Tuesday, March 14, 2017

10 movies to watch during Spring Break to beat the blizzard blues!!!

 10 movies to watch during Spring Break to beat the blizzard blues!!!

Well, I'm currently stuck inside watching my all time favorite movie Summer School, dreaming of warmer weather, fruity drinks, hot blazing sun, and no snowflakes in sight. With Spring Break slowly approaching, I thought what better way to beat the blizzard blues than to pick ten movies that scream fun in the sun!!!

1) Spring Break
- Two sets of friends wind up sharing the same motel down in Florida during Spring Break. There, they bond drinking beer, partying, and picking up beautiful girls. 

2) Hardbodies 
- A local beach stud becomes hired by four middle aged business men to teach them how to score with the local beach beauties over the summer.

3) Revenge Of The Nerds II: Nerds In Paradise.
- Our fellow nerds are on vacation down in Florida for a convention, only to meet some faces from the past who mean business. 

4) Where the boys are 84.
- A remake of the 1960's film finds our female friends heading down to Florida for Spring Break to pick up boys, party, and get into zany adventures.

5) The beach girls.
- A group of girls head down to one of their uncle's beach houses during Spring Break and plan on having a party to end all parties. It isn't long before neighbors begin to get angry about this huge planned blow out bash when suddenly the uncle decides to join in for the crazy fun!

6) Piranha 1978
- A deadly experiment of man eating piranha accidentally get released into a river where the traveling deadly school of fish begin moving downstream butchering anyone who is unlucky enough to go in the water. First they hit a children's summer camp, then working their way towards a massive beach resort where thousands of people are swimming unaware that something us lurking beneath the surface.

7) Piranha 2010
- A remake of the 1970's classic shows that an earthquake causes the bottom of a lake to split open, causing millions of man eating piranha who have been trapped beneath the earth's crust to come up and begin a bloody massacre to the thousands of young teenagers that are partying for Spring Break in the area.

8) Summer School
- A gym teacher is forced to teach summer school to group of misfits who need to pass the glass in order to graduate. Here he discovers his own zany way of teaching while still enjoying the summer sun.

9) Back To The Beach
- A sequel to the 1960's beach bingo movies has the teens from those movies now grown with a teenage daughter they go to visit during vacation.

10) Blood Beach
- A mysterious creature is lurking beneath the sand at a local beach where it sucks people into the sand before eating them.

So enjoy these movies and crank some beach tunes while you shovel today to beat the blizzard blues!!!

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