Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Death Of The Week

 Deaths Of The Week
Name - McKinley, Erin
Actor - Kris Lemche, Alexz Johnson
Movie - Final Destination 3
Year - 2006
Cause Of Death - Shot with nail gun several times, sign crushing and cutting in half.

Monday, November 26, 2012

“It's real!” - The Howling Review

It's real!” - The Howling Review

PLOT - After a bizarre and near fatal encounter with a serial killer, a newswoman is sent to a rehabilitation center whose inhabitants may not be what they seem. 

LOW DOWN – I don't exactly remember when I first saw The Howling but I'm sure it was my mother who introduced me to this total insane and very underrated werewolf classic. Many have said that this is the Se7en of werewolf films, and I honestly couldn't agree more. The surreal visuals, the girtty unsettling setting, and the mind blowing ending that leaves you completely speechless. Director Joe Dante brought us a very interesting and fresh look to a classic tale of a creature that was starting to get some new life breathed into it with the new decade. Sadly The Howling is often overlooked because another very famous werewolf film was released that same year, a movie with special effects and won itself a very well deserved Oscar. This movie is of course An American Werewolf In London. 

This is a movie that I would honestly say goes down in my top ten list of all time favorite horror movies. I'm a huge fan of Dante's style of colors, face paced editing, and over the top dramatic score. This is a movie that very much feels like a weird nightmare that you're viewing. One that becomes a complete roller coaster of a thrill ride. Joe Dante previously established himself as a great filmmaker with Piranha which took elements that worked so well in Jaws, and made it into a fun B movie with plenty of tounge in cheek moments, suspense, and gore. Shortly before going onto bigger and better things like my personal favorite Gremlins, Joe decided to take his love of old school horror and a cutting edge bulging new take with practical effects and shape it into The Howling we all know and love.

With plenty of nods to classic werewolf films and characters, this movie feels and looks like it should belong among some of the most famous and favorite creature and monster movies ever made. (Which in my eyes it should.)

My first love of this movie has to be Dante's direction. The cinematography is simply stunning. It feels like a classic horror movie that's mixed with an eye popping comic book. Living, breathing, and in your face. I loved the fact the ever so lovely Dee Wallace Stone got her chance to truly shine in this movie. This is a story that seems so simple it puzzles me it took until 1981 to be made. I loved the switching of settings to the small rehab clinic out in the middle of no where. The shots of the beach and the bay were beautiful and made you feel isolated. I love the idea of how everything isn't what it seems. That these very overly friendly people all seem...a bit “off”. The suspense slowly builds, we get some crazy and odd characters, great over the top music, very weird werewolf sex (yep...I said it.) a brutal chase scene, some very awesome practical bladder effects, and finally leading up to the showdown that leaves you breathless. I love the big reveal at the rehab at the end in the barn and I simply love the line “"We can fit in," you said. "We can live with them." 

And of course the very ending which in my eyes is one of the oddest yet most awesome endings of all time. Yeah sure there have been plenty of puppy jokes, but I think the effects were great, and loved the whole credits over the burger cooking. One thing that always bothers me is when the camera shows the burger cooking, when it;'s leaves half the meat on the grill. Gross...

Besides that a great scary movie with mind blowing effects for the time, great actors, a beautiful score and location, and an even better ending. Sadly not much can we said about the sequels. I hate to admit I own a few of them sadly. I really think they screwed the pooch with that series. I mean the first one was simply awesome...why throw it all away? I'm sure in he future I'll be reviewing such titles as part 3, and either part 5 or 6 The Freaks. Besides that I couldn't help but laugh when I heard that Christopher Lee apologized to Joe Dante on the set of Gremlins 2 for starring in The Howling II Your Sister Is A Werewolf.

Five Stars!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Up coming horror of the holidays!

Up coming horror of the holidays!
Who says horror ends with Halloween? Well with December coming right up, I have a whole month planned of reviews, lists, and posts dealing with holiday themed horror!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Return to Collinsport, House Of Dark Shadows on Blu-Ray.

    Return to Collinsport, House Of Dark Shadows on Blu-Ray.

Deciding to brave the crowds today, I intended to go to a local music and movie store and try to find some deals on a few titles. One mainly being Friday the 13th the series season 3 (I feel sorta bad claiming to be such a big fan of the show when I don't even own the last season...but could anyone blame me?) Anyways while out on my little adventure I was more than a little disappointed with my finds...until I found.

House Of Dark Shadows.

I first heard of Dark Shadows a couple of years ago when I was at Rock &Shock. Doing my usual sweep on bootlegs (this was before they decided to stop selling them...great idea.) I stumbled across House and Night on DVD. Buying them on impulse all I knew about them was that they were based off the cult TV series and that Dan Curtis was involved. I'm a pretty big Dan Curtis fan since one of my all time favorite 70's horror movies is Burnt Offerings.

It wasn't until when I was living alone in my last semester up at school that I dug into my collection and needed a movie to watch while I was working. It was here I witnessed one of the most bad ass vampire movies ever made.

PLOT: Vampire Barnabas Collins is released from his prison and searches for a cure to his affliction, so he can marry the incarnation of his lost love. 

LOWDOWN: Being highly impressed with watching this movie I right away had to pop in Night. As much as I liked the back story on Angelique, but besides that I found it rather lackluster. What I liked was the main focus being on Barnabas. No wonder he was the reason the soap opera became so popular, his story is the most interesting! I had also owned the revamp Dark Shadows which was made in the early 90's and starred a very young Joseph Gordon Levitt. Deciding to get into the spirit of things I watched the first and only season and was simply blown away. I will admit I have only seen a few episodes from the original show (it's on my bucket list to watch the whole series someday but sadly right now the box sets go for insane money.) The remake show is very impressive, and crammed a lot of back story and information together. Sadly it never lasted and a few years later after another failed attempt of breathing life into the show, the whole Collins' family seemed to stay in limbo until Tim Burton decided to make Dark Shadows into a feature film with Johnny Depp. Now I hate to say this, but I really didn't enjoy this movie. I think it was very well made but the whole tongue in cheek feel really didn't work. I'm sorry Burton but Dark Shadows is a dark Gothic soap opera nothing more...nothing less.

I noticed with these two feature films which were released in the 1970's when the height of the Dark Shadows craze was at it's highest. Dan Curtis proved yet again that he was the master of crafting these tales and took a much darker view into this movie changing the ending and turning everything into a complete blood bath. 

Dark Shadows has a very huge sense of elegance. This was back when movies weren't just about hacking and slashing. This was a very well written movie that honestly captured the whole Gothic tragedy. In the remake show, the first two episodes are really what House is about all crammed into an hour and thirty minutes. I loved how Barnabas was a vampire you felt sorry for. Here was a man who just wanted to feel human again and be with his long lost love (knowing more of the history of him makes his actions even more powerful.) I loved the twist Curtis took with this and how it all unravels out of control, resulting in one of the most bad ass endings of all time. Talk about a wedding gone wrong! 

I adored the music (Josette's music box theme is beautiful and haunting.) I loved the red credits playing over the opening scene, the locations, and best of all the monster makeup. Props to Dick Smith since that was reused old age makeup he used in Little Big Man.

I would have to say House Of Dark Shadows is not only one of the best vampire movies out there, it's one of the best made movies from that decade. Some may say it moves a tad bit slow, I on the other hand feel the pacing is perfect. So instead of wasting your time with Burton's new movie, go find House on blu-ray and get ready to be blown away by how amazing the transfer looks!

Four Stars

Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday Horror...Best horror movies to have taken place inside a mall!

Black Friday Horror...Best horror movies to have taken place inside a mall.
When and where would you honestly see a bunch of people standing outside in the freezing cold for hours, waiting in line only to be swamped by mobs of crazy people to try and buy something half off.

Only in America!

I have only honestly done a true Black Friday twice. Once was to wake up at 4 AM to buy a printer for myself at Wallmart which was insane. I hate crowds but believe it or not I was in and out so it really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The second was the following year at school in which after a day of drinking my friend convinced me it was a great idea to go with her to Pittsburgh and wait outside in the freezing rain to buy DVD's that were on sale. I think the only reason I agreed to this was because I was half sober. Standing in line for hours freezing my ass off I got my feet soaked (mind you I was wearing slippers.) in the end I went to three different stores and only bought 3 TV shows on DVD. Was it worth it? Ehhh. I think Black Fridays are getting out of control now. I feel pretty awful about the people who are forced to work and stores are opening earlier and earlier. Some of which are opening their doors tonight at 7! I think the only two reasons to really go out is either if your a parent and you wanna get a huge head start on Christmas shopping, or if you know exactly what you're gonna get and it's a big purchase that will be worth it in the long run. Trust me waiting in line that long...ain't my cup of tea.

So in honor of this insane day, I decided instead of braving the crowds I'm going to spend the day drinking, eating leftovers, drinking some more, and maybe stroll into the malls after the crowds have died down to see if any good DVDs are on sale.

Oh and also make my top list of awesome horror movies to have taken place inside a small.

Dawn Of The Dead

Dawn Of The Dead (04)

The Initiation

Chopping Mall

Night Of The Comet

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Home Sweet Home review...well sorta...

Home Sweet Home review...well sorta...

Who doesn't love Thanksgiving? The one day you can eat like a pig and drink till you puke and nobody can say anything! Earlier this week I did a brief list showing my top picks for horror movies based around this epic holiday. So of course I thought it would be fitting to do a review on Home Sweet Home. A slasher made back in 1981 about an escaped mental patient who makes his way to a family who's celebrating Thanksgiving and decides to start murdering anyone who gets in his way.

Well I had never seen this movie before but I was beyond interested in it. Lucky enough while at HorrorHound this past fall I found it on bootleg and just couldn't wait to watch it. Sadly all I was able to watch was the first twenty or so minutes before having to stop it. Thinking I would get a chance to watch the rest when I was less busy, I put it back in my collection and two weeks ago I pulled a total jackass mistake.

Organizing my collection, I found this movie and seeing that it was on a blank disk I decided to use a sharpie to write the movie's name so I wouldn't replace it.

When I tried to pop it in I found it funny that it wouldn't play. Then it dawned on me...

I wrote the title on the side where it plays from.


Today while searching I found the whole movie on Youtube. Sadly between stuffing my face and knocking back a few bottles with my sister and her husband I didn't have the time to watch it. Skimming though it it seems like a pretty lame movie. I hate to judge without fully watching the movie but it's true. I'm sure in the future I'll be doing a full review for this movie but if I honestly have to recommend any horror themed movie based on the Thanksgiving holiday, I'll have to go with Blood Rage. A very gory will written movie and reminds you that the red stains on somebody's shirt isn't always cranberry sauce! 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Home Sweet Home full movie.

Blood Rage scene

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Custom VHS cover take 2

Custom VHS cover take 2

Earlier this month I decided to start a small little art project in which I take covers from movies I really didn't care about and revamp them into something I prefer a little bit better. Custom and alternate posters and artwork seems to be all the rage lately. There are so many talented artist out there who are selling or displaying their own visions based off some of their all time favorite movies. 

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not much of an artist. Before going to effects school I hadn't even really picked up a sketchbook before. Art to me was stick figures. I'm a true believer in practice makes perfect, mostly when it's something your interested in and you do for fun. The last two years I've been just fooling around with little drawing projects to try and get somewhat better with being able to improve my creative skills. So last night while watching Buried Alive II on VHS, I decided to make an alternate poster to one of my personal favorites Waxwork II.

I think people are going to start seeing a pattern, first Psychic, then Waxwork II. What can I say? I'm a big Zach Galligan fan. Now, I love the first Waxwork artwork, but the sequel's is a little lackluster. I mean for such an over the top awesome movie why not try to one up the original with the artwork? So fooling around I made a poster featuring both Sara and Mark and what appears to either be dripping wax or blood. You be the judge. Anywho, here it is. I hope someday in the future I can either improve on my drawing skills or maybe get some software to make this look a little bit better. I have to hand it to myself though, for even a rough draft I prefer my version better!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

First photo from Bates Motel

First Photo From Bates Motel

No, this isn't the epic fail of a pilot starring Bud Cort. A&E decided to make a prequel to the 1960 classic, showing the history and story behind Norman and his mother. The show is supposed to dive into their sick and twisted relationship over the years, leading to Normal to finally snap and become the showering serial killer we all know and love. 

I'm not exactly sure how I feel about this but so far it looks promising, most of all the casting. Besides, televsion sucks's nice for Horror fans to see something new!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Vintage Tales from the Crypt Strung Along footage

 Vintage Tales From The Crypt Strung Along Footage
I think we all have great memories of watching the ever so amazing seven year run of Tales From The Crypt. I have a couple of favorite episodes but one of best in my eyes is Strung Along, featuring a very creepy clown puppet. While looking around on the internet, I stumbled upon some pretty cool footage of some behind the scenes footage when this episode was filmed. Pretty cool to see all the puppet work, and of course a very young Zach Galligan. Below is two clips. One of the footage of filming, the next of the full episode. Great story with an even better twist!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

50 years of shaking and not stirring! Skyfall review

50 years of shaking and not stirring! Skyfall review

I've always been a big James Bond fan. My parents loved these movies so of course I grew up watching them. I have many favorites in the series for different reasons. I would honestly have to say that my four favorites were Casino Royale, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Live And Let Die, and A View To A Kill (yes...the one with Grace Jones...don't judge.)

But I have to say one of those might be getting bumped because I now truly have a new favorite...and that one is called...


I was blown away by Casino Royale when I finally got around to first viewing it back in 2008. I had sorta lost interest in the whole Bond franchise. I understood that it was supposed to be tongue in cheek like so many before hand,but Pierce Brosnan really should have stopped. I fucking hated Die Another Day. In fact I would go so far to say it's one of the worst in the whole series.

I remember I sorta began to cast judgment when Daniel Craig was put in the role as 007. My reaction was the same as many other hardcore fans...”A blond Bond? Really?” It took me finally getting around to seeing Casino Royal to be sold.

What an amazing movie. Never before had I been on the edge of my seat as I was with this Bond movie. I loved how it sorta took the Nolan approach and retooled a classic series but made it much more darker. I liked how we went back to the roots of the story and began to understand what made this spy tick. I believe darker is always much better.

I was shitting my pants with excitement when Quantum Of Solace was released and sadly it was a great disappointment.

Sure it had it's moments but in all honestly that movie was a bore and a complete weak entry. I'm sure fans will argue with me but I really didn't like it.

When Skyfall was released I really wasn't interested. Quantum had left a bad taste in my mouth and I was afraid I was about to blow ten bucks to be bored for two hours.

Boy was I wrong!

Today I finally went to go see this movie. One of the biggest reasons I decided to go was my interest in the film's villain. For me this is the big reason why I love these movies. Who doesn't love a complete bad ass villain in any movie? I loved Javier Bardem in No Country For Old Men back in 2007. In fact I'll go so far to say it was my favorite movie from that year. (Sorry Grindhouse.) I remember even cheering when he won his very much deserved Oscar that year. Seeing him in this role I thought he would make the perfect villain. I loved the blond hair and how towering his presence was. This reminded me of the good old days of Bond when the villains were over the top. He reminded me of Jaws, and with that bleached hair like Christopher Walken from A View To A Kill. What he brought to this role was nothing but perfection. Even though he isn't shown into half way through the movie he literary steals every scene he's in. Beyond flamboyant (loved the scene where he strokes Bond's legs when he's tied to the chair.) and do I dare I say it...a likeable villain? I also found myself sorta blown away by his little reveal to M and Bond in the jail cell later showing them the effects of what a failed suicide left him with. (I believe that was all CG, not sure but it worked perfectly.) I also loved his scene in the chapel with M. It was sorta like a twisted love affair/mother and father relationship. I loved his interactions with Bond. In fact every like he uttered was amazing. Total props for making the movie man.

As for the direction why not use Sam Mendes? This is the man who brought us American Beauty. Nothing makes me more happy than when the studio brings in somebody who for once knows what their doing. Mendes handled this movie like the pro he is. The action scenes were insane, so weren't the breathtaking locations. I really hope this man comes back to direct more. I mean wasn't this one of the biggest openings ever for a Bond movie? Goes to show you...

I also loved all the little nods and references to the past movies. In fact I had to laugh afterwards when the movie had finished. I was in the ladies room and I overheard two young teenage girls remark on how they had never seen a Bond movie before and sorta felt left out when the audience laughed at certain parts like the exploding pen gag. I of course found myself sitting in the stall shaking my head.

Also let's talk about the final act? Whoa...totally didn't see that coming. I loved everything at the Skyfall mansion. First off talk about a great location. Very unsettling. I felt as if this was a Home Alone movie on speed with all the traps set. I loved the explosions of course and that underwater ice scene. Nothing more creepy than our villain walking from the ruined remains with the flames behind him walking towards what he's been driven to destroy all these years. (Am I the only one who sorta felt bad for him?)

I loved also how they make Bond a real person in this. He was physically and mentally fucked int his one and held together by booze and pills. (Hell why not!) I loved how they are also starting fresh, with a brand new Q. (No more John Cleese guys!) I remembered seeing this little cutie before in Perfume, which is a very underrated and insane movie. I also loved the ending wrap around with the new M (I'm sorry Judie Dench but it was time to give it up, nice ending though, very fitting.) and of course Ms. Moneypenny. As a fan of the classic Bond movies I loved seeing the old car and hearing that original theme. I have a feeling that the future Bond movies are now set in motion for success.

My one sorta complaint was the opening. Maybe I'm spoiled. The Casino Royale one was epic! I know these is classic Bond. Naked girls, visuals hinting towards what the movie will be about as the theme song blasts...but ehh, really wasn't digging it. Cool computer effects, very 1960's feel to it. Liked the visual of Bond sinking under water into the sand.

But the skulls and tombstones, ehhh maybe I'm just nitpicking but I wasn't a fan.

The Adele song was very beautiful though and I've really never heard any other works from her before. I'm a big fan of the Bond music and this fit in perfectly and set the mood for what type of movie this would be.

Also whenever I have a real shit day in the future I plan on playing that drinking game Bond did in the beginning. Sound like the best idea ever!

5 stars!

The Most Perfect Movies In My Eyes...

The Most Perfect Movies In My Eyes...
Everyone has their own favorite movies. For me my list is always different. There's my top ten, my top five, my favorite horror, my favorite guilty pleasures, my favorite childhood movies, ect. Then there are certain movies that no matter what you can honestly say in your own eyes they are the perfect example of perfection. These are movies you got chills watching in theaters, have great memories watching, or love showing and introducing people to. Now some on my list are in my top ten favorite movies of all time, but this is truly just a list showing what I believe are the most perfect and best made movies ever.

Blade Runner
- I could go on for hours about this movie. How truly ahead of it's time it was is completely crazy. This is what I believe was not only a film noir, but also a futuristic look of what the Jews went through back in WWII. Everything about this movie is perfect (meaning the director's cut) every detail is paid attention to and is truly tears in the rain. 

I'll never forget remembering seeing the teaser trailer for this movie and truly not knowing what the fuck it was going to be about. I saw this baby seven total times in theaters and this honestly is one of the best movies I've ever seen. Such a visually stunning movie, with insane scenes, gorgeous and breathtaking storytelling, and one of the most brilliant complex plots ever written. (Oh and Joseph Gordon Levitt in a suit.)

Fast Times At Ridgemont High
Seems a little out of place here huh? Well I don't think so. Fast Times is honestly one of the best made 80's movies. Not only is it a great comedy, it's also a great mature teen drama that's a coming to age film. A wonderful cast and a great very true outlook on several teenager's life's through either their first or final year of high school. 

My second favorite movie of all time. I know what people are thinking (You just like it because JGL is in it!) Yeah, well that's true...but another big reason is how blown away I was seeing this in theaters. Never before has such a new movie moved me before. First a wonderful use of practical effects. (Gordon Levitt's makeup was truly insane.) along with a great storyline. This reminded me of a futuristic western/Greek tragedy. A twisted fairy tail with amazing actors, action, and a very fitting ending. If I could ever swear by one movie...this would be it. 

Yes, my all time favorite movie. I think everyone knows how much I adore this film and how it shaped my love for sharks. Jaws is storytelling at it's best. A wonderful suspense/horror/adventure movie about something so simple. Also it has one of the best ending lines ever in a movie.

I was a sick and twisted little girl. Growing up this was one of my all time favorite movies. Instead of loving movies about princesses or fairy tales...I loved this movie. This in my eyes is Mr. Cameron's masterpiece. A balls to the walls sequel that had such dazzling effects it still doesn't even look dated! 

The Dark Knight Rises
I have never seen Batman Begins, and I enjoyed The Dark Knight...but for the third and final movie...I fucking loved The Dark Knight Rises. (Yet again people can say...ehhhh it's just because of JGL.) Well guess what? I was a Batman fan long before this (my childhood favorite being Burton's Batman Returns.) This is the final and best epic chapter in the trilogy. A beautiful movie that moved me to tears. A perfect way to end everything. Never before have I loved a movie as much as I have loved this one. The cafe scene at the end in my eyes is one of the best written scenes of all time.

Best sequel of all time? Maybe...Aliens after T2 is Cameron's best work. Taking the next step in the terrifying Alien series, this is an action paced thrill ride that I never get tired of watching. If only the series ended with this one. “Sigh..” 

The Hitcher
For years this held a solid place in my top ten. The original Hitcher is one of the most visually beautifully filmed movies of all time. I'll be reviewing this title very soon and share my many different theories to this haunting and wonderful film. 

One of the original slashers. One of the best and original twists ever seen on screen. If you ever want to ease someone into the classics this is it. A great amazing movie that features tricks that are still used today!

Screw Red Dragon! This was the original and this was perfect. Yes it's a little dated but between the haunting score, the beautiful and breathtaking filmed scenes, this is one of the best thrillers I have ever seen. 

Pulp Fiction
I'll admit it was dark to choose which film would make it on this list. Inglorious Bastards nearly made it. In the end I decided on Pulp Fiction. This is most likely what I think is one of the best written movies of all time. One of the most fun to share with movies and slowly watch come together. This is one of the best made movies of all time in fact.

The Great Escape
I have never been more on the edge of my seat than I was with this movie. It was a toss up between this and The Searchers. A wonderful movie that makes you feel for these poor men right up until the very end.

Rebel Without A Cause
I'm still blown away this sort of movie was made when it came out. Even though James Dean's final film Giant is my favorite, Rebel is a very real and raw out look on how ugly people can be. Some of the stuff they did for the time I'm still stunned at. Talk about being ahead of it's time!

The Thing
One of the best horror movies of all time. Carpenter's remake took things to a whole new level. With mind blowing effects, a great isolated location, and a kick ass ending this movie was a very underrated film that showed how true horror is really within everyone of us.

Fright Rags Mail Call!

Fright Rags Mail Call!
This past summer I ordered my sister the ever so amazing 'Send more muppets' T-shirt as a joke/gift. When I received my package in the mail I was very interested to see a preview for October giving a little teaser showing that it was going to have to do with Evil Dead II. Now as most of you now I have a bit of a 'thing' for Mr. Sam Raimi. So right away I was hooked and beyond interested. 

This past October the Evil Dead II Groovy edition box set was released. There were two different box sets offered, due to my budget I opted for the cheaper of the two but was beyond impressed by how awesome this box set looked. It honestly was a Raimi fan's dream come true. Ordering it but I had to be beyond patent for it to arrive in the mail. I was very excited since I had missed past Fright Rags box sets. 

Today the mail came and I couldn't help but smile...

Here is what I got...

1) The awesome box. This was made to look like the book of the dead. I seriously felt like Helen Keller trying to open it up and not destroy it. Totally gorgeous!

2) The T-shirt. I adore Fright Rags and their prints. This is a stunning T-shirt that I'm proud to now own and rock whenever I watch Dead By Dead.
3/4) Home Sweet Home magnet. This was my favorite part of the box set. It looks so adorable as if  Hennrietta herself made it at a arts and crafts fair. Also the amazing 80's throw back sticker. How fucking cool is this? Super amazing! Wish I was still in grade school to slap this little baby on my binder!

So there you have it, another amazing package in the mail full of goodies from my good friends at Fright Rags. A very special thank you to Kristy Jett who truly understands why us Raimi girls love this kind of stuff!

Top Five Thanksgiving themed horror movies

Top Five Thanksgiving themed horror movies
You know what? I'm gonna throw it out there. Thanksgiving is honestly one of my favorite holidays. After coming off the high of Halloween it's sandwiched between that and Christmas. The snow for the most part hasn't really started and that whole holiday feel is still fresh and new and not really annoying yet. It's cold but not too cold, you don't have to buy gifts for anyone, you can eat like a pig and get shit faced and nobody judges you...

Can we say perfection?

One thing I did notice was the fact that there are hardly any horror movies set around this very special time of the year. Sure we have plenty of Christmas horror...but what about Thanksgiving? Back in 2007 when Eli Roth made his ever so amusing Grindhouse trailer Thanksgiving, I began to wonder...were there any horror movies on this holiday? Well after some digging I did finally find some really awesome titles, here are the top five Thanksgiving themed horror movies. Now all we need is Mr. Roth to get off his ass and make that awesome trailer a movie!


Home Sweet Home

Blood Freak