Friday, July 20, 2018

Perfect 7 made for TV tales of terror by Stephen King.

Perfect 7 made for TV tales of terror by Stephen King.
"I'm gonna scare the hell out of you!" - Stephen King.

Hello all! Sorry it's been awhile since I've posted for Sensational Summer. Planning big things for the remainder of our celebration, including hopefully another giveaway/contest! There are lots to talk about, but today I decided to post about something very near and dear to my heart.

Mr. Stephen King.

Today we're narrowing down his five best pieces of work for the smaller screen. Here are my personal favorite choices for King's best television work!

7) The Twilight Zone - Gramma
- A single mother has to leave her youngest son at home one autumn evening while her eldest got injured playing sports. Here the boy is left in charge of his grandmother who he's terrified of, and is bed bound. Left alone, his thoughts start running away on him. He begins to remember overhearing stories of his mother speaking to her siblings late one night when she decided to move back home and  take care of her. Stories that her mother practiced witchcraft after she was unable to have children. Stories of how her grandmother possesses a terrifying power, which could be deadly.

6) The Langoliers
- A group of strangers all board a red-eye flight out for Boston. When the group wakes up, they discover that all of the rest of the passengers are missing. In a panic, they land at a private airport in Maine, only to discover that the entire place is abandoned, and everything is slightly "off". There's no wind, the food inside the airport is stale, and there aren't any birds chirping outside. That's when they discover that the plane they were on had flown through a time-rip, resulting in them getting stuck in the past. Here they learn monsters, made nearly entirely out of teeth chomp and eat the past called langoliers. The only reason they survived the time rip and didn't fade out of existence is the fact that all of them were asleep. Trying to figure out a way to fly through the time trip and leave this frozen time loop they are stuck in, before the langoliers come and eat everything up.

5) IT
An alien being living on earth terrorizes a small town up in Maine during the 1950's, taking shape of whatever it wants while murdering young children, choosing it's favorite form...a clown. One summer a group of outcast kids decide to fight back and stop it. After they believe they defeated it, they vow if it isn't dead, they will return again. Nearly thirty years later the murders in the town start again, and the only child who stayed behind keeps true to his promise, tracking down the rest of the group who have gone on to live very successful lives and states a simple sentence every time they pick up the phone. "It's back."

4) Rose Red
- Loosely based off the Winchester Mystery Mansion, King brings up the ultimate haunted house movie on the West Coast. Here this massive house with over 260 plus rooms, has a lengthly history behind it which involves countless "accidents" resulting in deaths, as well as disappearances. Once the house is shut down from the public in the 1970's, the spirits within it lay dormant for decades...that is until a professor and several psychics spend Memorial Day Weekend there trying to awaken it and prove once and for all that it is indeed haunted.

3) A Good Marriage 
Darcy and Bob Anderson have been married for twenty-five wonderful years. They work great careers, live in a beautiful home, have two grown children, and are looking forward to spending the rest of their lives together...until one weekend while Bob is away on a business trip, Darcy discovers the horrifying truth that Bob is actually a serial murderer/rapist and he's been committing these acts for decades. When she confronts him, he lays everything out quite simple. If the truth gets out he'll drag her down with him. Not only will it ruin their lives, but their children's as well. Here he vows to never act on his impulses ever long as she remains married to him. Can Darcy do this? can Bob keep his promise? Only time will tell...

2) The Stand 
A deadly virus wipes out nearly 90% of the earth's population, leaving a small group of survivors spread out across America. Here the survivors are split into two groups. Good, and evil. The good all share dreams of an old woman named Mother Abigail, from Nebraska, urging them all to join up and fight together. The evil all flock to Vegas, led by a man named Randel Flagg...the son of the devil. Here these groups go head to head in the ultimate battle of last man standing.

1) Gerald's Game
A middle aged couple heads up to their vacation home to try and put the "spark" back in their marriage. Here the two decide to play a sex game, by the wife getting handcuffed to the bed. Unlucky for her, the husband suffers a fatal heart attack while on top of her. Here, she sits handcuffed and trapped, completely alone, and miles away from help. In a panic, she begins to think of how to free herself and survive as the cabin door's swing open, letting in a wild dog who begins to feed on her husband's corpse. Trying to figure out how to survive, she begins to remember haunted memories of her childhood. As she slips in and out of it, she notices in the shadows what appears to be a man...hidden from the moonlight.

So, which ones am I missing?
Also very excited for Castle Rock! Stay tuned for my breakdown of my favorite stories written by King based out of that town!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Chip's Friday the 13th mixed tape!

 Chip's Friday the 13th mixed tape!

To celebrate our last Friday the 13th of the year, over at Staystillreviews we're cooking up something special! Not only is this sadly the last Friday the 13th for awhile, but tomorrow it's also the epic return of Mr. Joe Bob Briggs. Tomorrow we're planning on having a split between a Joe Bob Briggs marathon as well as watching some of our favorite Friday the 13ths in style. Chip will be heading on over to Camp Crystal Lake, hoping that a masked psychopath has taken his ventures elsewhere such as Manhattan, or maybe even Space. Since, hopefully he won't have anything to worry about, Chip plans on heading up to camp, sitting around the fire, drinking cheap beers, and blasting his newest mixed tape.

Chip's Friday the 13th mixed tape!!!

And who knows, maybe next summer Chip will finally get around to starting his camp...Camp Staystillreviews!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Ultimate double feature! Final Exam and Graduation Day!

 Ultimate double feature! Final Exam and Graduation Day!

I know, I know, lots of people finished school or graduated weeks ago! Still, doesn't mean that there's no better time than having a really killer double feature of two awesome slashers! I'll be posting about several ultimate double slashers thought the summer. Our first is Final Exam and Graduation Day both made in 1981!

Final Exam tells the story of a psycho killer that shows up on a college campus to slash up pretty co-eds and dumb jocks. 

Graduation Day tells the story of a masked killer slowly taking out the members of the track team shortly before graduation following a tragic accident in which one of the team members suffered a fatal heart attack when she was pushed too hard.

Even though I found Final Exam a little slow, it's still a pretty decent old school slasher. The main event has to go with Graduation Day. Sure this film is cheesy, but honestly it's one of my all time favorite slashers! Crack open some cold beers, grab a pizza, and pop in both of these tapes and you are looking forward to one HELL of a good time!

Stay tuned until next time for another killer ultimate double feature!

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Top 8 summer slashers!

 Top 8 summer slashers!

With summer in full swing, what better way to celebrate than to stay indoors with the A.C cranking, and a pile of fun summer themed slashers to watch. Here I countdown eight of the best slashers to watch this summer!

8). Humongous
- A wealthy young spinster who lives on a private island is violently raped during a family party one weekend during the 1940's. It appears this attack resulted in a pregnancy, in which the woman had the baby who was tragically deformed. Becoming isolated by the outside world, she raised her child there alone for many years. It isn't until forty or so years later that a group of teens looking to party accidentally crash onto the shores of this island, where they find the horrifying truth that there's a giant insane monster living on this island, looking for warm flesh and blood.

7). Prom Night
- Four young children playing an innocent game accidentally cause the death of another child. Vowing never to speak of this again, they go on living normal happy carefree lives, unaware that somebody that day witnessed what happened. Years later, the children are now teens, all getting ready for senior prom. Here an unseen killer begins stalking them one by one, looking for revenge over what happened all those years ago...

6). House On Sorority Row
- A group of sorority sisters having just graduated, plan on throwing a huge party at their sorority house against their strict house mother's rules. Deciding to get even with what a hard time she's giving them all, they decide to pull a prank on her the day of the party. Unlucky for them, the prank gets out of hand, and the house mother accidentally dies. In a complete panic, the girls decide to hide the body when guests start showing up for the party. Here somebody from the den mother's past has witnessed the accident and begins murdering the sorority sisters one by one.

5). The Burning
- A group of campers play a prank on the camp's groundskeeper one night, resulting in him getting horribly burned. Five years later, he's finally been released, but is burned over 90% of his body. Wanting revenge, he travels to a camp in upstate New York and begins to slaughter the campers and councilors one by one.

4). Twisted Nightmare
- Many years ago, a mentally retarded teenager mysteriously died up at a camp called Camp Paradise. His older sister, left devastated. Years later, a huge group of teens who witnessed the death, are all invited back up to Camp Paradise for a weekend of parting. The gang all gets back together for the first time since the tragedy, excited for some carefree fun. Here, an angry vengeful unstoppable spirit has risen from the dead, and begins murdering off the teens. 

3). Graduation Day

- A young girl competing in a track meet suffers from a fatal heart attack, leaving the entire school stunned. A month later, the girl's older sister returns to attend the high school's graduation where they will be paying tribute to her late sister. Here a killer begins murdering off every member of the track team in the days leading up to the graduation. 

2). I Know What You Did Last Summer
- Four teenagers ready to start their life's after high school have everything fall apart on the 4th of July when they accidentally hit a man walking across the street. In a panic over ruining their lives, they decide to throw the body in the ocean, and vow to never speak of what happened again. One year later, one of the girls return back to her hometown, after a very tough year at college, riddled with guilt over that night. When she returns, she sees her other three friends are basically the same, having never quite moved on from what happened. It's here that she receives a note with no return address that reads...I know what you did last summer.

1) Friday the 13th part 1-5
- Killings all taking place around the Crystal Lake area. These slashers have the best summer feel, having either taken place at an actual summer camp, counselor training camp, teens vacationing at a cabin, and a halfway house for troubled teens. All five entries feature gory, amazing deaths, as well as unstoppable killers.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Enter our 4th of July giveaway!!!

 Enter our 4th of July giveaway!!!

Over here at Staystillreviews we wanted to throw another killer summer giveaway to celebrate 6th wonderful years of running this blog as we follow our mascot Chip the movie loving kid, as we dive into yet another awesome Sensational Summer. Just three or so weeks ago, we held a killer giveaway to kick off the start of summer. Since it was so popular, we decided to hold another one in honor of the 4th of July!

Here we're giving away another awesome VHS video cover art book by Thomas Hodge! I own one of these babies myself, and it's awesome. Total eye candy for any tape lover as you flip through the countless pages of killer artwork!

4th of July and summer themed movies! A special edition DVD of Jaws, a double bill of I know what you did last summer and the When a stranger calls remake. Return of the living dead, with killer new artwork, Shark Night 3D, AND one of my favorite slashers Graduation Day! You'll also get killer Staystillreviews cards, and some extra surprises!

All you have to do to enter is simple. If you're on IG follow my account (Staystillreviews) if you wanna double your chances, repost the image above. If not, repost on Facebook and follow us! 

I'm hoping to hold one more giveaway either at the end of the summer or durning the Fall. Big things are planned for this blog as we continue Sensational Summer. There's going to be more reviews, drinking games, cocktails, interviews, and some truly awesome stuff towards the end of the month.

Let's celebrate July in the best way possible and remember to take a listen to Chip's 4th of July mixed tape!

5 reasons why Summer School is the ultimate summer movie!

 5 reasons why Summer School is the ultimate summer movie!

Over here at Staystillreviews, I basically melted my face off after falling asleep outside on my back deck. Trying to cool off in the best way possible, I cracked open a cold drink, cranked up the A.C, and popped in what I believe is the ultimate summer movie.

Summer School

Today I'm narrowing it down to only five reasons on why this is indeed the ultimate summer movie.

5) Shot on the sunny beaches of California!
- There are certain films that just ooze the look and feel of California in the 1980's. I always say if there was a toss up between three films that really truly show this vibe durning this decade, in the summer, in this state it has to be a tie between Thrashin', The Lost Boys, and Summer School. 

4) Features a crazy batch of colorful zany characters. 
- I really have to hand it to Carl Reiner. He really did make the ultimate summer movie with one HELL of a young talented cast. Some of the humor in this movie is so settle, while other times it's completely over the top. I loved every single character, as well as the deals they make with Shoop in order to actually try and study. Nothing beats the scene where they show that Shoot actually did do a good job and how they all improved somehow taking their test. The best had to be the guy to spent 6 weeks in the bathroom. "My zipper got stuck..."

3) Has a killer soundtrack!
- Danny Elfman, EG Daily, Paul Engemann, Billy Burnette, and so many more. There's a handful of great films that features soundtracks where every song rocks. This is one of those movies. My friend Melissa was awesome enough to gift to me this soundtrack on vinyl a few years back. This record is a staple to always blast as we kick off summer over here at Staystillreviews!

2) Chainsaw and Dave's love of horror.
- I know I'm not alone here, but Chainsaw and Dave's love of horror and gore makeup was a huge reason behind me discovering and loving both things growing up. I mean how cool is it that these two teenagers write a shared paper on Rick Baker, AND get to screen the Texas Chainsaw Massacre in class?! One of my favorite things to do is pick apart how many awesome things I can see in Chainsaw's bedroom. Might have to take a closer look soon!

1) Shoop. the ultimate teacher. 
- He's funny, adorable, has great wit, is constantly eating, drives a killer car, allows his students to throw a 4th of July bash at his house, has Wondermutt as a dog, goes to male strip clubs to pick up women, killer fashion sense, owns a pair of white socks somewhere...AND is one Hell of a gym and English teacher. Shoop will forever and always be my spirit animal from this film! 

Long live the ultimate summer movie!!!