first time in years!

So yeah pretty much forget Chiller, it was a promising station, that's slowly begun to rot. And boy...does it stink!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Return To Horror High (1987)

Return To Horror High (1987)

PLOT -A few years ago, a mysterious serial-killer caused panic on Crippen High School. The killer was never caught. A movie company, Cosmic Pictures, has decided to make a feature movie about these events - on location, at the now abandoned school. Since members of cast and crew disappear without a trace, it seems as if history is repeating itself...

LOWDOWN - I still remember the first time I rented this movie, the eye catching poster of the cheerleader skeleton waving her pom poms around. Even at the age of twelve or so I was more than a little confused about what kind of movie this exactly was. Was it supposed to be a black comedy? A slasher movie? A movie within a movie? Also what's up with the ten different endings. I have a feeling since it was the end of the slasher era, this was a last ditch effort to poke fun at slasher high school movies, and try to do something new and fresh. Instead what came out was a very weird, campy, mess of a movie, which now i can at least have fun watching. 

What really makes this movie is the humor. Some might find it off putting, but I really enjoyed it. I loved the poor stressed director, trying to make a dark thriller, and instead he's surrounded by the biggest group of idiots that are trying to plaster as many guts and boobs as possible into the film. The best is the speech he gives the crew about what sort of movie he's been wanting to make before slowly walking out the door. The expression on the crew's faces is priceless. 

Also the extra playing the dead body "What's my motivation?" I still quote this film all these years later because of that scene.

The unseen killer wearing those yellow gloves, and the squeaking of wheels whenever he/or she is around, campy at it's best. I'm sure I'm not alone in this, but somehow I always believed this was a sequel, due to the title "Return to horror high." i somehow always thought the first movie was based off the events of the murders that this movie was supposed to be about. 

There's lots of different kills, some bloody, others very over the top. The police aftermath wrap around is beyond nutty. The scene where the female police officer saying she slid down a hallway due to all the words. I do love the part tho when she's sticking her chest out trying to talk to the head officer. Classic.

The scenes that are supposed to be the movie is a gas, and you get to see the poor man's scream mask long before scream was even a movie. 

How about the love scene with the blue sparks and music blasting. It oozes the 80's.

With a great cast, Brenda Hughes, George Clooney, Scott Jacoby, Lori Lethin, and Alex Rocco. With ten over the top twists rolled into one, and a very odd ending, Return To Horror High is a fun, off beat slasher that doesn't take itself that seriously.

2 stars!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Awesome new box set from Fright Rags - Day Of The Dead!

 Awesome new box set from Fright Rags - Day Of The Dead!

It may be the dead of winter, but you can pretend your in the Florida sun, running away from flesh hungry zombies with this amazing new boxset thanks to Fright Rags!

Yep, here it is in all it's glory, the new Day Of The Dead shirt.

With stunning artwork from Justin Osbourne. this is a must for any fans of the 1985 classic.

What makes this box set worth it is the fact you get acutal rocks from the location the movie was filmed at! "nerd snort". I'm making sure I order myself up one as soon as they go on sale next Saturday, the 17th.

There are also other Day themed shirts that will be for sale as well...

Thursday, January 9, 2014

I really need to invest in a record player...

 I really need to invest in a record player...

Very much like VHS tapes it seems as if there is a new fad coming back. I'm sure plently of hipsters are jumping on board, but us horror fans have been dying for these to truly make the comeback they deserve. Yep, I'm talking about vinyl records. I'm sure there's tons of people who always stayed true to their turn tables. Much like John Cusack, they never really moved on even though they ended up buying tapes, CDs, and even own an Ipod. From what I've heard there is honestly nothing as perfect soundwise as playing a record. Thanks to Waxwork Records, along with several other companies, famous horror movie soundtracks are being re-released with stunning new artwork. 

I'm still yet to jump on board, but for the last few years I have caught myself buying different soundtracks from different movies even though I don't own a record player. As of right now I own the Summer School soundtrack, Friday the 13th the series soundtrack, the Dangerously Close soundtrack, and the Christine soundtrack. I guess I sorta see them like laserdics. They are much cooler to get signed at conventions, and even the old school artwork is much cooler than half the shit they have out now. Watching the newest releases come out (Prince Of Darkness, Day Of The Dead, ect) I know it's only a matter of time before I end up taking the plunge and buying a record player. As everyone knows I'm a massive soundtrack nut. I play movie soundtracks all day long at work, and listen to them whenever I'm on a road trip. In fact this weekend I'm planning on buying The Kindred soundtrack on CD that just showed up on ebay. I really can't explain it but listening to a score is most likely the most relaxing thing in the world. 

I've gone to several different flea markets, and even best buy searching but so far nothing. My hunt continues. As soon as I buy one I have a feeling I'll have to start investing in buying more kick ass soundtracks!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

20 horror movies I would swear by.

 15 horror movies I would swear by.

Sure we've all played the desert island game. Pick 5 movies you can watch for the rest of your life. Well how about you were trying to show somebody your style in tatse of film just by showing them 15 different films? Well here is my top 20 picks of movies that I believe a good number of people would enjoy, and would show exactly what kind of movies I love and could watch over and over again.

20) Frozen
19) Evil Dead II Dead By Dawn

18) Pet Sematary

17) Jason Goes To Hell

16) The Burning 

15) The Kindred.

14) Hello Mary Lou Prom Night II

13) Jaws

12) Warlock 2 The Armageddon 

11) Waxwork II Lost In Time 

10) Night Of The Creeps

9) Manhunter

8) Fright Night

7) Chrtistine 

6) Waxwork

5) Black Christmas

4) My Bloody Valentine 

3) Phantasm

2) A Nightmare On Elm Street 4 The Dream Master

1) Hatchet