Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Jaws - If It was made today...

 Jaws - If it was made today...




I rather see more sequels (yes, with roaring sharks, and 3D ones, and terrible acting.) I feel the bar was set so high back in the 70's with the original that nothing will never come close nor top it. This post is just a what if...Jaws was made today. Here would be my three choices for the leads, and what I would want to see if it was made in the summer of 2016. 


In fact, if they ever did a sequel via Mad Max, or Jurassic World, a sequel in the same universe I would be happy as a clam. A remake on the other hand...agrhhhhh. 

Chief Brody
- If this movie wad made today I would have Chief Brody played by Michael Fassbender. I feel Fassbender (who in my eyes is one of the greatest actors of this generation) do a wonderful job playing the awkward, likable, slightly scared chief of police who is way over his head trying to be the only voice of reason in his small town.

- Few people actually came to mind on who would play the crazed fisherman who's desitny was to die at sea. I feel with Tom Hardy's more recent roles, this would have been a perfect role for him to play. Gray up the beard and hair a little bit and I can see a great white wanting to swallow him whole!

Matt Hooper
- Everyone loves this guy Tom Hiddleston. I have nothing against him, I just haven't seen those Avenger movies so I don't see the hype. Still, I feel done up the right way he would be our modern day Matt Hooper. Originally I thought maybe BJ Novak for size, but this guy seems like he could pull off the nice, quick thinking scientist that is the only other person on the island that sides with the chief. 

My other thing would be very little CGI. That killed Jurassic World for me was the fact that in only a few scenes puppets were actually used and those were the ones that hold up while the rest, less than a year old is all ready starting to age. I understand it's impossible to do no CGI. I mean look at the original film. that shark barley worked at all! Still, lazy filmmaker is what ruins a classic film.

Again, this is not a post of me wanting one of my all time favorite movies remade, it's just a what if it was made today. I'll be doing another in a few weeks for Jurassic Park. Let's see if you can guess my cast for that one!


Sunday, June 26, 2016

Staystillreviews' Sensational Summer part duex - Week 3! - Sharks - 7-11 Shark Week donut!

 Staystillreviews' Sensational Summer part duex - Week 3! - Sharks - 7-11 Shark Week donut!

So you would expect my excitement when I saw that Shark Week was being moved up this summer, and horror director Eli Roth was returning as it's host, AND that local 7-11s were doing a whole promotional campaign for this beloved week that many of us look forward to all year.

Now I'm not trying to act all high and mighty here but I LOVED sharks long before loving sharks were cool. I think I was honestly the only little girl growing up and watched Jaws so many time their VHS copy fell apart, or collected plastic sharks as a hobby. Sharks have and will be always a huge love of mine. In fact, my old car was completely piled with stuffed sharks, and while at college a bunch of my roommates all pitched in buying me an ORIGINAL 1975 Jaws poster signed by the entire cast. This is seriously one of my favorite items in my collection, and still blows my mind that I own it. I have a blue shark tattooed on my foot, which I plan adding onto, because let's be real people...who doesn't love a shark tattoo. So after years of watching shark movies, collecting sharks, watching documentaries about sharks, and of course every year watching shark week. 

So the moment I saw this, I knew I had to check it out.

While in my travels, I drove to the closest 7-11 which was in a REALLY bad neighborhood, so after making sure for the third time that my car was locked, I went inside instantly hearing a group of men argue over what flavored blues they were going to buy as I scooted myself to the back of the store and began scanning for the goods. What I ended up buying was two straws with hammerhead sharks on them. One of which will be given away this week. I also snagged a shark coffee cup which FYI, held up even in the dishwasher. (The more you know...) Before leaving I also grabbed one of this glorious donuts. Sadly instantly I saw that the frosting was blue raspberry. Now for those of you who don't know me, I'm healthy allergic to blueberries, blue raspberries, and blue dye. F.M.L I love blueberries, I mean LOVE blueberries. Several times as a child I ate when even risking the reaction because they taste so damn good. In fact, if I knew the world was ending tomorrow, I would sit my ass down to a big blueberry pie. 

It's blurry, but I feel this is how real shark would be photographed. (...)

Well, not wanting to risk it this time I grabbed one of the donuts in hope that my roommate could eat it and at least explain how it tasted. So I got home, fixed myself a big iced coffee (sorry 7-11 your coffee taste like shit.) and I had my roommate dig into the donut. Well, for a man of few words he chewed it, thought for a while and shrugged saying...

"It taste like a jelly donut, it's pretty good." and then he ate the shark on top. 

(I did not get the slurpee seeing that it's flavor is blue raspberry, plus, it looks nasty)

Well, that's the best I could get from him so I'm guessing that it's a decent donut (the red jelly inside is a nice little touch, as is the gummy little shark on top.) So in the summer of movie themed treats (Ecto Cooler, green twinkles, ect.) I say swing by a 7-11 and grab some shark straws (which they are selling out of very quickly) and some shark donuts. There are two different kinds. Ones that are jelly with the sharks on top and regular ones with blue frosting on it. I've spoke to 3 different people who are actually having a hard time tracking down the shark donuts and straws so if your gonna get them, try to get them this week while they last!!!

Until then, long live shark week!!!

Friday, June 24, 2016

13 reasons why Friday the 13th part 2 rocks!

 13 reasons why Friday the 13th part 2 rocks!
Still in full swing Vacation mode, I'm currently sitting in my living room, A.C on full blast, iced coffee by my side, and one of my all time favorite Friday the 13th sequels playing on the Syfy channel. 

This of course being Friday the 13th part 2.

This sequel has grown on me over the years and it is by far in my top 3 favorite Friday the 13th movies. Today to celebrate our second week of Staystillreview's sensational summer which is Camp slasher themed, I decided to list off 13 reasons why this movie rocks!

1) Jason was played by a woman in the beginning!
- Yep that's right, in the VERY beginning when we see Jason's legs after the little girl is called in side, this was the only time ever in the series that Jason was played by a woman.

2) Alice's death.
- What a way to shift to the sequel, tying up any loose ends from the original. I always loved this long opening showing Alice tossing and turning have nightmares about the events in the first film. This entire opening is supposed to take place two or so  months after what originally happened at Camp Blood. Alice has moved into town and is trying to deal with what's happened. Clearly, she still isn't over it. I love how exchange on the phone with her mother, stating that this is the only way she knows how to deal with what happened, and the haunting sketches of Brenda all over her kitchen. While Alice's death is sudden and very unexpected, I loved how Jason still continued his rampage even after the person responsible for his mother's death was killed. Seeing his mother's rotting head in the fridge made it for me as well as Jason taking the tea kettle off the stove. He may be a crazed psychopath, but he doesn't want to burn the building down!

3) Cast of likable characters.
- Very few slashers actually have casts of likable young adults. Here instead of campers, we meet the batch of young 20 somethings who are enlisted in a counselor training program on the same lake as Camp Blood. Here we meet another batch of characters with some of the same personalities we might have seen before. The jokester, the horny couple, ect. Still, I've always really enjoyed the first half of the movie before all the killing began. Maybe it's just me but I really liked seeing these guys all together. Most of all them getting shit faced at the bar. Ned had me dying, most of all with his tow-truck prank on Jeff and Sandra. 

4) Paul's campfire story.
- Just like The Burning made the same exact year, the tale of the killer who once stalked these woods are told before someone wearing a mask jumping out scaring the living shit out of everyone. (I for one know for a fact I would have gotten up and ran until I was in the next state) this scene is so memorable it was not only used again in The Final Chapter, but The New Blood as well. The best moment of course is while Paul is telling the legend of Jason and his mother you see Scott nervously look over his shoulder. Classic. 

5) The return of Ralph
- You're all doomed! Yep, another awesome returning character from the first film is old crazy Ralph who has a small, but memorable cameo trying to warn the new batch of counselors who are heading to the lake. Plus that death of his! Brutal!

6) Jason -pre-hockey mask.
- When you think of Jason you think of a hockey mask. Well, believe it or not Jason didn't get his mask until part 3. In this installment he wears a sack over his head which is both terrifying and  charming as well.

7) Mark's final ride.
- You know this movie isn't taking any prisoners when they kill off a character who's in a wheelchair and states that he isn't planning on spending the rest of his life in the chair. (Jesus) Still, Mark's death not only is one of the most brutal, it also features one of the craziest stunts in the entire film!

8) The fact we haven't seen the uncut version yet.
- Besides a few photographs the official release of the uncut version of this movie still isn't available. I'm down right shocked this hasn't been added as a special feature on any of the blu-rays that have been released. I mean if part 1 has been uncut why not this one? Same goes with part 7. Sure the footage is old and on old home video tapes but WHO CARES?! I want do see Jeff and Sandra's death in all of it's glory.

9) Ginny, the best final girl in the entire series.
- If I had to honestly choose my all time favorite final girl from any Friday the 13th movie I would have to pick Ginny. Not only is she a fan favorite, but she kicks ass! Not afraid to call her boyfriend/boss out on his bullshit, she's a leader, spunky, adorable, a child psychology major (which comes in handy later) and fights back. I mean very few people have actually chased after Jason with a chainsaw (Yes, I know Pam from part 5 but that really doesn't count) She uses her head, and survives. Such a shame she never returned for more sequels.

10) The "rat" scene.
-One of the most argued moments from this film is when Ginny is being stalked around the camp grounds by Jason and hides underneath one of the bunks. Jason enters the cabin, looking around as Ginny tries her hardest to stay still. That's when a large rat runs underneath the bunk, and goes right next to Ginny who looks ten times more terrified by this furry little friend and snaps her eyes shut. Just as Jason is about to leave he pauses and looks down. There a pool of piss forms from beneath the bunk. Many fans have argued saying that it was the rat that peed (...) yeah okay. Just another reason why this slasher is so realistic. 

11) Jason's layer.
-Even a crazed killer needs a place to hang his hat. Sure the whole backstory of Jason not actually being dead is a little far fetched (I mean really, where was he this whole time? Why didn' he join his mother?) this huge gap in the plot has always bothered me but hey, it's a slasher...we're not about to win any awards for screenplay writing (...) Still, one of the creepiest moments is when the sheriff is leaving Paul's and sees Jason dart across the road into the woods. Why you would want to follow him is beyond me but still, seeing his little shack is very unsettling. 

12) Mrs. Voorhees' return.
- The late Betsy Palmer returned once more to play Jason's crazy mother. We see her cut off head not once but twice! Love Jason's little room devoted to her, with the corpses of Terry and Alice laying around it. The best part of course has to be when Ginny needs to think fast and puts on the old dirty sweater and tucks her hair back, trying to fool Jason into thinking his mother is still alive. Only a few people in this film series actually used their brains, (Tommy Jarvis) but Ginny takes the cake. This scene is creepy and heartbreaking at the same time.

13) The unknown ending.
- Was it a dream? Was that Jason attacking Ginny? Where's Paul? This movie leaves us with many unanswered questions but the only piece of mind we'll have as an audience is that Ginny survived. As for Paul? Maybe he's in the woods playing with bears...

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Top 5 camp slashers!

 Top 5 camp slashers!
There truly is no better way to spend a mild summer evening by ranking the top 5 camp slashers. Some aren't the usual choices, but perfectly capture the ever so pleasant feeling of hot summer days filled with swimming, camping, and murder!!!

5) Terror At Tenkiller. 
- Two college friends decide to spend the summer up at one of their parents' cabins to leave some space between a very creepy and overprotective boyfriend. At first this peaceful little area seems like absolute Heaven for the two of them. That is until a crazed psychopath begins stalking them and picking off locals one by one.

4) Summer Camp Nightmare.
- After nothing some uncomfortable things going on at the local summer camp, one young man decides to take a stand by kidnapping the counselors, and having all of the older teens join forces with him. Weeks pass, and soon things begin taking a turn for the worse after a young girl is attacked by one of the campers and there's nobody around to put a stop to this building violence that's starting to overtake the camp.

3) Friday the 13th part 2
- Just two months after Mrs. Voorhees massacred the entire staff of Camp Blood, survivor Alice is slowly trying to pick up the pieces of her life. Unfortunate for her, somebody witnessed that terrible night on Crystal Lake, somebody believed to be dead. Jason. Back for revenge, he murders Alice and returns to the woods where he's been living as a hermit most of his life. Five years pass, and across the lake a counselor training program starts up. Here local teens ignore the warnings from their boss to stay away from the old closed down camp and wander back to the empty campgrounds after hearing the legend of Jason and his crazy mother. Outraged that people are trespassing, Jason begins picking off the counselors one by one to avenge his mother's death.

2) Sleepaway Camp
- This movie holds the special title as having one of the most shocking endings I have ever seen in a horror movie. Years ago a young man and his twin children Peter and Angela are spending the day out boating. Sadly an accident happens and leaves Angela the only survivor raised by her crazy aunt. Years later she's sent off to summer camp with her over protective cousin Ricky. Instantly the other campers tease Angela for being so shy and withdrawn. It doesn't take long before a series of strange accidents begin to happen leaving people seriously hurt or even worse. Who's doing the killing? And why?

1) The Burning
- The ultimate camp summer slasher. Years ago a group of campers played a terrible prank on the grounds keeper, an old drunk named Crospy. The prank got out of control, leaving Crospy severely burned and sent to a hospital for nearly five years. Once he's released, now terribly disfigured, his mind now snapped he wanders to a new camp and decides to wait until the campers go on an over night trip down river before he strikes. Here are features some of the goriest and greatest effects ever seen in a slasher movie! Plus a very adorable Fisher Stevens! 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Top 13 moments from the original Friday the 13th.

 Top 13 moments from the original Friday the 13th.
I'm currently enjoying my summer vacation in the best way possible. I'm drinking iced coffee, got my feet up, and enjoying 1989's The Wizard. I'm trying to muilttask while watching/reviewing this movie and posting for this week's theme of summer camp slashers.

Today get on your flip-flops. Put on some sun screen, grab a machete and head on down to Camp Crystal Lake for some good old fashion summer fun! Let's party like it's 1980 and count down the top 13 moments from the original film that started it all.

Friday the 13th.

13) "We weren't doing anything we were just messing around!"
- Ah the first on screen murders that started it all. I love this opening to the film that takes place in the 1950's. It shows the camp, peaceful, quiet, and still. Shows long before the terrible events that followed that this was just a typical summer camp in Jersey. I loved the two teenagers, the ones who were actually responsible for Jason's drowning sneaking off for a quickie and boom the haunting P.O.V shot of the killer coming in to murder them. I love the frozen expression of the young girl screaming before the main titles come up. Great way to set the tone for the rest of the film.

12) Annie's fateful ride.
- What honestly makes this movie so much more disturbing is the fact that these characters were really likable. The sweetest character in the whole movie goes to Annie. The happy go lucky young woman who was hired to work as the camp cook. Sadly Annie's way of getting to her new summer job is hitching a ride. First Annie starts off getting a ride with a friendly truck driver who warns her shortly after leaving town to quit the job before she's even started. Here he tells her about the history of Camp Crystal Lake. How back in the 1950's a young boy drowned, a year afterwards two teenagers were murdered, shortly after that the water was bad, and even a series of fires were started. It seemed as if the camp was cursed and the locals began calling it Camp Blood. Sadly Annie doesn't listen to these warnings, and takes another ride by an unseen driver. Here Annie instantly knows something is wrong when the jeep blows past the road that leads to the camp. Scared, she begs the driver to stop before it starts speeding up. In a panic, she leaps from the moving jeep and stumbles into the woods frightened. Sadly, she backs against a tree and an arm lashes out of nowhere slitting her throat. I urge anyone to check out the uncut version of this movie. It's actually pretty heartbreaking seeing Annie's pained expression as her throat opens up and blood gushes down her shirt.

11) "How do you call a snake?!"
- The first half of this movie is establishing the small group of teens that will be working the summer at the camp and the string of bad luck that starts to follow them the moment they arrive. We meet our lead Alice, a strong independent young woman who clearly has some issues to deal with back home and seems to have a pretty complicated relationship with the camp's owner Steve. While dressing in her cabin she happens to notice a long black snake slithering underneath her bunk. In my eyes this is the scariest part of the movie. Of course she calls in her friends to help including the adorable Bill who she tells him while searching for this slimy little creature to call it. Bill's reaction is the best "How do you call a sake?!" Also I think they killed a real snake for these scene. Ohhhh shittt!

10) Ralph's warning.
- It's a staple in horror movies to have a crazy old person warning the young teens of impending death. In the original Friday the 13th, old timer Ralph tried to warn the teens, including Annie that they were all doomed. Twice Ralph tries to tell the kids that he's a messenger from God before riding off. One of the creepiest shots in the whole movie is Ralph getting onto his bike at sunset and riding away whispering that they are all gonna die. Ralph returns once more in the sequel but sadly doesn't listen to his own warnings and suffers the same fate he foresaw. 

9) Marcie's dream.
- I have always said that the original Friday the 13th was always very beautifully shot. Not only are the locations stunning, but as is the overall quality of the film. In fact, this movie on blu-ray is beyond crystal clear. One of the more memorable moments of character development is pretty girl Marcie and dreamy boyfriend Jack sitting on the shore at dusk talking as thunder is heard overhead. Of course this movie is best remembered for starring. Here Marcie begins to talk about a dream she's suffered from for years about being caught in a storm and how the rain slowly turns to blood. Was this a foreshadowing of her own death? Whatever it is, her delivery of this dream is beyond haunting.

8) "Can I help you?"
- Sadly I was unable to screenshot this beyond creepy moment in the film. Jokester Ned (isn't there always one in the group?) is wandering around after busting balls all day being a complete and utter jackass. Lonely, he wanders around the lake, not that far from where Jack and Marcie will be sitting by the shore. Ned notices a figure standing in the doorway of one of the empty cabins. What makes this shot so creepy is that the killer appears in broad daylight and if you pause the movie and look closely you can see exactly who's doing it. The killer turns and disappears inside the cabin as Ned follows into his own death.

7) Strip Monopoly
- What better way to pass the time during a storm than smoking a few joints, drinking beers, and playing a good old fashion of strip Monopoly. In one of the lighter moments before the very dark and suspenseful final act, we watch three of our leads laugh and play a family favorite with a nice little twist.

6) Check the top bunk!
- To "keep warm" during the rain storm, Marcie and Jack decide to meet up on the bottom bunk in one of the cabins, unaware that above them, covered by blankets and bags is actually their dead friend Ned. It appears following that stranger into the dark cabin wasn't such a great idea after all!

5) Can I axe you a question Marcie?
- After some Kevin Bacon sex, Marcie goes to use the bathroom and the suspense that builds in this scene is perfect. Many people have argued that this film is too slow. All I have to say to that is these people have zero attention span. This is horror done right. Marcie has one of the more graphic deaths in the movie and I gotta give props where props belong, Mr. Savini did this one right. I love how you see the shower curtain slowly go back a bit, and how Marcie's screams as the axe is risen, hits the metal lampshade before going WHACK straight into her face. Brutal and awesome. 

4) 6 degrees of fried Bacon.
- The film's most memorable death goes to Mr. Kevin Bacon. Just a few years before he would be dancing in Footloose, or chasing Tremors, Mr. Bacon got laid and then just as he began smoking a joint had a hand spring up from the bed pinning him down before an arrow was sent straight through his throat. Now I hate to say it, but I like the cut version of this scene better since in the uncut you can clearly see how fake it looks. What tickles me pink over this scene is just recently Mr. Bacon appeared in a commercial where he appears as several of his more popular character, including Jack from Friday the 13th!

3) "I'm Mrs. Voorhees."
- After Bill and Brenda are picked off, it leaves a poor and frightened Alice alone when suddenly headlights light up the road. Believing it's Steve back from town, she runs out only to stop dead in her tracks to see a friendly older woman climb out of the jeep. Here we meet our killer. Mrs. Voorhees. I love how this is how it all started. Long before Jason returned from the grave hockey mask and all. It all begun with a woman Hell bent on revenge and too crazy from the massive loss she suffered years ago. Determined to stop the camp from opening, she reveals her true colors rather quickly to Alice and gives one of the best speeches in the entire series. Here she reveals that a young boy drowned many years ago while the counsellors who were supposed to be watching him were too busy screwing around. That this disabled child was Jason, her only son and that today is his birthday. The late Betsy Palmer is what makes this movie. Looking like a typical late sweet middle aged woman, she's actually a crazed psycho who starts speaking in Jason's voice, telling her to kill all of the teens responsible. Here we watch seriously one of the most frightening chases around the camp ever. This woman is one tough cookie and is bat shit crazy!

2) The end of the beginning. 
- After an exhausting chase around the camp by Mrs. Voorhees, poor Alice stumbles to the beach only to get attacked AGAIN by her. The two have the ultimate cat fight on the beach before Alice grabs a machete and in slow motion swings it cutting off Mrs. Voorhees' head where for a brief moment her hands grasp up at the bleeding stump before falling. Unknown to us, her son Jason (wherever he was was watching and filled the legacy that is now known as the film series.) 

1) "Then he's still there..."
- In one of horror's greatest pop out scene I still remember watching this as a child on HBO with my father and how high I jumped when a rotting Jason emerged from the lake grasping onto Alice as she sat peacefully looking at the water the following morning. Here we get our first true glimpse of the monster that will stalk Crystal Lake for 30 + years. The best line in the entire film is the ending when Alice, looking as if she's awoken from a terrible dream asks the police officers "The boy, is he dead too?" "Boy?" "The boy from the lake, the one who attacked me, the one who dragged me underneath the water." "Ma'am, we didn't find any boy." And here Alice stares off into the camera and says "Then he's still there..." and the best shot is of the lake, and the tiny bubbles escaping the surface.


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Giveaway time!!!

 Giveaway time!!!
To celebrate the summer I decided to do another contest where you could win everything in this photo + a mystery object!!! All you gotta do is repost this photo and like my blog on Facebook!!!

I'll pick a winner by random by next Friday! Also if you really wanna up the game I'll throw in ANOTHER mystery object if you can tell me in the comments on IG (follow me Stacyraimi88) what the movies The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 and FaceOff the film have in common?! Good luck!!!

Staystillreview's Sensational Summer part duex - Week 2! - Summer Slashers! - Best Friday the 13th tattoos!

Staystillreview's Sensational Summer part duex - Week 2! - Summer Slashers! - Best Friday the 13th tattoos! 
Week 2! What a way to kick off the official start of summer by starting our new week which will be based off some of the best summer camp slashers! Currently I'm down in my den, lights turned off sipping ecto-cooler like a cool kid. While surfing the inter-webs I stumbled upon some of the coolest Friday the 13th themed tattoos!

Happy camping!!!