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Top 10 Stephen King moments!

 Top 10 Stephen King moments!

Happy Stephen King Week everyone! 2021 certainly has been 2020 with a wig on, so over here at Staystillreviews we're trying to make the best of things for the Fall. In classic tradition, we kick off the Autumn with one of our favorite themed weeks. Stephen King Week! In honor of his birthday, over on Instagram, fans from all over post themed photos based off their favorite King's films/novels. I myself also try to watch 1 to 2 of his movies or TV episodes based off his works each night. I'm currently sitting with some spiked cider, Winchester the dog by my feet, and Thinner playing. There's supposed to be a harvest moon tonight, so the crisp spooky, Autumn kind of night I'm looking for is certainly taking place. Thinking back on the never ending list of classic movies there are to watch from his work, it got me thinking...what are my top 10 favorite Stephen King moments and why?

10) "Acid bitch." - Thinner
- I absolutely love Thinner. Tom Holland certainly was the right man to direct such a crazy story. Between the mind blowing makeups, creepy theme, and of course the colorful characters played brilliantly by this top notch cast. My favorite has to be mob boss Richie...aka Richie the hammer. Weak, and desperate, Billy decides to call in a favor from Richie (who he had perviously helped in court) wanting to return the favor, Richie shows up, and is the perfect weak against the gypsy clan who refuse to take Billy's curse off. My favorite scene is when Richie poses as an FBI agent, taking Gina away to a remote barn. Here he reveals his true identity, before making her balance a jar of acid on her forehead. I will forever love the line "Acid bitch!" I don't know about you, but I absolutely loved Richie as a character, and how even in the end Tadzu tells Billy "I'll have to take it off so your crazy friend doesn't kill my Gina." Smart move buddy! Don't mess with Richie!

9) The quarry scene - IT Chapter II
- I'm one of the few people that preferred IT Chapter II instead of Chapter I. I have nothing against the first movie, but I feel part II really stepped things up, and retold the part of the original mini series that I felt needed a modern retelling, both with casting and production. After the nightmarish ride of a movie, we're shown the last of the Losers jumping into the very same quarry they swam in from the first movie. As they wash the blood off themselves, they all start remembering their now deceased friend Eddie, who's body they sadly had to leave behind underground. Richie ends up for once at a loss of words, not cracking a joke or one-liner and simply breaks down crying sitting in the water. Here his friends all surround him completely exhausted and wrap their arms around each other for comfort. Not a word is spoken, but you one hundred perfect know what they are all feeling. I feel this was the modern update on the whole "Help me." scene from the original mini series. Extremely moving.

8) "Show me." - Christine 
- Christine is hands down my ALL time favorite King movie. I mean 1983 certainly was a pretty powerhouse year for him. In that year alone Cujo, The Dead Zone, and this were all released. With news of a remake maybe happening (gags) I just think about how this film now nearly forty years old, still holds up 100% without any CGI. John Carpenter and Stephen King were truly a great team, and made one HELL of a movie. One of my favorite moments is after the bullies trash and destroy Christine, leaving poor Arnie desperate, feeling as if everyone has turned against him, as he returns to the garage alone one night looking at the shattered twisted remains of the only thing left in his life that he loves. Carpenter's flawless theme is what really brings this moment home for me. Seeing the car slowly start to repair itself, Arnie stands back, completely allowing this possessed machine to take whatever is left of his soul, and smiles saying " me." and show me she does! Here with the perfect usage of film being played I'm reverse, we watch as Christine repairs itself, popping out dents, fixing the bodywork, as well as the shattered glass and paint. Within seconds the car is completely restored, as Arnie stands back proudly smiling, looking as if he just witnessed the ultimate striptease. 

7) Carrie gets revenge - Carrie 
- Sorry, but the only Carrie film in my eyes is the 1970's Brian De Palma film. Man oh man...what a film! I think we all know why this moment makes the list. Of course there's endless classic moments from this movie, but the prom massacre is what really makes it for me. The whole set is visual eye candy. The lighting, the decorations, the wonderful usage of the split scene, crazy camera shots, and wide eyes of Sissy Spacek really makes you root for poor Carrie after being harassed by these assholes you sadly had no idea who they were messing with. From the long dramatic build up before the bucket drops, to Carrie's vision becoming like a kaleidoscope, the voice over of her mother chanting "They're all gonna laugh at you!" before her blood soaked body become covered in red lighting, as all HELL breaks free and man...I'm not afraid to say it, but this is one of the greatest moments of revenge taking place ever.

6) Rachel returns - Pet Sematary 
- I LOVE the original Pet Sematary (don't even get me started on the remake) Still, if I had to pick just one moment from the entire 1989 King classic, it would have to be the very last shot of the movie. Rachel has returned looking...well less than perfect, as poor insane Luis truly believes that despite his track record, using the burial ground worked in his favor. Well...spoiler alert! IT DOESN'T! Rachel and him begin kissing like two crazed lovers from some very twisted erotic romance novel (eyeball juices dripping and all) before in slow motion Rachel lifts the huge kitchen knife and boom! Cut to black before we hear Luis scream in pain and The Ramones' song Pet Sematary starts blasting over the credits. For sure one of my all time favorite endings to a King movie!

5) "Hope is a good thing." - The Shawshank Redemption 
- This one doesn't need much explaining. It's a near perfect film, and this moment really is one of my all time favorites. Red and Andy are friendship goals, and this quote will forever give me chills.

4) Johnny's final sacrifice - The Dead Zone
- "If God has seen fit to bless you with this gift. You should use it." - David Cronenberg's Dead Zone was released in 83 (same year as Christine, and Cujo) Even though this film is very dark, and can somewhat be depressing, it is still a beautiful tragic tale of a man who's life is turned upside down after waking from a five year coma after a near fatal car accident. When he wakes up, he discovers that the love of his life has moved on with a new husband, and baby, his parents are in debt due to his medical bills, his career as a school teacher of course gone, and something else. Something special. It appears that whenever he touches someone, he can see the past, present, or future. Here he begins a quest to use his "gift" for the greater good. It starts off with small events, such as warning a nurse when her house has caught fire, saving her young daughter's life, allowing his doctor to discover his long lost mother who he believed died in the war when he was a child is in fact alive and well, then helping stop a crazed serial killer from a small town in Maine. All of this builds up to him discovering that a man running for senator is a madman, and could very much be responsible for starting a new world war, killing millions. I won't completely spoil this one, but the final act will forever leave my jaw on the floor. Pretty chilling stuff with today's political climate. 

3) Larry and Ralph's prayers - The Stand. 
- I'm sorry, but I just couldn't get into the new Stand that came out last year. I really dug some of the casting, but story wise I just couldn't get into it. I feel why this is was simply because I grew up watching Mick Garris' epic mini series over and over, and over again as a kid. The 6 hour mini series is jammed packed with epic moments, but the one that always gives me chills is after Flagg and Lloyd shoot Glen while the Free Zone members that ventured West are being held in prison cells. Further down in the jail, both Ralph and Larry have heard the gunshot go off, knowing very much that their friend is dead. Here the men who's cells are right beside each other, slip their arms out, and hold hands and start praying knowing very well what awaits them.

2) "You're made of moonlight." - Gerald's Game 
- Gerald's Game is most likely one of the BEST adaptions of King's work in the last few years. Made for Netflix, the story that so many people didn't think could be made due to the subject matter were proven wrong when Mike Flanagan directed (Hush, Doctor Sleep, The Haunting Of Hill House) He was able to make a story that basically takes place in one room with really one character truly become captivating. Again, I won't go into heavy spoilers, but this story truly does show the survival of one woman from both the past, as well as the present as time is ticking away, and she's forced to comfort her inner demons, really having no idea how close danger really is. There's quite the shocking twist towards the end of the movie, and our hero finally makes a stand, comforting the past, as well as the men in her life who have harmed her. It's such a symbolic moment, but I will forever love the line "You're real! You're made of moonlight!" I can't urge people to run and check this movie out ASAP on Netflix. Trust me it's worth it!

1) Final shot - The Mist.
- No spoilers with this one. But if you know. I'll never forget seeing this when it first came and the gasps in the audience that happened when the ending played out. Man oh man! Very hard to watch! King himself has said he felt the ending was brilliant, and wished he had thought of it when he wrote the short story. I mean if King wishes he wrote/thought of know it's good!

Thoughts? What are yours?
Happy Stephen King Week!

- Guys, it took me everything within my power not to post moments from Maximum Overdrive and The Mangler. I don't know about you...but that's what I call growth. Ha!