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Ranking Quentin Tarantino's endings!

Ranking Quentin Tarantino's endings!

I know he isn't for everyone, but I'm actually a pretty big Tarantino fan. Thanks to my mother, who was a huge fan of his films himself, I was one of the only girls in the 6th grade who had dozens of Reservoir Dogs posters since I was hopelessly in love with Michael Madse (Mr. Blond) I grew up watching his ultra violent "hip" films, and can still remember when my mother rented Pulp Fiction for me, as well as showing me films he had written and even starred in (True Romance, and From Dusk Till Dawn.) I think why I loved Tarantino's films is the memories I have associated with my late mother. I remember she even bought me one of those Kangaroo hats that Samuel L Jackson and Pam Grier wear in Jackie Brown. (Clearly I was a cool kid way back in 1997) and how excited I was to see both installments of Kill Bill in high school as well as the epic otherwise known Grindhouse where I got to see Tarantino's take on a slasher film, but instead of the killer using a knife, he used a car. One thing that always bums me out is how amazing his films have gotten over the years. I lost my mother in early 2009, and I remember watching Inglorious Bastards and thinking how much my mother would have loved this film. Since Bastards, Tarantino has made period pieces with big sweeping epics taking place at different times in history. Some films I've enjoyed more than others, some I'm downright loved. It took me two viewings to fully appreciate Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (his latest film) but it reminded me how Tarantino always knows how to make on HELL of an ending to his stories. So today paying tribute not only to Quentin, but my late mother as well, I'm making bloody Mary's, cranking the A.C and having a Tarantino marathon, as I rank the endings to his films from least favorite to top favorite. Please tell me yours and why you picked that certain order.

10) Death Proof
- Two weeks ago I visited Chicago, where I stayed with my very good friend Melissa and her fiancé' Brandon. The three of us geeked out, watching and talking movies. The biggest subject of course was Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. We stared ranking Tarantino's films, and we all basically agreed that sadly Quentin's half of the 2007 epic Grindhouse, was the weakest of the two films. Still, I grew up watching 70's car movies thanks to my father. I got the references that were constant in this film (Smokey And The Bandit, White Line Fever, Grand Theft Auto, Eat My Dust, Dirty Mary Crazy Larry, ect.) There's a special kind of excitement when you watch these films, and see how fast these reckless stuntmen were really driving n the days long before CGI. Sadly being the follow up to the action packed Planet Terror, Death Proof seemed to drag in spots, and featured some of the most unlikeable female characters I've ever seen. Don't get me wrong (Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and Zoe Bell rocked, but everyone else...mostly Tracie Thoms were the worst. I actually couldn't wait until these women were killed off and found myself rooting for Kurt Russell. Don't even get me started on Rosario Dawson *eye roll* I cringe every time the women walk up to Stuntman Mike's turned over car. The fact she rolls up her pant legs to look "badass" makes me just shake my head. I'm sorry but if Kim said "Boo-Yeah!" or "Tap that ass!" one more time I was gonna flip out. I'm glad the girls got the upper hand on Mike, but when you have such an unlikeable group of women, you just can't root for them. I will give this movie props, the whole ship mast part had me on the edge of my seat. I couldn't believe how great the car chase scenes were shot, but this is Tarantino's weakest film, and has the weakest ending. You know it's pretty bad when Quentin himself has one on record agreeing, this film just simply dropped the ball.

Kill Bill Vol. 2
- I was a huge fan of both Kill Bill movies in high school. Sadly I feel both films haven't aged very well in my eyes, but both are two very fun films. One paying tribute to kung fu movies, the other spaghetti westerns. Both are great revenge movies, and if somebody asked me I actually prefer Vol. 2 than Vol 1. But, I'm sure I'm not alone to say the film sorta fell flat in the last ten minutes. Still, I really gotta hand it to Tarantino for not doing the huge epic fight scene that we got in the last installment. Instead it was more about the bride and Bill's complicated relationship, The ending is sweet, we actually get a happy ending, and finally Uma Thurman's character can find peace after murdering hundreds of people to get her revenge. She has her daughter, and the last we see of her she's laughing and smiling in a car with her adorable daughter BeBe smiling beside her. The credits with that beauitfuil Spanish song playing really sets the mood, but I feel after all that build up when you compare it to the huge cliffhanger that the pervious installment left us with, Vol. 2 wraps things up nicely since it's the end of the story, but just doesn't seem to truly pack a punch. Still, three cheers to a happy ending as the bride drives into a very unknown but happy future. 

Reservoir Dogs
- Reservoir Dogs is the perfect example you don't need a huge budget to tell a very compelling story. I've always been a fan of Tarantino's first film, and for the first half of the move you try to piece together what the characters say on what exactly happened during the robbery gone wrong? Also there's the evidence that leads us to believe there's a rat in the group. After we learn who it is, and how they became a member of the group, flashbacks are shown leading up to the present time where our undercover police officer Mr. Orange lays bleeding on the floor (To this day this injury still bothers me since I have heard getting shot in the stomach is one of the most painful injuries a person can suffer from.) After the crazed Mr. Blond is taken down, there's finally a Mexican stand-off with several of the characters all of who don't trust each other. The head boss is ready to kill Mr. Orange, convinced he's the rat, where Mr. White, a professional who has bonded with Mr. Orange over the course of the last few weeks pleads for the young man's life. He tells his boss/friends that they have it all wrong, that Mr. Orange is innocent, and he took a bullet earlier and very well might die if not brought to medical attention. It's a tense scene, and in the end everyone gets up shooting. Mr. White is the only survivor of this shootout, and is left badly wounded. He crawls over to Mr. Orange who's laying in a puddle of his own blood and can hear the police closing in around the hideout. It's officaly over. He holds his friend, and Mr. Orange makes the very stupid mistake, riddled with guilt and admits that he is in fact a cop. The devastated moans that come from Mr. White are downright heartbreaking. He was wrong about everything, and he friends died because of it. Just as the police break down the door, their voices screaming off camera for Mr. White who holds Mr. Orange in his arms, a gun pointed at his head to put the weapon down, it's now all over. He fires killing Mr. Orange, resulting in the police blowing Mr. White away. It's tragic, and a very unhappy ending but realistic. I always feel so uncomfortable watching Mr. Orange. He begs to be taken to the hospital, even if Mr. White throws him out on the sidewalk, he promise not to say anything. You actually can feel this man's pain. Help is just a phone call away, but he's completely helpless trapped. The ending to this movie is far from happy, and pretty depressing but very well shot. You can't help but wish that Mr. Orange hadn't said anything, yet you can see the bond between him and Mr. White and perhaps knowing he was in fact dying, wanted to confess to him before it all came to its explosive ending.

Django Unchained
- It took me awhile to warm up to Django Unchained. I'm not the biggest Jamie Foxx fan. Still, I really liked when somebody said instead of this being a Western, this was a Southern. I found the entire last act a lot of fun, and really did like the "Fall of Candyland." This film had it's high and low points, but this truly was a satisfying ending. From the moment Calvin Candie is killed, all the way to Django showing up after his funeral to take down everyone and free his wife. I really loved how truly 
"explosive" it is, seeing the bad guys finally get what's coming to them Billy Cash, Ms. Laura, ect. Here we get to see a happy fairytale ending as Django gets to ride off into the moonlight with his wife Broomhilda. It's a happy ending. but this film is far from being my favorite. At least it's satisfying over the top ending!

Pulp Fiction
"I think we should be leaving now." "Yeah, that's probably a good idea." Pulp Fiction is a very fun movie, I associate it with memories of watching it with my mother. The very last chapter shows the characters of Vincent and Jules trying to relax a little after the morning from Hell. Not only did a miracle happen, Vincent accidentally shot Marvin in the face, resulting in a very stressful next hour by calling "The Wolf" up who helps them clean the mess up, and leave the two hitmen in casual clothing, exhausted, and deciding to go grab breakfast before delivering a very important suitcase to their boss. While at the restaurant, the two talk bacon, charming animals, and Jules' unknown future, when the two robbers Pumpkin and Honey Bunny pick this very inconvenient time to rob the restaurant. After a very tense stand-off, Jules allows the two lovers to leave with the loot, but spare the suitcase for them. Here we see the restaurant left in stunned silence, before Vincent leans in and tells Jules they should be leaving. Both get up, with the iconic soundtrack playing as they tuck their guns away, and leave. Totally iconic. 

Kill Bill Vol. 1
- "This woman deserves her revenge...and we deserve to die." Both Kill Bill movies are far from perfect movies, but nevertheless showcases a very strong female character who goes on an epic journey to get revenge on her ex-colleagues who were hired by her boss and ex-lover Bill to murder her, her fiancé', and friends on her wedding day after taking off, and leaving her life as a hired as an assassin. Here she's left for dead, and when she awakes after a five year coma, she discovers that her unborn child dead, and a steel plate in her head where Bill shot her. Here the audience witness as she tracks down everyone responsible on her hit-list. At the very end, after taking out hundreds of people, and leaving a witness mutilated with a message for Bill, and the last people on her kill list. In the final moments we see the last people on the list (Ellie and Budd who both have two VERY different thought knowing the bride is after them.) Then we're left with a HUGE reveal. Her daughter is actually still alive. Great use of editing and music! I still remember hating having to wait a whole year to see the next installment. Tarantino was very ahead of his time.

Jackie Brown
- Jackie Brown is one of my favorite Tarantino movies, and highly underrated. I found the entire heist storyline very compelling. This is LA through Quentin's eyes in the late 90's, and somehow it still felt as if it was straight from the 70's. At the very end after everything is said and done, Ordell is dead, Jackie is cleared by the police, and secretly now set money wise after robbing Ordell right under his nose. Here she has plans to go to Europe, and live out her years peacefully and for once happy. Here she says a very tearful goodbye to Max Cherry, the man who helped her from the beginning. Here you SO badly wants them to run away together. Instead Tarantino keeps it realistic, where they say their goodbyes, and with a beautiful usage of the soundtrack, we watch as Jackie Brown drives away, the camera staying on her face as she drives into an unknown, but hopefully happy future and it fades out on Max who's near tears knowing the love of his life just walked out. This film needs more credit, it's genius.

The Hateful Eight
- This in my eyes is one of Tarantino's best endings. Here we get to see his gritty look of a group of very unlikeable characters, all held up during a blizzard as the audience is forced to guess who's trying to free Daisy. For nearly three hours, we watch as tensions build, and at the very end we witness the last men "standing" or so to speak. Major Warren and Sheriff Mannix finally pay tribute to John Ruth by hanging Daisy. Bleeding to death, knowing that they are in fact going to die, the two lay back exhausted, covered in blood before Mannix asks to read Warren's fake letter he told people;e for years was written by President Lincoln. Here Walton Goggins reads the letter, and there's just something soothing about his voice, but I find it extremely peaceful. "Ole' Mary Todd...that's a nice touch." I love that these two men who have hated each other throughout the entire film, finally put their differences aside and work together. Here we witness them die together, and the credit songs play, basically explaining...nobody is coming home. Perfection.

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood
- This took two viewings, but it's safe to say this was a truly wonderful film. I always like to think my mother, who I've mentioned earlier, would have truly loved Tarantino's films in the later half of his career. Once Upon A Time is a perfect example. Here we get to see the dying golden age of Hollywood, following these two underdogs, and in typical Inglorious Bastard fashion, we watch as he alter history. The last twenty minutes of this film is truly everything. We get to witness the Manson crew decide to kill Rick Dalton the TV star instead, and hit his house just as his stuntman and best friend Cliff has just taken his dog Brandi out for a walk, and smoked an acid dipped cigarette which has just decided to take effect as soon as they kick the front door open. With a perfect use of music playing in the background, Quentin plays off comic relief, balancing the very serious subject matter off perfectly as we witness these three psychos get exactly what they deserve. The best has to be when one of the girls comes crashing through the glass door screaming bloody murder and falls into the pool surprising Rick who's wasted jamming out with his headphones on floating in his pool (mood) Surprised by this, he scrambles out of the pool and grabs his flame thrower and kills the last girl. We end up witnessing the ending we all wish had happened. Sharon Tate and the others survive the events of that horrible night and invite Rick over for drinks. That lingering shot of them all standing in the driveway is sad since you know what really happened. This is simply a fairytale, that should have happened.

Inglorious Bastards
- "You know something Utivich? This may be my masterpiece?" This hands down is Tarantino's strongest ending. I love how he rewrote history, and yet again this is how we wished WWII ended. This entire movie is cinema perfection, but yet again the action really kicks up in the last twenty minutes. We get to see the amazing theater massacre, and in the end Hans Landa being the snake he is, surrendering and selling out his side. Well, Aldo can see right through his bullshit and asks the million dollar question. "Once the war is over, what do you plan on doing with your uniform?" Not wanting Hans to forget that he was in fact a murdering SS officer, he pins him down with Utivich "The little man" and carves a Nazi symbol right into his forehead. Here we see the same exact spot we watched earlier, as Aldo and Utivich smile staring down at the screaming crying Landa, as Aldo claims "You know something Utivich? This may be my masterpiece." Both smile down at the audience, as if they know how over the top and crazy this would be ending is. Complete perfection.

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Meeting my two convention unicorns!

 Meeting my two convention unicorns!

I honestly know if I don't start writing this down now, I'm definitely going to lose details in these next days following my trip to Chicago. So basically this is just me rambling about how I was able to meet Sam and Ted Raimi this past weekend. I figured get the details straight before everything gets swallowed up in the fog. I honestly hardly never get starstruck anymore. After working and attending conventions for over thirteen years you slowly start to become unphased by celebrity guests. I remember the early days of when I first started going to shows, and how much of a mess I would feel meeting these actors, artists, writers, and directors that played such a huge role in my childhood. As time passed, the list of people I really cared about meeting at these shows became smaller and smaller. I've had great experiences 98% of the time, and as a huge collector really love occasionally attending these events. I've met so many friends over the years going to these things, as well as having millions of great memories! The two actors that were truly left on my list of people that I knew for certain I would completely lose it over if I was ever lucky enough to meet were just two men, in fact...they were brothers.

Sam and Ted Raimi.

I feel like I knocked out the really big ones that meant a lot to be growing up. (Zach Galligan, Michael Biehn, Robert Englund, Corey Haim/Feldman, Joe Bob Briggs etc) Sure there are big ones that are actually amazing me as I see them start to appear at certain shows over the world, but my top ten list of to die for meetings wasn't very big. Sure Oliver Parker (Nightbreed) and John D LeMay (Friday the 13th the series) are still on it, but Sam and Ted were always at the top. I've been a massive Raimi fan for years. Like most I was raised on the Evil Dead trilogy. It wasn't until roughly 2011 when a friend talked me into buying Intruder on the newly released blu-ray that I realized how much I loved these guys. It may sound strange, but I love Sam's acting. Don't get me wrong, he is an AMAZING writer and director. His style is iconic and forever will be looked up too. This is a man who never swayed from his vision and has made countless classics (Evil Dead trilogy, Darkman, The Quick And The Dead, The Gift, Drag Me to Hell, etc) I'm not even counting ALL of his movies which are all actually decent (dare I admit I even like Spiderman 3? Yeah I know!) But what interested me was Sam's brief dabble in acting. He usually appeared in cameos or brief roles as favors to his fellow friends who were also in the business. I LOVED his part in the 1989 supermarket slasher Intruder! He played Randy the butcher, who was seriously adorable and suffered one of the top deaths in the entire movie. I oddly found this film very comforting, and was blown away that I had slept on such a classic that featured such a packed cast, as well as having some of the best KNB makeup I've ever seen! I became obsessed. I began to draw, paint, and airbrush Sam as different characters he played. I drew him as Randy hanging on the meathook, even sculpted him from it! I looked up his other little parts (Indian summer, Spies Like Us, Innocent Blood, etc) I died anytime I caught him appearing in something and it suddenly clicked I had been watching Sam long before I discovered the movies he wrote and directed. I completely forgot he appeared in The Stand mini series, a staple in my household growing up! 2012 I truly couldn't get enough. I found fellow friends who were truly die hard Raimi fans. I watched his behind the scenes footage, listened to his commentaries, and watched everything he was involved in. I even was lucky enough to have spoken to people who had worked with him and always heard nothing but good things! In 2014 my friend and tattoo artist even tattooed Sam from Intruder on me. I knew I needed this, and it still after all these years is one of my favorites.

I continued rooting for team Raimi all these years later, everyone knowing he was my favorite director. I'm even one of the few lucky people out there to actually own a Fright Rags Raimi Brothers hoodie that was only released to 2 other people! I continued collecting, watching, and researching, loving every project he did (Yep, I even saw Oz The Great And The Powerful!) So many people see him as just the dude who directed Spiderman, I saw him as the crazy lovable genius who loved to torture his little brother Ted and best friend Bruce!

A few years later I was offered to work Sam's younger brother Ted's table at HorrorHound in 2014. I remember how pumped I was. I equally (maybe even love more) Ted than Sam. Ted is the man we constantly see. He isn't behind the camera often, and is a stable in Sam's film world (I'm still bitter he didn't have a cameo in The Quick And The Dead!) He was forever in my eyes the character actor who in the early 90's always wore glasses, and more than often got killed. I still remember how huge The Grudge remake was when I was in high school and what a kick I got out of it when he was killed off! Sadly at HorrorHound he got sick and had to cancel, still I knew someday I would meet this handsome funny Raimi brother who appeared in such classics like Shocker, The Evil Dead trilogy, Skinner, Lunatics A Love Story, Blood Rage, Darkman, TWIN PEAKS, Candyman, Wishmaster, Sea Quest, Xena, The Grudge, and even the Spiderman movies. I really love Ted's late 80's to mid 90's work. He's seriously has been in so many movies! I know a lot of people zone him into Sam's films, but he's worked in so much stuff I actually believe he has 99 credits to his name on IMDB!

He was a guest at a local convention in Mass called Rock & Shock. I was pumped to meet him, but as fate would have it I got extremely sick and was unable to meet him! (I KNOW!) I was able to sit through his Q&A which I found him absolutely hilarious as well as charming. Legit I could listen to this man speak for hours. His stories were the best! I got so upset in the weeks following that I was too sick to meet him and might have missed my chance. I began the Ash Vs Evil Dead series (I know, better late than never) and knew I needed to pay tribute to this Raimi brother as well! That December I had Shane tattoo Ted from Darkman, and a few months later actually at the beginning of this summer I had him ink Ted from the cover of Skinner (My favorite Ted Raimi movie which got a KILLER blu-ray release this past winter) I began watching everything Ted, and even had my good friend Travis (designer of Chip our blog's mascot) to make a piece based off of Ted as Pac-Man from Wes Craven's Shocker (one of the first Ted movies I ever saw) I think anyone who knows me, or follows this blog/my social media knows what a massive Ted fan I am. I knew I NEEDED to meet him. Luckly this winter I truly think was a sign of fate since it was announced Ted AND Sam were going to appear at a convention in Chicago, where one of my best friends Melissa lives. I instantly said "Fuck it!" and ordered tickets. Now you know this is a BIG deal if I travel (I hate traveling let alone have to deal with airports.) But I vowed I wouldn't miss my chance again, and could finally meet my top of the list...aka my convention unicorns. I was told once Sam would NEVER do a horror convention because he was too "big" Man, little did I know! So Friday I flew out, meeting up with my friends Melissa and Brandon and on Saturday we ventured to the show.

I have to be completely honest, a lot of it was a blur. It's been YEARS since I've been this nervous about meeting a guest. I knew I needed to just knock Ted off the list since he was my #1 pick of meeting since we missed the chance twice before. Mellissa went with me, and I was a wreck (props to Melissa for holding my stuff and helping, if I was alone it would have been a total train wreck.) I remember right before we walked over to him I turned toward Melissa in awe.

I was about to meet Ted Raimi.

I walked over, feeling nervous as Hell, but introduced myself. I right away told him how I was from Boston, and since I was too sick to meet him there, as soon as I heard he was going to be in Chicago, I wanted to meet him. I then told him first I wanted to show him my tattoos. I walked around to the side and showed him the Darkman and Skinner one. He seemed pretty impressed saying "Oh man! That's awesome!" I laughed nervously saying I was clearly a huge fan, and wanted to give him something (mind you I felt like this was all happening within seconds) I gave him the Shocker print by Travis and he was floored over it. He couldn't believe that the clipboard actually said what it did in the movie. He asked me who did it and legit like an idiot I blanked on Travis' name. He asked if I could write it on the back of the print as long as it didn't bleed through. This was when I knew I was complete jello. I wrote Travis' IG handle sooooo messy on the back of his print. Ted asked if that was it? I nodded and said I would tag him (Could you fucking die?) I then handed him my two top items. One was my Lunatics A Love Story VHS (Which he snapped a pic of on his phone) The other is this great 8X10 photo of him from the 90's that I often use whenever I'm snapping staged photos of my Skinner VHS. He asked me where I found this (I answered eBay) and he laughed telling me and Melissa that the car behind him as actually is own car that he loved. A late 60's Cadillac I believe. He signed the items and we posed for two photos (a selfie and a posed) I was so nervous, legit shaking. Before I left I turned and looked him in the eye. I shook his hand and told him what an honor it was to meet him as well as have him tattooed on me since he's my favorite actor. Ted smiled and told me the ink was totally awesome and said his thanks. In a complete cloud I floated away.

Ted was so much fun to meet. I mean I'm sure that was super fucking weird to have somebody come up to you with your face tattooed TWICE on you. Instead he was just very laid back, very chill, and very funny. Before we walked away Melissa said he looked very dapper in his suit and he grinned thanking us. = Could. You. Die?

Later Melissa and I went for our Sam photo op where we ran into so many buddies of ours. Legit favorite part of going to these things are meeting up with friends you usually don't see. A few of them thought it was super funny since I never seem to leave the East Coast, and of course it would take the Raimi to get my ass on a plane!

Melissa and I agreed on two different poses since we had two photo ops. One would be a usual silly pose. Melissa always gives the thumbs up, I always wear my sunglasses and do duck lips like an asshole. After that we decided on an awkward prom photo. SO HAPPY we decided with that one. Classic! Right as the photographer called us over, I really didn't know if I wanted to stay until 3 to get his autograph, so I decided to say YOLO and just point out my tattoo of him on the meathook to him as I walked over. I smiled and said "Hi Sam!" He smiled, shook my hand before I pointed down to my leg and said "Look Sam." I swear to God I've never seen somebody react like he did. His jaw dropped, he leaned down, looked at it and screamed "OH NO! OH MY GOD!" The photographer was losing her shit we were holding everything up but clearly we all didn't care. Sam couldn't stop laughing. We took our poses, before he turned towards me and said "Thank you SO much for honoring me like that! I can't believe it!" I smiled, gave him the devil horn sign (smooth Stacy) and thanked him. After that I knew I needed his autograph. We hung around for a bit before Melissa and I went in line for his autograph. I gotta hand it to Flashback, these people know exactly what they are doing and seem to go the extra smile for the guests. The line wait was super quick, and I decided for Sam to sign my wrinkled old Intruder blu-ray ad from 2011 (first thing I ever saw him in since the Stand where he acted in years) and later based off for my tattoo. We walked over, we introduced ourselves, and I asked if he remembered me as I laid down the print of him, telling him I had this tattooed on me. He said of course he did, he would never forget that. He stared at me dead in the eye and was SO adorable. He seemed so sincere. (You can tell he's new to this, and probably this was his first time meeting somebody who had something as big as a tattoo of HIS face as well as wanted to talk about something he acted in vs. directed.) He told me he thought it was (and I swear to God he said this, Melissa is my witness) that it was super "Sexy and amazing" that I would have him as a tattoo and honor him. Yep, I died. I laughed and said the ad was beaten up but much loved since it inspired me to get my tattoo, and maybe my next one should be him from Indian summer staring at a moose. I didn't catch it, but once I said that he drew a moose on my autograph. COULD. YOU. DIE? We laughed for a second, before he just stared at my boobs and said how much he loved my shirt (I was wearing a Deadite Cavity Colors Cellar Dweller ad shirt.) I told him the company was called Cavitycolors. He repeated the name asking what that was? I told him a cool T-shirt company. He stared at it for another few seconds and said he loved it since it looked like an old TV ad. He finished signing my ad, before I thanked him. He said he would never forget me and thanked me again for honoring him. I decided to say fuck it and blew him a kiss as I walked away. He blushed and blew one back (Melissa and several other friends in line witnessed this) As I walked away, feeling like a complete nerd, I had to smile.

I just flew all the way to Chicago and seriously had the best interactions with Sam and Ted Raimi. These are two men I have tattooed on my body several times, men that I constantly watch their work, talk, write, draw, and post about. They very much could have been complete assholes. Instead Ted was the calm cool sweet con vet, and Sam was the funny overjoyed new guest that I think was seeing how much his fans really love him.

It was seriously a trip for the memory books.

Best. Summer. Ever.

I know if I ever get the chance again, I'll meet the two of them again in a heartbeat. I can't tell people enough if you haven't met them and get the chance, RUN do not walk! Ted and Sam were the coolest and sweetest guys I could have ever talked to. These autographs, photos, and memories are something I'll cherish for the rest of my life.

I'm sure I'm rambling like a loser, but I'm sure fellow fans of anything get it. They understand there are just certain people that mean a lot, and when you actually get to have cool interactions/meetings like that, it's something you'll remember forever.

Sam and Ted...my unicorns.

1000 stars on this weekend, seriously guys...I'm still in awe.

Thank you for being awesome Sam and Ted. It meant a lot to this blogger from Boston. She'll never forget it for the rest of her life!