Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Happenstance Horror Fest

Happenstance Horror Fest.

I can't think of any better way to kick off yet another sensational summer than to spend a fun filled evening watching short films, visiting awesome vendor tables, entering raffles and silent auctions, and being able to drink with fellow horror fans. Here one can watch as the two hour worth of short films are judged with special guests, as well as a live Q&A.

This event is being held at Chunkys Cinema and pub in Haverhill Massachusetts. The doors open at 5:30, where guests will be able to partake in the special events lined up, as well as voting for the films that will be screened. 

I personally plan on attending this event since it seems like the breath of fresh air Massachusetts needs. I mean for horror fans, we get what? Rock & Shock and Scare A Con now. Bothe vents only once a year, and pretty far apart from each other. I myself am totally for more horror themed events that not only embrace filmmakers, but the fans who support them. Contact George James Fraser via Facebook for any questions!

Happenstance Horror Fest website
Happenstance Horror Fest Facebook
Happenstance Horror Fest Submission page
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