Friday, August 4, 2017

Slumber Party Massacre 2 drinking game.

 Slumber Party Massacre 2 drinking game.

Onto our new week celebrating all thing Slumber Party Massacre! I mean it doesn't summer without a slumber party, booze, and a crazed killer with a giant cordless drill! So in keeping with this week's newest theme, here is a Slumber Party Massacre 2 drinking game!!!

Take a drink when...
Courtney has a nightmare/dream.
A song is heard.
Somebody is seen reading the book "Hot, wet, and wild." 
Somebody screams.
The killer sings/dances.
The guitar/drill is shown.

Take a shot when...
The name Valerie is said. 
Someone is killed.
The band plays a song.
A chicken attacks.

Waterfall when...
Courtney uses a flame-thrower
Sally's zit explodes.
Tokyo Convertible is heard playing.

Enjoy and remember, don't drink and drill!!!

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