Thursday, May 21, 2020

The ultimate summer movie marathon!!!

 The ultimate summer movie marathon!!!

Memorial Day Weekend is upon us. It's safe to say the year 2020 has been unlike any other. Still, in my eyes one of the best ways to escape from the current problems of today is to sit down and have a good old fashion movie marathon. This upcoming weekend I always take in a viewing of Stephen King's Rose Red (which takes place during the Memorial Day weekend) To me this weekend is the kicking off point to summer. In another week or so we have Slasher Film Week, and I reopen Camp Staystillreviews. Like I said, I know things are different and kinda scary this year, but with the warm weather coming up I can see many movie marathons in my future to kick back and relax. Here is a list of several movies that would make a killer summer movie marathon!!!

1) Graduation Day
- The class is 1981 is running out of time! After tragedy strikes when a star athlete collapses and dies during a championship race, an unseen killer decides to stalk and prey the remaining team members one by one in the days leading up until graduation.

2) The House On Sorority Row
- After a prank goes wrong, resulting in the sorority mother's death, a group of girls in a complete panic decide to hide the body durning their end of the year party held at their house. Unknown to them someone else witnessed the prank go wrong, and is now picking off the sorority sisters one by one.

3) Dazed and Confused
- On the last day of school in 1976 several different groups of a small high school in Texas decide to party it up all night while coming to a crossroads in what choices they make for their future.

4) Summer School
- Freddy Shoop is a gym teacher and he got into education for three seasons and three seasons only. June, July, and August. After being forced into teaching summer school to a group of misfits, he quickly sees that there is more to life than just having a good time.

5) I Know What You Did Last Summer
- A group of friends accidentally hit and kill a man on the 4th of July after graduating high school. Scared of what might happen to them, they dump the body promising never to speak about what happened ever again to anyone. A year later the group have barley moved forward with their futures, riddled with guilt. One morning one of the girls receive a note that simply reads..."I know what you did last summer."

6) Jaws
- A sheriff, scientist, and crazed fisherman all face off against a giant man eating great white shark that stalks the water off a small sea side town in the 1970's.

7) Everybody Wants Some!!
- A few days before college begins, a freshmen baseball player moves in with his fellow teammates/roommates and parties non-stop, attending several different parties with all different social groups. 

8) Return Of The Living Dead
- A deadly gas is released accidentally at a medical supply warehouse the day before the 4th of July. This results in the local century to become infected, leaving a group of punk rockers trapped who made a fatal mistake to pick that graveyard to party in that night as the undead rise from their graves.

9) The Slumber Party Massacre
- A crazed killer escapes from a mental hospital and decides to set his sights on a small group of girls who are having a slumber party one night.

10) Terror At Tenkiller
- Two college girlfriends decide to escape for the summer and head up to Tenkiller Lake. Here a crazed local begins to stalk them, killing anyone who gets in his way.

11) The Burbs
- A group of neighbors begin to suspect that a new family on the block might be a bunch of psychos. 

12) The Wraith
- A young man a year before is brutally murdered. His spirit returns and uses his lighting fast sports car to kill the group responsible for his death.

13) Sleepaway Camp
- A shy withdrawn young girl attends summer camp for the first time with her cousin, only to be bullied and picked on non-stop. At the same time a crazed miller is killing the campers and staff one by one.

14) The Lost Boys
- Two brothers who have used recently moved to a seaside town with their newly divorced mother meet a group of teenage bikers who have quite the secret. They are vampires and have been killing locals, ranking up the town's bodycount. Here they turn one of the brother's, while the other one is forced to team up with a group of kids to help save his brother and defeat the killers.

15) Chopping Mall

- An indoor shopping mall have installed a group of security robots to guard the mall at night. When a group of teens decide to stay late one night and party in a furniture store, they become trapped inside as the robots malfunction and begin killing them in horrifying ways.

Bonus! - Once Upon A Time In Hollywood
- In the last golden age of Hollywood, a failing actor, and stuntman cross paths with legendary events that lead up to history being rewritten. 

Which movies are musts to watch this time of year?