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Ten movies that will get you into the Halloween mood.

 Ten movies that will get you into the Halloween mood.

It's a rite of passage that as soon as August ends the countdown to Halloween begins. So in honor of pumpkin flavored everything, cooler weather, and breaking out the old Halloween decorations, here are ten movies that will certainly get you into the Halloween state of mind!

10) Silver Bullet.
- A small town is terrorized by an unseen killer who happens to strike every month during a full moon. One night a young boy, confined to a wheelchair setting fireworks off witnesses the impossible. A werewolf. Defending himself, he shoots the beast in the eye with a bottle rocket before barley escaping. The next morning he confesses to his older sister what happened, and how all they need to do is find who in the town now has only one eye...

9) Night Life
-  A young awkward teenager who helps at his uncle's funeral home is forced to work overnight after a terrible accident claims the lives of several high school students he knows. During a storm, the corpses return to life and begin to go after him.

8) Trick R Treat
- A killer spirit, craving heads, werewolf, a serial killer, spirits looking for revenge, and much much more. All of this tales slowly begin to link together on Halloween night.

7) Ghoulies II
- Nasty little demons from Hell hitch a ride to a traveling carnival and hide out inside a haunted house. It's up to a showgirl, dwarf, and young inspiring magician to figure out how to stop them once and for all.

6) The Stepfather
- A middle aged man gets up one morning, showers, shaves off his beard, puts on a hairpiece, replaces his glasses for contacts, and walks out of his house where his entire family lays completely butchered on the living room floor. Taking his suitcase, he closes the door behind him, and walks down the street as if nothing happened. One year later, now under a new name, the man works as a relator, remarried to a recent widow, and has a teenage step-daughter. In almost every way possible he seems like the perfect husband and perfect father. Until he's disappointed. That's when history seems to repeat itself and he begins searching for a new family, and ways to get rid of the one he currently has.

5) Hauntedween
- A young boy who's mildly mentally retarded accidentally kills a little girl while she's visiting his mother's local haunted house. Knowing that he'll get in trouble, his mother takes him away where the two of them live in the woods for almost twenty years. One day the mother passes, and the now full grown man decides to return to his childhood home. There he learns of local college students wanting to re-open the haunted house in order to raise money. There he sneaks inside and begins killing off the co-eds, making the audience believe that it's all part of the show.

4) Halloween
- One Halloween night a young boy brutally murders his teenage sister in cold blood. Sent away to a mental hospital, he begins to be seen under the care of Dr. Loomis who instantly knows he's not dealing with just a typical little boy. He knows the danger behind this boy's eyes, and knows he's waiting for something. Ten years later one rainy night the now grown man escapes, and heads back to his hometown. There on Halloween night he begins to stalk and kill off local teenagers who are babysitting on the same street. Dr. Loomis returns to the town in hopes of catching him before it's too late.

3) Halloween III Season Of The Witch
- One rainy October night a frightened toy store owner comes into a local ER clutching a Halloween mask. Several hours later he's brutally murdered. There the doctor on call, and the murdered man's daughter decide to figure out who exactly killed him, and why did was he holding that mask? Their investigating tracks them to a sea side factory where these masks are made and a huge giveaway is taking place on Halloween night. 

2) Night Of The Demons
- Several teenagers decide to have a Halloween party at an old abandoned house in town. There they decide to hold a seance which unleashes vengeful sports that slowly begin to possess the teen one by one. 

1) The Midnight Hour.
- A bunch of teenagers decide to have a huge Halloween costume party in town. Accidentally the teens read aloud a spell after "borrowing" several costume from the local town museum and awaken thousands of zombies, corpses, werewolf, mummies, and much much more!

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Firstborn (1984)

 Firstborn (1984)

Plot - Teenager Jake Livingston was pretty content with life. A star athlete, a wonderful girlfriend, a great group of friends, and the fact he's been the man of the house to his mother and younger brother since his parents divorced a few years perviously. All seems to be going fine until one day his mother brings home Sam, a shady character who moves in and instantly shows his abusive side while getting his mother hooked on drugs. Can Jake take a stand and figure out how to get Sam to leave for good?

LOWDOWN - I first saw this movie years ago on cable late one night.  The big reason why I stayed up so late to watch this movie was because of star Christopher Collet (Best known for his role in the 1983 slasher Sleepaway Camp) I had seen Christopher in several movies in the 1980's, but this one by far struck my interest because of the all star cast. You had Sarah Jessica Parker, Robert Downey Jr, Teri Garr, Peter Weller, and Corey Haim. Usually dramas weren't really my thing, but the film instantly caught my interest when the killer soundtrack started blasting. There are few movies that I can say have basically a near perfect soundtrack. This is one of them.

I'm sure many of you are scratching your heads simply because I usually don't review films like this. Well, waiting to shake things up a bit I dug out my blu-ray to this movie thanks to Olive films and re-watched it last night with one of my friends. This is a movie I'm completely stunned got the blu-ray treatment, but am forever grateful simply because this was one of the many lost gems from this decade that was overshadowed by much bigger films. This is a straight forward drama, with a very talented cast which deals with some serious and heavy subject matter.

It tells the tale about the typical middle class suburban family. How Wendy is a stay at home mother, constantly having to keep up with two very active boys. Here she's dated around since her divorce, which is clear she still isn't over since when she receives news of her ex husband being back in town she hires a whole cleaning crew to jazz up her house, and dresses up nice expecting him to invite her to dinner. Sadly, in a soul crushing moment the ex husband informs his two sons when he picks them up and he's girlfriend is waiting at the hotel. The look on Wendy's face is not just embarrassed, but a little ashamed as well. That night during dinner, both boys are informed that his father will be re-marrying which means there will never be a chance for the two parents to ever get together again.

Shortly after Jake and Brian witness Sam (played wonderful by Peter Weller, who was KILLING it in the 80's with his roles.) at their house. Quickly things begin to move fast. Sam is a big idea man with huge plans, but honestly seems to be a con artist who's more than a little "off" Right away Jake, who's very mature for his age begins to notice this. Sam always has a different story, always has a get rich quick idea, and seems to have a hair trigger temper despite his attempt to win the boys over. The abuse starts very slow, shoves, threats, and sadly for Jake there's nowhere to go, not even his mother. I really gotta hand it to Weller and Collet. There scenes were FILLED with tension. Mostly the one where Jake is working out and Sam strolls in basically telling him to stop being a little bitch and running to his mother if he has a problem with him.

As a drama, scenes like this is what makes the movie. Sam wasn't some over the top villain. He was simply a bad guy who took advantage. Sadly Wendy, almost wanting to get back at her ex husband allows Sam to do this, turning a blind eye on his behavior and constantly defending him, feeling as if she's owed something. Quickly she begins to neglect her children, leaving them alone, vulnerable to the sketchy characters are come and go in their house. Slowly Jake's entire world starts to come crashing down and no longer can he be a carefree teenager. Instead, he has massive pressure at home looking after his younger brother who's acting out, as well as watching his mother begin to get hooked on heavy drugs and become unable to even show up to his brother's school.

I'm sure most of you are saying this movie sounds terrible. A big depressing letdown. In all honestly, as heavy as the subject matter is this is an excellent drama. that's wonderfully written. There are powerhouse performances as we witness Jake become a man, and do whatever he can to defend himself and his brother against this nut job. Sure the ending I feel could of packed a little more to it, but it's a great showcase of the talent behind this movie. Olive Films transferred this film into stunning crystal clear HD. Check out right away, a must for any fan of the 80's.


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Quentin Tarantino movies ranked!

Quentin Tarantino movies ranked!
Now that Sensational Summer is behind us, I decided to rank all of writer, actor, and director Quentin Tarantino's films. 

Kill Bill Vol. 1
What works - I don't hate this movie believe me. In fact I absoutley loved the cliffhanger and loved the whole revenge storyline. Still, was never a huge fan of these kinds of movies. They focused on my two least favorite Vipers, and the whole kung-fu action scene just weren't my cup of tea.

Death Proof
What works - I love 70's car movies, so I was pumped over this movie being made. I loved the soundtrack, action scenes, the great villain of Stunt Man Mike, and of course the final action scene of the girls playing Shipsmast. I still remember seeing this in theaters and feeling so nervous watching it. Time passed, and the more and more I saw flaws in this film. Is it fun? Hell yes! Sadly being part of Grindhouse and being the act to follow up Planet Terror was a job within itself with this movie. Even Tarantino claimed this was his weakest movie. What really brings this movie down are the unlikeable women. The way they speak, act, and overall behave. Horrible, just horrible. Is it sad that both groups of women I couldn't wait to see killed? Yeah...

Kill Bill Vol. 2
What Works - I loved this entry in the series. Not only did it focus on my two favorite Vipers it also gave a very Western feel to the final act of the story. Not only did the Bride meet her match with Budd and Bill, she also kicked ass with Elie. I really loved the final chapter between The Bride and Bill. Call it a twisted love story, but the ending was upbeat and happy. Sorta makes me not want a part III.

Reservoir Dogs 
What Works - Ah the beginning. Some of Quentin's movies could work perfectly as a play. This is one of them. Shot with a low budget, with amazing character actors this movie has always been a favorite of mine. Some may say it's too slow, and falls in shadow compared to what's come afterwards but I disagree. This is a movie where less is more and of course Michael Madsen as Mr. Blond is who steals the show.

Pulp Fiction
What works - Some may say this was Quentin's greatest film of all time. With one HELL of an amazing script, all told out of order while connecting every character. With several stories featuring outrageous violence, comedy, and jaw dropping moments it's filled with memorable quotes, and amazing shocking scenes, this movie is screenwriting class at it's finest. A must for anyone to watch.  I will admit through, over time only two stories still remain my favorites. Can you guess them?

Django Unchained
What works - This movie took YEARS for me to warm up to and I mean YEARS. For the longest time I actually thought this might be Quentin's weakest entry yet. I felt it was released too soon after the release of the epic Inglorious Bastards, and HATED Jamie Foxx. Besides a little trouble with the casting (I loved Mr. Waltz, fully agree he deserved the Oscar, but the poor man will forever be typecast. The entire time I watched this the first time I kept thinking it was Landa coming to kill them all.) Nevertheless, this movie is a true Southern. The second period piece from Tarantino that works perfectly. Dealing with serious subject mater such as slavery (12 Years A Slave, a much more serious movie dealing with the same subject was released around the same time as well.) This movie doesn't take this stuff lightly, but still is able to keep some of the more tense moments light at the perfect times. With over the top characters, and blood splattering action and effects it truly is an event by the end of the movie when you finish it.

The Hateful Eight
What works - Tarantino's latest film was A+ in my books. In fact watching this movie reminded me why I love his movies so much. Yet another film that could have played out perfectly on stage. This murder mystery has one of the best casts yet, and is a slow burn with a MASSIVE payoff. This movie wasn't for everyone, but the people who did love it know what a treat it is to cozy up at this winter cabin and watch the bloodbath begin. My two favorite characters (Major Waren and Sheriff Mannix) steal the show and I absolutely loved the coffee scene.

Inglorious Bastards
What works - "Utivich, I think this may be my masterpiece." Ah yes, indeed it was. I wasn't so sure when I first went to go see this movie in theaters. This was Tarantino's first period piece and he was re-writting history with WWII (More serious subject matter) Casting amazing actors, having a great villain, and featuring some of the best most tense moments I've ever witnessed in a movie is a huge pleasure to witness. I would have loved to see a prequel showing more of these guys. The ending is epic (as is the famous basement scene), and of course the final shot of the movie which of course is my favorite out of all of his endings.

Jackie Brown
What works - Tons of people don't like this movie simply because this is what followed Pulp Fiction. As a friend of mine once told me, we're glad he didn't try to repeat the same thing he did with his pervious movie. Instead he took another modern movie yet made it feel like a 1970's heist movie. With colorful characters, comedic moments, shocking moments of violence, and a too cool for school soundtrack I honestly feel this is Quentin's best piece of work. I enjoy it every time I re-watch it and it has one hell of a storyline, villain, and romance. 

So what are yours and why?

Staystillreviews' Sensational Summer wrap up.

Staystillreviews' Sensational Summer wrap up.

As I sit in the darkness of my den, my eyes sensitive to any light. I reflect to the past ten weeks of my second annual Sensational Summer. I decided last year to try and keep this blog current and instead of just focusing during the Halloween/Christmas season, I wanted to highlight a time that for most of us and bring back great memories. Let it be warm weather, blockbuster movies, great music, or days at the beach. I decided to highlight certain things that just scream summer. This second Sensational Summer was a hit. Between the reviews, drinking games, giveaways, recipes, and even our official podcast of The Terror Twins finally airing!!! So to wrap up on this epic summer, I'm making a top five lists for some summer essentials.

Top 5 Summer movies.

5) The Wraith 

4) Thrashin' 
3) Valley Girl

2) Pee Wee's Big Adventure

1) Jaws

Top 5 summer tunes.

5) Stranger Things theme

4) Touch The Sky

3) Power Of The Night

2) Where's The Fire

1) Mind Over Matter

So stay tuned for our fall lineup, future Terror Twin episodes, and a killer VHS giveaway!
Until next summer!!!

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5 Things we would have wanted to see in Waxwork III

 5 Things we would have wanted to see in Waxwork III

With news of both Waxwork and Waxwork II Lost In Time FINALLY getting the double feature blu-ray release they deserve this fall, I decided to round out our week of the 1990's in the best way possible. To talk about the third film in the series that sadly never came to be. Years passed after the release of Waxwork II Lost In Time which was a huge hit on video. Rumors circled around for some time that a third film would indeed be made. This being called Waxwork Through The Gates Of Time where Zach Galligan would be returning as Mark Loftmore and how he winds up meeting wizard Merlin who teaches him as a time lord (or whatever the hell they were called) he can jump from dimension to dimension. A fan made poster was made, and some talk went around issues of Sangria where both director Anthony Hickox and Zach Galligan spoke of maybe wanting to do a third movie or even a TV series bases off the movies. Sadly more time went by, and this idea simply stayed in limbo. When I myself interviewed Galligan in 2013 asking if he ever had wanted to do a third movie he said he wouldn't have been against it, but at that time in his career he was really doing nothing but horror and science fiction movies and didn't want to get typecast. So, instead we were left with just two movies. Two great amazing movies, but sadly we could never round off the series with a trilogy. 

Today, we're talking about what are five things fans like myself would have loved to see if there had actually been a third movie.

1) Have it be made in 1995-1998 or so.
- Waxwork was made in 1988, Waxwork II 1992. I feel a third movie would have been the most successful in the mid to late 1990's when the video market was at it's most popular, and fans from the first two films still had the pervious entries fresh in their minds. The 1990's were known for amazing sequel installments, so why not this one? Not that the year it would be made would make any difference, Zach Galligan hasn't aged a day in 30+ years...

2) Get Galligan back as well as Hickox to direct one last time.
- What made these movies work so well was the fact you had Hickox and Galligan teaming up. I've said it once, I'll say it again. These two made one HELL of a pair. Yes Zach did cameos for Hickox in Warlock II and Hellraiser III, but I would have absolutely loved had they teamed up one last time. I'm DYING to listen to the commentary they just recorded this past week for both movies for the blu-ray release. Seeing them work together one more time would be a Waxwork nerd like myself dream come true!

3) Replace the actress of Sarah AGAIN or bring back Foreman.
- I have nothing against Monika Schnarre. In fact I think she's gorgeous and looks great beside Galligan. Still, she didn't hold the chemistry Foreman and him had in the original. If they could't have Deborah come back one last time I would just say fuck it and cast a completely new actress. Do what they did with the Rusty character in the Vacation movies. Just have Zach play against a new actress in each movie.

4) More horror cameos!
- We as horror fans love hidden Easter eggs in movies, mostly with cameos. Waxwork II was packed full of them. Whatever the new plot is I would jam pack it with known faces from pervious horror movies that we all know and love. If you are going to pay tribute to past movies, why not jam pack it full of cameos!

5) Practical effects please!
- Had this movie still been made in the 1990's I am pretty sure we would still have some pretty amazing top notch effects here. Make more creatures, go nuts!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Why the 1990's weren't that bad for horror.

 Why the 1990's weren't that bad for horror?

For this final week of Staystillreviews Sensational Summer, we are covering the 1990's. Here we are going to bring up some pretty valid points on why the 1990's weren't actually that terrible or the downfall for horror after the 1980's slasher boom.

1) Some really recent sequels came out.
Amityville 1992 It's About Time, Amityville The Next Generation, Child's Play 2, Candyman 2, Return Of The Living Dead 3, Leatherface The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3, Waxwork II Lost In Time, ect. This was a span of time where some actual really decent sequels came from movies in the past. Some good, some bad, but for the most part there were some great ones. I'm saying all of them, but namely the ones I listed above.

2) Clive Barker made 2 amazing original films.
Everyone seems to remember writer, director, and artist Clive Barker for this first official movie Hellraiser in 1987. In actuality, Barker directed two other films in the 1990's which have gone on to become cult classics. Thanks to Shout Factory we have gotten epic releases of both Lord Of Illusions, and Nightbreed which had been hyped for years due to the lost director's cut. As time has gone on, these classics that at the time weren't highly successful are counted as Barker's best work. In fact, let's just take a second to talk about Nightbreed. The AMAZING story this told, as well as the original creatures and makeup?! Breathtaking!!! 

3) Two classic villains were shown in a new light.
As the 1980's came to a close, as did the series to epic slasher series such as Friday the 13th, and A Nightmare On Elm Street came to a close. Sadly, depending on who you talk to...the overall quality began to go down as the sequels stacked up. In the 1990's, we were given a brand new take on these super villains. For Jason, we saw him jump bodies via The Hidden in Jason Goes To Hell, where when he's finally actually seen he looks like a jacked up, result of all the toxic waste in part 8. What I love about Jason Goes To Hell is not just the fact that it's adults that fight Jason in this one, it's the ending where it had in my eyes one of the greatest ways to open up for him and Freddy to come face to face. Sadly Freddy Vs Jason didn't live up to that last epic shot of the movie. For A Nightmare On Elm Street we got Wes Craven's New Nightmare, which was the first time Craven had truly returned to the series since his writing involvement in part 3. New Nightmare was decades ahead of it's time, and showed what would happen if suddenly the movies ended. Where do these villains do if the universe they live in ends? 

4) Sleeker, slicker slashers.
Scream, Scream 2, I Know What You Did Last Summer, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, Urban Legends, Bride Of Chucky, ect. Sure they weren't gritty like Pieces, Don't Answer The Phone, or Blood Rage, but since years before they kept claiming that Silence Of The Lambs was a psychological thriller, Scream was what jumpstarted horror until the 2000's were the splat pack came in. Scream was a whole new take on horror, and like Popcorn earlier that decade turned the tables, almost being like the audience itself on how fans expected what was going to happen. The fact that the killers were actual fans themselves make it even more disturbing. 

5) CGI hadn't completely taken over yet. 
Sure CGI was coming in hot and heavy. Sadly as we all know, unless it's the effects in T2 it doesn't age very well. I adore Deep Rising, but 98% of these effects have aged really bad. Nope, back in the 1990's we had KNB kicking ass, and were shown amazing effects in so many movies. I would say some of the best are of course Nightbreed, Scream, Event Horizon, and Night Of The Living Dead.  There were still plenty of splatter, blood, creatures, and goo to go around!

Thanks to the 1990's we have classics such as The People Underneath The Stairs, Village Of The Damned, The Blair Witch Project, H20, and many, many, many others. Long live the 1990's kids, it was one hell of a time!

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Amityville 1992 It's About Time drinking game!!!

 Amityville 1992 It's About Time drinking game!!!

"Sigh..." it's our last week of Staystillreviews sensational summer part duex. Man oh man, feels just like yesterday that we were rocking and rolling in June. As sad as I am with summer being basically over, we can now look forward to the fall! Lots of fun stuff ahead!!! Well, for our final theme we're digging into the 1990's. Of course I had to mention one of my all time favorite movies Amityville 1992 It's About Time! It isn't a week of Sensational Summer without a drinking game! Here are our rules!

I just noticed that I've all ready done a post for a drinking game for this movie, but YOLO let's DO THIS AGAIN!

Amityville 1992 It's About Time - The drinking game.

Take a drink when...
- You hear the clock ticking
- The song young and the restless plays
- The name "Peaches" is said
- Jacob's gross leg is shown
- A toilet is shown laying in the street. 
- Rusty is playing his guitar. 
- Lisa acts like a slut
- The movie dates itself. 
- Leonard overreacts. 
- Someone days the word time.

Take A shot when...
- The clock causes someone to fast forward in time. 
- The town of Amityville is mentioned. 
- Black goo is shown.
- Someone dies
- Someone  ages or de-ages. 
- Dick Miller appears on screen.

- Rusty goes to get the phonebook and tells the story of the flesh eating dog. 
- Iris dies via falling stork.


Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Best and worst encounters at a convention.

 Best and worst encounters at a convention.

 I write this post to go along with the podcast of The Terror Twins that will hopefully be airing very soon. Our newest episode covers our favorite encounters with celebrity guests at conventions, and our least favorite. Now I will state this before you read this post/listen to the episode. I understand everyone has a bad moment/day. We are all human, and we aren't completely responsible for how encounters happen. Celebrities are still people, and I feel people sometimes forget about that. With that being said, it's a double edged sword. To quote Rob Zombie, we go to conventions to meet guests because they were in movies that meant something to us. Either these were films we grew up watching and brings back memories of our childhood, or they were in a movie that we enjoyed and are fans of. We are willing to pay cash money, and wait in lines to just have a few minutes of interaction. If the interaction is pleasant it will leave a lasting impression on the fan. It will seriously stay with them for the rest of their life's while for the celebrity most likely they will forget about it moment after it happens. If the experience is unpleasant then that will ruin the film forever for that person. They will no longer look at that actor the same way again, they will forever remember that they were an asshole. Think about it kids, this isn't rocket science.

So here are my top 3 favorite encounters. This was tough to narrow down to just three since 99% of the time I have had NOTHING but wonderful experiences with people. These were the highlighted ones.


3) The cast of The Monster Squad. 
- Back in 2007 when I was a senior in high school i made the journey to Monster Mania in Cherry Hill NJ. This was my first long distance convention since before than my only other shows had been at Rock & Shock. This was odd for Monster Mania to do a winter show in February, but I was on break and after lots of saving and begging, I was able to drive out after a pretty nasty snow storm with a friend of mine. We spent the weekend, and found the place by using a printed out map. (If that doesn't show my age I don't know what does.) Monster Mania has been a favorite show of mine and it kills me whenever I can't make it. (My last show was back in 2012) One of the big reasons why I was heading out there was the fact they had gotten most of the cast from the 1987 cult classic The Monster Squad. This was months before the movies were finally released on DVD and back in print. The Monster Squad was a HUGE favorite of mine growing up so I knew I just had to meet Sean, Phoebe, and Rudy. I didn't meet any of the Monsters (I was lucky enough to meet them years later at a Horror Hound show.) Instead I met actors Andre Gower, Ashley Bank, and Ryan Lambert. (I also met Fred Dekker the director/writer who was a complete delight to talk with.) I have to admit, I was very star struck meeting all of them and talking about how much this movie meant to me growing up. All of them were amazed I came all the way from Boston, and took the time to talk and snap photos. On Sunday right before I was about to leave I came back to get one last group autograph signed by them. It was early and Ryan hadn't come down yet. Andre called him on the phone saying I was here and about to leave and he FUCKING came downstairs. Part of me was uber guilty hoping i wasn't the reason the poor guy had to rush down, but as soon as he came down he smiled said "Hey Stacy." and we took a group photo and they signed the second autograph of all of them for free! 18 year old Stacy was speechless. I was so touched I even named by car I received for graduation that summer Rudy after Ryan. 

Side note - The actor who played Patrick wasn't at that convention. I was lucky enough to meet him five years later at Horror Hound where he did a drunken keg stand with me and my friends. Childhood officially ruined...

2) Leigh Whanell

- Funny enough my next story comes from the same winter show at Monster Mania. The main reason why we did the six hour drive was because I was caught up in the Saw mania that had overtaken the world of horror. In 2004 I went in to see the original knowing nothing about the movie besides that it was super scary and took place in one room. I still say to this day that had they just made one Saw movie it would be counted as one of the greatest thrillers of all time along the ranks of movies like Se7en. I enjoyed the sequels, along with part III that had come out that past Halloween season. A huge thing for me was the fact that star and writer Leigh Whannell returned. I was following his work and very much was looking forward to Dead Silence (I'm a sucker for haunted dolls) Now I'll admit, I had a HUGE crush on Leigh, and couldn't believe he had gotten added to a convention. Since this show he rarely does them and is a rare name to get. So having the chance to meet him AND the Monster Squad people was a huge selling point for me. I remember how everyone was there to meet the actors who played Amanda and Jigsaw, and how their lines legit went all the way into the lobby. Leigh's on the other hand was completely empty. I can't exactly remember what happened word from word but Leigh was very nice and surprised we came all the way from Boston. We talked about Dead Silence when I casually asked where Billy the puppet was. Leigh said he figured a warehouse and I pointed out that these people had a table across the room had made a bunch of saw themed stuff including a life sized Billy. Leigh looked and said "Oh, let's look!" Boom, got up and told me to follow him. My jaw dropped, I looked at my friend and shrugged and followed him to the table. We looked at different stuff before he asked if I liked a pair of earrings that were for sale at the table. I was speechless and said they were nice and he fucking bought them for me. = Photos below to prove. I was so flabbergasted I couldn't even talk. I kept muttering thank you before we went back to his table, took one final photo and he told me to come by again tomorrow to say goodbye. He gave me a free autograph which remarks on the earrings and that I wore the next day. The fact the writer of Saw and Insidious bought me earrings still stuns me to this very day. I'm beyond grateful I have photos to show what happened, and I still own the pair Leigh got me. I feel they belong in a museum or something...

1) Zach Galligan
- Ah Galligan. My all time favorite actor. A man who most of us remember and know from the Gremlin movies. For me, he will forever be Mark Loftmore from the Waxwork films. Very long story short, but back in 2012 I re-discovered the original Waxwork. After that I remembered how much I had always loved Zach and began tracking down his movies one by one. Wanting to meet him, I decided like a complete crazy nut to fly down to Florida and crash with a friend from school and meet Galligan who was appearing at Spooky Empire. I honestly don't think I had ever been so starstruck before in my entire life. I still remember spotting him in the room and turning towards the friend I was staying with and just muttering "Oh my God, this is happening..." Meeting Zach was a complete pleasure. I babbled like an idiot. If I remember right I said something about Waxwork and how he was 24 when he filmed it, and how I was 24 (really Stacy?) I legit had dozens of things for him to sign. He said I held the record (I promise you, I'm not a psycho) Zach was such a great sport. I gave him a Waxwork comic and kept repeating what an honor it was meeting him before asking if we could do the trapped in the barrier pose from Waxwork. (See above) This is a pose we have been doing every time I've met him since. Zach always remembers his fans, and just a week after meeting him I won his Waxwork II shirt at an auction hosted by Adam Green. Zach is always a huge treat to meet at shows. He's given me an interview for the blog, always signs stuff, and bullshits with me. He's not only my favorite actor, but I also got the guy with his throat slit from Tales From The Crypt tattooed on the side of my leg. I always look forward to meeting Zach and hope I can see him again soon! 

Least favorites...

Lawrence Monsoon 
- It goes to show you that I'm a pretty easy going person, so I couldn't even think of a total of 3 people that I really had a BAD encounter with. A friend of mine from school said I should say Tom Savini but I have to be honest, every time I met the man he was pleasant. Maybe it's because I'm a girl but as much as I hate to admit it, the man has never been awful to me. Mr. Monsoon on the other hand is a different story. Lawrence is best known for his roles in The Last American Virgin, Mask, and Friday The 13th The Final Chapter. I'm a huge Final Chapter fan, so a few years ago working Horror Hound I was thrilled to see he was added. I loved his character of Teddy and his witty banter with Crispin Glover. Sadly when I went him he seemed nothing but annoyed. He rolled his eyes, was dead pan, and snappy for no reason at all. Maybe the man wasn't making as much money as he expected but He was very unpleasant and when he rolled his eyes asking if I wanted a photo I simply shrugged said no thank you and walked away. Talk about a let down!

Penelope Sudrow 
- I understand these people go to these things to make money, but years ago in 2008 when I was able to meet cast members from A Nightmare On Elm Street part 1 and 4, Penelope was the worst. I brought my Elm Street sneakers to have signed and EVERYONE. I'm talking EVERYONE I met that weekend just charged me once to sign both shoes. Mind you I wouldn't of had a problem if they charged me for both. Trust me I get it, they are separate items. Still, everyone was super nice, chatted with me, posted with the sneakers, and just charged me once. Penelope was very strange that weekend. She ignored me when I came up and said hello. It got so awkward that I was this close to say excuse me and leave when she stared at me and asked what I wanted. I tried to be pleasant, said it was great to meet her and asked if she could sign my shoes. Penelope snapped that she was charging for each shoe, snatched them out of my hands and didn't take a photo with me. (She said it would be extra) I remained pleasant through the whole thing, but I've heard rumors that Penelope hasn't been welcomed to many shows since then. Mmmm, can't say I blame people. 

Besides that I have countless, and I mean countless stories of meeting wonderful people. in fact I might even so a part II to this post since I've had so many memorable and amazing meetings. So who have been your favorites and least favorites?