Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Nightmare On Elm Street bluray collection

 A Nightmare On Elm Street bluray collection

A Nightmare On Elm Street is one of the first main reasons why I became so interested in horror. For a further post, I'll explain why in better detail, but in summary it's because the original scared the shit out of me. Wanting to face my fears, I ended up finally watching it through and from that point onward I was hooked. While other girls my age were into boy bands and Titanic, I was into the elm street movies. Even though many think I'm a Jason girl, Freddy deep down inside has left claw marks on my heart. I'll never forget when my mother bought the newly released VHS boxset and how over and over again for a whole summer I watched these movies (mostly part 4 since it was my favorite.) A few years later I got the DVD set, and over the years I have been lucky enough to meet the stars from the films, collect amazing items based off the series, and grow to believe that even though the sequels did become silly and overdone, that Wes Craven gave birth to a very original idea. 

So after hooking up my new bluray player this past November, I've always begun collecting blurays even though I was boycotting them for what seemed like forever. I still collect and cherish my VHS tapes, so the thought of having to re-buy my movies yet again seemed pointless. Well, it wasn't until I started watching some of my favorites in HD that I sorta jumped on board. My theory is to only buy movies that I know for a fact will look stunning in this format, newly released out of print titles (via Intruder.) or movies I just can't say no to. The Nightmare On Elm Street collect was one of these.

Looking on line I was more than a little surprised to see how expensive this set was. Not really wanting to blow fifty bucks on a set of movies I owned many copies of all ready, I decided to check out my local Best Buy.

I was not disappointed.

This little fucker was fifteen...count it fifteen dollars marked down from forty-four. Talk about a steal!

So far I have only watched Dream Warriors and I have to agree with what everyone has been talking about. These movies look as though they were just released yesterday. The image is beyond clear and simply beautiful. I know this week I'll slowly begin watching each movie along with the amazing extras and special features that are included. I was more than a little stunned to see that on the bonus disk they put two episodes of Freddy's Nightmares! I own a bootleg copy of the entire show and it's great to see it in a clearer format. 

I'll post a future review on my thoughts in total on the entire collection and the special features. Now I've sworn to myself not to re-buy the Friday the 13th films, but knowing can't count on anything. Instead of being a crazy cat woman I'm going to be the crazy lady with twenty copies of the same movies over and over again. I am looking into buying the Subspecies boxset which I teased my friend Jeanette about buying last spring at Monster Mania. 

Looks like I'm going to have to give my original elm street away. Let's see who's the lucky person to nab it!

So thank you Best Buy for letting me buy 7 amazing films in the fashion they were supposed to be seen.

Welcome to prime time bitch!

Trailer Of The Week!

 Trailer Of The Week!
This trailer of the week comes from a very special place in my heart. I will never forget how terrifed I was when I first watched Terror Train as a child. This is by far one of the smartest slashers made in the 1980's and very underrated. Terror Train is also a great New Years Eve movie. So tomorrow I recommend very strongly to pop in this classic and bring in the year 2013. I'm making it a point to pick this baby up on Bluray this week. The new artwork is sickening! 


Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Horror Haul 2012!

 Christmas Horror Haul 2012!
Ah Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year...or at least some people think so. I've really never been much of a Christmas nut. I mean yeah my parents always made a big deal about it when my sister and I were kids, but as I get older I see it as just a nice little time to get drunk with my family and watch Black Christmas and Gremlins on repeat over and over again.

This year I was very blessed with some pretty awesome gifts from my family and friends. 

This year I was lucky enough to get some pretty awesome and unique gifts. Now I'll be the first to admit, I rather give than receive. Maybe it's something I got from my mother but I love spending money on my loved ones. I somehow always feel sorta guilty whenever I get something...unless it's booze. I never feel guilty when it's booze.

First I decided earlier this month to buy myself a few little gifts. Hell I deserve it! The first was one of my childhood favorites The Princess Bride on bluray. The second was a stunning Radioactive Dreams poster.

I also bought myself an original Waxwork II Japan VHS which is extremely rare. I'll be posting photos as soon as it comes in. Thank you Ebay! 

What I received this year were some pretty awesome gifts. First off my sister and I always outdo each other every holiday with presents. This year my sister got me some pretty awesome stuff along with the every so amazing This Is Spinal Tap on bluray. I think it's clear I'm a Christopher Guest nut so being able to watch this gem in HD was amazing. Trust me...this disk goes to 11.

The next thing I got was an ever so awesome package from my friend Melissa who's based out of Chicago. It's sorta become a tradition that we send each other little care packages. This year I was surprised to find a package with shark PJs (which I'm sure I'll be wearing tonight while drinking.) and AWESOME original Night Of The Creeps lobby cards. These babies are from the press kit when the film was released and as a Creeps nut I nearly screamed my head off when I opened this. I'm a huge sucker for lobby cards and posters, so I was a tad bit excited when I discovered how amazing the condition these babies were.

The last and most amazing comes from my best friend Mike. I'm sure everyone knows my very weird obsession with Waxwork and Waxwork II. Mike ordered original lobby cards of Waxwork II from Spain! I died when I opened these. Simply stunning!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Top Ten Cursed Antiques - Friday the 13th the series

 Top Ten Cursed Antiques - Friday the 13th the series 

I think anyone who knows me understands how much I love and adore this show. For three brief years audiences were treated to the weird and amazing world of Curious Goods. A location very far from Camp Crystal Lake. For three seasons two cousins with the help from some friends tracked down dangerous blood thirsty cursed objects from the devil himself. Now due to some sweet insomnia, I decided to make a brief list of my personal favorite objects that poor Micki, Ryan, and Jack had to track down, risk their life's, and collect before any more blood was spilled.

The Inheritance – Doll

Cup Of Time – Teacup 
Vanity's Mirror – Gold Compact 
What A Mother Wouldn't Do – Baby's Cradle

And Now The News – Radio

Heads I live, Tails You Die – Coin

Wax Magic – Handkerchief

13 o'Clock – Pocket Watch

Playhouse – Playhouse

Mesmer's Bauble – Crystal Pendant

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Silent Night Deadly Night 5 The Toy Maker - review

 Silent Night Deadly Night 5 The Toy Maker - Review

PLOT: A young boy sees his father killed by a toy that was anonymously delivered to his house. After that, he is too traumatized to speak, and his mother must deal with both him and the loss of her husband. Meanwhile, a toy maker named Joe Peto builds some suspicious-looking toys, and a mysterious man creeps around both the toy store and the boy's house...but who is responsible for the killer toys? 

LOWDOWN: I still remember when my mother first rented the original Silent Night Deadly Night for me back when I was in the third grade. Over the years I slowly began seeing the sequels. Some were good, some were bad, and some were just plain ugly (part 2 and 4) I always remembered seeing the cover to this movie as a child whenever I visited the video store. Somehow I believe I mixed this movie up with another story that had a blond child with glasses who was really a robot and ended up catching fire? If anyone knows which movie I'm referring to please let me know, it's been bugging me for years and I was more than a little surprised to learn when I finally got around to watching this, it wasn't it. Anywho, I was able to watch The Toy Maker when I bought the newly released 3 pack DVD set for Silent Night Deadly Night 3, 4, and 5. I had always been curious about this sequel and it was the only one I hadn't watched yet on tape. Popping it in last spring, something terrible happened. I was drinking a cup of coffee and accidentally spilled it on my laptop. Yes I know...fluids and computers never mix. Sadly I'm an idiot who always has coffee in my hand so I'm kinda stunned it took so long for something like this to happen. Lucky enough for me after throwing my poor laptop in a huge bag of rice over night there wasn't any damage. The following night I decided to continue to watch this little gem since I stopped it when the coffee spilled the night before. What is there to say about part 5? The original Silent Night Deadly Night was a great slasher which became famous by the scandal that surrounded it's release. Sadly they truly screwed the pooch with it's sequel making it one of the best bad movies since Troll 2. Lucky I was very surprised by how good part 3 was, but was disappointed yet again with part 4. In fact I always got half way through it before shutting it off. I know I should give it another chance but I really wasn't feeling it. So finally came part 5 which in all seriousness I was pretty impressed with.

First off the movie starts off with a bang. That little Santa ball really scared the shit out of it and was a pretty cool set up showing how this little boy witnessed his father murdered before his very own eyes and the trauma caused him to go mute. (Talk about a soap opera!) We have the mother now dealing with the loss of her husband while trying to reach her small son right before the holidays.

 Mickey Rooney who originally protested the first film stars as the toy store owner who has a very weird teenage son. I really have to laugh, if I was a producer of this movie I would die laughing. Guess Mr. Rooney was hard up for some cash in the early 90's. Nothing puts a smile on my face more than somebody crawling back with their tail between their legs. Guess a killer Santa Clause wasn't okay, but a toy store owner who dresses as Santa and releases killer toys to kill small children is perfectly fine.


A huge plus for this movie is Pino, the teenage son that just seem a little "off". Played by Brian Bremer who previously had stared in Pumpkinhead. He sorta steals the show and the big reveal at the end is nothing but awesome. Nothing like the holidays like a life sized Ken doll robot trying to rape a woman while screaming mommie. 

There there are the awesome toys (you haven't truly enjoyed a movie until you see a kid screaming on roller blades that throw him in front of cars.) The movie had a few good twists and some pretty cool effects and great moments. Sure it isn't going to win any Oscars anytime soon but it was a great addition to horror series that needed some new life breathed into it. Great silly story that I enjoyed. This is truly a cool sequel that takes us in a cool direction and is an awesome movie to watch after having a few beers. 

So in my eyes part 5 after part 3 is the best sequel after the original. A far cry from Billy dressed up as Santa going around killing, but still a fun movie to watch around the holidays.

3 Stars!

Monday, December 24, 2012

John Cusack...king of underrated Christmas movies

 John Cusack...king of underrated Christmas movies.

I adore John Cusack, always did always have. Yes the man might have some flaws (2012, and whenever he starts bitching about politics.) but there's just something about him that makes myself love him. Maybe it's because he's been in some pretty awesome movies, maybe it's because he's the most underrated member of the Brat Pack, maybe because his sister is a riot, maybe it's because he's a cutie, maybe it's because he did Hot Tub Time Machine and it was awesome...or maybe, just maybe it's because he's in two personal favorite very underrated Christmas movies I love and cherish. 

The Sure Thing and The Ice Harvest

The Sure Thing is one of my favorite comedies. Director Rob Reiner fresh off making one of my all time favorite movies This Is Spinal Tap, decided to take a stab at making a very nontraditional romance. Taking John Cusack who was fresh off having a bit part in Sixteen Candles, a beautiful young girl on a beach, some very memorable scenes and lines, and spun a tale of a young guy traveling across country to just try and get laid. Sounds like the best plot for a movie ever! The Sure Thing is a very underrated classic and blended in nicely while teen movie after teen movie were being pumped out at the time. Using his great talent for comedy, Reiner made the best anti-hero and leading man in Gib and made him completely likeable.  Taking place over Christmas break, Cusack travels long and far to find what he expects to be sex but ends up being love.

FUN FACT - Rob Reiner had to adopt John Cusack for the time of filming The Sure Thing since he was underage at the time and he had to work with the child labor laws. Reiner reused Cusack the following year in Stand By Me in a cameo role and the year after that took another stab at romance with his romance adventure The Princess Bride.

The Ice Harvest is a movie I saw a theaters and completely loved. This is a dark comedy from director Harold Ramis. This is the story about two men in a small Kansas town who steal a lot of money from a mob boss and slowly begin turning on each other and trying to get through Christmas Eve without killing each other or getting caught. Taking some pretty big stars at the time, he made a very gloomy look on how crazy people can get when it comes to stealing two million dollars, and dealing with the holidays. Cusack does a great job in this role as the sorta unlikeable Charlie. This is a man who really doesn't care about his kids, his a twisted lawyer, and a guy who just can't seem to catch a break. The real star of this movie is Oliver Platt. I love all the scenes he's in, drunk, starting shit at bars, and stealing the show. The best part of this movie has to be the ending. "Do they have pancakes?" "They have everything."

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Trailer Of The Week

 Trailer Of The Week
The second trailer comes in the form of the wonderful 1989 classic Puppet Master. The first in a very odd and crazy series of films, the original had a lot going for it and is my personal favorite out of all of them. If you ever want to watch some classic Full Moon fun, pop in this number. You'll never look at dolls the same way again!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Reasons why Dolls is awesome

 Reasons why Dolls is awesome

Back in 1987, Stuart Gordon was just coming off the cult success of such classics like Re-Animator, and From Beyond. Deciding to take what appears to be an old fashion fairytale like story, and take all classics elements from things that make audiences extremely uneasy and gives them the creeps, he shaped his underrated and my personal favorite Dolls.

Killer dolls you say? Oh yeah, that old hat. Well actually this was one year before Chucky graced the silver screen in Child's Play. In fact this was even before such guilty pleasure titles such as Puppet Master, Pinocchio's Revenge, and Dolly Dearest. Dolls were very popular upping the creepy scale in horror, but really hadn't had their chance to truly shine in the spot light. This was the same year a certain China doll terrified poor cousins Micki and Ryan in the very first episode of Friday The 13th The Series. Dolls were always a background staple to add to the creepy factor, but really didn't get to show their stuff up until then. Sure there was Magic, but we're not just taking about puppets...we're talking about dolls. Sweet, innocent, and evil little dolls. Toys that many of us grew up with and loved near and dear, or felt scared out of our minds whenever their little glass eyes followed us wherever we walked in our play rooms. Dolls is a movie that has all the right ingredients for a scary movie. A storm, people stranded, a creepy old couple, and a huge mansion.

Oh and of course...lots of killer toys.

We're talking dolls, jesters, and yep...even killer teddy bears.

Long before Dead Silence made dolls creepy, Mr. Gordon made a little cult film that shows one of the best memorable and “gore”gous scenes to ever be shown on the big screen. Here is my brief little list of why this film is so awesome.

Killer Teddy Bear

The British Punk Girls


The Soundtrack

Mr. Gordon directing

Empire Pictures 
The dolls/puppets


The Poster

The “Doll Eye” scene

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Death Of The Week

 Death Of The Week
Movie - Silent Night Deadly Night
Year - 1984
Actress - Linnea Quigley
Name - Denise
Cause of death - Impaled on deer antlers 

Fun Fact - This movie opened the same weekend as A Nightmare On Elm Street and for a very brief time even beat it out in the box office before sinking fast the following weekend.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Supernatural - Season 3 Holiday Special

  Supernatural – Season 3 Holiday special 
Judge all you want...Supernatural is a pretty kick ass show. Well at least the first five seasons were. Back at school like I've told before out of pure curiously I discovered this show along with all the hype behind it. Now for the wonderful month of December I decided to write a little post about the season three Christmas themed episode that honestly goes down as one of my favorites.

A Very Supernatural Christmas

PLOT - Sam and Dean follow the trail of an Anti-Claus when victims are apparently pulled up the chimney never to be seen again. After a lead goes nowhere, the Winchesters learn the Anti-Claus in in fact a pair of old pagan gods who have assimilated into society and have found a new way of getting their yearly sacrifices. 

LOWDOWN – Season 3 of Supernatural was honestly one of the best written. After just coming off the complete mind fuck of season two with it's epic finale, season three picks up with the haunting and important question that left viewers very unsettled when two left off. How in the world was Dean going to get out of his deal with the demon, which caused to save Sam's life and give Dean only one year to live until the hell hounds come to collect him. The whole season literary feels like a beat out the clock kind of thing. Dean who is truly the real star of the show now deals with a story arch which I think made his character. Time is running out and there's nothing his brother can go. Taking a brief break from that bleak storyline, the show had just begun to sorta poke fun at itself in making a Christmas special. First we're treated to a great old school late 70's/early 80's TV special logo along with a very creepy opening. The whole “anti Santa” was a great idea and I loved the ending twist within the two sweet old couple who say things like “Fudge!” and “Sweet Peter on a Popsicle stick!” Who would have ever known these two were blood thirsty killers. This was a great story line and yet again showed the whole magic trick in less is more. Who wasn't freaked out when the brothers finally pieced everything together and followed the clues back to the old couple's house only to stumble into their basement. The bloody bags and pieces of hair and flesh laying around were enough for me. With plenty of Christmas references, pretty good violence and gore for a TV show, and some down right classic moments, this is one of the best episodes of the season. I have to even admit, when they couple pulls Sam's nail out my stomach turned. One of the best scenes has to be when the unseen Santa sneaks into the house and knocks out the father stuffing him into a bag while his little boy watches horrified. For us fans we also get to see a little back story behind Sam and Dean and a sweet moment on how Dean got his necklace he wears through the show (which later serves a very important purpose.) I loved the ending bitter sweet moment with the two brothers celebrating Christmas the best way they can knowing this might very well be Dean's last holiday with the snow slowly falling on the Impala. So if you are or aren't a Supernatural fan I urge you to go check out this episode around the holidays. It has some great scenes, gore, and lines that you just can't help but forget. Plus you'll never look at Christmas decorations the same again! 


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Best Christmas themed horror

 Best Christmas themed horror
With less than a week til Christmas, I decided to make a little mini list of some of the best Christmas themed horror out there. These are the movies us horror fans love to pop in to truly get into the holiday spirit. Now I know certian films are missing from my list (Santa's Slay, Don't Open Till Christmas, and of course Christmas Evil. I'll be the first to admit I haven't actually see these movies yet! So for the time being these are my picks for some of the best horror movies set around good old December 25th!)

Black Christmas

Silent Night Deadly Night

Silent Night Deadly Night 2

Silent Night Deadly Night 3

Silent Night Deadly Night 4 Initiation

Silent Night Dead;y Night 5 The Toymaker 

Black Xmas

Night Of The Comet 


Batman Returns 

Tales From The Crypt 

Jack Frost