Sunday, March 26, 2017

Top 10 modern vampire movies.

 Top 10 modern vampire movies.

Here is a list of my top ten personal favorite vampire movies. Films that captured one of the oldest and most classic movie monsters, spinning a visually striking new twist to them.

1) Near Dark
- A young man living in the Mid-West meets a beautiful mysterious girl one night who begins to panic after they lose track of time, and she sees that the sun is slowly coming up. In a moment of pure passion and impulse, she accidentally bites the man, only to run away. As the man heads man, he begins to notice how badly his skin hurts now that the sun is up and shinning down above him. That's when an RV pulls up beside him, and a group of people kidnap him. When he comes to, he sees the same girl he met earlier that morning, and several other members of her "family" it appears they are vampires, traveling the back desert highways, and he's the newest member.

2) The Lost Boys
- A group of teenage brothers have just recently moved to what appears to be a fun beach side costal town with their divorced mother. It isn't long before they hear that this very same town has a huge murder rate as well as hundreds of unsolved missing person cases. It's there that the oldest brother meets a gang of teenage bikers who want him to join in on their sleep all day, party all night way of life. It's here that he discovers that these teens are actually vampires who are currently recruiting. 

3) Fright Night
- Charlie is a young teenage boy who is obsessed with horror movies. One night he happens to look out his window and notice that his new next door neighbor is carrying a coffin with his roommate into the basement. A few nights later he sees a hooker arrive at the house around sunset, only to hear a blood curdling scream in the middle of the night and the very same woman shown as a missing person on the news a few days later. It isn't until he stays up late, that he sees his neighbor with a new woman with large fangs ready to bite the woman's neck. When the local police, his mother, and even his own girlfriend and best friend don't believe his claims, he turns to his hero, a late night horror host to help him stop his neighbor before it's too late.

4) Let The Right One In
- A shy withdrawn young boy meets a strange little girl who has just moved in next door one winter. It's here a strange connection and friendship forms between the two when he discovers that the man this girl lives with isn't her father. In fact, she's an ancient vampire who gives the young boy the advice he finally needs to stand up against the bullies who are constantly bothering him. Hit back...hard.

5) Interview With The Vampire
- A young reporter one night is invited to interview a young man who claims he's a vampire who was first turned in 1791. Here he tells his tragic life story after he became a creature of the night. Staring with the man who turned him, a young innocent but dangerous girl, and the violent ending they all met as he was forced to wander the world alone. 

6) From Dusk Till Dawn
- Two outlaw brothers kidnap a single father and his two teenage children in order to cross the boarder. Deciding to stop at a wild club that's open from dusk till dawn for truckers, and bikers, they discover the terrible secret behind this business and have to fight to survive until dawn.

7) Tale Of A Vampire
- A modern re-telling of Edgar Allen Poe's classic poem of Annabel Lee, shows a lonely vampire, and the man who wants revenge on him after hundreds of years as he meets who he believes is his long lost love that died hundreds of years ago.

8) 30 Days Of Night
- A mysterious stranger arrives to a small isolated town in Alaska where the town people prepare for a month long stretch of darkness. Here the man claims "They are coming" It isn't long before the local sheriff begins to notice that someone is making sure this town is completely cut off. Between all of the sled dogs being slaughtered, any capable means of transportation wrecked, and all radios, and phones destroyed. Here a group of blood thirsty vampires begin to attack the town, slowly closing in on the few survivors left. 

9) The Hunger
- A pair of vampire lovers who have been hunting together for hundreds of years meet a tragic ending when the man suddenly sees that blood isn't stopping his aging. In fact, it's speeding up X100. In a panic, he begins to transform into a living corpse in which his lover is forced to drag his nearly lifeless body upstairs to her apartment's attic where she hides his now trapped body in a coffin. In fact, this isn't the first time she's done this. Over the many years she's been alive, lovers have come and done, and she's built quite the collection. Now this beautiful killer might have met her match. A stunning, young doctor who might actually be able to stop her.

10) Fright Night Part II
- Five years have passed, and Charlie has begun to convince himself that everything that happened was all in his mind. When he finally believes he's moved on, a mysterious beautiful woman arrives at his college dorm. A woman who wants revenge on blood he spilled long ago.

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