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Who would I choose to play the adults in the next IT movie.

 Who would I choose to play the adults in the next IT movie.

Today the official trailer to the upcoming IT remake was released and for the most part fans all over breathed a very loud sigh of relief, seeing that the beloved Stephen King novel was being told the way it should be.

 I'm sure I'm speaking for many people my age saying that the original mini series made in 1990 was a huge part of our childhood with Tim Curry's flawless performance as Pennywise. IT hands down goes in my top 5 favorite King novels, and after re-reading it yet again this summer, I'm pretty excited to see what this re-telling will be like. I've followed the production pretty closely over the last few months, and even stood back in wonder when I saw they shift the timeline to the 1980's instead of the 1950's to bring it up to date 27 years later to present times. I love the mini series for what it was even though I feel the fact it was made for television you weren't able to truly capture how frightening and graphic the novel was. Still, the original lucky 7 will always have a special place in my heart, but I am beyond excited and 100% on board for this new movie which will be released this up coming September. I think it's a very wise idea to make it into two movies, having the first one just focus on them as adults. Rumors have been flying high on who should play the adults in the remake. I thought of actors in their late 30's to early 40's. Actors who not only would match up pretty good with the new cast of children, but people who I feel would capture the characters in the book the best. Here are my choices.

Bill - Ethan Embry
When I think Bill, I see him originaly played as a child by the late Johathan Brandis in the original mini series. Nothing against Richard Thomas, who I think did a great job, but he wasn't who I saw as the adult version of Bill. King talks about his red hair, how he's going bald, and how he even in age still has the presence of a natural leader. Ethan has made quite the comeback in the last decade in the film roles he's taken and I feel an actor as intense as Ethan would be the perfect choice.

Ben - Chris Pratt
This idea came from a friend of mine. I think Chris would be the perfect choice for Ben since he's a guy who dropped weight and honestly is attractive and likable at any size. We all know him as the star lord or in the recent Jurassic Park movie, but I think Chris playing a darker role would really spice up his career. I can see him as the successful blue collar man who is honestly the heart of the group. Would be awesome seeing him play an older Ben.

Mike - Chiwetel Ejiofor
There were several other actors I thought would play a great Mike, all of which were a little younger than Chiwetel. I adored Chiwetel in 12 years a slave and I think he would play the perfect keeper of the town Derry, the one who stayed behind while everyone else found success. The one who stayed behind, making sure they all kept the promise. Chiwetel is one HELL of an actor, and has broken my heart in some of the roles he's played. I think he would play the perfect Mike who is the one who gathers the lucky 7 all back together again.

Richie - Kris Lemche
I'm sure a few of you are going huh? Hear me out. Mr. Lemche is known for playing very sarcastic characters in the past. I think that dry wit is what will make Lemche the perfect adult Richie. The jokester, the one who physically isn't the strongest, but the one who will add a little humor to the group while still being one of the most passionate members of the group when the lucky 7 begins to fall apart. Watch this guy in interviews and you'll know exactly what I mean. 

Eddie - Jay Baruchel 
Try to get past his roles in Knocked Up and This Is The End. Jay is actually a pretty likable actor and I could see if done right would play a great Eddie. If they follow him closer to the book, he's physically weak, but another huge part of the core heart of the group. I could see showing him running his limo company, and marrying a woman who's physically just like her controlling mother. I feel Baruchel would play great against Lemche, and show the innocence behind this character and how he never truly got over what happened all those years ago.

Stan - Mark Duplass
Mark is an odd choice but again hear me out. Not only do I think this guy someday would play the perfect Sam Raimi, but I think he would capture how on edge Stan was. The neat and tidy wealthy man who loved his wife, yet sadly could never give her children. Stan's end is tragic, but I feel casting a slightly older actor would be wise showing how the events that happened when he was younger left him touched somehow. If you ever read the novel you'll see that Bill, Bev, and Stan were the only ones as children who believed they didn't get IT when they originally did. Something about Mark strikes me as a haunted man, and would be amazing to see him play a brief yet serious role. 

Beverly - Jessica Chastain
I think this is everyone's bet on who will play Bev as an adult in the next movie. It makes sense since she has worked with the director before. I'm not the biggest fan of Jessica and even liked a friend's idea of Bryce Dallas Howard instead. Still, yet again there's just something about Jessica. Dye her hair a darker red and I think you got a perfect Bev. A woman who basically married her father who's physically and mentaly abusive. Jessica I think is strong enough actress who would play great against these men.

Thoughts? Who would you cast?

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