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10 reasons why Jaws 3 is a classic.

 10 reasons why Jaws 3 is a classic.

Over here at Staystillreviews we're paying tribute to the ultimate movie shot in 3D.

Jaws 3D that is.

Here are ten reasons why this movie is the all American classic we know and love!

10) It's in 3D
- I think it's a riot that instead of making the third entry of this popular killer shark series a spoof, they decided to take it in a different direction by making it in 3D. In the early 1980's the popular usage of 3D was making a comeback from it's glory days from the 1950's. At the time, Jaws 3 was one of the highest  grossing 3D films of all time. Legendary. 

9) The Sea world setting.
- I'm a sucker for any movie that takes place at an amusement park. I actually went to Sea World once as a kid. I barley remember it since we only went for a day during a Florida vacation, and I vaguely remember it raining. Still, major respect to this movie for changing the setting from Amity Island, to the popular Sea World amusement park. This seriously looks like the coolest park ever. I love the opening scene of the water ski team, or the underwater kingdom. Cool usage of a very cool setting.

8) Dennis Quaid.
- Mr. Quaid seems like a pretty cool dude. One of his earlier roles was in this hot mess of a movie. Sure tons of the acting if questionable, but Dennis is the third actor to play Michael. My all time favorite moments with him is when he drives the speed boat onto the beach, or how he somehow turns over a golf cart and tumbles out of it. He's the hero we didn't want...yet somehow got stuck with. Legendary X 1000!

7) The dolphins. 
- Not since Flipper have we found smarter dolphins. Cindy and Sandy seriously are smarter than half of the characters in the movie, and come to the rescue countless times. Also notice how they are the only things smart enough not to go swimming in the giant lagoon where the shark is living. Hello people?!

6) Lea Thomson.
- She will forever be Marty McFly's mom...or the girl who wanted to bone Powers Boothe in Red Dawn. Lea was the shit in the 1980's, and comes to a shock to many first time viewers that she's actually in this movie. (I guess she was dating Dennis Quaid at the time of filming.) She plays the cutie pie water skier who seriously gets one nasty shark bite to her leg. This movie isn't super bloody. There's honestly in total two effects that are pretty decent, her leg wound is one of them. Ouch!

5) Overman.
- As I mentioned above, there's really only like 2 effects in this movie that are actually really decent. Overman's body hands down is the best. Practical effects all the way! We get to see what a body would look like after being attacked by a shark, fed off by anything swimming in the lagoon, and rotting away for a good day or so. Even if the shots are quick, and the acting surrounding this scene beyond over the top, the corpse is beyond cool looking!

4) Simon Maccorkindale.
- Let's pour one out for our homeboy. I loved Simon in Jaws 3. He was a huge crush of mine growing up, and a big reason why I loved watching this movie so much as a kid. Simon plays Philip, the famous photographer who takes dangerous risks to get the shots he needs. He's the asshole we all can't help but love, and features the most epic death since Quint in the original. For those of you who have read the original script you might notice a bit of a lingering romance going on between him and the female lead. Why they left that out is beyond me. Simon was one smooth operator!

3) The Under Sea Kingdom.
- Never. A. Good. Idea. Yet another reason why this Sea Work kicks all other amusement park's asses is that it has a GIANT undersea kingdom you can venture into, wandering around the glass tunnels looking at everything swim. There's even a haunted house park of it which constantly makes me crack up since they were trying REALLY hard to show these 3D effects in all their glory. Between this and the underwater bar I would be a pig in shit. One of the scariest moments is when the shark messes with one of the tunnels, trapping a large crowd of people in one of the tunnels sealed off with water slowly coming in. Talk about a shitty way to spend your afternoon!

2) Louis Gossett Jr.
This man was an asshole in An Officer And A Gentlemen, and was an asshole in this. He basically made a career of being an asshole, and he did it SO well. I love this guy. The seedy owner of Sea World (How this park actually allowed them to use their park's name is beyond me.) Louis barks orders, bitches at his nephew, and yells the word FISH! Like a boss. What makes it even better, this dickhead survives. Go figure!

1) The shark.
- "Swimming into your weekend like..." This legendary shot is what makes Jaws 3 the classic it is today. I still completely love this moment as the shark in slow motion floats over to the giant window. Talk about 3D effects at it's very best. How this movie wasn't re-released in I-Max is beyond me. I mean look at this! So realistic!

Squad goals.

So in closing, here's one to the ultimate 3D shark movie (sorry Shark Night) so crack open some beers this 4th of July and watch a movie that I feel was robbed at the Oscars!

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