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Top 10 best characters from Twin Peaks The Return.

 Top 10 best characters from Twin Peaks The Return.
I'm still in complete awe that the very last episode of Twin Peaks is just a few days away. In celebrating over here at Staystillreviews we're highlighting everything Twin Peaks! Today we're ranking my personal favorite top 10 characters from The Return. Some are familiar faces from the pervious two seasons, others are new. Now trust me, I know I left out some important ones. But to be fair these are the characters who truly blew me away. I'm awaiting to see Audrey basically steal the show in the last episode, and see if poor Jerry Horne can finally get out of those damn woods!

Remember kids...SPOILERS!!!!

10) Tammy Preston 
- I'm sorta in awe that this character wasn't very well received. I on the other hand loved Tammy. She's beautiful, intelligent, and basically her, Albert, and Gordon were one HELL of a trio this season. What I really liked was the amount of strong female characters Lynch wrote in this 18 part movie. Tammy shows right from the start she has the stuff, and is happily welcomed into the Blue Rose Task Force. She's able to figure out things in just a second notice, holds her own with the boys, and also doesn't even think twice when it comes to pulling her gun and defending herself and her fellow agents. Tammy kicked ass this season. End of story.

9) Albert Rosenfield
- I had such a crush on Miguel from the late 80's and 90's. Agent Rosenfield was one of my favorites in the original series. I loved what a total dick he was, yet was still super likable. What truly blew me away in The Return was how much Albert and Gordon were in it. I completely adored this. Here we have two older men, teaming up with a stunning powerful smart woman, and solving a 25+ old mystery. This breaks my heart since Miguel passed away shortly after filming. That means even if we do get another season, we won't have Albert. Still, I am forever thankful to Lynch for writing these two rich characters acting side by side. Between him swearing about Gene Kelly in the rain, flirting at dinner which was down right adorable, or just staring blankly as Gordon told him the time...Albert will forever be missed and loved.

8) Sheriff Frank Truman
- I really have to admit, I was a little stunned when I learned actor Michael Ontkean declined his legendary role to come back as Harry S Truman. The handsome, sweet, and co-star to Kyle's Cooper. Thinking fast, Lynch decided to call upon Robert Forster, one of his original choices for the original Truman. (I for one have always loved Forster's work, mostly in Jackie Brown) I instantly warmed up to Forster's performance of Frank, Harry's older brother. The scenes of him talking to his sick brother on the phone broke my heart, as well as his tragic backstory involving his late son. Forster filled the shoes perfectly of a Truman brother. I adored the scene of him using Skype to talk to the doc. He seemed so full of warmth and love. The perfect man to distract us from the fact that Ontkean is no longer in town.

7) Janey-E Jones
- Another strong female. At first when I heard of this casting I was a little puzzled. Hey, let's be honest, I was puzzled at a ton of the casting announcements from this season. Still, I really warmed up to Janey-E. Ms. Watts delivers a very strong performance opposite Kyle's Dougie. I really loved watching all of the Vegas stuff and how slowly as frustrating as it seemed, Lynch was giving the Cooper character the family he deserved. Janey-E really knocked my socks off and won me over when she basically told off the men who Dougie owned money to, leaving them speechless. Here is a housewife who is over taking shit, and won't take no for an answer. I really liked watching her re-fall in love with her husband. The sex scene had me in stitches, as well as feeling so happy as for once this lower middle class family seems to finally be turning around luck wise. In last week's episode my heart broke watching Cooper say goodbye to her and Sonny-Jim, but I have a feeling they will have the happy ending they deserve. Long live strong Lynch women!

6) Becky
- Becky is the result of Bobby and Shelly. She's beautiful, likable, and much like her parents almost 30 years before...very troubled. Here we witness that she's married to a young addict named Steve. Living in a trailer, constantly borrowing money from her mother, having a hair trigger temper, and basically knowing her husband is a deadbeat who's cheating...she has a lot on her plate. She lies to her parents about the abusive she's suffering from her husband, truly believing despite all his flaws that he really does love her. I'm worried about Becky since we haven't seen her, and how strange her husband was acting. He seemed pretty guilty about something! Still one of the most stunning scenes in this 18 part movie so far has to be after she's borrowed more money yet again from her mother, and snorts what I believe is coke and as her husband drives away, filling her head with promises we very well know he can't keep, the drugs kick in and she's in a complete blissful daze. Reminds us of a young Laura Palmer right? Tragic and very beautiful...

5) Candie
- Candie. LEGEND. One of the pretty showgirls She is either high on something...or high on life. Whatever it is, I love it. What really won me over with Candie was the scene of her trying to kill the fly before smacking her boyfriend and completely freaking out. It made me die laughing as well feel awful for this beautiful girl. If somebody asked me who was one of my new favorite characters, hands down Candie would win. I find myself constantly quoting her "There were so many cars on the strip!" Last week's episode I couldn't help but smile as she gushed over how the brothers have hearts of gold. I pray we get some co-plays of the girls. Just another zany adorable, and likable character thanks to Mr. Lynch!

4) Richard Horne 
- Richard quickly became one of the most hated characters of this 18 part movie. The moment he appeared on scene smoking beneath a no smoking sign, paying off local police, and sexualy harassing girls...we knew we were in trouble. This gorgeous looking man clearly had issues, and after learning his name theories began to fly. In the last few weeks, these theories were confirmed. He is in fact the result of Mr. C aka (Bob, aka Evil Cooper) raping Audrey Horne when she was in a coma after the bank explosion after season 2. This evil spawn grew up taking more after his father, and in a few episodes he appeared in, we saw a very frighting dangerous side. Between running over a young boy coked up and fleeing the scene, violently beating up the only witness and leaving her for dead, threatening his poor grandmother and mentally disabled uncle, stealing, and finally meeting up with the man who fathered him. There is a lot we don't know about Richard, but judging from last week's episode, and the trap he accidentally sprung thanks to his estranged father, resulting in what I would guess his death, or one ticket straight to the black lodge. His performance truly floored me, and breaks my heart even more for Audrey. 

3) Dougie Jones
- Oh Dougie. At first I'll admit. I was getting annoyed and frustrated with the pacing of Mr. Jones. Now as we reach nearly the end, I understand it all, and think it's all brilliant. Thanks to Kyle's amazing performance, he played 3 separate characters, all different, and all amazing. Dougie Jones basicaly is the result of Cooper escaping the black lodge...without his actual body. Thanks to Jones, we have a new catchphrase "HELLOOOOOOOOO!" As well as watching the childlike wonder as he slowly went through his everyday life with a wife and child. I loved how much he adored Sonny-Jim, or his face as his wife had sex with him. How about him not being able to figure out the bathroom, or how much he loved looking at the statue of the police officer, or sheriff stars (somebody pointed out that the stars reminded him of Harry, which KILLED ME.) As we come to a close with the Vegas story, we see how lucky Dougie truly was. How so many close calls nearly cost him his life, and how the magic of the black lodge followed him, bringing the Jones luck, as well as coming together. I will miss Dougie. Somebody please make more artwork with him and Jade. His classic one-liners, love for food, and tiny glimpses of the real Cooper trying to wake up forever warmed my heart.

2) Mr. C
- As I've said above, Kyle played three separate characters, and knocked them all out of the park. I'll still never forget watching the first episode back in May, and being floored when he stepped out as the slowed down version of American Woman played as he kicked major ass, and instantly showed Cooper wasn't there anymore. This is the result of the evil Cooper escaping from the black lodge in season 2. We get to see the spirit of Bob live on through him, dodging the black lodge, trying to find Philip Jeffries, murdering as many people as possible, winning an arm wrestling contest with Derek Mears, surviving death, as well as ten million other frighting, and very violent events. Not only does he have dark soulless eyes, he also sports a pretty sexy head of long hair. Every time Kyle played Mr. C he stole the show. I mean look at last episode how cold he was giving zero fucks his son is dead. We learn he raped two of our strongest female characters in the past, and will kill without blinking an eye. Lynch delivered a great villain here with Kyle, and I can't wait to see if there is a showdown between him and Cooper!!!

1) Diane 
- I was tempted to pick Audrey, but I have a feeling we'll see her truly shine in the last episode. Still, that dance tho. Diane is a character we've heard about over the years thanks to Cooper's tape recorder, but never got to see face to face. Laura Dern I believe was born to play this role. I've adored Laura for years (Blue Velvet, Jurassic Park) and the second Albert entered the bar and she turned, looking absolutely gorgeous in her white chopped chair, and her Asian style clothing and jewelry, I knew Lynch was onto something. Between her constant smoking, and telling everyone to fuck off, she was a total powerhouse bad ass bitch. The scene that stood out to me was when she visits Mr. C in jail. Completely heartbreaking. Last week's episode, we finally got to see what was up with all these texts, and who's side she really was on. It was revealed that Mr. C did in fact rape her, and BOOM this Diane really isn't Diane. (I have my own theory on this one but I'll wait to spill) still the image of her jaw cracking on the black lodge was completely stunning, and shows that Lynch loves writing complex strong women. 

And let's not forget the true MVP of this season...
Jade. #queen

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Some of the most stunning images from Twin Peaks The Return.

 Some of the most stunning images from Twin Peaks The Return.
With the final episode of Twin Peaks The Return just a few days away I decided to pin-point just a handful of some of the most stunning images from this show. Trust me there is at least 100 I left out! This season has been visual eye candy, and truly living breathing art put up on screen. I'm sure I'll think of at least 50 more after the last episode, but here are some of my top choices!