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What items from your collection would you save if you could just keep a box full?

 What items from your collection would you save if you could just keep a box full?
My good friend Courtney had me dying a few weeks ago when she posted on IG how her boyfriend Chris told her to put things from her collection she held precious in a box just in case there was any damage to their house durning a storm down in Florida. She posted how she put some yearbooks, a Buffy stake, and several other items inside. We both had a good laugh over this since luckily there was no damage whatsoever besides a few palms falling off a palm tree in their yard. Now this post is simply for fun. I understand disasters aren't funny, and as of lately people have lost everything. This is just a "What-If?" post if somebody handed you a medium sized box and told you to put as many items from your collection inside that could fit. That's the only items you could keep. Now for the sake of this post, it can only be items from your collection. No items outside of that (photo albums, important paperwork, ect.) Again, this post is just for FUN and the items HAVE to fit inside the box. Trust me, Courtney and Chris got me a killer Mutilator poster signed by the cast and crew. As much as I would wanna save things like that or my FD3 signed poster, and a few of my Mondos, I need to stick to the rules, it HAS to fit in the box. I really want to see what people would pick. The game is simple, find a medium sized box and see what you can fit in.

Here's mine...

1). Signed Chopping Mall blu-ray.
- I special ordered this baby last fall on eBay for just 30$. I LOVE Chopping Mall. It's one of my all time favorite B movies. What really made me wanna get this was the fact it's signed by several members of the original crew as well as the director. I'm a sucker for things signed, so I thought why not?! This is always a favorite of mine to pop in, even as background noise. As of lately the blu-ray released have been KILLING IT! I wanted to limit how many blu-rays I threw in this box, signed ones that I adore on the other hand, yeah those had to go in.

2) Theater Of Creeps Creepshow 2 pin set.
- I'll admit, I've arrived late to the whole pin game. Still there are several companies I just can't resist from checking out whenever they have a new pin release. I don't wear pins, but I do see why this seems to be the new hot thing for collectors. There's London 1888, Guttersnakes, Creepy Company, Cavity Colors, and finally my favorite Theater Of Creeps. TOC is run by my friend and tattoo artist Shane Murphy. As of lately Shane has been KILLING it with his releases. My favorite so far out of all of his releases has to be the Creepshow 2 set he released earlier this spring since this underrated sequel turned 30 this year. I really love Creepshow 2 (Anyone else get that epic Waxwork Records vinyl release?!) This not only is one of my favorite pin sets, but based off one of my favorite sequels ever made!

3) Fright Rags' Day Of The Dead rocks.
- One of my all time favorite movies is Day Of The Dead. Not to toot my own horn but my Day collection is slowly growing and doesn't look half bad. This was a tricky choice since I knew I needed something from this movie in the box. It came down between the awesome making of Day Of The Dead book, and these little puppies. I've owned these since I think 2013/14ish and yet another reason why Fright Rags always goes the extra mile with the boxset releases. The fact I own a jar full of rocks from the shooting location of one of my all time favorite zombies movies warms my heart.

4) Halloween snow globe. 
- I'll never forget when my mother bought me this along with the Halloween VHS back in 1998 from Suncoast video. We put the VHS in and thought the tape was broken since there were black lines on top and on the bottom of the screen (...yep, it was in widescreen and we didn't know.) This rare item has always been a favorite of mine. It shows the classic scene where Jamie Lee Curtis stabs Michael who pops up from behind the couch with a knitting needle. I love horror themed snow globes. I had a Friday the 13th one that sadly broke. This one even fell off a shelf due to my older sister (Thanks Alexis) and DIDN'T BREAK! Sadly Michael broke off and now lays behind the couch. Hey, it shows he went down for the count for a little while after Laurie stabbed him! This baby is still full of water and red sparkles when shaken up.

5) Amityville 1992 promotional pin.
- I think everyone knows how crazy I am about this sequel. It's not only one of my all time favorite movies, I truly believe not to brag I may be the film's biggest fan. Anything Amityville 1992 I can find I own. In fact when you first enter my house there's a huge original 92 poster looking right down at you from my landing. One rare item I found awhile back on eBay for 75 cents was this killer Amityville 92 pin they must have given out at video stories around the time of it's release. 

6) Galligan figure.
- Reaction released countless figures based off the tiny 1970's action figures that were so popular 40 years ago. Two summers ago they won me over with this amazing release of Billy from Gremlins. Now I love Gremlins, but I love Galligan more. I bought I think 5 of these puppies, turning 2 of them into Waxwork figures. I mean if I gotta save something it might as well be Galligan!

Side note - While trying to put this back it fell and opened. Damnit! Oh well, looks like I might need to turn this puppy into a new Galligan figure for Galligangiving. Psychic? Cupid? Mortal Passions? Hummm...

7) Oliver Parker autograph from Nightbreed. 
- One of my most precious autographs I got from England from a friend of mine in 2015. I love Oliver Parker (aka Peloquin from Nightbreed.) I love him so much I have said character tattooed on me. Mr. Parker is one of my top 3 people I think I would die if I ever met. Sadly he's busy over seas as a director and has yet to do a convention. My friend Harry knew what a huge fan I was and ran into Oliver outside of his office and had him sign several photographs from Nightbreed. From what I heard Oliver was beyond swell, and thought it was a riot he had fans from America. I fucking love this thing.

8) Zach Galligan's Waxwork II crew shirt.
- Why the flash was on in this is beyond me, it's not that faded! This is one of my favorite pieces. This is a shirt I won back in 2013 at an auction held by Adam Green for The One Fund for Boston. This was Zach Galligan's very own  crew shirt he got after finishing Waxwork II back in 1992. I won this baby, and had Zach sign it afterwards. I own 2 Waxwork II shirts, but this one is extra special since this belonged to my all time favorite actor, playing my all time favorite character!

9) Original artwork by Nathan Thomas Milliner.
- Nathan has designed artwork for Shout Factory as well as several N.E.C.A. A few years back he offered to whip up some quick sketches for people who were interested. I jumped on this chance, and got him to sketch Megan Ward and Damon Martin (Staystillreviews' very own mascot) from Amityville 1992 durning my favorite scene. I'm planning on someday getting this image tattooed on me. One of my favorite pieces!

10) Tales From The Crypt artwork by Tara Sasarak. 
- Back in 2013 I noticed the STUNNING artwork by Tara Sasarak in IG. We soon became friends and I hired her to whip up this piece of one of my all time favorite Tales from The Crypt episodes Strung Along. Tara is crazy talented and did this little baby with just colored pencils. Yep, you read right. The detail is insane. In fact, I loved this piece so much it inspired me to get Galligan from this very same episode tattooed on me a few months later. What's heartbreaking about this piece is earlier this month the frame that's held it for years shattered. Still, it's one of my favorites and signed by Zach and the crypt keeper himself!

11) Zach Galligan's personal signed Waxwork/Waxwork II blu-ray.
- I think we all know how near and dear Waxwork is to me. When both movies got an epic blu-ray release last fall I got the ultimate surprise. Galligan was appearing at Rock & Shock, a local convention near me and ended up giving me his very own copy sent to him by the studio since for years I've been trying to rally support on getting these movies to get the release they deserve! Zach surprised me by giving me this movie and signed it for me. Fully admit I was a complete wreck afterwards. This truly meant the world to me. I adore these movies and worked so hard on getting a studio to  get them on blu-ray. Thanks to Michael and Heather this was made possible. The fact Mark Loftmore himself made this possible proves that this would be one of the first items put into the box for safe keeping!

12) Sky High VHS.
- If you know me, or follow this blog you will understand what a huge deal this was when after 25+ years I finally found this movie. Sky High (1990) is a Disney made for TV movie I watched as a kid and honestly couldn't find anywhere. It's about two farm boys who buy a plane from WWII and fix up and fly around the country. It features Damon Martin aka Chip our mascot and it's a light hearted movie full of adventure. I searched for YEARS to find this, even putting a 400$ bounty to several tape hunters on who could find it. Finally around last year a few clips were leaked online all in French (argh) still I knew I was getting closer. finally this past May not only did I find the full movie in English now uploaded to Youtube I also found on eBay an original tape of it. I jumped on the chance, bought it, and it now sits in the Staystillreviews' hall of fame shelf. I gotta admit, this might honestly be the first thing I would put in the box for safe keeping!

Happy Halloween everyone and please play along! What items from your collection would you pack away for safe keeping! I wanna know! 

Thanks Courtney! Killer idea! 

Monday, October 30, 2017

Chip's spooky campfire mix.

Chip's spooky campfire mix.

Over here at Staystillreviews we want to wish everyone a very happy Halloween! If you follow us on Instagram remember we'll be closing up our #macabremovies tomorrow, and start prep for our sixth annual Galligangiving as well as several other amazing holiday themed treats as well as a killer giveaway. Until then, Chip decided to ring out October in the best way possible. After a pretty intense wind storm last night, him and his buddies are heading out to Crystal Lake (don't worry, Jason has a timeshare in Florida and after a very eventful Friday the 13th headed down South for some much needed R&R)

Chip and his buddies all gathered around on this chilly crisp October night, where the trees resembled skeletons slowly rocking back and forth in the night breeze. The surface of the lake looked as still as glass, and faintly in the distance you could hear the howl of perhaps a wolf. 

The guys all decided to build a pretty kick ass campfire, and may have overdone it by throwing in a couple bottles of lighter fluid to make sure the swirling flicking flames reached at least ten feet! Here the guys all gathered around in their denim jackets and hoodies where they cracked open some cans of Moosehead beer, and dragged out Chip's old boombox to play his ultimate Campfire mix for Halloween of 2017.

So to everyone out there, have a very happy Halloween and remember Chip's campfire is going all night. Grab a cheap 6-pack, and pull up a seat. We're parting until dawn!!!

Happy Halloween!!!

Halloween movies. From best to worst.

 Halloween movies. From best to worst.

Tomorrow is Halloween, which means these movies will be playing on a loop over and over for the next 24 hours. I myself enjoy the Halloween movies for the better part, but I always tend to lean towards other movies to watch on this amazing holiday. (Night Of The Demons, Night Life, The Midnight Hours, ect.) Still, I always try to make it a point to watch at least two or three of these babies before it turns November 1st. So here is my list of my personal ranking of the Halloween series. From best to worst.

1) Halloween 3 Season Of The Witch.
- A crazed toymaker plans on killing every child in America wearing his popular line of Halloween masks durning a live giveaway that will air all over the nation. It's up to a doctor to try and stop this from happening before it's too late.

2) Halloween II
- Michael Myers is somehow able to get right back up after being shot six times. In the hours following his massacre, he sets his sights on the only survivor, tracking her down to the hospital she's been taken to.

3) Halloween 
- A deeply disturbed young boy brutally murders his older sister on Halloween night back in the 1960's. Years later he escapes and heads straight back to his hometown where he starts to kill a group of teenagers babysitting on the same night he murdered his sister all those years ago.

4) Halloween 4 The Return Of Michael Myers.
- Michael Myers and Loomis somehow survived the horrible hospital explosion and ten years later Myers awakes from a coma to go after his young niece.

5) Halloween H20
- It's discovered that Laurie Strode faked her death 20 years ago and is now living in California under a new name teaching at a private prep school with a teenage son of her own. Myers is back at it again, killing anyone who was involved in the original Halloween massacre and now wants to meet his nephew and his friends.

6) Rob Zombie's Halloween. 
- A gritty brutal re-telling of Carpenter's classic on the events that happened where Michael Myers snapped as a young boy killing several people, to his escape years later from the mental hospital he was held at, all he way to returning to his hometown and going after group of young teenagers searching for his long lost sister.

7) Halloween 6 The Curse Of Michael Myers (producer's cut) 
- A new cut from this odd, yet interesting sequel explaining the cult that aided Michael originally in his escape back in 1978, and again in 1989. 

8) Halloween 5 The Revenge Of Michael Myers
- A year after Jamie Lloyd attacked her foster mother, she's being looked after at a hospital for children with special needs. Here she discovers that her crazed uncle is still alive, and she has a special psychic link to him.

9) H2
- Two years following the events in the first movie, Michael's body was never discovered, and Laurie is struggling coming to terms with not just the loss of her parents, but over what happened. It isn't until Myers returns, still searching for her and leaving a pile of dead bodies behind him that she finally discovers the frightening truth on who she really is.

10) Halloween Resurrection. 
- A media company decides to host a live web-cam show on Halloween night where several contestants will have cameras and be locked inside the Myers' house all night trying to discover secrets on what caused Michael to go on his rampage. Little do these people know, they are being locked in with Michael hiding inside!

Happy Halloween!!!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Why Audrey Horne has one of the most tragic characters in Twin Peaks The Return.

 Why Audrey Horne has one of the most tragic characters in Twin Peaks The Return.

Yesterday I celebrated my love for Twin Peaks The Return in the best way possible. I decided to visit my good friend Shane Murphy who has been my tattoo artist for the past several years, and has been responsible for all of the stunning tattoos that cover my legs. Shane runs a killer company called Theater Of Creeps where he makes amazing pins and prints. Back in 2014 Shane did my first Twin Peaks tattoo which displayed Agent Cooper along with a slice of cherry pie and coffee. After watching The Return, something that I've been waiting for ever since I originally fell in love with David Lynch's wonderful and strange masterpiece, I knew I needed a tattoo based off this season to go along with my other Twin Peaks piece. 

I originally planned on getting Audrey Horne, who will be the subject of this article. Finally I talked it over with Shane who thought if I wanted an Audrey piece to save it and get my personal favorite character this season to go along with my Agent Cooper one. Yes, I ended up getting Evil Cooper aka Mr. C the evil doppelgänger who escaped the Black Lodge at the end of Season 2, taking over Cooper's body and becoming one of the main villains in The Return. I really have to hand it to actor Kyle Maclachlan he knocked this performance out of the park. In fact he played several Coopers this time around, but I feel this best was with Mr. C. Long hair, blacked out eyes, and being a complete and heartless bastard. I'm waiting until my tattoo heals to take a photo of both of my Cooper tattoos side by side, but the piece came out beautiful and I can't thank Shane enough for yet again making another stunning piece on me. While Shane was tattooing me, I was filling him in on who Mr. C was, and how truly awful of a person he is. That's when I told him about all of the terrible things that he did this past season and how it affected a fan favorite. Ms. Audrey Horne. This article is FULL OF SPOILERS!!! If you haven't seen it yet please stop reading now! Here I'll be expressing my own personal theories on what happened to her, and how truly heartbreaking this icon became this time around.

Audrey Horne, played by the gorgeous Sherilyn Fenn was one of the most popular characters from Mark Frost and David Lynch's show that ran for two seasons in the early 90's. Audrey was forever associated as one of Lynch's mysterious, beautiful, quirky, and strong women he's always been so great at writing. It was Fenn who truly pushed Frost and Lynch's character further, by putting her own spin on it, and showing how truly gorgeous, feisty, and strong Ms. Horne could be. Between her stunning blue eyes, the tiny mole on her face, her China doll pale skin, how she instantly stole the show in the first episode when we saw her change out of her school shoes for red pumps instead. How she had an ashtray and would smoke in her locker, and cause trouble for her sleazy father's hotel business. She seemed like a character from a 1950's pulp magazine. Her hypnotic dancing, how head over heels she became with Agent Cooper, and acutely displayed true talent for helping him several times on his case, so much as even going undercover at her father's casino, becoming kidnapped, injected with drugs, and nearly killed. Audrey was never a helpless character. She used not just her beauty, but her brains to aid Cooper in trying to figure out who killed Laura Palmer? She discovered the ugly truth about her father, and knew she was competing with a dead girl that her father was sleeping with. Her mother clearly not close with her, and her brother mentally disabled (I guess it's said in a book that she thew him down the stairs as a kid. Damn Audrey!) Even though it didn't seem like it, but she was friends with Laura Palmer, and was jealous of the attention she got, mostly from her father. Audrey was a rich girl, who started off causing trouble, acting honestly like a brat. By the end of season 2 we see a whole different side to her. She helped Cooper, put her life in danger, tied a cherry stem with her tongue!, wasn't afraid to get evidence, fought back, and stood up for herself. What I really loved was how she knew school wasn't for her. That she honestly was the true heir to The Great Northern, and fought hard to prove herself that she did indeed have it in her for taking over the business. This was after putting her life in danger, turning her back on her father, feeling completely heartbroken, and learning that as much as Cooper did desire her, he was sticking to his morals and wouldn't sleep with her. The scene of her showing up in his hotel room always gets me. Audrey at this time is slowly discovering more secrets about her father, and is starting to learn the truth about what's been going on behind closed doors with her family. Needing comfort, she puts everything on the line, and is gently turned away by Cooper who shows what an upstanding guy he is. Yes she's 18, yes they have flirted, but he's an FBI agent, and she's involved in a case he's working on. He doesn't want to take advantage. (I still roll my eyes since we all knew the real reason why Audrey and Cooper were never paired up together, which later on opened the doors for the Annie and John character to be the new love intreats. I'm sorry but if I was Lynch I would be bullshit with LFB, but when you have a jealous actress on set dating the leading man, you really don't wanna rock the boat. I really do hope LFB not returning for this season was Lynch and Frost giving her the middle finger.) What I would have done to see Cooper rescue Audrey from The Black Lodge at the end of season 2. Still, I believe it really did all work out in the end. Audrey quickly proves herself, like I said saving Cooper's ass in her own way several times, before slowly learning the ins and outs of her father's business, trying to shake the image of the spoiled brat from the employees as well as her father. She stands by her dad while he has a complete mental breakdown, and stands up to her uncle, showing yet again that the hotel is hers, and she's going to make damn sure it stays that way. She meets John Wheeler and even though the love story between them was cringe worthy, it shows she doesn't run away from everything to board a plane and ride off into the sunset with him. Nope, she gets laid, and watches the man she has feelings for leave. It always kills me when days earlier John asks if there was ever anyone special? Here Audrey looks sadly down and says there was...but not anymore. We know she is trying to move on from Cooper. Even when she thinks he's checking out and tells him he's perfect, that one day he better watch out, she'll be grown up and on her own. You can clearly tell she likes him so much, and even after everything he's sticking to his guns, and rather be friends with her. What always annoyed me was the fact Annie was just a few years older. I liked Annie, but yet again like Audrey and John it just didn't click like Cooper and Audrey.

Audrey keeps working at the hotel even after John has left, and even enters The Miss Twin Peaks contest to please her father and keep up public relations even though she's one of the many targets for that season's crazed villain. The last we see of Audrey is her handcuffing herself to the Twin Peak's Savings bank, right in front of the basement vault to protest the Save Ghostwood campaign yet again putting her father's business first. She acts alone here, but chains herself up. Here is where tragedy strikes. The bomb inside the safety deposit box explodes killing the men there (I guess it says in that Frost book that poor Pete threw himself over Audrey, getting himself killed and saving her.) This explosion is bad...bad enough that we learn in The Return that she was even in a coma following what happened due to her injuries.

Durning The Return fans were wondering after countless episodes where Audrey was? She was a major part of the first two seasons, became a huge cultural icon over the years, and a staple in the Lynch world. There is countless tattoos and art pieces based off this character. She was just as popular as The Log Lady, Laura Palmer, and Agent Cooper himself. When she wasn't showing up, fans began to wonder? Where was Audrey? Theories floated around, but there didn't seem to be any answers. Nobody knew where she was? (Yes, I'm putting aside all the production drama we've heard about.) Rumors were that she was a millionaire that paid for the glass box in New York. Fans wondered since Ben was still running the Great Northern, and there was no mention of Audrey anywhere. We meet a handsome, and mysterious young man at The roadhouse in about episode 5. A man who looks a lot like someone we knew. Slanted blue eyes, a small mole on his face, smoking a cigarette. This man right off the bat shows something isn't right with him. He pays off a police officer that's off duty, and then becomes violent with a young woman who asks if he has a light. He grabs her, sexualy assaulting her in his booth, becoming like a crazed animal saying he's going to rape her. This scene is extremely disturbing, and fans were stunned when durning the credits we saw that this character's name was Richard Horne.

Who was Richard Horne? Right away everyone knew it HAD to be Audrey's child since it was a little too far fetched to believe he was Ben, Jerry's, or even Johnny's. 

 It wasn't until Sheriff Truman speaks via Skype with Doc Hawyward that we learn a frightening truth that began to spiral countless theories. It appeared the Evil Cooper (nobody in Twin Peaks knew he had become taken over by this horrible spirit) visited Audrey in the ICU where she was in her coma. The doc mentions he believed he was visiting Audrey Horne since he saw him walking out of her room, giving a very creepy and unsetting grin before leaving. We all knew about the fire following and Major Briggs' death. It appeared that Evil Cooper did a lot of damage before leaving Twin Peaks. It seemed as if BOB knew exactly who to hurt since the real Dale and Audrey's relationship was so pure. That's when fans became to suspect the worst. 

Evil Cooper raped Audrey while she was in her coma, impregnating her with Richard Horne. His crazed evil spawn. 

We follow Richard, seeing he's paying off dirty cops, he's had many run-ins with the law, uses and deals coke, and commits a horrible crime by accidentally running over a young child with his truck and fleeing the scene. He then later attacks the only witness to the crime by beating her nearly to death. Before leaving down he visits his grandmother Silvia and meanly disabled uncle Johnny and violently assaults them stealing all of his grandmother's money. This scene is beyond disturbing and it makes you wonder...where is Audrey? Richard calls Silvia his grandmother, and remarks she always wanted him to leave, so after he gets his money he'll go. We see him assault both his grandmother and uncle and leaves. It seems as if he's very mentally disturbed. Almost as if Evil Cooper's tainted soul passed on his violent outbursts onto his son. Still, where's Audrey? No mention of her? Poor Ben, when told about what his grandson has done doesn't even look surprised. He tells the sheriff "That boy has never been right..." and says he never had a father. So where's his mother?

We learn in the following episodes when Audrey finally shows up she's older, yet still so beautiful. She's in an office, speaking to Charlie, a small man who appears to be her husband. Fans couldn't believe it, It seemed so out of the blue. After all this build up, this was where Audrey was? Her and Charlie bicker, going back and forth, building up frustrating tension. Audrey is looking for her lover, a man named Billy and needs a ride to the Roadhouse since she believes that's the one place she hasn't looked yet for him. We have no idea who Billy is, besides that he's Audrey's lover (something she's very up front about in front of Charlie) Charlie calls another character who knows Billy, and seems to be driving Audrey crazy. We feel like Audrey here. The convo honestly goes in circles and have we no idea what's going on. Charlie talks to Audrey like a parent would to a child. Here fans were left stunned, mostly became she didn't mention her son Richard. Many questions kept coming up, and people wondered if she really was indeed where she thought she was.

When Richard sees Cooper in the warehouse after he wins the arm wrestling contest. Here fans like myself were screaming very well knowing they were father and son, and Richard seemed to recognize Cooper. 

We see Audrey again, acting like a child, still in the house, still in the same clothes even though it's supposed to be days later, uneasy, and anxious, wanting Charlie to take her to find Billy. She seems helpless, as if she can't leave without him. She wants to go, but doesn't. She can't make up her mind. She seems frightened a little by Charlie's settle remarks, almost as if he's threatening her. She doesn't remember where The Roadhouse Is. Here she becomes violent attacking Charlie, saying how much she hates him. My friend Mike brought up a good point. What if Audrey in her sub-conscience looks at Charlie as Cooper. She hates him for what he did to her. 

Then the kicker happens. In another episode Richard confronts Evil Cooper, saying he recognized him back at the warehouse, that he's seen his photo before, a photo that belonged to his mother. When Cooper asks who his mother is, Richard for the first time in this entire show looks frightened as well as a little heartbroken. He states "Audrey Horne." Theories are now confirmed, Audrey had Richard, and clearly isn't in his life. Somehow Richard is angry with Cooper, and wants revenge. Maybe he knew his mother had been raped and Cooper abandoned her. Maybe Cooper no longer becoming around resulted in why Audrey isn't there. Whatever it is, we see a tiny flicker of Richard being a real human. Maybe this was the little bit of Audrey he has in him. Cooper tells him they will talk on the way and both get into Cooper's truck and drives away. This same episode Audrey and Charlie finally after what seemed like weeks have left the house and are in The Roadhouse. A performer is playing on stage and both order at the bar. When Charlie tries to toast to them, she smirks, glaring at him with hate in her eyes before saying "To Billy..." We wonder ad the audience what exactly is going on? Is it an arranged marriage? Clearly she hates him. Why are they together then? That's when the MC on stage announces the next performance will be "Audrey's Dance." The dance floor clears and a very confused Audrey sees the spotlight on her. She gets up as the same music from the original show that she once danced to like in a dream, thinking about her special agent as a teen plays. Here she dances like she did once 26 years ago, swaying to the music lost in glow of purple lights as everyone watches. Suddenly a fight breaks out, and Audrey snaps out of her dance, racing to Charlie frightened before grabbing him and begging him to please get her out of there.

That's when BANG! Audrey finds herself either awake now, or snapping out of whatever she was now in a white room. Her face has aged, and clean of makeup, She's staring at her reflection in a mirror, and looks shocked. It's as if she's just woken up. Staring, she says one word...


Before it cuts to black.

As for her son, he's led to an empty field in the next episode by Evil C, looking frightened as he makes him climb up on a rock to follow the coordinates he's been given. 2 match, one doesn't. He tells Richard he's 25 years his senior. To climb up top and this device he has will beep if he's close. Richard doesn't try to argue, or protest. He gets up, holding the device before the beeping gets louder and louder...when BOOM. Richard walks into a trap that's been set. It'a almost as if he gets an electric fence. He suddenly lights up screaming in pain before exploding. Cooper sighs, really not that bothered before saying "Goodbye my son..." and walks away. Here yet again a huge fan theory was confirmed. Evil Cooper did rape Audrey in the hospital, he did get her pregnant, and he was Richard's father. It seems as if he really didn't care that he just killed his offspring. It's a fitting end to what a terrible person Richard was, almost as if he was a dog that needed to be put down. Cooper of course goes head to head with the good one back at Twin Peaks and thanks to Freddie and Lucy, Bob escaped him, and he's sent back finally to The Black Lodge, trapped in his personal Hell after all these years of misery he's caused.

So here we wonder, where was Audrey? Was she dead? Did she get taken to The White Lodge? (Remember when she wakes in the white room we hear the same buzzing like running power) Did she lose her mind and she's in a mental hospital? Did she never wake from her coma? The theories are endless. I believe everything with Charlie was in her subconscious. Maybe Charlie was her shrink, or doctor. Someone she hated and resented. Someone who had to talk to her like she was a child. The talks always going around and around in circles. I don't think there ever was a Billy, and if there was maybe in Audrey's mind it was John, or maybe even the good Cooper. I think either two things happened. Audrey lost her mind or never woke up from her coma. 

I mean Audrey could have woken up durning the assault by evil Cooper. Which is so disturbing. Think, here is a man she truly loved and cared about, felt safe, and she wakes up to find him raping her? Or maybe she woke up later, recovering from her injuries, and she's pregnant. Did she ever meet Richard? Did having an evil child make her lose her mind? I think she never woke from her coma. I think in her subconscious she knew she had been assaulted. I think she was trapped in her own personal Hell. Unable to escape (maybe physically she was in the coma, but her mind was taken to the white lodge) Here she can't leave. Trapped in her own personal prison. She was raped, gave birth to a son by the man she thought she loved and could trust. (I feel they missed the boat never letting the good Cooper knew this happened. Think how much it would have KILLED him knowing Mr. C did this to Audrey, using his body.) It really is so tragic and these two resulted in this kind of storyline. Brilliant writing by Frost and Lynch. That Audrey couldn't raise her son, that Ben and Silvia did and were unable to handle him. That Richard had problems from the start, constant run-ins with the law. That Audrey never recovered and Ben even at such an old age is still running the business, now divorced from Silvia. Her parents put through Hell because of her son, and she's basically forgotten, either still in a coma or mental hospital. With all of the result sexual abusive stories being told, you have to hand it to Lynch and Frost. Both Audrey Horne and Laura Palmer tragically were beautiful young women, betrayed by men...most of all men they thought they loved and could trust. Their life's ruined because of this. Sadly these two beautiful women could write #metoo as well. 

I kept waiting for Cooper to find Audrey, wake her like in Sleeping Beauty and rescue her yet again. Sadly this didn't happen. Instead, we're led to believe what we think or didn't think happened with her. Audrey is trapped somewhere, and unable to escape. Cooper never came and I'm sure just like in the first run in the show, she prayed for him...the real him to come. Sadly he never did.

Now their child, a crazed bastard was murdered, and at the end of it all, Audrey and Cooper were never reunited. That's why I really wish we could still get a season 4. Maybe in this new world people are different. Maybe Richard is a good character, and Cooper could find his mother and rescue her. Still, I find Audrey's backstory between 2 and 3 absolutely heartbreaking. Between Cooper, Mr. C, Richard, and Audrey it's a tragic tale, that never has the neat tied up ending we all expected. I really hope in Frost's new book he at least expanded a little more on this. 

So, hopefully in the future I can pay tribute to Ms. Horne. Until then, total props to Lynch for bringing us these two star crossed tragic characters who had one fo the most disturbing and heartbreaking backstories out of anyone from the show.

So people? What did you think really happened to Audrey? Is she alive? Dead? Still in the coma? In a mental hospital? Message me and let me know you're thoughts!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

5 reasons why Jason Goes To Hell is a true all American classic.

5 reasons why Jason Goes To Hell is a true all American classic.

Home sick AGAIN! I'm spending this rainy October afternoon by watching AMC Fear Fest. I was pleasantly surprised when one of my all time favorite sequels from the series was announced to be coming up next.

Jason Goes To Hell The Final Friday.

I have defended this movie for years. In fact, I'm always delighted whenever it does air on TV since it truly is an often overlooked sequel in this very popular slasher series. I will agree, the films did begin to go downhill rather quickly. Still, you really have to admit after the mess of part 8 they at least tried something new. Today I'm here to explain five reasons on why this 9th entry is an all American Classic!

5) Adults fighting Jason.
- You really have to admit. At least this film tried to do something different. Part 8 changed up the setting, but it was the same tired storyline. Jason kills a bunch of teens. The End. With this movie we get adult characters all living in the Crystal Lake area fighting back against Jason. What's even cooler is the fact that 90% of the movie isn't actually Jason with his hockey mask. No, we get his evil spirit that is sorta like the slug from the movie The Hidden where he leaps from body to body and possesses them. I know this angered some fans, but at least it was something new! I think everyone in awhile it's good to try something fresh. This is a huge reason why this film always stood out to me as a kid.

4) Rich new backstory.
- Yeah, yeah I know. Jason's mother claimed that she only had "one child." Still, you never know. Maybe this was a daughter she had out of wedlock and gave up always thinking of it as a "bastard" child who she had no real connection. Or Maybe Jason's father had another family? One never knows. Still, I do like the idea of Jason having a sister/family. I really feel they could have expanded more on this storyline, but it was really interesting. I liked the whole bloodline thing and how only a member of Jason's family can truly send him to Hell. Just another reason why this movie doesn't take itself too seriously and have fun with itself. Another thing I liked was the backstory behind Jessica and Steven. We learn that Steven never truly grew out of his high school glory days (I mean the man still wears his football jacket which is a riot.) that he got his girlfriend pregnant and she lied about losing the baby and moved away feeling Steven wasn't ready to be a father. Truly interesting stuff that gets overlooked for a horror movie.

3) KNB effects!
- The boys over at KNB were on a roll in the late 80's and early to mid 90's when they were still all together. They seriously were cranking out one classic after another. This movie features some truly awesome gross scenes. The best is the unrated version. A huge reason why I didn't get that Friday the 13th blu-ray set that's now out of print is I heard this movie wasn't unrated. Really? Still there are countless scenes that are truly awesome. The guy who melts to the floor (love the shot of his jaw falling off!), The tent scene, or how about Jason himself?! Another reason why 90's horror rocked!!!

2) John D LeMay.
- I adore this man. I really do. I even named one of my dogs after him. John LeMay is best known for playing Ryan Dallion on Friday the 13th the series for two wonderful seasons. A few years later he appeared in an actual Friday the 13th film. He isn't classically handsome, or that big of a dude. Still, something about him is super charming. I find him very likable and attractive. He's like the everyday Joe of horror movies. In this movie he rocks some pretty awesome glasses, and kicks some major ass with Jason. I mean the guy jumps over handcuffs, gets his fingers broken, saves his estranged girlfriend, and is the only person to get into an actually punching fight with Jason and live to tell the tale. I have told so many people that LeMay is my #1 wishlist for meeting at a convention. I seriously think I would have a mental breakdown if I met him. Snot running down my face and everything.

1) The Ending!
- 3 cheers for one of the greatest endings ever to a horror movie. I seriously wish Freddy Vs Jason had even 1% of the energy and hype that this one thirty second scene held. I'm sure I'm speaking for anyone my age when they first watched this and seriously couldn't believe what they were witnessing. Here two horror icons came together in the best way possible. The 90's were a time to kill off these horror kings from the 80's. and this opened up a decade long wait with enough hype to kill any horror fan. Loved it!

3 cheers Jason Goes To Hell!!!