Wednesday, August 4, 2021

10 Roles Brandon Lee could have played part 3!

 10 Roles Brandon Lee could have played part 3!

I decided to make a final article on the late Brandon Lee. I reached out on IG and was overwhelmed by the answers I received. I truly believe I'm not alone when it comes to thinking about how tragic the end of Brandon's life was. We were all cheated out of one HELL of an actor, who so badly wanted to branch out and take on more serious projects.  Here are some the answers I received.

Micheal - The Lost Boys 

= This was the role that 12 people in total messaged me, saying he would have been perfect paying this role. I gotta say I gotta agree...but man him as David! Oh my God!

Caleb - Near Dark

- I recently heard that Brandon actually read for this role. If that's true...that's amazing! I love this actor, but I really think Brandon would have ruled in this role. For sure would have been the kind of role you typically wouldn't see him in. I mean come on a Western/horror. Amazing. 

Hicks - Aliens 

- Listen. Biehn is KING in my mind. Still, really would have been cool to see him in this kind of action movie. He really would have become a fan favorite, simply because I feel he had a way about him that always made him stand out, even with a packed cast. 

John - Jack's Back

- I just recently watched this whole movie. A great thriller. This would have been really interesting since Brandon would have played twins. Two Brandons? I'm in!

Cobb - Inception

- This is one of my ALL time favorite movies. Leo I love you, but seeing Brandon in this kind of film would have really shown his acting chops. The scene towards the end with him holding his wife! Oh my God!!!

Private Mellish - Saving Private Ryan

- Brandon in a military film would have been amazing. I think this was a great choice simply to show him working with Steven Spielberg. This role would have been interesting to see how Brandon would have played it. Also the ending of this character. Ugh! Heartbreaking. 

Johnny Ringo - Tombstone 

- Listen. I LOVE Michael Biehn. But I always felt we were seated never seeing Brandon in a Western. I know he always wanted to branch out, but in a powerhouse film like this, he would have been extremely interesting to see against this epic cast.

Stuntman Mike - Death Proof

- Ah, the Lees Vs Tarantino. Not sure if this would happen, but I'm on Quentin's side here. He loved Brandon's father, and paid major tribute to him in King Bill. I think it would have been interesting to see him take on this role. I worship Kurt, but seeing Brandon older, maybe with gray slicked back hair driving the Death Proof car would legit make anybody fan girl out.

 Maguire - Road to Perdition 

- One of my favorite films ever. Even though Jude did a wonderful job, I would have loved to see Brandon play in this film. He never got the chance to play a villain. I always felt he would have made a great Bond villain, but in a film like this, I think playing opposite Tom Hanks (who he praised in an interview when they asked him who were his 'heroes' for actors. Brandon claimed he loved Tom Hanks in Big and Punchline.) Seeing them play against each other would have been perfection.

Merrill - Signs 

- Joaquin Phoenix is the bomb. I still remember seeing this movie opening day with my mother and how much she raved about his performance in this film. I mean come on guys, he rules in everything he's in. Hell, I even liked him in The Village. Still, I feel Brandon even though he would have been roughly 36/37 he still would have played this part perfectly. Especially seeing him work with the children. 

In closing, I know I could go on and on. How he could have had Keanu Reeves career, or Joaquin Phoenix. I could keep picking roles from amazing projects and say to myself "Man, Brandon would have ruled in this. I guess true die hard fans of his get it. We keep remembering how badly he wanted his own career, to step away from the shadow of his late father, and choose his own path. Tragically we were robbed. Nevertheless, who knows maybe a part 4 might happen. The list could keep going on and on and on. Thanks everyone for sending such great ideas! Here's to you Brandon. 

You were one of a kind.