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5 Roles "Chip" could have ruled past and present!!! Part 1

 5 Roles "Chip" could have ruled past and present!!! Part 1
Over here at Staystillreviews we've whipped up a list of 5 roles that our very own mascot Chip (Damon Martin) really could have rocked both past and present. Damon aka Chip graced us only with a handful of killer roles he played in both the 80's and 90's. Here are some characters I feel would have become even more legendary had be played them!

5) Robin - Batman Forever and Batman and Robin
- A few years back I did a whole post over how I wished Damon had continued workin with Tim Burton (who directed Damon as our Chip in Pee Wee's Big Adventure.) In fact click here to read my thoughts on this Why Damon would make the perfect Robin I feel there are a few Batman movies, the rest are a complete mess (including Batman Forever and Batman and Robin) I remember even seeing these films as a little girl and thinking "Jesus...these are awful." Still, had Burton stayed on I feel the movies would have been darker, and MUCH better. Maybe, just maybe he would have brought Damon back (even tho he would have been slightly a bit older than the actual character) I feel he would have ruled. I mean the man has red hair...(Stacy logic) 

4) Nathan - Leprechaun 
- Damon really could have rode the cheesy 1990's horror train for as long as he could. Sadly after making Amytville 92 he signed a record deal joining a band who released a really popular album that displayed two songs that hit #1 on the billboards, before becoming a producer, and now a popular mural artist displaying stunning artwork for animal rights. Still, a tiny part of me wishes Damon had continued acting in movies, no matter how cheesy. I feel he could have been in one of the Puppet Master movies, maybe a Candyman sequel, and yes playing the handsome stud Nathan in Leprechaun. I mean for anyone who's seen Kid with C. Thomas Howell they know he had the right look for the part. (Those arms tho...)

3) Boone - Nightbreed
- I worship Nightbreed. In fact it's one of my all time favorite movies. Clive Barker seriously made 3 outstanding films, and just recently his second film got the respect it truly deserves. I would have loved to see Damon playing the lead Boone. The young man who arrives to Midian, seeking forgiveness before changing and embracing the tribes of the moon. Damon was still acting in 1990, and seeing him act beside such talents like Doug Bradley and Oliver Parker truly would be a dream come true. I think Damon really could have appeared in more horror movies. People give the 90's a bad rap for horror until Scream came out but in my eyes from 1990-1995 some truly decent horror movies were released. Damon even appeared on a highly underrated sequel Amityville 1992 It's About Time. This would have ruled seeing him in yet another cult classic.

2) Michael - The Lost Boys 
- The Lost Boys belongs in the holy trinity of 1980's vampire movies. (Fright Night, Near Dark, and The Lost Boys) This displayed that vampires could be sleek, sexy, as well as terrifying. Not only was this movie a massive staple in my house playing constantly as I was growing up, it also features the two Coreys, a killer cast, and a great soundtrack. I have nothing against Jason Patrick (In fact I have nothing against any of the actors on this list) I just think if I honestly had the choice I would pick either Zach Galligan or Damon Martin to play Michael, the moody older brother who happens to fall for the wrong girl, and gets mixed up with the "wrong" gang of teens. I mean who killer would it have been seeing Damon via 1987 (Ghoulies II vibes) listening to I Still Believe with Haim and seeing Star on the beach. Man oh man! What a fantasy!

1) Charles - Sleepwalkers 
- I feel it was such a missed opportunity that Damon never got the chance to work on a Stephen King project. I feel if I make a part 2, a miniseries may make an appearance. If I had to choose any role King wise for Mr. Martin it would be as Charles in the highly underrated Sleepwalkers. Charles is a supernatural being called a Sleepwalker. An ancient near extinct creature that is ageless, with special powers. It's only weakness...cats. Charles and his mother (who both share a very creepy incestious relationship) have been roaming the world, moving from town to town, always on the run and feeding. What exactly do they feed on? Virgin souls. Here Charles and his mother move to a peaceful small town, where they set their sights on a beautiful young girl, knowing time is short with the police beginning to suspect something is wrong, as well as thousands of cats ready to attack these two evil monsters. This film was made in 92 (Which was the last year Damon acted for nearly twenty-four years) He would have been the perfect age, as well as looking completely adorable standing right beside Madchen Amick.

Stay tuned for part 2 of other roles Chip aka Damon Martin would have rocked at!!!

Until then, 3 cheers to our Chip! The movie loving kid!!!

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Staystillreviews’ annual Spring Break celebration!!!

 Staystillreviews annual Spring Break celebration!!!
Amazing artwork by Travis Falligant

The never ending snow is FINALLY melting. We're just starting to get slightly warmer weather, which only means one thing.


In just a few weeks over here at Staystillreviews we'll be celebrating warmer weather, and fun in the sun. (Crazy to think just a few months from now we'll be partaking in Sensational Summer!!!) So to honor warmer weather, fun in the sun, cracking open cold beers, blasting killer music, and having some epic marathons, join Chip over at the Staystillreviews' Arcade as he parties like it's 1986!

At the Staystillreview's arcade Chip is celebrating his Spring Break in style. With his BMX bike parked outside, he's joining friends playing movie themed pin-ball machines, air-hockey, and hanging out at the snack stand munching on stale popcorn, and sipping Pepsi like it's going out the style. 

Come rock with with Chip as his Spring Break mixed tape blasts from the arcade's speakers. 

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10 movies that celebrate Spring Break vibes!!!

 10 movies that celebrate Spring Break vibes!!!

Even though there's snow on the ground, and the air just won't quit feeling chilly, over here at Staystillreviews we're dreaming of warmer weather, cool beers, killer music, and tons of movies to celebrate our up coming Spring Break!!! To get into this killer state of mind, here are ten movies that celebrate Spring Break, and vacation vibes!!!

10) Valley Girl
- Julie is a popular girl from the valley. Randy is a punk rocker from the city. Both are complete opposites, yet fall head over heels in love with each other, making everyone raise an eyebrow. Feeling the pressure of needing the fit in and please her friends, Julie is faced with the choice of continuing what she believes is true love, or play it safe and stick with guys from her side of town.

9) Jaws 2
- Not exactly spring, but this sequel is a must to watch this time of year. The sequel to the killer shark classic finds us several years after the original back at Amity Island. Another huge man eating shark is attacking swimmers, and has it's sights set on a group of teenage boaters who are stranded in the middle of the ocean.

8) Senior Week
- Two buddies embark on a wild road trip to Florida to spend two weeks on the beaches, partying and meeting beautiful women.

7) Slumber Party Massacre 2
- Years following the original murders, Courtney, one of the survivors is now a beauitfuil young teenager who's desperately trying to move on unlike her older sister who never recovered from the trauma and is away at a mental hospital. Wanting to spend her birthday weekend with her friends and bandmates at one of their new condos, the girls plan a weekend of hard partying where some of their boyfriends crash to join in on the fun. It isn't long before Courtney begins to suspect something isn't quite "right". She starts having strange dreams and visions of her sister warning her not to go all the way, and a 1950's greaser rocker who has a large guitar drill who's on the hunt to slice and dice!

6) April Fools' Day
- A group of college friends all head up to their friend Muffy's mansion that sits on an isolated island in the middle of a lake durning Spring Break/April Fools. The weekend starts off with a bang when a park goes too far, resulting in someone hurting seriously hurt. Afterwards, all the fun and games turn deadly as an unseen killer starts picking them off one by one. Here a couple must solve the mystery of who's actually doing this before it's too late.

5) Nightmare Beach
- A crazed killer wearing a biker's helmet is going on a rampage durning Spring Break. Is it a gang leader who was killed the year before returning from the grave? Or is it someone seeking revenge?

4) Where The Boys Are '84
- Four good friends head down to Florida for Spring Break and get into a series of wild adventures together.

3) Piranha
- A scientific experiment of man eating piranha accidentally get released into a busy river filled with vacationers, fishers, and swimmers. It's up to two people to save a camp, and water park before the government cover the entire thing up and anyone who's unlucky enough to go into the water becomes lunch!

2) Piranha 3D
- The over the top remake shows a bunch of flesh hungry fish pouring out into a lake during Spring Break after being trapped in the Earth's crust for millions of years.

1) Spring Break
- Four guys share a hotel room durning Spring Break. Here they party hard, meet gorgeous girls, drink TONS of beer, hide an evil stepfather, save a failing hotel, and get into tons of zany adventures together!!!

So crack open a beer, pop in one of these killer movies, and think fun in the sun!!!


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Why I'll probably die if I ever meet Kyle MacLachlan.

 Why I'll probably die if I ever meet Kyle MacLachlan.

Today's post brought to you by Staystillreviews is about an actor that I've loved for years. In fact, not just an actor, but a winemaker, husband, father, and performer. Somebody who over the last twenty-five plus years has become a cult icon, and is highly recognzable all over the world. A man who I'm proud to have tattooed on me twice (and hopefully a third time someday soon!) An actor that I seriously can't even express into words over how badly I would freak out if I ever met in person. Now this is coming from somebody who has met countless heroes of hers. Who rarely gets star struck, but as crazy and as fan girlish as this sounds, I've even gotten emotional (nerd I know) whenever I talk to people of the possibility of ever meeting. 

This is Kyle MacLachlan. 

I think I can speak for many people that I honestly think I first saw Kyle in the highly underrated film version of The Flintstones. Just a few years after that my best friend introduced me to a world both wonderful and strange. This is a film that truly changed me as a person without sounding too cheesy. It not only has become one of my all time favorite shows, it's allowed me to meet so many amazing people who adore the show just as much as me. In fact, it feels like a second family. This is a show that I've paid tribute to by tattooing twice on me (more on that later) and has become my comfort show. Whenever I'm feeling sick, or down I watch an episode and somehow always feel so much better. This past summer when The Return aired (making television history, twenty-five years in the works.) Honestly witnessing The Return every Sunday this summer floored me. It's a brilliantly written show, that Kyle was truly able to display as Lynch likes to put it what a magician he is. Here he truly showed off his acting chops playing several different characters. In 1989/1990 he was the lovable FBI agent Dale Cooper. The quirky, coffee and pie loving man who looked straight out of a 1950's pulp novel. He followed different beliefs, was noble, and truly stole every scene he was in. This role even earned him a Golden Globe. In the Return, as said above he played several other characters, one which really stood out to be was the evil Mr. C. I will forever get chills seeing his character introduced with his leather jacket, long black hair, dark eyes, and the American Woman remix playing as headlights cut through the darkness as he walked into frame. Sure his role as Dougie was amazing, but it was Mr. C who made the ultimate villain. In episode 8 after the NIN show, when he sat up and opened his eyes, I seriously screamed. Between his bone chilling performance, and heartbreaking/tragic backstory with Audrey and the insane Richard...this was a character who in my eyes was a huge reason why The Return worked. I'm still floored why he lost out on this year's Golden Globe. (I will forever be bitter over this.) I mean come on, he played four plus characters!!! 2017 for me wasn't exactly the greatest year for me, but seeing MacLachlan working with Lynch again was truly amazing. He was a bright star in an overall very dark year.

Of course after witnessing Twin Peaks (I believe I was in 7th or 8th grade when I first originally watched the first season) I shortly afterwards was able to watch his first project he worked on with Lynch which was Blue Velvet. This is a beautiful film, seriously a dark and living breathing piece of artwork. Following, I began to seek out other movies Kyle had done. The Doors, Where The Day Takes You, his awesome episode of Tales From The Crypt, Showgirls (Love this movie, rented it when I was way to young #fuckit), Fire Walk With Me, and one of my personal favorites Trigger Effect (based off the Twilight Zone episode The monsters are due on Maple Street.) This is a perfect example of great storytelling, and Kyle is seriously killer in it. In fact I believe it's on Netflix and I can't urge enough people to check out ASAP! Kyle has worked in countless television shows and films, but I believe his most iconic and memorable role will be playing Agent Cooper in Twin Peaks. People have been making artwork, getting tattoos, and dressing up as this character for years. It's such a part of history and I don't think anyone could have played Cooper as great as Kyle did. As said before, Kyle looked like the boy next door...had he lived in a basement. He's classical handsome, but something about him is dark, classic, and amazing. 

In 2014 I wanted to pay tribute to Kyle and Twin Peaks by having my tattoo artist and friend Shane Murphy make a gorgeous piece of Cooper surrounded by coffee and pie on the back of my leg. This past October to pay tribute to how truly breathtaking, and amazing The Return was...I got my favorite character Kyle played this time around. Mr. C. I will forever adore how creepy he played his role, taking our beloved special agent, and turning into one of the scariest villains to appear on screen this year. 

I hope someday I can find the room on my body to get Kyle tattooed on me again (I LOVE the shot of him with the doppelgänger eyes on fire in the black lodge!) In fact this past fall when I met Derek Mears at a horror convention I gushed over how iconic and amazing the arm wrestling scene was between Kyle and him. Truly amazing. 

I follow Kyle on social media, and find him hilarious, as well as charming. I really need to get into Portlandia, he seems like a riot on it! Watching him work with Dern and Lynch again, was as if no time had passed at all. Between my second tattoo, I've also gotten artwork based off him from The Return, and have begun collecting as many Twin Peaks pieces as possible for my growing collection. One thing I know I need is to buy a bottle of his Pursued By Bear wine. Kyle started this wine line years ago, and from the people I've talked to who have sampled it said it's amazing! I'm planning on hopefully ordering a bottle for myself and my sister soon to try. I've also heard he's made coffee before which is beyond amazing. I mean come on, it's Agent Cooper here!

I've been hoping to someday attend one of those Twin Peaks festivals that are held across the country. Just the thought of seeing the filming locations, meeting fellow Twin Peaks fans (who are not only a riot, but amazing, I could seriously talk about this show all day to people. I mean I love whenever a friend of mine gets into it and discovers how amazing it is! My friend Melissa even got a killer Twin Peaks sleeve and even got me Sheryl Lee's autograph a few years ago!) But just the idea of meeting somebody from this show floors me. My friend Jeanette got me Sherilyn Fenn's autograph a few years back (She's another one if I ever met I think I would break down crying. I adore her and she's my favorite actress.) and Dana Ashbrook sent me a video once (He was in the first Waxwork and heard that I was trying to get the movie on blu-ray at the time.) Besides Derek Mears I don't think I've met anyone else. (I could be forgetting someone. I follow 90% of the entire cast both from the original and The Return and have received some comments and messages from them but that's really it.) but just the very thought of ever meeting Fenn or MacLachlan sends major nerd chills down my spine. Mostly with MacLachlan. He's liked comments of mine before as well as photos (the one of my tattoos made my day), and re-posted my Twin Peaks Christmas tree on Twitter...but the thought of ever meeting him face to face makes me want to cry like a complete idiot.

In fact my heart broke when I learned he was in NJ this past summer selling his wine. It was so last second I was unable to go. I know he tours around the country every once in awhile promoting his wine line, and I can only hope and pray he'll appear either in Boston or New York. I would travel hours for this man, and I'm still kicking myself I didn't say YOLO when he came to NJ. I really hope since The Return, he'll appear somewhere. I know Fenn has, which I've been dying to meet. But the actual thought of meeting Kyle...I'll admit like a total loser, I'm near nears even typing about. I really don't think I could even get into words how much he means to me, and how much comfort I've taken from Twin Peaks. On my bucket list, I've wanted to meet him, buy a bottle of his wine, hug him, and get him to sign one of my tattoos. 

So in closing, you now all know what a total psycho I am. I love Kyle and will probably ugly cry and have snot all over my face if I'm ever lucky enough to meet him. 

Kyle, thank you for everything. You are a damn fine hero of mine!

Love ya!

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The Burbs drinking game!!!

 The Burbs drinking game!!!
Hopefully...someday soon this snow will melt and we can start enjoying spring vibes in typical Staystillreview fashion (AKA drinking beer and watching movies in the nice warm weather!) Until then, I guess one of my all time favorite movies that just screams spring and summer will have to slowly ease us into that sort of mood. Just last week thanks to Shout Factory Tom Hanks and Joe Dante's awesome cult classic The Burbs was released on blu-ray! I'm still yet to finish plowing thru all of the special features but I've all ready watched it three times! To celebrate I decided to whip up a fun little drinking game you can play while watching those creepy neighbors dig graves in the back yard at night!!!

Drink when...
Whenever somebody says the word "vacation." 
Queenie barks.
Someone walks on a lawn.
Someone screams.
Someone says the word "neighbor." 
A character stands in the street.
Food is shown.
Dog shit is shown.
A horror movie is referenced or shown.
Something breaks.
Someone enters a house.

Take a shot when...
Bones or a skeleton are shown.
Ricky says "Pizza dude!" 
There's an explosion.

Waterfall when...
When Ray and Dr. Kolpek ride out on the stretcher.
Ray chokes on "packing dust".

Enjoy and remember to call the pizza dude!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Top 5 Corey Feldman performances!!!

Top 5 Feldman performances!!!

To close up our second Feldman/Haim themed week this year (I'm sure there will be a third this summer!) I decided to say YOLO and after paying tribute to Mr. Haim on my top five favorite performances by the late 80's icon, I wanted to give the other Corey some love and highlight my favorite five roles his very colorful and unique actor has played.

Oh Feldman, what is there to say? Much like Haim, I grew up watching Corey in countless films (The top two that were constantly playing in my house was The Goonies and The Lost Boys.) It wasn't until roughly the 6th grade that I developed a massive crush on Feldman and truly couldn't get enough of him. I'm telling you, I feel I should have been born in 78 instead of 88. Everyone who knew me back then knew how crazy I was about his movies. I was such a fan that my mother and sister even ordered Dream A Little Dream 1 & 2 for me on VHS and my mother even tried to track down the leather studded jacket he rocks on the original's cover. I bought the soundtrack to the first movie and constantly blasted it, and in 2008 was lucky enough to meet both him and Haim at a horror convention

I met Corey a second time this past summer. I'm sure anyone who isn't hiding underneath a rock knows about Corey's music career which has been making headlines and raising eyebrows. He's released several albums, and most recently have been performing with his "angels" Well he went on tour this year, and after witnessing his epic music video Millennium Ascension, and my sister, her husband, and myself decided to get really drunk and watch him perform at this little hole in the wall bar (which had no business even hosting the show since it was so small) Words can't truly capture what this experience was like. It was truly something else. 

Still, I'll give Corey credit where credit is due. He's quite the performer and his angels are more than girls with fake wings and white bras and panties...they can actually play really good music. In fact Corey's recent wife (his head angel Courtney) performed a cover of The Goonies song and actually did a really good job. It may have been the beers talking, but I enjoyed myself. At the end of the show fans were able to meet Feldman. I was pretty buzzed by then so when I approached him I yelled "THE ORIGINAL TOMMY JARVIS!" Corey nervously smiled, hugged me, and took a photo before signing my Camp Crystal Lake Memories blu-ray. Hey, this was my second time meeting the man. I didn't give a fucccccck! Any-who, Corey will and always be a fascinating character and believe it or not, as much as I laugh and shake my head at some of the stuff he says and does, I gained major respect for him after reading his book and witnessing A Tale Of Two Coreys. Like I said with Haim's post, for all we know this is just a way to cash in and make money. There are always three sides to the truth and I did roll my eyes a few times durning the Lifetime movie as clearly it was trying to paint him in a better light. Still, after reading his book my heart broke finding out about the abusive he suffered by his mother, and I give him major respect for keeping his son out of the spotlight. Good for you Corey. 

A Tale Of Two Coreys

So in honor of this 80's teen icon, here are my top five favorite performances by Mr. Feldman.

5) Bobby - Dream A Little Dream
- Ah the movie I was obsessed with as a pre-teen. This was Haim and Feldman's third movie durning the 1980's, and Feldman's first starring role. Sadly as I've stated in past posts, Dream A Little Dream was very misunderstood. It was supposed to be a mature art house movie, and instead seemed to be trying to be a teen comedy/romance. It has a very confusing plot, but seriously oozes the 1980's between the fashion and killer soundtrack. Bobby plays a troubled teen who's in love with his friend's girlfriend. It isn't until the soul of an old man who was trying to find the secret to youth gets trapped in Bobby's body. Here he tries to fix Bobby's life, and get the girl before he loses his wife who's soul halfway transferred into the young girl Bobby has fallen in love with (Um, okay?!) Anyways, this is a fun movie you shouldn't take too seriously. We get Feldman's MJ dance moves, his questionable fashion, and him really trying to give it his all carrying this film as a lead. Could it have been better? 100% Still, I find it charming, and still crank the soundtrack to this day. Nothing beats Feldman and his female co-star trying to do the experiment to swap back souls with the Rock On cover blasting. Total nerd chills!

4) Ricky - The Burbs
- "We got the pizza dude coming!" I rediscovered my love for The Burbs recently, and it's in my top twenty favorite movies of all time. Seriously, this movie is a riot. Returning with Gremlins' director Joe Dante, Feldman appears as teenage neighbor Ricky in this beyond awesome cast (Hanks, Dern, Fisher, ect) Feldman cracks me up in this role (him jumping on the police cruiser's hood, or dumping the paint buckets all over the speakers.) It's a fun little role, which sadly was one of Feldman's last big studio films due to his "habits" at the time. Still, such a fun watch!

3) Mouth - The Goonies 
- "Jerk alert!" This film wins my vote for the film that I always think of whenever I look back on my childhood. This movie holds a special place in my heart simply because it was one of my mother's favorites, and one of the best feel good movies of the 1980's. Feldman plays Mouth, the smart-ass who can't seem to keep his trap shut, and is responsible for some of the film's funniest moments. I loved his cool breeze attitude, and constant hassling to his friend Chunk. I legit die whenever he tells Chunk about having naked photos of his mom and is selling them...real cheap! Seriously such a riot. Feldman steals the show in every scene he's in (the pearls and gems in his mouth, thinking Martin Sheen is on a penny, or translating to the Spanish maid.) This will forever and always be one of Feldman's more iconic roles and what's even cooler is countless younger generations will be introduced to this movie over the years!

2) Edgar Frog - The Lost Boys 
- Feldman was at the top of his game in 1987. Having just appeared in Stand By Me, he held lots of promise for a very successful career. Appearing as one of the Frog brothers in the sexy sleek teen vampire flick The Lost Boys, Feldman's performance is legendary! Speaking in a deep over the top voice, he's the other half to Allen Frog, who works for his parent's comic book store. Here the two brothers meet Haim's character (which would be the first movie both Haim and him would appear in together) and give him advice that this coastal fun seaside town is actually crawling with blood sucking vampires. Seeing Feldman in this kind of role is a riot. His deadpan delivery, Rambo like wardrobe, and classic one liners are amazing. The Lost Boys was a huge favorite of mine growing up, and this is probably one of Feldman's more popular movies. Sadly I never liked the sequels that followed. Still, insane to think this movie is 31 years old! Yikes!

1) Tommy Jarvis - Friday the 13th The Final Chapter/A New Beginning
- I absolutely love the tagline for one of the Friday the 13th films. "Tommy Jarvis did something others died trying to do. He killed Jason Voorhees." Completely iconic. Feldman was the "ORIGINAL" as I like to drunkly shout Tommy Jarvis, a popular character played by different actors over the years in the camp slasher series. In 1984 it was originally planned to end the successful film series by killing off the series' villain Jason. With clever marketing, they decided to release it on April 13, and announce that it was officially Jason's unlucky day. With a great cast, stellar effects, and one hell of an ending, The Final Chapter had Jason finally meet his match. Not by a final girl (Alice, Ginny, Chris, and Trish) but he meets his end by the hands of a small 12 year old boy. Yes, that's right, Jason is down for the count (for the first time even being absent for the following sequel) by actually being killed off by a pre-teen. Corey plays Tommy Jarvis, a young nerdy looking boy who's fascinated by monsters and horror movies, and has a great talent by making monster masks and special effects. All horror fans could relate to Tommy, and after witnessing Jason go on a rampage, he doesn't abandoned his older sister Trish. Instead, he uses his brains by using an old newspaper clipping and transforms himself into what Jason originaly looked like as a child. Using the same mind-fuck games as Ginny did in part 2, this gives Trish the chance to fight back against his unstoppable killer, and even does the smart thing by hacking Jason multiple times when the killer is down for the count. The film was left on a cliffhanger, making audiences believe that perhaps the films would continue, only this time with Tommy as the new killer after his mind snapping following the fateful night. Well as fate would have it, Feldman was busy shooting The Goonies and was unable to return for part 5 so that whole storyline was tossed aside. He did return for a brief cameo which makes part 5 have one of the strongest openings in the entire series! Feldman has always stated his regret for not returning for more of these movies (I feel he could have returned in the late 80's) but embraces his horror fans, and even narrated the Camp Crystal Lake Memories doc. This of course will forever bring a huge smile to my face. Way to go Feldman! God, what I would have done to see them show the set to these movies in A Tale Of Two Coreys!

3 cheers for Feldman!!!

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Top five Corey Haim performances!!!

Top five Corey Haim performances!!!
 Yesterday marked the 8th year since Corey Haim tragically and suddenly passed away. I myself remember exactly where I was when I first learned the news. I was away at school in PA, and that day I had sculpting class. I wore my Corey Feldman Vs. Corey Haim shirt that I originally bought at Cherry Hill NJ back in 2008 for the Lost Boys' reunion show being held at a popular convention venue. At the time everyone was watching the train wreck unfold otherwise known as The Two Coreys reality TV show that was currently in it's second season that displayed 80's teen stars Haim and Feldman living together with Feldman's wife, trying to find a comeback as well as battling an on doing feud that had been boiling since the 1990's.  The "staged" TV show that aired on A&E showed Haim having supposedly cleaned up his act and was moving in with Feldman and his wife Suzie to make a series of public appearances to promote the 20th anniversary of The Lost Boys, as well as try to repair the many broken bridges he left behind when his career took a nosedive in the 90's thanks to his battling addiction problems. The first season was light-hearted fun, but blew up in the last episode when both Coreys went at it when tensions were at an all time high. In the second season, shot more gritty and realistic, it followed both Corey's who were in very different places in their lives who were still at each other's throats, and were trying to repair a friendship that truly might have been past the point of saving. Before it was officially announced at the second season was canceled (I for one don't understand why, I found this stuff pretty interesting even though it appeared at the last episode that aired both Coreys couldn't even stand to be in the same room as each other) I could have seen it at least going on for another season or so. Tragically due to low ratings as well as Haim's behavior, the show ended, which left people all around the world wondering what was going to happen next? This was the same summer the AWFUL straight to video Lost Boys sequel got made, which showed in the reality show Haim unable to film a cameo due to being so drugged up. When I attended that convention I know for a fact both Feldman and Haim weren't speaking. Both were sitting in separate rooms, and I heard Haim even tore up a photo a fan brought that showed Feldman and his wife Suzie (This I wasn't ever able to confirm, but it really seemed unlike Haim) I met both Coreys, and even though Feldman was a childhood crush, I really have to say meeting Haim was the highlight of the weekend. 

I've told this story before, but basically I waited in line 6 HOURS to meet Feldman in the hot August sun. Thankfully I met some really cool people in line who made the wait not so awful. When we got upstairs after what seemed like forever, Corey kept taking breaks. When he finally did show up, his massive bodyguard informed everyone that Corey was going to keep his sunglasses on since the flash hurt his eyes, and that he personalized everything (This was a bummer since I brought my Camp Crystal Lake memories book for him to sign) Still, I didn't care. I understand the whole sunglasses thing (even though I do roll my eyes over it, but hey after getting a flash going off over and over in your face I'm sure it does start hurting.) But the personalized thing really bugged me. Corey's reasoning behind this. Simple, he stated he doesn't want anyone making money off his name. (...) So I met him and his wife. Corey was nice enough, signed my book and Lost Boys T-shirt. Him and his wife did take the time to make sure my autograph came out nice on my shirt, and seemed friendly enough, but it was Haim who blew me away. I raced downstairs with the same people I waited with for Feldman and only sat outside for a half an hour. Haim was originally going to go to lunch when he spotted about 30 of us outside waiting. I heard from the staff he said lunch could wait, he was here to meet the fans and let us in.  Corey was in the same room as Robert Englund which was hilarious since he kept using his Freddy voice, making Corey crack up and laugh. 

Haim was lovely. I thanked him and told him how much this meant to me since his movies were such a big part of my childhood. He smiled, looked me in the eye and said "That means a lot darling, thank-you." He said he liked my star tattoo on my hand, took his time signing two autographs for me (an 8X10 of himself from The Lost Boys and my shirt.) He insisted they take took photos since the flash didn't go off the first time, and gave me a hug. Seriously the nicest guy ever. I would see Haim later that evening when I watched G Tom Mac perform "Cry Little Sister". Haim was there and surrounded by his co-stars and really seemed to be getting emotional hearing the song play before and audience. I would meet Haim that following October with my late mother. 

He did not look good.

He didn't look healthy and seemed to skinny. He was very friendly (it meant to world meeting him with my mother since she was the person responsible for showing me The Lost Boys) but even my mother noticed how out of it he appeared. Still, a complete gentlemen, but as we walked away my mother whispered to me "That poor thing, he'll be dead within a year." What breaks my heart is my mother was right. That winter I lost my mother, and the following year Haim passed. I still remember wearing that Feldman Vs Haim shirt and hearing the news that Haim had died. The fact I had that shirt on still creeps me out to this day. 

Corey had some serious issues he was dealing with. News came forward that he had been raped and molested on the set of one of his earlier films, as well as taken advantage by other powerful men in Hollywood throughout his career. He briefly touched upon this to Feldman on his show, but died before he could properly tell his story. I have heard rumors of who his attacker was, and in all honestly it turns my stomach. Feldman and Haim I guess made amends shortly before he passed, and since then Feldman has been dancing around the truth of who this attacker was. (Between a book, Lifetime movie, and now what's expected to be a feature length film.) I truly don't know where Feldman's intensions are. I would like to hope he's trying to bring justice to his friend instead of making a quick buck. All I do know is hopefully the people responsible for this will be properly pointed out and Haim even in death will have justice. It truly is without being sappy such a heartbreaking story since Haim seemed to hold so much promise. Instead a series of events led to his self-destructive behavior, which ended up having Haim dead before the age of forty. 

So to honor Mr. Haim, I decided to narrow down my personal favorite five performances by Corey!

5) Dream A Little Dream - Dinger
- One of my favorite Corey films. Is it a great movie? No, not really. Still, it's a fun 80's movie with some killer fashion and a great soundtrack. Corey was a bit of an add-on in this movie with Feldman as the starring role. Haim at the time was at the height of his addiction problems, and after an accident resulted in a broken leg, he was tacked on playing Dinger. Corey's role isn't huge in this movie, but he steals the show in every scene he appears in. My favorite is him talking to himself inside Joel's car. Classic.

4) Lucas - Lucas 
- This was Haim's breakout performance. It almost didn't make the list due to the rumors of what happened on set. Still, it doesn't take away from how well Haim was in this film. His first official starring role, told the classic underdog story. This is a wonderful mid 80's movie about true love, heartbreak, and beating the odds. It also features an epic 1980's slow clap.

3) Les - License To Drive
- I LOVE this movie. Whenever I need a good 1980's feel good comedy I either go with this movie or Summer School. This was Haim and Feldman's next project after The Lost Boys. It's a zany movie about Les (Haim) who sadly fails his driver's test and gets grounded the same weekend he's supposed to take one of the most beautiful girls in school out. Deciding to say YOLO he sneaks out his grandfather's precious Caddy, and goes on quite the adventure where everything that could goes wrong...does! This is a silly film that kills me every time. My favorite has to be Haim taking his driver's test "You spill the fail!"

2) Sam - The Lost Boys
- Haim's most popular and well loved movie. The Lost Boys was 1 of the best vampire movies made durning the 1980's. (I feel the holy trifecta is Fright Night, Near Dark, and then this.) This was when vampires were coming out of the Hammer era, and were given the chance to be sexy and mysterious. The Lost Boys along with movies like The Goonies and The Monster Squad, were staples to watch constantly in my house growing up. Haim plays Sam, the lead character Michael's younger brother. He provides the audience with comic relief, as well as teaming up with the Frog Brothers (This would be his first film with Feldman that skyrocketed them into stardom) to try and find and kill the head vampire before it's too late. This film is filled with tons of memorable moments and lines, but my favorite has to be Haim's colorful bathrobe as well as his Rob Lowe poster hanging in his bedroom. 

1) Marty - Silver Bullet    
- This movie ranks number one simply because this was Haim at the beginning of his career. It wasn't his first film, but a film that displayed the true talent he possessed. Based off the short story "Cycle Of The Werewolf" by Stephen King, Haim plays Marty, a young twelve year old boy who's handicapped to a wheelchair. In the small town where Marty lives, once a month grizzly attacks have been killing locals, in which the police believe is either a wild animal, or a crazed psycho. One night when Marty sneaks out to let off some fireworks, he's nearly killed by a giant wolf. Thanks to some quick thinking, Marty fires a rocket into the animal's eye and speeds away on his wheelchair/motorbike his uncle built for him. Clearly shaken, he seeks aid to the very same uncle and his older sister, telling them he believes it's a werewolf committing these crimes, and all they need to do is look for somebody in town who now only has one eye.

So in closing, rest in power Corey. Taken way too soon. I really wish you could have had the comeback you deserved. Still, he'll live on forever in his films, and still remain being known as a nice funny guy. Thanks Corey for the memories!