Thursday, June 29, 2017

Week 5 - 3D! - 10 movies that would have worked in 3D!

Week 5 - 3D! - 10 movies that would have worked in 3D!

For week 5 we're celebrating all things 3D over here at Staystillreviews! Here is a list that I believe really would have been even more awesome as they all ready are if they had been released in 3D! Here are my top ten choices!

10) Society
- "Master of the hunt, champion of the shunt." This I believe would be the ultimate movie if it was released in 3D. This strange Beverly Hills stroll down the rabbit hole all ready is a near perfect horror fantasy movie. Arrow's video of this 1989 is crystal clear, displaying all of it's colorful "eye" popping effects in all it's glory. What would have been truly awesome would have been seeing the shunt in 3D. Just think about the slime, the body parts, and creatures coming right at you!

9) Brain Damage 
- Talk about one hell of a trip! This movie, again that got an epic release thanks to Arrow Video would have looked absolutely stunning in 3D. Think of Aylmer coming at the screen, or all that beautiful blue liquid squirting away?! I think between the memorable BJ scene, or the mind blowing ending that would have been one hell of a ride!

8) Return Of The Living Dead 3
- One of the most underrated sequels of all time is another perfect example of the killer effects being displayed in all their glory and would look even cooler in 3D. Just think about it, Julie basicaly destroying herself, with each bloody body part reaching up and out of the screen. This would also be pretty clever since this is the third entry in the film series. 

7) Puppet Master
- I always felt if this movie got remade it would have been pretty awesome if they did it in 3D. I think Puppet Master is a cheesy overall fun movie that would have looked even cooler in 3D. All of the puppets coming at the audience in 3D would have been beyond killer!

6) Gremlins 2
- Gremlins 2 is a movie all on it's own. I really think the one thing they didn't throw into this crazy movie was making it in  3D. I could see it right now, millions of gremlins, all shapes, colors, and sizes popping right out of the screen!

5) Frankenhooker 
- If you notice I'm repeating some director's since honestly they are the ones who make the most eye popping crazy, and very colorful movies out there! I think basically everyone loves Frankenhooker for exactly what it is. A funny over the top dark comedy, displaying the gritty side of New York City as well as all having some of the most insane scenes ever shown. I think it would be a complete riot whenever all the hookers smoke the super crack and start to explode. Just think of the body parts flying!

4) Psycho 3
- Another example of third entries being even cooler if they had been made in 3D! I guess the original plan was to release this film in 3D and in black & white. Pretty clever if you ask me. I think a shower attack scene with a knife coming right at the audience would be cool as HELL. How about the phone booth murder, or mother's corpse jumping right out of the screen. I feel the 1980's really should have taken advantage of making at least one sequel in very horror series in 3D.

3) Day Of The Dead
- I think it's clear how much I love this movie. But come on people HOW COOL would it look if all those thousands of zombie arms bursting out of the wall at Sarah?! There are tons of moments I think would have worked perfect for 3D gags. The hands reaching towards Rhodes, the zombies all stumbling towards the screen? All of the bloody over the top deaths? This movie seems as if it was made to be in 3D!

2) Slumber Party Massacre 2
- "I wanna be, a Tokyo Coverable..." Another movie just made to be in 3D. What would make this zany sequel even more over the top? Simple, put it all in 3D! Think of the killer's drill swirling and twirling right towards the audience, or the zit exploding?! There are countless moments that would have been beyond awesome if it was shot in the third dimension!

1) Pieces
- I truly believe all slashers should be in 3D. I mean look at how cool the My Bloody Valentine remake ended up. If Pieces was ever remade I think what would make this over the top gritty slasher even cooler was if it was made in 3D. Think of the flying body parts and blood! Bastard!

Sidenote - I didn't chose the Waxwork movies because let's be honest...those movies are complete and total perfection ;)

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