Monday, July 24, 2017

Jaws themed cocktails!!!

 Jaws themed cocktails!!!

Over here at Staystillreviews we're celebrating one of the coolest weeks of the entire year.

Shark Week.

Since the mid to late 80's the Discovery Channel dedicates 7 whole days to these beautiful mythical creatures that have captivated people for years. I'm not one to brag, but I have loved sharks my whole life. I believe it all began with watching Jaws constantly on a loop. After that I had to collect anything Jaws, even getting one tattooed on my foot. In fact, while at school all of my friends chipped in and ended up getting me an original poster of Jaws signed by the ENTIRE cast and crew. This hands down is one of my all time favorite pieces in my collection and I still can't wrap my head around actually getting this as a gift. I love that sharks have become this huge culture iconic symbol. The fact that the Jaws movies have become cult classics, that so many amazing spin-offs have been made, as well as made for TV specials and documentaries. It seems as if the world just can't get enough sharks! One thing I 100% love is that director/actor Eli Both (Boston boy represent!) has become to "official" shark week host. I'll be the first to admit I sadly missed Michael Phelps Vs. The Shark but I heard of it's outcome. Hoping to catch a re-run of that one. So here at Staystillreviews we're planning on packing a week full of shark themed fun while watching all of the Jaws movies on repeat as well as catching as many shark specials as possible. So what better way to watch these things than to kick back and relax sipping a Jaws themed cocktail! 

Amity Island
1 oz. Captain Morgan Spiced Rum
1 oz. Rum (light)
5 oz. Blue Curacao
1.5 oz. Sweet & Sour mix.
2 oz. Sprite.
.25 oz Grenadine.
Sliced up lemons, limes, and Swedish Fish.
Two cups of crushed ice.

Alex Kintner Aftermath. 
3/4 Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum
3/4 oz. Light Rum
1/2 oz. Blue Curacao Liqueur
1 1/2 oz. Sweet and Sour Mix.
3 drops Grenadine Syrup. 
Crushed Ice

The Orca 
3/4 Oz. Light Rum
3/4 Oz. Vodka
1/2 Oz. Blue Curacao
3 Oz. Pineapple juice
1 oz. Sweet And Sour Mix.
1 oz. Creme De Cassis

Enjoy getting drunk and fooling around!!!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Top 10 moments from Creepshow 2

 Top 10 moments from Creepshow 2

In finishing with our week of paying tribute to Mr. George A Romero, I decided to pick a film that's a cult classic that George didn't direct, but helped write. A sequel to his iconic film he made years earlier with Stephen King. 

Creepshow 2.

Directed by Michael Gornick, a fellow Pittsburg filmmaker and associate of Romero, he took the wheel with this follow up which much like the pervious film featured an all star cast and crew. Here we're picking our personal top ten favorite moments from this highly underrated sequel that has turned 30 this year. Remember kids, if it wasn't for Romero, we wouldn't have gotten the Creepshow spin-off TV series Tales From The Darkside. This was a man who was decades ahead of his time, and will forever be missed! So here we have, our top favorite moments from Creepshow 2! 

1) Issue #2!
- Creepshow 2 starts off with a bang. Here we find a new Billy riding his bike, waiting by the newsstand as a truck pulls over revealing a brand new creep. (I personally wished they kept with the skeleton puppet.) Still, it's pretty cool as the new Creep (played by Tom Savini) leaps up onto the air, as the film transforms into a cartoon. Now I'll be the first to admit, I really didn't like the wrap-around story and how they kept it all animated. Still, pretty cool opening to get things rolling!

2) Opening credits.
- Both Creepshow movies have something awesome in common. They both have killer opening credits. Here we listen to the awesome score (thanks to Rick Wakeman aka from The Burning) as we get to see stunning artwork, displaying scenes from the movie unfold before us.

3) "This hair is going to get me paid and laid!"
Sam Whitemoon...what an asshole. Still, I think he's one of the most attractive actors to appear in a horror movie. (Don't judge) With those long flowing locks, who wouldn't be swooning? This dickhead robs the small country store that the most adorable elderly couple has been running with his friends. The ending result of this robbery gone wrong is heartbreaking, but I can't help but crack up whenever he goes into the Photo Booth to snap photos of himself as he raves about his hair. "Ain't no dust in Hollywood!"

4) Chief's massacre.
- The most rewarding ending to this story is how the three teens get their asses handed to them as the chief comes to life to seek revenge on the assholes who murdered his owners. All three deaths are pretty awesome, but it's Sam's who has the biggest payoff. Say goodbye to that beautiful hair!

5) Swimming off to the raft.
- The Raft I would say will forever go down as everyone's favorite segment from the entire movie. Based off a short story by Stephen King, it perfectly displays a group of people stranded as something is waiting to kill them off one by one. With a great setting, a funky looking monster, and four teenagers, we watch as they strip down, and leave their car just off the shore to dive into the icy water and swim out to the raft. I for one remember having a raft exactly like the one shown in this movie. This story is VERY unsettling, and makes you wonder...what would you do? Best of course has to be the loon getting eaten up and the sound it makes as it gets swallowed up. Sounds like a horn getting broken.

6) Deke's demise.
- All of the deaths in this story are gross, but Deke wins this go-around. Ready to leap off and try to swim for it, the goo is smart enough to go beneath the raft and ooze up through the cracks, clinging to Deke's foot. Just the screams from him make you wanna close your eyes. There he's slowly swallowed up and broken in two like a wish bone.

7) A sticky mess.
- Ah Randy, if you think you're gonna might as well die a pervert. Here he cops a feel on his best friend's girl while she's sleeping. Just as things are about to get hot and heavy, she awakens only to have the melting goo spread all over the side of her face. Screaming in pain, she makes it ten times worse as she smears it all over herself as her wide eyes stare up and she screams Randy's name. Here Randy finally makes the smart choice by actually using this as a chance to escape.

8) I beat you!
- One of the best edge of your seat moments has to be when Randy gets enough sense to move while the goo is busy. Here he swims as it quickly starts following him. At moments this creature looks...well like a giant trash bag. Still, it's beyond unsettling as he swims with all his might and barley misses the goo as he scrambles up on shore out of breath. Here he screams at it "I beat you...I BEAT YOU!" With that a tidal wave blows over covering Randy completely (Should have ran for it buddy) The best moment has to be the slow pan with the car's music still blasting over to a sign that's since been overgrown with underbrush...No Swimming. This will forever teach you. don't dive into a lake in October. The blob might get you!!!

9) Hitchhiker re-appears. 
- The last segment The Hitchhiker is pretty scary. One moment that gets me every time is when Annie looks up the dark highway road and sees the man she just hit covered in blood, carrying his sign, and lumbering on down the road. Somehow this gets me every time. Beyond terrifying! 

10) "Thanks for the ride lady!"
- After the car chase to end all car chases, Annie thinks (somehow) that it was all a dream and drives what's left of her car back home. Love the line of her discovering that her husband was late for the first time ever. Once she opens her door, the ruined remains of the hitchhiker crawls out looking like hamburger. Here he keeps repeating his famous line "Thanks for the ride lady! Thanks for the ride!"

So in closing with George A Romero's tribute week, I would like to say a big thank you to George for all of his work. His films will and forever be favorites of mine. It was an honor to have met you, and I know he'll live on with us horror fans forever!


Saturday, July 22, 2017

Top 20 moments from Dawn Of The Dead

Top 20 moments from Dawn Of The Dead

We're slowly winding down to a close with our tribute week to Mr. George A Romero who sadly passed away this past Sunday. Switching things up for Sensational Summer, we decided to make this a Romero themed week to honor this master filmmaker. Just a few nights ago I was lucky enough to guest speak on my friend Chad's podcast with Ben from Fright rags to pay tribute to Mr. Romero. Tonight I'm attending a screening/party at my friend Chris' watching my all time favorite film of George's Day Of The Dead. This summer I've certainly been feeling the Romero love, even before his sudden and shocking passing. I would like to express yet again what a huge part of my life Romero has been. I attended Savini's school since I loved his movies so much, I dove head first into his films at an early age, instantly becoming fascinated with every single movie of his, most of all his original Dead trilogy as well as Creepshow. One movie that I'm sure horror fans from all over will agree on being an ultimate classic is George Romero's 1978 classic Dawn Of The Dead. It's insane to think this movie is going to be turning forty next year! I constantly re-discover my love for this movie. In fact in 2015 when I was snowed in for two solid weeks straight I watched this movie on a constant loop. It strangely has always been a comfort movie for me. I have fond memories watching it as a kid over and over again, how much I LOVED the 2004 remake, and how as soon as I moved to Pittsburg I needed to visit the mall ASAP. To pay tribute to one of the greatest movies of all time, here are my personal top twenty favorite moments from this film!

1) "Do you believe the dead are returning to life?"
- This movie starts with a bang showing a news station falling apart before our very own eyes. It's complete madness. The people being interviewed speak classic lines as they shout to each other about the dead returning to life. Here we meet Fran, a producer, and her boyfriend who reports the weather via helicopter. Watching everything fall apart, the two decide to escape using the news station's chopper. I love the line of one of the cameramen telling Fran to just go, the emergency crews will be taking over all of the stations shortly...that their responsibility is finished. 

2) Peter taking care of business.
- We meet a S.W.A.T team who's clearing out a huge apartment complex where the living dead have been held up. After one of the officers loses it, and goes on a massacre, Rodger goes downstairs and meets Peter, the man who took him down. They talk about perhaps taking off and leaving the city before it becomes too late. Here Peter goes into the basement where he has to kill several zombies kept down there. The music honestly makes the entire scene and I get chills every time I see it.

3) "Got any cigarettes?"
- While re-fueling, and fleeing the city, the group load into the chopper ready to leave when a very special looking police officer asks if they have any cigarettes. It appears a group of officers are taking boats to head to an island...any island. The group's original plan was to head up North. This exchange is  funny, but goes to show you how everything is falling apart. LOVED how everyone lights up as soon as they are about to take off. Fun fact, Joe Pilato plays a police officer who's scene sadly mostly got cut but remains in the some versions. Joe of course would later on play Captain Rhodes in Day Of The Dead.

4) Redneck Heaven.
- While the group travels, looking for a place to re-fuel, they land at an old abandoned airport in the middle of nowhere. Shortly before they arrive there, they witness all of the vast country side overrun by zombies, getting just as bad as the cities. Here they fly over a field where hundreds of people are enjoying everything along with the military. Here it appears to look like a country fair. People are decked in their flannel, guns, coffee, music, and laughter. They shoot zombies, clearly enjoying that the world is falling apart.

5) Helicopter zombie.
- These zombies all are classic, but the one who earns the greatest death has to be the helicopter zombie who lumbers up on a pile of boxes only to have the twirling blades cut off the top of his head. For the 1970's this effect ruled, in fact I would say it holds up today.

6) Arriving to the mall.
- One of the best lines has to be "What the hell is it?" "Looks to be one of those indoor shopping malls." Always loved that. Here the group lands on the giant mall and look down at all of the zombies wandering around below. Here Stephen remarks that these creatures remember this place since it was na important place to them. Perfectly captures how much people wanted to consume back then (to think it's gotten MUCH worse 40 years later) people only wanted material things, the more they had, the better they felt. Here we watch as these zombies wander around mindlessly just like shoppers today. 

7) Hit and run!
- After the group lands at the mall and discovers an upstairs storage room where they can rest for a bit. While Stephen is sleeping, Rodger and Peter can't resist the temptation of everything downstairs. Wanting to load up on supplies, they head downstairs like a couple of kids. Love the shots of the music starting and all of the iconic zombies wandering around. One of my favorites is the one who is in the tiny pond and holds up all of the pennies that fell. Watching these two race around, discovering the department, and loading stuff up always brings a while to my face, mostly when Rodger slides down the stairs.

8) Flyboy joins the team.
- Flyboy started off as a pretty weak link. He was clumsy, he didn't know how to shoot for shit, and didn't seem like one of the guys. Finally there's a moment when he stops being the pussy he started off as, and became one of them. It's when he opens up the hallway door and sees Peter. Fighting zombies off, he listens to his friend's advice in not being scared and running back upstairs. Instead he runs (love his run) and joins Peter. Here they head back to the department store and he uses his brains on how they can move from one store to another. I always loved when both Stephen and Fran at separate times come out of their shell and begin to add something to the group.

9) Blocking the doors with the trucks.
- Always loved the score from this movie and how sweeping and epic it all felt as Stephen has his chopper flying over head, Fran is on the roof with the gun she finally insisted on having, and Rodger and Peter using the trucks to block the doors. You really gotta hand it to these guys, they thought things out. I love how fun it all seems as they speed around, making the mall safe. Sadly Rodger gets too carried away, and this costs him two very nasty bites. I always feel so bad afterwards when you see Peter driving, knowing he's now going to lose his friend.

10) The team secures the mall.
- I always think of Dawn as this big sweeping comic book come to life. I've been saying for years that this would have made a killer video game. Love how they are all locked and loaded (the scene of Peter and Stephen heading to the gun store and getting ready always gives me nerd chills.) After, all four of them head out with torches, guns, and enough bullets to last them. They work as a team, even wheeling Rodger around. One of the best moments as they lock the doors and shoot as many zombies as possible is when they hot wire the car and speed around shooting with the epic score blasting away. Such a cool moment showing them working so hard to make a safe place.

11) Cleaning up/enjoying the mall.
- What I love is the very idea of them holding up in a shopping mall. You have everything you could ever want just within reach. Here after they have killed every single zombie, they work on cleaning up all the bodies (I do hate that they put them in the freezer with all that good food.) Still, they make the mall their home, and begin to enjoy the fruits of their labor. They play around, shop, get their hair cut, have a great montage of them getting good (the fact this mall and a market and gun store blew my mind...only in the 70's people!) even play arcade games, and stroll on over to the bank. It's a fantasy come to life even if Rodger is too sick to enjoy it.

12) Rodger's return.
- Rodger's death is one of the saddest moments in the entire movie. After they secure the mall, and now have everything they ever honestly means nothing since it cost Rodger is life. In just a matter of days all the fun and games end when Rodger dies, doped up on pain meds due to the infection he got while bitten on the arm and leg. He lays in his friend Peter's arms telling him not to kill him until he's completely sure he's coming back. In his frail weakened state he tells his friend he's going to try not to. Hours pass and sadly Rodger does in fact return. Love how simple, yet terrifying this makeup was. Romero did a great job playing the news show with all the screaming and yelling in the background as Peter aims to put Rodger out of his misery. A heavy, and sad scene for sure.

13) Passing time.
- After Rodger's death it seems like a shadow fell over the three remaining members of the group. It's kinda heartbreaking as you watch them pass the time (in the uncut version it shows this better) even though they have everything at their fingertips, it honestly means nothing to them. They are depressed, cranky, and getting cabin fever. I love how Romero shows this. They wander around like zombies themselves, slowly no longer being the lively group they once were. I love the scene of Fran and Stephen silently fighting back and forth over the TV being on and finally Fran saying "Dear God, what have we done to ourselves?!"

14) Raid.
- Everything is ruined when a huge army of looters and bikers take over the mall. They ruin the secure place the gang worked so hard on keeping safe, that even cost Rodger his life. It's heartbreaking seeing them move the trucks, open the doors, and go into the stores stealing and wrecking everything letting thousands of zombies inside. I love the crazed expression on Stephen's face as he watches as he whispers..."We took's ours." Shows how such stupid material things could cause such a insane reaction.

15) Pie fight.
- One thing I have to say about Dawn is how as bleak as the content is about the story, it keeps it pretty light. There's a soft lingering feeling of humor dancing around the entire time. I loved the moment where the bikers open up the ovens which have dozens upon dozens of pies baking. It makes you wonder...were those in there the entire time? Did the gang make up? Ewww, how long have they been there? Still, love the montage of the bikers spraying sofa at them, as well as slamming pies into their faces. What a bunch of assholes!

16) Machete kill.
- This movie is filled with famous moments, but one of the best zombie kills is when Blade aka Tom Savini is accidentally knocked off his bike by a wandering zombie. Here he grabs his machete, raises it as another biker holds the zombie's head and slams the blade straight into the zombie's head. A simple enough effect, but pretty awesome to see!

17) Biker massacre.
- Those fucking bikers ruined everything. They took over the mall, destroyed everything, stole, and let the zombies all back in. You can't help but smile when the tables are turned and the asshole stupid enough to stay long after it's shown it's no longer safe are either shot by Stephen and Peter, or attacked and eaten by zombies. I think we all can't get over how stupid that biker was when he stayed and checked his blood pressure. Every time I see those at the drug store I think of this movie and crack up.

18) Flyboy returns.
- Flyboy will forever and always be my all time favorite zombie. His death is heartbreaking in the elevator. I feel horrible when he's laying on the floor, shot, bitten, and bleeding. One of the movie's most iconic moments is when the elevator opens and reveals that Flyboy has changed. I always loved his blue makeup. Fright Rags just recently released a killer shirt with him on it. Finally one of the most famous zombies gets the respect he deserves! Props to the actor for really selling it. Loved his shuffle, and how his feet are turned inward as he wanders out. What a performance!

19) Peter's choice.
- Poor Peter. So heartbreaking. He loses his friend Rodger, basically becomes a third wheel, yet remains the voice of reason, strength, and brains of the group. After losing the mall, as well as his friend Stephen, he's hit rock bottom. Helping Fran escape, he shows he doesn't want to leave. He has nothing left. Ready to put a bullet in his brain as the zombies overtake the apartment, he suddenly gets a second wind and turns the gun on the zombies. I LOVE the music choice. It's a fucking anthem. He raised above it, punches, and kills a bunch of zombies only to escape and jump into the chopper with Fran. Talk about a hero!

20) Escape into the dawn.
- We're happy to see Fran and Peter escape. Both of their futures, along with Fran's unborn child aren't known. They don't have much fuel, and are lifting off into an uncertain future. Still props to Fran for taking charge, insisting she learned how to fly the chopper, and being strong enough even witnessing her boyfriend and father of her child get killed before her very own eyes to escape, and move forward with her friend. Love the shot of the chopper lifting off the roof, just as dawn touched the sky. 

RIP George! Thank you for this brilliant film!!!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Top 20 moments from Creepshow.

 Top 20 moments from Creepshow.

Last night I had the complete pleasure of guest speaking on my buddy Chad's podcast with Ben from Fright Rags. For almost two hours we paid tribute to Mr. George A Romero. Last Sunday, George passed away, and horror fans from across the world were left stunned. George's filmmaking made a huge impact on all of us, and one movie of his I'm sure basically everyone agrees Creepshow was one of his huge masterpieces. Here he teamed with author Stephen King, had a crazy talented cast, mind-blowing effects thanks to Tom Savini, and was able to make E.C Comics come to life. So in keeping with paying tribute to Mr. Romero here are my personal top twenty favorite moments from Creepshow.

1) The Creep
- Creepshow actually has six stories which many forget. The wrap-around is a really decent story and sets the tone for the remainder of the movie. I mean the first shot is a house in the suburbs with a jack o' lantern glowing in the window. Here we see the wraith of Mr. Tom Atkins as he freaks out over finding a horror comic that belongs to his young son Billy (played by Joe Hill aka Stephen King's son who is actually quite the author himself!) He has a typical 1950's asshole reaction, slapping his son, and freaking out over his son rotting his brain over crap like this. It's a very unsettling scene that I'm sure some people could relate to when growing up and having family members disapprove of their passion for horror (I on the other hand was extremely lucky with parents who actually got me into horror at a young age!) Being punished, Billy sits up wishing his father rots in Hell while Mr. Atkins enjoys a nice glass of beer, reminding his wife on why God made fathers. Here Billy's room lighting strikes, and he smiles looking out the window. There the creep himself waits. I have always been completely in love with this design and it KILLED me that they didn't use it again in the sequel. This was a perfect example of practical effects ruling over all.

2) The credits.
- I have always adored the opening credits to Creepshow. Here we see AMAZING artwork all featuring scenes from the movie. Between the stunning 1950's like artwork, we also get to listen to John Harrison's amazing score. Waxwork records released a killer vinyl of this movie, with different colored vinyls all based off each story. Can't wait for the sequel's release!

3) Nathan's backstory.
- Father's Day is one of the strongest segments in the entire movie. I mean that whole film SCREAMS E.C comics. What I loved was this twisted backstory between Nathan and Bedelia. How this rich family had some major skeletons in the closet, mostly dealing with Nathan, the father of the family who was basically a million years old, wanted to fuck his daughter, treated her like shit, and was insanely jealous of her while she was forced to nurse him full-time. After murdering her boyfriend, he sets on her edge and finally gives her the final push she needs to stop the abusive. On Father's Day he screams at the top of his lungs that he wants his Father's Day cake. Having enough, and snapping, Bedelia grabs a marble ashtray and kills her father. This had become family legend of this scandal since nothing could ever be proved. The family of course loves that this happened since they were all able to get their money. Now years later on every Father's Day, the date of Nathan's "murder" the few family members remaining all gather at Nathan's mansion in the middle of nowhere for a dinner. Bedelia spends the first half of the day alone at the cemetery drinking at his grave. One of my favorite moments if Nathan's actual murder. LOVE the shot of Bedelia driven to madness as Nathan screams over and over that he wants his cake while she frosts the cake. 

4) Nathan's return.
- In classic E.C comic fashion we get a corpse that returns from the grave. What I completely love about this scene are three things. The red comic book lighting, the music, and of course the fact that actor John Amplas a Romero regular plays Nathan's corpse. Always loved the design of this. So cool!

5) "Don't let gooooooo...."
- Ed Harris FTW. Ed basically got his start in film thanks to George Romero. Between this and Knightriders, he was destined for fame. One of the most iconic moments from this movie has to be the EPIC dance moves between Mr. Harris and his wife. I mean what better way to pass the time waiting on a glazed ham than to dance the night away!

6) Tombstone smash!
- This moment burned inside my memory as a child. Nothing is scarier than something that could actually happen. Between this death and the one in Graveyard Shift, I always get the chills. Love the blue lighting, the music, and Mr. Harris' expression as the tomb slowly moves forward. I'm sorry but my ass would have been rolling away ASAP! I always chuckle whenever Nathan shuffles away mumbling "I want's mine." Gotta hand it to him. The man knows what he wants.

7) I got my cake...
- Like I said Father's Day is one of the strongest segments in the entire story. I LOVE this ending. The lighting, the image of Silvia's head on the platter, the screams from the brother and sister. Between epic. I was lucky enough to have met John at Rock & Shock a few years back and brought him a little mini cake. The happiness captured on that sweet man's face made my year. He chuckled and held it up telling me "I finally got it!" 

8) A screwdriver with a little extra...
- I hate to say it but this segment is my least favorite. Still, I love Stephen King in it. One of the best moments is as the space moss starts growing all over him, and he basically sees how fucked he is...he does what any person would do...he fixes himself a drink. I love the way he mixes it with the bottle, and sits down like a little child to listen to the television. Adorable.

9) "Just this once..."
- I think why this segment is my least favorite is because I feel so bad for King. I love movies where something overtakes the human body, and this really is a great story, still major bummer the morning after Stephen takes a bath and himself along with his entire farm is completely covered in space moss. He basically looks like a giant thing of weed. Here he gives up, shoots himself with a shotgun, and we see the space moss growing on down the road, heading in many different directions with lots of rain on the way!

10) "Jump into that hole..."
- This is a brilliant tale of revenge. I really dug everything about this segment, between the cast, the makeup, the music, and the beach setting...very awesome. One of the creepiest unsettling lines is the movie is after Harry has been brought to the private beach and now held by gunpoint. Here Richard orders him to jump into the hole he dug, and to start pulling the sand down and bury himself up to his neck. The music cue at this moment makes everything ten times more terrifying. If make you honestly wonder...what would you do?

11) Harry and Becky's return.
Such an awesome way to make zombies. Love the squishy sounds of their wet feet, or the bubbling of water down in their throats. The attention to detail was insane on these two dead lovers. I LOVED the seaweed on them as well as how water logged they look. Love these two, and those famous lines "We've come to see you Richarddddddd." Also love the shot of Richard laughing like a madman with the comic book lighting and crazed background. Very cool.

12) "I can hold my breath for a long timeeeee!!!"
- I think if you talk to any Creepshow fan, they will end up screaming this quote. It's was rare at the time to see Leslie Nielsen in a serious role. Still, he played it like a complete bad ass. A true horror villain. Plus, that track suit tho...In the end Richard gets exactly what's coming to him, and the segment freezes perfectly at the best moment.

13) What's inside the Crate.
- This I would say is the second strongest entry in the entire movie. The crate truly is a terrifying classic tale of a monster and how truly insane a man can become. After perfect tension and build up after a janitor and professor discover the crate under the stairs during the summer holiday, they work on opening it up, fascinated with what's inside. The attack on Mike the Janitor is beyond amazing. Between the lighting and music, we get little details such as the blood that's pouring out making the outlets to blow out. Such a great monster!

14) Henry's plan.
- I still clearly remember when I first caught this movie late on HBO one night. How captivated I was since this was the story I tuned in on. The relationship between Henry and Billy is a complete riot. Here this poor run down man is in a major emotional and verbal train wreck of a relationship with his wife. Both actors really bring their A game to these performances. I love how the second Dex comes babbling about what happened to Mike and Charlie about what happened, you can all ready see the wheels turning. Clearly he puts the puzzle pieces together and starts thinking of how to get rid of his biggest problem. His wife! Here he uses his brains and writes a note to his wife, bringing her to the university with a huge made up story. Going ahead, he cleans up any evidence that anything happened and leads her to her death. Love the whole montage, plus let's put our hands together on how quickly Henry was able to clean that place up! To think she needed to remind him earlier to wipe the stove...

15) Billy goes bye bye...
- Henry's plan comes perfectly together at the end. I love when Fluffy originally doesn't come out and she starts hitting him with her purse. "You think this is the Friday night fights?!" When Fluffy does make his third appearance it's epic. I would say even if we don't exactly see Billy's final moments, we can tell they weren't good ones from Henry's expression. Billy's days of drinking milk and whiskey are sadly over, but at least Fluffy did all the dirty work!

16) "I hope you die, I HOPE YOU DIE!"
- Mr. Pratt was a total asshole. Still, he got exactly what was coming to him. Was it all the work of that poor widow? Maybe...or maybe it was just New York being New York and that "germ" proof apartment not making Jack shit. This isn't my favorite segment, but I still love movies with bugs. If anyone loves this story, check out The Nest. One of the best moments in this story is of course when Pratt locks himself in his bedroom after it's become overrun with roaches and pulls back his sheet only to find millions of bugs waiting for him! So gross! If it was spiders, I would have been a dead woman.

17) "What's the matter Mr. Pratt...bugs got your tongue?"
- Such a cool way to finish off the story. Another one of Tom's great effects. I love Stephen King's story of how they gassed all the roaches after they filmed this. In fact, for those Creepshow fans out there, go check out Just Deserts, a GREAT doc dealing with the making of the original film. The stories of the roach trailer always cracks me up. Still, such a cool effect.

18) Tom's cameo.
- Not only did Savini do effects for this movie, he also was featured in a small cameo. We all know how much Tom loves to act, so of course he would be featured in this movie. I do like how the other garbage man hits the truck with the barrel's cover and yells "CHEW YOUR FOOD BEFORE YOU SWALLOW!" Also the two of them discovering Billy's Creepshow comic and flipping through the mailers at all the cool stuff you can send away for. 

19) Don't fuck with Billy.
- Don't ever screw with a kid and their comics. Finishing up the wrap-around story, we find Mr. Atkins VERY grumpy at breakfast, complaining of a stiff neck. His wife is ironing and notices a piece of one of his shirts has been cut. Suddenly Tom stands up in pain, holding his throat and crying in pain. Here we discover Billy has sent away for a voodoo doll dressed in his father's torn shirt. Sticking needles into it, he freezes on Billy's face as he smiles, poking away at his father's soul. Again...don't fuck with a King kid. They will end you.

20) Ending.
- What perfect way to finish off this amazing movie than showing our Creep holding the newest issue and blowing out a candle. Again I can't rave more about how awesome the score was by John Harrison. Beyond amazing. What I really love about it is how it sounds like some twist fairytale's beautiful. Again, Waxwork records knocked this release out of the park, and I honestly can't wait for the sequel's release!

R.I.P George. Thank you for this amazing movie you did with Stephen. It's iconic, and will live on forever!!!