Friday, May 25, 2018

Sensational summer giveaway!!!

 Sensational summer giveaway!!!

Over here at Staytillreviews we're throwing a killer summer themed giveaway to kick off our forth annual Sensation Summer!!! Wanting to capture warm summer vibes, cool drinks, awesome movies, and killer tunes, we whipped up this giveaway on IG to get into the perfect summer state of mind! The rules are simple, all you gotta do is follow us on IG (username - Staystillreviews) and repost the image above. The winner will be drawn on the first!!!

The package includes...

Beach Bodies - DVD 6-pack which includes such summer themed films like...Private Resort, Hardbodies, Lovelines, Side Out, Spring Break, and Calendar Girl!

Summer School DVD.

An original R.L Stine Say Cheese And Die Goosebumps book.

Frightmare blu-ray

Jaws-esome anti-bactieria soap.

Killer sunglasses from Chip the movie loving kid!

And some killer awesome surprises!!! 

Stay tuned for more killer summer updates as well as the winner being announced!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Ultimate haunted house marathon!!!

 Ultimate haunted house marathon!!!

To celebrate the fact I'm booking my tickets this summer to visit the world famous Winchester Mystery House, I decided to have the "Ultimate haunted house marathon." over here at Staystillreviews. Let's kick things off and get spooky!

First up...

The Amityville Horror 79
- A family only lasts 28 days after moving into a massive house in Long Island. The year before the pervious owner went on a rampage murdering his entire family. Here, the new family experience terrifying unexplained occurrences that drive them to run.

Burnt Offerings 
- A couple, their young son, and elderly aunt decide to rent out a beautiful mansion for the summer for an unheard of deal. The only condition from the owners who will be away on holiday is that they look after their mother who never leaves her room on the third floor. The instructions are simple. Bring her a tray of food in her parlor three times a day, that's it. The wife begins to become nervous when she notices many of the meals go uneaten, as well as the house slowly repairing and fixing itself, making it as if it has a life of it's own.

Amityville II The Possession 
- The prequel of the original owners of the Amityville house a year before the first movie took place. Here we see the evil spirts take over the mind and body of the teenage son, driving him on a blood thirty  rampage where he murders his entire family one stormy night.

Legend Of Hell House 
- A group of psychics are brought into a haunted mansion where the spirits of a killer and his victims still exist. 

Amityville 3D
- The third entry in the Amityville series shows a writer moving into the famous house and how several weeks later his only daughter dies in a tragic accident on the property. Here his ex-wife refuses to believe their daughter is really gone. Bringing in a group of investigators, they try to figure out if this iconic house really is a gateway to Hell.

- A middle class family has their entire life turned upside down when suddenly their young five year old daughter Carol Ann vanishes, only to be discovered to be "trapped" in limbo in the afterlife between both worlds. With investigators, and psychics on their side, they do everything they can to bring Carol Ann back, as well as trying to figure out the hidden secret of why this is happening in the neighborhood?

Amityville 4 The Evil Escapes 
- A lamp taken from the famous haunted house is shipped across the country to an older woman, her recently widowed daughter, and children. Here the lamp begins to take over the mind of the youngest daughter, as well as proving the evil inside it can spread like a virus all over this new home.

Don't Go To Sleep
- A couple after recently losing their young daughter decide to start over and move into a beautiful new home. Here their surviving daughter begins to have nightmares and visions of her dead sister who claims that she wants her to do exactly as she says so they can be together forever.

Amityville The Curse
- A group of couples decide to team up and flip a house by fixing it up in Long Island. Little do they know the evil that surrounds the town of Amtiyville is much more powerful than they thought.

- A writer who's son vanished the year before, decides to try and start over by moving into his aunt's house who just recently killed herself. Wanting to get his life back together by starting a new novel based off his time at war. Here he begins to have vivid visions, nightmares, and unexplained creatures, demons, monsters stalking him. Is it in his mind? Or is this house the gateway to different worlds?

Amityville 1992 It's About Time
- A developer brings home a beautiful antique clock from Amityville, not knowing the evil it holds. Here the clock starts taking over the developer's mind, as well as his teenage daughter. Here it's up to his son, and ex-girlfriend to figure out the mystery behind this killer clock before it's too late. 

Rose Red 
- A group of psychics are brought in one Memorial Day Weekend to prove that one of the most famous haunted houses in America is actually haunted before it's torn down that summer. Here the group discover that their powers have awoken the spirits that have laid sleeping and ready for revenge. 

Amityville The New Generation
- A young artist is given a mirror from the famous Amityville house, not knowing his true connection of the original murders or the danger he's about to put his neighbors and friends into.

The Shinning 
- A recovering alcoholic writer, his wife, and son who has powerful psychic abilities move into a massive mountain side hotel for the winter to work as the caretakers. Here, the young son sees that this hotel has a dark history, and the spirits within are Hell bent on taking over his father, driving him to madness. 

House II
- A young man inherits a beautiful home which is soon discovered to be a gateway to different wonderful worlds. 

Amityville Dollhouse 
- A family that's just moved into a new home become terrorized when the young daughter receives a dollhouse based off the original Amityville house. Here the dollhouse proves to be yet another tool used in evil. 

The Horror Show 
- A crazed psychopath returns from the grave after being sent to the chair and sets his sights on the man who caught him as well as his innocent family.

House 4
- A direct sequel to the original film, shows the writer now re-married with a young daughter. When he dies in a tragic car accident, his family decides to take over his family's old home by fixing it up despite his seedy brother coming around wanting to buy the property from underneath them. Here the wife discovers all isn't what it seems, wondering if there are evil spirts after her, or her husband trying to warn her. 

- Based off actual events of the world famous Winchester Mystery House. In 1906 a doctor with a dark past is sent to the famous house to meet with it's owner Sarah Winchester to prove if she's of sound mind. Here he discovers that the house is in fact living up to it's nickname. "The house that spirits built." 

So there we have! One HELL of a haunted house marthon! Might take a couple of days to watch all of these gems, but totally worth it! So crack open a few beers, pop some popcorn, and get ready to get spooky!!!

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Day of the dead drinking game!

 Day of the dead drinking game!

Summer is coming up fast which means only one thing.

Watching Day Of The Dead on a constant loop.

Day Of The Dead has been a favorite of mine ever since I was a kid. I adore George A Romero's films, and as much as I adore Dawn, Day has always had my heart. In fact, I re-discovered my love for this film last summer and constantly watched it and wrote about it. This film in my eyes was the true final chapter in Romero's Dead films. It was a perfect way to close up the trilogy, and really featured the best music, characters, effects, and storyline. Despite the horrible remakes, Day will forever and always be at the top of it's game and after Romero's death last summer, will forever be a true example of George's passion in filmmaking. To honor the warmer weather or as John has quoted "Soaking up some sunshine!" Here is a killer drinking game you can play knocking back some beers, or sipping on a flask like McDermott!

Drink when...
A zombie is featured (get ready to get white girl wasted)
A gun is fired.
Someone swears.
A zombie is killed.
A human is killed. 
Someone screams.

Take a shot when...
The chopper flies.
Rhodes fires a gun.
Bub fires a gun.
Sarah has a dream.

Waterfall when...
Rhodes is torn apart.
The elevator lowers or lifts up.

Bottoms up!!!

5 Roles "Chip" could have ruled past and present!!! Part 2

5 Roles "Chip" could have ruled past and present!!! Part 2
This is the second half of a post I whipped up a month or so ago. Damon Martin aka Chip our very own mascot had a brief but truly awesome film career in the 80's and 90's. Besides television work, he appeared in such films as Pee Wee's Big Adventure (where he played Chip), Ghoulies II, Amityville 1992, Sky High, and just recently Pee Wee's Big Holiday. Here are several roles I truly believe Chip would have ruled at playing past and present!!!

5) Randy - Valley Girl
- I have nothing against legendary Nic Cage, but I always felt the casting was a little "off" with him as Randy, the punk rocker from the city in the cult classic Valley Girl. He just didn't pull off playing a teenager that well. Still, I always thought Damon would have played Randy perfectly in 1983/84. He would have looked the right age, and deck him out with the right wardrobe, spike up the hair and bang you got a pretty awesome character. Still, I always felt Damon could have pulled off the best friend Fred as well. I mean he was the same height!

4) Detective Kenny Solomon - The Bone Collector.
- Kenny is the one all the way in the back. I just re-visited the 1999 thriller The Bone Collector for the first time in years. I saw it's flaws, but saw it's strengths as well and actually want to check out the novel now. One minor supporting character I thought Damon could have played Detective Solomon very well. Damon had quit acting in the 90's after getting a record deal with his band Naked which had two songs that hit #1 on the billboards, as well as being featured on the television show Buffy. He then went on to starting a record company, as well as a producer. The awesome thing about Damon was he always looked much younger than he really was. He would have been the perfect age, and I think would have been awesome to see him come back to acting in this sleeper hit.

3) Quicksilver - X-Men films.
- I really dug the X-men prequels (well at least the first two) I found Evan Peters to do a pretty great job playing such an iconic character who was a complete riot. I do think that the third film it kinda lost it's luster, but last year I posted my dream cast had the X-men movies been made in the mid 80's. Damon as a teenager would have rocked playing Quicksilver. I mean Chip with silver hair! Amazing!!!

2) Billy - Candyman
- This was such a minor role, but as much as I love me some Ted Raimi, seeing Damon play this brief role would have been a nice little nod due to his past film credits in other iconic horror movies. I really think Damon could have been the king of 90's horror movies!

1) Jim - The Hitcher.
- The original Hitcher is one of my all time favorite movies. C. Thomas Howell was legendary in this role and in my eyes one of the last truly amazing films of his career as a young man.  Damon I think would of have been amazing playing Jim, the unlucky kid who pulls over and offers the wrong man a ride.

In the end of the day Damon still played some truly awesome roles in the 80's and 90's. Today he's a famous mural artist supporting animal rights and has work featured all over the world. He briefly came out of his acting retirement to do a cameo in Pee Wee's Big Holiday. He's also worked with PETA. 

AND... he's also our legendary mascot of Staystillreviews!!! 3 cheers to Chip!

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Chip's Pizza Party Playlist!!!

 Chip's Pizza Party Playlist!!!
"It's puppy pizza time!" - Damon Martin aka Chip

The warm weather has officially begun which means only one thing...

Pizza, beer, and music!!

Chip is heading off to the local pizza parlor after spending countless hours at the arcade and beach! Here he joins his other fellow BMX bike riding buddies, and pack into a pack booth. Here they order cheesy oozing greasy pies, sneak cheap beer, and wire up the old glowing jukebox to play Chip's ultimate Pizza Party Playlist! 

This is a series of songs Chip picked himself to blast as his gang chows down on some good old fashion grub before partying like it's 1986! To rock out just like Chip take a listen here to hear his pizza party playlist!

So crack open some beer, and order up a slice as you party with Chip!


Sunday, April 22, 2018

Preview of Staystillreview's Sensational Summer part IV!!!

 Preview of Staystillreview's Sensational Summer part IV!!!

With the weather FINALLY starting to get a little warmer, and over at Staystillreviews' headquarters we're all currently recovering from our weeklong Spring Break celebration, I've decided to start having the mind-set of fun in the sun as we preview our fourth annual Sensational Summer which will kick off in just two months!!! We've got lots planned for those 12 weeks, along with a killer giveaway, more interviews, drinking games, reviews, and so much more!!! Join Chip as he parties like it's 1985 as he hits the beach and arcade this summer!!!

WEEK 1- Made for TV terror!

WEEK 2- Vacations gone wrong!

WEEK 3- Slasher week!

WEEK 4- Summer time fun!

WEEK 5- Zombies!

WEEK 6- Castle Rock - The works of Stephen King!

WEEK 7- Crystal Lake terror!

WEEK 8- Sequels!

WEEK 9- Shark week!

WEEK 10- 90's week!

WEEK 11- Shake the pillars of Heaven. The films of John Carpenter. 

WEEK 12- 80's week!

So, get the 6-packs ready, the boomboxes blaring, and get ready to rock out with Chip this summer for our forth annual Sensational Summer!!!