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Top ten deaths in the Final Destination films!

 Top ten deaths in the Final Destination films!

I think it's clear that I sorta "like" the third entry in The Final Destination franchise. In fact, I actually really do enjoy all five films that have spanned form the years 2000 to 2011. For me this along with the Saw movies were our modern day slashers which sequel after sequel was cranked out with more and more creative deaths. This is my generation's Nightmare On Elm Street films where the deaths became more crazier and larger than life with each installment. To celebrate these movies and maybe possibly a 6th installment "fingers crossed!" in the near future, here are my personal ten favorite deaths out of all 5 films!


10) Carter - Sign hitting him in Paris.
- I knew him best as Jack from Dawson's Creek. In this movie he was the ultimate asshole, and hands down made the ending shot in the original movie beyond epic. For pure shock value, the first Destination movie was filled with surprises. This final scene in Paris shows the survivors, believing that death's chain reaction had finally been stopped, only to be shown that it had been waiting for them all along. This final scene shows Carter being skipped yet again, as does Clear and Alex, only to have it come back again as a giant steel sign comes fucking swinging into frame out of nowhere and right before hitting him, having it cut to black. WHAT AN ENDING! For those who have seen the BEYOND cheesy alternate ending, this is a MILLION times better!!!

9) Kat - Airbag/pipe.
- I'm not the biggest FD2 fan. I will admit, this is the movie responsible for making basically everyone afraid to drive behind trucks with logs on it. One of the most shocking, and gory deaths from the first sequel goes to sassy business woman Kat. After an accident leaves her trapped in her car, she awaits as the paramedics and firemen use the jaws of life to free her from her car.  "Can you use the quiet setting?" This moment happens to fast you'll miss it if you blink. Due to the men working on the car, the airbag goes off, causing Kat's head to snap backwards into a pipe that went through the back of the car impairing her right through the skull. Talk about a headache!

8) Lori - Escalator 
- Even though this is an alternate death that doesn't actually happen, it still sends chills down my spine. I'm sure I speak for everyone who's ever stepped on an escalator fearful that their shoestrings might get caught resulting in you getting skinned alive. I still jump from the last step like a complete asshole whenever I ride one of these at the mall. This death happens when Nick desperately tries to save Lori as the escalator they are trapped on begins to collapse. Here we watch as Lori gets swallowed up by the gears, getting torn completely apart. Nightmare fuel for days.

7) Terry - Bus
- Whenever I ask people to name a total WTF that came out of nowhere scene from a movie, this believe it or not gets brought up a lot. I still remember screaming when this moment happened. Sadly this little trick has been reused over and over again, even in the later sequels, but for the original it worked like a charm. When all of the survivors are gathered together on the street, Terry has had enough with her boyfriend Carter's bullshit, she steps into the street announcing that she's moving on, and if he doesn't like it he can just drop dead. Cue a speeding bus coming out of nowhere and hitting Terry, spraying her blood on the other survivor's stunned faces. Absolutely love this.

6) Olivia - Eye surgery.
- This death is why these movies five me complete panic attacks. As someone who can't see without contacts or glasses, I've always fooled around with the idea of getting this surgery done...well that is before I say this movie. Even though as most of these deaths, it's a one in a billion shot of happening...there's that one precent that could still happen. Makes me cringe overtime as poor Olivia is blinded, and then falls to her death with her eye ball rolling away. G-r-o-s-s.

5) Ian - Cherry picker/sign falling.
- This of course makes the list seeing that I have a tattoo of the very character on me now. Part 3 has always been my favorite of mine and you'll see two more famous deaths from this very movie to come. Ian's death is filmed beautifully as fireworks are going off in the background, making it look like some sort of creepy modern day Hitchcock film. Ian of course shouts while pointing "It's you Wendy! You're dead! Only to have a giant steel sign with his name on it (same as the town) come crashing down, splitting him in half. What makes it even better is how even in death Ian is angry with his middle finger stuck up and twitching. Classic.

4) Ms. Lewton - Legit everything that could happen...happens to her.
Poor, poor, poor Ms. Lewton. If those who have seen the short lived series The Others will remember this same actress as the red eyed demon who keeps asking what the cast wants. Well, here she is again as a poor woman who's riddled with guilt after getting off the plane which soon afterwards crashes. With plans on moving, the audience watches her alone in her house, slowly packing up, reflecting on old memories while a chain of events cause her to die a very slow and painful death. We get a cracked mug to drip causing her computer screen to explode (that scene forever still freaks me out) causing her to stumble to the kitchen, throat bleeding, as her house slowly catches on fire. As if the poor woman hasn't been through enough, knifes fall from the counter onto her, before finally her house explodes, putting the poor woman out of her misery. See guys, being a teacher is really hard!

3) Ashley and Ashlynn - Tanning beds.
Ah, the mid 2000's. They were the best of times...they were the worst of times. Tanning was very in at the time and I myself am guilty of trying to get as tanned or as orange as possible in high school. Here Ashley and Ashlynn perfectly capture teenage girls at that time as they go tanning to honor the students who were tragically killed in the roller coaster accident who won't have a graduation. (Not even lying, this is what the two characters say) As they strip down, and lay back listening to Rollercoaster Of Love = Ha, get it? We watch as a giant slurpie drips to the heating unit, causing the machines to crank up and yet again a series of one in a million changes, have the two girls trapped inside these man made coffins as they get fried alive. A very uncomfortable scene, that makes you feel every blister and bubble as the girls cook, screaming in agony. This scene is legendary and is a huge reason along with not wanting to look like a leather hand bag to make me stop tanning. 

2) Candice - Gymnast accident.
- If any scene in the series had me on the edge of my seat, hands sweating, stomach turning...basically ready to vomit. Besides the twist ending of part 5 which was beyond clever, this really is an entry that doesn't do anything for me. I for one love 1,3,and 4 the best. Still, this is a very enjoyable sequel, and every time I drive over a bridge I wonder when it's going to collapse. (What only me?) This scene shows Candice as she practices going gymnastics. Between the screw on the balance board, the live wire sparking on the floor, and the suspense building the entire time, you wonder how she's going to get it. Here we see Candice do a flip mid air, and lands legit backwards, snapping her in half. This always turns my stomach, and I still remember the screams in the audience when it happened. 

1) Erin - Nail gun to the head. 
- I still remember as if it was yesterday. High School, 2006 and how the weekend after this was released everyone in the lunch room was talking about this gory shocking, and very awesome death. Final Destination 3 in my eyes is the best entry in the series, and the entire hardware store scene shows really how dangerous places like that are. After a bunch of shit falls from the shelfs, poor Erin, Ian's goth girlfriend gets a cloud of sawdust in the face before falling backwards. Here her head goes back on the giant nail gun used earlier to scare off birds, in which the trigger keeps going off over and over as giant nails go through Erin's skull, face, and hands. Hands down the best effect in the entire series. Still blows my mind this was a dummy. I love the attention to detail as Erin's sinus open from the blood and you hear her death sigh before going still. Beyond unsettling, and beyond gory. Deserves to be number 1!

So which ones would go on your list?

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