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10 roles Jay Underwood could have played!

 10 roles Jay Underwood could have played!

A few weeks ago while resting my back up after taking a nasty fall, I saw a post on Instagram talking about the 1987 After School Special "The Day My Kid Went Punk." I had always heard about this ridiculous made for TV movie, but happened to notice the title role was played by Jay Underwood. I personally knew him from three roles growing up as kid. Bug the scumbag boyfriend from Uncle Buck "Ever hear of a tuneup? Hehehehe!", Chip the android from The Not Quite Human films, and as Eric from The Boy Who Could Fly. After watching The Day My Kid Went Punk, I looked him up on IMDB, and fell down the Underwood wormhole. Jay acted for twenty-five plus years before stepping away from Hollywood to become a preacher, and raise his family. For the last two weeks I've had what I've called Bugathon. Here I've watched The Day My Kid Went Punk, Not Quite Human, Not Quite Human 2, Still Not Quite Human (always wished they had made a 4th movie in the late 90's!), The Boy Who Could Fly, The Invisible Kid, Son Of Darkness To Die For II, The Fantastic Four (which I actually really loved! Don't judge!), Uncle Buck, The Raffle, A Reason To Believe, The Beat Goes On, Stalked, Sleepstalker, Star Command, Valerie Flake, his TV appearances on The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles,  21 Jump Street, Superboy, ER, Star Trek Voyager, The X-Files, and Murder She Wrote. My buddy who's a fellow Jay fan, and who's gotten a huge kick out of my Bugathon, even sent me several Jay tapes to I can make a "Bug stack". The two I haven't seen before are Fatal Affair (where I guess he stalks C. Thomas Howell. I'm pumped!) and The Gumshoe Kid. Sadly my VCR went to the giant Radio Shack in the sky after 25 years of proud service. The Gumshoe Kid was responsible, but I guess I counted myself lucky since t didn't actually eat the tape! I still want to see this one and Fatal Affair, but I have to figure out how to get another VCR since both titles are out of print!

My Bugathon has been a nice little distraction, and I've been honestly having a blast doing it. I told people on my Instagram that if they can think of any other actors from the 1980's, send me their names. I might need to have another actor themed marathon maybe in December. 

While watching all of these titles, it got me thinking...

What other roles could I have seen Mr. Underwood playing.

10) Michael - The Lost Boys
- I think this is probably my second favorite pick on this list. The Lost Boys is in my top 3 favorite vampire movies of all time. In fact, I sorta tossed back either putting him as Caleb from Near Dark, or Charlie in Fright Night. Michael from The Lost Boys ended up winning, because roughly around 1987 Jay would have been the perfect choice of playing Michael. Nothing against Jason Patrick, I just could never buy that he was supposed to play Corey Haim's brother. Also he seemed a whole lot older than everyone else. I feel it would have been a little more realistic having a more realistic looking teenager play the lead role of Michael. I realistic as you could get from a vampire movie!

9) Ryan - Friday The 13th The Series 
- I LOVE John D LeMay from Friday the 13th the series. Even though Jay might have been a little young to play Ryan starting in 97, I feel this would have been the perfect kind of show for Jay to be in. Plus I think his chemistry with Robey would have been amazing! I'm sure with his belief's now, this would have been a big no-no, but I feel that's what was missing from Jay's career. A lead in a TV show that got picked up. Something with shelf-life that would become a cult classic. 

8). Edward - Edward Scissorhands 
- This was my first pick to write this article to begin with. Maybe it's because of how great he played the title role in The Boy Who Could Fly, but I think age wise, and acting abilities, he hands down would have played the ultimate Edward. Johnny Depp is great, but something about Jay playing him I think would have brought more emotion, as well as erasing any memories of him playing the jerk boyfriend in Uncle Buck!

7). Lance - Pulp Fiction
- OT loves casting actors from cult movies. I think in 93/94 he would have played a great Lance, especially in the shot to the heart scene. Just him sitting in the chair eating cereal listening to the phone would have me dying.  

6). Lloyd - Say Anything
- I love me some John Cusack, but ever since I heard that Brandon Lee originally read for the part of Lloyd, I began to think of who else could have played the romantic boombox holding lead? I feel it would have been interesting to see Jay play in another romance/drama a few years after The Boy Who Could Fly. I always wished John Hughes had used him more. I know this is Cameron Crow, but he really did have the look to be in more teen movies. I always felt he had the perfect look to be in movies like The Breakfast Club, or St. Elmo's fire. 

5).  Josh - Clueless
- Even though nobody ages like Paul Rudd, I still feel Jay roughly would have been the perfect age and have the perfect look to play Cher's dreamy, and charming step-brother.

4).  Stef - Pretty In Pink
- We all know he can play a great villain (Uncle Buck), so I think he would have played the perfect Stef (James Spader) from Pretty In Pink. Not only can he play a great jerk, I think also that iconic moment at the end when he sees Blaine has won the girl he secretly always wanted, and you can actually see the hurt look in his eyes...only two guys could pull that look off for audiences to but it. James, and Jay.

3).  Valentine - Tremors 
- Kevin Bacon rules, but not only in 89/90 would Jay be the perfect age, he would also have the perfect look fighting these underground worm monsters.

2). Johnny - My Boyfriend's Back
- Love Andrew Lowery in this, but how adorable would Jay have looked in this?! I always felt this was a really sweet dark comedy, and often doesn't get talked about. Plus, seeing Jay lose body parts, all the while shouting "I ate Chuck for you!" would be worth it alone. 

1). Jack - Speed
- I love the movie speed. It's the perfect action movie. I think the chemistry between Sandra Bullock and him would have been crazy good. Sure nobody can replace Keanu, but I felt Jay would have been the everyday Joe that has the fight crazy Dennis Hopper, all the while trying to make sure that flipping bus doesn't blow up in Los Angeles traffic.

So in closing, what movies could you have seen Jay play? Let us not forget to date, he's played the best Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch to date!!!

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Chip’s November Mixed Tape!

              Head on over to listen to Chip’s latest mixed tape! Just in time for the holidays!

                                 Click here to listen to Chip's November Mixed Tape! 

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Halloween mood counter 2021!

 Halloween mood counter 2021!

One of my ALL time favorite things about Halloween is decorating. I usually start in late August. Ever since I was a kid, this was one of my favorite things about the Fall. In the last several years, I've taken a page out of Mr. Dinosaur Dracula, and started making Halloween "mood" tables. Basically you take a flat surface, and decorate it with some of your favorite Halloween decorations, horror figures, movies, etc. So  if somebody was to look at it, they would see basically what the inside of your brain around this spooky season would look like! 

I think Matt was brilliant thinking this up, and I've been doing this for the past few years, and totally getting a kick out of other fellow Blogger's Halloween themed tables! For more killer Halloween themed fun, head on over to Dinosaur Dracula. I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that Matt's blog is one of my all time favorites, and I love watching his Youtube channel around this time of year!

In the past few years I've been decorating tables, jammed packed with glitter pumpkins, action figures, laserdisc, VHS tapes, and basically anything that makes me think of this truly magical time of the year. This year I decorated a counter in my kitchen, that I usually reserve for holiday decorations. For the past several months before hand I got lazy, so for the entire summer it was decorated with my Showdown In Little Tokyo collection. Once late August hit, I got off my ass and covered the entire counter with items from my collection downstairs, even picking up a few new items to add on, and every time I enter my kitchen. to pour myself a cup of coffee, I'm able to stare at a sight so beautiful, it's almost as lovely as a sunrise. (collectors get it) 

So here's a quick breakdown of some of the items I have that cover this year's Halloween mood counter...

- I won't be listing mini items such as slime, pumpkins, tiny ghosts, etc.

1) Cujo vinyl 
2) Album artwork for The Mind Of Eddie Quist
3) Readfull Things Produce Joe figure
4) Crospy and Woodstock figures (made by me)
5) Signed The Midnight Hour VHS
6) Haunted House music box decoration
7) Vintage horror novel
8) Mini Friday The 13th the series radio

9) Vintage Halloween cookbooks
10) Night Of The Creeps VHS
11) Near Dark VHS
12) Creepshow figure
13) Slumber Party Massacre figure
14) Waxwork records Creepshow artwork
15) Cycle Of The Werewolf book
16) Ghostbuster Marshmallow slime 
17) Return Of The Living Dead II London 1888 pin
18) Red Monster wine bottle

18) Pieces vinyl
19) Night Of The Demons vinyl
20) A Nightmare On Elm Street 4 Dream Master figure
21) Joe Bob Halloween figure
22) Graveyard Shift VHS
23) Dinosaur Dracula mascot doll
24) Vintage Tombstone wine bottle
25)Guttersnakes Creepshow pin
26) Halloween glitter cup
27) Voodoo doll
28) Squishy brains 
29) Rubber eyeballs
30) Pumpkin lights

- In closing, a very special thanks to Dinosaur Dracula for such a killer idea! One of my favorite things to do every year while decorating is my Halloween mood tables/counters. If anyone does one please share! I love seeing everyone's collections! Hope everyone is safe, and has a very happy Halloween!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Ultimate Halloween Marathon!

 Ultimate Halloween Marathon!

It's officially 11 more days until Halloween! With plenty of spooky things to watch on TV, horror fans from all over truly love this time of year! With American Horror Story, Chucky the TV series, What We Do In The Shadows, Eli Roth's History Of Horror, non-stop marathons of classic horror movies on such channels like Paramount, SyFy,  and AMC, this entire month there's always been something new or old to watch to truly get into the Halloween state of mind. Between these TV shows, channels, and streaming services, there's always at least three or four awesome things to watch in the days leading up until the 31st! Here are 10 killer movies or shows to check out to get into the Halloween spirit!

10) Halloween Baking Championship
- I usually don't like cooking/baking shows. Of course there's Halloween Wars, but the Halloween Baking Championship I feel is a little more unique with its challenges. Plus I always felt this show wasn't repetitive like Halloween Wars. I myself can bake a little bit, but watching these people whip up these crazy tasty looking dishes always floor me. Plus, who doesn't love a cake that's usually themed with something spooky?! Some of this stuff looks so awesome you honestly cringe whenever the judges cut into it to taste!

9) Halloween franchise
- No Halloween movie marathon would be complete without...well the Halloween movies. These films have always been very near and dear to my heart since my mother absolutely loved the original film. I guess back in 1978 my father took her to see the first film at the drive-in. Later that night my dad picked up a hitchhiker (ah, the 70's) and my mother nearly killed him since she was so spooked over seeing the movie. I remember it was a rite of passage when my mother finally allowed my sister and I to watch the Carpenter classic, and they were a huge part of my life growing up as a true blue horror fan. I always view the first two original films as one giant film. I feel I loved Season Of The Witch before it was cool to love it. (Tom Atkins will forever be my silver fox husband. *swoon*) I always wonder, had that film actually done well, what other cool original ideas could they have thought of for separate sequels. I feel the Michael Myers storyline has been beaten to death, and for the most part the films following the first two aren't that good. Sure part 4 is good (great ending), 5 was a mess, six was awful (both cuts), H20 I actually really love. I view that as a true part 3 of the Myers storyline. Yeah it cashed into the whole Scream/I know What You Did Last Summer craze in the late 90's, but I have tons of memories watching this one and loving the fact JLC came back. Plus that opening and ending! That's how you start and finish a sequel! 7 was awful and yes...I saw it in theaters. The Rob Zombie remake as much of a mess as it was (I'm sorry but white trash Michael Myers? Really?) still holds a special place in my heart since it was released on my 19th birthday, and my mother and I had so much fun seeing it, we even saw it again the following week. H2 is visually stunning, and a pretty good example of someone self-destructing suffering from grief and PTSD. I sadly could relate since by the time H2 came out I had lost my mother, and seeing movies like this just didn't feel the same after losing her. I HATED the 2018 movie (sorry to people who loved it. Remember guys, Jason Goes To Hell is my favorite Friday the 13th sequel.) but despite JLC returning again I thought it was poorly written, and after so much hype just fell flat. Unless you're living under a rock, I'm sure any horror fan has checked out Halloween Kills either in theaters or streaming like I did on Peacock. To whoever watched it and loved it...good for you. But honestly guys...I rather watch Winchester lick his own asshole for an hour than to watch that train-wreck again. #facts. Any who, these movies are usually on TV 24/7 during the whole month of October. I myself are planning on watching 1,2,3,4, and H20 before next week!

8) Roseanne - Halloween specials 
- Even though the woman herself is a POS, the original show...well at least the first 8 seasons were pure gold. It tells the story of a blue collar lower class family dealing with daily realistic struggles. What Roseanne was best known for were the absolute killer Halloween episodes since she claimed she was the "Queen of Halloween." Starting with season 2, we got to see the family in awesome Halloween costumes, the entire house decorated, and Dan and Roseanne constantly trying to one up each other when it came to tricking/scaring each other. The only Halloween episode I feel that fell flat was the one from I believe season 8 when Roseanne has her baby. Man...that one was weird! Still, watching these classic Halloween themed episodes are a must, not just for the costumes...but for Dan and Roseanne being total couple goals trying to scare the living shit out of each other!

7) Creepshow/Creepshow 2/ Creepshow TV
- Romero + King were the ultimate team for the 1980's. Together they made Creepshow in 1982. A cast jammed packed with well known or up and coming actors. Brilliant effects, creepy music, and five chilling tales in the style of 1950's horror comics. Creepshow is one of my favorite horror movies (who doesn't love Romero and King?) and I've always enjoyed the guilty pleasure otherwise known as part 2. (We won't ever speak about part III) What's even cooler is that Greg Nicotero made the TV series which airs on Shudder and AMC (perfect format making this into a TV series since that means the amount of stories/episodes are endless!) For the first film, I would say my favorite stories are Father's Day, The Crate, and Something To Tide You Over. For the sequel I hated they only did 3 stories, but of course The Raft wins top place for me. I know people always think of Tales From The Darkside as the unofficial part 3 (I could see that) I always loved the Lover's Vow storyline (is that even the name of that segment?) but for the TV series, originally I was a little worried since the first season just didn't seem to grab my attention. Luckly part 2 kicked things off last spring with a bang. Model Kid, Public Television Of The Dead, and Dead and Breakfast hit all the marks for me. Season 3 so far has been pretty good. Some episodes are better than others, but I feel if they continue with this overall vibe, fans of the original movies have a lot to look forward to! Since I hurt my back last month, I've been catching up on shows I haven't gotten around to finish, and Creepshow is always something to look forward to every Thursday! This month I've actually watched the first movie twice so far!

6) Night Of The Demons
- Of course any horror movie that actually takes place on Halloween is a must to watch. Back in college, I actually first watched Night Of The Demons after discovering that the same director as Witchboard made this cult classic! I've always loved makeup artist Steve Johnson, and I absloutely loved the fact he met his future wife B movie queen Linnea Quigley on this film. Telling the story of a group of teenagers who decide to throw a party on Halloween night at a giant abandoned mansion. Here they make the fatal mistake of doing seance, which accidentally releases three evil spirits that take over a few of the teenagers, that start picking off the guests one by one. Can the survivors make it until dawn? This film is pure 80's cheese at it's finest. It spawned 2 sequels, and an actual half decent remake. Still, nothing beats the original which is a staple to watch every October! Plus that ending! Makes you think twice before bitting into an apple again!

5) Trick R Treat
- Horror anthologies when done right can be a total blast (Creepshow, Creepshow 2, Trilogy Of Terror, Tales From The Crypt, etc.) to watch this time of year. Trick R Treat is one of the best films made in this style, and totally captures the whole October/Halloween vibe. With Sam, the tiny little...child? Who appears in every segment, we witness all stories connect to each other over the course of Halloween night. Some stories are slightly better than others, but overall is a must to watch in order to get into the proper Halloween spirit. I for one hope this director continues doing horror movies that are holiday themed. I mean he's tackled Halloween and Christmas. Let's see a Thanksgiving themed one next! Killer turkeys for everyone!!!

4) The Stepfather 
- I absolutely love the first 2 Stepfather movies. These were favorites of my late mother's, and I have tons of fond memories renting the three films while growing up. The first movie is always a must to watch in October since it takes place in autumn. Here we watch Jerry Blake, a charming, handsome, and friendly real-estate agent who's recently married a window with a troubled teenage girl. But here's the twist. Jerry isn't who he says he is. In fact, the year before in another town he slaughtered his entire family, changed his looks and identity, and started a new life elsewhere. In seems that this follows a pattern. The brother of Jerry's last murdered wife figures it out that he's been doing this for years. He marries into families of single mothers, and tries to be the "perfect" family, until something happens and he's disappointed. Snapping, he starts planning a new life elsewhere, changes his identity and looks, and then slaughters his entire family before finding a new one. What makes it even more scary is the fact this is loosely based on a true story. The first films are great, and Terry O' Quinn does SUCH a great job. This isn't your typical slasher, and scenes such as the one from above truly capture the beautiful autumn surroundings in this "perfect" little neighborhood. 

3) Dark Night Of The Scarecrow
- Man, back when made for TV movies were awesome! In fact this isn't the only made for TV movie that's making this list! Back in the 70's and 80's, made for TV horror movies were HUGE. ABC or NBC would usually do a movie of the week and show such classics like Devil Dog From Hell, Don't Go To Sleep, Trilogy Of Terror, and most famously...Dark Night Of The Scarecrow. I actually saw this movie for the first time in college. A buddy of mine knew I was staffing a horror convention and gave me money to buy this film that had just been released on blu-ray. I went to the booth, and had no idea I was actually meeting the director! He was super awesome, and signed both mine and my friend's copies of the film. A few nights later, I went to my friend's dorm where a bunch of the guys were planning on drinking some beers and watching this. I was SO glad I had never seen this movie before, since it was a total blast to watch. Telling the story of a sweet mental disabled man named Bubba, who is falsely accused of harming a little girl who actually got hurt when a dog attacked her. A bunch of men from the small farming community decide to put justice in their own hands, and hunt down Bubba using their own dogs. Here they pick up his scent, and see that Bubba actually has hidden himself as a scarecrow in the middle of a field. His elders mother always taught him to hide whenever the town's people were harassing him. Here the men open fire, and brutally murder Bubba in cold blood. It isn't that long afterwards, that they receive word that Bubba actually saved the young girl's life, and that a dog was responsible for hurting her. Here the men stage it to look like they were forced to open fire in self-defense, and get off with a slap on the wrist. That is...until the men all start dying in mysterious farming accidents, with the scarecrow always spotted nearby. Is it Bubba back from the dead? Or is it something much worse? This film is a classic and one of my favorites to watch every October!

2) The Crow
- Come on guys, we can't say we're shocked to see this on my list? This is the ultimate movie to watch now on Devil's Night (October 30th) Not only is it one of my ALL time favorite movies, it's always visually striking, and despite the tragedy that surrounds the production of this film, we get to see the late Brandon Lee finally step out from his father's shadow, and give the performance of his life. It often makes you wonder...had the accident not have happened...what other stellar performances were we robbed of when Brandon died and his career/life was cut short. This is the ultimate revenge movie, and this film as well as the song Burn by The Cure will forever be Brandon's. The scene at the end when he's exhausted, and laying against Shelly's grave will forever rip my heart out. We miss you Brandon. Thank you for this beautiful film. I'll be pouring one out in your honor next week on the 30th, and shouting "Fire it up!" 

1) The Midnight Hour 
-  I told you that Dark Night Of The Scarecrow wasn't going to be the only made for TV movie! The Midnight Hour is my ALL time favorite movie to watch every Halloween. I'll never forget renting this movie as a kid, and how my sister and I absolutely fell in love with it. For years I searched for this film, before finally finding it on VHS as well as bootleg. Fingers crossed we finally get the blu-ray release it deserves! This is a cult classic, jammed packed with stars, a killer soundtrack, cool makeups, and best of all every vampire, ghoul, zombie, ghost, werewolf, and witch crammed into this charming fun movie! Everyone who has seen this movie all says the same's the perfect film to watch on Halloween! I was lucky enough to have the guy who played Phil to sign my VHS copy, and even leave a sweet message on my voicemail years ago. It will forever join the ranks with The Monster Squad, as a fun childhood favorite of mine. Also LeVar Burton squirting ketchup and breaking eggs on his mummy costume is classic!

So what are you guys watching this week?
Happy Halloween everyone!!!

Chip's 2021 Halloween mixed tape!

 Chip's 2021 Halloween mixed tape!

It's the most wonderful time of the year! 

Yep! That's right, Chip has whipped up another killer playlist for this Halloween season! So, grab a pumpkin to carve, turn up the volume, and celebrate Halloween in style!

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Staystillreviews' Annual Dollar Store Challenge!

 Staystillreviews' Annual Dollar Store Challenge!

Ah, it's the most wonderful time of the year! Yep, that's right. The weather is cooling down, the trees are changing colors, AMC is playing B horror movies non-stop, and everything is pumpkin flavored. 

Yes, Fall in New England is truly magical.

I myself in typical Stacy fashion didn't quite kick off my favorite season in style. Sadly I'm a total idiot and took a pretty bad fall at work a week or so after celebrating Stephen King Week. (No, I didn't fall dressed as a Stephen King character, but man that would have been awesome.) Since I'm currently laid up resting, I really haven't been able to celebrate all things Fall like I usually do. Still, I've been trying to make the best out of it, and thanks to my buddy Mark, I sent him on a mission to visit that really shady Dollar Store I usually visit each year to partake in this challenge. 

Let's see how he did!

Mark was given 10 dollars, and had to return with 10 spooky items. I really have to admit, I was pretty jealous since the photos Mark snapped inside showed that this Dollar Store really stepped things up with their display!

= Holy shit!

Mark's items he brought back for me...

1) Pumpkin flag:
This is honestly my favorite item Mark got for me. I love cheap decorations. He even hung it up for me outside since I usually only decorate inside (I'll be damned to have some teenagers smash my pumpkins or steal something I put up...aka I'm really 90. "Get off my lawn!") I have been dying though, the wind keeps whipping it around so it usually is facing the wrong way. Basically how I feel about the year 2021.


2) Plastic rotting rat:
Planning on using this next time I snap a photo of my Graveyard Shift VHS. Classic.

3) Plastic mini skull buckets:
These are super cool! I usually only see mini pumpkin buckets so this was super cool.

4)Hanging mini grim reaper:
I love these things! I have a much of skull ones, so this was a cute find. Need cheap but cool looking decorations? Boom, hang these little guys all over!

5) Goonies' lantern:
I'm just calling it a Goonies' lantern because it sorta looks like one of One Eyed Willies' decorations. These things NEVER light up and work, and if they do it usually lasts less than a day. Still, I thought it was super cool, and whatever it's made out of (plaster?) it's heavy. Boom, need a way to defend yourself against a home intruder = smash the Goonies' lantern across their face. #facts

6) Rubber bat:
Nothing says the Dollar Store Challenge than cheap rubber decorations. I plan on hanging this in the doorway of Rodger's room and seeing if I can make him scream like a schoolgirl when he gets up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. 

8 and 9) Rubber spiders/rats/eyeballs/fingers:
The one thing I did request Mark to return with was some of those cheap rubber goodie bag items I usually stick in care packages from Staystillreview prizes/care packages. can never have enough fake eyeballs right?

10) This killer turkey headband:
Oh Mark...there are no words. Still, by going out in the worst neighborhood to do this challenge for me, I'll give you a free pass. Plus, when I'm drunk on Galligangiving I can totally rock this while watching Waxwork II. November feels all the way baby!

In closing, a very special thanks to Mark for helping me out this year, and to everyone else who has done the challenge! I'll be posting people's hauls on my IG stories this month! Hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween!

Again = Moooooooood!

Monday, September 20, 2021

Top 10 Stephen King moments!

 Top 10 Stephen King moments!

Happy Stephen King Week everyone! 2021 certainly has been 2020 with a wig on, so over here at Staystillreviews we're trying to make the best of things for the Fall. In classic tradition, we kick off the Autumn with one of our favorite themed weeks. Stephen King Week! In honor of his birthday, over on Instagram, fans from all over post themed photos based off their favorite King's films/novels. I myself also try to watch 1 to 2 of his movies or TV episodes based off his works each night. I'm currently sitting with some spiked cider, Winchester the dog by my feet, and Thinner playing. There's supposed to be a harvest moon tonight, so the crisp spooky, Autumn kind of night I'm looking for is certainly taking place. Thinking back on the never ending list of classic movies there are to watch from his work, it got me thinking...what are my top 10 favorite Stephen King moments and why?

10) "Acid bitch." - Thinner
- I absolutely love Thinner. Tom Holland certainly was the right man to direct such a crazy story. Between the mind blowing makeups, creepy theme, and of course the colorful characters played brilliantly by this top notch cast. My favorite has to be mob boss Richie...aka Richie the hammer. Weak, and desperate, Billy decides to call in a favor from Richie (who he had perviously helped in court) wanting to return the favor, Richie shows up, and is the perfect weak against the gypsy clan who refuse to take Billy's curse off. My favorite scene is when Richie poses as an FBI agent, taking Gina away to a remote barn. Here he reveals his true identity, before making her balance a jar of acid on her forehead. I will forever love the line "Acid bitch!" I don't know about you, but I absolutely loved Richie as a character, and how even in the end Tadzu tells Billy "I'll have to take it off so your crazy friend doesn't kill my Gina." Smart move buddy! Don't mess with Richie!

9) The quarry scene - IT Chapter II
- I'm one of the few people that preferred IT Chapter II instead of Chapter I. I have nothing against the first movie, but I feel part II really stepped things up, and retold the part of the original mini series that I felt needed a modern retelling, both with casting and production. After the nightmarish ride of a movie, we're shown the last of the Losers jumping into the very same quarry they swam in from the first movie. As they wash the blood off themselves, they all start remembering their now deceased friend Eddie, who's body they sadly had to leave behind underground. Richie ends up for once at a loss of words, not cracking a joke or one-liner and simply breaks down crying sitting in the water. Here his friends all surround him completely exhausted and wrap their arms around each other for comfort. Not a word is spoken, but you one hundred perfect know what they are all feeling. I feel this was the modern update on the whole "Help me." scene from the original mini series. Extremely moving.

8) "Show me." - Christine 
- Christine is hands down my ALL time favorite King movie. I mean 1983 certainly was a pretty powerhouse year for him. In that year alone Cujo, The Dead Zone, and this were all released. With news of a remake maybe happening (gags) I just think about how this film now nearly forty years old, still holds up 100% without any CGI. John Carpenter and Stephen King were truly a great team, and made one HELL of a movie. One of my favorite moments is after the bullies trash and destroy Christine, leaving poor Arnie desperate, feeling as if everyone has turned against him, as he returns to the garage alone one night looking at the shattered twisted remains of the only thing left in his life that he loves. Carpenter's flawless theme is what really brings this moment home for me. Seeing the car slowly start to repair itself, Arnie stands back, completely allowing this possessed machine to take whatever is left of his soul, and smiles saying " me." and show me she does! Here with the perfect usage of film being played I'm reverse, we watch as Christine repairs itself, popping out dents, fixing the bodywork, as well as the shattered glass and paint. Within seconds the car is completely restored, as Arnie stands back proudly smiling, looking as if he just witnessed the ultimate striptease. 

7) Carrie gets revenge - Carrie 
- Sorry, but the only Carrie film in my eyes is the 1970's Brian De Palma film. Man oh man...what a film! I think we all know why this moment makes the list. Of course there's endless classic moments from this movie, but the prom massacre is what really makes it for me. The whole set is visual eye candy. The lighting, the decorations, the wonderful usage of the split scene, crazy camera shots, and wide eyes of Sissy Spacek really makes you root for poor Carrie after being harassed by these assholes you sadly had no idea who they were messing with. From the long dramatic build up before the bucket drops, to Carrie's vision becoming like a kaleidoscope, the voice over of her mother chanting "They're all gonna laugh at you!" before her blood soaked body become covered in red lighting, as all HELL breaks free and man...I'm not afraid to say it, but this is one of the greatest moments of revenge taking place ever.

6) Rachel returns - Pet Sematary 
- I LOVE the original Pet Sematary (don't even get me started on the remake) Still, if I had to pick just one moment from the entire 1989 King classic, it would have to be the very last shot of the movie. Rachel has returned looking...well less than perfect, as poor insane Luis truly believes that despite his track record, using the burial ground worked in his favor. Well...spoiler alert! IT DOESN'T! Rachel and him begin kissing like two crazed lovers from some very twisted erotic romance novel (eyeball juices dripping and all) before in slow motion Rachel lifts the huge kitchen knife and boom! Cut to black before we hear Luis scream in pain and The Ramones' song Pet Sematary starts blasting over the credits. For sure one of my all time favorite endings to a King movie!

5) "Hope is a good thing." - The Shawshank Redemption 
- This one doesn't need much explaining. It's a near perfect film, and this moment really is one of my all time favorites. Red and Andy are friendship goals, and this quote will forever give me chills.

4) Johnny's final sacrifice - The Dead Zone
- "If God has seen fit to bless you with this gift. You should use it." - David Cronenberg's Dead Zone was released in 83 (same year as Christine, and Cujo) Even though this film is very dark, and can somewhat be depressing, it is still a beautiful tragic tale of a man who's life is turned upside down after waking from a five year coma after a near fatal car accident. When he wakes up, he discovers that the love of his life has moved on with a new husband, and baby, his parents are in debt due to his medical bills, his career as a school teacher of course gone, and something else. Something special. It appears that whenever he touches someone, he can see the past, present, or future. Here he begins a quest to use his "gift" for the greater good. It starts off with small events, such as warning a nurse when her house has caught fire, saving her young daughter's life, allowing his doctor to discover his long lost mother who he believed died in the war when he was a child is in fact alive and well, then helping stop a crazed serial killer from a small town in Maine. All of this builds up to him discovering that a man running for senator is a madman, and could very much be responsible for starting a new world war, killing millions. I won't completely spoil this one, but the final act will forever leave my jaw on the floor. Pretty chilling stuff with today's political climate. 

3) Larry and Ralph's prayers - The Stand. 
- I'm sorry, but I just couldn't get into the new Stand that came out last year. I really dug some of the casting, but story wise I just couldn't get into it. I feel why this is was simply because I grew up watching Mick Garris' epic mini series over and over, and over again as a kid. The 6 hour mini series is jammed packed with epic moments, but the one that always gives me chills is after Flagg and Lloyd shoot Glen while the Free Zone members that ventured West are being held in prison cells. Further down in the jail, both Ralph and Larry have heard the gunshot go off, knowing very much that their friend is dead. Here the men who's cells are right beside each other, slip their arms out, and hold hands and start praying knowing very well what awaits them.

2) "You're made of moonlight." - Gerald's Game 
- Gerald's Game is most likely one of the BEST adaptions of King's work in the last few years. Made for Netflix, the story that so many people didn't think could be made due to the subject matter were proven wrong when Mike Flanagan directed (Hush, Doctor Sleep, The Haunting Of Hill House) He was able to make a story that basically takes place in one room with really one character truly become captivating. Again, I won't go into heavy spoilers, but this story truly does show the survival of one woman from both the past, as well as the present as time is ticking away, and she's forced to comfort her inner demons, really having no idea how close danger really is. There's quite the shocking twist towards the end of the movie, and our hero finally makes a stand, comforting the past, as well as the men in her life who have harmed her. It's such a symbolic moment, but I will forever love the line "You're real! You're made of moonlight!" I can't urge people to run and check this movie out ASAP on Netflix. Trust me it's worth it!

1) Final shot - The Mist.
- No spoilers with this one. But if you know. I'll never forget seeing this when it first came and the gasps in the audience that happened when the ending played out. Man oh man! Very hard to watch! King himself has said he felt the ending was brilliant, and wished he had thought of it when he wrote the short story. I mean if King wishes he wrote/thought of know it's good!

Thoughts? What are yours?
Happy Stephen King Week!

- Guys, it took me everything within my power not to post moments from Maximum Overdrive and The Mangler. I don't know about you...but that's what I call growth. Ha!