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Slumber Party Massacre 4 - Dream Sequel!!!

Slumber Party Massacre 4 - Dream Sequel!!!

This week's theme is everything Slumber Party Massacre. This highly underrated slasher series, is just truly getting the respect it deserves thanks to being re-released in the last few years on blu-ray thanks to Shout Factory. Here, we have been able to see these cult classics remastered in HD, as well as uncut, and packed full of special features. If you are a slasher fan, of course you know the Slumber Party Massacre movies. The first film raises a lot of eyebrows, since a female director actually tackled this project to make it a feminist horror film. People laugh since this actually is the perfect example of a 1980's slasher formula. We get naked girls, a killer with a giant phallic symbol offing these girls who get naked, and want to party. With plenty of nudity and gore, this movie is a staple in slasher movies thanks to the California neighborhood, the crazed escape mental patient, the giant drill, the bloody murders, and of course the famous pizza delivery scene. Classic as always. I honestly love all of these movies, but the first is beyond amazing. I was even able to score the soundtrack on vinyl and I'm still on the hunt for an original poster! The showdown at the pool with the girls kicking ass gets me every time!

In 1987 we were treated to a very oddball sequel, yet again directed by a woman. This time, they took the little sister character from the first movie, and shows her now as a teenager, and in a all female band who go away for the weekend to party. Here the lead begins to believe she's losing her mind as she has visions of her older sister from the original movie who's now in a mental hospital, warning her not to go all the way. Here she begins having visions of a very sexy greaser like psychopath who's stalking her friends with his giant musical drill (you read that right.) This movie took years to grow on me since it's so tongue in cheek, but honestly is a fun movie with a great soundtrack, and a pretty cool ending.

In late 1989/early 1990 the final film Slumber Party Massacre series. This movie caught my interest when I read how mean spirited it was, and how much darker this entry was. Of course as soon as part II and III was released I knew I just HAD to own these films, upgrading from my VHS copies which were pretty beaten up. This story shows a young college student who's having a bunch of friends over while her parents are away. Here one of her friends make the fatal mistake in inviting a deeply disturbed guest who has a haunted history involving their uncle who just recently killed themselves. Here he goes on a complete bloody rampage, trapping the teens inside. I LOVE part 3. I find it a really great slasher, and another example of why 90's horror honestly rocked. Sure it's cheesy, and the fact a simple table blocking the doorway prevents the girls from escaping gets me every time. Still, I loved the house setting, and found a bunch of the deaths very unsettling. What always puzzled me, was why there hadn't been a part 4. 

Yes the 90's really wasn't a time for slasher (sorry I don't think of Scream or I Know What You Did Last Summer as slashers. I think of Pieces, and The Mutilator as slashers.) These kinds of movies didn't appeal to audiences really at the time. We had plenty of spin-off films like the Sorority House Massacre movies, but no part 4. Remember The Last Slumber Party? For a low budget slasher that's actually a lot of fun! There have been fan films based off these cult classics, as well as a whole new generation of "slasher" "massacre" movies (Pool Party Massacre as honestly caught my interest and I've heard nothing but amazing things!) so you gotta wonder...why no forth movie? I wouldn't be stunned to see a remake. I mean retro horror is making a huge comeback. I could see, even if it was direct to DVD if handled the right way, and really play up the fact it's based off a cheesy over the top 80's slasher, it could be a lot of fun.) Still, if there happened to be a 4th movie...this is what I would love to see.

Have it take place in the 1980's and really play it up.
- Like I said, retro horror is huge. Everyone wants to go back to the glory days of the 1970's/80's of horror. It would be great to have a Grindhouse kind of vibe with scratched up aged film. Have it take place in the early 80's with fashion, hair, cars, and setting. Maybe the events take place the night before the original film and we get another actor playing the killer but have him in his famous red shirt and jean jacket getup. Or have it be a separate story taking place at maybe a beach house or something. Get a bunch of 80's teenagers, and play up the fact it's taking place in this famous decade. How amazing would it be to have somebody die working out to Hungry Like The Wolf, or try to call 911 on their GIANT cordless phone. Brilliant!

Make it in typical "Slumber Party Massacre" fashion.
- I would want to see the 4th entry just like the other three. Get a group of horny teens wanting to party, have a crazed killer, and lots of over the top deaths. What would be amazing is making the poster look just like the original three with a bunch of girls half naked staring up at a giant drill.

Lots of practical effects!!!
- Love me some practical effects, so why not make this a splatter fest with tons of practical effects and blood squirting everywhere! I could honestly see a great opportunity here with thinking up a bunch of great ways for these teens to die, mostly by the way of the drill!

- What's a re-vamp or sequel without cameos! I mean sure it would be amazing to get some cameos by past players from the original trilogy (maybe one of the original girls playing the mother or next door neighbor.) What would make it even cooler is have some famous faces of horror actors we all know and love playing parts. I mean how amazing would it be to have like Sid Haig and Bill Moseley playing police officers?!

Make this drill TEN times more over the top than the past 3!
- We've had a huge cordless power drill, a guitar drill, and an even bigger drill. Something tells me since this is the iconic weapon of choice in this series they could honestly think of something very over the top and amazing for the 4th film. Hollywood start brainstorming...

Maybe switch genders and have fun?!
- Wouldn't it be a complete riot if in today's day of age they switched things up. Instead of having it be a girl's slumber party, we get a bunch of dudes from college crashing over each other's house and having a female character? Too over the top? Maybe, but wouldn't it be amazing to see a bunch of guys laying around as we see a pair of high heels, and a giant drill between the killer's legs looking down at them. #hot.

So thoughts? What would you wanna see in a 4th Slumber party Massacre film?

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