Monday, March 13, 2017

Tales from the darkside reboot - What happened?!!

 Tales from the darkside reboot - What happened?!!

This past weekend my friend Jeanette came to visit me and we made a trip up to my local record/video store Bullmoose. Here she found the deal of a lifetime with all four seasons of Tales From The Darkside for under thirty dollars. I myself love this show and actually own it twice (fail) I love horror anthologies  (Via Creepshow, Tales From The Crypt, Monsters, Freddy's Nightmares, and yes Tales From The Darkside.) For several years in the 1980's we were treated to stories of possession, demons, zombies, vampires, ghouls, and much, much more. In wasn't until late 2014 that rumors began flying around that Stephen King's son Joe Hill (Horns) was cattily teaming up to make a reboot of the original Tales From The Darkside, a show his own father originally teamed up to create in 1984. Here the show would be remade by this time have actor Kris Lemche (Final Destination 3, Ginger Snaps) as a reporter who went from town to town telling these haunted dark tales. A pilot was show with two separate stories meant to air on the CW but time passed and nothing.

The project was shutdown for unknown reasons and the pilot never aired. Fans were curious to see what was actually happening...and by last year it became clear, the project had shut down, and it wasn't going to happen. When news originaly hit of the reboot, fans of the original show for the most part were pretty excited since the last thing Darkside themed that happened was back in 1990 with the film. The movie and four seasons of the show have become cult classics as the episodes have been re-released on DVD and blu-ray as well as constantly being run on local networks. If you ask any horror fan about the opening credits of that show they will remember, and talk about how creepy the theme song was. Honestly I felt with Joe Hill being in charge it was in good hands. Who better than Stephen King's son who is one hell of a storyteller himself. Plus Kris Lemche was basically our modern day crypt keeper?! Couldn't have picked a better person myself. The CW seemed like the perfect station since they have shows like Supernatural running. Sadly besides a trailer for the pilot and a few scripts floating around that's all that's left of what I believe could have been one hell of a reboot. 

I guess fans can only hope within the next few years Hill and the CW will see what a missed opportunity this was and try again! 
Brief glimpse of Lemche in unaired pilot. 

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