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30 years later. Night Of The Creeps. Still thrilling as ever.

30 years later. Night Of The Creeps. Still thrilling as ever.

PLOT -  A spaceship gets highjacked and the aliens onboard send a deadly experiment of brain eating slugs to Earth in 1959. Two teenagers who are out parking in the middle of the woods see flashes in the sky where it crash lands just a few yards away. The girlfriend too scared to go and investigate stays in the car, ignoring the radio reports of a crazed psychopath that's escaped a mental hospital nearby. As the boyfriend goes deeper into the woods, he finds the broken glass of the tube that's fallen from the sky and before he gets a chance to get a better look, the slugs leap out and jump into his throat killing him instantly. Shortly after, the frightened girlfriend calls out to her boyfriend, only to have the crazed maniac sneak up behind her, killing her with a fatal sweep of an axe. Cut to thirty or so years later during pledge week in 1986. Best friends and roommates Chris and JC walk around before Chris lays eyes on the most beautiful girl he's ever seen. Wanting to impress her, he goes to pledge at a fraternity where he's assigned to steal a corpse from the medical building. Breaking into a strange locked up lab, Chris and JC find the very same teenager who was killed by the slugs in the 50's. Deciding a corpse is a corpse, they take him out of his frozen chamber only to have the body move scaring them. Dropping the body, they take off running having zero idea what they just released. The slugs who had been sleeping for thirty years make the corpse become a walking zombie, spitting slugs out that leap towards anyone who opens their mouths. There the slugs kill the host, making them into killer alien zombies...just in time for the college dance. 

LOWDOWN - I first found out about Night Of The Creeps after doing a little research on Fred Dekker, the director of not only one of my favorite childhood movies, but one of my all time favorite films of all time. This being The Monster Squad. Having zero idea he actually directed some other projects, I instantly needed to see this movie. Sadly this was just when the internet was really starting to take off (I'm starting to see how old I sound.) so besides a little bit of info on the IMDB I really had no idea how to go about seeing this movie. Video stores were just starting to really expand into huge chains which meant the rarely films were going out in certain sections. Mostly the horror sections. Seeing this movie was out of print I was beyond bummed. Finally one night on the Sci-Fi channel I was lucky enough to see it was coming on late at night. Grabbing the first blank tape I had (again, how old am I?) I taped the movie and was beyond thrilled "wink wink" on how cool of a movie this was. I am a huge Tom Atkins fan. Hell, I'll even brag I loved Atkins before he even became this cult icon in the horror world. I always had a huge crush on that silver fox, so having him be in the scene stealer was the frosting on the very colorful cake known as this movie. 

It had a blend of everything I loved. The fact this was Dekker's freshmen effort still blows my mind. He took a blend of so many different things and made honestly the funnest movie ever. He took 50's sci-fi with the black and white flash backs (loved the soundtrack with all the 50's songs), had space aliens, brain eating slugs, and even a serial killer slasher plot thrown in there. I loved the cinematography and editing showing the huge difference from the opening in the 50's to the film's present day in the 1980's during Rush Week. The film honestly seemed like a comic book with the red and blue lighting, the awesome eye catching sets, and of course of soundtrack. If they EVER release this film's soundtrack officially I will die a happy girl.

What I love about this movie is the mix of everything. How you have the most adorable love story happening. I really did love Jason Lively as the lead who's really other other huge role in his career was playing Rusty in European Vacation "Oink! Oink! My good man!" As a huge fan of gingers I thought it was the cutest, going above and beyond to impress the girl he likes. The funny banter between him and JC (Love the crutches), and the awesome one liners. Mostly from Mr. Tom Atkins. This film had great splatter effects (mostly in the showdown at the end.) and one hell of an evening. In fact I love with endings and always wished there would have been a sequel with Jill and Jason...even somehow Tom returning in the late 80's or early 90's. Sadly Dekker said the only way he would do it is Atkins returning but with so much time that's past, instead os seeing a shitty remake I rather see a comic book series based off this movie with a sequel continuing the rest of that night.

I owned several bootlegs of this movie, and pushed hard to share it with other fellow horror fans who hadn't seen it. Mostly in 2007 when The Monster Squad finally got the release it truly deserved. In 2009 the movie got a blu-ray DVD release as well and I gotta say it's one of my favorite films to watch in HD since the transfer is so crystal clear bringing out all of the colorful gory colors. This is a movie I would say anyone could enjoy. If you love creature features, or alien films, or zombie movies, or even just a good old fashion 1980's tale watch this. Yeah a few scenes aren't for the younger audience but I love doing this movie as a double feature with The Monster Squad. (Love the spray paint in the restroom that links the movies together as well as the theory of Rudy's dad being in this. This is a movie I've loved for years. At school I made Night Of The Creep dolls, I've seen it on the big screen in original format several times, and always pop in in whenever I need a good pick-me-up. In fact, Night Of The Creeps is in my top ten all time favorite horror movies.

Hopefully (fingers crossed) I'll actually get to meet the cast this June. So far I've only met Atkins and Dekker who have been beyond charming. This is a movie that has it's own universe and makes me love horror as well as sci-fi movies even more. 30 years later, it still is a huge result of Dekker's wonderful fun storytelling. They truly don't make them like they used to. With films constantly borrowing from Dekker's cult classic, I'm beyond thrilled it's finally after all these years getting the love it deserves.

5 stars!

8 hidden gems on Netflix right now.

 8 hidden gems on Netflix right now.

1) Curve.
- A young woman is driving her fiancee's truck cross country alone shortly before her wedding. Deciding to take the back roads she makes the fatal mistake is offering a ride to a handsome charming stranger who helps her with she has a little car trouble. It isn't long before the hitchhiker reveals his true motives, causing her to drive the truck off a sharp curve in the vast desert valley. Pinned inside the car, she's forced to figure out how to survive trapped inside her turned over truck, while the crazed passenger taunts her from outside. 

2) The Lookalike.
- A wealthy business man contacts the daughter of one of his friends years after a series of tragic events occurred involving his own daughter during a family vacation. He proposes a simple exchange. He wants to video tape her while having sex and send the footage to her father as punishment over this unspoken thing that happened years ago. For this she'll get a vast sum of money. Only speaking to her over the phone, he has his business associates meet with her but after a stupid accident, the girl is left dead. In a panic, the men decide to hire a lookalike not knowing how many people are connected in this sick and twisted plan.

3) In Her Skin.
- Based off the true story of a beautiful young teenager, who goes missing in New Zealand. Being the darling of her parents, they instantly know something terrible has happened when she doesn't come home one night. Here it's revealed that a deeply disturbed young woman who used to be their neighbor began a violent obsession in wanting to become her. Here we learn the terrible truth of what happened the night this young girl went missing.

4) The Trigger Effect.
- Based off the Twilight Zone episode "The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street." we watch a series of events that link several people together during a massive blackout that lasts several days in downtown LA. Scared, three good friends decide to flee the city, and be armed. 

5) Hush
- A young deaf woman lives in a isolated cabin in the woods, trying to finish her latest novel. One night without an warning a crazed manic kills her neighbor and begins lurking around outside taunting her. First he cuts the power, then he begins playing a deadly cat and mouse game not knowing who exactly he's messing with.

6) Would You Rather?
- A young woman who just recently lost her parents in a tragic car accident is left to take care of her of sick and dying younger brother who needs a bone marrow transplant. In massive debit, not knowing what to do, one day one of her brother's doctors introduces her to a wealthy business man who holds a yearly dinner party at his mansion. Here he invites several strangers over in which they play a game. The winner gets a vast sum of money, and basically anything else they want. The young woman is invited knowing little to nothing in what's in store for her. Once she arrives the following night, she sits at a table with other strangers where the host gives everyone the chance to leave before the game begins. The rules are, once the game starts nobody can leave. Everyone stays, thinking that it's just some sort of innocent game thrown by this wealthy man. The games start off small. First with asking a woman who hasn't eaten meat in years in take a bite of steak. New to ask a man almost twenty years sober to have a drink. That's when things get serious. Guards surround the dinner table and the host announces if anyone tries to leave they get shot. It doesn't take long for the frightened guests to figure out it's a sick and twisted game where the guests have to choose their own fate. Last person standing wins.

7) After The Dark
- A group of brilliant philosophy students on the eve of their gradation play a game with their teacher. Here he hands out pieces of paper telling them it's the end of the world. Each person has a profession, and a special trait on why they should survive a nuclear attack. There's an underground shelter which only holds a certain number of people. This means the students need to mentally put themselves in the mindset of who has better worth in surviving and who doesn't.

8) Kristy

- A young college student stays on the practically deserved campus during Thanksgiving break. One night while stopping by a gas station, she bumps into a group of people who start harassing her. Leaving quickly she returns to the campus only to learn these people are crazed psychopaths, who target young women and video tape their murders. Unknown to them, they are about to mess with the wrong woman.

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Recent pick ups - April 2016.

Recent pick ups - April 2016
As I lay here in the darkness, under a quilt I just made (talented, I know) watching one of my all time favorite creature movies The Kindred, and sipping an ice coffee, I'm in full vacation mode. What honestly makes vacation so good? Well sometimes it's what little gems you can pick up randomly while enjoying some good old fashion R&R. As of lately with flea market season slowly coming into full effect, I've been VERY lucky with my recent things I've collected. Here, I decided to post of some of the recent findings this week!

1) Jurassic Park - Tea-Rex mug. - Etsy - 8$
I'm really not much of a mug collector. (That's more of my friend Jeanette's thing.) I own a couple cool ones, but really nothing to brag about. Just recently I decided to splurge (a whole eight dollars) and buy one of these adorable Jurassic Park mugs I've been floating around online. I usually drink tea at work so this is perfect for me. As of right now I plan on filling this bad Larry with plenty of coffee for the next several days...

2) Radio - Flea Market - 5$
I'm sure it's clear one of my all time favorite shows is Friday the 13th the series. One of my all time favorite episodes is one in season 2 called "And Now The News" which is about a cursed radio. In fact whenever I get my Friday the 13th the series tattoo, I plan on the radio being one of the cursed objects I want on me. FOR YEARS I've been looking for a radio similar to the one used in the episode. I've found mini versions, but nothing close enough. Finally Sunday I was lucky enough to find this for 5$! I honestly couldn't believe it. I lugged this around, sanded down the sides, and stained the rough spots. It isn't perfect, but it's still pretty awesome looking. My dream is to someday get Robey and John D LeMay to sign this or get an awesome photo of her throwing it into his arms. Classic.

3) Flea Market scores #1 - All under 25$
Last weekend was opening weekend for the flea market I usually go to up in NH. Here I froze my ass off, but found a few gems on VHS such as a few Tales From The Parkside, Night Of The Comet, Hello Mary Lou Prom Night II, and The Unholy. I was also able to snag two vintage issues of Fangoria.

4) Night Of The Demons soundtrack on vinyl. - Bullmoose - 25$
This was one of my biggest scores this month. I usually rarely buy things on vinyl unless it's something really special. I had heard about the limited release of both Kevin Tenney's films Witchboard and Night Of The Demons being released on vinyl but never really got the chance to snag them. Well yesterday just by chance on my way out of the store I happened to flip through the soundtrack section and found this little baby. Thrilled, I went back and bought it. I adore this soundtrack, and absolutely love the color of the records as well as the artwork on the front cover. 

5) Original April Fools Day video store poster - eBay - 7$
This I snagged on eBay after re-watching the highly underrated slasher on the first. Always loving this cover (I'm sure I speak for many people my age whenever they ran into the horror section as kids at the video store this was one of the many VHS covers that always seemed to pop out at them.) Wanting to jazz up my den a little more I was able to snag this original 1986 video store poster for cheap. Now all I gotta do is have the cast sign it!

6) Flea Market scores #2 - All under 21$
This was this past Sunday's haul. Including my killer radio I got, I was also able to snag two more issues of Sangria, novels based off films like The Abyss, Jaws 2, and The Good Son. I was also able to grab films on VHS such as Critters (I own like ten copies but loved the package it came in.), Fright Night, The Unborn II, Poltergeist The Legacy, Phantom Of The Opera, Lisa, and my favorite a 3 episode Tales From The Crypt VHS tape which includes my favorite episode Strung Along!

7) Scream Factory's double bill blu-ray - 17$
One thing I'm sorta a snot about is blu-ray releases. I own TONS and I mean TONS of movies. Still, my weakness is Scream Factory simply because they always find the best movies to re-release. My fingers are still crosses that someday they can buy the rights to the Waxwork movies. Just recently I picked up Cherry Falls by them on blu-ray, and I've been dying on picking up Village Of The Damned. Still, yesterday I went out and picked up their latest double bill, both films starring the late Anthony Perkins of Psycho fame. The main reason I grabbed this movie was the slasher Destroyer. Such a great horror film that I urge anyone to pick up.

Not included on this list is the KILLER frame for my fold out Hateful Eight poster.

Still, I was able to pick up some truly awesome things for all under 110$. I really rarely treat myself unless I'm at a convention or flea market, but YOLO. Please feel free to share whatever finds you've stumbled across as of lately! I would love to see!

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"We're here for the Krites" - Critters - 30 years later.

 "We're here for the Krites" - Critters  - 30 years later.

PLOT - Two bounty hunters from space are sent to Earth after a batch of flesh eating creatures called Krites escape their prison planet, and begin a blood thirsty rampage across the peaceful countryside, trapping a framer and his family one night. The bounty hunters, wanting to fit in on this planet in hunting this dangerous species transform as the first things they see. One a famous rock star, the other jumping from identity to identify as the furry little creatures continue to feed.

LOWDOWN - My memories of Critters are very near and dear to me. One a vague one of renting this movie when I was little while having a sleepover. All I remember is watching the opening scene where it shows shots of the farm before falling asleep on my living room floor. The next was several years later, in the last few stages of the privately owned mom and pop video store down the street from my house. Here like so many others, I hurried over to the horror section and happened to pick up Critters. The first thing being the eye catching artwork on the cover of the giant critter looking ugly as hell, the second seeing Mr. Terrence Mann aka Johnny Steel the lead bounty hunter with that feathered beautiful hair. Instantly, I was hooked and just needed to discover this movie. I'll never forget watching this film and absolutely loving everything about it. First off, it was made in the mid 1980's. It's soundtrack (the theme, the songs, even Mann's killer catchy performance of Power Of The Night. A song I somehow still know all the lyrics to.), the farm setting, the adorable likable ginger kid played by Scott Grimes, Dee Wallace Stone, the two attractive bounty hunters, and of course the practical puppet effects of the critters. Some may say this is a Gremlins rip off. Maybe it is, but besides Ghoulies II, it's one of the better ones and even spawned three sequels. The awesome Critters 2 (which had even better effects, with Grimes returning. I mean how doesn't remember the giant critter ball?), the third film with Leo himself, and the lackluster final film that takes place in space. The original, will forever and always be my favorite. I remember becoming obsessed with this movie. Around this time I had my very first video camera where I would tape the TV playing this movie which I rented several times before buying on VHS. In fact, in whatever grade I was in, I remember signing everyone's yearbook "Go rent Critters." Was I an ass or what? 

This movie I loved because I watched it with my mother, and saw as a guilty pleasure. It's a fun little 80's movie with cool scenes, a great cast, and scary practical puppets. In fact, this movie was one of the main reasons why I love practical effects, puppets, and those fuzzy cute little bastards. Years passed and my expressed my love for this film even more at school. I can't tell you how many times I watched this movie drunk, or even made critters myself (one came out good, the rest...well they looked like critters that should have been on a diet.) I couldn't get enough of this movie and bonded with my friend Amanda over this movie. The inside jokes I had for this movie is endless and anytime I see it on TV or hear about it I just NEED to watch or talk about it. in fact I would say it's in my top 20 favorite movies of all time. It's cheesy, fun, and one of the perfect movies to show someone younger who wants to get into horror movies. It isn't over the top gory, it has plenty of scares, but not that extreme. My goal is to one day meet more cast members from this film, and find it on vinyl. 

30 years later and this movie leaves a great legacy, not only for it's fun sequels, but the fact it still has a huge cult following. Critter figures/dolls are still being released, as is awesome art work based off these films. In fact, my good friend Chad up in New York for The Horror BBQ is going to see it on the big screen. I was lucky enough to go with a few friends and see an original print of this in Boston a few years back. One day I would kill for a critter tattoo just to prove how much I love this film.

So happy 30 Critters. Thank you for all of the wonderful memories, and the fact it still holds up today. I can't urge anyone who hasn't see it to go check out this cult classic right away.

5 stars!

Party like it's 1986!

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Top 10 twists in a horror movie.

 Top 10 twists in a horror movie.
Everyone loves a good twist. Here are my choices for some of the best  twists ever in a horror movie. Remember, SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

1). April Fools Day.
Twist - Muffy, a wealthy college student invites her college friends up to her mansion which sits on a private island over Spring Break. The weekend starts off harmless at first with lots of joking and teasing. It isn't long before one of the pranks results in someone getting hurt. That's when Muffy the following morning begins acting strange and people start going missing one by one. As the remaining guests try to piece together the clues they learn that Muffy has a twin sister Buffy who escaped a mental hospital and has been killing them. After a very suspenseful chase around the mansion, the two survivors stumble into the pallor where all of their dead friends are sitting around drinking. Here "Buffy" who's really Muffy reveals a plastic knife. It seems that in order for her to inherit her father's house, she needs to prove she can support herself on her own. Brainstorming, she decides to turn the mansion into a bed and breakfast where she'll host a mystery weekend. Needing to do a test run, her along with a few of the locals set the entire thing up. Nobody was killed, and best of all everyone was able to scream "April Fools!" when the truth was revealed. I don't know about you but I would be completely bullshit.

2). When A Stranger Calls Back.
Twist - As much as I do like the twist/opening of the original, I'm going to have to go all the way with it's made for TV sequel which in my eyes is a million times better. A young babysitter is working late one night and hears a knock at the front door. Unable to see out, she doesn't open up and asks who is it. A man's voice comes from the other side telling her he's broken down a few streets away and she was the only person who's answered. He needs someone to call a tow-truck for him. Figuring it wouldn't do any harm, she tries the phone only to find it dead. Not wanting to let the stranger know outside, she lies and tells him she's called and it might take a while. He thanks her and leaves. Later that night he returns, knocking again and telling her they never came. Frustrated, the babysitter lies and says she'll call again. That's when the man's voice asks if she's alone. He tells her he saw somebody moving around upstairs. Frightened, she goes upstairs to find the children missing. In complete panic she runs downstairs when she starts hearing the man's voice call her by name that's when a figure in the dark starts moving towards her. Escaping barely, she can't figure out how the man outside could have gotten in, most of all when she heard him speak outside the door. Years pass, and the children remain missing. Haunted by that night, she tries to pick up the pieces of her life away at college. That's until she begins to notice late at night somebody has been inside her third floor apartment. Seeking out for help by the police and a survivor from the original film (who works as a councilor at her college) she's attacked and everyone is left clueless. Racking their brains they just can't figure out how this man could be in two places at once. Finally, in one of the scariest endings ever, the councilor returns home to her loft to find the power out. There she starts to hear her name. Unable to find the source, she runs around before finally it's revealed the man who's doing this has a huge talent in staking out the houses he's going to break in ahead of time. Choosing a wall, taking multiple photographs and painting himself up like whatever background he'll be standing in front of, blending in perfectly. Using his talent as a ventriloquist to throw his voice (sounds crazy, but is completely terrifying when his big eyes open up as he's painted like bricks and pipes) 

3). Black Christmas.
Twist - I decided to choose this film over the original When A Stranger Calls because I honestly feel this film did it better. Black Christmas tells the tale of a sorority house around the holidays who has been receiving strange sexual phone calls for the last few weeks. The night of the girl's Christmas party before everyone leaves for break a person climbs up the side of the house and breaks into the attic. There they climb down the attic ladder and go inside one of the girl's closets. Killing one of them, and going completely unnoticed after everyone has gone to bed, they drag the body up to the attic where they pose the corpse like a doll. The following morning the girl's father becomes worried when she doesn't meet him where they planned. A few hours go by and everyone becomes concerned when a little girl from town goes missing as well. Calling a search party they look everywhere only to find the young girl's body in the park. Jess, one of the sorority sisters becomes worries. Not only is she wondering where her friends have gone, she's also dealing with a rather personal issue involving her boyfriend who doesn't want her to get an abortion when she revealed to him she was pregnant and planning on not keeping the baby. Still receiving the haunting phone calls, the police decide to tap the house's phones and see where exactly these calls are coming from and if they have anything to do with the little girl's murder and the other girl's disappearance. As more sisters go missing in the house, one by one, Jess awaits by the phone. Finally one of the police officers call her telling her they traced the calls and what they want her to do is to hang up and leave the house right away. When Jess says she just needs to wake her friends up (who have all ready been murdered) they police officer panics over the line and tells her that the killer has been making the calls from the house mother's room (on a separate line). Terrified, she begins to scream for her friends to answer her. When there's no reply, she slowly goes up the stairs and checks one of the first rooms. There she finds their bloody courses stacked up on one of the mattresses. There the killer comes jumping out from behind the door screaming and yelling. Barley escaping she hides down in the basement where low and behold her boyfriend shows up just in time. Believing that it was him who's been responsible for the murders she attacks and kills him just as the police arrive. Later that night, she's sedated and left in her room. Due to an emergency, everyone hurries out leaving Jess behind (great job boys) as Jess lays sleeping we hear the phone begin to ring as the killer, still alive and uncaught sits up in the attic with the undiscovered bodies. 

4) Identity
Twist - Several strangers are stuck at an old highway side motel during a rain storm which has flooded the highway. After an accident, they all gather together when the guests begin getting murdered one by one by an unseen killer. Trying to band together to figure out who's exactly responsible, the film's lead character (played wonderful by John Cusack, who I believe this was honestly one of his last truly amazing roles) makes two large connections. All of the guests share the same birthday, and all of their last names are states. That's when he awakes to find himself handcuffed to a chair surrounded by police officers and doctors. Here the doctors inform him that he isn't who he thinks he is. In fact, he's a deeply disturbed serial killer who suffers from multiple personality disorder and sentenced to death. The doctors have been working on having all of his personalities meet up where the crazy one will begin picking off the other ones. Here they have a plan. Have one of the personalities kill the violent one to prove to the state he's no longer a threat to society. Here the remaining personalities return to the motel during the storm, having to figure out which one is doing the killings or it's the end for all of them. 

5). The Mist
Twist - After a really bad storm a father and son go to the local supermarket to stock up on supplies. Out of nowhere the town siren goes on and a man comes running inside bleeding and frightened screaming that something is in the mist! There strange massive creatures come out of the mist attacking and killing anyone who escapes. Trapped inside the supermarket, the town's people have to defend themselves. Days pass and the body count begins to build as everyone starts to turn on each other. Deciding now or never, the father, son, and a few others barley escape in a truck. Riding for hours, they pass more creatures before the truck runs out of gas. Giving up, they decide better to use the last of the bullets on themselves instead of starving to death or having these monsters outside kill them. There the father kills his son and friends, and finds the gun out of bullets. Legit seconds later the mist disappears and the army comes rolling down the road. Had he just waited a minute, they would of all been saved. The film leaves us with the haunting image of him kneeling, crying out, and now having to live with what he's done.

6). Sleepaway Camp
Twist - The biggest twist in the entire list goes to the highly underrated slasher from 1983. Years ago a terrible boating accident claimed the life's of a single father, and one of his young twins. Eight plus years later, the twin is a shy awkward teenage girl named Angela who's going to summer camp for the first time ever with her cousin Ricky. Raised by aunt who's a doctor, she's lived as a shut-in ever since her twin brother Peter, and father were killed. Once she arrives at camp, the teasing begins. She's terrified of the water, and rarely talks. That's when the accidents begin. A drowning, a camper stung to death by bees, a cook burnt with hot boiling water, ect. As more campers are sent home, a rumor starts to spread that these accidents aren't accidents at all. That there's really a killer stalking the woods. Finally one night, there's a massacre and several campers as well as the councilors are murdered. Angela sneaks off to the beach where she decides to finally go all the way with her new boyfriend Paul. Slowly she begins to undress. Minutes later, two councilors who are trying to round up the kids as the police arrive hear humming. Seeing the back of Angela sitting naked, they approach calling her name. There a flashback is revealed, showing that Angela didn't survive the boating accident, it was actually Peter the male twin that lived. It seems that the aunt was a wee bit crazy and wanted a little girl so badly that she raised Peter as his dead twin sister. Just then, Angela...or Peter, or whatever the fuck his name is jumps up hissing, the boyfriend's head rolling off into the sand. Here the councilors stand stunned saying "How can it be? Oh my God she's a boy!" Here we see in all his glory, that in fact a boy.

7). Saw
Twist - Two men wake up chained in a dirty bathroom with little to no memory on how they got there. Inside the room there's a dead corpse between them. Struggling to free themselves, they discover tapes and a tape recorder. Here the voice of Jigsaw, a serial killer who's famous in the area informs them that one of them a doctor needs to kill the other man Adam in less than a few hours or his wife and daughter will be killed. There in the room is a gun with one bullet, and two saws that won't break the chains. Here they figure out that Jigsaw doesn't want them to use the saw to break the chains, but to saw through their own legs. With the clock ticking, they keep trying to figure out how to escape. As time passes they slowly remember how they were kidnapped, and what connects the two of them. In the end, the doctor panics and cuts his own foot off to escape. Bleeding to death, and frightened for his own family he points the gun to Adam who begs for his life. Shooting him in the shoulder, he nearly collapses. At the end of the film, the doctor tells Adam who's bleeding that he needs to go get help or both will die. Left alone, Adam finds out the man they believed was Jigsaw was actually another victim in this dark and twisted game. Here, the corpse in the middle of the room rises as Adam (played by the ever so awesome Leigh Whannell, who wrote this film) watches in horror. Trapped in the room, he screams reaching out as Jigsaw shouts "Game over!" before slamming the door shut and leaving him to die.

8). Psycho
Twist - A young bank teller steals a great deal of money in hopes to start a new life with her boyfriend. As she drives down a lone highway, she has a change of heart and decided tomorrow she'll go back home and give the money back. It begins to rain and she's forced to pull over to a small motel run by a very awkward and strange young man named Norman. The two have dinner together where she overhears his mother shouting at Norman who sits in her bedroom window at the house that overlooks the motel. As they eat Norman apologizes, saying his mother isn't well. When the young woman tries to offer her advice in maybe sending her someplace to be cared for, Norman becomes unnerved and states that a boy's best friend is his mother. After they part ways for the night, she decides to relax and take a nice hot shower. While she's in the bathtub, a woman breaks in and stabs her to death. Moments later from the house we hear Norman's cries "Mother! Blood! Blood!" Rushing down he finds the body. Hiding the car and body, we see this isn't the first time Norman has had to clean up after his crazy mother. Days pass, and the young woman's sister becomes concerned when the police inform her about the money being stolen and her disappearing. Connecting her boyfriend who hasn't heard from her, they await word on a P.I who lands up at the motel and questions Norman who acts strangely. Returning later that night, the P.I sneaks inside the house only to be attacked by the woman again and brutal stabbed. Feeling uneasy, the sister and boyfriend decide to go out to the motel the next morning when they don't hear anything from the P.I. There they pose as a married couple. Once Norman is distracted, the sister goes up to the main house hoping to question Norman's mother. Hiding in the basement, she sees the old woman sitting in a rocking chair. When she touches her shoulder, the chair swings to the side, revealing a rotting corpse. There Norman, dressed in a housecoat and wig runs out of nowhere with a knife only to be stopped by the boyfriend. Later the police inform them that Norman's mother died years ago and he must have stolen the corpse, dressing up as her and committing murder. The story continues even more in the awesome and highly underrated sequel. 

9) Frailty
Twist - A man one night walks into the police station and informs one of the officers that he knows who's been responsible for a series of brutal murders around the area. There he sits down and tells the tale back in the late 1970's where he lived with his younger brother and father behind a beautiful rose garden. They all lived a peaceful happy life until one night their father woke them, saying he had a vision from God. That God informed him that there were demons that lived on this Earth, that hid as humans and that he sent him a list of demons that they were supposed to destroy. The older brother can't believe his ears, thinking his father has had a mental breakdown. Still, his younger brother believes his father and one night they are woken up again by their father with an axe. There he leads them into the woodshed where a man is tied up, struggling for his life. The father touches him and says he saw what horrible things he did and murders him before his stunned children's eyes. This happens several more times and finally the older brother has had enough, begging his younger brother to run away with him. The little brother tells him that their father isn't lying, that every time their father touches one of the demons, he has visions to. Thinking his brother has been brain washed, he tries going to the sheriff only to lead him to the house and have his father kill him. Afterwards, the father tells him this is the first person he's ever killed. When the brother tries asking him about all of the other people he explains that they were demons. That he had another vision from God saying he was a demon to, and that he's going to do everything in his power to make him believe and not become one. At the very end, the older brother tells his father that he finally believes him, only to have him murder him. At the end we learn that the father wasn't crazy at all. He really was killing demons, all people who had committed murder and that one day his very son would grow up to be the serial killer. There's more to this twist which truly makes you scratch your head, but by far one of the best twists and endings I've ever seen in a horror movie.

10) The Other.
Twist - In the 1930's, young Niles and his brother Holland play a special game with their grandmother. Living on a farm, they are each other's best friends and sneak around constantly. Years ago after their father's death, their mother suffered a nervous breakdown and now is taken care of by her family members. Accidents begin to happen around the farm, and Niles begins to suspect it's his twin brother who's been causing all of this to happen. At the very end the boy's mother discovers a family ring that Niles carries around with him, that he claims Holland had given to him. Horrified, she falls backwards down a flight of stairs. As more accidents happen, the grandmother tells Niles enough is enough. He's played the game and now it's time to wake up to the fact that his twin brother died years ago. That Holland is just part of his mind, and that it's him who's been causing these accidents, not his brother. Frustrated, believing she's lying, Niles continues living his fantasy until one night his young niece, who's just a few months old goes missing. A search party goes everywhere, searching for the infant only to find the baby stuffed in a jar of water. Knowing he has to be stopped, the grandmother goes to trap Niles in a barn and set it on fire, only to get trapped herself and have the entire place burn down. At the very end it's revealed that Niles survived and continues to kill.

Thoughts? What am I missing?

Monday, April 4, 2016

Thoughts on The Walking Dead finale - "Hi, I'm Negan."

 Thoughts on The Walking Dead finale - "Hi, I'm Negan."


Groans from around the world were heard last night when the most anticipated season finale, let alone episode in all 6 seasons finally aired. Fans of the highly popular show began placing bets after this frustrating season trying to figure out who Negan would beat to death with his baseball bat Lucille. In the comics it seemed that Glen would get this honor as the storylines began to finally die down in the 100th issue. Viewers were teased over Glen's death multiple close-calls, and people thought his storyline with Maggie and himself expecting a baby was too happy and good to be true. We've learned very quickly in this show that nobody can really be happy.

For weeks people were placing bets on which route the show was going to go with. Would they stick with Glen? Take the bad ass choice in fan favorite Daryl, or the heartbreaking way with Carl or Carol. I myself who really isn't the big Walking Dead fan, forced myself to watch this season since the second I heard about the brilliant casting choice with Jeffery Dean Morgan (Supernatural, Watchmen, The Possession.) I've been a fan of this handsome SOB for years so seeing him yet again return to a popular television show was a huge treat. I started watching mid way through and was honestly surprised. The mid-season finale blew my mind, as did the ever so awesome effects by KNB. Deciding to jump on the bandwagon. I was pretty shocked how much I was truly looking forward to finally meeting Negan. The way they were hyping this guy up like no tomorrow and everyone said he was by far the most brutal and bad ass villains. In fact he made the governor look like a complete school girl! I couldn't wait.

Days before hand in order to hype myself up I gushed about who was going to get it with friends. Even tried out a pretty half assed but decent cosplay of Negan, and couldn't stop wondering if this show was going to completely give zero fucks with the kill that would send shockwaves all over the world.

Sadly the second to last episode began to set me up for exactly what I feared the most. For a while I really did believe maybe the show wouldn't give two flying shits about the Daryl character and actually kill him. Well, after a gunshot wound (which my sister I believe nailed what exactly I think the show is going to go storyline wise. Daryl is wounded and won't be able to hold his crossbow.) That gunshot wound I believe saved Daryl from any danger. 

The finale dragged on until the last seven or so minutes before finally they wandered straight into Negan's camp. The sounds of everyone whistling creeped me the HELL out. I couldn't help it, but the second Jeffery stepped out of the trailer I had the biggest shit eating grin on. I usually do root for the villains, but this show I found the villains more annoying than anything else. This was the first time I honestly couldn't stop smiling, loving every single line he delivered with complete and utter perfection. Between them nailing how exactly he should look, I felt this final scene was set up perfectly. The leads kneeling down, Rick looking so terrified he seems to be losing his mind, and finally Negan playing his final game to see who would be chosen to meet their end by the hands of Negan's lady. 

The cinematography was awesome before sadly the show pulled the biggest dick move and cop out by showing the P.O.V of whoever was getting killed as Negan brought down the bat again, and again, and again.

Now we have to wait until October to find out who Negan killed.

As much as people are trying to compare this to Dallas or Twin Peaks, I found it a stupid cliffhanger and we all know in the end the show won't have any balls and end up killing a minor character. If when we do return in October I really do hope as much as I find it unlikely that it will be a main character, we can just hope that maybe the show went the bad ass route and took somebody we call care about out. I mean come on now.

Until then, what I can say about this finale is the brilliant performance played by Jeffery Dean Morgan. A highly underrated actor, who I hope finally gets the credit he deserves. If there's anything I can take out of next season...I hope it's the eye candy from Morgan who I know will steal the show.

Until then, let's all place bets on who Negan killed!


Sunday, April 3, 2016

Character reflection - Robert Muldoon from Jurassic Park.

Character reflection - Robert Muldoon from Jurassic Park.

April 4th is a rough day. 17 years ago actor Bob Peck lost his battle with cancer. There are very few actors that for some strange unknown reason I feel emotionally attached to. I'm sure I'm speaking for others, but Jurassic Park was one of those movies that was a huge part of my childhood. Released in 1993, I was five years old. I still remember watching it constantly on tape, playing the impossible video game, and years later finding this one of the most quotable films of all time. A must to, watching with a group of friends with drinks. I think why this movie, no matter how many times I've seen it I always have to re-watch it. This movie brings back wonderful memories, a favorite of mine, and a total comfort film. Friends of mine who follow me here, on FB, or IG know how strongly I feel about this film. In fact it's in my top five. One of the biggest reasons why I love this movie is for one character.

Robert Muldoon.

Played by Bob Peck. Robert Muldoon was one Hell of an epic character from the novel in which the film was based off of. A game warden from Kenya who liked to drink, and take down T-rexs, and raptors with missiles, completely stole the show. Due to his brilliant performance in the BBC miniseries Edge Of Darkness, he caught the attention by director Steven Spielberg who decided several years later to cast him as the game warden of Jurassic Park. I believe this was Spielberg's most brilliant case of casting since Robert Shaw in Jaws. Born in 1945, Robert became a brilliantly trained theater actor where he met his wife fellow actress Jill Baker. Bob made a steady career in television and theater productions and had three children with Jill. His big breakout role was in Edge Of Darkness (directed by Martin Campbell of Casino Royal fame) Bob would act in several other films such as Slipstream, The Kitchen Toto, and Lord Of The Flies. In fact actor Sir. Ian McKellen has even stated that he learned the most from acting from Bob. A respected talented man of his craft, he continued with television work before landing the role that he would be best remembered for.

Robert Muldoon.

Going mostly against the novel, Spielberg did his own take with Muldoon. Originally from Kenya, Muldoon was good friends with Hammond and worked at John's other park Tiger World. Having hunted and trained most prey that could kill you, he was brought down to work on Island Nublar. Stealing most scenes he appeared in. Muldoon was the only man who had enough brains to understand how truly dangerous this park was. Giving zero fucks, calling John out in front of his guests on tour, seemed to be the only person who knew how dangerous these raptors were. Having some of the film's greatest lines "Shoot her! They should all be destroyed!" And "Clever girl." With amazing legs, piercing blue eyes, sharp handsome features, a killer accent, and brave enough to fetch Hammond's grandchildren, as well as drive standard...Robert Muldoon by far was one of the best characters in the entire Jurassic Park series. His tragic death is one of the most memorable in the movies and still quoted to this day. People even 20 + years dress up as his character, and honor him by always saying his famous final line "Clever girl..." What truly sucks is the fact he doesn't die in the novel, but meets a horrible bloody end in the film. Somehow The Lost World as well as the other movies don't seem the same after he's gone. In fact I downright started sobbing like a baby in Jurassic World when the two little kids went to the old visitor center. 

To honor Bob after watching Jurassic World, I decided to get a Robert Muldoon tattoo by my crazy talented tattoo artist Shane Murphy and still to this day claim it's my most beautiful and stunning piece on me. I can still dream that maybe in Jurassic World 2 they will have Muldoon's son or something come back for revenge. I find it sorta a slap in the face that in The Lost World they didn't even mention him. (There is a deleted scene about his family receiving a settlement over his death). Rumor had it that they deleted it in case of wanting to bring Muldoon back for future films wounded but still alive since he was such a fan favorite. Sadly, Bob died a few years later. 

Bob will forever be part of the Jurassic Park legacy and I am honored to have him tattooed on me. 17 years seems crazy, but my thoughts are with his family on this day. I will be watching Jurassic Park in his honor tonight. We miss and love you Robert. Thank you.

My Hateful Eight collection.

 My Hateful Eight collection.
This past Tuesday The Hateful Eight came out on blu-ray/DVD. So far I've watched it three times this week and it still hasn't gotten old. The Hateful Eight was my #1 choice for best film in 2015 (The Green Inferno, even if it was made in 2013 was my second choice, It Follows was my third, Jurassic World was my 4th.) But Quentin's 8th film completely knocked my socks off. Having been a massive fan of his movies since I was little, this by far has been one of his top masterpieces. It didn't take long for me to start collecting as many things as possible for this movie. Here is what I have so far...

1). The Hateful Eight on blu-ray/dvd. Yes, I didn't get the steelbook. In fact, this is the first Quentin movie I actually own on blu-ray. I rarely ever wait for the SE edition for films but I'm sure whenever it goes get released (hopefully with more extras) I'll snatch it up. The movie was crystal clear, and reminded me how truly beautiful this movie is and how you have to at least once watch it on the big screen. 

2). Cloth banner from Japan. Funny story behind this, when I ordered it I didn't pay attention to the size believing that it was a full poster. Instead, I received a much smaller banner. Wasn't that upset over it since it really was nice. Not wanting to destroy it since it's made out of very thin cloth I had my roommate frame it for me while I was recovering from a nasty virus.  This is my favorite type of poster, the fact we have all eight main characters on it. Still trying to find a place to hang it.

3). Hateful Eight pop vinyls. It still puzzles me that they only released four of these characters. I really don't know if they would make the other four, but still, the main characters were released. These are down right adorable. I only own a few pops. The Big Trouble In Little China, a Freddy Dream Warriors one, a Trick R Treat one, a few Gremlins one, and now 4 of the Hateful Eight. I have an urge to pick up a few more since they make the perfect gift idea. I mean who wouldn't want a Daisy doll for their birthday?

4). The Hateful Eight cups. I believe these were released in a theater on the West Coast. I was able to snag all 8 (one cup for each character) for just fifteen dollars. I have these babies, and trust me I was more than a little tempted to get wasted by drinking out of them. How bad ass would that be, getting drunk drinking from a Sam Jackson cup. Y.O.L.O

5). The Hateful Eight soundtrack. I've been dying to get this on vinyl. There was a limited release of a SE steel box of the entire soundtrack. Broken up into eight records, including a small coffee pot, and a Lincoln letter. As much as I would kill for it, those go for 600$ and more. Still, they do have the entire soundtrack on regular vinyl so I'm keeping my eyes open for it. Until then, I'm happy with it on CD. I can't tell you how many times I've driven around this winter in the snow blasting this.

6). 14 of the Hateful Eight dolls. God, what a complete and utter bitch this was collecting all of them. I now have 14 in total (Doubles of Daisy, Chris, Joe, Oswald, Bob, and The General.) I'm still missing Quentin (sorta annoyed they added him since really he wasn't a character.) Still, absolutely love that I now own all of these. 

As of right now I'm keeping my eyes out for a snow globe, steel box, and posters for this movie. If anyone spots anything let me know. My goal is to have one hell of a impressive collection by the end of this year. Let's see! So anyone have any awesome pieces? Please share!