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The Wraith (1986)

The Wraith (1986)
PLOT - A group of thugs rule the desert highways by forcing teens to race against them in order to steal their cars. The year before hand, the leader of the gang discovered his girlfriend in bed with a young boy named Jamie. In a fit of rage the thugs stab Jamie to death and beat the girlfriend to the point she doesn't remember a thing from that night. Months later, Jamie returns as a mystical figure in the form of Jake otherwise known as The Wraith. A powerful force that drives a mysterious sports can that's unstoppable. One by one the members of the gang fall victim as Jake collects revenge.

LOWDOWN - I'll be the first to admit, as a HUGE fan of cheesy 80's movies, I had never heard about this movie until a year ago. My buddy Matt, who I know for the Monster Mania conventions one night recommended this hidden gems telling me it was right up my ally. I viewed the trailer, and was pretty impressed but for some strange reason I never got around to watching it. Well this rainy shitty Monday, I stayed home sick (COOL stomach bug COOL) So I curled up and saw that this movie was coming on. I knew I most likely would never get the chance to watch this movie again, so I settled down with my dog Butterbean and a nice hot cup of tea and almost instantly was sold.

I can't stress enough how much I LOVE cheesy 80's movies. (Thrashin', My Science Project, Radioactive Dreams, Dangerously Close, ect.) This type of movie is my idea of a great time. First off, what an opening! A huge reason why movies like this work is because it was made during a time that pretty much all music rocked. The soundtrack to this movie was a huge plus in my eyes. In fact the opening song "Where's the fire." has been on repeat in my house most of the day. Director Mike Marvin did a pretty good job even if his credits are less than impressive. The high speed car scene were done in a stylish, yet stomach turning way (or maybe that's because I have the flu?) Still, as a huge fan of high speed car chase movies, this was another huge reason why I liked it so much.

The setting was stunning. Arizona never looked so nice. Loved the scene where the teens are floating down that little river thing. Would love to find the location to that place someday. The cast was another big thing.

First we have Charlie Sheen. (Yes, right after Red Dawn) so it's 80's coked up Charlie Sheen. Not 90's coked up Charlie Sheen, or 2000's coked up Charlie Sheen, or Winning and still coked up Charlie Sheen...but Sheen when he was still adorable and the coke love was very likable and suited him well. Next is the ever so stunning Sherilyn Fenn. I have yet to have the pleasure of meeting Ms. Fenn. But as a massive Twin Peaks fan, she in my eyes is one of the most gorgeous actress out there. She made this right after Thrashin', she was stunning but her acting really hadn't gotten there yet...but maybe it was the weak script.

Nick Cassavetes played a great villain asshole, very 80's and it worked for him. (I always remember him from Face/Off bleeding from the neck.) who would have known the director or The Notebook could be such a dick!

There are other supporting characters, such as Griffin O'Neil, and Clint Howard (awesome hair by the way.) Still, with such a cool story I sorta wish the casting could have been a bit better. Hey it's Stacy we're talking about, back in 1986 there are at least seven different men I could have seen do a better job but maybe it's just me wanting eye candy...who knows.

The action was great (awesome explosions, crash scenes, ect.) my only big problem was the weak script, and the plot holes. So...Jamie is Jake? How come nobody remembers him? Also how did the thugs get away with the murder? How doesn't Keri doesn't remember anything? Why are the thugs found unburned with their eyes burned out? Also when Jake gives the car to his brother...isn't that police evidence? Wouldn't he be putting a murder weapon into his brother's hands? 

Where do the leads go to the end? The moon? Heaven?

Yeah, a stronger screenplay could have worked. I like to think this was The Crow for the 1980's. Had a stronger screenplay happened...who knows maybe more people would have known about this classic. 

My favorite scene has to be when Packard drags Keri into his car at the burger joint and beats up on Jake's brother and NOBODY helps him. Um Keri? How about getting out of the fucking car? 

Still with cool classic 80's artwork, a clever story, a cool car, and a great soundtrack The Wraith is a classic I'm going to have to have in my collect for sure!

3 stars!

Horror questions take 2!

Horror questions take 2!

Sick in bed with the stomach bug, I spent this rainy Monday passing my time watching horror movies. What else is a great way to pass time time WHILE watching horror movies? That's easy! Answering horror questions!

1) Favorite horror movie of all time? - That's impossible to answer with just one movie so I'll pick my top ones. Christine, Waxwork, Phantasm.

2) Favorite actor/actress in a horror movie? - Zach Galligan (Waxwork, Waxwork II, Hatchet III), and Jill Scholelen (Popcorn, The Stepfather, Cutting Class.)

3) Favorite returning cast in a horror series? - Hands down the original guys in the Phantasm movies. (besides part II) These guys all kept coming back again, and again, and again to do these sequels. With the news of part V hitting the web last week I'm crazy excited. In fact I'm watching part III as I type this!

4) Best twist to a horror movie? - I think the most I've ever been shocked was the first time I watched Sleepaway camp. Lucky for me I rented this right before the internet really took over. I count my very lucky to have watched this without knowing the twist. Still gives me the chills every time I watch it. Can't wait for the blu-ray release!

5) Actor you have yet to meet but would totally geek out over? - There are a small handful of people that I truly would LOVE to meet and haven't gotten the chance to. Sam Raimi is a huge one, but the biggest has to go to actor John D LeMay from Friday the 13th the series and Jason Goes To Hell. I'm such a huge fan of him I even named my dog after him. So yeah...I would be babbling like an idiot. Let's see who else? Crispin Glover I would die to meet and Stephen King would be an amazing one but I would only meet him if I could have my sister with me. Oh and Damon Martin (Ghoulies II, Amityville 1992) just because I want him to fall head over heels in love with me.

6) Pick 5 highly underrated horror movies from the 80's? - Humm, let's see. Rejuvenatrix, Blood Rage, The Kindred,  The Nest, and Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II.

7) Three of your all time favorite series? - The Phantasm series, the Hatchet series, and the original Dead trilogy (Night, Dawn, Day.) 

8) Favorite horror themed TV shows and why? -  Well this goes without saying but Friday the 13th the series. The first two seasons of this show were utter perfection. I enjoyed Freddy's Nightmares but have only seen a small handful of episodes. Love Tales from the dark side, but Tales from the crypt was amazing back in it's time and still holds up today. Right now I'm enjoying Bates Motel but I hope they pick up the pace, I would hate to see it canceled!

9) Favorite found footage film? - I enjoyed The Blair Witch Project for what it was, the original REC and REC 2 are down right terrifying. It's been years since I've been that bothered from a film.

10) Best throat slit? - Toss up between Kelly from the original Prom Night, or Scott from Friday the 13th part II.

11) Favorite holiday themed horror movie? - For Christmas, the original Black Christmas, for Halloween Night Of The Demons.

12) Favorite kill of all time? -  Sam Raimi's death in Intruder via meat hook. Just stunning...

13) Best remake? - The Thing, The Fly, The Blob, Willard, Dawn Of The Dead, and My Bloody Valentine 3D. 

14) Most underrated sequels? - Warlock 2 The Armageddon, Waxwork II: Lost In Time, Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth, Candyman II Farewell To Flesh, Hatchet III, Phantasm IV, Fright Night Part II, Ghoulies II, Amityville 1992: It's About Time.

15) Favorite zombie movie? - Day Of The Dead.

16) Best weapon used in a horror movie? - 4 barrel shotgun used in the Phantasm series.

17) TV show that would make a killer horror movie? - Supernatural. 

18) Best score? - (not exactly a horror movie but Flowers In The Attic), Phantasm, Fright Night, and Fire Starter. 

19) Favorite film based off Stephen King's work? - Christine. 

20) Do you have any horror tattoos?/If you don't what would you get? - I have several. I have Rudy from The Monster Squad (which I plan on getting covered up, the artist was terrible so I'm getting the My bloody Valentine miner to cover it.), I have Sam Raimi from Intruder along with his autograph, and I have Church the cat. This month I'm getting Zach Galligan dead from Tales From The Crypt. I plan on getting my legs covered, the MBV miner, Fisher Steven's from The Burning, a Phantasm sphere, the Amityville cursed objects, a Christine themed tat, a Twin peaks themed tat, and last but not least a Waxwork themed tattoo. Sure it will take years to finish my legs but I'm off to a good start!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Showing love for Amityville 1992: It's About Time

 Showing love for Amityville 1992: It's About Time.

Lately I've been trying to show more like for certain underrated movies that don't get the credit they deserve (Waxwork II, Ghoulies II, The Kindred, ext.) One movie I've been watching a whole lot of lately, and keep falling asleep to is the 6th installment in the Amityville Horror series, and in my eyes one of the strongest sequels in the entire series...Amityville 1992: It's About Time. 

The Amityville movies aren't really known for having great sequels, but among the endless films, there are a few that stand out and give more effort that some movies released today do. Just thing past summer after watching The Conjuring,  I decided to go back and review a few of my favorite sequels from the Amityville series. It's About time being one of them.

Tony Randel (director of the amazing Hellbound: Hellraiser II) did something few directors do for a 6th installment in a low budget horror series. He breathed new life into the series, and actually did a pretty stella job on as a movie alone. This movie is cheesy, and full of flaws, but it lands in my top 20 favorite horror movies of all time. It was the second movie in the series to use a cursed object from the original house to remove the audience and bring the terror to a whole new setting. With great effects from KNB, a very likable cast, a clever storyline, a great setting, and a very clever ending. I wish Scream Factory would do another kick ass boxset for this series but maybe release It's About Time, and The Next Generation on SE blu-ray. What I would do to find what Damon Martin (Rusty) has been up to. As a huge Ghoulies II fan my dream would be to listen to a commentary with him and Megan Ward. 

First here's my favorite scene in the entire movie. The sound is way off but it's the scene where the dad's ex girlfriend asks the two teenage children where the phone book is. Rusty, the son says he'll get it and gets up telling a story about a dog eating a dead body. What's flawless about this scene is that the first half with Rusty walking and talking is all done in one uncut tracking shot. 

Just lately I bought the laserdisc to this movie along with the stunning poster. My goal is to find it on tape, and maybe even hunt down some lobby cards. If anyone has any info on merch with this movie let me know! In fact, Megan Ward is going to be at Chiller this April. As much as I would love to visit her I know it sadly isn't in the cards. If anyone goes please ask her about this movie!

As much as I love The Next Generation (I feel this was the last honestly good sequel in the series before the dreadful Dollhouse) I wish they could have continued more with this movie. Maybe Rusty and Iris teaming up again to solve Amityville mystery. Like I said I would love to see a SE edition of this movie with a cast commentary, and deleted scenes. I'm lucky enough to own this movie on DVD which is sadly out of print and goes for a pretty good price on ebay. 

My goal is to meet as many cast and crew members to have my laserdisc signed. Let's make that a new goal!

So why do I love this movie? Is it was death of stork? Or the incest? Maybe the stunning house, and that clock? (Which I would kill to know why owns it?) I guess it's because this is one of those rare sequels that give the original movies a run for it's money. Guess I'll have to think of a drinking game for this soon.


Horror movie questions!

 Horror movie questions!

Every once in a while to kill some time (usually when I'm traveling) I find these little lists of questions all centering around horror. So here's a brief little list of questions I found all about the art of horror in my eyes.

1) Horror character you'd name your child after (boy and girl) - Ummm, not planning on having any children but if a gun was put to my head and I just HAD to think of names I guess for a girl I could do Tina (A nightmare on Elm Street), and for a boy Mark (Waxwork) or Dallion/D LeMay (after John D LeMay from Friday the 13th the series.) 

2) Guilty pleasure horror movie - Oh God, I have a ton of these. I guess Jason Goes To Hell (I honestly believe I'm the only person on the planet that loves that movie.) Waxwork II, Ghoulies II, Jaws 3-D, and Amityville 1992: It's About Time. 

3) Favorite gory movie? - Loved Pieces, Day Of The Dead, The Blob remake, and Intruder. 

4) Favorite Japanese horror? - I'm sure I'm going to get a ton of shit over this but I'm not a huge fan of the whole Japanese scene. Battle Royal was awesome but I really don't follow these types of movies. 

5) Favorite Italian Horror? - Bay Of Blood.

6) Favorite Hammer Horror? - I love the style of these films, and I'm not sure if this one counts but I loved the House Of Dark Shadows. 

7) Favorite Vincent Price Movie? - Really enjoyed The House On Haunted Hill. 

8) Favorite horror anthology? - Creepshow of course, then Body Bags. 

9) Favorite horror movie that never went to theaters? - The Hatchet series (yes I know the first one had a brief fun, but these movies were amazing and found a huge following from word of mouth, on demand, and DVD.)

10) Favorite ghost tale? - The Fog, Rose Red, Amityville Horror 1,2,3,4,6,and 7. 

11) Favorite special FX makeup scene? - Rhodes' death on Day Of The Dead, every death in Intruder, and of course the looks of Jerry, Amy, and Evil ED in Fright Night.

12) Favorite artist of the macabre? - Steve Johnson who's done effects for American Werewolf In London, Big Trouble In Little China, Night Of The Demons, and A Nightmare On Elm Street 4 The Dream Master. 

13) Favorite scene shot in a horror movie? - Love the "show me" scene in Christine, or the one shot tracking scene in Amityville 1992: It's About Time. 

14) Oldest horror movie you enjoy? - Love the original Psycho.

15) A flawless horror movie? - The Exorcist III, Frality, Christine, Phantasm.

16) Favorite unknown 80's gem? - The Kindred. 

17) Favorite piece of horror memorabilia you own? - Zach Galligan's very own Waxwork II: Lost In Time crew shirt. 

18) Favorite horror action figure you own? - Toss up between tarman or chief Freddy. 

19) Favorite Full Moon movies? - Ghoulies II and Subspeices. 

20) A horror movie you would like to see in black and white? - The Hitcher

21) Most Romantic horror movie? - Christine or Candyman. 

22) A horror movie you would like to see get remade? - Blood Rage. 

23) Favorite non horror movie? - Summer School.

24) A lesser known horror movie you would recommend to others? - The Kindred, Rejuvinor, The Nest, and Amityville 1992: It's About Time.

25) Favorite horror movie of all time? - Toss up between Waxwork, Christine, and Phantasm.

26) Favorite Friday the 13th film? - The Final Chapter.

27) Favorite Nightmare On Elm Street film? - The Dream Master? 

28) Favorite sequels? - Hellraiser III, Jason Goes To Hell, Ghoulies II, and Waxwork II.

29) Favorite horror director? - Sam Raimi.

30) Favorite horror TV show? - Friday the 13th the series. 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Top ten moments in the Phantasm series!!!

Top ten moments in the Phantasm series!!!

I'm sure I'm not the only one who's not only thrilled with happiness beyond belief, and stunned with excitement over new of Phantasm V: Ravager. For years ever since part IV's release rumors have been floating around for a Phantasm part V. Tons of scripts have been tossed around along with rumors from the cast and crew. Just this week the world of horror exploded when news and the trailer of Phantasm V was released. Very little is known about the sequel but after the teaser was released along with a few stills from the film all the horror and Phantasm nerds are rejoicing. I'm honestly floored by how they were able to keep this under wraps for so long. I'm a huge Don Coscarelli fan, and the fact this is being made while the original cast is still with us is amazing. I'm a HUGE fan of the series and loved how the forth film ended. In fact I would have been downright happy if that's honestly how the series ended. I felt it came full circle, yet after seeing this trailer I really can't wait. 

So in honor of Ravager's news, I decided to post my top 10 favorite moments from the Phantasm series!

10) "You're him." 

- In part IV Mike begins to time travel by going into several dimensions before stumbling onto a farm around the time of the civil war. Here he walks out of a strange lab and walks out to a large farm house and climbs up on the porch. There he's greeted by a friendly old man who Mike knows very well. It's Jebediah Morningside. The man who once was long before the tall man creature took over. The look on Mike's face says it all. "You're him..." This scene gets me every time since you get a small glimpse into the man before he became the monster. Also seeing the creepy blind palm reader from the original film sitting on the porch is a very settle but perfect nod to the original.

9) Sphere death x 2

- Phantasm II is truly an awesome movie. The only nag I have with it is the fact they replaced actor A. Michael Baldwin as Mike in this one. Besides that the bigger budget, gross effects, and amazing action honestly kicked the film up a new notches for me. One of my favorite moments from part II has to be when the golden sphere is released and goes crazy. I love all the Sam Raimi like shots of it crashing through the doors to get to the two leads and how it ends up drilling into one of the funeral workers only to drill itself into his body and end up bursting through his mouth. I was so floored by this scene that while I was at school I gave my friend the idea of doing this make-up on me which ended up coming out amazing. By far one of the coolest effects I've seen in a horror movie ever.

8) Jody in the rain.

- I find Phantasm III highly amusing. Sadly it's a huge step down from part II and the only really good thing it has going for it is the fact A. Michael Baldwin returns. My favorite scenes in fact are the ones he appears in even though he's missing through half the movie. The best moment that feels the most haunting has to be when Mike awakes from his coma and is rushed away by Reggie. Having been dead to the world for years, Mike is thrusted back into this horrible world and just seeing Baldwin return as the original Mike is a huge reward to Phantasm fans. I loved the shot of him sitting in the Cuda, staring out the window and seeing his older brother Jody standing in the rain. A great moment with the original cast.

7) The last perfect day...

- A huge reason why I loved the forth entry of the series was the fact how full circle it felt. Using deleted footage from the original, Coscarelli did the clever choice in turning them into flashback scenes. Seeing everyone much younger was great and one of the best uses of this trick was when Mike reflects back on his life and remembers the last perfect day in their town before the tall man arrived. Love the shot of Mike chasing after Reggie's ice cream truck with all the cherry blossom trees in bloom and how the following day both Mike and Jody were together when the tall man arrived.

6) Dwarf attack/willing back to life.

- One of the scariest moments in the original Phantasm is when Mike and the two girls find Reggie's ice cream truck turned over in the middle of the road. Getting out, Mike tries to investigate only to know something is horribly wrong. Rushing back into the car, he demands the girls to start the car only to hear strange noises come from outside. There hooded dwarfs begin to attack the girls and shove Mike through the back window as the girls are driven off screaming. Here with a wonderful use of the beautiful score the movie is cut back and forth between Jody sitting at home, and Mike who very much could be dead in the road. Finally, almost as if Jody himself willed his brother to awake he does and begins to run home.

5) part II meets part III

- Coscarelli decided to screw the big studios after part II and did things his way when he came back for part III. The best use of editing has to be how he was able to change the actors of Mike back to A. Michael Baldwin, and get rid of the love interest the studio so badly wanted. Using footage from how the last film left off, along with some clever camera shots, part II and part III float nicely together and seem almost flawless as if you're watching one long movie. I love how they put Baldwin with the same clothes as the last actor, and how wonderful the shot looks when Reggie collapses outside of the hearse with Liz and Mike trapped inside. A great way to kick things off with part III and enjoyed how they took care of Liz. The look on Reggie's face when he sees her head is the best.

4) The space gate. 

- The original Phantasm truly is a visually stunning surreal ride. One of my favorite scenes from the original has to be the part where Mike puts his hand in-between the two dimension forks only to be sucked into it and pretty much goes ass over tea kettle into the red world where the tall man brings his dead. Love the sound effects used in this scene and how stunned Mike looks as he falls down. In fact that's my favorite piece on the original art work for the film's poster. 

3) "Boyyyyyy!!!"

- In the past I've gone on and on about my different theories about these movies. I'm sure after the release of part V it's only going to add to it. The ending of the first film through is one of my favorite endings to a horror movie ever. In fact this quick crash into the credits was something they carried on for the next two sequels. I feel with this film it worked best. At the end of the movie Mike awakes only to be told everything that happened was just a dream. That his parents and brother were killed months ago and that it was just a nightmare. Going upstairs to pack after his Uncle Reggie offers to take him away to get his mind off things, Mike hurries up the stairs to his bedroom where he begins to toss things into his bag and stare at a photograph of his brother. With the score blasting, Mike closes his closet door where he steps back stunned. Staring at him in the reflection of the mirror is the tall man. "BOYYYYYY!!!" The tall man screams only to have his creatures grab Mike and pull him through the glass. With a crash and a scream the credits begin. = Horror perfection. 

2) I've been waiting...

- This is a scene I really honestly love. I picked it apart in a film class, and was even a huge inspiration for a book I'm in the process of writing. This scene of course comes from the original movie where Mike believes he's safe and goes running out of his house only to be stopped by the tall man, healed and ready. "I've been waiting." The tall man smiles before grabbing him by the collar and lifting him up. The score has never sounded so beautiful as Mike is lifted up and carried across the lawn. Sure it's pretty laughable since you know the exact moment he's placed on a ramp but nothing feels more unsettling than watching Mike be thrown into the hearse. 

1) It's just the wind...

- This one scene is a huge reason why I honestly wouldn't mind had there not been a part V in the series. Part IV feels very full circle and the way this movie ended honestly was a dream come true for a Phantasm fan. Like I said again the amount of nerd theories I got from this movie was insane. The movie ends with poor Mike laying on the desert ground dying. The tall man having taken the sphere from his skull finally and walking between the two forks. Reggie kneels by him "Mike, you're still alive!" in which Mike weakly stares up and says "I'm dying Reg..." Reggie shakes his head no telling him not to give up and that he'll come back for him. Dressed in his ice cream uniform and his bad ass 4 barrel shot gun, he chases after the tall man leaving Mike all alone. There a close up of his eye reveals one last happy memory...or maybe reality itself. Here we're back to the 70's where both Mike and Reggie were younger. Mike is standing alone on the dark street and thinks he hears voices. Reggie pulls up in his ice cream truck and offers him a ride. As they drive away Reggie hears the same voices Mike did "Mike, you're still alive!" "I'm dying Reg..." Nervous, he glances over at 13 year old Mike and asks if he heard something. Mike shrugs and says "It's just the wind..." and together the two ride off into the darkness.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

HorrorHound Weekend 2014!

 HorrorHound Weekend 2014!
I came upon staffing HorrorHound four years ago when I was away at school. My friend Kat had staffed HorrorHound thru the school since they were having a table doing make-up. That November she asked a small group of us if we were interested in driving over to Ohio to work the show since she knew the people who ran it. Being a huge fan of the magazine, I had always been interested in this show since the guest list always looked amazing, but was always too far for me to travel to. (In the past I had only been to Rock & Shock and Monster Mania) Well that weekend I can't even express into words. It was nothing short of amazing. I honestly had never felt so welcomed before by such a fun group of people. Guarding doors, and making sure hallways were clear, I slowly began to meet the HorrorHound crew and discovered what all the hype was about. HorrorHound rocked. In that one weekend alone I met not only a great group of people who shared the same passion of horror films than I did, but also the actors who attended who were honestly the friendliest batch of guests I had the pleasure of meeting. Even Linda Blair as scary as she was ended up being pretty cool!

That following spring after I had emergency surgery in my last semester, another batch of us traveled to Indy this time to staff the second show that featured Mask Fest. That weekend was another great time, where I met makeup artist Steve Johnson and Kevin J O' Connor. That following November after I graduated I came back again and staffed another show that was held back in Ohio. It broke my heart whenever I couldn't make it to a show, but always was a huge high-light when I could make it out there. Staffing Indy again, it soon became my favorite show. Last year I discovered how crazy the Walking Dead fans could get and despite a snow storm and having the stomach bug, I was beyond grateful to have such an awesome event to look forward to every few months. In fact as much as I hate traveling, HorrorHound never disappoints, and now feels like a second family to me. After missing out on the fall show (don't even get me started on the Jamie Lee Curtis one last year) I decided to prove to myself I could make the drive out there without getting sick. So last week, I drove thru a rain storm to NY where I met up with fellow horror friends Jeanette, Casey, and Lindsey. 10 hours later we arrived and staffed the show now held across the street from the original hotel at the massive convention center. Seeing so many friends again warmed by heart, and being able to have an indoor water part just a few feet away didn't hurt either. 

I originally was supposed to spend the ENTIRE weekend staffing the show at Ted Raimi's table. I think it's pretty clear what a HUGE Raimi fan I am, and just the thought of spending the entire weekend with him had me speechless. In fact, me and Jeanette were supposed to pick him up from the airport with composer Christopher Young. Sadly, we learned Ted came down with the flu and wouldn't be able to make it that weekend. As disappointed as I was I decided to show must go on and a car ride with Christopher Young didn't hurt either. I'm a huge fan of Young's work in Flowers In The Attic, The Gift, Hellraiser, and Drag Me To Hell. Just riding in a car with him and picking his brain was amazing. In fact this weekend Chris gave me a copy of one of his few un-released copies of his un-used score from Spiderman III where he left his email and phone number to let me drop him a line telling him what I thought. = Nerd snort.

I pretty much guarded doors, ran actors to their tables, and cleared hallways during the weekend. It was busy, but not crazy busy AND even tho we were freezing to death in our hotel room (awesome heater for breaking...awesome...) I had a blast and didn't feel sick at all! Like I said a huge reason why I do these shows is to honestly see my friends who staff there. Nothing feels better than knocking back a few beers with them and geeking over a movie.

As for guests I pretty much met everyone going to their tables but the ones I got autographs from were just a small handful such as the man who voiced the crypt keeper, Deborah Foreman = Waxwork nerd's dream!, Danny Hicks (who loved my Raimi tattoo), the lamb from You're Next, and even had two photo ops with Bruce Campbell. (The first goes down as the worst photo of me ever, yet is my favorite photo taken of me ever.) 

Didn't spend much time at the vendors but did snag some sweet bootlegs, a few soundtracks, and a sweet hoddie from the fright rags table. Had a lot of laughs, and was sad to see everyone go. 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Best commentaries of all time.I

Best commentaries of all time.

I'm sure I'm not the only film nerd that just loves amazing extras on new DVD and blu-ray releases. One of my favorite extras that I often look for is an commentary with the cast and crew. I feel having a truly great commentary is rare. Sometimes it's over crowded with too many people and you get lost listening, unable to keep tract of what's going on with so many people (Detroit Rock City) or you legit are listening to somebody explain exactly what your watching (The Exorcist.) I look for a commentary that gives insight to the movie your watching, and has a good group of people laughing, catching up, and having a good time. I honestly only listen to these if I really truly love the movie and the people behind it. Here are my choices for the best commentaries I've listened to so far...

I'm yet to listen to all of the commentaries on all the new stunning Scream Factory blu-ray releases that have been coming out one after another for the last few years. I can't even keep up! Having just listened to the Night Of The Demons commentary (which I loved) I decided to re-buy the new release of Witchboard, director Kevin Tenney's freshmen effort before Night Of The Demons. This commentary had me dying. Love that they got James W. Quinn to join in. Not only does Kathleen Wilhoite ask some really good questions, the guys pretty much crack up the entire time. Love Stephen dying over how much he hated that he had hand doubles whenever the board was used, or how hard Quinn laughs when he hears the name of Wilhoite's podcast name Suck The Joy.

Dawn of The Dead (1978)
The cast commentary with this is the best. I love Scott's story of how him and Ken used to car pool and how late and relaxed Ken always was. Or how Gaylen sees a biker she thinks is hot and how disturbed Ken gets. I've only had the pleasure of meeting Ken, but it seems like this cast no matter how much time has passed can't get enough of each other and still seem just as close as they were in 1978.

Cabin Fever 
Say what you may about Eli Roth, but I love the guy. Long before his ego started getting the best of him, he made a great movie called Cabin Fever. His standalone commentary is pretty fun since he tells the story of how he grew up a huge horror fan and later on the steps he took to become a director. Love his story behind being a stand-in for Meet Joe Black. The best commentary (I believe you can choose 3 or 4!) is the guys one. I was dying at the stories they told, and of course the classic line of "Jake...make me your bitch!" 

This was a pretty cool commentary and much better than the one for the sequel if you ask me. The best was when Dick Miller mid-way thru the film asks what Howie Mandel was doing there. I loved hearing Cates for once, even tho she was very soft spoken, and how they kept ragging on Galligan for not keeping his mouth shut in the movie. The only problem I did have was how Joe pretty much is very rude to Galligan for telling stories about filming certian scenes, saying that it isn't interesting. It gets very awkward and nobody speaks for a while before Howie starts talking again. Um sorry Joe but I think Galligan is a great story teller...what did you want us to listen to you guys breathing?

My all time favorite commentary. This was one I would listen to over and over again in high school and die laughing. In fact, I may even say this is my favorite commentary of all time. Richman and Russler had me dying the entire time. In fact when I met Russler I expressed how much I loved listening to this. Call it crude but all the fart noises, inside jokes, and pointing out how high everyone was had me dying. Love how disturbed the producer gets during the sex scene, or Russler screaming "I love meeeee!" and the cast getting pissed at Tony Hawk for bashing the film. A must to listen to whenever your feeling blue.

Night Of The Creeps
Another great commentary with a great cast. I love heating insight from the directors, but for the most part my favorite thing to listen to is hearing the cast. I loved The Monster Squad commentary but this one was a dream come true. I'm yet to meet anyone from this movie besides Atkins and Dekker but it just goes to show how likable these leads are. Sorta feel bad that Atkins didn't talk much, but he was a good sport and hearing Lively was amazing, guy sounds like such a good time. Love how they burst out laughing when J.C is running with his crutches

Sleepaway Camp
This commentary holds a special place in my heart since Sleepaway Camp was my first DVD ever. I loved the commentary on this. I've met to meet Mrs. Rose but she seems like a blast. Loved all the little stories, and how hard they were laughing over the movie and quoting it. I also liked how the director didn't reveal every effect, and how much fun it seemed when they filmed this. The best was Mrs. Rose quoting the director "Oh God the pain..." or how the director goes on and on about how the crew kept building everything.

Evil Dead II
I think everyone knows how I feel about Sam Raimi. Every commentary I've listened to him in is great. The best are all the Evil Dead movies. My favorite tho has to be Evil dead II. Back at school my friend Tanner told me this was one of the best and funniest commentaries of all time. Finally I got the SE blu-ray and died during the entire thing. That's what I love about this trilogy, they have so many commentaries. The best of course are between Bruce and Sam. But Dead By Dawn has to be the best. Loved them laughing at Linda's body dancing away or the extra trying to open the plane door.

The Goonies (at least the last half)

Eh, I loved how they got EVERYONE from the main group to be in this but it did seem a little over crowded, everyone was talking over each other and poor sweet Sean Austin tried so hard to tell a story only to keep getting cut off. In fact the poor guy had to leave to go shoot something so he never got to tell the rest. Corey Feldman is annoying as always, hated him lying about seeing the ship before anyone, but mid way thru things settle down and it really did become a blast. I love listening to stories behind this movie since it was a huge part of my childhood. Martha Plimpton was the best, love how she pointed out how she was falling asleep in one of the scenes and how in the poster of them all hanging from the cave how you can barley see her.

Anything with John Carpenter and Kurt Russell
People should take note on how to do a commentary right by listening to these guys. I went on a huge kick listening to the Escape From New York, The Thing, and Big Trouble In Little China commentaries. The best is the Big Trouble In Little China one. You can tell Carpenter and Russell are just catching up, cracking open beers and laughing together. Love how they start talking about their kids and hockey mid way through, truly awesome. Makes you like these guys even more.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Ghoulies II drinking game.

 Ghoulies II drinking game.

I ever so often go on kicks where I re-watch the same movie over and over and over again. For the last two months it's been Ghoulies II. Now what's a better way to watch a movie than throwing back a few beers? (Sometimes it even makes the movie better) So here's a fun little drinking game next time you watch the 1988 classic...Ghoulies II.

Take a drink when...
Whenever you see a Ghoulie on screen.
Uncle Ned is seen drinking.
Sir. Nigel quotes Shakespeare 
Somebody says "Satan's Den." 
Over dramatic music is played.
Every time the name Muffy is said. 
Carnival music is heard. 
W.A.S.P is heard playing. 
Someone says fool

Take a shot when...
Somebody is drinking coffee
Somebody is killed/attacked by a ghoulie. 
The giant ghoulie eats a little ghoulie. 
A ghoulie is seen flying.
Somebody says the word demon/demons. 
Someone mentions their tunes.

Waterfall when...
Sir. Nigel and Larry dance down the stairs.
Hardin is killed. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Freddy's Nightmare's - Do Dreams Bleed?

 Freddy's Nightmares - Do Dreams Bleed?

PLOT - Sometime between A Nightmare On Elm Street The Dream Child, and Freddy's Dead, a series of strange events plauged the small town of Springwood. This is one of them. A young football star with a bright future ahead of him begins to truly feel the pressure from everyone around him after he discovers the bloddy aftermath of a serial killer called "The Springwood Chopper." an unknown psychopath who has killed several people. Since finding his latest victim, the young teen begins having strange nightmares of the killer coming to get him. It isn't long before the question is asked...who exactly is doing these killings?

LOWDOWN - This past month I've been on a huge Ghoulies kick. Yep, that's right those movies with the little green monsters coming out of the toilet. As we all know I'm a massive Gremlins and Critters fan, but just lately my love for these little green pieces of shits have grown. My favorite film in the four part series has to go to Ghoulies II. I get on kicks sometimes in which I re-watch the same movie over and over and over again. Ghoulies II is one of them. So as I've been re-watching this movie again and again, I began to wonder why hadn't any SE editions to these movies get made? They seem pretty popular in the horror world, and besides a double bill DVD, and part III being released on that awesome 8-horror movie pack, there really doesn't seem to be much floating around. I mean come on now, New Moon released them. This company is ALWAYS looking for a new way to suck the change from our pockets, so why not give it them the proper treatment? I can only dream of the day that New Moon decides to release all 4 movies on a blu-ray box set with tons of extras. So I began to wonder...where the hell is everyone from my favorite installment? I began searching. So far I found several cast members on the Internet...

Phil Fondacaro

Kerry Remsen

And Damon Martin

All in all I would have to say the three leads have aged well twenty-six years after Ghoulies II was released. Mostly Mr. Martin. In fact, Damon stars in my favorite Amityville sequel It's About Time. The 6th installment in the series, It's About Time not only is one of my favorite sequels, but one of my favorite horror movies. Huge re-watch factor, and sadly this was Damon's last acting credit before he became a producer. I always find these actors who had a brief stint in acting in the 80's before working on the other side of the camera. In fact one of my biggest interests in John Stockwell, the guy who played Dennis in Christine. I collect vintage posters from all the B movies he appeared in for a few years in the 80's before becoming a director. I always found Damon easy on the eyes, and starring in two really great horror movies, so I decided to look up his brief career as an actor in the later part of the 1980's.

Did you know Damon played Chip in Pee Wee's Big Adventure?
"Looks like a pen!"

Damon appeared in several television shows including an episode of 21 Jump Street where he played a male hustler who gets attacked. A favorite pass time for me is re-watching old episodes of 21 Jump Street and I honestly couldn't believe how depressing this episode was. Damon is only in the opening, but the ending of this story packs a punch when you find out what happens to him.

Damon then of course appeared in Ghoulies II, and later on Kid with C. Thomas Howell, and Amityville 1992: It's About Time before stopping his acting career.

Why he did this is beyond me, the guy was cute and very likable and from that photo of him in 2008 he aged pretty well. Damon joined the band Naked in the late 90's, and now is a film and music producer. In fact he was one of the men behind the Night Of The Demons remake. In 1989 tho he appeared in one of my favorite episodes of Freddy's Nightmares.

Do Dreams Bleed?

From 1988 to 1990 A Nightmare On Elm Street decided to cash in on horror coming to the small screen after Friday the 13th the series aired to positive reviews. I find this funny, it seems as though the second wave of horror meeting television is coming back with Hannibal, Bates Motel, and now From Dusk Till Dawn. Back in the 80's this was just a way to keep the money train going. While Friday the 13th the series had NOTHING to do with Jason or Camp Crystal Lake, Freddy's Nightmares followed stories taking place in Springwood, mostly centered around dreams with Freddy as our host. I would like to believe these were all the murders and events that happened between part 5 and Freddy's Dead. With a much smaller budget, and huge cheese factor, Freddy's Nightmares didn't pack the punch that Friday the 13th the series had. With only a few decent episodes, Do Dream Bleed tells the story of John, a popular football star that goes to Springwood High. John has a lot going for him, until he finds the latest victim of the Springwood Chopper, a serial killer that has been butchering young men and women around town. Haunted by strange dreams, John begins to feel the pressure when his grades start to slip and he starts getting pressure from both his parents, couch, and girlfriend.

Night after night John is haunted by strange dreams of the chopper, and he begins to fear his girlfriend may be next. While his parents are away on vacation, John asks his girlfriend to stay with him fearing his dreams may be trying to tell him something. Admitting these fears to his coach, a series of events end with his girlfriend being attacked by a dark figure one night only to discover it's John with an axe in his hands. With his coach coming to his rescue, he tells the police he followed John after hearing about his dreams, fearing that John might have been admitting to being the Springwood Chopper. With John shipped away to a nut house, his girlfriend begins suffering the same dreams her boyfriend did. Is the nightmare finally over now that John is locked away? Or is the nightmare just beginning?

Like most episodes, this was split into two halfs. The first focused on John, the second on his girlfriend. Most episodes played out like this, they centered around two characters who are liked. I was able to watch this via bootleg so the overall look was pretty bad. I can't wait till these babies get re-released on DVD! With lots of creepy moments (love whenever John wakes up at the same time every night.) and a great twist at the end, Do Dreams Bleed is one of the better episodes of the three season run.

Does it have flaws? Yes.

The budget is beyond low, the acting is pretty lame, and the twist is a little odd. I mean you an see it coming a mile away, and how the girlfriend didn't know the real truth is beyond me. I mean maybe if she was blind this would have worked but honestly? Eh...

Do Dreams Bleed is classic elm street fun. A great episode for Freddy Fans alike!

4 stars!

Trailer for episode