Tuesday, August 28, 2018

My dream lineup for Joe Bob's next drive-in!!!

My dream lineup for Joe Bob's next drive-in!!!

This past summer horror and movie fans from all over the country rejoiced when the return of Mr. Joe Bob Briggs returned for his "Last drive-in" This seriously felt like a dream come true since Joe Bob had been a spirit animal for myself since I was little, and one of the main inspirations of me starting Staystillreviews way back in 2012. I grew up watching him appear in such cameos in movies like The Stand, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (in a hilarious deleted scene), and Casino. I still remember staying up watching Monstervision, and Last Call on TNT where he would have a friendly semi-sexual banter with his many mail girls, do his drive-in totals, and crack jokes over the B ratted movies that screened each night. I was lucky enough to meet Joe Bob in the summer of 2016, and I honestly don't think I've never been so star-struck. I just remember gushing to him over how much his shows meant to me, and what a huge inspiration he was while I was growing up. Being the Southern gentleman he was, he called me the B movie queen of Boston, and recommend that I finally get around to checking out a drive-in someday (Still got that on my list Joe Bob!) What really made this past summer magical was when horror movie streaming site Shudder announced they would be having a 24 hour movie marathon featuring Joe Bob Briggs as he hand picked 13 awesome horror movies, packed full of interviews, jokes, and drive-in totals. This seriously was one of the best ways to celebrate the last Friday the 13th in awhile! In fact I was one of the lucky winners when Fright Rags did a contest, where you could win a Joe Bob Last Drive In autograph! What made this night even cooler, was the fact that SO many people tuned into the Shudder website, that it crashed! So if you think about it...Joe Bob broke the internet! There have been rumors that this was a sure-tell sign that this was in fact not Joe Bob's last visit to the drive-in, and in the future we may get another awesome movie marathon of his!!!

So while we're staying hopeful for another marathon, here are 13 movies that I would just LOVE to see Joe Bob cover for yet another drive-in!

1) Fright Night

2) A Nightmare On Elm Street 3 Dream Warriors 

3) Day Of The Dead

4) 976 Evil 

5) Society

6) Amityville 1992 It's About Time 

7) He Knows You're Alone

8) Jason Goes To Hell The Final Friday 

9) Night Of The Demons 

10) Waxwork

11) Nightbreed 

12) Class of 1999

13) Christine 

So In closing, what would your choices be for another round of Joe Bob's last drive-in?

Friday, August 10, 2018

Top 20 best horror movie sequels!!!

 Top 20 best horror movie sequels!!!

Today I'm breaking down my top 20 personal favorite horror sequels of all time!

25) The Stepfather 2

24) Critters 2

23) Fright Night II

22) Hello Mary Lou Prom Night II

21) The Horror Show

20) Jaws 2

17) The Slumber Massacre III

16) The Slumber Party Massacre II

15) Halloween II

14) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

13) Silence Of The Lambs

12) Child's Play 2

11) Waxwork II Lost In Time 

10) Wes Craven's New Nightmare

9) Friday the 13th part III

8) Candyman II Farewell To Flesh

7) Ghoulies II

6) A Nightmare On Elm Street 4 The Dream Master

5) A Nightmare On Elm Street 3 Dream Warriors 

4) Amityville 1992 It's About Time

3) Aliens 

2) Dawn Of The Dead

1) Day Of The Dead

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Why Eamon Farren would play the perfect Victor Pascow in the Pet Sematary remake!

Why Eamon Farren would play the perfect Victor Pascow in the Pet Sematary remake!

With the Pet Sematary remake underway, and announcements of the cast being released, I just can't help but express why I believe Australian actor Eamon Farren would be the perfect choice playing the character of Victor Pascow.

Victor Pascow was originaly played by actor Brad Greenquist in 1989 Mary lambert film. As a massive fan of the novel, I feel this adaption was hands down one of King's top 5 films based off his work. We all knew it was just a matter of time, before this film got the remake treatment. Still, as production began, I couldn't help but feel a little hopeful and excited due to the names being dropped in this re-telling of what King claims is one of his scariest novels he's ever written. With Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer sitting in the directors' chairs, it's been told that they are sticking very closely to the novel which has beyond disturbing content. John Lithgow was one of the first names announced as playing the iconic character of Jud Crandall. Right away I began really having faith in this remake. Next came the casting of the lead Louis Creed. Jason Clarke was casted, and right away I really had to agree wit this choice. Jason is a really great underrated actor, and I truly discovered him when he stared in Winchester this past winter. I'm sure it's no secret how much I loved the Winchester movie. This is where I began feeling a little excited since Clarke's co-star in Winchester was no other than Mr. Eamon Farren.

I discovered Eamon last summer when he played the deeply disturbing Richard Horne in Twin Peaks The Return. Instantly I knew there was something about this guy. I began tracking down other films he had appeared in, including Jennifer Lynch's 2012 film Chained, which hands down is one of the most heartbreaking and disturbing films I've ever seen. Eamon has the true talent of being able to play characters both evil, and sympathetic. He seriously steals every scene he appears in. I truly believe his career is going to sky rocket as more and more people see what a great actor he truly is. I mean I became a fan pretty fast. I have tattoos of him from with Chained and Winchester. This guy is no joke. So this past spring when Dennis Widmyer tweeted that Jason Clarke was casted as Louis, I joked and tweeted him back saying he should cast Eamon, Jason's co-star from Winchester in the Pet Sematary remake. Well, Dennis liked it. I know that's not a big deal, but it made the wheels turn in my head. I'm sure the casting announcement would have all ready been released, and Eamon is currently filming an Agatha Christie movie of The ABC Murders in England, so I'm sure he isn't available for filming. Still, a girl can dream. I'm sure they have casted an unknown, and hopefully they will be able to fill the very big shoes Greenquist left behind. 

Victor is as iconic as Zelda in both the novel and original film. He's a college student who tragically is killed when he's accidentally hit by a truck while jogging. Dr. Creed tries to save him, but sadly is unable to. Here as Victor lays dying on the college clinic's carpet, he tells Louis a fighting warning, almost as if as he died, he could see the horrifying future awaiting Dr. Creed. Here he stars appearing to Lous, trying desperately to warn him not to venture past the pet sematary no matter how badly he feels he has to. In the film, Victor also guides Rachel to her magic fate back in Maine. This is a character who's appeared in endless artwork, and images about this movie, and I feel Eamon would play this role perfectly.

I mean he's played a ghost before in Winchester with half his face missing. The man isn't new to wearing prosthetics and seems to have the perfect thin gaunt face to play this character who's both terrifying, yet helpful. 

Still, even though I'm 99% sure he hasn't been casted, I just can't help but think of what a wasted opportunity it is that he wasn't in this remake that seems to really have some promising behind it. Nevertheless, I'm sure Eamon will continue appearing in endless awesome movies, and play very memorable characters. As for this remake, I'm going in open minded, excited to see how they handle this story and make King fans all around the world proud!

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Interview with Ghoulies super fan Graham Le Neve Painter!

Interview with Ghoulies super fan Graham Le Neve Painter!

Earlier this summer, I reached out to Graham after discovering he had just released a super killer book packed with interviews, photos, and fun extras based off all four Ghoulies movies. I'm sure it's no secret how much us over at Staystillreviews LOVE Ghoulies II. I mean come on, it stars our very own mascot Chip aka Damon Martin. Graham was awesome enough to take the time to answer some questions on himself, his book, and his love for the Ghoulie films!

1) Which Ghoulies movie is your favorite and why?

Ok. I'll be honest here. The fourth entry - although it has merit - isn't one that I return to often. But when I DO re-watch it I'm always pleasantly surprised as to how silly and entertaining it is. Anyway, part four wouldn't be my favourite. The first three movies though, I can watch them over and over. So, which out of those three would be my favourite? Hmm. The strange thing about ALL the Ghoulies films is that the tone differs so drastically, the only constant is the Ghoulies themselves. I often wonder what would have happened if a narrative had been followed through all the movies. What happened after Jonathan escaped from the house at the end of Ghoulies!? And what happened before the action picks up at the beginning of Ghoulies II? If I was asked how the bridge the two movies (which no one has, or is ever likely to), I'd have Jonathan, Becky and Mike crash the car, leaving them all dead. We’d then pick up with Jonathan’s corpse in the morgue wearing a pentagram necklace and he’s sit bolt upright, eyes glowing green! He’d then return to the ruins of the basement of his Father’s house and conjure up another demon, that of Alexandra from Ghoulies IV. She’d tell Jonathan that he can regain all his power with another ritual and seven more acolytes. But mid-way through an old priest steals the Ghoulies and we pick up at Ghoulies II. The ritual would fail, Jonathan would return to normal and Alexandra would disappear. Very basic summary, but it would explain all open plot points and could lead into a new Ghoulie adventure. Personally, I’d like to have a Ghoulies movie set at a prom. I can see Cat Ghoulie swinging on the ropes in the gym, and Fish coming out of the punch bowl as I type! Maybe we could do something in a comic book one day!

What was the question? Haha! My favourite??! Depends on my mood as I love the first three so much. But if I was at gunpoint. I'd say Ghoulies. No matter what my mood I can watch that movie over and over.

2) When did you first watch the Ghoulies movies?
1989, 1991, 1994 and 1997. More specific? Ok, here we go. I saw Ghoulies II on VHS first. That would have been in ‘89. My brother and I used to rent horror movies from our local video shop back in the 80’s, and I immediately saw the cover for Ghoulies II and was obsessed with seeing it from the first moment. It was 1991 (I think) when Ghoulies Go To College came out straight to video in the UK. I remember it like yesterday and can still remember being pretty taken aback when the Ghoulies stated talking haha. The first movie I didn't come across til '94. This is back when you couldn't just stream a movie online or go to Amazon. You had to FIND the tape! Either in a shop, or second hand. Luckily my buddy Mark found me a copy of Ghoulies at his local video shop and passed it my way. I remember sitting down that Sunday morning and basking in that insane film. I'd seen parts 2 and 3 already so this one came a little out of left field for me. But I LOVED it! And still do. Ghoulies IV I never knew existed until I spotted it while running the video section of a shop myself. I was never overly enamoured with that one, but I’ve learnt  to appreciate it more over the years. 

3) Favorite ghoulie puppet?
The problem with Ghoulies is that, being over thirty years old, you have a lot of conflicting stories pertaining to how it was shot (don’t get me started on the 3-D or when they filmed the Ghoulie in the toilet shot haha). But from what Buechler says, Ghoulies didn’t originally feature much Ghoulie action. In the original script, which I still haven’t found a copy of, (the scripts for Ghoulies II and Ghoulies Go To College are on the website for anyone who’s interested) Grizzell and Greedigut were the ones to do the killing. Buechler suggested that they use the Ghoulies themselves for more of the carnage. So, the puppets themselves weren’t such a high priority early on and if Buechler had more time, the Ghoulies may have looked a little different. That’s not to say I don’t love the look of the Ghoulies in the first movie, I do! But it seems to me that by the time the second movie rolled round, Buechler had a team, and the time, to perfect the creatures for their first sequel. As I said Ghoulies II was the first of the movies I saw, and that indelible image of Fish Ghoulie on the box of the second movie has always been a favourite of mine. I know Speedy (also on the Ghoulies II art) deserves more love, but Fish was always my favourite. So, Fish Ghoulie in Ghoulies II is my favourite incarnation of the character.

4) Top 5 favorite horror movies?
For the sake of anyone reading, I’m not going to include the Ghoulies series in this. We all know I’m a fan, so I’ll push them to the side for a second. They’re right there! But at the side, temporarily, hehe. Top 5? Well off the top of my head here’s the movies I’ve brought time and time again on many formats.  Creepshow (1982), Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974). Evil Dead (1982). Exorcist III (1990) and House (1986). Poltergeist (1982), American Werewolf (1981). Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge, Night of the Demons (1988). Woah that’s a lot of 80’s titles. How about some new ones I liked? Um, House of the Devil was great I thought. Is that new? No, that’s nearly a decade old. I give up. Pick five of those LOL.

5) Can you talk about the process about making your Ghoulies book?

Ok. Well. I've run a Ghoulies website for over a decade and I started that simply because I was worried that these movies were going to be forgotten about. This was before Ghoulies even came out on Blu Ray. I knew that MGMHD had made a HD transfer of Ghoulies and Ghoulies II and had elected to NOT reinsert the cut footage from Ghoulies II, which I found insane! But when Scream Factory finally released both be movies on BD they were contractually obliged to NOT put the R Rated scenes in. Luckily in 2017 NSM Records in Austria approached me with a cut of Ghoulies II that they wanted me to look over and give them notes on. What they sent me was the UK version of Ghoulies II, which I hadn’t seen since the VHS days! Slightly longer than the PG13 cut but not the full R RATED version. I excitedly told them what they needed to include to have THE most uncut version, and they did it! It's just been released on a standard Blu Ray so you can finally pick up the uncut version of Ghoulies 2 cheap. 

So, I started approaching people via my Ghoulies website to ask questions about the movies. Why no puppets in part 4? etc. And after a while I got a fire under me and started bothering people more often. Some never responded (no Damon, sorry Stacy) and others began to respond, slowly. After about a year of this I was encouraged by a friend to this stuff together in a book. “Great”, I thought. As a fan I’d love to read this! So, I beavered away for a little longer and realized that I'd still have to piece this thing together myself. I had a few pointers from Rich Lawden who released some amazing books on BBC’s Ghostwatch about design, but I had to figure this out myself mostly. I thought, “let's make this as simple as possible”. My original plan was to release the book as a comic book inspired by Ghoulish Tales in the third film. I’m also a fan of Weird Tales, a short lived magazine/comic from the 70's as well as the usual vintage horror comics, and figured I'd emulate that simple style best I can as, I'm not really a designer! So, in the end this thing ended up as an oversized comic book come magazine. And people seem to like it, so that’s good – because I don’t make much money off it haha.

6) Any untold Ghoulies II stories about Mr. Damon Martin?
I don’t think I do. The only cast members I’ve spoken to who really remember much about Damon were Ames Morton and Kerry Remsen. When I read your questions and saw this one about Damon I messaged Michael Deak! (he likes an exclamation point at the end of his name), as he has a great memory for this kind of stuff, but he drew a blank too. But from what has been spoken about him, Damon seemed to take the craft very seriously, and at the same time was a bit of a ladies’ man. Ooh La La. 

7) Thoughts on a Ghoulies remake?

It'll happen eventually. If the Critters tv show is a success I'm sure another studio will jump on the little monster bandwagon and say, "Hey, we own Ghoulies, let's put that in motion and make a few dollars”.  And it WILL be a remake. This will be for a whole new audience, and probably more in line with Ghoulies II, or at least focusing on that kind of fun ride (pun intended), as it’s by far the favourite of the series as far as fans go, it seems. And as you read in the book, all of the main parties (Director’s, Actors), are interested in pursuing a new movie so there’s no lack of original talent if there’s to be a few nods back to the original series.

8) Favorite quote from the Ghoulies movies?

Wow. There’s so many. 
Anything said by Scott Thomson or Phil Fondacaro for so many different reasons. Scott was like a whirlwind in the first Ghoulies, every line coming from his mouth is pure gold. Phil could read the phone book and I’ll intently sit and listen. In Ghoulies II, when he brings Damon a coffee and it’s thrown back in his face before reciting King Lear, I get a lump in my throat every time. Not because its old Shakey, but because it’s recited with such aplomb and passion. Phil’s amazing in every way! Skip and Barcus’ conversation on the porch in Ghoulies Go To College is just amazing. When Skip asks if Barcus is still wearing ladies underware and Barcus says, “Yeah” before he panics and stumbles over, “Who told you that? Those are doctors’ orders. I have sensitive skin”. And more than quotes, I’d encourage anyone to watch every move of Keith Joe Dick in Ghoulies, as he’s hilarious, even when he’s not spouting his classic cheesy lines. There’s also a really funny shot of Ralph Seymour as Toad Boy. When they cut to the gang hanging out after the party’s ended, he springs up from behind a chair and asks, “So, what do ya wanna do?”. I’ve no clue why he was hiding behind that chair, but that kind of bizarre humour is like catnip for me.

9) Who would win in a fight? Ghoulies, Gremlins, or Critters?

Gremlins. Probably because of sheer numbers. Although if you had an even amount in a fight I’m sure Ghoulies would fare pretty well seeing as they’re rather impervious to anything other than being ripped apart. And they’ll only return from another toilet a year or so later anyway haha.

10) What's next for you? Any new projects?
Yes. Loads! One I’m really excited about, but I can't talk about yet as it's not been finalised, but it’ll be epic, but you’ll be the first to know Stacy! The cover and some of the new pieces art for the Ghoulies Companion book was graciously done by artist Tom Claridge, and we've been speaking about some new projects, so a couple of things will likely get released down the line when I can put the time into one project and finish it. It's hard to pick, and focus on another project because you want to have something you’re passionate about, and also something that's not been done before. Ghoulies was something I felt needed to be done as no one had covered these movies in any depth. And no publisher wanted to pick the book up. Everyone I approached originally said, “No one's interested in a book about Ghoulies”. Well, people are buying it, so obviously someone is. 
If anyone wants to follow Ghoulies Movies we’re on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ghouliesmovies. We’re on Instagram, and there’s a website www.ghouliesmovies.weebly.com with info on the movies. I’m on Instagram and Facebook as myself Graham Le Neve Painter also, so if anyone’s interested in the next project announcements by all means follow me on there too
.Thank you so much Graham!