Thursday, March 16, 2017

Top 10 modern werewolf movies.

 Top 10 modern werewolf movies.

There are tons of classic films featuring werewolves. Mythical classic creatures who's legends go back thousands of years. Today we're breaking down the top 10 modern werewolf movies and why they rock.

1) An Anmeircan Werewolf In London
- Two college students traveling through the countryside of Europe make a fatal mistake of moving off the road one night and are attacked by a wild animal. One boy is left wounded, the other dead. In the following weeks, the surviving boy is left to recover in a private hospital in London, when suddenly he begins seeing his dead friend, mangled, and slowly rotting away warning him that the animal that attacked them was in fact a werewolf and by the next full moon he himself will change and be an unstoppable killing machine. 

2) The Howling
- A young news reporter is used as bait to trap a local serial killer/stalker. When the plan goes wrong, the woman is left traumatized by what happened. A few weeks later in order to start putting the pieces of her life together, she takes up the advice of a local doctor and goes up to a coastal retreat with her husband to get over the shock of what happened. It isn't long before she hears strange noises in the woods at night, and that the locals aren't exactly as they seem.

3) Ginger Snaps
- Ginger and Bridgett are sisters who have a strange fassination with death, and anything grim and dark.   In their neighborhood, a series of brutal animal slayings have plagued the area, and one night when Ginger finally gets her first period, the wild animal who's been causing all this choas attacks Ginger, biting her before getting run down in the street. In the following days, Bridgett watches as Ginger slowly begins to change from a shy withdrawn teenager, to a sexual awakened bold young woman who starts not only to carve sex...but to rip anything she sees to pieces.

4) The Company Of Wolves. 
- A beautiful re-telling of the classic fairytale of Little Red Riding Hood, shows a beautiful young girl hear several stories by her grandmother one snowy night all about wolves. 

5) Silver Bullet
- Based off Stephen King's short story "Cycle Of The Werewolf." tells the story of a young teenage girl and her wheelchair bound brother and the series of brutal murders that plague the small town that they live in over the course of a year. One night while her brother is outside playing with fireworks, the beast who's responsible for these deaths, attacks him only to get a bottle rocket in one of it's eyes. Here, the two siblings turn to their uncle to try and find the one person in town who now has one eye, believing that every full moon, they transform into a blood thirsty wolf. 

6) Trick R Treat
- In classic tradition of horror anthologies, Trick R Treat takes place on Halloween night where several stories connect, including a group of young beautiful women who are searching for the perfect dates for a party in the woods. 

7) The Howling The Original Nightmare
- A re-telling of the original film, leaning closer to the novel shows a young woman dealing with the aftermath of a massive nervous breakdown. Going up to a cabin to spend time with her husband, and rebuild her relationship, she notices the small village they are staying at isn't what it seems. Every night she hears strange noises, and begins to suspect someone is watching her.

8) Dog Soldiers 
- A military exercise in the middle of the woods turns dangerous for a squad when man eating beasts appear.

9) The Howling The Freaks
- A mysterious drifter comes to a small town and goes to work for the local preacher and his daughter to help re-build the town chapel. After a month or so, he plans on moving on when a traveling carnival comes into town with a group of freaks who all seem to know him. Here it's discovered that this stranger has been hiding a terrible secret, one he's been struggling to control for as long as he can remember.

10) Wolf.
- A successful publisher is attacked one night while driving through the countryside by an animal. It isn't long when he begins to notice changes, including one coming from his rival.

David - What are you doing? Me - Trying to look like a werewolf. David - Oh...that's nice.


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