Saturday, December 2, 2017

Killer stocking stuffers!!!

 Killer stocking stuffers!!!

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Yep! That's right! December. I know not everyone digs this month, but to me it's the perfect way to cap off the last few fun filled months. You get Halloween, Galligangiving, Thanksgiving, and finally Christmas,  Hanukkah. New Years, what have you. It's a time where we're out holiday shopping for friends, family, loved ones, or let's admit it...even ourselves. So in my annual tradition, here are several companies run by good friends of mine who make some of the most unique, and coolest items around!

First up...
London 1888
- Chris and Courtney are some of my nearest and dearest friends from the horror community. I've known them for years, and some of Chris' artwork hangs proudly all over my house. London 1888 is hands down one of my favorite companies. Not only do they make amazing prints, T-shirts, hoodies, and hats...they even make amazing pins! This little fucker as seen from above is one of their latest releases. O.M.G. What can I say? They get me.

Theatre Of Creeps
- Shane Murphy, runner of Theatre Of Creeps not only is a good friend of mine, but my tattoo artist. He's the man responsible for all of my stunning ink that graces my legs. This guy truly can do it all. He's one of the best pin companies in the business right now, and his business Theatre Of Creeps makes one of a kind prints, magnets, pins, and even T-shirts. He's artwork has been featured in some killer other companies in the horror community, and he keeps cranking out one amazing pin after the next. I'm lucky enough to own countless pieces of Shane's work, and completely love the last few pieces he's made based off the two IT movies. #Killingit!

Cavity Colors
- I discovered Cavity Colors a few years back when I noticed they designed a KILLER Large Marge T-shirt. Aaron's company's name fits his releases perfectly. They are truly visualy eye candy that will rot your entire body from being so cool. I've been buying from Cavity Colors for some time now and really love the collections they have been cranking out. Just yesterday I received this amazing Society shirt as well as the butthead pin designed by Shane Murphy himself. The artwork on these T-shirts are always beautiful!

- VHSPS is a booth I B-line it to at every convention they vend at. I've known these guys for years now, and I absolutely adore them. VHSPS aren't bootlegs, but a way to preserve lost titles from the past they haven't gotten the DVD or blu-ray treatment yet. They have countless titles from fond memories of mine whenever my mother took me to the video store. You can buy horror, comedy, wrestling videos, and much much more! Just a few days ago I bought a handful of titles from them for the AMAZING black Friday sale they were holding. For any move lover, these discs are a must for the perfect gift!

Alleycat Graphics
- I just recently discovered this amazing company through IG. In fact, I've bought two pins from these guys, and I'm completely blown away by not only the quality, but the detail that goes into these releases. These guys make prints, magnets, and amazing pins. What's even cooler are the VHS pack pin sets that they release. I always adore pin companies that go the extra mile. The amount of stuff they put into these packs for the price is beyond amazing. Also the fact that there is a Night Of The Comet pin that exists...blows my mind.

Pizza Party Printing
- I first discovered Pizza Party Printing about two years ago when I saw the AMAZING double feature poster print they made for both Die Hard and Lethal Weapon. Not only do these guys make amazing prints, they also design killer pins, stickers, and T-shirts. What makes this company even more special is they deliver your orders in an actual pizza box. What. A. Time. To. Be. Alive. 

IB Trav Artworks
- This company holds a very special place in my heart. My good friend Travis has been designing artwork for me as well as our very own Staystillreviews' mascot Chip for years now. His designs are truly insane. Every time I look at Chip I can't help but smile. Travis' shop features is amazing artwork, including his Lost Mysteries series, his 31 Days Of Halloween, as well as his pins, prints, cellphone cases, sheets, blankets, bags, mugs, shirts, and much MUCH MUCH MORE! I even have a Damon (aka Chip) bag from Travis and I'm even lying, people always remark on how cool or beautiful it looks at least twice a week since I got it a few years back. Travis make custom pieces as well, and in my eyes nothing truly would mean more than a piece of artwork from this guy!

- Lesley Cottle is one HELL of a designer. Back around 2012 I heard about her amazing work through several friends, and began buying from her. Lesley makes one of a kind items. Such as pins. hair clips, bags, VHS zip up cases, and my favorite killer necklaces, and earrings. I own at least seven sets of custom earrings she's made for me. They are gorgeous, heavy duty, and truly are eye catchers. My favorite have to be my Friday the 13th the series earrings. These things make perfect gifts for that special someone who loves glitter, and gore!

Mod Pie
- I stumbled upon this amazing Etsy shop earlier this spring when Twin Peaks The Return started up. I'll admit, my guilty pleasure is spending countless hours on both Ebay and Etsy looking up handmade Twin Peaks items. My goal basically is to own an entire house filled with this stuff. It's like crack. Any who, I found this site and was completely speechless over how truly amazing and beauitfuil these custom made dolls were. Milly, the shop owner makes one of a kind pieces, not just based off Twin Peaks, but items that take your breath away. It was her Johnny How Are You Today? Bear that caught my eye. We contacted each other, and I'm currently waiting an order from her. My goal is to own at least three pieces from this wildly talented woman. Honestly I can't wait. Check out her work ASAP!

Shop away and happy holidays!!!

Friday, December 1, 2017

December movie marathon!

 December movie marathon!

Happy December 1st from Staystillreviews! After a very successful October with Macabre Movies, and November with Galligangiving, we're closing out 2017 in style with some truly awesome holiday themed fun for this month! In order to get into the December state of mind, here is a pretty decent line-up to get you into the true holiday spirit! You've heard of the 12 days of Christmas? Try the 12 days of Staystillreview's December movie marathon! 

12). Night Of The Comet
- A comet passes by Earth for the first time in nearly 62 million years. Last time this happened the dinosaurs were alive. Hummm...maybe that should tell you something? Two teenage sisters in L.A wake one morning to find the entire city a ghost town since everyone who was outside viewing the comet turned into dust. Thinking they now have the perfect excuse to go on a shopping spree, they quickly learn that there are zombie mutant who were only half exposed to the comet as well as twisted scientist. Here the girls team up with a truck driver, grab some machine guns, and killer clothes to kick some major ass Valley Girl style.

11). P2/ Dead End 

10)). Krampus 
- A family has quite the twisted Christmas Eve when the evil spirit of Krampus is awaken after a child stops believing in the true meaning of Christmas. Here this monster takes over the neighborhood during a blizzard and unleashes thousands of creatures upon them.

9). Die Hard/ Die Hard 2

8). Scrooged
- A selfish greedy TV producer is visited by three spirits on Christmas Eve after running into an old girlfriend who truly was the one who got away. Here he goes back to his past, sees how his attitude has affected his present relationships, and if he continues to go down this path how truly grim his future will become.

7). Tales From The Crypt "All Through The House."/ Monsters "Seasons Of Belief." 

6). Silent Night Deadly Night 5 The Toymaker 
- A woman's husband is violently murdered late one night when a toy that mysteriously shows up beneath the Christmas tree comes alive and kills him. The only witness their young son, who goes into shock after seeing this, and refuses to speak. As Christmas slowly approaches, the woman tries to lift her traumatized son's spirit and takes him to a local toy store run by a friendly old man, and his odd teenage son. Over the next few days more toys begin popping up all over town, and are involved in violent "accidents" who's making these toys? Santa? Or someone much worse?

5). Silent Night Deadly Night 4 The Initiation/ Silent Night Deadly Night You Better Watch Out!

4). Silent Night Deadly Night/ Silent Night Deadly Night 2
- A double feature that displays the tragic beginning of two sons who's parents were violently murdered by a man dressed as Santa one night in the early 1970's. Becoming orphans, the two suffered horrible abuse by the hands of the nun who looked after them, ignoring the triggers that brought back the memories of that terrible night. The eldest brother goes on a blood thirsty rampage on Christmas when he's forced to dress up as Santa at his work. Snapping, he begins to kill anyone who's "naughty". Several years later his younger brother sadly follows in his footsteps, killing, and finally trying to track down the old miserable nun who caused him and his brother so much pain.

3). Gremlins

2). Black Christmas/ Black X-mas
- The original cult classic tells the tale of a group of sorority sisters who have been receiving disturbing phone calls right before the Christmas holiday. When most of the girls have left for vacation, the few remaining are stalked off one by one by a twisted killer who's lurking in their attic. The colorful run remake tells the re-telling of the sorority sisters, and the crazy backstory of a man who once lived in their house who murdered his entire family on Christmas Eve.

1). Home Alone/ Home Alone 2 Lost In New York

And let's not forget watching A Christmas Story ten million times...
Happy holidays!!!

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Chip's Thanksgiving aftermath celebration!

Chip's Thanksgiving aftermath celebration!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Over here at Staystillreviews we're all very excited for tons of holiday themed fun in the upcoming weeks. We'll be counting down to Christmas, posting about our top holiday films, favorite holiday themed cocktails and treats, as well as much, much more!

Chip dug into some tasty pecan pie this past weekend, as well as breaking off a few cold ones as he geared up for the upcoming month. Watching classics such as Blood Rage, and The Silent Night Deadly Night film series, he's planning a whole bunch of fun, including a holiday mixed tape. Until then, Chip wants to remind all of you to support small businesses if you still aren't finished your Black Friday shopping. (Remember kids, Cyber Monday is tomorrow!) In the next few weeks we'll be posting about several companies that are good friends with us at Staystillreviews that sell some of the coolest gift ideas around! Until then, enjoy the leftovers, and get ready for some truly killer holiday themed fun!

Here's a killer tune to jam out to celebrating this past weekend of food, booze, and fun!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Gremlin cookies!

 Gremlin cookies!

Back in 2013 I got really drunk and went on Etsy. Less than a week later I received two mysterious packages in the mail. One was a set of adorable Gizmo salt and pepper shakers (good movie drunk Stacy!) The second was a red plastic Gremlin shaped cookie cutter. I was puzzled that in my drunken haze I picked this since I'm really not much of a baker. Still, I was due for an article for my buddy Thomas Bryce's annual Shitmas at his blog Shit Movie Fest. So I decided to use this cookie cutter after having several glasses of cheap Italian wine and attempt on making Gremlin cookies for the very first time.

Safe to didn't go as planned. F-u-c-k.

Still a few years passed and without fail I continued trying to make a few batches of Gremlin cookies. After several attempts I figured out plain sugar cookie dough was the safest bet, and I really had to make sure these babies weren't super thick if I wanted to try and get them out of the oven without them crumbling apart. There was plenty of blood, sweat, swearing, spilled wine, and oven burns before finally I figured it out. Now every Galligangiving or Christmas I try to whip up at least one batch of Gremlin cookies using my Gremlin cookie cutter. I have also learned to start drinking until these babies are in the oven. Last year I came this close to a kitchen fire. #YOLO

Any who, this year I decided to whip up a quick batch of Gremlin cookies in honor of Galligangiving to bring on over to my sister's where I'll be celebrating Thanksgiving in Maine.

Cooking time guys. Wish me luck!

"You are all my children now." *Muhahahahaha!*

Praying these won't break apart...

Not perfect but so far this is the best yet. Yikes!

Now ready to crack open this baby with some friends. Stay tuned for more killer Galligan articles as well as the winner of the Galligan Giveaway on IG at ten! Follow me at Staystillreviews!

Happy Galligangiving everyone!!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Galligangiving 2017!

 Galligangiving 2017!

Happy Galligangiving everyone!!! This is our annual sixth Galligangiving. All day I will be posting live from Instagram (Staystillreviews) as well as on Facebook where I'll be updating with everything Galligan. I'll be posting articles, the killer giveaway Shit Movie Fest as teamed up with me on, as well as drinking games, and a killer Zach Galligan movie marathon! A very special thanks to everyone to took part this year, stay tuned for lots of updates, and more surprises! A very warm thank you to Mr. Zach Galligan. Zach not only is a great actor, but an icon for Staystillreviews!

Thank you Zach! Here's to the next Galligangiving!

Galligan Giveaway by Shit Movie Fest and Staystillreviews!

Galligan Giveaway by Shit Movie Fest and Staystillreviews!

If you follow me on Instagram you'll know I'm holding a killer Galligan themed giveaway with my good friend Thomas Bryce from Shit Movie Fest the man responsible for Shitmas. We both teamed up and whipped up this batch of Galligan goodies that can be yours! The rules are simple! Go on Instagram and follow me (Staystillreviews) and repost this image you'll see on my page. Dozens upon dozens of people have been entering, and you have the chance to win 1 brand new Waxwork/Waxwork blu-ray thanks to Shit Movie Fest. Psychic on DVD thanks to VHSPS, Honey Island Hatchet III swamp soap by  Fiona Fright Shoppe, dozens of Gremlins trading cards, an original Gizmo action figure, and a mini Waxwork poster as well as countless other goodies! Winner will be announced November  22nd at 10:00 PM. I'll be posting all night keeping with the Galligan themed fun!

Remember to follow Shit Movie Fest for more killer Holiday fun!

Galligan artwork by Travis Falligant!

 Galligan artwork by Travis Falligant!

Thanks to friend and artist Travis Falligant for this killer piece for Galligangiving. This is based off a killer Gremlins sketch he made nearly two years ago featuring both Zach and Phoebe Cates. Travis send me this close up by Zach's character Billy from the 1984 Joe Dante Christmas classic. Travis has been designing pieces for me for years, including being the man responsible for our very own mascot Chip the movie loving kid! Back in 2015 the very first piece I hired Travis to design for me was of Zach from Waxwork II. Hands down one of my favorite art pieces I own! Thank you Travis!!!

Hanging with Zach

Hanging with Zach.

Over the years, I have seen and said hello to Zach Galligan at many cons and movie screenings. This story is about the one time I hung out with Zach at Chiller Theatre in New Jersey back in 2012. It was Saturday night and I was hanging out in the lobby of the hotel at Chiller theatre. For those of you that do not know, Chiller theatre is a convention that happens twice a year that brings all kinds of actors, and musicians that you can meet and take pics with. On Saturday nights, they have bands playing in the lobby. So at this Chiller, I was hanging out with my mom and friend Tom Bryce of Shit Movie Fest. I turn around and Zach Galligan is next to us. So we all start talking and hanging out. We spoke about Gremlins, Corey Feldman, Waxwork, Waxwork II, and the Hatchet films. The drinks were flowing, the music was playing, and great conversations were had. He even complimented my mom, telling her that he thought she was my sister. Thank you Zach, for hanging out with us. He truly is a class act!

- Tiffany Santiago

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Top favorite Galligan pieces from my collection.

Top favorite Galligan pieces from my collection.

It's the most wonderful time of year. Yep, that's right!


Here are my favorite pieces from my collection all having to do with Mr. Zach Galligan!

1) Zach's personal Waxwork/Waxwork II blu-ray signed.
- This piece is most near and dear to my heart. I'm sure it isn't a secret how much I love the Waxwork movies. Back in 2013 I started trying to gain support in having both movies get SE blu-ray releases. Three years later that dream became a reality thanks to both Michael and Heather. Last year at Rock & Shock Zach surprised me by giving me his very own personal copy of the movies that was sent to him from the studio. Not afraid to admit I cried like a baby after receiving this. gift. ever.

2) Zach's Waxwork II crew shirt.
- Just a week after first meeting Zach in Florida, I attended a benefit auction held by Adam Green called The One Fund which several actors, directors, and crew members were donating things to raise money for the Boston Marathon Bombings that had taken place earlier that spring. The next night Adam was screening Hatchet III in the city with the cast as well. I went to both events and ended up winning Zach's very own personal Waxwork II crew shirt he received back in 92 after shooting the music video that plays over the film's end credits. I watched this shirt like a hawk and ended up getting it. Legit coolest item I own. The fact I own this makes me still speechless.

3) Tales from The Crypt artwork
- Back in 2013 my talented friend Tara whipped up this piece for me based off my all time favorite Tales From The Crypt episode starring Zach. I loved this piece so much it inspired me to even get Zach's character tattooed on me. Tara did this using ONLY colored pencils! I have since had Zach and the actor who voices the Crypt Keeper to sign both.

4) Waxwork II VHS from Japan
- I'm a sucker for artwork. I've always felt that the Waxwork II poster always fell flat for such an epic movie. It wasn't until I stumbled upon a release from Japan that I knew I had to have it. Thanks to eBay I know own this gorgeous tape that sits proudly in my Waxwork display in my den. I have several copies of this movie, but this tape hands down is my favorite. 

4) Mark Loftmore artwork
- My good friend Travis designed this awesome Waxwork II based artwork of Zach back in 2015. It's still one of my favorite pieces he's done for me. Travis is one HELL of an artist and is the man responsible for designing our blog's very own logos. I've had Travis work on countless pieces for me, but this one really stands out. I plan on someday in the future to get Travis to design Zach from the first Waxwork for me!

6) Mortal Passions DVD
- Mortal Passions is a huge guilty pleasure of mine. It's actually a pretty decent thriller Zach made in the late 80's. I own this movie both on VHS and DVD. It's a rare gem, but really worth checking out. Fun fact about this movie, Zach told me using a scene where he's screaming, he yelled so loud he blew out some of his vocal cords, which resulted in his raspy voice in his next film Psychic. 

7) Surviving novel
- Surviving is a really great made for TV movie made in the 80's with an all star cast dealing with some heavy subject matter. I found it through a made for TV movie website, but was also able to track down the novel based off this film a few years back. Super depressing, but very well written. In fact, Surviving was the first movie that kicked off the very first Galligangiving!

Happy Galligangiving!!!