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5 actors who could of played a much better Kyle Reese.

 5 actors who could of played a much better Kyle Reese.

As a child, I wasn't like any of the other typical girls in my class. They all loved Titanic, Spice World, and Dawson's Creek and boy bands. Mind you I enjoyed all those things, but instead of gabbing about the latest Disney film in the first grade, I was obsessed with James Cameron films such as The Terminator, Aliens, and T2. In fact I believe I was the only 7 year old that had a T2 sweatshirt and could quote the movie from start to finish. Certain movies played a huge impact on the sort of films I love today. In my household Fright Night, The Goonies, The Monster Squad, and the Terminator movies were constantly playing on a loop. In my freshmen year of high school I rediscovered these movies and couldn't get enough of them. In fact one of my favorite actors was Michael Biehn better known as Kyle Reese from the first Terminator, and Hicks from Aliens. He was one of my first on screen crushes, and I loved watching such films as Navy Seals, The Abyss, and Tombstone over and over again. In fact I remember was I was thirteen (long before I discovered horror conventions) I sent away for his autograph and was downright thrilled when I got it in the mail. (To this day I have zero idea what happened to that damn thing.) Biehn sorta had a career comeback after Grindhouse and started doing the convention circuit. I've had the pleasure of meeting him twice, both of which were awesome. 

The first was in 2008 when I took my late mother (who was the reason I loved all of these movies to begin with.) I remember legit being completely star struck (this has only happened several times at shows) and having the biggest shit eating grin on my face when we snapped the photo. A few years later in 2012 at HorrorHound they were having an Aliens reunion. Aliens is one of my all time favorite movies so this was beyond epic when I got to meet several members from the cast, of which was again Biehn. I've heard mixed things about meeting him and his wife, but I gotta tell you he was nothing but a complete sweetheart when I met him and humored me by signing my Aliens shirt, and listening to be babble on about what a huge fan I was. My love for the Terminator and Aliens movies goes way back into my childhood so when I heard they were making yet another sequel I was sorta on the fence. 

The first two Terminator films are complete and utter perfection. Cameron as much as I hated Avatar I gotta give you props where props belonged. You knew exactly when to stop. Terminator 3 and 4 were HUGE disappointments not only with the quality, but the casting as well. T2 was a hard film to top, and I honestly feel the series should have ended there. Sadly these films along with a TV series (which I own yet have yet to check out) followed, and this up coming summer, a 5th film. 

Terminator  Genisys.


Right from the start I had a mixed reaction towards this film. I don't want to hate on it since it looks like a huge improvement over the last few films, and it seems as if it's being made for fans of the original two movies. I think as confusing as it sounds, the whole returning to 1984 sounds pretty interesting. I mean who knows, I might see it this summer and end up loving it. I seems like a breath of fresh air and the trailer did have it's moments but if I gotta be completely honest, I'm more pumped for the newest Aliens movie which is supposed to have Biehn returning.

With Schwarzenegger returning, and the decent casting choice of Emilia Clarke, I can only hope this won't be a complete shit show. My biggest complaint on why I'm no 100% on board is the casting of Kyle Reese.

I'm sure I'm speaking for many hard core Terminator fans out there that I've deeply missed the Reese character since he was killed off in the original. For those who have the SE of T2 they know a cut and very haunting scene of Biehn coming back in a dream was filmed but never made it into the final film. Which down right kills me since it sorta explains a huge reason why Sarah is the way she is, doing anything it takes to protect her son. The Reese character has returned several times but all of which the casting as been down right terrible.

I mean Anton Yelchin (…), and Jonathan Jackson (which wasn't terrible, but I haven't seen any episodes of the show so I'm taking it he's only shown in flashbacks.) In fact the closest they ever got to sorta linking Biehn's character was in part 3 with the casting of Nick Stahl as John who looks a whole lot like Biehn than any other actor who either played Kyle or John in later films. 

I was thrilled to hear this original idea of a new timeline in 1984 which meant the reese character would return, but BOOM. My heart was broken when I saw the casting.

Jai Courtney.


I don't wanna rag on the man at all, I know he's from the latest Die Hard movie which I've still yet to see. But just a few weeks ago I showed my sister the trailer (she as well grew up watching these movies) and she pretty much had the same reaction as I did.

The casting for this is all wrong. I mean I'll even give props when they are due. The casting of Sarah isn't half bad at all. She's a dead ringer of how she would sorta look in T2 and I'm very interested to see what she brings to this role. 

But Kyle, really?

Biehn was perfect as the role since he was lanky, had a thin face, and those huge big green eyes. Instead we have a complete meat head playing him and I feel down right nothing seeing the Kyle and Sarah characters together again. So enough rambling on, here are 5 actors that I feel would have been a much better choice as Reese for the movie. Who knows, maybe if those picked one of these guys I would have been a tiny bit more excited. 


1) Sam Clafin
This is my #1 pick for Kyle. I first noticed Sam in the Hunger Games sequel Catching fire which he completely stole the show. He's a dead ringer for Biehn and I think would have brought much more to the role of Reese. I mean throw a trench coat on him and bang, there's Kyle.

2) Max Thieriot 
Not a huge fan of this guy since I've only seen him in Bates Motel and Wes Craven's My Soul To Take, but from what I have seen he's a decent actor and even tho he doesn't exactly have the Reese look down, I feel he has that sorta "scruff" look that maybe would have been perfect. Not as tall as Biehn, but nevertheless would do a decent job.

3) Jensen Ackles
Hey when it's right, it's right. We all know him as Dean from Supernatural, or as TJ from the My Bloody Valentine remake. I don't think Ackles gets the credit where credit is deserved. Sure he's a little more fit than Biehn was in 84 and maybe a few years earlier would have worked better, but I think with the right look Jensen would have played a perfect Kyle.

4) Billy Miller
Zero idea what this guy is from, I guess a soap opera? But I saw how much he looks like Biehn. Legit spike the hair up, green trench coat, sawed off shot gun…would have been scary how much he looked like him. In fact I think this one is one of the most spot on. 

5) Dan Stevens 
I'm sure I'm not the only person who thought last year's The Guest was one hell of a movie. The shinning star of it was Dan Stevens. Even tho he doesn't exactly have the look down, I feel he could have pulled this part off like a pro. Plus, the man does look good with a gun. Is that weird?

So thoughts? Agree? disagree? Who could fill Reese's Nike shoes?

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Top horror monprints.

 Top horror prints

As of lately, thousands of beyond talented artist are breathing new life into so many well loved classic films by stunning artwork. With either new DVD releases, mondo prints, pieces of artwork, and new designs tons of movies are getting the best treatment as new and improved takes on posters are becoming more and more popular. Just beginning to collect Mondo prints myself, I can now tell exactly why so many people are crazy about collecting these. Here are my top picks for some of the best horror themed newest prints for new and improved posters.


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Scream TV series. Yay? or nay?

 Scream TV series. Yay? Or nay?

Today I just watched the small preview for the up coming MTV summer series Scream, based off the Wes Craven slashers which were a HUGE part of my upbringing as a horror fan. I'm going into this show completely blind. I'm not looking up anything about it, or on the IMDB. I feel I should watch this the same way I did with the Hannibal series which is completely blind. Now mind you, I don't even think this show will even be able to compare to Hannibal, in fact it just looks like a very dumb way to cash in on these movies. The teenage audience I honestly don't think will really be that into this show. I give it 2 seasons at most. Still, even tho most of us fans who loved the movies when they came out are getting older, will in fact try to give this show the support it deserves. I think it could be promising, but my hope aren't very high. 

I'm a huge sucker for horror themed TV (Friday the 13th the series, Tales From The Darkside, Tales From The Crypt, Freddy's Nightmares, ect.) seeing that it's getting a come back with Hannibal and Bates Motel, who knows. Still, MTV…ehhhh. 

I guess we'll see!

Top 8 heroes from John Carpenter films.

 Top 8 heroes from John Carpenter films. 

Lately I have been on a massive John Carpenter kick, re-watching his films over and over again. Tonight I'm listing off my top 8 favorite heroes or anti-heroes from his films. Carpenter has been known for writing extremely strong and memorable male characters, here are my favorite choices!

Napoleon Wilson - Assault On Precinct 13
- Played by the late Darwin Joston, Napoleon completely stole the show in Assault with his smooth delivery of his classic one liners. Being a convicted inmate that's forced to fight side by side with other police officers in order to survive the night, he shows not only the most humane performance in the film, but is the character you catch yourself rooting for the whole movie. What can I say? He has his moments. RIP Joston, you are missed.

Nick Castle - The Fog
- I may or may not have picked this character over Dr. Loomis in Halloween simply because Tom Atkins plays this part, and he is by far the most attractive silver fox to ever grace…well the silver screen. The character of Nick is your basic blue collar fisherman, he picks up a hitchhiking Jamie Lee Curtis, has a one night stand with her, drinks massive amounts of beer, and saves the day. My favorite moment with him is when he's standing in silence at the bar with Jamie when they decide to leave. When he notices she's leaving her beer, he tells her to take it with them. Classic. 

Snake Plissken - Escape From New York/LA
- The most famous anti-hero from all of Carpenter films. Snake is a complete and total badass. Not only is he forced to go into the island prison of New York to save the president, he also has to do it in record time or tiny bombs in his neck will explode. With his Clint Eastwood like delivery, and cool moves, Snake is the underdog in both films. He stands up for what's right, and gives complete zero fucks. He also shuts off the entire world in Escape From LA. I mean how awesome is that?

Childs - The Thing
- I'm sure some people are asking why didn't I pick the film's lead since he really is a great hero. Well, I've always liked Childs, who is extremely underrated as a character in this film. Not trusting anybody, he keeps going up until the very end. I love his reaction in the famous blood test scene "Cut me loose!" or him getting drunk in the snow at the end. Also for who are massive fans, pay close attention to his earring at the end. Looks like somebody wasn't taken over!

Dennis - Christine 
- Oh John Stockwell. Christine is one of my all time favorite movies and novels of all time. With a mixture of Stephen King and Carpenter in 1983 horror history was made. John Stockwell plays Dennis, the helpless best friend of Arnie who slowly becomes possessed by the haunted car which slowly begins to go on a massacre. Even tho the Dennis character is sorta taken out of play mid way thru the story after a football accident, he seems like the only person with an ounce of sense from the very beginning. Once he teams up with the girlfriend Leigh, both make a great team seeking to destroy the car. 

Jack Burton - Big Trouble In Little China 
- By far one of my all time favorite John Carpenter characters ever. Pretty much Jack is a total bad ass without doing anything. He's a wise cracking truck driver who is just too cool for school. I instantly fell for him the second he caught the bottle that was trying to be cut in half. Between him getting knocked out by firing the gun, arguing with his car insurance over the phone, sliding backwards in a wheelchair, getting lipstick all over him, and getting high in an elevator…the moments truly don't stop with him. In fact I sorta wish more movies would of been made with this character. 

Nada - They Live 
- The only hero that could make a comeback with bubblegum sound completely bad ass. Nada is one hell of a bad ass in Carpenter's most political movies. Between getting his ass handed to him over and over again, getting thrown thru windows, and getting into the greatest fist fight over wearing sunglasses, Nada gave zero fucks up until the very end. And yes, we all love him for it.

Lomax - Prince Of Darkness
- I bet everyone reading this is going…who? Well I down right love Prince Of Darkness, which was Carpenter's response after Big Trouble In Little China tanked at the box office. I love everything about this movie, most of all Lomax who is the uber attractive guy in the gray shirt that pretty much survives nearly up until the very end of the movie before hiding behind a door and getting demon spit sprayed in his mouth. Tragic...

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Scream Factory - Ghoulies/Ghoulies II on blu-ray.

 Scream Factory - Ghoulies/Ghoulies II on blu-ray.

It's pretty clear there are certain movies I'm just plain crazy about. Films that are favorites of mine that I just have to own in every single format possible. (VHS, Laserdisc, DVD, and yes blu-ray.) Such films that I just need to have a massive collection for are Dangerously Close, Dawn Of The Dead, Amityville 1992 It's About Time, Waxwork/Waxwork II, Christine, and of course Ghoulies II.

I down right adore Ghoulies II.

Ghoulies is a brain child from the full moon days when they decided to cash in on the success of Gremlins. Such movies like Troll, Critters, and Ghoulies shortly followed. The first Ghoulies was made in 1985 which told the story of a man inheriting his family mansion where his father used to perform dark magic. Slowly becoming possessed by the power that still remains within the house's walls, the man and his girlfriend decide to throw a party inviting all of their friends. Here the lead summons tiny demons otherwise known as Ghoulies. These tiny creatures go on a zany rampage, and even crawl out of toilets to take a bite out of their victims. 

The original Ghoulies is a fun little cheesy mid 80's movie. I remember seeing the iconic poster of the little green creature popping out of the toilet, but besides that really nothing else. It wasn't until I was at school that my friend Amanda bought the double feature DVD and the two of us sculpted and watched the first three movies together. (Well, half of part III since as soon as they started to talk we got too digested and turned it off.) I was instantly hooked, loving these two movies and of course hunting them down on tape right away. 

I know how owning the original film on both DVD and blu-ray I have zero excuse on not revisiting it. In fact I would love to re-watch it and see if it still holds up in my eyes. So let's say this post will mostly just be a Ghoulies II review. The second I began watching Ghoulies II I knew this was a sequel that dare I saw it outdoes the original. Taking place at a carnival, this movie has pretty much nothing to do with the original storyline besides these little demons on the lose. Hitching a ride with a traveling haunted house called Satan's Den, they hide within the amusement park slowly attacking workers and guests, before escaping and causing complete chaos at the park. 

Ghoulies II if you honestly ask nearly anybody, is the more popular film out of the four part series. Everyone remembers Hardin Carnival, and of course the giant Ghoulie that steals the show in the final act. This movie plain and simple is my favorite. It's a fun little guilty pleasure movies with tons of memorable moments, adorable fun creatures, a great likable cast, and one hell of a showdown ending with in my eyes the best explosion ever seen on screen. Being a huge Ghoulies II fan, this was a movie I could re-watch over and over AND over again and never get tired of. It's one of my comfort movies that I'll never grow tired of and can't stop quoting whenever I watch it. (A great movie to watch with a group when you've had a few beers.) This is a movie you could show anybody from any age and they would enjoy it. Owning it on DVD, Laserdisc, and yes VHS (Thanks John!) I'm crazy about this movie. My friend Jeanette met William Butler at HorrorHound, where I was able to talk to him on the phone and ask him questions about filming it.) I have killer custom Ghoulies II earrings (with the giant Ghoulie on them) and even my phone case has the two leads on them, which always makes anybody who's seen my phone to raise their eyebrows in wonder.

I've even painted a full painting based off this movie for a friend of mine which hangs in his living room.

What can I say? I love this damn movie!

The second I heard Ghoulies and Ghoulies II was getting the royal VIP treatment by my favorite company Shoutfactory, finally being released on blu-ray, I was beyond psyched and pre-ordered it right away. Just this past week it finally came in the mail and I was blown away.

Now I've yet to watch the original Ghoulies yet on the disc or it's special features, but I have devored part II with it's features and loved every single second of it. Like I said, I really can't stress enough how Ghoulies II is one of my favorite movies ever, so finally seeing this released in the proper format it's supposed to be in warms my heart. 

My only few problems is, first why no new artwork? I understand it's a double feature, but a huge reason why I love Shoutfactory is the killer new artwork they get done for their movies. 99% of the time whenever they do release a double feature it always comes just with it's original artwork since the cover is split into two for both movies. Still, it would have been killer to see some new original artwork for these two iconic movies.

My second is I would have loved more features in the extras. I loved the ones they had, but a commentary would have been amazing as well as interviewing more of the cast. The fact they couldn't get Damon Martin (The film's damn lead!) or even mention him once in the features took me aback a little bit. Sad since this man was down right gorgeous in that movie. 

Besides that Ghoulies II delivered on all the goods. The movie is crystal clear really bringing out all the brilliant bright colors of the carnival. The sound is great, and the few features they do have were very enjoyable. Loved that the female lead thought the giant Ghoulie was as funny as I have. A great new addition to my Ghoulies II collection, I will and forever now get the chills whenever the heavy metal song blasts over that epic moving menu.

So for fans all over, I urge you to please go and buy the newest Ghoulies and Ghoulies II double feature on blu-ray!

John Carpenter's Firestarter. What could have been...

John Carpenter's Firestarter. What could have been…

Just recently, I was completely blown away watching John Carpenter's highly underatted Assault On Precinct 13. A film I hadn't had the pleasure of watching until then. I'm a MASSIVE and I mean MASSIVE Carpenter fan, so being able to watch one of his first films, completely surprised,  not knowing barley anything about it, I have to say it was one of the best times I've ever had watching a cult classic.

I've been on a Carpenter kick lately. In fact as I'm writing this I'm watching Big Trouble In Little China. For a brief time, Carpenter truly was unstoppable. His films were fun, terrifying, and a great time whenever they are viewed. One of the biggest things that stood out for me watching Precinct was the late Darwin Joston's performance as Napoleon, the convict who stands side by side with the police officers when the station is being attacked. Joston stole the show in this movie as the smooth talking, charming, anti-hero. I couldn't believe this was the same guy who played the doctor in Carpenter's The Fog a few years later who utters one of my favorite lines from the movie "Dick Baxter died in the ocean." This guy sadly didn't get the career he deserved, and passed away in 1998. One thing that really caught my interest was the fact that around the time production of Christine was finishing, Universal wanted Carpenter to direct yet another successful Stephen King novel which was Firestarter.

King in the 1980's was by far the most popular writer. He was cranking out classic novel after classic novel and anybody who was anybody in Hollywood was dying to get their hands on his stories to be made into feature films. So far Salem's Lot, Carrie, The Shinning, The Dead Zone, and Christine had been adapted for the big screen. Each film were huge hits in their own right and became instant classics. Carpenter meanwhile was on fire. After Assault, he directed the iconic 1978 slasher classic Halloween, then The Fog. Before Christine, he had finished filming the remake of the 1950's sci-fi film The Thing From Another World, which he shortened as simply The Thing. With mind blowing special effects, Carpenter finished this film for Universal and began production on Christine just as the novel was released in hard-cover. With two titans of the horror world coming together, even before the film was released to the public, Christine was all ready known as being an instant hit. So it would only make sense that Carpenter would come back to work on King's next novel.


Nope, wrong.

Around the time Christine was finishing production, The Thing was released and as crazy as this sounds was a huge flop at the box office. (To think it's one of the most beloved horror films of all time now, and known as one of the greatest remakes ever made.) Goes to show you how instantly ahead of his time Carpenter was. Had the film been released maybe just a few years later it would have gotten the insane cult following the film now has today. Well, Universal was in a complete panic over this box office failure and got cold feet for poor Carpenter. Here they decided that they wouldn't offer him the Firestarter product.

What's the biggest tragedy of this missed opportunity is the fact Carpenter had Joston in mind as Rainbird, the Native American hit man hired by the government to befriend young Charlie only to betray her. Instead, after Carpenter wasn't given the chance to direct Firestarter, the movie was given to Mark L. Lester, a new up and coming director had had just finished Class of 1984. Carpenter did Starman (…) and then Big Trouble In Little China which was yet another box office flop, and is now one of Carpenter's most loved films from fans from all over. I really don't blame the man for getting pissed and going back to his roots and making the movies he wanted to make (Prince Of Darkness, They Live, ect.)

Now don't get me wrong, I really like Firestarter. In fact, dare I saw it I like the movie even better than the actual book. The book has an insane story and the haunting score is one of my favorites (I own it on vinyl) Tangerine Dream could do no wrong in the 1980's for me.

Still, it's a little laughable that they casted George C. Scott as Rainbird. Nothing against this brilliant actor. In fact, the movie is packed full of talented actors, and of course young adorable and most likely coked up Drew Barrymore. Still, I feel Carpenter would of made more correct choices such as Joston as Rainbird and of course Andrew. In fact, I would have done anything to watch Joston as Rainbird. For those who have read the novel, they know how sick and twisted his side of his friendship with Charlie is. Watching Joston act beside Barrymore would have been amazing.

Sadly, it isn't true.

I know Carpenter wouldn't have just casted Oscar winning actors just to cast them. Who knows, maybe he would have used some of his regulars in this film. I mean even Kurt would have made a great Andrew.

Like I said, I LOVE Tangerine Dream's soundtrack, but I can only dream about what Carpenter's own written music for the film would have been.

Just one of those times where a brilliant director missed the chance when it really all came down to money and business. Firestarter is still one hell of a movie, and a favorite of mine but a fan girl can always dream of what could have happened if Carpenter was in control.


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26 years later and I finally discovered John Carpenter's masterpiece…Assault On Precinct 13

 26 years later and I finally discovered John Carpenter's masterpiece…Assault On Precinct 13.

PLOT - In South Los Angeles a blood thirsty street gang attacks several police officers and prisoners at an abandoned precinct the evening before it relocates. Unstoppable and armed, the gang viciously surrounds the building leaving the occupants faced with either fighting back…or becoming the gang's next victim. 

LOWDOWN - I'm a massive and I mean massive John Carpenter fan. I was raised on his movies since my mother was such a huge fan. I remember it was a rite of passage the evening my sister and I were finally allowed to watch the original Halloween. In fact, I remember a video I seemed to religiously rent over and over again was The Fog, which was responsible for one of my first on screen crushes Mr. Tom Atkins himself. Or as I like to call him, the silver fox of the horror community. Years passed and I watched such classics as Escape from New York (one of my all time favorite movies), The Thing, Christine (my second favorite horror movie after Waxwork.), Big Trouble In Little China, the highly underrated Price Of Darkness, They Live, Village Of The Damned, In The Mouth Of Madness, Escape From LA, Body Bags, and even Vampires. In fact as a project in college, I had to direct a short play and used John Carpenter's soundtrack as the background noise. Carpenter has always been the cowboy of horror directors. Composing his own music, he's not only responsible for creating Michael Myers, but also directing one of the best Stephen King films ever made, as well as one of the best horror remakes as well. With his signature characters, flawless cinematography, and completely bad ass moments, as much as I love me some Sam Raimi, the honor of being the best horror and action adventure director hands down has to go to John Carpenter. 

What can I say? I love that chain smoking SOB.

I was beyond lucky enough to meet Carpenter in early 2013 at HorrorHound. Clearly he was thrilled to have met me.

Anywho, I've always debated what is Carpenter's best film. He's always had double meanings with his films, let it be the darker side of suburbs, politics, religion, mental illness, pregnancy, society failing us, and even false idols. I mean the man's work was insanely ahead of it's time, and is often over shadowed by his horror work even tho his action adventure work held so much promise. It wasn't until about a week ago I discovered Assault On Precinct 13.

I had heard about this early Carpenter film, that sat between Dark Star, and the iconic Halloween. Ofter over looked, having been made two years before his 1978 slasher classic, Assault On Precinct was a small preview of what promise Carpenter held, mostly with his groundbreaking and beyond bad ass film Escape From New York which was made several years later. 

I decided to catch this film watching it via Youtube one night while working in my office painting. I knew close to nothing about this film, but had heard the soundtrack several times before and really liked it. Yes, sadly I had seen the 2005 remake. I couldn't even tell you what the hell it was about, only that I knew it was a remake of a John Carpenter film. Seeing a photo of Kim Richards on IG, in her famous "I wanted vanilla twist!" scene, I could't believe my eyes. Instantly I knew I just needed to see this movie. Catching the first twenty or so minuets, I was blown away. I can't stress to you how much I adore Carpenter's work, and the fact it took me all this time to finally see this movie I was completely speechless. Yesterday I decided to catch the rest of it, and safe to say I now have a new top 3 favorite Carpenter movies. (Christine, Assault, and Prince Of Darkness.) 

The movie tells a simple enough tale of a police station that's shutting down in a really bad area of LA. That our lead, Bishop has been transferred there and is asked to watch the station with the skeleton crew until morning. Sounds simple enough  right? 


A ruthless street gang that's stolen silencers and automatic weapons now are roaming the streets. In one of Carpenter's most brutal scenes, a young adorable Kim Richards (long before she was a Real Housewife, skips to an ice cream truck while her father is in the phone booth asking for directions. Here is where we witness flawless tension and pacing. The hotrod which holds several gang members are circling around, while an ice cream truck is pulled over. The driver of the truck notices, and becomes uneasy watching seeing if they are going to do anything. Kim hears the truck's music and slips on over after asking money from her father who's busy talking on the phone. The ice cream man relaxes after he sees the car disappear. Kim asks for a vanilla twist ice cream and after being handed the cone walks back to her father. That's where the gang members pop out and attack the ice cream truck driver, beating and shooting him with the silencers. Here Kim makes her fatal mistake after she notices the man got her order wrong and turns back. Looking into the truck, where on the other side the gang member stands emotionless. Here the famous line is uttered "I wanted vanilla twist." and just like that without so much as a second thought, the gang member turns, aims the gun and fires the silencer straight at Kim's chest. Blood squirts out, and her innocent stunned face just stares before she falls backwards dead.

A brutal scene which takes total balls to pull off. Now a days you would never seen something like this filmed. Carpenter did it flawlessly. 

The timeline of the evening is show as times keep popping up, taking us through the night where the shocked and grief stricken father takes a handgun the ice cream man had in his glove box, and chases the gang members who murdered his daughter in cold blood. Chasing them to an empty parking-lot he by chance shoots and kills one of the members before running in complete panic to the police station that legit sits in the middle of nowhere.

I love the scene of Bishop first going into the station at sundown and notching how removed the station is from the rest of the city. It sits on a long stretch of road with no other buildings in sight. There's a field on one side, and a large empty parking-lot with a tree line on the other. With these shots, along with the beautiful and haunting score by Carpenter you can't help but feel isolated like these people.

Here the father runs into the station, completely in shock barley able to tell the officers what happened. Within minuets the phone and power are cut, and as one of the officers go out to see what's the matter (after notching that the street lights are still on.) he's killed. The use of silencers are brilliant since the only way the people inside know they are under fire is by the glass being broken. They can barley see outside, and know they are surrounded. Within no time at least sixty or seventy gang members surround the building and open fire, making a complete massacre. Forced the fight back, the few officers, and even prisoners have to bang together to survive the night. I love following the three different story lines (First the father and his daughter, then the prisoners being transported via bus, and being forced to stop at this station when one of the inmates becomes sick, and of course the officers at the station that's closing down.) it's almost like the perfect storm is made as a series of events lead them all to this one building where they are trapped.

It's Night Of The Living Dead meets Rio Bravo. A modern 1970's tale of a shootout in the old West. Here we follow the few survivors trapped inside with only a handful of guns to defend themselves. Noticing that this gang is much smarter than they think, they know at first there won't be any sounds of gun fire due to the silencers. Then when they finally begin to fight back (the scene where Bishop throws Wilson the shotgun is one of the greatest and most bad ass moments I've seen on films in years.) the gang members remove any of the fallen bodies and move the cars to make the street look perfectly normal in case anybody drives by or calls the police. From the outside the place doesn't even look like it's under attack. Needing to outsmart these crazed gunmen who honestly don't care if they live or die, they try to figure out how they can fight back, make their animo last, and make it until morning. Quickly finding out that the few prisoners are actually on their side, they team up and band together in order to fight back and think of a way until morning. 

With awesome characters by the three leads of Bishop, Leigh, and Wilson, the film is action packed, brutal, and filled with one liners. I for one was a huge sucker for the sexual tension between Leigh and Wilson, and loved the final showdown at the end. The fight till the death in the scene gave me chills, and I down right loved the ending. 

Darwin Joston, RIP. Total bummer after I learned he died. I still remember him stealing his one scene in The Fog. In this he completely stole the show. RIP man, wish you were in more Carpenter films.

Now becoming a huge favorite of mine, I'm currently watching it on Netflix, and planning on getting this baby on blu-ray and vinyl ASAP. A true Carpenter classic, that I count myself lucky that I had the pleasure of knowing nothing about until just a few days ago. This was an edge of my seat thriller, that delivered on everything. A true classic from start to finish, and now a new favorite.

Thank you Carpenter, you never cease to amaze me.