Friday, May 31, 2013

Boston strong Hatchet marathon

 Boston strong Hatchet marathon

Words can't truly express how much I am loving life right now. This past week has been SO amazing and surreal I don't even feel like I'm awake. First, earlier this week I flew out to Orlando to attend Spooky Empire to meet childhood hero and favorite actor Zach Galligan after MANY years of waiting. The convention/trip was a complete blast and Zach was awesome. He said I held the record for having the most things signed, and we took some pretty classy photos together. For anyone who follows me on Instagram they know what a complete psycho I have looked like since the last fifteen or so photos I've posted are all Galligan themed. Hey...I'm a big fan, can't help it!

Wednesday, I drove out to attend the Boston strong silent auction held by Adam Green to raise money from the tragic bombing that hit the city last month. Several members from the Hatchet trilogy attended, and auctioned off some pretty amazing stuff (Original Gremlins script, guitar signed by Rob Zombie, Eli Roth's Jew Bear bat, ect.)I like a complete psycho and super fan, sat for three straight hours watching the item Zach donated to the show, which was of course his very OWN personal Waxwork II crew shirt that he's had for the last twenty-two years. Well, I bid and WON! Afterwards I was able to hang out and shoot the shit with Zach at the bar who was a complete sweet heart and have two good friends of mine who drove through a pretty nasty storm from New York, just to come in for a few minutes before the event ended. Zach of course made it worth while being his awesome amazing self. The amount of swooning that was happening was insane. 

Last night Jeanette, Casey, and myself drove into the city of Boston to attend the Hatchet marathon which yet again was being held by Adam Green to raise money fro the Boston Strong fund. Of course I was still in a daze over winning the shirt, so I pretty much floated on a cloud to get there (no not really, we were in Boston traffic and I almost puked.) This event was very cool since it was a private showing to whoever bought tickets to this special screening in a very awesome looking theater. The place looked like a 1960's night club/sci-fi movie and I loved it

They showed original uncut prints of Hatchet I and II and then a early first time premier of Hatchet III. This was the very FIRST time it was ever being screened and this was also the first time the cast was able to finally see the finished cut.


Hatchet III will be released June 14th I believe, and I really can't wait to see it again. I fondly remember first seeing the original film over a friend's house back in 2007 when I heard how awesome the effects were and how many horror icons were appearing in it. Then in 2010, me and a very dear friend from school rented the sequel and it's ending effect blew us away. 

I have been following the making of Hatchet III very closely since Mr. Zach Galligan was set to star in it as the town sheriff. I closely followed whatever photos, clips, or articles that were being released and honestly this was the most excited I have been for a horror movie in years. In fact when the first photos were released on Halloween night from the set I screamed.

Last night was amazing, there's honestly no better place to watch an awesome splatter movie than with an audience fill of fans. I have never laughed and screamed so loud before in my life. The even cooler thing was the fact the cast was seriously sitting five feet away from me watching the movies. In-between each film Adam and the cast members would stand up on stage and share some stories about the making of.

Before part III screened Adam explained that this was seriously the first time EVER this movie was being seen before it was released world wide in two weeks. He told us to PLEASE not spoil it since there were lots of surprises in this last epic installment. Gotta say, I feel pretty darn special seeing it now! Respecting Mr. Green my lips are sealed until the movie is released and I can do a proper review. All I have to say is...

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The words epic don't even cover it. This film has now found itself in my two twenty movies of all time and that's a hard list to make. I can't even express how blessed I am to experience this event with the cast. Just the fact we were all seeing it for the first time together made my inner horror heart swell.

Of course everyone stood up and clapped being blown away as Adam had tears in his eyes like a proud papa. 

Words can't express how amazing this movie is. I strongly recommend anyone to go see it when it comes out. The amount of hard work that went into this movie was insane and the only thing I will say is...Zach stole the fucking show. 

I have never had so much fun watching a movie before.

Afterwards the owner of the place made everyone go outside where the stars could meet and sign stuff for the fans. I of course only cared about Zach and showed up with my shirt that he promised to sign. We talked about the movie and how amazing it was, I of course gushed over him and we had a few good laughs (sigh...I can't...)

He signed my shirt and I seriously wanted to cry. We took another cute adorable soul mates photo together and he told me he would never forget my Ipad and what a truly amazing fan I was. I wished him safe travels and after the girls not their posters signed we went on our way. I of course was that asshole screaming WOOOOO HATCHET III! As we drove off into the night.

Now after having four hours of sleep and teaching all day I'm about to drop, but I seriously can't even begin to tell everyone how amazing that fucking movie was and what a great week I've had. Thank you Adam Green, thank you Boston...and thank you Zach Galligan. Between the Florida trip, winning the shirt, and seeing this movie...Stacy is proud to be from Boston and proud to be a Hatchet fan.

Zach Galligan's personal Waxwork II crew shirt!

 Zach Galligan's personal Waxwork II crew shirt!

Last night I drove out to attend Adam Green's One Fund silent auction/Hatchet party for the Boston Marathon bombings. I gotta give Adam props, this was a very cool and unique way of raising money for such a good cause. This week he's appeared in several areas of MA to sign autographs, promote Hatchet III, and raise money for the horrible tragedy that devastated our beloved city.  

I was right away interested when I heard about this event and had a good laugh to myself since actor Zach Galligan was attending the event. As many of you know I flew ALL the way to Orlando to meet Zach this past weekend and of fucking course a week before my trip I found out he was going to this thing which is about forty or so minutes away from my house. FML...still, I did get to see him twice in one week!

I was VERY excited for this event due to the silent auction, several celebrities were donating objects to raise money for the Boston fund. Eli Roth donated his bat from Inglorious Bastards, Chris Columbus donated an original Goonies screenplay, and the object I was most excited about was Zach's personal Waxwork II crew shirt that he received after working on the 1992 sequel.

I think It's pretty clear how I love the two Waxwork movies. The fact this thing was up for gabs had me panic right away. I collected a very embarrassing amount of money ready to bid whatever it would come to just to get my hands on it. I really can't explain my love for Waxwork, or the sequel. In fact dare I say it I even enjoy the sequel more than the original! I died when I saw this shirt, and what was even cooler was the fact it was Zach's own shirt that has been in his dresser for the last twenty-two years. Being most likely the biggest Waxwork II fan, I knew I had to have it.

So last night I drove up there and seriously sat upstairs where the silent auction was being held. or three, count em three straight hours I didn't move from where I was. The staff had a good laugh since I was watching it like a hawk and giving anyone who walked near it death stare. 

Finally ten o'clock came and the auction closed and I won this baby for only 100$. The staff was thrilled I got it and I seriously couldn't stop smiling. The happiness I felt I really can't explain. Kristy Jett has Popcorn, John from Freddy In Space has Ice Cream Man...I have Waxwork II.

Strolling downstairs after the auction after several cast members auctioned off scripts, sneakers, DVDs, ect, I found Zach at the bar and of course he remembered me and couldn't believe I ended up winning it. The two of us hung out at the bar for a while shooting the shit and he talked about the night's event, Waxwork II, and tomorrow night. Zach I can't say enough is by far the coolest guy around. He's a dude you can have a drink with, talk movies, and feel your inner childhood screaming. He is a complete sweetheart and told me he wanted to sign the shirt tomorrow aka tonight at the Hatchet marathon.

My poor friends Jeanette and Casey came just for the very end of the party due to the bad weather in NY and I brought them over to Zach and we talked for a bit and he promised we would all hang out tonight = nerd scream.

(a little dark but we look adorable)

Last night I honestly was in a daze after winning this item. Words can't express how thrilled I was. I can't thank Zach enough for donating this shirt and attending this. Amazing event by Adam Green. What happened last month was awful, but it shows sometimes in the oddest of places people can come together and show truly what great people they are.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Oh it's on!

 Oh it's on!
Tonight I'm heading to Adam Green's Boston Strong Hatchet III silent auction. This is an event I heard of just a few weeks ago but completely sparked my interest when I first heard about it. Mr. Green is going a week long of events trying to raise money for the Boston Marathon bombings that happened last month. Tonight is the Hatchet III party which includes several members of the cast as movie related items goes up for auction to raise money for this great cause. 

Of course being from Boston I think this is a great cause and I love how somebody like Adam Green could think of something so cool for fans alike to try and pitch in for this charity. Of course the second reason is of course the fact that Mr. Zach Galligan will be there. Yep, that's right...Stacy flew all the way to Florida this weekend just to see him again tonight.

Still, I spoke with Zach when I met him this past weekend and he told me due to work and flying in late he'll only be able to make it to the very end of the party. Still, seeing that handsome devil again never hurts...

What I'm most excited about is the fact Zach donated his very OWN Waxwork II crew shirt, which at the currant moment online I am at the highest bidder. What happens tonight when the doors open at seven, the bids will transfer and for the next four hours I need to keep an eye on the item making sure no jerk outbids me. 

I'm going to have a fucking panic attack.

I won't say out loud how much I'm willing to bid on this item, but I'm not ashamed at all. This is for a great cause and on top of it, the fact it's a Waxwork II shirt has my inner fan girl screaming. Even if I don't win it, I give complete props to whoever ends up getting it since A). It was for such a great cause and B). Its one hell of an item.

So people wish me luck and I'll make sure to snap lots of photos for night and tomorrow where I'll be able to see all three Hatchet movies in Boston!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Did you know?

 Did you know?

Just this past weekend when I attended Spooky Empire down in Florida, I was lucky enough to get the chance to ask Zach Galligan a question about his cameos in both Hellraiser III Hell On Earth and Warlock II. Zach shared a pretty amusing story of how Anthony Hickcox called him up both times asking him to come down to the set in which the second he got there Anthony threw him into a scene as a little bonus for fans who loved the two Waxwork movies they worked together on. Zach as I'm sure I've been gushing about was nothing but a complete blast to listen to, and was super funny about them strapping him up to get killed by the pool stick in the Boiler Room club massacre. In the past I've shared this amusing fact with his cameos in both films but today I'm sharing a video I took of the club scene where you can spot Zach for a brief second before getting impaled. Enjoy!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Greatest youtube video ever...

 Greatest youtube video ever...

So first off let me say I'm sorry with how shitty my last post looks. I no longer use my camera so I took all my photos this past weekend on my Ipad and for some unknown reason they look too big for the actual post. I would have tried to figure out the kinks with it but I was in a hurry to post photos and share my stories of meeting Mr. Galligan this past weekend.

Half awake now after flying back to Boston, I'll try my hardest to fix the post and try to post a few photos and videos of Zach's Q&A. Until then, I leave you with a pretty epic video. yesterday before leaving I said goodbye to Zach and asked if I could video tape him saying my all time favorite line from Waxwork II. I was dying while he was doing it and of course you can hear my clown horn laugh at the very end. = magical.

Spooky Empire - Galavanting to the extreme

 Spooky Empire - Galavanting to the extreme 

You know your either a true fan or truly crazy to fly all the way from Boston to Florida just to meet one person. But this isn't just a person, this is an actor I've associated with my childhood ever since I can remember. 

This actor is Mr. Zach Galligan.

Zach is best known playing Billy, the curly head teenager who gets the greatest Christmas gift of all time in Gremlins. For nearly thirty years Gremlins has been a staple for audiences world wide. Along with such titles as The Goonies, E.T, and Back To The Future, Gremlins still holds up today and holds a strong cult status as new generations discover it. Zach later on starred in the film's sequel which was a balls out cartoon crazy thrill ride released in the year 1990. 

I remember watching Gremlins 2 more than the original growing up, but the film I truly know Zach from is playing Mark Loftmore in Waxwork and Waxwork II Lost In Time. 

I rediscovered Waxwork just last summer and right away all of those amazing childhood memories came flooding back. Waxwork is a truly original fun 80's horror comedy which features a fresh young attractive cast, dazzling effects and sets, and of course in my eyes one of the coolest concepts for a horror movie ever. Quickly after re watching Waxwork I raced to order the bare bones double feature DVD which featured the original and it's sequel. Now I'm sure I'm going to get shit for saying this but, I enjoyed Lost In Time almost as much as the original! 

Quickly I decided to search out any films Zach had starred in and began to build a pretty impressive collection of VHS tapes featuring Mr. Galligan. Now funny enough I've had the chance to meet Zach several times at past conventions but for some strange unknown reason I decided enough was enough, I needed to finally meet this guy who I grew up watching and felt was a huge part of my childhood. First there was Blood On The Beach, which I sadly found out about much too late to make plans to go down there. Right away I knew the very next show Zach would appear in I just HAD to meet him no matter how far or how much money it would be.

Crazy huh?

Well it wasn't long before I saw Zach was attending Spooky Empire this spring in Orlando Florida. As much as I hate traveling long distances, I knew I had to do it and got my plane ticket right away. Months passed and it wasn't long before I saw I would be having Zach sign ten...count me ten solid items. Looks like I was going to be paying Zach's cell phone bill for him! 

So this past holiday weekend I braved the two hour flight (fighting air sickness the whole way) and arrived in Orlando Friday night. Lucky for me my friend Kurtis let me crash with him while I attended the convention. Of course rarely leaving MA I was like a dog sticking my head out the window every time I saw a palm tree.

Saturday was finally the big day, I'm going to sound like a complete fan girl/ nerd here but I've never been so nervous to meet somebody before in my whole life. The amount of butterflies that was happening was insane. Walking into the main room I spotted him right away and should have died. Heading towards his table I almost reached it before some dickhead cut right in front of me only to shake his hand "rolls eyes". Zach noticed this and was very polite and shook the guy's hand before he walked away and Zach spotted me. Smiling he said he didn't think that guy knew I was standing there and apologized. Could you die?! Anywho, I seriously can't remember line by line of what happened since it was such a haze but I explained what an honor it was meeting him. I told him I had been waiting almost 15 years to meet him and what a big deal it was for me since I had flown all the way from Boston just to meet him. He laughed with me over the fact he's going to be in Boston this week for Adam Green's Hatchet III party, he did say it was a good thing I had in fact came to see him this weekend since due to work and flying in late he's only going to be making it towards the very end of the Hatchet party. I told him I was bidding on the shirt from Waxwork II and he told me he was this close to wearing it this weekend was afraid he wouldn't get to wash it, but ten again some people would like it unwashed = cut to me dying.

He was blown away by all the stuff I had for him to sign, in fact he had a good laugh over the fact I still had VHS tapes and laserdiscs of his movies. One by one he signed them and talked about each film. He loved that I had the Waxwork II lobby cards and talked some more before I to,d him how much I wanted to try and get a kick starter going to get Scream Factory to buy the Waxwork rights and release it on blu-ray. I told him about screenings that were hopefully happening in the future and we talked Waxwork for a while before we posed for photos. Of course I asked him to do something very lame with me, this was of course to do the famous trapped against the barrier in Waxwork. If anyone doesn't know what I'm talking about check out my cover photo from facebook. Of course Zach laughed and we did it looking like two major dorks but I now have one of the greatest photos of all time. 

Soon afterwards Zach's Q&A was held which I raced to. I really gotta give Spooky their props, great set up on stage and LOVED the intro video at the beginning. Sadly the photos I took weren't that good due to the strong lights, but I did videotape some AND when I asked a question to Zach about his cameos in Warlock 2 and Hellraiser III, he remembered my name! "Swoon"!!!

Zach's Q&A was awesome, funny and interesting. I loved all of his. Little stories and his insights on remakes. 

The vendors at the show weren't that hot, got a couple of bootlegs, eh...

Of course having HORRIBLE luck I discovered later that night some of my things had rubbed up against each other causing some of the autographs to smear. 

= awesome.

So I came back yesterday to say bye to a few friends and have Zach resign my Cupid VHS which got the worst of it. Lucky for me Zach was super cool about it and resigned the tape and we said our goodbyes as he told me little bit about Cupid and even showed me his driver's license to prove he's born on Valentine's Day = oh sweet baby Jesus!

The last thing I asked Zach to go was say my favorite line from Waxwork 2, Zach was a total spirt about it and we cracked up over it.

Before leaving I gave him a 3D comic book based off Waxwork since I heard he was such a big comic fan. This as lame as it sounds really pulled on my heart strings, Zach seemed touched by this and thanked me, of course I told him like eight times what a fan I was and what an honor it was meeting him. He told me he would see me soon (If I don't win that shirt this week I'm burning the place to the ground muhahaha!)

Now I'm about to fly back to Boston (feeling that motion sickness pillI just took) content and beyond thrilled with what a great tine I had. Florida was great but Zach seriously made the trip. Thanks Zach for making a Waxwork fan like myself thrilled'

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hatchet III poster!

 Hatchet III poster!
Today the official Hatchet III poster has been released! Even though I'm not that crazy about it, seeing our favorite swamp slasher in all his glory is sparking my excitement! Next week after I return from Florida I'll be attending the Hatchet III auction party and screening with a couple of friends of mine. Very much am I looking forward to this epic looking installment. + having Zach Galligan in it doesn't hurt!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Daddy's Girl - Another reason why gingers are scary...

Daddy's Girl - Another reason why gingers are scary...

PLOT - A girl's bright smile masks a psychopathic soul that will eliminate anyone who comes between her and her doting father.

LOWDOWN - I first saw this little gem five or so years ago when it first aired on Chiller (back when the channel was actually good.) This was one of the regular movies that aired during the summer and I caught it one afternoon and couldn't believe how much I really enjoyed it.

Believe it or not from 1990-1998 there were some pretty good underrated horror movies that sadly never got to see the light of day due to the weird limbo the world of horror seemed to be stuck in for most of that decade. In fact unless you were a sleek Scream like movie with a cast full of television stars, you really weren't going anywhere besides direct to video.I truly feel the 1990's, at least the first half of the decade doesn't get the respect it deserves since the 1980's was when things really blew up. I hope in the future to do a post of some of the best and most underrated horror movies from that decade. Daddy's Girl rings true like a classic crazy Lifetime movie (which I might add in the 80's and 90's there were some pretty amazing and creepy ones.) Telling the tale of a young little girl who's been adopted a year or so eariler by a couple...she seems almost perfect. a very ginger sort of way, sweet, and always seems to have the right thing to say. Well sadly that isn't the case.

This girl is fucking nuts.

I feel they tried to make yet another classic killer out of the little girl character and due to poor writing it sadly fell flat. The one liners that the end made me feel I was watching a Child's Play movie instead. I mean yeah we get it, she's a little girl and she's bat shit crazy...same story different movie. In fact this almost seemed like a Problem Child movie gone wrong. We got the ginger child, and complete madness. Throw in John Ritter and we would of had one crazy sequel.

Still, I did enjoy the cast (House and Carrie's William Katt) Michele Greene, and Roxana Zal. I liked showing the cracks that were showing in what seemed like this perfect all American family. How the dad is a failed toy maker who gets to spend all his time with their newly adopted daughter who is spoiled rotten and the complete apple of his eye while the wife is stressed, working full time, and thinking a divorce might be the best answer. I liked how the little girl character begins picking off anyone who gets in her way of her and her father once summer vacation starts. Some of the deaths were pretty good, and I loved whenever she flipped out and started screaming like a little brat. You just loved the hate this little shit.

A pretty good thriller with some cheesy moments and an ending I feel that could have been explained a little bit better. I was dying to see this little brat finally get what she deserved. Still the back story was pretty great, and as annoying as this kid was she did play crazy very well.

So if your looking for a good horror movie to watch as the weather gets warmer, or you have a great hate for gingers who kill...Daddy's Girl is your movie.

3 Stars!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Trailer of the week!

 Trailer of the week!
This week's trailer is forth entry in The Howling series. The Original Nightmare is a highly underrated sequel that is based off the same novel the first movie was based on. This isn't exactly a classic, but has some pretty impressive makeup by Mr. Steve Johnson himself! Also it has a pretty killer theme song.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Zach Galligan donates Waxwork II crew shirt for Hatchet III Boston strong auction!

 Zach Galligan donates Waxwork II crew shirt for Hatchet III Boston strong auction!
On May 29th director Adam Green is holding a special Hatchet 3 party which will be part of a silent auction for the Boston Marathon bombings that took place next month. I if course had a good "FML" moment when I saw this was happening since this weekend I flying all the way to FL just to meet actor Zach Galligan and of course he's going to beat this event just three days after my FL trip (the place where this event is taking place is legit only a half an hour away from where I live. Looks like I'm meeting Zach twice in one week!) anywho the Super cool thing about this party's the fact there's gong to be a silent auction on line with several items celebrities were awesome enough to donate. 

The item I'm the most sparked about is the Waxwork II
Lost in time crew shirt that Zach was cool enough to donate. This baby was Zach's own personal shirt and bidding for it will go until the night of the party where the auction will close and the highest bidder will collect and take home this AMAZING piece of Waxwork history. I seriously died when I saw this. I think it's pretty clear how big of a Waxwork fan I am (I mean seriously who else would fly all the way to FL justo make sure thief Waxwork laserdisc gets signed?) yep...that's me! I even dare to say I might be an even bigger fan if the film's strange and highly underrated sequel. The fact Zach has ths shirt up for auction is making my inner Waxwork fan scream. So far there is only three bidders and the highest offer is 51$ I have sorta a bad feeling about this since the auction stays open until the night of the party and I have an awful feeling In between that time the price is gong to get jacked up. As crazy as this sounds I would seriously blow 300$ on this but with my FL trip this weekend and the fact I get paid two days after the party I seriously don't think this is going to happen. Depressing ...yes. Still, I'm going to see at least if I have a fighting chance to get it. Might have to break open a few piggy banks...still, if anyone deserves to try and waste $ on something like this it's me. I would legit get buried in this shirt. ALSO all the $ from the auction goes towards the Boston Strong cause so at least I wouldn't feel I was blowing all this $ for nothing...right?

Even if I don't get I I hope whoever wins knows what an awesome thing they did buying this gem and what a great cause it's going to. Hats off to Mr. Galligan, classy move to donate something that awesome!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hey...I liked it! - Texas Chainsaw 3D on blu-ray!

 Hey...I liked it! - Texas Chainsaw 3D on blu-ray!

So yesterday I picked up Texas Chainsaw 3D on blu-ray, and as much as so many people HATED this sequel, I actually really enjoyed it. I wouldn't say I'm a massive fan of the TCM movies, but I've always enjoyed them...well at least 1-3. The original in my eyes is one of the scariest and brilliantly made horror movies ever. In fact last year for Monster Mania in Cherry Hill NJ they did a screening of this and I can't even count how many horrible very Boston sounding "Oh My Gawds..." happened. It's seriously frightening. 

The sequel of course is a huge cult classic and favorite of mine. I give Hooper total props for returning to make part two and making it NOTHING like the original. This movie was a colorful black campy horror thrill ride with very memorable characters and even more memorable scenes. 

The third didn't hold the magic part two did, but still had a great cast, awesome gore, and some pretty epic moments.

As for part 4 and the two shit remakes...ehhhhhh.......

After the two highly stylized shit remakes, it was a breath of fresh air seeing this movie get made. I loved that it was a direct sequel to part one and besides some major time line holes, I thought it was a great branch on film to the classic original. I really don't care what fans say, at least this respected Hooper's film, and had it's own take of the universe it took place in. In fact it wasn't since The Devil's Rejects had I rooted for the villains. Putting aside a few flaws, I found this sequel highly enjoyable and had a very fitting ending. 

So for all fans out there, go buy this DVD/blu-ray and support awesome sequels/prequels. In a time of shit remakes, I'll rather see movies like this made LONG before I want to see  classic original get shit on being retold. 

Maybe I'm just bitter about the Gremlins remake...blah...

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Gremlins remake...blah!

 Gremlins remake...blah!

So news dropped yesterday that the years of rumors have finally and very sadly proven true. It seems that Gremlins is yet another beloved classic that's getting the remake treatment.

Here's a little article I found on the depressing matter...

Seth Grahame-Smith, the author of Pride & Prejudice & Zombies and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, will produce the Gremlins reboot alongside David Katzenberg. Most recently Grahame-Smith adapted Vampire Hunter into a feature film released last year and worked on the script for a Beetlejuice sequel that Tim Burton may still direct. Burton, who produced Vampire Hunter for director Timur Bekmambetov, also collaborated with Grahame-Smith on his Dark Shadows movie that belly flopped at the box office last May. The writer was also retained by Fox to rewrite their long-gestating Fantastic Four reboot that Josh Trank is still on board to direct.

I don’t get the studios’ obsession with Grahame-Smith and his work; he writes overblown, disposable fan fiction, nothing more. He is hardly the person to take on a beloved property like Gremlins without instilling distrust and resentment in those of us who grew up loving the original and its gonzo 1990 sequel The New Batch. Those movies have a timeless quality that cannot be easily reproduced. Grahame-Smith will most likely be writing the script for the remake as well, though that has yet to be announced, and the search is on for a capable director. Chances are it will be someone we have never heard of, perhaps the indie darling of the moment or an untested commercial or music video director.
This remake could work if placed in the right hands, but Grahame-Smith’s attachment to the project does not inspire a lot of confidence. I’m sure there will be lots of CGI.

EHHHHHHHH! Could you die?
I have made peace that every awesome movie I ever loved growing up will be remade, but it just plain depresses me since they seriously could make a part 3 and it would still totally work. I'm in mourning right now over the lack of original ideas in Hollywood.


Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Great Gatsby - A visually stunning dream of literature

 The Great Gatsby - A visually stunning dream of literature 

PLOT - An adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's Long Island-set novel, where Midwesterner Nick Carraway is lured into the lavish world of his neighbor, Jay Gatsby. Soon enough, however, Carraway will see through the cracks of Gatsby's rich existence, where obsession, madness, and tragedy await.

LOWDOWN -  Back in high school we were all given the dreadful task of having to read the classic novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Of course I struggled reading through it until finally my interest was peeked as I dove deeper and deeper into this strange world created within the pages. Before I knew it I was breezing through the book and ended up loving the very tragic and shocking ending while a good number of other kids from my class just went ahead and watched the 1970's movie. I'll admit, half the time in high school if there was a movie made out the book we had to read...I would watch the movie, but The Great Gatsby was one of those rare pieces of work that I understood why so many teachers felt so passionately about. Years went by and in my senior year I rediscovered my love for actor Ewan McGregor, and of course ended up watching Moulin Rouge! A complete bizarre flashy, dazzling roller coaster musical ride. Director Baz Luhrmann, who had previously done the AMAZING version of Romeo + Juliet (a personal childhood favorite for both my sister and I.) showed his brilliant style and imagination whenever he created this bizarre and beautiful worlds. Of course I went out and got his box set which featured Strictly Ballroom, Romeo + Juliet, and Moulin Rouge! I didn't go see Australia simply because it didn't seem like my cup of tea, nor did pretty much anyone else I talked to. A huge fan of his movies, I loved the way he made all his movies seem like living breathing pieces of art. There was always so much to look at you felt like you were on an acid trip. Time went on and finally I began to hear rumors of the classic novel The Great Gatsby being remade. The second I heard Mr. Luhrmann would be the man behind it...I knew it was in good hands.

I remember first joking nearly two years ago when I heard Leonardo DiCaprio was going to be in it. Now I love Leo, in fact I think he's a downright great actor. He came from being this teeny bop dream after making Titanic but rose above it and moved on clearly establishing himself as a real actor as growing into adulthood. I loved how he took only the roles he liked and lately at least for the past ten or so years I've enjoyed almost every movie he's done. (Inception, The Departed, Django Unchained, ect.) I mean I will forever think of him as accidentally killing grass hoppers in What's Eating Gilbert Grape, but look at how far he's come. I no longer see him as that adorable kid from The Quick And The Dead, or as that asshole screaming "I'm the king of the world!", I look look at him as one of the best actors around who has been cheated out of an Oscar so many times it's not even funny. Still after seeing Shutter Island I love his accents (...)

This is a remake I feel had to be made and hopefully as sad as this sounds might push a younger generation to get off their asses and read the book.  

I liked how you could see Mr. Luhrmann's style, in fact when I first watched the trailer last year I legit got excited. I like his use of modern day songs used in a period piece. As many people who didn't like this I feel it helped the movie.

Also the costumes...h-o-l-y s-h-i-t!!! I've always been a huge fan of 1920's/30's fashion, mostly with the flappers (maybe it's because I have short hair.) but I seriously want to go and see this movie again just so I can gaze at all the beautiful costumes, suits, and gowns.   

I feel the acting was very strong as well. To be able to translate such an amazing story, you need the right actors. Of course I feel Leo was born to play Jay Gatsby and I feel this might have even pushed aside his amazing acting in Inception. I love how well he played it, and he did it like a complete pro. Even though I sadly don't think this will get him an Oscar, I hope he gains even more respect for this. I seriously got chills by watching him. Great to see him and Mr. Luhrmann come together again after all these years.

I had a good laugh at how much I enjoyed Tobey Maguire in the role of Nick. Nice to see he's still alive after the Spiderman movies. Also fun fact, both him and Leo have worked under director Sam Raimi. Connections!

The rest of the cast shinned and did an amazing job, there wasn't one part I didn't like. Along with the beautifully, visually stunning scenes via the parties, I was blown away. It wasn't crazy over the top but seemed exactly what you expected for this kind of movie. Like I said there was so many things to look at you felt like your eye balls were going to pop out. The amount of tingle, glitter, and sparkles that went into this movie...I shutter to think of the clean up.

The soundtrack was amazing like I said, and the sets breathtaking. Every single thing about this movie was beautiful. They were able to establish a well known story and make it yet again into one of the most heartbreaking and tragic tales every told. Seeing a new take on this made me love the novel even more.

I really to urge anyone to go check out this movie even if you haven't read the book. It's a great movie and so far for the year favorite so far.

5 Stars!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Horror movies that strangely remind me of the spring...

 Horror movies that strangely remind me of the spring...
You know how there's certian movies around the fall that just remind you of Halloween. These are classics and must haves you need to watch to get into the spirit of the season. Well in honor of the spring here is my very oddball list of certian movies that just remind me that spring is in the air.

Rose Red


Critters 2

Burnt Offerings

Night Of The Creeps


The Stepfather II

Graduation Day

House on sorority row

Prom Night

Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II

Funeral Home

Prince Of Darkness

Body Bags

Tales From The Darkside: The Movie

Odd choices huh?