Sunday, June 28, 2020

Movie cocktail of the week!

 Movie cocktail of the week!

A few weeks ago a couple of my friends and myself formed an online movie club dubbed the "40Kcrew" (due to the fact that's how much our tuition cost at school. Ha!) Here we meet up via video chat, pick movies, and discuss them in detail. My buddy Anthony (a crazy talented effects artist who has the knack of making some super tasty beverages!) thought up a pretty killer idea where he would every once and awhile whip up a drink that's themed to go along with whatever movie we're currently watching. This week was actually Anthony's choice to pick the films which he ended up deciding on...

Dan Attias' Silver Bullet. Based off Stephen King's novel Cycle Of The Werewolf (1985)

and George P. Cosmatos' underwater sci-fi creature feature Leviathan (1989)

Safe to say I was pumped. 

Anthony sent me this week's drink which he's calling The Silver Bullet. The perfect drink to sip while watching Corey Haim fire bottle rockets into werewolves' eyes! I mean it's the perfect movie to watch before the 4th, paying tribute and drinking like Uncle Red and howling at the moon!

Here's the ingredients and directions to this tasty drink...

The Silver Bullet - By Anthony Stewart

  • Two Oz. Cazadores Silver
  • 1 Half freshly squeezed orange
  • 1 Half freshly squeezed lime
  • 1 Quarter fresh squeezed lemon
  • 3 Dashes agonstura bitters
  • 1 Dash of agave syrup for sweetness shaken over ice.
  • Pour drink into a glass that has been rimmed with a honey chipotle  seasoning.
  • After pour, add a tiny amount of grenadine for the blood pool.
  • Garnish with orange wheel
  • Enjoy!

Beware the moon guys...and killer hangovers!

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Chip's Summer Camp Mixed Tape!!!

 Chip's Summer Camp Mixed Tape!!!
Super proud of this amazing artwork...

Welcome to Camp Staystillreviews! In order to truly kick things off and celebrate in style, Chip has whipped up another killed mixed tape to blast while you're swimming, tanning, or sitting around the campfire!

Another gorgeous day on the lake at Camp Staystillreviews!

Chip has whipped up his best mixed tape yet! Click below for a listen!

So tonight when you're chilling out in your cabin, watching horror movies on tape, drinking New Coke, and hanging with your buddies, blast this killer summer playlist from your boombox before it's lights out and time to sneak on down to the lake!

Friday, June 26, 2020

"Here for a good time, not a long time." - Everybody Wants Some!! (2016) review

"Here for a good time, not a long time." - Everybody Wants Some!!  (2016)
"Cheers to the beers!"

PLOT - In 1980, a group of college baseball players navigate their way through the freedoms and responsibilities of unsupervised adulthood partying with different social groups in the days leading up to the first day of school. 

LOWDOWN - Back in 2007, the spring before I was due to graduate high school. I was visiting a friend who's mother owned a dog groomers business, and I was waiting to go out with her and a few friends. She was finishing up a shift helping her mom out, and I was sitting in the back storage room with her boyfriend at the time who went to the same high school as us. At our high school it was tradition that the seniors always pulled off some sort of series of stupid pranks within the few weeks before graduation. Here the two of us were brainstorming what we could get away with (In the past seniors had released three chickens with signs around their necks that said 1, 2, and 4. Causing the staff to search for the non-existing number 3 all day. (Now working in the school system I can totally see why the faculty wanted to murder the seniors.) There was of course the usual stuff, stink bombs, glitter bombs, slime on the railings, water balloon fights, ect. I even heard the wood shop made a giant dick and put it in a boat in the small pond that was right next to the field house a few years before I started going. Sadly our senior class had royally messed things up a few months before during our annual senior turkey toss (basically a local radio station with have senior classes complete on who could throw a frozen turkey the furthest...I'm not joking.) Our year of course we were the winning school several years in a row. Well...the good ole' class of 2007 lost that day and a huge massive fight resulted between our class and several other schools...banning our school from the Turkey Toss for as far as I can remember...maybe forever? Any who, the principle had cracked things down and threatened the seniors if any massive pranks were done prom and graduation would be canceled = 150 teenagers just rolling their eyes and trying to figure out the very fine line on clever, memorable, and a prank that wouldn't screw us over if caught. The two of us were thinking up pranks when he laughed and said "Shame we couldn't do what the seniors pulled in the movie Dazed and Confused." I sat back raising an eyebrow asking him what that was? Here he was pretty stunned since out of our circle of friends I was known as the big movie buff. He explained the plot and instantly I knew I needed to check it out.

That following week I bought a used copy of Dazed and Confused at my local record store, and was introduced into the wonderful world of Richard Linklater.

I loved the movie so much I even ended up having a poster of it in my room that summer, and became a huge favorite of mine due to the likable characters, witty dialog, killer soundtrack (I've always loved older music), as well as the timeframe the film take place in. The fact all basically took place in one day, showing characters much like myself who were friends with everyone. It had high rewatch value, and instantly I knew I needed to look up more films by Linklater.

Oh and also as for our big senior prank...a handful of us ran down the hallways with air horns like idiots...thrilling!

So years passed and I ended up watching Boyhood in theaters after hearing the hype about filming over the course of twelve years. I ended up really liking it, and much like Dazed and Confused it was a coming of age movie that was relatable at all different ages. Yet again the writing as great, as were the characters. Around that time I began hearing that Linklater was maybe in the middle of wanting to make a sequel to Dazed and Confused set in the 1980's. 

Time passed and finally its as revealed that instead of it being a true straight sequel to Dazed, it was what Richard called a "spiritual" sequel to both Dazed and Confused. (if the character of Mitch was beginning college, it would be set in 1980.) as well as Boyhood since that film ends with the character we followed throughout his life arriving at college meeting his roommate and a girl. With Everybody Wants Some!! Richard started fresh (simply because the characters in Dazed were too old) Instead of going head first having it take place in the middle of the 80's, it did it in late August of 1980's, where it still very much felt like the 70's. I feel the 1980's have been beaten to absolute death in the last ten years or so. Stranger Things, Take Me Home Tonight, Hot Tub Time Machine, Red Oaks, The Goldbergs,  Halt and Catch Fire, Wet Hot American Summer, Glow, AHS 1984, etc. Trust me, I get it. Even though I was only alive during two years of that decade a lot about that time was awesome. The music, movies, Hell...even the fashion. It sparks up a certain kind of nostalgia that reminds us of a happier and simpler time where we grew up watching movies and TV shows during that time. Basically everything about the 80's was making a comeback. Even for VHS collectors like myself, modern day movies you could buy on tape from special companies, shows and films from that era were being released on blu-ray in special editions, soundtracks on colorful awesome looking vinyl, even metal bands from that time were touring. The 80's were awesome, but having everything take place in 1984 was beginning to really get kinda tired. Instead Richard Linklater decided to tell his story that reminded him of his college days as a baseball player at the beginning of the decade. When I showed this movie to my sister and her husband, my sister actually remarked that she liked the fact they were sticking closely to how discos were actually still really popular in that time. Music and fashion were just starting to change, and Linklater always hits the mark with making everything as authentic as possible. This was a guy who knows how to write realistic characters usually partying, or coming to a crossroads in life. He's able to write his movies that make you watch it and go "That reminds me of something I did in my youth." or "That guy reminds me of somebody I used to know." He did a wonderful job capturing college life of a group of guys were sure are jocks, but all range from different backgrounds. Jake (Blake Jenner) is basically the audience. It opens with him driving to his Southern Texas University after scoring. scholarship to play baseball with one of the best college teams in the country. It begins with him causing onto campus blasting The Knack's My Sharona before arriving at one of the two large off campus houses the school as provided for the baseball players to live in. 

Jake is cute, all American, seems like a nice guy and quickly meets his fellow team and roommates. McReynolds (Tyler Hoechlin) the star athlete and team captain who has a awful temper when competing. Still, the scene of him hitting the baseball with an axe and cutting it perfectly in half was pretty bad ass.

My favorite character Finnegan (Glen Powell) who's the senior who has all the wisdom as a rationalist, and charms ladies claiming he has an average cock since ladies are so tired of hearing guys talk about how huge they are "I'm a grower...not a shower."

Roper (Ryan Guzman) McReynolds best friend, who's the ladies man, who claims he has the best "cheese" on campus aka nicest butt. Willoughby (Wyatt Russell, who looks SO much like his dad it's scary) as the likable stoner who has a pretty awesome way of looking at life and utters one of my favorite lines "Well fellas, here for a good time...not a long time." Fellow freshmen Plummer (Temple Baker) who's drunk basically the whole movie and provides plenty of comic relief. Him getting slammed against the wall in the punk show kills me every time. Raw Dog aka Jay Niles (Juston Street) as the intense weird pitcher who is beyond weird. His exchange on the ball field kills me "Did he just fucking throw the ball into the parking-lot?" 

Dale (J. Quinton Johnson) who completely kills it during the sing along scene to The Sugarhill's Gang's Rapper's Delight. I still am trying to memorize all of those lyrics and that scene kills me. Beuter (Will Brittain) the very Southern freshmen that gains the most hillbilly sounding new name by his fellow teammates. Nesbit (Austin Amelio) as one of the fellow seniors. His exchange with McReynolds during the ping-pong scene kills me. "Actually...17-19." "THANK YOU NESBIT! Are you fucking happy?" "No...I'm scared now..."

Brumley (Tanner Kalina) the clueless freshmen who constantly gets ragged on by his new teammates "Cheers to the beers! Full throttle to the bottle!" and of course Coma (Forrest Vickery) The look on his face during the punk show nervously sipping his drink was me years ago when a friend of mine took me to my first hardcore show.

This cast of guys are all likable, even if some of them first come off as jerks. Basically in one scene the guys exchange how everything to them is a competition. From keg stands, playing basketball, baseball, bets on if Beuter's girlfriend is in his family tree, flicking each other's knuckles. playing darts, and even taking bong rips. That when you get a bunch of competitive guys all living together, the gloves come off. Still, the script keeps everything within good fun as we follow Jake as he parties with his teammates. The first night at the Sound Machine, the local disco where they get free beer, and hook up with fellow co-eds. The next night after Raw Dog gets them kicked out of the disco after a very unsuccessful evening with the ladies they hit up the local country bar, wearing cowboy hats, and dancing to cotton eyed Joe (in full Urban Cowboy vibes since yet again in 1980 that movie had been released and those bars and that fashion was huge.) To them meeting up with one of Jake's old high school teammates who is attending the same college but has now embraced the punk rock culture. Here he takes the guys to a show, where Jake even brings up to Finn how in these last few nights (the disco, country bar, and now a punk show) he's questioning his identity since they seem to just dress for whatever place they are attending to fit in. Finn breaks it down simple, they are just doing whatever they can to get laid. 


We follow the guys hold a huge blow out party at their baseball house, full of strong rum punch made by Coma, very strong brownies by Willoughby, and a mud wrestling match. We watch the guys go to the arcade, hit up local bars, have their first "unofficial" practice where they show off their skills. (Always love the exchange following Raw Dog and McReynold's fight, how Raw Dog quietly walks up to him remarking he made a good hit, and McReynolds simply nods saying "We're cool." Here we see despite the hazing, remarks, and pranks, all of them are teammates and look out for each other. Every scene is just a bunch of guys partying it up, having a good time as with each new day a title appears showing how many days or hours are left before class officially starts. 

You can tell Linklater (who was a ballplayer back in school) made a movie that captures what his life was like at that time with his friends. Much like Dazed and Confused, the movie really isn't about anything in particular, just a film about youths in a certain era living life. I'm sure the movie isn't for everyone, but I really love how Linklater makes his movies about time frames. Some of his movies take place during just a few days, a day itself, even a decade. The characters seem real, and we see day to day interaction with these guys as teammates as well as friends. Dale informs the freshmen that they need to earn the teammate status because when it really comes down to it, back in high school they may have been the "best" ballplayer, but now all together they are on a whole new level. 

The film also features a sweet innocent little love story between Jake and a pretty theater arts major Beverly (Zoey Deutch) who catches Jake's eye. She invites him to a theater party, where Jake brings the guys who at first feel a little out of place, but quickly starts to relax and have a good time with the pretty girls, and the strange and unusual surroundings. I love Finn's line after the guys rag on him about hitting on a theater student pretending he was into astrology. He later tells the guys who are still laughing at him that isn't it funny, when they are all playing baseball all they can talk about is pussy...but when they are around some actual interesting women all they talk about is baseball.

The movie like I said really isn't about one certain thing, but following a freshmen partying it up with his fellow teammates in the days/hours before his first official day of college starts. I can't name just one scene that's my favorite, but this movie has HIGH rewatch value, as well as being very quotable. I think the reason why I love it so much is because since this whole COVID19 thing started, my anxiety has been in overdrive (I'm sure I'm not alone) so to take my mind off things, I've been watching movies that I love and find comforting. A buddy of mine showed this movie to me just last month (I'm stunned I didn't see it sooner) and I instantly loved it just as I had with Dazed and Confused. Since then I've re-watched it countless times. This is the type of music you can just have playing in the background or to watch while falling asleep. It's light hearted, funny, and to me at least very comforting. There's a small number of movies that do that for me, and with Everybody Wants Some!! it hit all the right nails on the head. This and Summer School (1987) are my two comfort movies. I watch it, and instantly I find myself laughing and quoting it, forgetting my worries for just a  little less than two hours. Certain movies just scream summer, and as we enter the scary uncertain summer of 2020, this movie has been on constant re-play for me.

Like I said, not everyone's cup of team (or should I say maybe everyone doesn't want some!!? HA!) But for me, I loved it. Much like Dazed and Confused, during it's run it didn't do well at the box office, but I have a feeling much like Dazed it's going to gain a well loved cult following. This is a great movie to watch with friends, and watch these ten or so guys steal the show. That soundtrack is amazing, and great to drive to. IN FACT. I just won a raffle this week through a friend of mine who has a poster signed by the whole cast. Since this movie has gained a place in my top ten favorites, the poster will be framed, and much loved for my collection. I hope Richard keeps cranking out for classics like this, and my only problem is since it didn't do so great at the box office, we sadly won't get a sequel. (I always felt having it take place before the seniors graduate from that year would have been awesome seeing the guys all together again.) But hey, you never know...

So in closing, Everybody Wants Some!! is a fun light hearted period piece with one of the funniest likable casts I've seen in a very long time! This will be re-watched many times during this summer for sure!!!

5 stars!

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Chip's ultimate summer 2020 movie marathon!

 Chip's ultimate summer 2020 movie marathon!
2020 certainly has been a scary, strange year. Over here at Camp Staystillreviews we're trying to keep ourselves busy by taking a field trip to the local drive-in where there's a three night summer movie marathon happening on both Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! Here's what's playing...

Friday (1st night) theme - Let The Good Times Roll!
My Science Project
Prom Night
Dazed And Confused 
Wet Hot American Summer 
The Sandlot
Weekend At Bernies
Hello Mary Lou Prom Night II
Everybody Wants Some!!

Saturday (2nd night) theme - Summer Camp Craziness!
Twisted Nightmare
Friday The 13th part III
The Burning
Little Darlings
Sleepaway Camp
Wet Hot American Summer. First Day Of Camp

Sunday (3rd night) theme - Beach Blues!
Summer School
Great White
Blood Beach
The Lost Boys 
Side Out
Jaws 3

So, which movies are you most excited in checking out? If you need me I'll be looking for Ted Raimi near the snack bar!

Monday, June 1, 2020

Top 10 endings to a movie!!!

 Top 10 endings to a movie!!!
Welcome to Camp Staystillreviews! Tonight around the campfire we're talking our top ten favorite endings to a movie. Sure there's tons. (The Mist, Empire Strikes Back, The Godfather, The Sixth Sense, Se7en, To Live And Die In LA, etc.) But what we want to focus on are films that you feel truly are the best of the best and a huge portion of that is because of the endings. Here are ours...

The Exorcist - 
For me what really packs a punch for this film is the final ten minutes. An emotional exhausted Father Karras is sent downstairs by Father Merrin while trying to perform the exorcism on Regan, a 12 year old girl who's possession has resulted in ugly sores and wounds forming on her face. When Karras returns he finds Regan has freed her from the straps holding her down in her bed, and the elderly Father Merrin dead from a heart attack on the ground. Karras tries to help Merrin, only to be mocked and laughed at by the possessed Regan. Overcome by rage, Karras jumps up, grabs Regan, and throws her to the floor shaking and punching her before screaming..."Come into me! Take me! Damn you! TAKE ME!" Suddenly the demon leaves Regan's body and goes into Karras. His eyes glow, ready to harm the poor scared and crying child left on the floor, when at the last second Karras has enough strength to fight against the demon now taking over his soul. He screams "NO!" Before throwing himself out the second story window of the bedroom before the demon takes over again to hurt Regan. Here his body goes flying down to seventy or so cement steps that lead down to the street below. His body hits every single step before falling to the ground. Hearing the screams, Regan's mother, and Lt Kinderman race upstairs to find Regan on the floor weeping, crying for her mother. Father Merrin dead on the floor, and as Kinderman approaches the broken window, horrified to find Karras body laying in a pool of blood down below at the bottom of the steep stairs, it's Regan's mother who sees the exorcism worked. As police sirens sound and people start running to Karras, his friend  Father Dyer who was just happen to be walking by, runs over stunned to kind his friend laying there. Sobbing, he holds Karras' hand and gives the dying man his last rites. A few days later the window is boarded up, and Regan and her mother are leaving Georgetown. Father Dyer comes by and  Regan's mother explains that Regan doesn't remember anything. Regan steps out, and suddenly stares at Father Dyer's priest collar. On instinct, she hugs Dyer and kisses his cheek. Before they leave, Regan's mother hands Dyer Karras' St. Christopher necklace, and leave. Here Dyer stares down at stairs that Karras had fallen down, before he runs into Lt. Kinderman. Both decide to go to the movies and walk away, leaving the townhouse behind him. 

Road To Perdition -
When it comes to one of the most beautiful endings of all time, Road To Perdition is always my first choice. After Michael Sullivan has killed the men who have been responsible behind the deaths of his wife and younger son, he feels his eldest child Michael Jr is finally safe. The two drive to his wife's sister's house in Perdition which is off the shore of Lake Michigan. It's a clear beautiful day, and they walk the beach before Michael ventures inside the house while Michael Jr plays with a dog outside. Michael walks inside and goes to the bay window which over looks the water. Suddenly he's shot twice from behind by Maguire, the crazed hitman who was originally hired to kill Michael and his son. As Michael lays there bleeding, Maguire takes his camera and photographs him when suddenly Michael Jr. appears and points a gun at Maguire, who starts to walk towards him, telling him to give him the gun. Suddenly Maguire is shot dead by Michael laying on the floor. Michael Jr. admits that he just couldn't bring himself to shoot. Michael smirks and whispers "I know..." before his son hurries over and cradles his father's head. Michael stares up at his son and says he's sorry before dying. Afterwards Michael stands on the shore, before he takes the dog and returns to the elderly couple who took Michael and his father in before. As a voiceover Michael says that his father's biggest fear was him following in his footsteps, and was actually proud he couldn't shoot Maguire, and that since then he hadn't held a gun since. As he walks with the dog towards the farm house his voiceover continues and states that when people asked if his father was a good man, he only replies "He was my father."

The Shawshank Redemption - 
Need an uplifting ending? This is your movie. A year after Andy's famous escape, Red makes parole after serving forty years. He struggles adapting to life outside of prison, working at the same market, and living in the same room at the boarding house as Brooks. Depressed, one day he remembers the promise he made to Andy shortly before he escaped, and ventures to Buxton and goes to the tree where the rock wall from Andy's story is. He finds the loose rock, and behind it is a tin can and wrapped inside is money, and a letter from Andy. He tells Red if he's reading this, he must have gotten out, and if he's gotten this far...why not go a little bit further? He asks Red if he remembers the town in Mexico Andy told him about? (Zjhuatanejo) That he could use a good man down there, and how he'll keep the chess board ready for him. In closing he reminds Red that hope is a good thing, maybe the best thing...and no good thing ever dies. Red decides to violate his parole and travel to South Texas and cross the boarder to Mexico. He finally admits over voiceover that he feels hopeful, and figures this is what a true "free" man would feel like. In the closing moments, he walks on a beautiful beach, and sees Andy working on a boat. They smile to each other and embrace. 

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood - 
Tarantino's endings have always been legendary, but this rewrite of history is one of his best. Rick and Cliff decide to finally part ways and have one last night of drinking together. They arrive back home where Cliff smokes an acid dipped cigarette that he had saved and takes his dog Brandy out for a walk. A drunk Rick stands behind making drinks. The Manson family members Tex, Sadie, Flowerchild, and Katie arrive outside, ready to murder everyone in the Tate household next door, when their loud car alerts Rick who storms out scaring them, demanding they leave the neighborhood. They drive back down the road, when suddenly it hits them they recognized  Rick from his old television show. Here Sadie comes up with the idea with instead of targeting the Tate house, why don't they murder Rick since he appeared on a TV show that featured people getting shot and killed constantly, which meant this was the show they watched as children, which taught them how to murder. The gang loves the idea and as they walk up the dark road, knifes ready, Flowerchild chickens out and steals the car driving away. Back at the house, Cliff is inside, the acid just hitting as he fixes Brandy her dinner. Outside Rick floats in his pool with his headphones on. Suddenly the front door gets kicked open and Tex and Katie charge in, as Sadie comes in through the rear door. A very high Cliff gets Brandy to attack Tex, and he throws a heavy dog food can right at Sadie's face, breaking her nose, causing her to fall to the floor screaming in pain. Cliff snaps his fingers, making Brandy to attack Sadie on the ground, before he stomps on Tex's head crushing it, before grabbing Katie and smashing her face against walls, the stone fireplace, and finally a coffee table after she attacked him resulting in him getting a knife to the hip. After he's killed her, Cliff passes out from the pain, before Sadie fires the gun she has blindly into the air, causing Brandy to run away scared. Here Sadie, a bloody screaming mess runs through a window, smashing through before falling into the pool. Here Rick who's been oblivious to the mayhem happening inside. Jumping out of the pool, he grabs his flamethrower used from a past movie of his from his shed, and fires it at Sadie who catches fire and falls back into the water dead. Afterwards the police arrive and paramedics take Cliff to the hospital. Rick tells him he's a good friend before Jay Sebring comes down the Tate driveway and invites him to have a drink with Sharon and the others. The film closes on the ending we all wished had happened. 

Sleepaway Camp -
 Want one of the most shocking endings to a horror movie ever? This is it! Ronnie and Susie, two councilors are searching for the missing campers after the horrifying discoveries found that night. The two hear humming before they reach the dark beach and see Angela, the poor shy withdrawn young girl who's just started camp for the first time this summer and has been constantly bullied and teased. She sits with her back to them Indian style stroking her boyfriend Paul's head softly humming. As the councilors approach, a flashback from Angela's mind is shown. Here her Aunt Martha who took her in after a fatal boat accident killed both her father and twin brother, welcoming her to her new home, raving about how excited she is to have a little girl finally. Here it's revealed that it was Angela, the female twin that actually died with her father, and that Aunt Martha raised Peter as his dead twin, a shocking secret that has been kept for years. Here in the present just as Ronnie and Susie approach, calling out Angela's name, she jumps up, and Paul's severed head falls to the ground. Here Ronnie and Susie stand back stunned as Ronnie says "How can it be? Oh my God she's a boy!" Here on the beach, Angela stands naked, covered in blood hissing like a wild animal, showing her male genitalia in full view. 

The Thing - 
Master of horror John Carpenter has always made great endings that stay with you long after the movie is over. In my eyes this is one of the most powerful ones. MacReady lays in the show watching the station burn after he has killed The Thing. Suddenly Child appears, saying he got lost in the storm while looking for Blair. Exhausted, and freezing to death, both men sit and stare at each other. Childs sees MacReady closely watching him and begins to tell him he isn't "The Thing". MacReady, not looking that worried simply states that both aren't in any shape to really do anything about it even if he was. Sighing, Childs looks around and says the fires won't stay lit for long, and since there's nowhere to go both will freeze and die. MacReady tells him maybe they should. Here they share a bottle of scotch and when Childs asks what should they do? MacReady tells them why don't they wait there for a while...see what happens. Here both men continue drinking as the fires continue to burn. 

Inglorious Bastards - 
Another classic by QT in which history is rewritten and the ending shot is complete perfection. The following morning after Hitler and his men have been killed in the theater explosion rewriting history, Landa and his radio operator drive Raine and Utivich into allied territory in the forest. Once Landa surrenders, Landa shoots the radio operator, and orders Utivich to scalp him. Landa stands back stunned when Raine leans in close asking him now that he's made a deal, and is planning on retiring he's probably going to change out of his Nazi uniform. Here Landa is held down as Raine carves a deep nazi symbol into Landa's forehead, causing him to scream in pain. Both Utivich and Raine stare down smiling before Raine claims this is his "masterpiece." 

The VVitch - 
A chilling twisted ending that truly seems like the beginning for another untold story. After Thomasin's family has now all been killed, she enters the stable and it's revealed that Black Phillip is in fact the devil. Here he speaks to her and asks if she would like to "Live deliciously." Off screen he transforms into a handsome man clad in black and orders Thomasin to remove her clothes and sign her name in a book. Thomasin claims she doesn't know how, in which Black Phillip replies "I shall guide your hand..." After signing the book, Thomas walks into the forest naked where she comes upon a coven of witches all dancing around a bonfire. The coven suddenly starts to levitate and laughing. Rising up into the sky Thomasin laughs as well.

Inception - 
An ending that is just as epic and as much as an adventure as the entire film you have just experienced. After the job has been completed, Cobb awakes on the plane and makes eye contact with Saito who has been mentally trapped in that dream for decades. Making the leap of faith, and joining Cobb so they can be young men again, they are now in reality and know they have successfully accomplished the overall plan. Saito makes the phone call that makes it possible for Cobb to be allowed back into the states to finally see his children after years following his wife's death. The entire team part ways before Cobb returns home. Here he spins his totem, a top before he spots his two young children who finally turn around and show their faces. Hurrying out and embracing them, the camera pans over to the top that begins to wobble before cutting too black. Dream or no dream, Cobb is finally home. 

The Exorcist III - 
Yeah I know! A sequel! But still, it really truly packs a punch and is actually quite beautiful and bittersweet as well as heartbreaking. After the exorcism on Karras, Father Morning is wounded before Kinderman arrives to the cell, and is pinned up against the wall. Here frightening images are shown, before sunlight falls in and lands on Father Morning's cross. The priest looks up at Karras and begs his him to fight. Karras stares down at the cross, before he regains himself just enough to shout to Kinderman "BILL NOW SHOT NOW KILL ME NOW!" Kinderman shoots his friend several times, before standing up, staring at the slumped body. Here Karras softly whispers that they did it, and tells Kinderman to finally finish it and free him. Pressing the gun against Karras' head and fires. Shortly after as the sun rises, a beautiful church song is heard as Kinderman watches as Karras' body is buried.

So what are your favorite endings to a movie?