Monday, October 28, 2019

Interview with Kindertrauma!

Interview with Kindertrauma!

I was lucky enough to chat with. Unkle Lancifer from one of my all time favorite websites. Kindertrauma! This is a site that does a deep dive into some of the greatest movies, TV shows, games, monsters, books  that were fun and even maybe a little disturbing from our childhoods!
 Here I was lucky enough to pick his brain talking film and favorites right before the Halloween holiday is before us! 

Click below to check out Kindertrauma and all the fun it contains!

1) Top ten favorite movies?

Many of my favorites are obvious choices like HALLOWEEN, ALIEN, CARRIE and THE THING so if it’s OK I’d rather share 10 movies that I love that I think deserve more attention. In no particular order: 1. THE FUNHOUSE (1981), 2. THE SENDER (1982) 3. THE LITTLE GIRL WHO LIVES DOWN THE LANE (1976) 4. PIN (1988) 5. HELL NIGHT (1981) 6. THE INCUBUS (1982) 7. THE ATTIC (1980) 8. DEAD AND BURIED (1981) 9. THE BOOGENS (1981) and COLD PREY (2006). I guess it’s clear I really love early eighties slashers. I should throw in HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME (1981), MY BLOODY VALENTINE (1981) and THE BURNING (1981) too. Wow, 1981 turns up a lot! 

2) 3 films that are a MUST to watch every October?
Besides the HALLOWEEN series, I’d go with LADY IN WHITE (1988), SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES (1983) and the TV-movie THE MIDNIGHT HOUR (1985). Those three always put me in the proper head space for the season. Oh and DARK NIGHT OF THE SCARECROW (1981)!

3) Favorite article from Kindertrauma and why?
My favorite is probably one called “The Voluptuous Horror of Alien” I tried to break the entire ALIEN movie down scene by scene and compared it side by side with other notable horror films. It’s mostly all visual and very little text. It was a lot of hard work and I kind of wish I could turn it into a book. 

4) Top 3 favorite TV shows?
 have to say BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER is #1 because it was more important to me than my own life for a while. I’ll just put ANGEL as #2 and BATTLESTAR GALACTICA (either the classic series or the reimagining) at number 3. I also really love SUPERNATURAL but I’m a season behind. 

5) Favorite Halloween candy?
Dum- Dum lollipops for sure. My cat Figgywho passed away in the spring thought they were the greatest cat toys and would bat them around and run about with them in her mouth. I miss her every day. 

6) Best ending to a movie ever and why?
 CANDYMAN (1992). The funeral scene for Helen Lyle (Virginia Madsen), when she suddenly gets a line of mourners made me cry like a baby when I first saw it and the very last scene where she gets her vengeance is just beautiful horror poetry to me. CANDYMAN is definitely one of my all time favorites. I didn’t include it above though because I think everybody agrees it’s a stone cold classic. 

7) Best villain/hero in a film and why?
The best heroes for me will always be Laurie Strode (HALLOWEEN), Ellen Ripley (ALIEN) and Ash Williams (EVIL DEAD) because they persevere eternally no matter what. My favorite villain is probably Cathy (Randi Allen) from CATHY’S CURSE because she cracks me up. 

8) All time best VHS artwork you've ever seen?
 My favorite is probably the most unattractive and borderline insane I’ve ever seen and that would be the box for the Linda Blair/Donna Wilkes movie GROTESQUE (1988). I have it hanging on my wall because it makes no sense and it’s got the most nauseating green background. I remember seeing a full-page ad for it in one of the old horror magazines (possibly GORE ZONE or SLAUGHTER HOUSE) and I was fascinated by it’s repelling nature at first glance. In fairness, it actually does accurately portray the feeling the movie leaves you with. 

9) What movie/TV movie NEEDS to be released on blu-ray
 If I had my wish it would be the short-lived TV series THE OTHERS (2000). I loved that show and I still love that show and there’s a great episode directed by TOBE HOOPER. If you asked me a couple years ago I would have said SCREAMS OF A WINTER NIGHT (1979) but that favorite finally did come out. 

10) We know you love lunch boxes. You can only have one as a child. Which one of your killer designs do you pick?

I can’t decide between the one for MANIAC (1980) or the one for NIGHTMARE (1981). I can’t imagine any bully picking on me if I was carrying one of those. 

11) With the holidays coming up, what are five things you MUST watch in November/December?
I’m going to be honest and tell you that I drink whiskey and watch the BLACK CHRISTMAS (2006) remake every year. As crazy as the script is, it’s so beautiful to look at and I love the music. It gets better and funnier with each viewing. Kristen Cloke brings me great joy. I also generally love any and all snowbound horror so GHOST STORY (1981 again), DEAD OF WINTER (1987), GHOST KEEPER (1981 as well) and maybe even some WIND CHILL (2007) or THE DEAD ZONE (1983). KRAMPUS (2015) has quickly become a seasonal favorite too. 

12) Best slasher of all time and why?
HALLOWEEN (1978). There’s just no disputing it in my book. John Carpenter’s artistry, Debra Hill’s dialog and Jamie Lee Curtis’s empathetic performance form some kind of holy lightening strike perfection. 

13) Favorite death/kill in a movie?
 I’m going to go with poor Mark (Tom McBride)’s machete to the face in FRIDAY THE 13th: PART 2. It’s so tragic and then to have his wheelchair roll down the stairs afterwards is just devastating and for some reason his red football jersey adds yet another layer to the alarming sight. It’s like a symphony of horror especially when you consider he was probably really hopeful about his night ahead with Vickie (Lauren-Marie Taylor). The fact that McBride died so young in real life adds even more pathos. All of these elements converge to what I think is the deepest, most profound slasher death. If I went the other direction and picked the most fun slasher death then that would certainly be the shish-kebab murder in HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME. Although my love for that one may be more based on the poster artwork than the actual kill in the film. 

14) Best film you've seen in theaters in this past year?
 I really loved READY OR NOT. The ending is a dream come true.  

15) What can we look forward to over at Kindertrauma this up coming year?
It will likely be more of the same but I’m vowing to be less cautious and more spontaneous and messy. We’ve been doing this for 12 years but in a way I feel like we’re just getting started. 

Special thanks to Unkle Lancifer! 

Check out his killer work over at Kindertrauma!

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Chip's 2019 Halloween mixed tape!!!

 Chip's 2019 Halloween mixed tape!!!

On this chilly rainy October afternoon, I thought nothing truly captures the spirit of October more than listening to our Staystillreview's very own mascot Chip's newest 2019 Halloween mixed tape! This is a special mix Chip whipped up to listen to on his boombox while drinking cheap beer, roasting marshmallows, and sitting around a crackling campfire while telling spooky tales of ghosts, zombies, serial killers, and student loans!

Happy Halloween from Staystillreviews!!!

Monday, October 21, 2019

Staystillreviews' 2019 Halloween mood table!!!

Staystillreviews' 2019 Halloween mood table!!!
I'm writing this article sitting propped up, my portable heater cranking, a bucket to puke into less than a foot away, and a piping hot cup of tea in my Jurassic Park mug sitting right beside me. Earlier today I unfortunately came down with the flu, and puked a total of five times out of my car when I attempted to rally and still go to work. Sadly after I puked in the street (keeping it classy guys) I knew I couldn't make it, and turned back around. I'm due to see my doctor later on this afternoon, so it's pushing the fluids, watching the latest episodes of AHS 1984, and attempting to write up about my 2019 Halloween mood table/counter that I whipped up and have to honestly say is my greatest one I've done since I started doing these for the last few years.

I came up with the Halloween mood table thanks to my buddy Matt from Dinosaur Dracula who has been making these tables and inspiring people from all over to put an area in their home or office with some of their favorite items that truly capture Halloween in their eyes. Here in one space let it be shelfs, a table, a counter, or like Matt did this year an actual dollhouse!

Matt's Halloween Mood "dollhouse" for 2019

Matt's Halloween mood "chair" via 2018

Matt's 2017 Mood Table/chair. Look at the detail! I'm telling you, he would have worked for those "I Spy" books. Look at the detail! 

I've been doing the Halloween Mood Tables for the last few years and I honestly have to say it's one of my favorite traditions to bring in the Fall! Here's a look of some of my past tables...

Halloween mood table from last year!

Halloween mood table from 2015!

Halloween mood table 2016 (looks like a vigil for Joe Bob Briggs.) 

My Halloween mood chair from 2017!

 Here the object is to fill it with figures, decorations, Halloween treats, movies, and basically anything else that screams Halloween to you. One of my favorite things to do in October is to see what everyone's "Halloween Mood Table" looks this time around. I personally couldn't wait to put mine up. In fact on September 1st, (Labor Day Weekend) I decided the day after my birthday to put up my Halloween Mood Table, but this year decided to do a whole Halloween Mood Counter. There's this counter I have in my kitchen that I usually decorate every month with a new theme. This year I decided for all of September and October I would set up my Halloween Mood Table right there. Like I said before, I think it's safe to say this is my greatest work yet. Here is a breakdown of some of the items I put up for my Halloween Counter!

My Halloween Mood Counter 2019! My biggest yet!!!
I could honestly look at this thing all night! Look at how festive! 

1) My custom Readful Things Produce Joe figure! Yep! I now own one of Adam's insane custom made figures! Follow Readful Things on IG to see some of his amazing pieces. I'm a proud owner of my very own Ted Raimi figure. Now all I need is a Sam Raimi/Randy The Butcher doll and a Jennifer Ross doll and I'll have some of the Wallnut Lake Market night crew!

2) My Michael Myers doll. Not exactly sure what company released these but I own a Leatherface, Pinhead, and Freddy. These figures are pretty tall, almost 2/3 feet. What's really awesome about these are the fact they make sounds. The Michael if you press a button on the back you can hear John Carpenter's theme as well as Jamie Lee Curtis screaming for help. I got this Michael way back when I was in grade school. The fact after all these years it still works blows my mind.

3) Mini antique Friday the 13th the series radio. I actually own a full size one of these. Back in my days when I used to go to yard sales and flea markets every weekend, these radios have always been a #1 item I've always wanted to own since Friday the 13th the series has been one of my favorite shows. The cursed radio episode "And Now The News" was one of my favorite episodes, so I searched high and low to find a radio just like the one featured in the show. I was lucky enough to find a full sized and a mini version. The mini version is a favorite to use whenever I'm decorating for Halloween!!!

4) Fright Night signed lobby cards. Kinda hard to see since it against the cabinet in the photo but in that plastic sleeve are two original Fright Night lobby cards from 1985. I have half of the cast sign them back in 2008 when I met most of them at Monster Mania. Which reminds me, I still need to watch Fright Night this month. I think we can all agree it's one of the best vampire movies ever made. *Cue Evil Ed laugh*

5) Very own Dinosaur Dracula Target doll. Yep, I all ready covered buying this bad boy, but I honestly can say that this is hands down my favorite item I bought this Halloween season.

6) Signed Stepfather VHS by scream queen Jill Schoelen. - The Stepfather is one of my all time favorite slashers to watch in the fall. I've met Jill several times and she's been nothing but a sweetheart. I still remember when I met her when she signed this tape in 2013 I believe? I got a little emotional since I was telling her about how The Stepfather was one of my favorite movies to watch with my late mother. How we used to cheer whenever she shoves the snow sled towards Jerry when she's hiding in the attic. If you are ever at a show with Jill I can't urge you enough to meet her. So happy go lucky, and so sweet!!!

7) Dracula vintage teeth! I found these at a flea market and they are still in the package! One of my favorite little things to put on my Halloween tables to decorate. Love the lettering on the package! Not sure what decade these are from, but they are amazing!

8) Glass Jack O' Lantern. - This was one of my late mother's old Halloween decorations. I usually turn it around as just a plain pumpkin during Thanksgiving. Durning September/October it's full fledge spooky time! I notice vintage decorations are beginning to really make a come back. If you are ever at a flea market, Goodwill, or yard sale, for sure look for older decorations. They hold a certain charm for this time of year!

9) Horror VHS tapes! - I always try to throw a couple horror tapes on my mood table whenever possible. I collect tapes, and yes still watch them! I'm sure I'm not alone in saying I was raised on the old private mom & pop video stores where I would always rush straight to the horror section to gaze at the gorgeous artwork on the covers. This year I put up, Popcorn, Waxwork, Night Life, Slumber Party Massacre 3, The Rejuvenator, H20, The Evil Dead, Skinner, and Graveyard Shift. There's no rhyme or reason behind my choices, but they are on my rotation of watches this month!

10) Signed Monster Squad VHS. - I'm so happy Fred Dekker's cult classics Night Of The Creeps and The Monster Squad are FINALLY getting the love and respect they deserve. As a child I was obsessed with The Monster Squad. It was constantly watched as a kid, and in 2007 and 2012 I was lucky enough to meet the entire cast. My very well loved and used tape has been signed by the cast and it's still one of my favorite signed tapes from my collection. If you want to check out The Monster Squad check it out on Amazon Prime!

11) Horror Pins from Sadistardesigns, Theater Of Creeps, Rat Knife, Guttersnakes, and London 1888. - I'm so lucky I'm friends with so many talented people. I've never been a huge pin collector, but over the years I've built up a pretty impressive collection from all of my friends' companies. I always try to scatter a bunch of these on my Halloween Mood table every year!

12) Horror vinyl - Night Of The Demons, Pieces, and Friday the 13th the series. - From the second I bought my first record player back in 2014 I decided to build up a pretty impressive horror soundtrack collection. The vinyl craze is still going strong, and I'll admit, I only buy something when it's a cool release. I mean what a time to be alive! There's now the Prom Night, Creepshow 2, and Friday the 13th films soundtracks are on vinyl! I tossed a few of the soundtracks I actually find myself listening to (even as just pure background noise) these soundtracks.

13) Glitter pumpkins/decorations - If I don't love pumpkins enough...put orange glitter on em and I'm sold. My favorite decorations are glitter pumpkins. Let them be pricy ones from Pier 1 or cheap Dollar Tree ones. The more glitter the better!

14) Sam from Trick R Treat pop. - I do own a decent amount of pop figures. I think I have 3 different Billy ones from Stranger Things (mmmm), 11 from Stranger Things, two Big Trouble In Little China, a Freddy one, a Jason one, and a buttload of Twin Peaks ones. I'm not crazy about the company, but you're talking to a girl who owns a house and the huge wall mounted clock that's the first thing you see when you walk inside has a Negan pop sitting on top of it (I know...I know...) so of course I needed one based off the most adorable little Halloween creature from the ultimate holiday horror film Trick R Treat Sam. I believe I bought him in Salem in 2014. Every year I put him up on the counter right where he belongs. 

15) Halloween rubber toys, bouncy balls, slime, rats, and body parts. - One of my favorite things to buy around the Halloween season is stress balls, and little junk toys one would put in gift bags at a Halloween party. Maybe it's the inner child in me, but I love buying bags of this crap and always scattering them on my Halloween tables, and toss them in gift bags for giveaways. Just more fun stuff to look at!

16) Winchester Mystery House snow globe! - I was lucky enough to spend my 30th birthday at the Winchester Mystery House in California (I honestly think I'm the only person who LOVED that movie) While spending the day there I spent half the time living it up in the gift shop (the staff loved that I had a tattoo based off the movie) My favorite thing I bought was the little Winchester snow globe! What's even better...GOLD sparkles when you shake it!

17) My mini Dennis Skinner and Heidi figures. I absolutely fell in love with the little figures from the company Paints And People (follow them on IG!) They were at the show in Chicago when I met Sam and Ted Raimi. I was lucky enough to get a bunch of little Raimi dolls (Him from The Grudge, Candyman, and my personal favorite him from Skinner along with Traci Lords' character.) These two adorable figures stand in front of the VHS tape of the movie!

18) Horror books - How cool is the cover with the skeleton?! No idea what that's from, nor have I even opened it but that was a flea market buy and I LOVE IT. I also tossed in my original copy of Salem's Lot, Cycle Of The Werewolf, a Witch Craft book, and a few Halloween magazines.

19) Fright Night SE blu-ray. Twilight Time released this puppy and between this and Christine I think it's one of their best releases. Again I gotta watch this one soon!

20) Vintage Halloween pumpkin bucket. - Like I said, give me all the vintage Halloween decorations! I feel like these from the 1980's are making a comeback!

21) - Halloween candles, stickers, light up rings, figures, and slime. - Again, forever an eight year old! If you are lucky enough to win any of my upcoming giveaways (Galligangiving everyone!) keep an eye out I'll toss in a bunch of these things!  So much fun!

22) - Pumpkin Halloween LED lights from Target! - Give me all the Halloween lights. I have a bunch of these things. Pumpkins, eyeballs, etc. If it lights up, I want to own it. At night these babies really pop and capture the "mood" of my counter.

So in closing this is my 2019 Halloween mood counter. Hands down my favorite one yet! Yesterday I was admiring it drinking coffee out of my Sam trick r treat mug with the Ghoul Log playing in the background.

So fingers crossed I feel better, so I can truly get back to celebrating the most wonderful time of the year!!!