Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hatchet III photos!!!

Hatchet III photos!!!
It's been a very long time since I've truly been excited for an upcoming release for a horror movie. This spring and third and from what I heard final chapter in the Hatchet series will be released, this time with Adam Green not sitting in the director's chair. Now I remember my interest peaked when the first Hatchet was released. In fact I even tried to see it in theaters before it was quickly pulled. It took a few viewings for the movie to grow on me but I ended up really loving it and back last year a friend and I watched it's sequel and I gotta say I was blown away by that ending scene. You really have to hand it to that movie, way to pack a punch! Even though the Hatchet movies aren't exactly my favorite, I'm very excited to check out the third film since it seems to have some really awesome star power behind it featuring several classic horror actors that we all have grown up watching and love. I think the main and most obvious reason why I'm excited is that Waxwork and Gremlins star Zach Galligan will be starring as the sheriff's role. I really hope Zach has his time to shine again and maybe with this new up coming release he'll be able to do more conventions! (coughhinthintcough)
 = Sure hope that isn't Zach's head on the log

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween!!!
It's the most magic time of the year! Wow this month went by extremely fast. I'm going to miss having horror movies playing 24/7 on TV and pumpkins and foliage everywhere I look. (If anyone has been in New England for autumn they know exactly what I'm talking about.) It's been a fun month and I want to thank everyone who's been following my blog! Stay tune for lots of top ten lists and reviews! Trust me the horror just doesn't end tonight! So to all my friends go watch you're all time favorite horror movie and have a very happy Halloween!

Here is the first part of my favorite all time Halloween movie. The Midnight Hour 1985. Back when made for TV movies were bad ass!


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Death Of The Week

Death Of The Week
Movie - Friday the 13th part V A New Begnning
Year - 1985
Name - Violet
Actor - Tiffany Helm
Cause of death - Machete to the stomach while dancing the robot.

Fun Fact...
Originally Violet was supposed to be working out when Jason strolled in and swung the machete between her legs. After seeing what a bloody mess it was they decided to cut it and switch the death around. Talk about lame!

Fun Fact 2
Tiffany's mother is actress Brooke Bundy who played Mrs. Parker in A Nightmare Om Elm Street 3 and 4.

Epic Waxwork video...

Epic Waxwork video
A little part of me is dying on the inside over the fact I won't be able to make it to Blood On The Beach this year. I seriously found out about it less than a month ago so the timing was horrible. I'm more than a little upset since Zach Galligan will be there. I've had several chances to meet Zach but I always end up missing the chance. I think when I finally do meet him it's going to take an hour since I have so much shit for him to sign. As strange as it sounds I'm more of a fan of the Waxwork films then I am with the Gremlin movies. While screwing around on YouTube I stumbled upon this pretty sweet video based off Waxwork. This winter I'm getting a tattoo based off this movie. So here it is, the epic Waxwork video...woot wooot!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Best guilty pleasure movies of all time part 1

Best Guilty Pleasure Movies part 1
But Stacy...all you're movies are shitty.”
Why don't you go through Stacy's movie collection, she owns tons of shitty movies.”

To some people these words would hurt. To me I think it makes me even more awesome. I'll never forget being up at school and one of my roommates knew what a big Jaws fan I was and I told her that I forgot the original and how I had only brought part III. I remember her laughing thinking I was kidding...oh but I wasn't...

To some their horrible awful movies, to be their awesome kick ass guilty pleasure movies that to many seem down right awful, but to you brings nothing but happiness. Here is my first list of the best guilty pleasure movies of all time!

Jason Goes To Hell The Final Friday

Amityville It's About Time

Pet Sematary II

Waxwork II

Jaws 3

The Howling The Freaks 
House II

House IV

Puppet Master II

Daddy's Girl

Uncle Sam

Fright Night II

Silent Night Deadly Night III

Silently Night Deadly Night 5

Killer Party

Children Of The Corn II

Dead Of Night review

Dead Of Night
Directed by – Dan Curtis
Year - 1977
Starring - Ed Begley Jr, Patrick Macnee, and Lee Montgomery

"How many doors are in the house mommy?" - Bobby

PLOT - This anthology tells three stories: a man buys a car that takes him back and forth through time; a tale of vampires; and a distraught mother asks for her drowned son to come back to life and gets more than she bargained for. 

LOWDOWN – Back in the 1970's Dan Curtis was a genius when it came to horror and suspense. He was the man behind such classics as Dark Shadows, Trilogy Of Terror, and Burnt Offerings. After the success of his awesome made for TV horror anthology Trilogy Of Terror, Dan decided to return to the same stomping ground with Dead Of Night. I first watched this movie back in 2010 when I was away at school and spending a lazy afternoon working on projects. I'm a huge fan of Burnt Offerings (in my eyes it's one of the best haunted house movies of all time.) I was looking up different 1970's horror movies on YouTube and came across this one. Having just finished the remake version of Dark Shadows, I was in the mood to see what Mr. Curtis had in store. So for a good hour I sat down and watched three very interesting tales of horror. I have to say the big pay off is the last segment titled “Bobby” which was remade for Trilogy Of Terror II. This movie features three tales (the first one a little tame, the second with a clever twist, and the third down right terrifying with it's ending shot.) If you're ever looking for a good thrill ride if you've loved the Trilogy Of Terror movies, or just love the late Mr. Curtis' work, you'll love Dead Of Night!

Three Stars!

Top five VHS tapes from my childhood

Top five VHS tapes from my childhood
VHS tapes stay very close to my heart. If it wasn't for VHS tapes I truly believe I wouldn't of had the childhood I did and later become such a fan of horror. There are the top five VHS tapes that truly shaped the way I looked at horror and grew up with.

The Monster Squad. 
The Lost Boys

Fright Night

Fright Night II

Stephen King's The Stand 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

There's a storm a coming! Best horror movie that take place...well during a storm.

    There's a storm a coming! - Best horror movies that place place during...well during a storm.
    Seeing that we might all get eaten up by Sandy in the next 48 hours here is a small list of some pretty cool movies that take place turning or after some pretty nasty storms.
Alone In The Dark

Storm Of The Century

The Shinning

The Thing 

Friday the 13th
The Amityville Horror

Eat your heart out Paranormal Activity...

Eat your heart out Paranormal Activity...I got a real ghost...

Okay I'm sure everyone has a story of the supernatural or paranormal. Either events that have happened to themselfs or somebody they knew. Well guess what. last night I witnessed my own paranormal event and it's safe to say I almost shit my pants..

Okay long story short after a very long day I returned to my house around one in the morning and laid on my couch and decided to fall asleep to Rise Of The Zombies that was airing on SyFy. Knowing I wasn't going to make it through I decided to wait until DVD and shut off the TV. Laying back and shutting my eyes. My four little white dogs were laying on the floor beneath me. 

Now upstairs my sofa (I would take photos but at the moment I'm too lazy) faces my TV. On each side of the sofa there's two end tables with lamps which I had on. I legit just shut my eyes when I had that weird feeling somebody was watching me. Opening my eyes I looked and less than a foot away from me was sitting a small black child.

I shit you not.

It was a child, small...around the age I teach (4-5) I think he's black but I could see straight through him. I wasn't really looking at details since it happened so quick (I'm talking less than 15 seconds.) all I was staring at was his round little face smiling at me clear as day. Now either he really was black or I could just see thru him since the television was off and directly behind him. I blinked and just stared at him and then like a complete pussy I screamed at the top of my lungs and threw a throw pillow at him.

Bang just like that he was gone (...)

My dogs of course all started to bark and I was pretty shaken up. I just sat there in complete silence.

This isn't the first time something like this has happened. I really do believe in ghosts, but not in the huge big way everyone else does. Three times before I had witnessed something almost just like it.

1) When I was younger (7 or 8) I was in my mother's bedroom and I remember she was doing my hair before school. Nobody else was in the house and the door was open leading out to the hall. I was sitting down facing that door when suddenly this weird shape quickly moved past the doorway as if it was running down the hall. It looked like somebody with a blanket thrown over them and all I remember is saying "Did you see that?" and my mother freaked out since she had seen the same thing.
2) Back when I was a reckless teenager I remember going to bed a tad bit "messed up" and I remember laying in the darkness of my bedroom when I opened my eyes and there standing over me was the dark outside of a person looking down at me. I remember blinking and when it didn't go away I screamed at the top of my lungs. My poor father heard me and ran down the stairs kicking open the door and the second the lights were on it was gone and I knew how stupid I would have sounded. So I lied and told him I saw a mouse. He just stared at me told me to stop being stupid and then told me to hold one of the dogs if I was so scared. That whole night I held my poor late dog Cuda freaking out.
3) This event is the one that made me know for sure there was such things as spirits and ghosts. It was just a few months after loosing my mother and I was sitting in my downstairs office feeling very depressed. I just sat there and said out loud "Oh mom...I miss you." and at that exact moment I looked over and on a shelf a power cord for a lamp of mine began to quickly swing back and forth. I remember just staring at it freaking out and said "Please stop." and the second I said that it did. I would like to think it was just my mother saying hello.

So there you have it my three tales of ghosts in this house I've lived in my whole life. 

Oh and last thing...

Years ago, long before me or my sister were born when my parents first got married a young woman who claimed to be a psychic was driving by when she stopped her car and saw my house. Freaking out she ran next door and hammered on the door before the old woman who lived there answered. The woman begged her to call the police. She had looked at the house and felt as if somebody was getting killed inside. Calling the police, they came shortly after they went to my house in which my grandparents and my mother answered the door. By then the woman was so hysterical she refused to even go near the house. The police humored her, searched the house and then had to drag the woman away since he kept screaming "Somebody is getting killed!" I guess the woman was taken down town and questioned but she never came back to the house again. I loved that story so much growing up I even made a very shitty short film for a contest based on this.
Creepy huh?"
So tonight let's see if my little black friend will return. Who knows, maybe he'll drag me across the floor. Weeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

CBS 10/24/81 original Halloween movie TV spot...

CBS 10/24/81 original Halloween movie TV spot for Dark Night Of The Scarecrow

"Sigh...back when TV movies were legit."

Best horror movie taglines of all time

Best Horror Movie Taglines Of All Time
These are some of the best taglines of all time. That perfect final touch on some of the most classic posters and movies of all time.

“If Nancy doesn't wake up screaming...she won't wake up at all.” - A Nightmare On Elm Street.

“An all American family didn't want to kill...but they didn't want to die either.” - The Hills Have Eyes

In every neighborhood there is one house that adults whisper about and children cross the street to avoid.” - The People Under The Stairs

“The body count continues.” - Friday the 13th part 2

“By sword, By Pick, By Axe, Bye Bye.” - The Mutilator
“Kiss your nerves goodbye!” - Evil Dead II Dead By Dawn

“Sleep all day. Party all night. Never grow old. Never Die. It's fun to be a vampire.” - The Lost Boys

“The good news is your dates are here. The bad news is...they're dead.” - Night Of The Creeps

“The night no one comes home.” - Halloween III Season Of The Witch

“Yo avoid fainting keep on's only a movie, it's only a movie, it's only a movie...” - The Last House On The Left

“You don't have to go to Texas for a chainsaw massacre!” - Pieces 

“Herbert West has a good head on his shoulders...and another one on his desk.” - Re-Animator

“She was born bad. Plain and simple. Somewhere deep on a darkened assembly line. Christine. A '58 Plymouth Fury possessed by Hell. She's taken control of her teenage owner, Arnie. Her previous owner is not alive to warn him. And now she's steering straight for the one person in her way. Arnie's girlfriend, Leigh. The other woman.” - Christine 
“Charlie McGee is a happy, healthy eight-year-old little girl. Normal in every way but one. She has the power to set objects afire with just one glance. It's a power she does not want. It's a power she can't control. And, each night, Charlie prays to be just like every other child. But there are those who will do everything in their power to find her... or destroy her. “ - Firestarter 

“The terror starts the moment he stops.” - The Hitcher 

“Buy a bag, come home in a box.” - Popcorn 

“Here they grow again.” - Gremlins 2