Saturday, September 15, 2018

2018 Halloween mood table!!!

 2018 Halloween mood table!!!

In paying tribute to the amazing idea by Dinosaur Dracula, I've been keeping it a yearly tradition by putting together a Halloween mood table every September. This is a simple enough, but beyond fun idea where you take a table (any size) and set up the table, covering it with items that truly captures what Halloween and this time of year means to you! I've been doing this for the last three or four years. In fact, last year I decided to jazz things up by doing a Halloween mood chair, instead of a table (Really thinking outside the box Stacy! Wooo!) 

This year I've been fully committing 100% to get into total fall feels. This means I've been watching all Halloween/Fall themed movies and TV episodes. Burning cider donut candles, buying my first pumpkins of the season (which I'm sure will rot by the end of this month), and of course decorating my house while chugging apple cider, and pumpkin spice coffee by the gallon. This year since I'm doing some home improvements, there is construction going on downstairs where my den is. Aka Staystillreviews' headquarters. So I grabbed an old folding table I used to drag around for makeup jobs, and whipped up a pretty cool table to inspire me as we plan some killer fun updates for the remainder of this month, and October at Staystillreviews! I give you, the 2018 Halloween mood table!

Today I'll be breaking down roughly what I have here, that I selected as items that capture how we celebrate Halloween over here at Staystillreviews!

I won't be naming EVERY single item since it might take all day, but if I don't mention a piece, feel free to message and ask me about it! Can't wait to see other Halloween mood tables! Let's spread the spirit!

1) The first is Bob the corpse. I got Bob many years ago in Salem Mass, by my late mother who adored Halloween, and Halloween decorations. I can't exactly remember the details of when she bought this prop, but it was at a store, and Bob is half a burned corpse, who has seen better days. I do remember carrying it, completely loving the fact that he was coming home with us. Hey, some little girls get Barbies...I got half burned corpses. Bob has been a staple at Staystillreviews, even losing with arms (yikes) I love Bob, and have seen other dummies just like him, that go for a crazy amount of money (even though he's made out of latex and foam) I'll keep Bob as long as I can, as he feels the Halloween mood table fantasy.

2) My eyeball string lights. I got these puppies at Michael's craft stores back in 2015. Best 20$ I ever spent. You plug these suckers in, and usually are spread in front of my TV. I'm currently on the hunt, looking for another set to own.

3) Waxwork records' Creepshow artwork. - Waxwork records is legit one of my favorite vinyl companies. In fact, they are the main reason why I bought a record player and jumped on board to start collecting movie soundtracks on vinyl. The Creepshow release in the summer of 2014 is what sold me. What I really love is that with each release, you get gorgeous artwork that goes along with it. I have always loved this artwork of the creep, and would love to get it tattooed on me someday.

4) Mohawk DVD - I'm sure anyone who follows my IG, or this blog knows how much I LOVED the movie Mohawk that was released earlier this spring. I seriously need to upgrade to blu-ray, but I love this alternative artwork on the inside sleeve. If you haven't seen Mohawk yet, check it out on Netflix ASAP! In fact, this October I plan on getting the main character from it tattooed on me!

5) Custom Chip the movie loving kid pop figure - We all know Staystillreviews' mascot is Chip from Pee Wee's Big Adventure. A few years back I was really on this huge custom pop making kick. I'm not a massive pop fan, but I do think they can be pretty adorable. I only own about ten, but as a gag gift I made a couple based off my co-workers at my job. As a joke I made one into our very own Chip who holds his VHS table in all his glory. 

6) Echo-Cooler unopened can - Ah the summer of 2016. Such a simple time. The only good thing that came out of that cringe worthy Ghostbusters remake was the return of our favorite childhood green juice with enough sugar to take down the Stay Puff Marshmallow man. I bought a few cases, and drank the shit out of them, returning to the year 1992. I did open a can last summer, and man oh man...that shit went bad fast. So I only have one can left and it's going to stay unopened because let's face facts people...canned juice that's a couple years old taste like piss.

7) Dracula Teeth - I believe...and I stress believe I got these puppies from a flea-market. That's one thing I love, finding these cheap dollar store gag gifts or pops that you can buy a dime a dozen at joke shops, or party stores that become Halloween everything. One of the best things about this time of year is the cheap Halloween things you can pick up everywhere, including drug stores. I love little retro items like this, which I always try to toss into giveaways or care packages!

8) Assault On Precinct 13 steel book blu-ray. - One of my favorite movies by John Carpenter is his highly underrated 1970's crime film Assault. (No I'm not talking about the awful remake *cue eye roll*) This is a Carpenter film I discovered later in life. Even though it's more of a summer movie, I still can't stop gushing about the stunning artwork. I ordered this release from Shout Factory, and even got a poster based off it. I really do love alternative artwork, and the colors used in this are breathtaking. Yes I know I could have posted the Halloween blu-ray, but something about these colors strangely remind me of fall leafs. Complete visual eye candy!!!

9) Horror pins! - I have these babies scattered all over the table. They are from some of my favorite companies. London 1888, Theater Of Creeps, Gutter Snakes, Cavity Colors, Rat Knife, ect. I even have pins from great friends in the horror community like Ken Reid, and Eddie from Here Lies who makes AMAZING Halloween tapes which show Halloween themed episodes, commercials, and specials on a retro VHS tape. I own his Halloween and Christmas ones, and they are a must have to own and watch around this time of year!!! As for pins, check out all these companies. I'm not a huge pin collector, but some of these are just too cool.

10) Fan artwork of Chip! - A fellow friend/artist/and fan of Staystillreviews was one of the few people that wanted that extra 20 entries for my up coming fall giveaway. Even though I've loved all of the sketches I've received so far, this one takes the cake! Roughly based off my good friend Travis (who designs my logos, and has made every single Chip piece so far on my blog) this follower sent me part of the contest and as a nice little birthday surprise a piece of Chip running around in the leafs. Down right adorable. It warms my heart seeing Chip in more things. Long live our adorable mascot!

11) Amityville VHS tapes/phone case/promotional pin. - Again, I'm sure people know what a huge fan I am of the 6th installment of the Amityville series. I adore Amityville 1992. Not only is it one of my favorite movies, it's also one of my favorite sequels. I mean it features Chip himself Mr. Damon Martin! On my table I have my original VHS table, as well as a very cool tape from Japan that shows some pretty amazing artwork. Behind it is my very first iPhone case of the poster, and a very cool promotional pin that rental stores gave out when the first originally came out. Long live 1992!!!

12) Custom self portrait by Travis Falligant! - I mentioned my friend and artist Travis Falligant, who I believe is one of the best artist around. Travis and I have been working together for several years. He's done dozens of pieces for me, including two art series, AND designing my blog's logo as well as making our very own mascot Chip the movie loving kid. A few years back Travis did an awesome piece of me, and I gotta say, it really captures my love of all things Spooky. I've never looked more gore-gous! Muhahahahah!

13) Stranger Things soap by Meg Reddy Duffy at Fiona's Fright Shoppe! - My good friend Meg, who has the most adorable family ever runs a little soap company of amazing yummy smelling soaps at conventions that are all movie themed. It's a tradition to buy from her table every time I see her at a show. This past summer I ran into her at a tiny little convention and just fell in love with her Stranger Things soap which smells just like pancakes! Check out Fiona's Fright Shoppe ASAP! Her soaps are amazing, and perfect gift ideas!

14) Night Of The Demons art print signed by Steve Johnson - My good friend Heather Murphy was amazing enough to send me this gorgeous Night Of The Demons print for my birthday this year since both myself and this movie turned 30 this year. If you look closely you'll see two Steve Johnson autographs on this table. Steve is my favorite makeup artist, and I've been lucky enough to have met him, and have friends get him to sign stuff of his for me. This man worked on Big Trouble In Little China, Fright Night, Ghostbusters, The Abyss, and A Nightmare On Elm Street 4, and has the best sense of humor e-v-e-r. His girlfriend Heather Murphy is seriously one of my favorite people I've met online, and she was sweet enough to have Steve sign this print for me. Night Of The Demons is one of the ultimate Halloween movies ever, and seeing Mr. Johnson's ex-wife in all her glory fully embracing lipstick and all things spooky.

15) Horror vinyl - I had the House and House II vinyl, Pieces, and Cujo soundtracks laying there. Like I said earlier I jumped on the vinyl train a few years back mostly to collect soundtracks based off killer horror movies, that were finally getting the respect they deserve in the form of vinyl records. I love collecting them for the vinyl artwork, and colorful records and styles they come in. My collection is slowly building, but always around this time of year I love cranking these records while blogging or sketching. In fact, just this morning I played the Cujo soundtrack while sipping my coffee this morning. Pure...Heaven.

16) VHS tapes! - I could have covered my table with VHS tapes. Instead I just picked a few. Not exactly Halloween movies, but scary films that remind me of the fall as I crank out marathon after marathon. I have the House series 1-4, Class of 1999 (I just got the blu-ray, and it's a tradition of mine to watch this movie every fall while having soup...don't ask.), and Rejuvenator. One of the coolest splatter films with amazing effects! Nothing says fall more than putting in a horror tape, and getting cozy with some warm apple cider!

17) Light up Eyeball ring - A must own for any eyeball or Halloween fan. Got this pretty little light up plastic ring durning my Dollar Store Challenge last year. I'm actually impressed by how bright this ring lights up! Love finding stuff like this. 

18) Halloween goo, and slime - Another awesome thing to have. I'm a child, I love slime, silly putty, and basically anything that looks like snot. This whole slime phase that took over a few years back was pretty cool, but I always try to find a plastic jar of something gross to jazz up the table!

19) Ghoulies II phone case - One thing you gotta hand to me, I always have interesting phone cases. This baby features Damon Martin (Chip) at his hottest in Ghoulies II. This guy was such a dream boat in the 80's and 90's. I love watching Ghoulies II all the time, but it's always on my must-watch list every October!

20) The Stepfather DVD - One of my favorite slashers. It perfectly captures autumn with breathtaking shots of the suburbs and the colorful trees lining the streets. This film takes place in late October/November, and is a film I always watch to get into the Fall state of mind!

21) Halloween decorations! - Let it be cheap plastic pumpkins, fake leafs, glitter eyeballs, squishy brains, or monster and zombie finger puppets, it's cheap little things like this that I love and eat up. I always litter my Halloween tables with a bunch of this stuff. It's tiny little things like this I love scattering on my mood tables for the season.

And last but not least, Mr. C from Twin Peaks looms over the table, looking sexy AF. Wooooooo!!!

Stay tuned for more updates and post photos of more Halloween mood tables! I can't wait to see!!!

Monday, September 10, 2018

Staystillreviews' annual Halloween Dollar Store Challenge!!!

 Staystillreviews' annual Halloween Dollar Store Challenge!!!

It's the most wonderful time of the year!!! Yep, that's right, it's our annual Staystillreviews' annual Halloween Dollar Store Challenge!!! I've been doing this as a way to kick off the Halloween season for the past several years, and I think I may even try to attempt some sort of version of this before the Christmas holiday! The rules are simple. Find a low-end dollar store, take 30$, and split it 50/50 with a friend. Here you go shopping for ten minutes, and need to buy 15$ worth of Halloween stuff. There are no limits, besides sticking with your budget! This time around, I decided to venture to the same Dollar Store that's near my local DMV.

 It's in a really bad neighborhood and is sandwiched between a buffet, and a really shitty Marshalls. This is the same one I've been going to, and decided to kick things off with my friend Mike after a trip to Target where I got a stupid amount of Halloween treats. Y.O.L.O. 

Once there we split our cash and went our separate ways. I gotta admit, we might have gone a little early since they were in the process of setting up their Halloween display. Still, as we separated, I couldn't help but admire the lovely cracker display up front.

So lit.

The place was a mess, but hey that's part of the charm, along with the musty smelling carpet. I did enjoy looking at the walls filled with Halloween decorations and treats. I mean what says happiness more than a bunch of cluttered pumpkins looking like a war zone?


After our purchases, we quickly shared the same disappointment that the selection wasn't as epic as it's been in the past. So, as a bonus round, we hit the Dollar Store closer to my house where we both spent 5$ each. I say that's money well spent!

This was our final haul. This was what Mike got this time...
Mike goes more for decorations to use in his apartment. He got a couple of bags of fake little foam pumpkins, pinecones, and acorns. He also got Halloween masks, several Halloween signs (which are super nice quality!), as well as Halloween cups. He also got salted cashews...because that's Mike for you.

This was my haul...

Two for the price of 1 Halloween bags which are ADORABLE! I usually use these as lunch bags or fill them up with goodies for up coming giveaways! I got fake witch fingers (a great drinking game is putting these on and trying to open a beer wearing them.)

 got this STUPID fake candle I thought lights up...but low and behold it doesn't. I have a fake candle...that doesn't light up (...) thanks dollar store!, I got fake glitter blood, two sets of fake light up candles (THAT LIGHT UP!), Cool zombie window gel stickers,  a light up pumpkin lantern, a hanging ghoul decoration, a fake glitter spider, really pretty black and orange pumpkins (which are currently in my living room), these awesome glitter eyeball earrings that I got last year, a killer pumpkin beer holder (reminds me of Joe Bob Briggs), and these cool plastic pumpkin holders that remind me of old school 80's decorations. This was a really decent haul, and all for 15$ I do think I cheated and added a small fake crow as an impulse buy at the check-out line...I just couldn't help myself.

This is what me and Mike got at the second location...
One light up owl which I absolutely love. A set of super pretty fake pumpkins, a foam pumpkin, with plastic attachments instead of carving it. These awesome bone hands which I plan on putting into every IG post I can. Fake candles, silly spring glasses (that I had way too much fun wearing), black goo (perfect for Creepshow 2 photos), and a fake glass pumpkin that said EEK! Now that was fun shopping!!!

So all in all, a very successful shopping trip, which I'm sure won't be the last of the season. Stay tuned for more Fall themed fun as well another killer giveaway!!!