Monday, October 16, 2017

20 times Ryan Dallion from Friday the 13th the series was a fashion icon.

 20 times Ryan Dallion from Friday the 13th the series was a fashion icon.
This past weekend we were treated to quite the treat. Not only did we have a Friday the 13th, we got a Friday the 13th in October! Horror fans rejoiced and celebrated in style. I myself made sure I watched my favorite Friday the 13th the series episodes, and loved the fact that so many friends from the horror community were posting about doing the same. Here a huge percentage of us all agreed. John D LeMay's character Ryan Dallion was a fan favorite, and sported some serious awesome fashion choices over the course of the show's run. Here are some of the best examples...

- Serving monk fashion forward realness. I think it's a complete riot that Micki tried to pretend to be a man this whole episode with her hood up. Ha!

- Nothing says 1987 more than a yellow suit jacket.

- My favorite out of this entire list. Love the anchor sweater and newsboy hat. In fact Ryan's sweaters deserve to have an article all on it's own. They are truly the most adorable part of this character's wardrobe.

- Always give credit to a person who goes the extra mile for Halloween. Love the light up mask that hangs behind his head. 

- Ryan Dallion, always and forever being extra.

- Love this episode where Ryan pulls a 21 Jump Street and dresses as a teen to try and get the cursed compact. Can we also take a second and talk about what a beating he takes in this episode. Damn!

- Here Ryan serves a very Don Johnson like look with his Miami Vice white suit. Love it.

- One thing that was realistic about this show was how certain T-shirts of Ryan's made multiple appearances. Some of the designs were pretty downright awesome. Wonder if D LeMay got to keep any...

- Country plaid fashion forward realness.

- Great winter jacket but what really pulls it together is the fact he's tied up with children's jump ropes. Ha!

- What is the pattern on that sweater? They look like elephants or turtles...

- Long before Jeffery Dean Morgan rocked leather jackets on The Walking Dead, Mr. D LeMay set this trend and did it with style.

- More amazing T-shirts!

- Torn jeans. Always loved Ryan's looks next to Micki's. To think, hipsters would rock the HELL out of these outfits now. Maybe even Jacks (sling and all)

- Patterns for dayz. 

- Even when he's beaten to holy Hell he still looks cool!

- Mr. Dallion always pulled off the T-shirt and suit jacket over in a very flawless way.

- I mean really, there are no words. How can someone still look this cool and be dressed as an 1800th century farmer?!

- Ryan Dallion MVP of Curious Goods.

- Love ya Johnny, but you will never be able to match this man's style. Who else can return from Hell and still look this cool?!

This article is a huge shoutout to Mr. John D LeMay. I adore Friday the 13th the series, and most of all the Ryan Dallion character (I plan on getting some tattoos soon based off my favorite cursed objects) I love this show so much I even named my dogs after John and Robey. Thank you Mr. Dallion for these iconic fashion choices that downright screamed the 1980's. Stay tuned in the future for a whole post about Ms. Foster's amazing fashion statements!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Rock & Shock recap 2017

 Rock & Shock recap 2017

What better way to celebrate a Friday the 13th weekend in October than to go to a horror convention?! After a very exciting weekend of watching slashers, making gross stuff, and celebrating everything all horror I decided to head on down to the ever so popular Rock & Shock convention to catch up with old friends. Rock & Shock is near and dear to my heart since it was my very first convention I ever attended back in 2006, and a show I went to several times with my late mother. It holds great memories for me. In fact, I've even vended at this show several times before and always had a blast. In fact I would have loved to vend it again but plans fell through. Remember kiddos, Amity Antiques may have a comeback in 2018! Stay tuned!!! Any who this month has been tough since I've been sick as a dog and really didn't feel 100% yesterday. Still, I had a blast catching up with friends.

I spent most of the time with friends Chris and Courtney at the London 1888 booth. These guys are my favorite horror couple and sell super cool stuff. I basically called myself the London 1888 mascot yesterday. I was useless, but smiled at customers and yelled "Treat yo self!" every time they bought something. Hey, what can I say...I know how to rope people in. ;)

Me and Courtney attended our friend Ken's panel with Ace Von Johnson, Riki Rachtman, and of course Mr. Zach Galligan. This panel was a riot since Ken asked the guys about TV past and present. It was super funny/interesting and yes, I'll be that guy and mention that when Tales from The Crypt was brought up and Zach guest starring he pointed to me and told the audience that I have him from that story tattooed on me and thanked me at the end of the panel. I think we all know what a Galligan fan I am so of course it made my day. Zach, you special guy. Please come to Boston more!!!

I had Galligan sign an original press book from Waxwork. I also told the woman sitting with him about Galligangiving. She looked a little freaked out. Listen lady, it's a national holiday. Get with it. As always it's a pleasure with Galligan. Everyone at HorrorHound this November tell that fella I said hi. Really wish I could have hung out longer had I been feeling better. Galligan, I'll see ya soon! 

The next guest I really only wanted to meet was Mr. Derek Mears best known for this roles in the Friday the 13th remake as well as The Hills Have Eyes remake. I wanted to meet Derek because of his role on Twin Peaks The Return this summer. His scene was a complete riot, and I knew I needed to get a shot of me arm wrestling with him via Evil Cooper. Derek is seriously one of the nicest guys in the business. He even gave me an extra free autograph after signing my Twin Peaks Bang Bang Bar CD. Nothing but nice things to say about this guy. Total class act.

Me and Courtney walked around for a bit, even said hi to Mr. Adam Green. I mostly hung at the London 1888 booth but also swung by to see some vendor friends.

Of course I had to visit friend/tattoo artist Shane Murphy. Shane has been my tattoo artist since 2011ish I believe. He's the man responsible for all of my beautiful ink that covers my legs. Shane also runs a pretty kick ass company called Theater Of Creeps where he sells awesome pins and art pieces. Shane was tattooing this weekend and did a killer Pennywise tattoo yesterday that I saw. I swung by Shane's booth to chat with me and his girlfriend Lacey. I got a great Friday the 13th pin set where he did the first 4 Jason's. What better way to celebrate the Friday the 13th holiday than to get some Jason's? I'll be visiting Shane next weekend where he's going to be doing a Twin Peaks The Return tattoo on me. I seriously can't wait! West sideeeeeee!

I of course went to my favorite booth VHSPS run by George and Sean. These guys have so many amazing out of print movies. I could seriously spend all day just looking at how many titles they have. I ended up getting Night Of The Demons 3 and House Of Death, a pretty decent slasher I watched on Youtube a few years back and really enjoyed. 

I swung by The Cooliage theatre booth where my buddy Mark runs. These guys always knock the movie marathons out of the park. In fact one day I will indeed make it out for the camping Friday the 13th event they now hold. In the past I've attended several screenings at Cooliage (The Burning, where I did makeup in the lobby, Jason Takes Manhattan, The Monster Squad, Critters, and went once to the Halloween marathon where they aired The Blob remake, Night Of The Creeps (for the second time there), An American Werewolf In London, Poltergeist, TMC2, Nightbreed...and I swear something else but this place is always a killer time and a must to visit if you love movie and are anywhere near Boston.) 

DiabolikDVD was my favorite booth this year. I was floored over how many amazing DVDs they had (they were even selling tapes!) I'm now for sure going to check out this vendor's website. I've always known about them, but had zero idea how much cool stuff they had. Over the weekend several people texted me this photo as shown above. This is the German release of Waxwork. 160$ was a little too rich for my blood. In fact (confession time, I actually prefer the sequel's release from that German company.) still super cool to see as a collector. I ended up getting the Night Of The Living Dead remake blu-ray, Effects, and April Fool's day novel. Such an awesome booth!


Thanks James for those killer books. I'm sure me and Sean will cherish our autographed copies forever.


Found a freshly shaven Negan so of course I ran after him to snap a photo. He looked thrilled. 

As always a great weekend. Like I said I really wish I had felt better to chill longer but it was a blast nevertheless. Really great seeing everyone and catching up. Yet another reason why Mass needs more conventions so we can all hang more often! Fingers crossed for Galligan to return for Rock & Shock 2018!!! Huge thanks to Ken, Stacy, Chris, Courtney, Sean, George, Mark, Galligan, Andrea, Nate, Nate, Meg, and everyone else. Guy guys rock. 

Until next time guys!!!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Top 5 Friday the 13th endings!!!

 Top 5 Friday the 13th endings!!!

Happy Friday the 13th everyone!!! After feeling sick for what seems like forever, I'm FINALLY getting around to feeling better. This weekend is going to be packed full of fun. Not only is today a Friday the 13th IN October! But tomorrow is also Rock & Shock! Stay tuned for updates and coverage over this weekend! Today I'm celebrating all things Friday the 13th. While viewing some of my favorite sequels I'm ranking the top 5 Friday the 13th endings!!!

5) Jason X
You know it's REAL bad when Stacy doesn't even own this one. I think honestly, I may have seen this movie at most twice? Still I really have to hand it to this movie for it's clever last shot which shows Earth 2 (...) and Jason aka the shooting star falling to the planet and at a beautiful lake where two teens spot this flash of light and decide to investigate where it landed. Here we're shown that history is indeed going to repeat itself even though we're on a new planet. I really gotta say in this truly horrible film, there's a handful of decent scenes in this movie. Maybe I like the ending so much because this mess was ending. Ha!

4) Friday the 13th part 3
One of my favorite sequels out of the entire series. This film is legendary for being known as having several alternate endings. Some were filmed, some weren't. In the end they went with Chris taking a canoe out into the lake after killing Jason in the barn. Here audiences remember something like this happening in the original with Alice. When Chris awakes the next morning she's greeted by the frightening image of Jason alive unmasked looking at her through the window. He sees her, and as she tries to escape Jason bursts through the screen door before Chris sees Jason has vanished. Moments later the rotting corpse of Jason's mother lunges from the water, covered in water worms before grabbing Chris, dragging her into the water. Seconds later the scene fades out before we see later that morning the police have shown up. They talk about how Chris has lost her mind, and is babbling about a "Lady in the lake" here we see Chris hysterical, safe and sound being taken away in the back of the police cruiser before slowly panning to Jason's corpse laying in the barn. A reason why I love The Final Chapter is the fact they returned to this same location and paid such close attention to detail with taking place right after this film.

3) Friday the 13th part 5 A New Beginning 
I really love A New Beginning. I know it's not really looked at so fondly since Jason really isn't in this entry, but you really gotta hand it to this movie. Not only did it try something different, it had a huge bodycount, AND was one of the last gritty old school sequels in the series. Part 5 had a huge reveal showing that the killer in this movie really wasn't Jason. It was a copycat killer using Jason's M.O after witnessing his estranged mentally challenged son get murdered. Snapping he goes on a murdering spree, and is killed by Tommy. Shortly afterwards Pam and Reggie are at the hospital where Tommy is staying and the sheriff fills Pam in on how Roy (the copycat killer) and how he used Jason's mask, making everyone in town it was him who had returned committing these crimes. Pam walks into Tommy's room, filled with emotion staring down at him before he wakes up and stabs her laughing like a madman. Snapping awake, we see it was a dream. Pam walks to his room before hearing a crash and rushing in. She sees his widow shattered, and it pouring outside. Just then Tommy slowly appears behind her wearing the killer's mask and holding a knife. This leaves the question? Did Tommy really snap? Is he the next Jason? Interesting...

2) Friday the 13th
Funny story about this movie. When I was 8 or 9 I stayed up late with my sister and father watching this movie on HBO. I had never seen the original before. I still remember to this day the peaceful and beautiful shot of Alice, the only survivor waking up drifting in the middle of the lake. The score is absolutely dream like, and the police have finally arrived, yelling for her on shore. Waking, and looking around, gently touching the surface of the water, she sits up when suddenly BOOM! The rotting corpse of Jason, the killer's son lunges from his watery grave and grabs her, pulling her backwards to the bottom. I STILL remember screaming and jumping up from the chair. One of the greatest jump scares of all time. What makes this ending even more memorable is the creepy scene following showing Alice waking up at the hospital. She's informed that everyone is dead, and she's the only survivor. Here she looks up and asks "The boy? Is he dead too?" The sheriff looks confused. Alice insists that the boy who grabbed her, the one who pulled her underneath the water?! The sheriff calmly explains that they didn't find any boy. Here Alice stares, her blue eyes looking stunning as she states "Then he's still there." The last shot is the lake...and unknown to audiences back in was about to open up a whole new world of endless sequels.

1) Jason Goes To Hell The Final Friday
My favorite on the list. I'm sure I'm speaking for everyone my age, when they first saw this ending in the early to mid 90's, they stood up screaming and cheering. I'm a massive fan of Jason Goes To Hell. I know a lot of people don't dig it, but I will FOREVER try to show people how this sequel truly was a gem in the rough. They did something different, it was adults fighting Jason, amazing KNB gore, and of course this ending. If only Freddy Vs Jason has been half as good as the hype that this ending left for years for us horror fans. I adore this ending. Steven and Jessica fight Jason and send him to Hell (way to go John D LeMay!) As they walk into the sunrise holding their daughter, we're shown Jason's beaten up mask laying in the dirt. Suddenly a gloved hand we all know and love pops up and drags the mask down laughing. Here fans for over a decade wondered when Freddy and Jason were finally going to tango. This ending goes to show the 1990's truly were awesome for horror!

Happy Friday the 13th everyone!!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Top 10 movies to watch in October.

 Top 10 movies to watch in October.
October! My favorite time of year. Today I'm picking 10 movies that are a must to watch this month in order to get into the Halloween state of mind!

10) Kenny & Co.
- In the 1970's the week before Halloween two ten year old boys get into a bunch of zany adventures involving learning lessons about life and death, love, pulling pranks, skateboarding, and much much more!

9) Pet Sematary
- One of the best King novels/films. Still holds up all these years later. Proud to have Church tattooed on me. A doctor and his young family move from Chicago to Maine. Here they notice two things. The house they just moved into has a busy road right by it where huge 18-wheelers are constantly racing down. The other is a path leading into the woods where a tiny pet cemetery lays, build by neighborhood children whenever animals got killed in the road. It isn't until the family's cat is killed that the doctor is shown a terrifying power past the pet cemetery. An ancient burial ground where if anything is buried returns. The doctor quickly learns that when animals return, they seem changed, different in fact. It isn't long before the question is asked..."Has anyone ever buried a person there?"

8) Pieces
- Another brutal and terrifying slasher favorite of mine. At a Boston college campus a bunch of young college co-eds are getting brutally murdered by an unseen killer who's taking different body parts. Here an undercover officer begins working on campus, teaming up with several students to try and discover who's committing these terrible crimes.

7) The Stepfather
- Hands down my favorite slasher of all time. Jerry seems like the perfect man. He's handsome, charming, great at his job, and even though he seems a little old fashion, he honestly feels like one of those dads from the 1950's, constantly trying to capture the all American dream. The scary thing is...Jerry is a crazed psychopath. For years he's been marrying into widowed families. Whenever these families let him down in any shape way or form, he brutally murders the entire family, before moving away, changing his identity and appearance before marrying into a new family to start all over again.

6) Graveyard Shift
- Another huge guilty pleasure King movie that I can't help but love. A mill up in Maine decided to hire a small crew over the 4th Of July weekend to clean out the water damaged basement which is crawling with rats. It isn't long before the crew discover a lower level where giant man eating rats live. Becoming trapped down below, the survivors scramble trying to reach the surface as soon as possible.

5) Fright Night Part II
- I worship the original Fright Night, but for some reason I LOVE this highly underrated sequel. Taking place several years later, Charlie now at college is convinced that everything that happened in the first film was all in his mind. It isn't until he meets a beautiful mysterious performance artist that he realizes that his past is coming back to haunt him...and it wants revenge.

4) Halloween III Season Of The Witch
- A man stumbles into the ER late one night terrified clutching a Halloween mask. Later that night he's murdered by a strange man who broke into his room, headed straight to the parking-lot, and blew himself up in his car. The doctor on staff can't believe what's happened, and when the murdered man's daughter comes forward, he informs her that her father kept saying that "they" were going to kill them all. Wanting to track down where her father was last before he died, the two pair up and head to the coast where a popular Halloween mask company is based out of. Once they arrive in the town, they instantly notice all isn't what it seems.

3) Night Of The Demons
- On Halloween night a group of teenagers go to a local "haunted" house to party, where they accidentally raise the evil spirits that are trapped in the property. Possessing three of the teens, the rest are trapped unable to escape and having to fight back and survive until dawn.

2) The Monster Squad
- All of classic Universal monsters all are awakened and brought to a small town attempting to take over the world. It's up to a group of young misfits called The Monster Squad to stop these creatures before it's too late.

1) The Midnight Hour
- A group of teens from a small New England town break into a local wax museum to borrow some costumes before a big Halloween party. While digging through what they took, they happen upon an old scroll where an ancient spell is written. Here they decide to head to the local cemetery to say the spell and mess around, having no idea that they have just basically opened up the gates of Hell unleashing the undead, werewolf's, vampires, ghouls, and much much more!