Sunday, June 25, 2017

Chip's drive-in marathon!!!

 Chip's drive-in marathon!!!

In keeping with the summer spirit, Chip is throwing his very own drive-in marathon. Inviting surfers, rockers, stoners, valley girls, weirdos, and everyone else who's ready to throw back some popcorn, crack open a cold one, park their BMX bikes, and sit beneath the stars as classic after classic unfolds upon the giant silver screen!

For tonight's marathon, we're kicking it back old school with seven films that scream summer fun!

First up...
A trip over to the refreshment stand where popcorn, candy, hotdogs, soda, and yes cheap Cream Ale Beer is sold to the crowds. 
After you load up on junk, you can either park your bike, or cruise in with your car to get a good seat. Remember kids, what happens at the drive-in...stays at the drive in. Just as the sun sets, and music continues to blast from boomboxes in the back of the Ford Pintos, the screen lights up to our first feature film...


Brain Damage 


Day Of The Dead

Chopping Mall

And to finish things up Radioactive Dreams as the Midnight Movie!

After the marathon, Chip and his BMX buddies will be riding out to the beach where they plan on listening to their walkmans, setting off cherry bombs, and then racing their bikes back to Chip's where the boys bring in the dawn while munching on stale popcorn, and watching some killer VHS tapes from the local video store.

Think of how many beautiful VHS tapes washed up on shore that morning...

Stay tuned, who knows when Chip will host another drive-in marathon. Just remember to bring the popcorn!
Long live the glory days of the drive-in, brought to you by Chip the movie loving kid!

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