Thursday, September 26, 2019

Target Halloween 2019 haul!!!

Target Halloween 2019 haul!!!

This past weekend I decided to venture to my local Target after hearing that there was an actual *drumroll* Dinosaur Dracula mascot doll!!! Yep, that's right, one of my favorites blogs run by my buddy Matt posted a week or so ago about what a kick he got out of seeing these little guys. Knowing I needed to pay tribute to Dinosaur Dracula, I decided to make the journey out and snag one of these while also searching for any Halloween goodies!

I had all ready done my annual Dollar Store Halloween challenge. I all ready decorated my Halloween mood table (another killer idea from Dinosaur Dracula), decorated my house, had my first caramel apple spice drink, along with a pretty tasty IT inspired Starbucks drink, as well as seeing Chapter 2 twice in theaters, got some fall scented candles, bought a bunch of Halloween stress balls, and even whipped up my October movie watchlist (stay tuned as I cover my Halloween mood table as well as my watchlist next month!) So I felt as if I had all ready really kicked things off in getting into the true October spirit! So I felt I still had in me a trip to Spirit Halloween (I never go to those stores so I'm hoping to change that this year.) as well as hit up my local Target and see what they had for Halloween goodies. I try to stay out of Target, simply because like everyone else I'll go in for paper plates, and walk out with a basket full of crap I didn't need. YOLO!!! Last year I did a Halloween trip, limiting my budget to 30$, so I decided I wanted a Dinosaur Dracula doll to set on my Staystillreviews' shelf "o" fame, and do another goodie run for the budget of 30$. This is what I picked up...

I went early Sunday morning. I oddly couldn't seem to sleep in so I decided to say "Screw it" and venture across town to Target before the crowds (aka the annoying children) I pulled in close, and strolled on in. The first place I hit up was the dollar section. Really gotta say, it was pretty bare bones (get it?) I had a guy who was close walking to me the entire time I was looking at things so I started to fake a very annoying cough to scare him away. Wasn't super thrilled with what I found.

There I picked up a pair of socks that looked like bones, and one of those pumpkins you drop in water and it grows three times it's size (am I the only one who's a sucker for those things? Back when I was a preschool teacher I used to buy a different animal each week and grow it for the kids, and I'm not afraid to admit I still grow these things and put them in glass bottles to decorate...yes people...I'm 31 years old.)

Not super impressed with the dollar section, I strolled across the empty store towards the back where all the Halloween stuff was. Instantly I was like a kid in a candy store...

They weren't completely set up but I was thrilled. There were a few aisles full of Halloween costumes that I ignored, and went straight to the candy, decorations, and goodies. Sticking to my 30 dollars, I knew what I needed to find ASAP.

My own little Dino Drac doll...

This was worth the trip alone. I got such a kick out of these little puppies. Yes they had other creatures, but the Dino was exactly what I wanted and he'll be sitting proudly on my Staystillreviews shelf "o" fame. So adorable. All they need to do is make Uncletnuc and HorrorBBQ dolls and I'll be all set. Hell, they gotta make Chip dolls to represent us! So cute!

I then strolled around admiring all of the Halloween decorations. The prices were pretty high, and I rarely really get Halloween decorations anymore unless they are dollar store throw away items. Still, I had to admire some of the killer stuff they had hanging up such as the giant snake skeleton. I mean WTF with that thing?! Still pretty cool nevertheless. My house is packed with stuff, but I told myself unless the decoration is beyond killer or vintage, I'll save decorations simply for just looking at. I mean what would I even do with the snake skeleton. (...take your minds out of the gutter guys!)

I mean...if one is brave enough that could be a fun time. Zing!

I was in awe over all of the goodies. See those giant pumpkin cheese ball containers? I fucking bought one last year. Did I need it? Nope. Was I tempted to buy another? You bet your ass I was. Took a ton of will power to walk away...

Cameo by Bill Hader! I had no idea he voiced BB8 from The Force Awakens. = Mind blown. *So talented*

I walked around for a little under twenty minutes, really taking it all in. Once I was done I checked out, and decided to hit up the Starbucks that's inside the Target (no, I didn't get an IT was early as Hell and I know myself, I would have totally puked it back up.) I did get a warm caramel apple spice (one of the few good drinks off the menu that I highly recommend since it screams fall. I also am a complete child and got one of these Target dog cake pops...and it was AMAZING!

Could you die?!

Once I was home, after having enough sugar to kill a small army, I decided to lay out my loot and see what I actually got. In the end I spent exactly 28$ That's smart shopping for you!

I got...
1). A box of Franken Berry cereal. I'm usually not a huge fan of cereal like this, but it's a rite of passage to get a box of this stuff. I actually just had a bowl and it was amazingggg!!! 
2). My Dinosaur Dracula doll. I can't tell people enough. If you are going to buy one single Halloween decoration or fun item this season...get this guy.
3). These rubber skeleton party favor hands. More than likely will be seen lounging on my shelfs and being shoved in gift bags and upcoming giveaways!
4). Halloween cupcake mix/Black icing. I'm actually hoping to attempt (and I stress attempt) to do a little baking this October. I got a few baking themed items during this shopping trip and I'm hoping to document my cook-off in an up coming blog post. I'm sensing a theme while watching horror movies and sipping wine while baking = Best way to spend an afternoon e-v-e-r. 
5) Halloween themed cupcake wrappers. (Is that what you even call them? They were cheap and super cute looking!)
6) Candy knifes, hatches, and axes. = To go along with my cupcake theme. These looked downright adorable. I should totally make them slasher themed cupcakes (The Mutilator, Intruder, Pieces, etc)
7). Halloween body part candy! - This was actually the most pricy item on my list. I rarely never shell out for candy but these I knew would look great on the cupcakes as well as being a pretty killer set of treats for friends while watching movies next month. I mean look at the tiny brains? Perfect to much on while watching Brain Damage!!!
8) My skeleton socks!
9) My grow a pumpkins!
10) And last but not least my LED pumpkin lights that now proudly sit on my Halloween mood table and totaly look awesome! I'm all about decorations that light up this year. I actually found eyeball string lights at the Dollar Store of all places, and these babies are still lit up with the cheap batteries I put in them! These orange pumpkin lights I got at Target were a complete pain in the ass to untangle but completely worth getting. These puppies are going to stay lit up all year!!!

So all in all it was a very successful and fun trip! Stay tuned for more killer October posts as well as keeping your eyes open to see what other goodies I'll stumble upon before Halloween!!!

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Trying the IT Frappuccino!

Trying the IT Frappuccino!

Early this morning, sitting in my car, waiting to go into work (half awake since I stayed up last night watching all of my favorite American Horror Story episodes. I'm 31 going on 91 and staying up past 10 is seriously a death wish. Tonight staying up to watch 1984 should make me feel fresh as a daisy tomorrow!) (...) Anywho, I was scrolling on the phone and noticed that somebody mentioned that Starbucks was doing a special drink to celebrate the release of IT Chapter 2. 

The IT Frappuccino!

Looking it up I knew instantly I needed to try it. Now I'm really not a huge Starbucks fan. I think they are pretty overpriced, and I'm sure I'll get shit for this...but not really that tasty. I'm from New England, so I'm a Dunks girl all the way. Still, I every once in a blue moon swing by there either for those really delicious cake pops, or warm apple cider. I know Starbucks is known for releasing fancy themed drinks, mostly in October. This was the first time I actually decided to go out of my way after work and swing by and pick this sucker up.

My local Starbucks is at a place in my town called "The Loop" It was build before I was in high school and is basically a giant strip mall with a movie theater, a few restaurants, and stores. I went afterwork, strolled inside and asked the very nice woman if she could make me an "IT" drink. At first she was puzzled, before another fellow worker behind the counter knew exactly what I was talking about. The woman waiting on me apologized saying she honestly has lost track of the "special" drinks or items in the hidden menu. She said there's a thing called a Tic Tock drink, a unicorn drink, even a vampire drink. We both had a good laugh over this as I explained I rarely come here but knew I needed to check it out since I'm a massive horror and Stephen King fan. She asked if the newest movie was worth checking out and I told her absolutely. She did give me a look though when I told her it was 3 hours long. Guess there's only a small percentage of us that wishes this sequel was six hours long.

When the worker asked what size I said large (can you tell I never come here?) This was quite the risk since if this ended up tasting like complete garbage...I was going to have a large cup of garbage but hey...YOLO! It's fall ya'll!!!

When the worker put it on the counter I had a good laugh due to the size of it and I think I said aloud and I quote "WOW! That's so pretty!" Yes everyone...I am a child. 

I waited until I walked out to the parking-lot towards my car to take my first sip and I really have to say it was downright delicious. It's basically a vanilla bean flavored Frappuccino with fresh strawberry puree (which really made it taste amazing) I like vanilla bean and strawberries so this was pretty damn good. It was a little sweet, and I really could have gotten a small (what the hell is it called at Starbucks when you get a small?) but to celebrate Chapter 2, as well as getting into the spooky state of mind, I found this a really fun little treat. (name a food after a horror movie and I'll basically throw my money at you.) I'm not sure I would order it again, but it was pretty tasty and if you wanna do something fun this weekend, order the IT Frappuccino, and go see IT Chapter 2!!!

I'll see you in the sewers...Frappuccinos and all!!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Staystillreviews' annual Halloween dollar store challenge!!!

Staystillreviews' annual Halloween dollar store challenge!!!

Ah, it's the most wonderful time of the year! Yep, that's right, with autumn just over the horizon, over here at Staystillreviews we're partaking in our annual Halloween dollar store challenge!!! This year my good friend Melissa from Chicago decided to even hit up her local stores to join in on the Halloween fun! So here was our hauls from a week or so ago.

I'll go first...
As always I visit the dollar store a few towns over. It is in a VERY bad neighborhood, and the store is a complete mess, filled with screaming children, unopened boxes, and tons of junk littering the filthy carpets of the aisles. This Dollar store is located between a Chinese buffet, and the DMV. Not a place you wanna go to alone after dark. Still, two weekends ago before I headed up to Maine to watch IT Chapter 2, I was totally feeling fall feels. In my eyes September 1st it's fair game. Give me pumpkin flavored everything, cider, horror movies, foliage, and hoodies. It's Fall ya'll!!! So I decided to head to this little gem of a store, and the one closer to my house. Both aren't anything to write home about, but at each store I spent roughly 10$.

10$ = 10 items.

I'm hoping to hit up a Spirit Halloween or Target soon. But, in keeping with the tradition of the dollar store challenge, I grabbed a basket and walked through the crowded aisles, and began searching for all things spooky!

All things aside, I think I did "well" even though I wasn't crazy impressed. I know it was still early, but these stores usually are fully stocked for Halloween by mid August.

At the stores I got...

These styrofoam orange and black glitter balls I somehow always find myself buying every year. I don't know really why, but I love decorating with these little bastards. They actually do look really good in glasses or bowls for a centerpiece. 

This black rubber rat. I mean why not? Every October I find myself trying to post some "staged" photos to show what I'm watching. Stephen King's Graveyard shift is one of my favorites, and the second I spotted this rat I knew it would be posing along side my VHS copy of that film.

This killer light up skull. I'm a sucker for these cheap pieces of jump that light up for decoration. The tiny batteries sadly don't hold up more than a few hours, but as always look killer being displayed. I have several of these light up decorations in my office!

Speaking of rats, I always try to grab several party favors that are Halloween themed at either dollar stores or party stores for the next month or so. I love tossing these little things (rubber rats, bats, eyeballs, brains, erasers, etc) in care packages or even in my giveaways. There wasn't much to pick from, but these little glow in the dark bag of rats was instant impulse buying at it's finest. 

"Nice work...bone daddy." Yes I'm a complete sucker for anything skeleton. I'm still on the hunt for a full sized one that doesn't cost an arm and a leg (get it?) These cheap little hands are perfect for decoration, only can't bend the fingers down to have it flip somebody the bird.

I basically love eyeball anything. In the past this store sold killer light up eyeball rings, eyeball pens, eyeball bags. This year, they were seriously lacking in the eyeball department, but I got one of these. I guess it sinks (wow!) if you put it in a glass or bowl. Okay...sure...I also got this weird pumpkin gel thing that I had absolutely no idea what it naturally I threw it in my basket.

This item had me screaming laughing. It's a vampire candle holder. Look.At.It's.Fucking.Face. Could you die?

This actual pretty cool looking bat decoration you can hang. It's pretty big, and reminds me of those old school Halloween decorations I remember vaguely seeing these as a kid. Bringing back all the childhood feels!

Speaking of Halloween feels, I love these tiny little plastic pumpkins. I always grab a package whenever I get a chance. So flipping cute!

See guys I love eyeballs. These are for my dogs. They light up. (aka I really bought them for myself shhhhh...)

I'm a sucker for lights, so I got these tiny adorable leaf lights. I'm a sucker for anything that lights up. You could seriously have plastic dog shit with LED lights inside it and I would totally buy it. 

Hands down favorite purchase between both stores. With AA batteries, these string lights kick so much ass. In fact I have them strung up going across my antique carnival glass. I have zero self control.

Did Stacy buy this simply because it reminded her of Candyman? You be the judge...

I got also a Stranger's Thing coke (didn't even know they sold those, so instantly I needed to grab a few cans, as well as some cheap Halloween candy. I feel it was a successful haul, but I'm looking forward to venturing to other stories in the next few months. Stay tuned kiddos.

Here was Melissa's haul, the below is written by her. From the looks of it, she actually found some really killer stuff!!! Thanks for partaking Melissa! Nothing says Halloween more than buying cheap junk and having an absolute riot doing so!!!

After visiting my local Dollar Tree (where everything’s $1) and Dollar general , I have completed the challenge! First at Dollar tree I found 3 LED solar polar stakes for the garden. I have added them to my cauldron of marigolds. I also got myself a little black glitter owl with guess what, light up eyes. The owls are not what they seem. I found the best cackling light up witch! She laughs at my jokes, and has the worst motion activation on it. 
On to dollar general where I got day of the dead felt garland, light up bats, candy corn, Carmel apple candy corn and the seasonal shaped chocolate bars! The witch by far is the best thing to adore my house.

Thanks Melissa!

So friends, feel free to join the Halloween Dollar Store Challenge and share what treasures you find! Stay tuned for more Halloween fun!!!

Monday, September 16, 2019

27 things that worked for me with IT Chapter 2

27 things that worked for me with IT Chapter 2
 Yesterday I took in another screening of IT Chapter 2 at my local movie theater (really hoping I can squeeze in a third time, and maybe see how it holds up in IMAX. I may be in a small percentage, but I downright adored Chapter 2 over Chapter 1. I broke it down nice and simple to a few friends who shared the same thoughts as I did over this being the stronger of the two films. We all grew up being down right terrified of Tim Curry as Pennywise in the 1990 miniseries directed by Tommy Lee Wallace. I have so many memories of legit blocking my eyes and ears whenever the Georgie scene happened in the beginning. I watched it constantly, and as I got older devoured the epic 1000+ book which in my eyes is one of King's greatest works. When I heard they were making a film version of of one of King's more popular works, I was a little standoffish. I mean I would like to believe I'm more mature, and don't instantly roll my eyes whenever it's announced a remake on a childhood classic is getting made. There are some remakes that blow the original out of the water (The Thing, The Fly) Others that are just as good as the original and are enjoyable as an updated new version with a twist (Invasion Of The Body Snatchers, Night Of The Living Dead, Dawn Of The Dead, My Bloody Valentine, and The Hills Have Eyes.) There's guilty pleasure remakes, that are so awful compared to the original but still fun to watch (Black Christmas) and remakes that are just plain awful and missed the mark on having an opptunity to do something different and end up being just plain trash (A Nightmare On Elm Street, Friday the 13th, The Hitcher, etc) This was material I felt needed the chance to shine. To be split into two movies (like so many other epics are split into) and stick closer to the novel, being R ratted, and having a whole new generation to be traumatized by Pennywise the dancing clown. I'll be the first to admit, I was on the fence learning young Bill Skarsgard playing the title role, but as soon as I watched it I knew this was going to be in good hands.  Bill was bringing something new to the role, and director Andy Muschietti really has an eye and captured the mood and energy that King made in this universe. Why I think I liked Chapter 2 over 1 is plain and simple. With the miniseries, those kids playing The Losers did one HELL of a job. When I read the book 3 times before it was those kids I had in my head the whole time. Now these kids who were in Chapter 1 did a great job, truly amazing...but I felt what really needed the chance to be updated was the part of the miniseries where limitations, budget, and sadly even the casting of the adults made things drop the ball. Nothing against the miniseries, but that ending really was a let down. I wanted my favorite part of the book (shocking enough when they are adults, returning 27 years later) Muschietti did a wonderful job as did the children in Chapter 1, and stuck closer to the book, but what I was excited for was seeing how this was going to end. The adult casting for the most part was completely on point. I know people complained it was too long, and there wasn't enough Pennywise, but this was the version I had waited to see my whole life. It's the part of the story I knew my late mother (who down right adored IT and the novel) It stuck close to the book, and really spoke to be as being one of my top 3 favorite King adaptions (Gerald's Game and Christine being among those ranks) I all ready have a really good feeling about Doctor Sleep, so as I'm still riding off my high from how much I enjoyed chapter 2. So here are 27 things that really worked for me in this film.


27) The deadlights - 
The first image being Bev floating in the deadlights with that haunting sound effect. This was one of the creepiest moments from chapter 2, and it was a welcomed sight as we returned back to this dark universe.

26) The hate crime of Adrian Mellon. - 
This is actually how King's novel opens, and in my eyes it's one of the more disturbing moments in the entire novel. I felt this was honestly the perfect way to pack a punch to the audiences and this film was going to be MUCH darker than the first film. All these teens that "ship" the characters I honestly hope felt like a bucket of iced cold water was thrown on them. This installment was dealing with a much darker side of life. Like the lead characters, they have grown up. This isn't child's play anymore. Derry sadly is like many places still in today's day of age. It's frightening for people who are just trying to have a nice night out with their loved ones. The brutal beating of Adrian honestly I think was meant to be uncomfortable, gritty, and realistic. From him losing his inhaler (instantly making all of us think of Eddie), to him being dumped in the river and his boyfriend so desperately trying to find him. The POV of him struggling to swim, and seeing Pennywise from the shore reaching out for him, we all know what's going to happen. The shot of the thousands of red balloons flying from under the bridge set the perfect tone. This movie was sticking to the book, and shit was gonna get dark!

25) "Come home" -
I'll be the first to admit. Mike is my favorite character from the book, miniseries, and yes now the movies. I know a lot of people complained about Isaiah Mustafa's acting, but I'm here to defend this man 100% all the way. It was as if Stephen King's Mike Hanlon had jumped from the pages and onto the big screen. I was beyond happy with his performance. Seeing the expression on his face, as the main title appears flashing red and blue from the police cruisers as that same creepy children's song is softly sung. I still remember last weekend when I first saw it, I geared myself up knowing I was certainly in for a treat.

24) Attic Room and Audra's cameo. -
 Bill's actress wife Audra as well as Bev's husband Tom play a HUGE part in the novel. In the 1990 miniseries Tom's part was cut mostly out while Audra's role remained. I was curious to see if they were going to keep her in, and believe it or not I actually enjoyed the fact that they left Audra and Tom following to Derry out. I mean this was all ready a 3 hour movie and I totally got what the director was doing. This film was about the Losers, and this is what the main focus needed to be. Still, I enjoyed seeing Bill on the WB set filming Attic Room when he receives Mike's phone call.

23) Bill Hader's entire performance as Richie Tozier. -
I had taken a few stabs at wondering who was going to play the adult losers. I believe I had maybe 1-2 of them right from a post back in 2016/17. When the adult cast was announced I actually had to give them props. Bill Hader was actually perfect casting. I've loved Bill ever since his early days on SNL, to his beautiful long hair in Hot Rod, and of course playing the officer in Superbad. It seemed like such obvious casting, I couldn't believe they had hit the nail on the head so well. Everyone I've talked to about Chapter 2 all agrees on the same thing. Bill Hader was the MVP of the Losers' Club. He stole the show in every scene he appeared in, and really showed some truly amazing dramatic acting. (Doesn't hurt I love a dude in glasses) I'll talk more about Bill's character arc later in the list, but some people complained there was too much humor, mostly coming from Hader. Well people, you gotta remember he's playing Richie Tozier. The man uses humor was a defense mechanism, and as a shield from keeping people from getting too close to him. From the moment he vomited seriously right into the camera, all the way to his touching final scene, Bill displayed some truly awesome acting chops. I've heard a few vague rumors of an Oscar norm. Please God don't let this be a rumor. If Bill wins playing Richie my Stephen King world is complete.

22) James Ransone as Eddie. -
Yet again, perfect casting. This guy looked JUST like the younger version of his character, even down to the facial expressions. I really loved that they included his marriage and how basically he married his mother (clever they casted the same woman to play Eddie's mother and wife) It perfectly summed up his character, right down to him crashing his car after receiving news from Mike's call. This dude broke my heart towards the end. Mostly when he freezes up at the end and Bill yells at him for not helping Richie. Eddie's tear filled eyes as he speaks like a frightened child. "I'm sorry Bill...don't be mad...I was just scared." KILLED ME. Still holding off on his ending, his little scene in the drug store was seriously everything. Here the humor I believe worked perfectly. Him getting vomited on and the music changing to "Just Call Me Angel Of The Morning" had me SCREAMING. Also can we not forget his encounter with Bowers. It was such a disturbing scene that actually worked well with the over the top frightening humor of Eddie getting stabbed in the cheek and then taking the same blade to stab Bowers back. Forever screaming laughing over the "Why don't you fucking cut that mullet, it's been like 30 years." Iconic.

21) The original Ben cameo. - 
I loved that they paid tribute to the original miniseries several times throughout both films. The best had to be having a brief cameo of Brandon Crane who played the original Ben Hanscom before introducing the now thin and handsome Jay Ryan as this film's Ben. This actor did a fine job playing the adult Ben, but just seeing the original actor who played Ben as a child I'm sure I'm not alone, but warmed many hardcore fans of the miniseries.

20) Hockstetter returns. -
 In the novel Henry escapes thanks to the help of his dead rotting corpse of a friend Belch. This time around they changed it to Patrick Hockstetter (who in the novel is ten times more disturbing in the movie and suffers a pretty brutal death) Nevertheless we got to see some truly awesome practical effects as Hockstetter drives Henry around Derry.

19) The entire Jade Of The Orient reunion scene. -
I have always adored this scene, both in the book, and in the miniseries. I really loved seeing this stellar cast finally all come together and bond throughout a sweet heart warming montage. It honestly seemed as if no time had passed at all. I loved the banter between Richie and Eddie, how Bev skips over talking about her abusive husband, and how it seemed as if we're now truly watching adult versions of the kids from the first film all catching up as if no time passed at all. I got total chills when everyone starts talking about how scared and sick they felt when they got Mike's calls and started to remember, in which mike simply replies that it's fear. That feeling they all shared...fear. The fortune cookie scene made one hell of a comeback, very chilling with the message about Stan (loved that it took them so long to figure out what the message said)  and Mike screaming "IT ISN'T REAL!" smashing the chair against the table had me screaming as the waitress walks in. Also the kid coming up to Richie saying "The fun is just beginning huh?" Yet another Hader scene stealing scene.

18) Mike shows Bill the Ritual of Chud. -
This was yet another scene it took a second viewing to really make me dig it. I love how close they got...well as much as possible at least to the book. The Ritual plays a huge part in the book as well as the "smoke hole" scene. We got a mixture of both, and we able to finally see in film form that Mike and Richie in the book saw all those years ago while in the clubhouse during the smoke hole scene. Getting actual fleshed out rich history on the beginning of IT was well deserved. Also the way they filmed Bill tripping out was everything.

17) The Clubhouse -
This was a big part of the book. How over the summer the Losers spent countless days working with Ben to make a safe haven so that Henry and his gang couldn't find them. This is also the scene in the book where they do the smoke hole to try and understand how IT began. It was a welcomed sight to see the kids again (I honestly didn't notice the de-aging CGI that badly as everyone else did) We got a few sweet funny moments, as well as remembering Stan. Of course my favorite had to be when Richie pops out pretending he's Pennywise "Remember he used to stay that shit and do that creepy dance?" Kills me. The token thing was new but welcomed and was pretty cool to see more of what happened during the summer of 89 as well as seeing the Losers venture around town as they did in the novel and miniseries. Instead of trying to resurface memories, they were finding tokens that summed up that summer or maybe even the past with trauma. Whatever it was, I enjoyed it. Yes I know some people felt this part dragged, I on the other hand loved seeing this adults reflect on that summer and how apart IT nearly tried to kill them one by one. King's cameo with Silver brought a huge smile to my face. I was an idiot child who used to pretend my bike was Silver from the miniseries. If I got onto a bike now...yikes that's the true horror movie!

18) Paul Bunyan/Richie's dirty little secret. - I loved every single token/reflection scene by each loser, but the best yet again had to be with Richie. The Paul Bunyan part in the book freaked me out. It actually made me jump when he roars at Richie and all the bats fall out of his mouth. (This is following a heartbroken memory from Richie) When he looks back on those memories (both terrifying in their own way) the adult Richie finds himself in the park where after being handed a funeral program for himself, he looks up and sees Pennywise sitting on the shoulder of the Paul Bunyan statue. He taunts Richie floating down with his red balloons, teasing and singing "I know your secret, your dirty little secret!" Yet again I'll go more into this, but this was one of my favorite Pennywise scenes.

17) Pennywise puts his makeup on -
The whole Mrs. Kersh scene has always been scary. In both the book, and yes miniseries. I was pretty pumped to see the teaser trailer for Chapter 2 was 80% of Bev's interaction with this elderly woman (us IT fans all knew how this was going to end) They did a wonderful job keeping this scene scary (From her blankly staring, and sneaking around behind Bev when she's not looking, to even the disgusting sores on her chest from the "heat".) The only thing that took me out of it was when she came charging at Bev. Sadly the CGI didn't hold up (even tho that really was an actor in a suit) I think they may have gone a little too heavy with the CGI since the woman pops up twice in the movie and resembles a certain character from the Lord Of The Rings movies. Yikes! Still the most powerful moment of that entire scene is when Bev runs away and is trying to leave the apartment. Before she can do so, Pennywise in human form turns, and good old Bill Skarsgard shows even though he wasn't in this installment as much, he still knows how to ham it up and be creepy. Him putting the white makeup on then dragging his fingernails cutting his face grossed me out so bad! Kinda wish they didn't show it in the trailer! Plus how freaky did Bill make his eyes look in this one?! Man oh man!

16) The Funhouse -
Pretty full circle moment with Bill racing to the carnival to rescue the young boy who now lives in his childhood home. I liked the spin they put on this minor child character (who appears in the book) Bill, still after all this time feels so guilty over what happened to his brother (It's revealed he really wasn't that sick the morning Georgie went to go play in the rain, which man certainly packs a guilt punch) So he's desperate to save anyone, even if it's this one kid. The entire funhouse scene freaked me out (loved the clown swinging bags that look like Pennywise in 1990), to the hall of mirrors (was I the only kid that hated those fucking things? Much like Bill I would go running straight into them) I loved Pennywise smashing the glass grinning and with one big bike, swallows him whole. A friend of mine complained the bodycount wasn't higher (remember kids it's not a slasher) but in this movie alone with got to see two young children get eaten alive. Pretty dark stuff!

15) "That was way overdue...get it? Since we're in the library?" - 
Henry's death may have been different, but well welcomed by Richie saving Mike's life, and delivering this line before throwing up...again. Ha!

14) The Losers stick together - 
This is a pretty awesome scene. Knowing Bill is going in no matter what, the remaining Losers all join him where it all began. Neilbolt Street. (LOVE that the house from the book played such a huge part of these films) Bill broke my heart, stuttering, and struggling to apologize about getting them all involved. Instead they all swear they are going in together to fight as one before Richie mutters one of the film's most iconic line "Let's kill this fucking clown."

13) Stan's spider head - 
We got Stan's head in a mini fridge in the miniseries, in this one we get his head rolling out and growing spider legs before attacking the losers. If you're anything like me, anything about spiders FREAKS me out. The effects were beyond gross, and I love The Thing little nod "You gotta be fucking kidding me..." This is also the scene like I mentioned before where Richie freezes up. It's heartbreaking and as soon as Eddie begs Bill not to be mad, you can see the guilt on his face before whispering that "That's what IT wants."

12) You're braver than you think. - 
Eddie freezes up yet again once they are crawling down to IT's layer. The old CGI witch grabs Bev and all of the guys jump in after her and go under the surface. That is...all besides Eddie. I felt so bad for him, you can tell he's absolutely terrified and keeps repeating that all he wants to do is go home. I hated when he cries "Please don't make me walk out of here alone." Before everyone resurfaces. Before crawling down to the final layer of IT, Eddie hesitates and admits he's too scared. That if he goes down there he's going to get them all killed. Here Richie has a heart to heart with his childhood buddy who he constantly seems to be giving shit to. Instead in a very Richie way he breaks it down simple. "Who killed a psychopathic clown before he was 14?" "Me." "Who stabbed Bowers with a knife that he pulled out of his own face?" "Also me." "Who married a woman ten times his own body mass?" "Me." That entire exchange is everything as Richie gives Eddie the encouragement he needs. I love when Bev gives him the fence post "It kills monsters...if you believe it does." This is why I really loved this chapter. It was so much like the book. These people weren't friends...they were family, and after Stan Eddie was the weakest. Seeing Richie and Bev in their own way look out for him is yet another perfect example of why King writes his characters so well.

11) The tokens - 
Did anyone else kinda tear up at this scene? I loved that it was all new material. Not from the book, or the miniseries. The two objects that got me the most were Ben's yearbook page, and how he admits only one person signed it and he kept it in the back of his wallet for over 27 years. The second was Eddie remembering Stan's shower cap. Them joining hands and chanting as the deadlights swirled down to them gave me total nerd chills.

10) The giant balloon/Pennywise crab/spider - I knew they were screwed the second that balloon wouldn't let Mike put the cap on the container. Seeing it swell up and explode actually made me jump. Here we learn the truth and I really gotta say, I felt total panic for the losers. I love how heartbroken and guilty Mike feels for getting his friends trapped down here he's actually willing to die before one of his friends push him out of the way. The entire IT layer with the flashing blue and white deadlights really set the stage. Here we watch the frightened Losers split up as they run around and stumble into more mind traps set by Pennywise.

9) Ben and Bev's reach - 
I think this is the scene I feel would be totally worth seeing in IMAX. It seriously felt like a total thrill ride with them flying backwards, trapped in their own personal nightmares. I loved that Bev's was the bathroom stall, where we first meet her character from chapter 1 getting bullied, and Ben's is the clubhouse slowly collapsing and filling in with dirt burying him alive. Sure, sure I've heard people complain about how sappy the whole "I love you" thing was, but I didn't mind it. The blood and dirt, and finally them bursting out reaching for each other before finally coming face to face with each other and knowing the truth. Perfect way to handle these two characters who were totally meant to be.

8) The three doors -
Here we get to see another repeating trick from Pennywise from Chapter 1. I really loved the perfect mixture of comedy and horror in this scene between Richie and Eddie "He's fucking with us! Nope! He's not fucking with us!" and the reveal of the adorable dog. I was crying laughing. Also as they run back "Next time we'll pick the middle door!" "Next time?!"

7) Bill forgives himself. -
A huge theme in IT was guilt. The form Pennywise constantly picked to trick Bill was his little brother Georgie. In this chapter it's revealed why Bill feels so guilty over his brother's murder, and how it's carried on with him for all this time. Here we learn he wasn't really that sick, and simply just didn't want to go out and play with him. Pretty heavy stuff for a 13 year old to have to carry around with him. It explains so much, as well as the obsession with trying to find him and bring him home. Here Bill resurfaces in his old basement where he finally defeats the ghost of his little brother, as well as the guilt that began in his 13 year old self. Bill wasn't even too much material to chew up, but this scene was great.

6) "You're a sloppy bitch! Let's dance! Yippee Ki Yay Mother f--
Hands down my favorite moment in this chapter was Richie throwing rocks at the giant spider/crab Pennywise to drop Mike. Here he taunts him in a very Richie way. "Wanna play truth or dare?" We finally see Richie standing up and completely losing it. I LOVE the expression on Pennywise's face, and that terrifying sound effect (the same used when Bev was in the deadlights and when Pennywise turns away from Eddie after Bill says it isn't real in chapter 1) Here in a crack shot Richie becomes trapped in the deadlights. I know some friends thought this was hysterical. I get it, it is super funny. Mostly with how he's talking shit one second, then floating in the air with his eyes rolled back. I found it funnier the second watch, but the first I actually jumped.

5) Eddie's end -
God, this one hurt. I knew it was coming just like Stan, but it didn't make it any easier, mostly after they casted such a great likable actor to play the role. I love how he saves Richie from the deadlights throwing Bev's spear into Pennywise's mouth, and how he runs over to Richie all excited like a little kid "Richie! I think I got him! I really think I got him!" Then boom, Pennywise stabs Eddie with one of his huge claws. Just the stunned expression on Richie's face as Eddie's blood sprays on him and how Eddie cries out Richie's name before being thrown to the side. The Losers all surrounding him and how it's Eddie who figures out from his encounter in the drug store how the key to defeating Pennywise is to make him grow small so they can kill him. Eddie's last touching moment is as Richie sits with him as he's dying and he whispers "Richie...I gotta tell you something...I fucked your mom." It brought a chuckle at just the right time since I knew Eddie wasn't going to make it.

4) More than one way to make IT feel small. -
The original plan was to make Pennywise chase them to the opening of the layer so he could shrink down to size, once he traps them it appears all hope is lost. Pennywise looms over them, muttering his iconic line of being a eater of worlds, before it dawns on the Losers there's another way to make somebody feel make them believe they are. Here they begin to taunt and yell at the clown (I actually really dug this new addition on how to stop Pennywise) Sure it seemed silly (Pennywise wouldn't survive on Twitter that's for sure!) But it was a pretty powerful moment as the Losers all gang up on Pennywise calling him a clown, an imposter, a bully, nothing more...nothing less. Here we see Pennywise seriously shrink down to a tiny little puddle of goo with a scared beating heart (always love that sound effect) before all of the Losers grab Pennywise's heart from his chest. Pennywise gurgles and stares up before saying "You're all grown up." Here they rip his heart away, ending the terror once and for all.

3) Richie's heartbreaking goodbye to Eddie. -
I welcomed the idea that Richie was in fact gay, and that his one true love had been Eddie. The way they handled Richie's character was wonderful, and with a second viewing it is pretty obvious that he is in fact gay...yet sadly closeted. From the film's beginning, maybe we know why. To him it's his biggest fear...his "dirty secret" His denial over Eddie being dead killed me. How he tells them he's just hurt, that they can still help. Bev killed me when she whispered "Richie?" He turns "What?" "Honey...he's dead." Here we see Richie who was always the one to joke and make light out of everything break down completely clutching onto his friend's body sobbing, begging his friends not to leave him. Here they have to seriously drag him out of the layer, and even once outside as Neilbolt collapses, Richie is still struggling to get inside to his friend...and yes first true love. If you ask me, this poor guy had the saddest ending, and my heart broke for him. He never got a chance to tell Eddie how he truly felt. Man, bravo to King, Andy Muschietti, and Hader. They gave this all ready amazing character so much to depth. I'll never not tear up as Richie is dragged away from Eddie.

2) The quarry scene. - 
If anyone asked me what's my favorite scene in both chapters? The chapter 2 quarry scene is my favorite. From all of the dirty, blood soaked, exhausted, and beaten up adults walking to the ledge, looking down at the water. The music in the entire scene is haunting, as we watch them leap off, swim, and later wash up. The entire exchange between them. "You know what? Eddie would have hated this guys?" "What? Cleaning ourselves with dirty water?" "Yeah." "He's be telling we'd get streptococcal something." "Yeah, but he would have made us laugh though." "Oh yeah." "He'd be looking out for us...the way he always was. Isn't that right Richie?" and then Richie breaking down completely. Again, somebody hand Bill a fucking Oscar. I love the music as they all gather around hugging Richie. This truly looks like the most comforting hug ever. I love Richie's little crack about not finding his glasses, and as the losers swim looking for them, Ben and Bev get their moment. Seeing the surviving Losers staring at the window seeing themselves as children was total nerd chills city. Taken straight from the book.

1) Stan's letter. - 
This I feel was a welcomed addition to the material. I liked that we got closure with Stan's character. The letters were such a great idea, and I'll admit both times watching I cried when Bill reads that Stan felt he had to make the right choice by removing himself from the board. That shit hit hard. I loved watching Mike and Bill talk on the phone, now remembering everything and telling each other they love each other. I loved seeing Mike finally leave Derry, holding onto the good memories. Seeing Ben and Bev together happy, Bill writing again, and the strongest moment being Richie re-carving the R+E on the kissing bridge, cementing the theory that Eddie was in fact his one true love. Watching the losers as children ride away pulled on the heart strings. This chapter dealt with some heavy material, but did it beautifully. A perfect ending, to a truly epic story.

5 stars for Chapter 2. Run, do not walk to go see it on the big screen! Stay tuned next month, totally getting IT themed tattoos.