Friday, March 19, 2021

10 roles Brandon Lee could have played part 2!

 10 roles Brandon Lee could have played part 2!

The end of this month marks the 28th anniversary of the tragic passing of Brandon Lee. I was inspired to write a follow up after the tremendous feedback I received after publishing the original article in January. Over sixty replies were sent to me when I asked what other roles people could have totally seen Brandon play had he lived? Some were so good, I'll fully admit I couldn't believe I hadn't thought of. I guess what it really comes down to that after almost thirty years, Brandon's legacy still very much lives on. Since the first article, I even got his character from The Crow tattooed on me. This wasn't to celebrate the tragedy that honestly cost the world a talented young actor, but to celebrate the final character he got to play, a character he was so proud of playing. One that you could tell he put his heart and soul into, and sadly paid the ultimate price with playing. I also was able to watch his very first starring role from 1986. Legacy of Rage directed by Ronny Yu ( Freddy vs Jason and Bride of Chucky) Shot entirely in Cantonese, this movie totally blew me away. Sure it was cheesy at times, but the amount of action/violence packed into the final fifteen minutes was downright insane. Despite the film's flaws. Brandon even back when was showing the talent of being a leading man no matter what the material was. It was a bittersweet moment once I finished his very brief filmography. I firmly believe had he lived, he eventually would have achieved his ultimate goal in no longer being associated as being the son of Bruce Lee (I feel The Crow would have made that possible), but I think he also would have gotten the chance in finally playing more dramatic and romantic leads. After listening to a podcast with his sister and a close family friend, I was stunned to learn he was actually up for the role in Say Anything! They kept agreeing the one thing missing from his brief career was having the chance to play a romantic role. Really makes you sometimes think "What if?"

With trailers for the new Mortal Kombat coming out, I can't help but feel a small tug of sadness. I will forever mourn the fact that he never got to play Johnny Cage in the 90's version.

Then again, there's a ton of roles I feel fans will forever think of, wondering what Brandon would have done with the part?

So here are 10 more roles myself and others feel he could have played...

Korben Dallas - The Fifth Element

- The Fifth Element would have been a perfect mixture of fantasy, comedy, science fiction, romance, and yes action that would had been a true pleasure watching Brandon do. I really feel Korben Dallas was a role he really would have made his own and bring something different than Bruce Willis. Plus his chemistry with Milla Jovovich would have been insane. 

Casey Jones - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

- I'm sure Brandon in 1990 wanted to pull away from movies like this, but seeing that it was for the time one of the most successful independent films made, and aimed towards children would have been pretty cool to see on his list of credits. He seemed like a pretty laid back, playful guy so seeing him party with a bunch of turtles while beating bad guys up with a hockey stick doesn't seem really that crazy. What? Only me?

Lloyd Dobler - Say Anything 

- Listen, I love me some John Cusack (I even dressed up as his character from this movie in high school for Halloween) but man, after learning from his sister that he was actually up for this role...really makes you wonder. First off, the kickboxing storyline would have fit perfectly, also seeing him play a romantic lead would be heartwarming, as well as downright sweet for the plain and simple reason that romantic leads were something Brandon wanted to do up until his death. Plus him holding the boombox blasting "In your eyes" Oh my God...everything!

Eric - The Crow City Of Angels

- Man, what I would have done to see what the original treatment would have looked like had Brandon lived and he was still signed onto his three film deal to continue playing Eric. It would have been awesome to see him with a grown Sarah fighting more bad guys (part 2 is flawed, but visually stunning) In fact, after just recently rewatching, as much as this new guy tired...I couldn't help but feel bummed out. That role was made by Brandon, and it's truly such a heartbreaking fact that he never got to continue on with that character. Even though I know the material is endless with the graphic novels, but each time plans on a remake fall through I can't help but celebrate. It isn't the whole "against remakes" argument, but, a sign of respect for Brandon.

Seth Gecko - From Dusk Till Dawn

- Probably one of my favorite picks that was sent to me. I love the first From Dusk Till Dawn. (perfect writing with the twist that happens midway through) It goes from an over the top violent crime movie, into an action packed horror film.) Brandon would have played the perfect Seth. Plus those tribal tattoos! Probably one of the few times those would actually look good. Also him screaming "Did they look like psychos?! Do psychos explode when sunlight hits them?!"

Seth - City Of Angels 

- Nothing against Mr. Cage, but I think with a little recasting (sorry Meg Ryan, love you but you would have to go as well) this 90's romance would have been perfect for Brandon to play. Him as an angel?! Perfection.

Clarence - True Romance

-My third "romance" on the list. The perfect blend of Tony Scott and Quentin Tarantino, along with one of the best casts I've seen in a film for years. True Romance isn't your typical romance movie, and even though Christian did a killer job, I feel Brandon would have really nail the role of Clarence. The Elvis loving romantic. Brandon wasn't your typical leading man, and True Romance wasn't your typical romantic movie. His chemistry with Arquette I feel would have been off the charts. Legit, roles like this are what I feel Brandon would have wanted to seek out since they weren't your typical traditional roles.

Dirk - Boogie Nights 

- A co-worker sent me this idea, and I couldn't stop laughing. Not just for the memorable ending (he he he), but this would have been the perfect role for Brandon to show his comedic talents. Something he was able to show a little bit in Showdown In Little Tokyo. Plus him singing "You got the touch!" Come on iconic.

Tyler - Fight Club 

- I really hate to admit this, but I'm not a huge fan of Fight Club. Yeah, yeah, the twist for the time it was released was pretty shocking. Sadly this triggered so many knockoffs to follow, which really in my eyes was just sloppy/lazy writing. Still, seeing Brandon take over the role made famous by Mr. Brad Pitt I think would have elevated the movie a little bit more. Nothing against Pitt, he's a great actor...but seeing Brandon go head to head with Edward Norton really would have been one for the books!

T-1000 - Terminator II Judgement Day 

-I know, I know...Robert Patrick will forever be the liquid metal man. Still, really take a second to think about it. With his martial arts training, Brandon was limber, and able to use his body from head to toe. I think what would have really nailed it was the intensity in his eyes. Also that massive showdown at the  factory at the end would have been epic. Him getting frozen with the liquid nitrogen! Come on!

Runner ups - Benjamin from The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, Danny from Doctor Sleep, Edward from Edward Scissorhands, J.D from Heathers, Paul Avery Zodiac, older Joe from Looper, Joe from Flatliners, and Chigurh from No Country For Old Men.

Oh and how about him playing The Mandalorian?!

- In closing, on March 31st I shall be raising a glass in honor of Mr. Lee. Who knows, someday in the future there might even be a part 3 to this article, which just proves that the list of roles Brandon could have played are limitless. We miss you Brandon! Rest in power!!!