Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

 Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! Well, I finally made it to the end of my 31 days of terror list. It was a blast and always great to re-watch so many classic things that in my eyes shaped the way I love horror. This Halloween I'm dressed as Ben from the first Hatchet movie. Only thing that's missing is puke, but I'm sure that might happen after a few UFO pumpkin flavored beers...

My Halloween is pretty low key today, I'm working and afterwards I'm going to go see the Carrie remake. My hopes aren't up since I loved the original movie, but at least it will be something amusing to do. After that I plan on kicking back at my house and re-watching the Halloween movies for the 100th time as the last day of AMC Fear Fest is upon us :( I'm sure gonna miss having my favorite movies playing 24/7 it's been fun!

This month was a total blast and I'm looking forward to the very underatted month of November. Believe it or not Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of all time and I'm very much looking forward to enjoying it! So tommrow as you wash the fake blood and grease paint off your face, stock up on anything Halloween since it will be half off in the morning. It's been a fun Halloween and very much looking forward to the next!

Day 31 - Final Day - Halloween - Friday the 13th the series - Hellowe'en

 Day 31 - Final Day - Halloween - Friday the 13th the series - Hellowe'en

PLOT -On Halloween night, Micki and Ryan are visited by the ghost of their late uncle, who has returned from the underworld.

LOWDOWN - Well, the 31 days of terror challange is finally over. I honestly think this month by far has had the most posts and reviews I've ever done for the entire blog. It's been a very fun and eventful month, and I'm honestly looking forward to November. I will on the other hand miss AMC Fear Fest, the colorful leafs, and pumpkin flavored beer...

For my final day I decided to tackle the only Halloween episode from my all time favorite show Friday the 13th the series. This being Hellowe'en. Airing in the first season in 1987, this was a clever take on the holiday at Curious Goods. In fact this was really the first time we got a pretty good look of the entire lay out of the store, including a hidden room that was never spoken or used again. This was the first but not last time Uncle Lewis returned, trying to escape Hell. 

I can't even say how much I love the opening scene at the party, I love that they threw it simply to draw in people from the neighborhood on not being so scared of the place now that it was under new managerment. Our three leads are yet again trapped as Lewis and a demon helper use yet another cursed object to try and return. With plenty of awesome gags, coustumes, and a very clever ending line/freeze frame I would say this is a MUST to watch every Halloween.

Gotta love when Micki and Ryan are crawling thru the tiny window and Ryan get stuck and tells Micki that it isn't time to be lady like and to just pull him. Love their little banter in the first season, so adorable.

So Happy Halloween everyone and stay tuned for a very eventful month as I count down the days until Thanksgiving and watch my favorite turkey holiday themed slasher Bloodrage!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Day 30 - Mystery film = Jason Goes To Hell

 Day 30 - Mystery film = Jason Goes To Hell

PLOT - Serial killer Jason Voorhees' supernatural origins are revealed. 

The second mystery film for Oct is Jason Goes To Hell! Last winter I seriously think I wrote the longest review ever on this blog as I defended this very hated sequel, and tried to explain it's charm. As a massive Friday the 13th fan (mostly of the first five films.) it took me YEARS to warm up to this movie. The only vivid thing that I liked about it was the amazing ending shot of the movie, besides that I was pretty much with everyone else in really not seeing this a true Friday the 13th film. Finally years later, I began to warm up to this movie along with Freddy's Dead and view them more as guilty pleasures than anything else. I find Jason Goes To Hell MUCH better than part 8, Jason X, Freddy Vs. Jason and the remake. I liked that they tried to take the series in a new direction, and didn't have the same old tired thing repeating over and over again. Who cares that we didn't get to see Jason that much? He was in the scenes that counted and rocked in them. Also it doesn't hurt that John D LeMay was in it...

But then again a lot of people hate part 5 and that's one of my favorites. Guess it's just me...

So today I decided to pin point the reasons why I find Jason Goes To Hell awesome.

1) John D LeMay was the lead. 

2) They tried to do something new and different.

3) It was adults that were fighting Jason, not teenagers.

4) Joey B.

5) John D LeMay Vs. Jason = best fight e-v-e-r.

6) Jason burgers

7) Finger breaking scene.

8) The epic ending shot.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Day 29 - Mystery film = Intruder (1989)

 Day 29 - Mystery film = Intruder (1989)

PLOT - The overnight stock crew of a local supermarket find themselves being stalked and slashed by a mysterious maniac. 

LOWDOWN - So either I suck at math, or I can't read a calander, but it seriously just dawned on me that I was 3 movie short with my 31 days of terror thing I had going on. = Fail. Anywho, I decided to make the last three films a mystery even tho their movies I have reviewed before in the past, and love very much. These are personal favorite that really don't need much to explain on how their so awesome. I decided to kick off day 29 with my all time favorite slasher. Yep that's right...Intruder. This movie has a soft place in my heart since it was the first movie I EVER reviewed on this blog a few years ago.

Intruder has been a very underatted gem for years. In fact, it became the thing of slasher legend due to the cast and mind blowing effects that KNB did right when they were starting out. Sadly, the film got swept up with many other lesser known films since it was released in the last year of the 80's, right when the slasher craze was dying a quick and painful death. Years passed and finally we were treated to a bare bones cut DVD which turned into a wonderful blu-ray release a few years later, all the gory films restored and looking completely stunning for a film that's over twenty years old! A new generation of fans, myself included rediscovered this slasher gem, and couldn't help but love the fact that Sam and Ted Raimi had roles in this.

Yep, that's right Sam and Ted Raimi. In fact Scott Spiegel, the man who helped write Evil Dead II, directed this little gem which is wonderful due to all the awesome POV shots including a phone, a shopping cart, and the floor!

With Lawarence Bender producing, and a likeable cast, the film's 80's supermarket setting at night was perfect as the guts and blood hit the floor.

I love that this film had such amazing deaths, in fact I would say this movie might have after the original Day Of The Dead might have the best practical effects of all time. Being able to see the SE edition of it was mind blowing. I've never seen such bloody and disturbing deaths before in my entire life! 

The two main reasons I love this movie has to do with the fact Mr. Sam Raimi has a role in it as Randy the butcher. Sam was in his late 20's at the time when he filmed this and looked f-i-n-e. He seriously is adorable and his death is my favorite in the entire film. In fact I've been planning for some time to finally get himself hanging from the meat hook tattooed on me. What can I say? I'm a true Raimi fan.

With Ted in a brief role and Bruce making a cameo, this is a complete horror fan's utter delight watching this.

The second of course is the clever ending, love the last shot with the heartbeat pounding. 

I urge anyone to go watch this movie. Not only is it in my top ten favorite movies, it's my all time favorite slasher!

5 stars!

Chiller weekend recap

 Chiller weekend recap
Didn't even notice I'm doing Waxwork hands in this one...awesome.

So this past weekend I decided to finally check out Chiller theater in NJ with these lovely bunch of ladies. I first decided to finally do Chiller right around Labor Day when I discovered Zach Galligan was going to be there. This past summer I had my friend Tara made stunning artwork based off Zach's role in Tales From The Crypt. Like a complete nutcase I planned that I would drive all by myself down to NJ then drive back all in that Saturday (wtf is the matter with me?) Lucky for me my friend Jeanette found out and decided that a few of us would all go while staying at my friend Casey's place. Well Friday I drive the surprisingly pleasant drive to Casey's and got there around ten. The next day we took off to Chiller which has been the most packed I have EVER seen a convention. In fact, if I'm ever crazy enough to do this again, I'm only going either Friday night or Saturday, you seriously couldn't even move! I feel Chiller was held at a great hotel, but the way the guests were spread out didn't really work and there didn't seem to be enough staff. My first round at the vendor room was horrible, you seriously couldn't even walk, you were shoulder to shoulder with people. How the fire Marshall wasn't called is beyond me.

What was awesome about Chiller was the Jaws museum they had set up. I was able to take a photo in front of the yellow barrels used in the movie and see some original props. As a huge Jaws fan this meant the world to me, sadly my hair was a hot mess due to the heat inside so I looked pretty stupid, still anything that has to do with Jaws is awesome! I was able to run into my friend Karen who I've known since Myspace and she gave me her bootleg copy of Friday the 13th the series. Looking forward to finally watching season 3 and bitching about it!

Next I decided to finally meet Zach, wandering into the crowded guest room, I couldn't even breath. Much like the vendor room it was insane how packed it was. Zach of course remembered me and my Twitter handle and right off the bat I started bitching and moaning about how hot it was. Galligan gave me a hug and somehow everything felt better. Oh Mark Loftmore...

Any who, I showed him all the items I brought, in which his response for me blowing up a still from Hellraiser III was "Are you fucking serious?" and his utter disgust when he saw Round Trip To Heaven. He also seemed pretty impressed when he saw the Surviving novel, and the amazing Tales From The Crypt artwork which he took a photo of with his phone. Like a huge dork I gave him a small bottle if whiskey for his 50th birthday coming up, creepy you might say but Zach is one of my favorite actors and what other chance would I get to "buy" Mark Loftmore a drink. In fact lucky for me my friend Tom from Shit Movie Fest hung out with him later that night and I was happy to see that was what Zach was drinking. Stacy Still ladies and gents, keeping 80's actors drunk.

After signing everything a few photos where we both looked half dead, I moved on to meet the ever so lovely Jill Schoelen. Like a loser, I kinda teared up telling her how much I loved watching this movie with my mother growing up and that she was by far my favorite final girl ever. Jill was a sweetheart, signed my VHS and even gave me a free Popcorn autograph! Jill, you will and forever be one of my favorite ladies of horror.

Finally me and Jeanette decided to meet William Ragsdale from Fright Night. What killed me was what a bad spot his table was, it was right in the main area where you walk in and due to the crowds being so crazy you felt sorta guilty standing just in one spot. Well I started off about the main reason me and Jeanette became friends was because we both love Mannequin II and how funny we thought it was when the girl eats the paper. Will said "Well, that's a sign that friendship will last forever." and humored us as he dorked out. I had Will sign my Fright Night II VHS.

Due to the crowds and long lines I didn't meet anyone else, the guest list was insane but I feel they over booked.

My second time in the vendor room wasn't that bad. I met up with Tom and we both agreed how packed it was and spent a good hour just slowly walking around looking at everything. I was able to see my friends at VHSPS who were awesome as always and finally was able to somewhat take my time looking around. My haul was smaller than I thought, but I was glad I saved some money this time around. I ended up getting 3 movies from VHSPS, Lisa, The Curse, and another copy of Radioactive Dreams to send to a friend. I got a Big Trouble In Little China shirt, an 80's camp slasher movie Kristy swears I'll love, and two issue of Fangoria, in which one had a pull out poster of Friday the 13th the series!!!!

I said a quick goodbye to Zach who was passing out Waxwork cards for my Facebook page in getting the movie released on blu-ray. Having that man kiss you on the cheek and say that he loves me turned me into a 5 year old girl again. Seriously nicest guy ever for those who haven't met him yet. Being able to take home my VHS copy of Waxwork II signed by him makes me a very very happy nerd.

Part of me wishes I would have stayed and drank with friends and watched the bands peform but I feel that's for another time, instead we all left around 4:30 5ish and were all able to breath fresh clear air when we left. My thoughts on Chiller were way too packed, in fact it made everything really unenjoyable due to the crowds. I was impressed with the guest list and the vendor rooms, but I learned my lesson, if I wanna do Chiller I'll do it on a Sunday!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Day 28 - Halloween III Season Of The Witch

 Day 28 - Halloween III Season Of The Witch

PLOT - A large Halloween mask-making company has plans to kill millions of American children with something sinister hidden in Halloween masks. 

I plan on waiting until St. Patrick's Day until I review this movie, but I just want to say how long I've really loved this movie. I still remember being sorta confused when I rented it hearing that there was no Michael Myers in it, but slowly learning what a truly and amazing sequel this was. It's just as good as part 4, and MUCH better than 5,6, and 8, and those two "remakes". Halloween III was Carpenter's way of trying to take the series in a new direction and I really liked it. Instead of the same old tired stuff of Michael hacking away at teenagers on Halloween we got something new. I found the idea original, and of course that epic ending insane. It also doesn't hurt that Mr. Silver fox himself Tom Atkins is the lead. Having been hated on for so many years, I'm glad this movie is finally getting the respect it finally deserves. With an awesome blu-ray release, reunions, artwork, and even the masks themselfs coming out, Halloween III is no longer looked at as a guilty pleasure, but as one of the best sequels out of the entire series!

Today I want to show this AWESOME Fright Rags's shirt they released last year based off the movie. I'm lucky enough to own one and if they ever reprint it, I urge anyone to go buy it!


Day - 27 Halloween II (1981)

 Day - 27 Halloween II (1981)

PLOT - Laurie Strode is rushed to the hospital, while Sheriff Brackett and Dr. Loomis hunt the streets for Michael Myers, who has found Laurie at the Haddonfield Hospital. 

LOWDOWN - One huge thing that I love is sequels. Sometimes they can be awesome, maybe even better than the original. Then there are ones that are just as good and sit on a happy medium of the first movie. There are sequels that are a fair follow up in the series, then there are some that are so God awful you take to wonder why they even made it. I think it's safe to say with part IIs and IIIs, most of the time, and I stress the word can win when it comes to horror movies. Now I could only imagine what it would have been like for a major studio to say, fuck it, let's make a sequel to Halloween, which just a few years earlier broke box office records and was a HUGE reason horror was hot at that exact moment as the 1980's began. Busy with Escape To New York, Carpenter and Hill decided to bow out on this installment, but decided to write the next chapter in the story they created. Rumor has it Carpenter even sat in on the director's chair a few times and more than enough fans that I've asked say that Halloween II truly is a Carpenter movie even tho Rick Rosenthal directed this time around. With Jamie Lee Curtis, fresh off Carpnter's The Fog returning, and well as classic actor Donald Pleasence, you honestly can't help but get nerd chills whenever the iconic score begins and you see both leads headlining in the credits. I LOVE movies that take right after the first movie. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. With Halloween II it works 100%. In fact I sometimes view Halloween I and Halloween II as one big giant movie that smoothly link in within each other. 

Opening just moments after Loomis has blown Michael out the bay window upstairs and discovers when he looks down that he's missing, he quickly runs downstairs to see a very comical body imprint on the lawn and blood...but no Micheal. With a next door neighbor coming out asking what's wrong, Loomis begins to scream saying to call the police, that he shot him six times! That he's still alive! In which the neighbor replies "Is this some kind of joke, I've been trick or treated to death tonight." Where Loomis gives my favorite line of the series "You don't know what death is!" and runs off into the night. SUCH AN EPIC way to open a movie and of course nobody and forget over the classic score that pumpkin slowly opening with the skull inside it.

What I like best about this movie is that it's very practical, it picks right up as if 3/4 years haven't passed at all. I love the police swarming the homes as reporters try to figure out what exactly happened. Quickly Michael is off (dispite the fact he was shot six times...or seven if you count the opening in this one.) and grabs himself a knife and begins going about his way killing anyone he pleases. I LOVE the death of the young girl alone on the phone with her friend, how she can hear the sirens down the street. It's so random and brutal.

I also love Loomis, teaming up with the police even after the sheriff discovers that Annie is dead (love that the actress came back just to play a dead body, that's what I call giving it your 100% for the fans!) Following Loomis with the police is the best part, how they know Michael is still out there and that more kids are bound to end up getting murdered that night. Who can forget the Ben Traimer part and how awful that death was! Love how they seriously link everything up together from the original, even with character names that were just briefly mentioned. Poor Jamie Lee is taken to the hospital where the real fun begins. Love the shot of Michael walking thru the plazza and runs into the kid with the boombox and hears that Laurie has been taken to the hospital. The music which had a touch of the 80's in it is amazing.

The setting of the hospital is very creepy, I've honestly never seen a hospital so empty before. Good thing those paitents didn't ring their bell that much!

In this movie the deaths are taken to a new level, blood draning, needles in eyes and temples, being boiled to death, you name it...this movie has it. With an AMAZING ending bringing back some old characters, I love when Loomis tells Laurie to get out. The classic shot of her riding away and Michael bunring as Mr. Sandman was a perfect way to end the movie.

Now in my eyes they should have made part III of course then do Halloween H20. I enjoyed Halloween 4, but you seriously can't beat the first three. I would have in Halloween H20 Laurie under a new name has restarted her life (no daughter Jamie or anything) and have it that Loomis really was killed in the explosion along with the real Michael. The twist of this one would be a crazed psycho posing was Myers, mask and all and it's revealed half way thru that it really wasn't him and it's more about Laurie battling her own inner demons. I know a lot of people wouldn't agree with me on this one but I think that would have been a better way to end that chapter. 

So if your looking for an awesome sequel to a horror classic, Halloween II is your movie!

Day 26 - Halloween (1978)

 Day 26 - Halloween (1978)

PLOT - A psychotic murderer institutionalized since childhood for the murder of his sister, escapes and stalks a bookish teenage girl and her friends while his doctor chases him through the streets. 

LOWDOWN - Halloween, really what is there to say? Taking such a simple idea and turning it into a complete iconic classic. This was a huge door that opened for the world of horror as well as bringing us into the glory days of the slasher craze that lasted about ten or so years. What Carpenter and Hill did with such a low budget makes complete and utter horror history as the story of Michael Myers was born. Dispute all the sequels, remakes, and God knows what else...the original still and will always remain one of the most elegant, visually stunning, horror classics of all time!

My heart aches that I wasn't able to meet Jamie Lee Curtis last year for HorrorHound, but from what I heard from so many friends she was nothing less than amazing. Thankfully I was able to meet Carpenter a few years later who honestly besides Sam Raimi is one of my all time favorite directors. I decided to keep it classy for the photo...

Halloween is another movie that my mother first showed me and my sister way back when we were kids. In fact for years she said it was too scary for us and finally we talked her into renting it. I still remember like it was yesterday being a complete jackass with my sister until the killing began. From that moment onward you could hear a pin drop. The first four movies being my favorite, and of course enjoying Halloween H20, I feel the reason why I love these movies is because my mother loved them so much. In fact back in 78 my father took my mother to go see it in a drive-in and on the way home he picked up a hitchhiker, causing my mother to freak out. I still laugh over how awesome of a story that is.

The original Halloween is a must, with a simple storyline, like able characters, and that iconic score by Carpenter, it's no wonder the movie was instant gold when it was released. My favorite parts of course is the opening with that creepy Halloween chant, and the POV behind the mask. I sitll tell anyone who wants to get a Halloween tattoo to get that classic shot of Michael's clown mask being taken off by his parents as he stands there holding the knife and his parents stand in front of him confused. Then of course the ending when Loomis sees the children running screaming out of the course only to come face to face with Michael, shooting him six times. Love the ending line "It was the bogeyman." "As a matter of was." The epic ending of the score and his breathing still gives me chills. 

With an epic title, poster, and leading scream queen this movie seriously is utter perfection. It's just a shame so many cheap attempts to capture the magic didn't stay true to how this film worked. 

A little unknown fact about Halloween was the reason it really did come to be was that it was originally supposed to be a sequel!

Yep that's right, Bob Clark's Black Christmas which was released a few years before really was one of the first true holiday themed slashers to grace the silver screen. Originally, Halloween was planned to be a follow up to this movie with the same unseen killer returning, this time shedding more light on his back story as he wanders into a new neighborhood, stalking more young girls. Trust me, ever since I found that out I haven't been able to look at Halloween the same! Just to think...Michael was almost Billy!

So as the ultimate fall time horror movie, Halloween is a perfect example in how keeping things simple can end up being brilliant.

5 Stars!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Day 25 - Girls Nite Out (1982)

 Day 25 - Girls Nite Out (1982)
PLOT - A killer, wearing a dancing bear suit, stalks a variety of cheerleaders during an all-night scavenger hunt at a remote Ohio college. 

LOWDOWN - I first heard about Girls Nite Out back in 2007 when I bought it as a complete blind buy on DVD. As low budget and "odd" as this movie is, I was taken in my the instant charm it gave off. In fact I remember even showing this movie to my poor parents that didn't seem to really get why I liked it so much. Years later I view Girls Nite Out as a classic typical 80's slasher that is dying for a true remake.

The plot is pretty interesting. It seems at a college campus, a group of cheerleaders are doing an all night scavenger hunt listening to clues given by the school's DJ. Unknown to them a killer steals the school's mascot costume and begins stalking the young girls, picking them off one by one. All right before Halloween. Sounds amazing? 

Yes it is.

Following several different characters that are more than a little over the top, the movie's first half plays for laughs and it works 98% of the time. With lots of weird and zanny moments, the movie is a slow burn to the boiling point that begins as the masked killer begins killing off the teens. With a great setting on the campus during the fall, and the killer with four knifes tapped together as a giant claw, a few years before A Nightmare On Elm Street used that as it's weapon of choice, Girls Nite Out is an early 80's slasher that despite it's many flaws has a great story, and a pretty interesting twist at the end. In fact, the first time I viewed it, even tho it's pretty clear who the killer is, I somehow had no idea. The ending part does feel a bit rushed, but with the last shot of the movie I would honestly say it's one of the creepiest endings in my eyes of all time. 

Like I said if a true fan decided to remake this, maybe Ti West, have it take place in the early 80's and ease down on the cheese and make it much darker. The bear suit is silly, but could work if done the right way. I would have more girls getting killed off, and of course a better twist for the ending. With some great moments, and an even greater soundtrack...Girls Nite Out is one of my all time favorite fall time slashers ever!

3 Stars!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Day 24 - Night Of The Demons

 Day 24 - Night Of The Demons

PLOT - A group of teens decides to have a Halloween party up at the deserted funeral parlor. They accidentally awaken a demon while having a seance. The demon enters the body of one of the women, and soon the teens begin getting picked off one by one. 

I LOVE Night Of The Demons. In fact it's in my top 25 favorite horror movies of all time. Directed by Kevin Tenney who wowed audiences with Witchboard a few years earlier, he made complete and utter horror perfection with the perfect blend of music, effects, actors, and of course terror. A complete cult classic that's now 25 years old, Night Of The Demons was truly one of the last awesome horror films of the 1980's. 

Today I want to show what's seriously the most awesome birthday gift ever. I don't exactly know the story behind it but I guess it was some guy's birthday who just so happens to be a massive fan of Night Of The Demons. Here a few younger members of his family decided to perform the opening theme for him. I seriously get chills everyone I watch this. If anyone is ever looking to win me over, play the Night Of The Demons theme for me on a violin.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Happy Birthday Sam Raimi!

 Happy Birthday Sam Raimi!

A very happy 54th birthday to Mr. Sam Raimi. As a massive fan of Sam's, I really do fell proud wearing my awesome Raimi brothers hoodie today. Tonight I'm feeling a late night viewing of Intruder may be in store.

Sam made horror history back in his early 20's when he made the terrifying cult classic The Evil Dead. A few years later he became horror royalty when he made it's insane sequel Dead By Dawn and the rest is history. Having directed over twenty feature length films which have become classics and broken box office records, Sam continues wowing audiences with his insane talent and vision. With just directing Oz The Great And Powerful, and letting his production company produce the remake to The Evil Dead, it honestly seems there won't be any rest of this man soon. Known as the joker in the horror world, even at age fifty-four, Sam still seems like a big kid. What I love about Sam is the fact even tho he's best known for the Evil Dead and Spiderman movies, he has insane range. He's directed slap stick comedies, romance, supernatural dramas, and even westerns! There honestly is nothing this man can't do (we're keeping Spiderman III out of this hahahahaha.) What I love best about Sam is that for a brief time he acted a little bit. He's always putting down his acting days but as a true Raimi fan I find joy in all the little bit parts and roles he did. His best two are in Intruder as Randy the butcher, and in Indian Summer as Stick. 

So happy birthday Mr. Raimi, I'm proud to have your name tattooed on me!

Day 23 - House Of Dark Shadows (1970)

 Day 23 - House Of Dark Shadows (1970)

PLOT - Vampire Barnabas Collins is released from his prison and searches for a cure to his affliction, so he can marry the incarnation of his lost love. 

So I reviewed this movie a little over a year ago when it first came out on blu-ray. I first heard/saw this wonderful film years ago when I bought a bootleg of this and Night Of Dark Shadows at a convention. Having owned a few disc sets of the show when it first aired, and the revamped TV show that aired in the early 90's, I wouldn't exactly call myself a massive Dark Shadows fan, but I really admired the storyline and how cutting edge the original soap opera was in the world of horror when it first aired, and how wonderful both feature length films were. Dare I say, I enjoyed the revamped TV series more which sadly only lasted one season? I wouldn't call this fair since I haven't watched more than a few episodes of the original show, and from what I heard as the story went on it got more and more interesting. I mean how ahead of it's time was this program. The fact a show dealing with vampires, werewolf's, ghosts, and ghouls were made in the 1960's still blows my mind. 

Still, I enjoyed the remake of the TV series which did a wonderful job with it's one and only season. Sadly the show was canceled before it could go any further and I can only dream had it continued the things they could have done. Also doesn't hurt it featured a young Joseph Gordon Levitt! Well going back to the theme of this week of movies that make you feel of Autumn, I would say House Of Dark Shadows is right at the top of my list. The original soap opera which told the story of the Collins family instantly because a cult classic. It wasn't long before they decided to take a stab at turning the show into a feature length film but this time making the ending out come much bloodier, and darker. With that we got show creator and horror master Dan Curtis to direct House, which told the same exact story many fans all knew and well. In fact, the entire movie can be summed by besides the ending in the very first episode of the revamped show that aired in the 90's. With a few minor changes, we met Barnabas Collins, a poor lost soul who was turned into a vampire many years ago and chained by in a tomb by his own father when he couldn't bring himself to end his son's cursed life. The massive mansions, owned by the Collins family spreads over aces and aces rolling land in upstate Maine which over looks the ocean and it's dangerous cliffs. Released by the drunken groundskeeper who's looking for buried treasure, he lets Barnabas out by accident who quickly turns him into his helper. Coming back to the family mansion, he poses as a long lost cousin from over seas, he's taken by a young woman who reminds him of his long lost love who died many many years before. 

It isn't long before a series of people in town become attacked, even members and friends of the Collins family. The police are puzzled, and soon the attacked members rise from their graves, blood thirsty for blood. With the help of the family doctor, Barnabas hopes he can cure his blood lust and be able to walk in the day light to win the woman he loves heart. Sadly due to jealous range from the doctor, a series of terrible events follow...

What I loved about this movie was that it was classic Dan Curtis at this best. The man behind the original show came back and seriously made in my eyes one of the best vampire movies of all time. The man could seriously do no wrong in the 1970's. 

Seeing all the characters come back, and of course the beyond spooky massacre at the end makes the entire movie. I love Dick Smith's makeup in this and how Barnabas vows his revenge. With a great ending scene, the movie is classic 60's/70's hammer film at it's best. A must to watch for all vampire and horror fans.

Sadly my chest got shit on when Tim Burton decided to remake Dark Shadows turning it into an awful dark comedy. Walking out of the movies I wanted to cry. Dark Shadows is not supposed to be dark and campy, this movie is supposed to be dark, brutal, and bloody. Which lucky for us House exactly is. A few years later a lesser and not as good sequel was made telling a different story, this time with a witch.

So I urge everyone to at least give House Of Dark Shadows a try. The blu-ray is stunning!

5 Stars!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Day 22 - Week 4 - Autumn time terror! - Deadly Blessing (1981)

 Day 22 - Week 4 - Autumn time terror! - Deadly Blessing (1981)

PLOT - This film is set in Amish Country, at a local farm, where a woman's husband is mysteriously killed by his own tractor! 

I have reviewed Deadly Blessing last year when it came out on blu-ray/DVD thanks to Scream Factory. A very underatted and forgotten Wes Craven movie, I can't urge horror fans to check out this movie. With a goregous setting, and a very interesting storyline, Deadly Blessing is a MUST to watch around this time of the year. In fact the blu-ray looks so stunning, I would say it's one of my top five favorite blu-rays of all time!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Day 21 - 976 Evil 2 (1992)

 Day 21 - 976 Evil 2 (1992)

PLOT - A seemingly harmless telephone service endows an evil teacher with powers from beyond the grave 

LOWDOWN - I enjoyed the original 976 Evil. Directed by Robert Englund aka Freddy himself, it was released at the height of the Nightmare On Elm Street mania in 1988. With the oddball outcast of Hoax played by Stephen Geoffreys who won everyone over a few years earlier with playing Evil Ed in Fright Night, the movie was a complete and utter guilty pleasure thrill ride. Was it the best movie ever? No. Did it have lots of flaws? Yes. Is it still a movie I enjoy and saw the passion behind it, of course. I feel Englund did a fine job with his freshman effort, but sadly audiences didn't see it that way. Over the years the movie has gained a cult following, and a few years after being released in the early 90's it even got the sequel treatment. This time around Englund bowed out of the director's chair and Chopping Mall director Jim Wynorski decided to fill the seat. Best known for his B movies, I feel this was a perfect choice on who could take over this very strange story.

Sadly with Hoax dead in Hell, his cousin Spike returns a few years later after being out on the open road only to wander to a small West Coast town where a series of young students have been murdered by a devil worshiping creep of a teacher who's been using the same phone line from the original to gain power. Now arrested for his crimes, and locked behind bars, the teacher uses the evil power to be able to transport his soul and be in two places at once, slowly stalking the students he didn't get a chance to have his hands on. Sounds like a strange movie. You bet! This movie is still able to have charm dispite it's many flaws, and trust me there are many! With some really creative deaths, and an interesting way to further the hotline story, we follow Spike as he teams up with a young girl trying to prove that this teacher is behind these new crimes. With some clever cameos of George 'Buck' Flower and Brigitte Nielsen, this movie is B movie gold at it's best.

One of my favorite scenes in the entire movie is the It's A Wonderful Life and Night Of The Living Dead scene. Very well made, and very clever.

So if you're looking for a fun sequel to a B horror movie, 976 Evil II is you're movie!

2 stars!

Rock & Shock recap

 Rock & Shock recap

Rock & Shock has always held a tiny piece of my heart. In fact, this was the very first convention I ever attended way back in 2006. Never before did I know what a "convention" was and from that point onward I was hooked. I have been to every Rock & Shock since 06 besides the 2010 show in which I was away at school. This show isn't exactly the greatest compared to the bigger shows like HorrorHound and Monster Mania, but it has charm simply because it's only 40 minutes away, and the fact I have nice memories of taking my late mother to this show. Last year my chest got shit on by how "off" the entire show felt. The guest line up has never been that impressive, but it was really, really, really bad. The vendors also sucked. The fact there were no bootlegs broke my heart in pieces. I think due to it being the 10th anniversary and the fact some people bitched and moaned, Rock & Shock decided to up their game this year and I was very impressed!

My feelings towards Rock N Shock last year.

Well I decided to give the show yet another try simply because it's the only Mass convention that's held. With Chiller coming up in a few days in NJ I decided not to go hog wild and simply to go and pass put my Waxwork fliers and see some old friends. Heading off Saturday morning, listening to some old CD's I made in high school (mostly 1980's rock songs on those) I had a believe it or not very smooth ride. The trees have pretty much all changed color and the view was breathtaking. After hitting no traffic I was lucky enough to arrive just in time to see the first ever screening of my friend Kyle's documentary Fantasm. This documentary focused on conventions on the East Coast and how much it feels after going a few years in a row that you have some strange sorta fucked up family. I couldn't agree any more. 

After metting up with some friends, I couldn't believe how long Kane Hodder's line was. I've met Kane several times before and NEVER has his line been that nuts. I have a feeling since Hatchet III just came out, and the fact people who go to this convention don't see him alot at regular shows it was sorta a big deal. I was planning on meeting Kane simply to give him one of my Waxwork fliers since he did stuntwork on both films but after seeing how long the wait was I decided to say fuck it. I really don't go to meet guests at this show simply because I'm spoiled and I really am only interested in meeting people if I've never met them before or if they never do a lot of shows. Since Kane is a regular I'm sure I'll be seeing him again and asking him for the 100th time what was it like beating up John D LeMay. Muhahahahaha! 

I did meet Tuesday Knight again since Kristy knows her and our friend Nicki was meeting her. I got a photo but I'm not sharing simply because I look like I had a massive stroke. Trust me, it's not pretty. Still, awesome to meet Tuesday again since she utters my favorite line in the whole series "Joey! Kincaid! Helppppp meeee!"

Well, after looking around I stopped by the good old boys at VHSPS. These guys are nothing short of awesome. I have been buying from them for the last couple of years and the amount of rare titles they have are insane. Chatting it up at that booth, I ended up walking away with several titles. To Die For, The Caller, Lisa, Blood Slavage, Socity, The Curse, and Return To Salem's Lot. Safe to say I was a happy camper. 

I then attended the Clerks panel that was being held by my friend Kristy Jett. I've only seen Clerks II and as much as I really like Dogma, I've never been much of a Kevin Smith fan. I was lucky enough to sit up nice and close and watch and listen to the whole thing. I was also finally able to meet my friend Tara who is one of the most talented artist around. She was the girl behind my awesome dead Zach Galligan print of him from Tales From The Crypt. I was able to meet Tara and her boyfriend, and their new lizzard and turtle! Tara is also going to be at Chiller and we're both going to show Zach the ever so amazing print of himself that I can only hope within next year will be the next or second next tattoo.

 After that I ducked out early to meet up with John who's the man behind the very awesome Pet Sematary documentary that's coming out this year. I met John and Justin a few years back when I was VERY drunk at HorrorHound when they noticed I was wearing the SE edition shirt of PS from Fright Rags. Since then a nice friendship has blossomed with me and the guys and I nothing but nice things to say about them. This documentary I fully support as a huge fan of the novel and film, and honestly can't wait to see the finished product on the big screen. I met up with John and his lovely girlfriend and the two of them gave me a very cool VHS tape of Siesta, which was Mary Lamber's very first film. Can't thank you enough John, very much looking forward to watching this!

I decided to say fuck it and finally meet Adam Green. I've had the chance several times to meet Adam but never really had any interest in doing so. I'm a huge Hatchet fan, and I adore Frozen so I decided to finally get off my ass and have him sign my Hatchet blu-ray. Adam is a legit guy from MA who just seems like a giant kid having fun. Since this show was being held in his home state him and the cast of his TV show (that I'm still yet to watch) were signing for free. I was able to tell Adam it was me and my friends at the first screening of Hatchet III that went "Awwww!" when Victor finally spoke and I told him what an honor it is since somebody from this state went off to have such awesome movies. Call me crazy but I think Mr. Green got a little choked up and told me after handing him a Waxwork flier he "liked" the page and thought it was awesome I was trying to do this. Getting a photo with him via Ipad, It's safe to say Mr. Green is one of the coolest and most humble guys around.

I decided to give the show one last run around before leaving. Now besides bootlegs, I rarely ever buy anything else at shows but I felt it was time to finally get off my ass and get another figure since the last one I think I bought was in 2009. Here I found Freddy himself still in the package with his power glove. Knowing I just had to since his face looks so fucking stupid it's adorable, I picked him up for pretty cheap, got an old movie monsters magazine, some magnets, and a hoodie for my father. I felt like I was sorta cheating since it's a tradition I always get the hoodie for myself, but ever since I got my awesome Raimis hoodie from Fright Rags, I can't seem to wear another one.

The remainder of the night I felt a little "off" so I relaxed with Kristy back at my house watching slasher movies. Now in less than four days I'll be making the drive up to NY to stay with my friends Casey and Jeanette and Saturday morning Kristy will join us as we shoot off to NJ for Chiller! I've never attended a Chiller show before but I have high hopes. I mean it has Zach Glaligan...that man could be signing autographs in a dark alley and I would go.